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Exclusive: Tupac's last words were recently revealed, as predicted in his music. Check out other examples from Tupac's work.

By Michael Trampe and Kathy Iandoli

Tupac Shakur has always been regarded as an urban prophet. The Cali rapper was known for his prolific bars, and when he died in 1996, his presence was still so powerful that no one believed he was gone.

His Makaveli project The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory fanned those rumor mill flames, as Pac assumed the role of Italian philosopher Machiavelli before passing; Machiavelli suggested one faking one's own death as a way to trick one's enemies.

But despite any theories we have about Tupac's passing, his rhymes reflected some cryptic points. HipHopDX has tallied five of them that actually came true in light of recent reports of Tupac's last words, plus the above Entertainment Weekly interview clip from 1994 about Pac wanting his homies to smoke his ashes (and they did)— "Worst case, in the cemetery, not the cemetery, sprinkled in ashes, smoked up by homies," he says when asked about where he will be in 10-15 years.

Check them out.

"Under Pressure"

Lyrics: "Right before I die, I'll be cursin' the law / Reincarnated bitch, even worse than before"

Story: Tupac's Last Words Revealed By Police Officer


"Against All Odds"

Lyrics: "Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time / I know you bitch niggas is listenin', The World Is Mine / Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up / Heard the niggas guns bust but you tricks never shut me up"

Story: Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond Confesses To His Involvement In The Quad Studios Tupac Shooting


"God Bless The Dead"

Lyrics: "Rest in peace to my mothafucka Biggie Smalls / That's right boy, it's goin' on right here / Thug Life, God bless the dead"

Story: New Information Emerges In Notorious B.I.G. Murder Investigation

[Editor's Note: While there has been speculation as to whom Tupac referenced in this song — some sources say it was Biggie Smallz, and not the Notorious B.I.G. — the timing of Tupac's line with regard to the passing of the Notorious B.I.G. shortly thereafter is enough to consider this line a premonition.]


"Niggas Done Changed"

Lyrics: "I been shot and murdered, can't tell you how it happened, word for word / But best believe niggas' gonna get what they deserve"

Story: Former Detective Greg Kading Clarifies His Shocking Allegations Regarding The Murder Of Tupac Shakur



Lyrics: "And although it seems heaven sent, we ain't ready to see a Black President"

Story: Barack Obama's "I Have A Dream" Speech?


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  • Alexmdoda

    I beleave that pac was a prophet,he had that sense of prophesy he could see things before they happened just listen to thugs mansions,many things he had predicted happened ,god used a poor black kid to send the massage to the oppressors,the truth is that american government then new who 2pac real is,i dont judge much to the wrong things he committed that was a plan from government to disturb him not to be a good prophet,how can you be an holy angel when you are surrounded by evil

  • Murda 1

    Pacc is the best rapper ever, guy passed away almost 20years ago and no rapper has surpassed his record sales...the man was a genius and was never afraid of speaking his mind whether good or bad. We are all sinners so who are we to judge unless we want to also be judged?? The fact is that rap was originally a platform used to speak about social ills etc but then when the law realised that it was very effective and had issues suppressing it, they corrupted by collaborating with record execs to push for deals appealing mainstream with minimal reference to the reality..thats why Rappers like Immortal Technique aren't well recognized because they dare to speak against the establishment. Jay, West, Diddy nd all might be lyrically gifted but they fail dismally to speak and address real problems..its just cars,money,champagne and hoes...and people continuaally fall for this, like a moth attracted to the light. But whos to blame, if not ourselves ? You be the judge of that..., although this isnt relating to rap prophecy, but biblical prophecy, pls download this book from Waptrick titled Blood Moon rising; bible prophecy, isreallove and 4 blood moons...gripping stuff !!!!!with that said, let me sign out much love from Namibia, land of the brave home of the slave.

  • King Syrius

    I can dig it, this was dope! Pac man, was Pac 100.

  • moresickaMC

    2 Pac had two sides. He had the positive side which was very beautiful and uplifting then he had the thug side which I personally hate was horrible side of him.

  • RIP Pac

    2Pac was a good mainstream rapper BUT he wasn't Jesus, he wasn't a prophet, and his music wasn't artistic nor progressive. If he had been alive he would have sung with autotune on Lil Wayne's side. He wasn't a saint and I think he's rolling in his grave laughing at you who remember him a martyr and a god instead of a radio friendly millionaire.

    • quez

      Wu was mainstream, Biggie was mainstream, Nas was mainstream, back then the mainstream acts weren't as fruity as the ones now so Pac being mainstream doesn't mean he didn't have meaning in his music you obviously don't know shit bout Tupac.How old are you?

    • xmxkxk

      You are acting like being pimped out by a record company to promote gangsterism and hate between black people is some kind of accomplishment. As if earning power justifies it. By your logic justin bieber and miley cyrus are better than malcom x . Take away the record label and what do you have?

    • Truth and Justice

      Your opinion is immature. Tupac himself stated that when a rose grows from concrete you do not quarrel and bicker that the petals are not proper one simply thanks the heavens that a Rose has manifested from stone. Tupac was murdered by the F.B.I because he was influencing the youth in to a revolution of self -empowerment through his music and social acts. He is no less than a Malcolm X or MLK Jr. Why?? When Malcolm X was the same age as "Pac" he was selling sandwiches on Trains. And was in and out of jail relaxing his hair and sleeping with white women. Thank you.

  • dbfan

    also "'We can change" take that with the many 'Change' slogans for President Obama's run for President.

  • dbfan

    [They don't give a f*** about us feat. Outlawz] - "Before I fear computer chips I gotta deal with brothas flippin' I don't see no devils bleedin' only black blood drippin'. 'We can change' (is) what your mouths say. I'm watchin niggaz work their lives out without pay. Whatever it takes to switch places with them bustahs on top. I bustin' shots until the world stops they don't give a f about us" Before the internet and facebook, etc. Pac cuts to the truth of the matter. It alwsys comes down to socialization. Just listen to the 1st verse in this song and note how many are incarcerated and killed before they can and do make a difference. "When I start to rise, a hero in their children's eyes, NOW they give a f about us"

  • marshal

    am missin ma homies in a hurry dey relocate into d cemetry

  • noizyboy

    paintin d pictures of ma enemies killin me in ma sleep. oh yeah pac was killed in d nite tym

  • Willie

    I enjoyed everything on Pac. Its make me so grateful to hear him again and again and again. Much love!

  • My Nigga

    "While there has been speculation as to whom Tupac referenced in this song some sources say it was Biggie Smallz, and not the Notorious B.I.G." Except for the fact that they're the same fucking person! How stupid do you have to be to think these are two different people??

    • Jay

      Biggie Smallz was actually a rapper from Los Angeles who was shot in front of a liquor store in '94. If you'd bothered to google his name for a sec, that's probably the first thing you'd come across.

    • Anonymous


  • obama aint black

    FYI obama ain't black on any scale. white man looking like a black dude. fucking all of you.

  • dan

    one of the reasons 2Pac is one of the greatest

  • MIKE

    "How long will they mourn me?" "EVERY MOTHAFUCKIN DAY HOMIE

  • R.I.P. PAC

    REST IN PEACE. Tupac lives on forever, through what i consider incredible lyrics. We all have our own opinion but to me, Tupac always was and always will be, the best

  • Anonymous

    nigga i have nightmares every day that i will never know what it was like to point that trigger at this rap nigga and empty a bunch of slugs into his freestyling lungs through that BMW car door with suge crashing into the curb

  • ye g

    "My mother was a woman" Really Pac? For Real??

    • sultry

      What do you mean? Those lyrics are obviously over your head. Some people idolize their mothers and hold them to high standards of living because they have children but IF you live with your eyes open long enough you will realize that your MOTHER is a woman not a saint.

    • you simple

      man cmon now, females come in multiple forms. Women, bitches, hoes, tricks, etc etc

  • EmmerrGilchri

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  • shh


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    man i miss tupac - he just spoke hes mind - and no matter how it all ended for him he was a stand up brother - rip

  • Anonymous

    legend no other way to put it

  • Anonymous

    People are extracting too much from these lyrics. For example; it wasn't a prophecy when he said his boys would smoke his ashes and then it happened - they smoked his ashes because he said it in the first place. And the guy confessed to helping with the studio shooting... so what? He didn't predict that the guy was going to confess, he was talking about an incident that already happened.

    • umm

      He set him up and now he is in prison for life, how is that not karma? An eye for an eye would have been Henchman being shot, no? Karma - "Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation"

    • Anonymous

      ^^ karma isnt an eye for an eye... stay in school

    • Ummm

      So promising Jimmy Henchman payback in his lyrics and then Henchman getting life in prison isn't payback??? Not saying Pac snitched on him, but he said payback would be coming and now Jimmy is in prison for life. Sounds like karma to me.

  • Anonymous

    Almost every song on his album 1995 album, Me Against the World has some prophecy in its lyrics

    • Anonymous

      Can you picture my prophecy? Stress in the city, the cops on top of me The projects is full of bullets, the bodies is dropping There ain't no stopping me Constantly moving while making millions Witnessing killings, leaving dead bodies in abandoned buildings Can't reach the children cause they're illing Addicted to killing and the appeal from the cap peeling Without feeling, but will they last or be blasted? Hard headed bastard Maybe he'll listen in his casket -- the aftermath More bodies being buried I'm losing my homies in a hurry They're relocating to the cemetery Got me worried, stressing, my vision's blurried The question is will I live? No one in the world loves me I'm headed for danger, don't trust strangers Put one in the chamber whenever I'm feeling this anger Don't wanna make excuses, cause this is how it is, what's the use? Unless we're shooting no one notices the youth It's just me against the world baby

  • Duce Young

    With the Changes lyrics I think they still could apply today. He didn't say we would never see a black president. He said we ain't ready to see the a black president and then in the next lines he says: It ain't a secret don't conceal the fact... the penitentiary's packed, and it's filled with blacks. A black president doesn't conceal that blacks still make up a big portion of the prison system even though we only make up 14% of the general population. The election of a black president seemed heaven sent in 2008 but the reasons we are not ready is because of those unfortunate statistics that still exist. These felons can't vote when they get out and there is a question as to weather they should've been imprisoned in the first place. Because there race may have gotten them arrested. In relation to the presidency directly, Obama has had an unprecedented amount of blockage of his nominees, opposition to his legislation, and harsh rhetoric that sounds influenced by racism and bigotry. So in 2014 I repeat Tupac's words from the song: "And although it seems heaven sent, we ain't ready to see a black President,"

    • Anonymous

      Barack Obama's a radical fascist totalitarian dictator who wants to erode all of our civil liberties. He is a war criminal and constant violator of the Constitution. It doesn't have to do with his race, yes there is a small portion of people who don't like him because of his race but pointing fingers at anyone disagreeing with him calling them a racist is absurd. 2pac would have condemned Obama had he been alive during his election, he would see right through his lies and deceit.

  • Duce Young

    I hear the doctor standing over me [heart monitor: beeping slowly] screamin I can make it "Got a body full of bullet holes layin here naked Still I, can't breathe, somethings evil in my IV Cause everytime I breathe, I think they killin me [beeping sound stops] I'm having nightmares, homicidal fantansies I wake up stranglin, danglin my bed sheets I call the nurse cause it hurts, to reminisce How did it come to this? I wish they didn't miss " -Only God Can Judge me lyrics

  • Anonymous

    wow hddx is removing critical comments now. fuck this site! north korea dx!!


    Justin Hunte is just pimping the entire rap game and this dead icon to the masses



  • Anonymous

    He also talked about fakes in disguises and the rise of the homo rapper

  • al

    Solo artist/producer https://soundcloud.com/ab-omega

  • 2pacfan

    "Gettin' lessons from niggaz at penitentiaries Game, when applied help me survive several centuries"

  • DM

    PPL really think hes better than nas? AZ? RAKIM? tech n9ne? em? pun? k rino? KRS? lmao all these sympathy point dumbfucks

    • theBavarianIlluminati

      You're all jackasses.

    • bestEZ

      Of course he better than those other rappers r.i.p 2pac

    • R.Pgh

      well, 'better' is all a matter of personal opinion. Was he a better lyricist? To me, no, absolutely not. But I'd bet that in the height of all their careers, people would follow Tupac to the depths of hell over any other rapper's fans. He brought out more raw emotion than any other emcee dead or alive.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up you moron. Tech N9ne is a clown compared to 2Pac.

  • 2pacfan

    "I heard a rumour I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized Pictures of me in my final stage you know Mama cried"

  • Anonymous

    couple of these were dumb as hell as far as "prophecies"

  • 614grind

    Pac has no peers. GOAT

  • Johnny Blayze

    The Greatest