“My hands clean, I pay ’em to do the job right,” Al-Doe barks on his latest “All I Care About.” What does he care about? Money and bitches of course, to the tune of Chase N. Cashe’s slick beat. While the cut is as ambitious as it is arrogant, Al-Doe takes ample opportunity to remind everyone that he’s got bars on top of bars. He interpolates Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” on the hook in a humorous way, but focuses on “I’ve been doing my own thing.” He certainly has. Here are some more bits about Al-Doe in case you aren’t hip to the beast from the BX.

Name: Al-Doe

From: Bronx, NY

Inspired by: Pun, Cam’ron & Styles jus’ to name a few

Mission in Hip Hop:  To be the best. I’m an extremely competitive person, and I believe that you shouldn’t do anything unless you want to be the best at it. If you work at the post office, then be the best postal worker. If you’re a janitor, then be the best janitor until they move you to the wealthiest building in your area, feel me? I want to bring light back to the Bronx. I know this might sound cliche but since Pun passed there really hasn’t been that total package all around artist from the Bronx. I feel like I’m that guy. My mission is to help the culture that helped raise me and look fuckin’ good while doing it.