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Now that "Dreamchasers 3" has officially hit the street hard, check out one of the standout tracks featuring the Bawse Ross and YMCMB's First Lady Nicki Minaj.


  • Drew

    Same old, same old. Garbage

  • sxxx4


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  • KingA

    Nicki Minaj went in. Best female rapper.

  • Anonymous

    heard cassidy just signed a new record deal

  • imho

    meek and the CO on a song called dope dealer? noooo who could of ever seen that coming 1 star

  • wtfisdizsheet

    Very annoying to the ears...

  • deez

    Everytime meek raps(screams) he takes like a deep breath

  • blackula

    Meek still yelling

  • Anonymous

    nope. same ol bullshit

  • Anonymous

    cmon ricky we know the only thing you ever dealed in your life is chicken wings

  • Skinny Pete

    trash just like most of the songs on DC3 Meek needs to find some new niccas to work with we've heard enough Ross and Meek songs for a lifetime.

  • wtf

    why did I even listen to this garbage

  • freshyboi

    Talk aboutDeja Vu! Swear I've heard this song from these cats at least a dozen times already.

  • Anonymous

    Dis shyt snaps hard ... fucc da rest

  • vanny

    Nicki fuckin MINAJ!!! wow ... she is back yes! yes! yes!! cant wait for her new album!! she def had the verse verse on this mixtape!! and im not even a fan of hers but she made me a one after this!!

  • Canibus Cavalry

    Why does everyone rag on Rick Ross as if he is any faker than any other mainstream artist in rap. Lil Wayne - Skateboards/Kisses Men/Wears Women's clothing. The Game - Starred on a Love reality show to make some coin. Nas - Basically an observer in the hood, not a practitioner. Raekwon - Does songs with Justin Beiber. Drake - Starred in a teen sitcom & is a Canadian Jew. 50 Cent - Fat kid that did steroids to fit the rapper stereotype. Tupac - Extremely feminine in his youth & was a dancer. Eminem - Illuminati won't let him leave rap, makes song with Pink Jay-Z - Elevated himself in rap off the deaths of Big L, Pac, & Biggie. Biggest biter in rap. All these cornballs are at the same level of fakeness, & you all are acting like Rick Ross is some type of evil for working for law enforcement, when you would be asking Siri on your iphone to call the cops the moment someone tries to steal your lunch money.

    • DJ GuiLLotine

      A BIG part of being successful in the rap industry is having and selling a persona to your audience, which in Rozay's case is young wanna be thugs and dealers who ride around in their box chevys banging their subs so loud they can't hear a word of what he actually says. Ross probably doesn't actually think he's some big banger or thug but he's making stacks off of a character he portrays (Freeway Rick Ross) which most people can't say they could ever do.

    • Anonymous

      pac is a fake cornball? you just lost any credibility. He shot two off duty cops..thats real bruh. Check it out, during the LA riots..

    • Anonymous

      You cannot compare any of that shit to locking niggas up and searching their buttholes for drugs. Then taking another mans name, tattooing it on your hands and pretending to be him, right down to the fucking beard.

    • Anonymous

      Yet somehow everyone on that list is still 100 times realer than Ross

    • Anonymous

      you need to take raekwon, 50 cent, nas, jay-z and pac off your list

    • Anonymous

      "Do we live in a world where people respect criminals more than they do the COs who keep the pedophiles and rapists away from our mothers and daughters? Do we live in a world where having a legitimate job is looked down on while being a criminal is celebrated?" you already know the answer to that. why do you think william been telling fairytales about dealing coke for 10 years instead of telling kids about the time he spent getting an education, playing football and holding down a 9-5 job locking up the drug dealers he pretends to be!!!

    • Lucky

      I'm not white so Im not fascinated with the trick hustlers use with promoting what's Real or Fake. If I grew up in Carol City Miami like Ross did and had the actual associates he did growing up I'd rap about that the same shit he does just like Dr Dre & Ice Cube rapped about the streets of Compton. I listen to rappers who admit to selling drugs to pregnant women, rappers who have admitted to shooting their own family members, rappers who have been accused of murder, rape, and robbery so I'd feel like an idiot if I felt evil for listening to a Black man who worked as a CO for a year when he was 19 years old. Do we live in a world where people respect criminals more than they do the COs who keep the pedophiles and rapists away from our mothers and daughters? Do we live in a world where having a legitimate job is looked down on while being a criminal is celebrated? I'm like the street dudes in the industry who do business with Ross, I don't care about your teen employment history or if you sold poison to your own people before you found a better way, all I care about is how we can work together to make ourselves more succesful and enjoy ourselves in the meantime! I don't like the song on fist listen, I'm not a Nicki fan but let me DL it and give it the whip-test so I can judge wise.

  • Anonymous

    how can meek expect anyone to take him seriously after putting officer ricky on a song called dope dealer?

    • Werty@yahoo.com

      Meeks fans are not weirdos like you, LOLOL, Meek is a real street dude not a weird kid on a rap blog so he knows what he's doing and knows his fans aren't concerned with the weird stuff you are.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki Minaj just snapped, she had the best verse on Dreamchasers 3

  • Anonymous

    Wow Nicki Minaj just killed meek with his own flow, she had the best verse on the mixtape hands down