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AZ takes some time out from putting the finishing touches on "Doe Or Die II" to freestyle over Rick Ross' "Oil Money Gang" instrumental.


  • Anonymous

    hes better then 85 % of the rappers out real talk



  • yerrrr

    I love AZ and is like the only person to outshine NAS in his prime on a track in the 90s. His flow is amazing but it actually sounds a bit off on this track. Like it sounds so structured and it is, he needs to stretch words a little on these types of tracks to make it "smooooother" still a 5 doe

  • Stefan Restuccia

    Can't wait for the album.

  • Anonymous

    This is nice, im feeling this

  • J

    AZ a monster. Nuff said. Dude is a genius verbally

  • Jaycell

    the world will be better without this fucking ignorant pricks who make determent music likes of Ugly chainz who got raped assaulted and robbed in the streets with his pussy crew and Lil Wayne who fucks birdman in bed and gives him a head everyday and kiss him and fat ugly ross who eats a lot and his crew molests little girls and skinny Wiz who got raped by a hench guy in bed and broke his bones and ugly keef who chews dirt from dirt stains from shirts etc Amber Rose got raped yesterday by me and she is my possession I am her papi and she does what I tell her to which is giving me a head she is my wife ok wiz now back off before I break your skinny body off with metal bar

  • Jaycell

    FUCK This MMG and if LOX sign for MMG and they are doomed stay with ruff ryders and one day fat Ross and his will die with the fatalist of death fat stop rapping about oil money you filthy fat ugly bastard and go rap about how you eat a lot and never loses weight and MMG stands for Molesting Many Girls this is how tick they can be as the lowest of human being

  • Jaycell

    Rick Ross is a a former drug dealer name and the one who is intimating is a fat ugly fraud imposter who basically lost his identity and calls himself a boss and raps about oil when Oil probably poisend his lungs when he is a straight ogler and his fake group MMG Meek Mills is a ugly monkey and wale is drug addict hasn't where his from and Gun Play is a skinny retard who play with guns like a severed handicapped and Stalley is a Pedophile who molests little AZ is undisputed legend in the hip hop and music industry and I see DoOrDieII hitting and other Grammy Awards and the highest chart success in the world of music industry era

  • shambamenelek

    yes, I would love to see AZ in the mainstream...I told this chick In Atl, who my favorite rappers are, mine u shes like 22 and one of them was AZ..She's like who? But u know what I dont give a fuck AZ is that dude and if he dont want that who Am I to tell him different. I enjoyed his last 3 album Format, Awol, and Undeniable. I never heard Do or Die when it came out but listened to it on you tube and its dope too. The sequel is gone be fire.

    • Ether

      Yea.. I always get that ," Whose AZ" thing But like AZ on Problems said, " Some relate others stay numb in the face"

  • crazypee81

    AZ been got bread dude hes engaged to the daugther of the owner of Heinz Ketchup dude thats 1 billion

  • Anonymous

    real dope. AZ always kills it. he needs beats like this on his albums tho. thats what sometimes disappoints. but his lyrics and flow always on point.

  • g-sus

    Give some of the best beats Ross wasted on himself to AZ and we could have a problem.

  • Aziatic4Life

    AZ never left

  • I'm cool on Weak Shit

    AZ, this is Cool. IT's better than all of Cole's shit on here. IT's better than Kanye half ass stuff. I can definitely roll to this Cuz

  • anon

    is this a diss? I doubt it but with lines like "the fiasco cut costs like costco, fermaldehyde like homicide to ya nostrils" or "these niggas trapped in they costumes" or "it only frustrate cause niggas fake" you gotta wonder..plus the official song by fatso does kinda represent everything AZ is against since AZ advocates humility, inconspicuousness, subtle intelligence, and genuine realness. Also I would not be surprised if AZ was much richer than what we thought since independent record company owners make a lot when their own company sells and his first 2 albums under the label were probably considered comeback albums for a reason

  • clevertrevor

    fuck. AZ still got it

  • Anonymous

    Man, I'm about to listen to this shit 3 more times. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too

  • thedon

    Love AZ, but anyone else find the picture ironic considering what he said in the intro? And does AZ even have 100k in the bank?

    • crazypee81

      @thedon: AZ been got bread dude hes engaged to the daugther of the owner of Heinz Ketchup dude thats 1 billion

  • austin