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Pulled from the free album stream, enjoy another highly anticipated track off J. Cole's "Born Sinner" out June 18.


  • Reb1ne

    It's like a breath of fresh air when you listen to an album and truly appreciate the lyrical ability of an artist. No corny hooks, or catchphrases... just straight lyrical talent.Now That's what's up.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick & J.Cole is killing your favorite rappers. It's all about the skill and the lyrics.





  • Born Sinner

    One of the highlights of this album.

  • lindo

    Let Nas Down Is The Ressurection Of Rap

  • Anonymous

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  • NeutralCamp

    Wow. A1 story telling.

  • You make me proud

    J cole is king

  • born in 86

    nigga be spitting lies and people be believing dude !

  • TeddyPendergrass

    Jay-Z - The Champ Is Here ft. Swizz Beatz.. first single off Magna Carta Holy Grail BOOM!!

  • bornsLiQUer

    this song aint jus about Nas u gotta understand its way deeper than that #NewLegends.. "the single is only the look to sell these nikkaz the book i can only pray that one day you'l read in to it"

  • I'm cool on Weak Shit

    Come on my nigga, a big brother part 2. I feel the heart feltness of the song but fuck Nas he sold out 8 times and is not Tupac so he is no one to let down. You all sold out to white supremacy and let down Tupac. This is the best one i've heard from Cole's new shit. But it's borderline Horrible!

    • Ziggy Jackson

      Hatin' ass old head. What's wrong withchu'!? Hate begets hate, kill all that. Even Malcolm X saw the error in his "hate fueled" ways. Judging from your "white supremacy" comment, I know you eyeballing that Malcom line. My point is, chu talkin bout "Nas sold out 8 times?!" a man is a man, and man is full of flaw, and mistakes alike. If you aint tryna pull us up, or say something constructive keep them bullshit comments on youtube.

  • Anonymous

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  • Black Zombie

    Black Zombie likes the sarcasm in Nas diss tracks Black Zombie approves this

  • spruce

    Love the beat.. 1st listen like the layout of the track..will check the album tonight

  • Dr.Aftermath

    Sick track .. Looking forward to this album.

  • Anonymous

    i thought the cd was boring as hell

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow = Born Sinner Day. Cole made a better album than Kanye......one down one to go.....Hov is on deck July 4th. Dreamville. Born Sinner. June 18

  • YE N J

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  • Yomidee

    Seriously have been diggin J. cole now... am now a FAN

  • ImSpammingForFollowers


  • Anonymous

    Sux that Cole sold out, but big ups on the tribute.


    Another reason why I don't like these new "rappers". He sounds like he want to ride Nas's D***. Cmon man this is HipHop, if you can't stay in the battle then i suggest you back the f*** off. Wu Tang Mobb Deep Nas 2pac Biggie Big Pun Rakim, this is hiphop and not what you hear now a days.

    • Anonymous

      I think the main difference is that Nas did U.B.R. 13 years into his career, on his 7th album. He put serious time in the game before paying homage to his biggest influence. All that time he paid his dues and Rakim was still aggy that Nas didn't get his input before making it. Cole is on his second album, paying homage to Nas, but also being defensive over a wack song he made.

    • YO

      Did you think Nas was trying to ride Rakim's dic when he wrote U.B.R. a few years ago?

    • D4v1d

      I suggest u do some research next time b4 u post stupid shit... Better yet listen 2 da lyrics..

  • Yomidee

    This is too dope.. now you made Nas proud.


    what single is j cole talkin about that nas diddnt like was it work out?

  • Anonymous



    If Born Sinner and Good Kid MADD City are nominated in Best Rap Album, Cole will win. His album is more complete, album loops both sonically and conceptually. Niggas sleeping on Cole saying he's boring but like whack niggas like Waka and Gucci. Like Cole said "Ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreaming about"

    • YO

      No chance at all that Born Sinner beats GKMC if they both get nominated. The only album that might beat GKMC is Yeezus. And that's not because it's better, but it's the most hyped up and anticipated album of the year and will probably sell that way also.

  • Anonymous

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  • Luke

    The meaning behind this song is so deep

  • Anonymous

    This is real lyrical right here

  • Anonymous

    phil ade nas told is way better

  • Frenchie

    Its nice to see some depthy lyrics, and j being able to express his struggles that the fame has faced him with . Im a huge Nas fan so it's nice to see him get some notice by j

  • cole

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  • Dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB I can confirm J Cole does not want to go to war with YMCMB. Wayne already said that if Cole disses one more time, he will go Mel Gibson on him. The YMCMB army is built for war. Wayne a certified gangsta. He got 3 tear drops, did a bid on the island and all that. Wayne ethered rappers and even caused permanent damage to Dez Bryant's knee. Cole is wack. All Wayne has to do is throw him a rock and Cole will fuck his life up again

    • www.umad.net

      Interestingly enough, out of the "Most Discussed" category, J. Cole has 5 songs up there...and not one member of YMCMB has any...P.S. do you REALLY think they would stand next to ROC Nation or even G.O.O.D music..as their "accountant", you sir, should be fired...clearly you were nothing more than a lucky sperm cell that shouldv'e never found its way to see life.

  • Anonymous

    how u gon let nas down and be a pro rapper

  • Dope

    Dopest shit I've heard in a while

  • bg

    to hell with nas...you let hip hop down. -former j cole fan

  • Youngin

    Yea June 18 Born Sinner

  • MarchParks

    I like this...keep it up Cole!


    He needs to redo this song for Birdman Williams. #LetBirdmanDown

  • Stodak

    Crazy original, beat is bananas!

  • zach

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  • Boss

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1TYLyYqRhw&feature=youtu.be GUARANTEED 5 Star review. Dont waste your time with other people.

  • Carlos S. Schneider

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  • MightyMike27

    Dope Track. Album is sounding like a classic and I am not one to use that term a lot.

    • Moneyman-14@live.com

      I take it both zivaldo and you serious are white and love eminem. Lol getting a fucking life. Coleworld nigga til the world blow, this is hip hop, since the 90's all they talked about was money & bitches. Lol it's obvious that you were one of the dudes who changed their hair blond like shade back then. Faggit cakes

    • zivaldo

      "ride my dick" Typical response from a Cole fanboys over a valid point. YouSerious? is right. Cole's hook game is awful. Easily his biggest flaw. There are some good songs on the album, but half of the album is about "bitches". So many verses dedicated to some bitch Cole is fucking, scooping the baddest bitch, ducking some bitch. You can't even keep up with how many time he uses that word on the album. People need to zip it with that word classic. Instant classics are groundbreaking albums and there's nothing ground breaking on the album.

    • YouKnowNothingAboutHipHop

      @YouSerious?, ride my dick.

    • YouSerious?

      I haven't been messing with much this year, so I can't tell you what's more complete, but I can tell you that hearing Cole whine about bitches and dudes who used to doubt him and now wanna be cool with him on damn near every song gets boring really fast. Half of these songs are poorly constructed too. Land of Snakes has a weak form, songs like Trouble and Runaway sound like their hooks were made up in 10 seconds on the spot. There's weak writing all over this shit, but people jump on Cole's jock just because he can flow nice and has a strong voice for hip-hop. The only songs that really work on this album are Power Trip (good single, a REAL hook), and Let Nas Down (Cole finally says something different).

    • Anonymous

      @youserious? ... you tell me what came out recently that sounds more complete than this.. mix tape? smh cmon now .. RA album was complete.. only one i kno of lately that i can say from beginning to end was solid

    • YouSerious?

      You must not listen to many albums then. Shit sounds like a mixtape.

  • NasStanIsLike

    He let Nas down again, again? LOL



  • itdontmatter

    Use this song to determine if the person you are speaking to knows what hip hop is or not. THIS IS HIP HOP. WOW. As someone who bought Illmatic (Nas' first album to you kids) when I was 13, this gives me those same chills. And that's rare these days. I always knew J. Cole was the truth. He's stepping up and making it known to the masses now. This'll be the album of my summer 2013. It's all fire so far.

    • emsie

      Man! I'ma feelin' U. True words. This song is a Fiahh, but your comment is a message! It is going to be a summer - another birthday 10 days later. with regards and best wishes!

  • Anonymous

    j cole let us all down

  • A9amis

    dope concept. on ething i like about j. cole is the ability to be human in his songs

  • Anonymous

    No New Friends official Video Here http://bigblogtalk.com/videooftheday DJ Khaled Ft. Drake, Rick Ross, and LiL Wayne

  • Anonymous

    ANTHM - Inception

  • Anonymous

    need i say more

  • Perfect Hiphop.... shame the ret of the album is poor expect money)

    clever track... EMO whining like Ye' did over Jay. NAS verse from "nas is like" The big brother reference "my mentor NO.ID" The Killamary/RZA reference

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    FIYAH- AYO rappers, this is subject matter, it's called "actually writing about something"-not talking about dope,broads and cars...Real Hip Hop Stand Up!

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhuIp0QCgUY NAS TOLD ME Phil ade

  • Anonymous

    go listen to that new shit phil ade nas told me

  • Anonymous

    nas said j cole stole phil ade swag and he like the nas told me track better

  • Anonymous

    phil ade nas told me

  • Anonymous

    go listen to that fire phil ade nas told me

  • Anonymous


  • davenchy

    ARE Y"ALL FUCKIN KIDDN ME????? Every verse has a deep meanin and connects to the topic! Those sayin only d 1st verse is relevant to the topic are just shallow hearted. Cole the TRUEST, most SINCERE artist out there. Dope track!!

  • Onk

    A comment saying J. Cole is blah, is not hate. For those who throw the word hate around incorrectly, below is a definition of hate. Commenting this artist is nothing special and is a mediocre rapper is simple an opinion of someone who doesn't believe the hype. 0/5 a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing 2 : an object of hatred

    • ContraDaMan

      I agree Onk...ppl just throw the word "hate" around whenever someone isnt showing grat or love for somn...hating on him would be saying "I'm mad he got money and prob cars and girls"...thats hate..saying u dont like a particular song or saying he's not that impressive is an opinion and you have a right to that...I'm in the same boat as you...he's never really impressed me and seems over hyped due to his RocNation affiliation...a lot of these rappers nowadays are over hyped...nobody's really hot to me...even Kendrick is nice but he aint Nas

    • styles g

      "eat my dick" typical fanboy response

    • Anonymous

      eat my dick

  • NuJerz

    WTF. Too much trollin' & hate on Cole. This song is OUTSTANDING. 5/5 easy.

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    • sam snead

      #43,44,45 they would rather have babies daddies instead of a husband, a husband might tell them something to do or not want them to do something, baby daddy can just cough up some $ and watch the kids while they are building up they next fantasy in their minds like blowing the DJ, dope boy or underground rapper at the club #46 they are lazy in bed #47 they want romance but are not romantic themselves #48 Most of them can't cook #49 they are selfish #50 they lie a lot but really are not as good at it as they think they are

    • sam_B

      sounds like this list was made by an american woman haha

  • AON_HipHop

    Hands down the sickest song on the album. Blew me away.

  • Nas

    Y'all fuckin haters, this guy is the most honest young emc out here, he talking the that real shit. Fuck everybody that hated on this track this album is gona be dope, if you hate it's probably cus ur a rapper that hasn't made it and now your hating on some1 who has! So fuck you and your stupid ass comment!

  • Anonymous

    This is a great track. Cole made a different song compared to the everyday stuff you would expect rappers to write about. Respect the diversity and rhymes ppl!!!

  • born in 86

    x they died already ! and so many has been born before and after then !

  • Eye Control

    Not to drift off topic, but I would like to remind people to go out and buy French Montana's new album. French worked hard and really needs your hard earned money. He has 3 year old boy to feed and a baby mama to take care of. Also he is bringing back that real gritty NY rap that has been gone for so long. French is a man with a vision and he needs your help to make his vision a reality. French's new album will forever change hip hop, it will have rappers look at themselves and realize that things get deeper than this rap shit (to use the words of the great Rick Ross). French Montana is going to save hip hop, he is that great light at the end of a dark dark tunnel...

  • Anonymous

    you think nas would have responded at least made a statement, not dissing or anything but just making some kind of statement. he has not said a word.

  • streetsdisciple

    So deep and personal dude is dope.

  • shel

    man phucc wat yall talkn bout Cole shit hot! He's tellin a story about his personal struggles between tryna make a hit record n drop a quality hip hop record at the same time. Everyone knos that lyrics dont mean shit to most ppl anymore. Even Flaka said its all about the beat and the hook if u tryna make money... Yall dont understand the pressure dats put on an artist like cole to resurrect the style of hip hop a lot of da ol heads say is dead... an artist like tyga can drop some bull shit n its all good cuz u dont xpect much from him... Cole on da other hand is seen as the future n savior of rap

  • Franky Thomas

    Dopeness.. that cross reference big brotha..

  • Justin " Jayy Maadniss "

    There's a lot of different opinions . . but the main thing is . everyone knows the potential J.Cole has . . . but he uses his words for stupid shit / songs . . like the MAIN reason ion fuck w/ J.Cole is cuz he dont know how to use what he gotta say as far as albums go . Like my nigga gotta core fanbase and shouldnt have to be worried bout singles and shit cuz he's a spitter plus he has the attention of everyone , Ion fuck w/ em but i do fuck w/ his music cuz even i know the nigga is talented . Plus he needs to focus on bein himself . . it's like he's tryna live in someone elses shadow , or he's afraid to carry the torch he aint hungry no more . . Which is why he's not better then Kendrick . . . . Plus its like the nigga refuses to believe he can surpass them . . Not sayin he will tho

  • Seriously...

    Damn, man. I just see a lot of hate going toward J. Cole. It makes me wonder, what do you guys actually ENJOY? It seems like nothing is ever good enough for you.

  • Sinna

    Fan of this album but to me this track is cheesy as fuck.

  • Onk

    Just don't see what the hype is all about with him other than Jay signed him. He's as boring as Stalley to me.

  • Anonymous


  • YouSerious?

    Born Sinner is J.Cole making no real progress at all. Subject matter stayed the same (I swear to God if this dude talks about college degrees and women/homies who doubted him and now wanna be all over him), the punchlines are still subpar, and there's WAY too much reference to other rappers through lines (he quotes Biggie, Nas, Jay, Kane, etc) and beats (basically goes over the same beats that Tribe and Outkast did for 2 songs). If you asked me "What's J.Cole about?" I'd tell you he's a dude obsessed over shit that people say about him and never lets it go, and he's second next to Game in hip-hop name dropping.

    • brown

      I totally agree love this song tho cd got 1 or 2 good songs on it but overall boring as fuck. I just think homie need different production I mean fuck switch it up

  • YouSerious?

    Ah, not Kane, meant to say Kanye *

  • nas and j cole

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  • shel

    man im bout sick of yall hatin ass dudes tryna analyze cole lyrics like yall some type of mad scientist when half of yall still listening to lil wayne smh im also tryna figure out wat makes erbody so confident he's talkin bout "Work Out"... When I listen to dis song I was thinkin he was talkin bout "Who Dat which came years b4. Workout is far from his first big radio single... I could b wrong tho...

    • HRC85

      It's about Workout. I was at the listening party where Cole spent 45 minutes explaining this song.

    • Anonymous

      it's work out coz it is his biggest song of his career. The song went 2XPlatinum and he was talkin bout ''my biggest song in my career''

  • ND

    I mean I understand you let your idol down, but Cole, you made this song for us not Nas. If your making songs for Jay and Nas and they don't like it, then fuck it! YOu have fans who love work out, no need to feel ashamed. IF your just making songs for the veterans, sorry Cole but you got problems. You should care that your fans like your song. Im still coping Born Sinner, but Born Sinner is for ColeNation, not NAS. #ColeWorld

    • Anonymous

      understandable arguement, but u can also look at the picture of what the record is supposed to signify. It talks about letting someone down that u look up to, who saw a lot of potential in you. A lot of people could relate to it, whether it be their parents, schools or even mentors. He is doing what we would all naturally do which is try to give an explanation as to why he took a certain route. Soo I guess it's just more about the message that you don't like to dissapoint the people you look up to, but still stand firm in your decision.

  • Anonymous

    its not even about letting nas..its about letting the whole hip hop community down judging by the fact that he can can do more cuz he has so much potential and he can rap.work out is a shitty song to me...even if you want to make radio friendly songs..you have to make the right songs,the good ones with impressive beats...he makes average songs with average beats.

  • Anonymous

    For the people that say that the song/lyrics are not well thought of...Y'all are just a bunch of haters. First verse he talks about how he was a fan of nas and idolized/idolizes him but was trying to blow up and needed a single for that, he makes the biggest record''work out''of his career and his idol hates it. 2nd verse he explains how he came to making a record like that, for getting a release date in the first place and thinking a person like nas who did the same thing should normally understand, and having gone with the advice of ''playing the game, to change the game'' which he ultimately had to do by sacrificing his artistry and making a radio hit song. The third part he talks about how that sacrifice took a lot from him and apologizes to those that know that he can do better and that it would be the last time he would do it, coz he just had to get recognized by radio to make the change in hip hop''having to go through hell to resurrect it''.......If you still think that the song makes no sense, then I pity you!!!smh

  • Hip Hop Fan

    The whole album has been leaked. Listened to it and he's going to get dropped. Too many sly digs at the label and Jay-Z.

  • jaseptlevi

    just listened to the entire album and i was thinking the same think about this song and the album as a whole...first verse is banging, second verse is ok, and the third verse doesnt connect jaseptlevi.com

  • shangiv potter

    the song is okay...but the first verse was about letting nas down and the next verses was just out of line..j cole can rap,he can be lyrical and touching with his lyrics sometimes...you can be lyrical and talk about personal or conscious things and still make evergreen music and sell records at the same time...i dont really like his raps or anything hes on but he can actually rap and make sense with it...but to me hes not making the right songs,almost all his songs are average songs..he has so much potentials,he should quit thinking he could be like nas,kanye or jay or watever...he needs to be J COLE!

  • chickbanger69

    Anyone who listens to Lil Wayne let's Nas down

  • A.B.C

    Haha what's with the picture. Some one is trying to start a bunch of drama.

  • Geko The Great

    That shit Hip Hop/Playboy

  • RKS

    Cole just put his thoughts into a a song. I feel Cole gets so much unnecessay hate and love from indivuals who have made their opinions on a track without even having listened to it fully. I agree with your opinion that you shouldn't like an artist because he is a good guy. But you need to do your homework if you think he has no lyrical depth, or his songs are not thought out! Go listen to the warm up and friday night lights, and a few other joints such as 1)Killers, 2) Premeditated murder 3) Beautiful Bliss 4) Relaxation and then make an informed opinion.

  • Anonymous

    told ya'll niggaz its gon be a cole summer, every hiphop site turning into jcole.com

  • jack johnson

    True shit, unique view from someone admitting they had to sell out to get their album out. Nas does the same shit with his own albums I like how the beat uses a saxophone just like Nas song "Stay", the best song from Nas last album that he should have released as a single but didn't

  • Love this song .... NAS IS KING

    Illmatic Stillmatic IWW Lost Tapes Nigger Album I Am HHID Life is Good Nastradamus/Streets Disciple >>>>>>>>> Anything J Cole put out.

  • Understand this

    The problem with 'real hiphop' nerds is that most of them are children and can only see hiphop in black and white. If you're talking about gangster shit or the club or material things, you're automatically a labeled a "bad rapper" and if you saying pseudo-intellectual/pseudo-conscious stuff you're automatically a "good rapper". You people need to understand that hiphop is not that clear cut. There are good rappers out there who talk about gangster shit like Ghostface, and bad rappers who talk about that shit like French Montana....Just like there are good rappers who talk about conscious shit like Mos Def and there are bad rappers who talk about that shit, like J Cole. Just because you talk about something positive, or personal or whatever that doesn't automatically make you a good rapper. I hate how a lot of you are saying he's dope and people should like him just because of his attempts at being "a good guy" In reality his songs are not well thought out, he has no lyrical depth, he's just not that great of a rapper.

    • Juanpol

      i agree completely with what was said. This song was NOT well written, this had potential to be much more but after the first verse it goes "ehh". I understand he is trying to express his emotion, but that does not automatically make the song "good". It need to be ejectued properly, at least at an album lebel, an he fails at that. This would be a mixtape song at best. And about his lyrical depth, re-listen to the whole album. Its pretty much none existant, he is superficial and comes across as trying to hard when he wants to not be shallow. He has 5 songs talking about girls, with a few phrases thrown here and there to try and sound deep. That does not make him a great lyricist. ffs just look at the few bars he sampled from Nas in the begining of this song, when did you hear anything similar to that by Cole in this whole album? And yeah, his mixtapes BEEN hot, they were lyrical. Friday Night Lights is a way better ALBUM than any of his actual albums. He had potential, but its simply not displayed on this album.

    • The Professor

      Understand this: You are an idiot. The first verse was his explanation of his interaction with Nas and the incident where he learned that Nas thought he sold out. The second verse was dedicated to this reaction to the news that he let Nas down and why he had to make a commercial song aka sell out. The third verse, while much broader than the narrow focus on Nas, still stays on topic as J. Cole explains the difference between label cuts and balancing them with the talent that good rappers want to display through their music. You need to actually learn to listen to a song before making an uninformed cursory observation.

    • Anonymous

      ur a dumbass the whole song flows and every verse relates to wat his point of the song was

    • Hip Hop is resurrected

      Look u have a good point if u only heard his sideline story. Buh since u dont know what u talking about i urge u to go listen to Warm up and Friday Nights and become more infomed before u make ridiculous claims about how he has no lyrical depth. Seriously cuz i think u must be on some strong sedatives to be saying shit like that Cole along with Kendrick are bringing real hip hop. Sure they talk about money and hoes but so did jay, Nas, Pac and biggie but they have a knack of making the music sound good. No disrespect u do have a point regarding the conceptual part of hip hop nowadays but i assure Cole is a diamond in the dirt who is unluckily prone to really unfair criticism. He is a great rapper and a future legend obviously not commercial wise but among the musical side of things!!!!!!!!! peace out

    • d-nucks

      @ UNDERSTAND THIS....got damn...you sound like literature teacher or some shit...its just music not a book report. And this song was very well thought out...he painted a clear picture...of his emotions and why he felt a certaing way. I saw everything he was saying.. Not you want an example of songs NOT WELL THOUGHT OUT...pick any lil wayne song....he is the definiton of random shit....you can put this song in same boat as a lil wayne song....you just can't

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Thats a good post and sums up the problem I have with J.Cole.

    • Understand this

      ^ It's not well written at all. The song starts out with him telling us about how he loved Nas and how he let Nas down, then he just starts rapping about random shit that has nothing to do with Nas. We don't get to hear about how he tried to improve after hearing his idol say that or if he met Nas again and talked about this...After the first verse he just starts rapping about a bunch of random BS and uses that as filler to complete the song. This is why i say his shit isn't well thought out. It just seemed like he wanted to name drop Nas and this was his excuse to do it. The song has no real purpose...Nothing is learned or gained from telling us this. There is no story, there is no message, there is no direction.

    • MOF

      Lyrically this song is great, it's well written and the beat is dope so why all the hate? Cole's not the best 'new' rapper around, but still he's pretty talented

    • Anonymous

      I agree with most of that. His story is not compelling enough to be interesting and his production is missing that spark.

  • Dentaldamboy

    ALL AMERICAN WOMEN are brainwashed by feminism. The problem is, most of them are not even conscious of their feminist brainwashing and programming. I think we need to simplify the message of our movement as a whole, to make it very effective. The message should be that the way to stop feminism is by following two simple rules. 1. Never marry or co-habit with an American or western woman 2. Never have children with an American or western woman If we can WIDELY PROPAGATE the above two rules as the SOLUTION to feminism, we can destroy American women. We need to make those two rules our battle cry and spread them as far and wide as possible, and warn every single man we can, to follow the above two rules in order to stop feminism. Once we simplify our movement and its message and stop mental masturbating like Paul Elam and other retards, then our movement becomes effective. BOYCOTTING is the best way to go. So shout it loudly, BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN

  • Denny V. Kohler

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  • gasoline

    deep..heavy..love it..honesty..

  • Anonymous

    Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the bible it aint nothing but real hip hop shit niggaz!!!!!!

  • .?.?

    This shit SUCK! His Mixtapes is better than his albums.



    • just me

      Illimunati is not for the weak only the strong, keep positive, healthy, and continue to learn about present issues while trying to help solve them. With the knowledge that surrounds us and the way this world is headed, we must understand that change is needed and panic is not tolerable, as it only causes difficulty. Yes you may get something knowledgeable from music but 99% of it is only making us confused and driving us away from eachother, we need to keep intact with eachother and allow our children to learn from our mistakes that is how we can grow and be the illimunati

    • Hip-Hop Head

      Ay dude, it's time for you to go to sleep. lol You retarded shut the hell up.


    Gucci is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. BIG GUWOP KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • shangiv

      yeah shooting and selling drugs makes you a better rapper than people who have talent??

    • mac718

      problem is there's so much bull shit in hip hop we don't even know how to judge it anymore. Gucci is the only one who caught a body that YOU KNOW OF..people don't just brag bout shit like that.in fact new york has a history of conscious rappers who actually were real street cats behind the scenes (dre-black sheep)..you are not just rapping your life, your also rapping for those around you, you only need to be credible to be able to tell stories from that point of view..AND ONCE AND FOR ALL NAS DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL AT 12-13 YEARS OLD IN 80'S NEW YORK, DO THE MATH! what else could he have been doing?? i aint saying he's a killer but use yall brains..he was just always smart enough to know better and that's why his story so compelling. shit i even heard the scene in Belly when he was with AZ really happened during the movie shoot on jamaica ave in queens so they put it in the movie. heard that from the twitter of OG Curtis Scoon (google him)

    • randolf the red

      anon u obv dont listn to rap its the shooting the drugs i pretend i b movin and the chain ,yalll agree say helll yeeaaaa

    • Anonymous

      Yeah shooting a person is the most important thing for a rapper ...

  • kamul1212

    King Cole...The Future.....!!!

  • Warren Peace

    Best bars on the song were from "Nas Is Like". This tune is dope though!

  • Anonymous

    phil ade did not let nas down

  • Anonymous

    nas told me by phil ade is better

  • Anonymous

    phil ade nas told is better

  • Anonymous

    nas told me phil ade

  • Troof

    I feel like people allow others opinions of an album to fuel theirs. Since everyone is praising this album, there's a handful of haters who live for nothing more than to run down a list why the album sucks. I just don't see how there's any room to hate on an album this good. Sideline Story wasn't anywhere near as good as this. Born Sinner reminds me of mixtape Cole, cept on another level. I feel like people hate on great music on these sites so much, it makes me wonder what yall actually ENJOY... cuz it seems like nothing is ever good enough for the e-thugs on hiphop threads.

    • Bo

      Well said. 1) I couldn't hate on anyone getting paid off rap life just too $hort (see what I did there) 2) Why click on an artist you don't like? I really don't get it lol y'all funny tho. Been jamming to Cole since 09 so I'm glad he doin his thing.

  • gwap

    Best song I heard all year, its a classic, one to remember. From the tracks I heard on the album this album is gonna be good bt It had the potential to be great. It has some really great tracks tho like crooked smile, born sinner, this track let nas down, and villuminati. bt tracks like, she knows, and niggas know kept it from getting a great from me and he could of had Jay on the album bt I havent heard everything yet so I could still be great!!! right now the album gets a 4.2 out of 5 until it drops

    • Anonymous

      best song you heard all year. did u just come from under a rock or are u just too stupid to check out new music

  • i am gunplay

    and my opine on J. overrated cole.....that nigga look like a dung beetle.....that make riff raff look like a genius...cole need to stop inhaling shaqs jockstrap....man that album is wack i only got a total of 7 j. cole songs in my 2100 library worth of songs and dats cause i was coked out my mizzine and i thought the ghost of tupac was punishing me by forcing me to listen to them gay ass songs

  • Anonymous

    The album is decent, nothing special from a guy who can actually spit, I think J-Cole needs to make his own lane rather than keep trying to be kanye. I listened to the album all weekend, maybe 4 times or so, and overall I think it was okay, I gotta respect his dedication and commitment to the music but he could have done more. The production could have been way more better, Ironically cole seems to really be in his element when he is doing a mixtape project. Friday night lights is still his best body of work in my opinion, why did he not stick to that lane? Then comes the hooks, all through the album (except towards the end, last 3 tracks) it is the nemesis of Cole; the hooks, dude needs to keep the track interesting and flowfull. I give it a 7 on 10.

  • i am gunplay

    nigga, so what if a nigga be gay, i choose that lifestyle the first AND ONLY the first of err monday NIGGA, and if you got a problem with me putting on wet n wild cherry lipstick and making out with my pet orangutan, wit some fluorescent candles, den let a nigga be..if not me and you fightin dog, my arms got heron tracks so i dont feel no mo nigga--what it do

  • IMho

    this tracks cool. jcole surprisin me on some shit..if he could have more tracks about real shit and not bitchs tho id fuck w him more. everyone loves bitch, thats old news you shold be more about just that

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Rated

    No, try again. ghey cole

  • 614grind

    I think I just became a fan of J Cole.

  • asdf

    Rich Niggaz is the best song on the album. Then it is trouble and then villuminati.

  • smitty

    1 to balance a song that is at tops a 3.7

  • Dhiven

    Judging by all the comments, I can conclude that most of the 'haters' cannot comprehend what it is being said. Most of you are not competent enough because you gave up the opportunity of a good education by 'acting out' during your time in school and not giving it your all...and the result of that is that you now don't have the competence to understand the meaning of the rap records, that a man who went to college makes... I'm an M.B.B.S undergraduate and the reason for me being on here is to understand the psychology of a certain demographic of people and thanks to the internet, I can do this :) STUDY HARD GUYS. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. I KNOW SOMEONE HERE WILL READ THIS THROUGH. I'll be back with more help if you guys need it. Just let me know by commenting. If you are still 15-18, I can help you get back on track, get good marks in school and even go to university... JUST REPLY

  • Anonymous

    And also, about nas, this dude don't owe shit to him, hes acting like he didn't put out "summer on smash" just last year, or co-sing meek mill and ross and make songs with nicky minaj. Jesus just do your thing cole, do some hits if your carreer needs it rather to try and cater to whatever any critic is gon tell you, Imagine if Kendrick came out with some "i disappointed Shine" shit afer his opinion

    • juanpol

      ^^you're right i didn't notice i posted a different message rather than replying. Didnt notice i don't need to create a user to post either, will post with this name from now on

    • lol

      ^ How the fuck should I know what you write and what you don't write? You think you're the only person called "anonymous" on here?

    • Anonymous

      ^^are you retarded? when did i ever imply cole is good? i wrote that review of his album 2 messages below this post,does it seem to you like i dickride cole? yeesus, do you even pay attention to comments or do you just skim tru em

    • lol

      I love how J Cole's 15 year old stans are actually dissing artists J Cole himself idolizes because they didn't like his shitty song. You dick sucking faggot. Nas' worse song is better then J Cole's best track. Stop riding this average rappers dick. J Cole himself will tell you Life Is Good is better then anything he's ever made.

  • Pat

    I'm not a big j. cole fan but this is the best song i've ever heard from him. DOPE

    • weezyLame

      the song is really dope but not his best you really need to start listening to more of j cole music dude is dope

  • Anonymous

    aaight its time to adress this shit once an for all This born sinner album is NOT great, its barely good. 6/10. heres why First off, this nigga is corny AS FUCK. Jesus, just listen to this song, this would have been a classic song if he had approached it with some humor in it, can you even imagine that? Like brushing it off, but no this nigga actually went and dedicate a fully serious song just cause Nas "didn't like his shit". Its not like nas even made a statement about it or anything, he just commentes something to No ID and this nigga makes a whole song outta this crap. I used to think only drake was capable of such faggotry, guess i was wrong. And this is just ONE song, but whatever "but annon, check out his bars! Cole is a lyrical rapper!" no, he aint nothing great. If he really wanted to impress nas he would have made an amazing album. Rather, as soon as we start he already drops that cringe worthy infamous faggot line. You kow the one im talking about, in villuminati. This dude tries so hard to be "deep" and appeal to hardcore hip hop fans, but he really isn't deep at all, he simply has no story to tell, or the talent to tell a great story, please somene tell him to stop the nas comparisons. Look at his subject matter, dude has like 5 songs talking about girls, that really could just be merged into one song and add some diversity to this album if he was so lyrical and shit. But no, son talks about girls, how he admires Hov, and is waay to much into that "im hip hop saviour, i don't make mainstream music cause i stay real". The problem with that approach is that you AT LEAST have to make good music if you're not going the commercial route. Dont expect everyone to claim your shit is fantastic just cause you're making an effort. Also, this dude isn't choosing not to make hits, he actually coudn't make a hit to save his life. This album has like 1 radio friendly song, and even then its just "meh" at best, and a song about the girl from the song "dreams"... talking about this dude's subject matter. "rich niggaz" thats alright, its actually a good song,, to bad its an exception in the album more than anything else. Honestly, Friday Night Lights shits all over this album or his first one, that shit should have been an album. The Warm Up also is better than this, lets admit it Cole simply isn't what we once expected he would become. He even has Hov as a mentor, and chooses to go the exact oposite way picking the less radio friendly beats to rap on, he is going to get dropped from the label if he keeps up being such a drag to roc nation. Next topic, the beats.. He coudn't pick a beat to save his life, perhaps the only relation to Nas he actually has. Like he wasted all his good shit on the mixtapes, the best songs from there he re used on his first album, and he completely run out of beats for this one. He doesn't even aknowledge it and use some outside producing, he produces all this shit because "its not for mainstream, its for real hip hop fans" right? damn fuck no, whack beats, whackier bars, honestly not a sinlge melody in the whole shit that keeps lingering in my mind after listening to it. His hook get SO boring once you listen to A WHOLE ALBUM of him alone with no features, and his flow.... Only the first and last songs on the album have a nice flow, some variety to keep the listener engaged, the rest is the same exact flow for everything its like he is planning on no one trying to listen his shit from start to finish without pausing in the middle. Really, i don't see anyone banging this in their car, any song, or in the radio, or any reason to play this on their ipod 3 months from now on. Cole failed us. Before all the comments calling me a hater and shit, call me whatever you want but i DARE ANYONE to discredit any of the points i made about why i think its bad. Argue with facts Its not a horrible album, its ok, thats why it gets a 6, some songs are good like Land of the Snakes, Rich Niggaz, Villuminati (minus some whack bars) but honestly simply not good enought to find a place on anyone's ipod on the long-term. I expected so much more, i am disappointed,,, and that collab album with kendrick is starting to sound like a horrible idea, he'd get murked bad on every song

    • just a person

      everybody wants to be big ghostface.

    • Anonymous

      so much dumb shit in this post and you clearly show your lack of understanding of the topic. J cole cant pick beats. He makes 99% of is own beats. Look at this whole careers dproduction credits. J cole has no story nor the skill to tell one. His first three mix tapes were all related and represented different points in a ball players (rappers) up coming. That in itself is difficult enough. He couldnt make a hit to save his life? Power trip has been on the radio non stop for 2 months now. Hes about to get dropped from the label if he keeps it up. Why is Jay just NOW giving him a feature? Because he earned it. and he completely run out of beats for this one. He doesn't even aknowledge it and use some outside producing- he produced every song on the album except for 2 interludes. You dont know dick.. Youre the definition of a biased hater.

    • Troof

      It's a shame to see yall hate on great music so much. Do yall hate on it just for the sake of shit talkin on a hiphop thread? Or do yall really feel like you wont bump this album in the whip on the way to work/school and shit? I just dont understand it man. What kinda music do yall listen to on a daily basis these days that's on-par or better than Born Sinner? Cuz there aint much else out there better other than Kendrick.

    • Cool music

      Co-sign! So many valid points in this post, especially with what you said about the weak productions. Like you I expected much more! Not a bad album, but far from great.

    • Coogi

      This nigga didn't sit here and type that shit, its called copy and paste

    • Anonymous

      the dude who wrote that long essay needs to get off j cole's dick

    • lol

      "This dude tries so hard to be "deep" and appeal to hardcore hip hop fans, but he really isn't deep at all, he simply has no story to tell, or the talent to tell a great story" Nuff said

    • Anonymous

      ^^says the guy in the comment section on a hip hop site for discussing hip hop shit

    • Anonymous

      ^^Jeezus christ get a life.

  • SP 1070

    Catchy twist on a real feeling. This is more real than plenty of the crap out today. He's slowly earning my respect back.

  • Pac

    Okay, this is kinda off topic, but am I the only one who thinks It Was Written is better than Illmatic? Or am I just the only one who can admit it???

    • Nas 4/5 star albums

      Illmatic Stillmatic IWW Lost Tapes Nigger Album I Am HHID Life is Good Nastradamus/Streets Disciple >>>>>>>>> Anything J Cole put out..

    • Elvis

      You're not the only one but you're wrong. Illmatic doesn't have one bad song. It was Written has a few. But it also has some songs better than what was on Illmatic. It's a discussion people have all the time. Regardless, both albums are great and just thank god we have someone like Nas.

    • Anonymous

      It's not a better album. The only people who say that are idiots who don't understand illmatic and enjoy a more modern/popish sound. A lot of the people who say that album is better would probably pick Stillmatic as Nas best album if they could...But they feel like it would be more acceptable to say IWW because it came out in the 90's. I wish people would just be honest and say "I don't get illmatic, it's too deep for me. i like pop beats" Instead of using IWW as a scapegoat and pretending that it's the better album of the two.

  • Tha Truth

    J cole had to sell out at age 23 to get where he is, now he fell off so hard hes TERRIBLE, lost all my respect, on the other hand Game NEVER sold out and shits on anyone out there. realest nigga out

  • Ben Warren

    Lyrics are tight!!

  • Anonymous

    Could have been better the album. Nothing special here this is why Jay-Z hyped this dude up and he can't but out a good album. Lyrics were way to easy. Hands down Lupe Fiasco can't be fuck'd with on a lyrical level. Too much for these dummy kids



  • Anony

    Im sorry but the dick riding is just out of control

  • Eastcomments

    Yeah thats my brother!!..Cole killed it..!!

  • Anonymous

    Dude is cornball

  • dentaldamboy

    My first time doing coke I did a line right off gunplay's sweaty and hairy ass crack. He didnt properly wipe his ass before I did that line, so he had smeared shit all over his butt cheeks. And as the coke went up my nostril, a chunk of poop went up with it, and I coughed and it ended up in my mouth, so I literally ate gunplay's shit. But I enjoyed it, it tasted like nutella. From that day on I have sexual fantasies about gunplay, mainly dressing up like a clown and sticking corndogs up his ass then eating them.

    • Anonymous

      ^^You dudes are fags behind the keyboards for real...

    • i am gunplay

      shit dog i dream about snorting coke off my ass too, holla at the blocka i spread avocado around the rim of my anus cause its a souffle to gay niggas like you but i been to jail so i like that shit on the first monday of every month

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but this guy is too corny.

  • Sha

    to much dick riding...

  • black

    you let canibus down....you was your real idol.... but you wont mention that in your song.

    • Anonymous

      How are you going to tell someone else who their idol is/was? I know J. Cole has given his props to Canibus and said he had an influence on him (as well as other artists like Eminem & Pac), but for you to say who another person's idol is, is laughable to me.

  • Dj L

    Pac is like Jesus. Nas wrote the bible. Fire J cole is fire

  • Deejay


  • Anonymous

    This maybe the best track off of Born Sinner. Pure Hip-hop right here

  • Jay

    J. Cole hot but this dude got next... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz_aKJ9GGF8

  • DJ Big Willi

    J Cole Is definetly bringing Hip HOp back wit tracks like this, Keep IT UP J!

  • J .Edgar Hoover

    How come Jay Electronica and J Cole haven't made in Jay Z tributes? Hahahaha! Hilarious. I wonder how Jay feels. Electronica makes "My World (Nas Salute) and Cole makes this record. We know who the reigning king of the hip hop ish is ya bishes!

  • Mike

    So does this mean no J. Cole X Nas collaboration in the near future? Let's be honest though "Work Out" was wack but had a proper meaning to the whole album. We all know "Who Dat" is greater than "Work Out" & "Cant Get Enough" is better than "Work Out." Hopefully we do get a J. Cole X Nas collaboration. Nas spoke the truth on the single though.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye yeezus goin 2 shit on born sinner trust me

    • Anonymous

      Youre delusional..its not a diss, it wouldnt even make sense in that context.

    • Yeezy = Future Seeker

      True dat. Kanye predicted it on POWER like 2,5 years ago: "At the end of the day, god damn it Im killing this shit I know damn well yall feeling this shit I dont need your pussy, bitch, Im on my own dick I AIN'T GOTTA POWER TRIP, who you going home with?" See dat? What's 1st single off Born Sinner? Kanye is so damn visionary that he dissed J Cole years before the track he's referring to has been made! Do y'all think he named the album YEEZUS for nothing? He said it himself: no man should have all that power!

  • John Banji

    So excited he sampled "Gentleman" in this tune. 70s shit

  • BOY

    I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING II >>>>> Born Sinner My poodle's steamy shit >>>>>> GKMC

  • Anonymous

    If I let nas down I would kiss him to make him feel better

    • BOY

      Youre a straight up faggot! The ONLY nigga you should be kissing is Lil Wayne the ALMIGHTY RAP OVERLORD! Youre a gay ass nigga. FUCK YOUR RIGHTS KIGN WEEZY 2013

  • BOY

    OFCOURSE you let Nas down J.Cole, you bitch, you. First of all, Nas aint shit neither. He let Weezy down and we all know in this bitch that Weezy is the ONE & ONLY RULING SUPREME OVERLORD of HIP HOP! So J.Cole, give up. Your album will flop. Matterfact, I will personally take time out of my life, waste gas by going to Target, get off & buy 10 copies of that shitty album and wipe my ass with them & you will STILL FLOP! God knows youre a Loser and a Nerd. Diggy exposed yo ass. All Hail KIGN WEEZY! LONG LIVE WEEZY! YMCMB

    • D

      BOY is such a fitting name, this is grown man rap. Wayne only raps about pussy and drugs... That shit got old in '09, which based off your name, means you we're probably getting to bed before 10 o'clock. NAS is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper .


      You tell em BOY ymcmb run the rap game all these wack niggas wont even go gold while my by weezy and drake will go triple platinum niggas cant fuck with us. YMCMB

    • BOY

      I think you meant "Straight Crap -5" Its okay. Its a good thing that dumbfucks like you get professional help from YMCMB gangstas like me. LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • shot_the_sheriff

    Love the Fela Kuti - Gentle man (sax) sample. J.Cole has hears for good music. Nice production on the album.

  • BOY


  • Anonymous

    off topic but that new mac miller album WACK AS ASS

  • Me dog

    Recognize real Hip Hop when you here it. J. Cole is fire!!! Stop it you haters.

  • Price

    It woulda been cool to see Rhi Rhi, Drake, and Cole make some hits together under Jay, Bey, and Yeezy..

  • dew

    unreal, fuck all the j cole haters

  • Anonymous

    this album is around GKMC-level, classic worthy

  • ali baba

    this is fucking great

  • WillSmithNWesson

    Almost as bad as Joe Budden. 2 corny niggas.

  • Anonymous

    Good track, nice exception to th fact that a lot of the other songs are about bitches or using bitches as metaphors. This nigga Cole is a sucka for love.

  • Dick B

    J. Cole riding Nas' dick extra hard these days...

  • Nigga please

    Nigga I dont know why HHDX lying and shit talking about they got this shit from the stream.nowing damn well they downloaded the leaked version and posted this mothafuckin song.

  • Prestige401K

    This song IS a CLASSIC, fuck what you heard. One of the best rap tracks released by Cole, or anyone for that matter in a while.

  • Anonymous

    POIGNANT!! song sounds like it comes from a genuine place to me

  • J. Cole

    FREE DOWNLOAD of this SONG! @ Bigblogtalk.com/songoftheday ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fast and Free Mp3

  • J Cole

    All your hate make my dick stronger.

  • Anonymous

    lots of hate out here. cole is ding something right

  • isma

    Fiire, best song/production is "trouble", crooked smile, villuminati, born sinner dope album

  • Tim McSweeney

    Best Cole song in years...

  • VS

    I honestly think this album is a classic.

  • Cool music

    @coley cole I wanted to be impressed, and to be honest with all the hype and publicity this album was getting I thought I would be. But the fact of the matter is, the album is quite boring. Same recycled productions and hook styles. Lack of interesting lyrical content etc. really disappointed, I was planning on buying it when it came out but I didn't expect it to be this average. Truly yours 1&2 were both better than the album! I have no idea how some of those tracks didn't make the album. ('J cole - Crunch time' for example. Very impressive track, I really dig that song) I'll use kanye west last album as example of what I look for. in my opinion that was a great album. 'Devil in a new dress' , 'blame game' etc. were both refreshingly new with its production, content and the way songs were structured. The same can be said about many songs on GKMC. Artist thinking of creative ways to communicate there message. J cole just didn't do that on this album. As I said very average but maybe I will grow to like it

  • Jason Cole fell off

    "boy meets world and im trying to find the new topanga." j cole is so weak with this rhymes.

  • Thermonick

    His last album on Roc Nation. How come you make a song in the honor of Nas like that while Jsy-z is your boss.

  • Jitz

    are yall crazy??? joint is classic. timeless. album very dope. let nas down is a classic. sax is fuckin dope.

  • Anonymous

    This album is a thousand times better than G.K.MMAD CITY. The album is more diverse, and j Coles lyrical content is more personable, I always thought j Cole was a better lyricist than Kendrick Lamar anyway, born sinner 4.5/5

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Good track but this is a reworking of Kanye's 'Big Brother' track. Not sure how I feel about these open love letters to other rappers. Plus, I hearing a couple of jabs being sent Jay's way. Is he blaming Jay for pushing for more hit records? I threw a couple his way during the 'Truly Yours' mixtapes as well. The kid may be on the verge of getting dropped.

  • blinde love

    omg he said k.dot's name, i got so wet

  • cheese, eggs and potatoes

  • Anonymous

    I'm sick of J Cole. The only reason he has a buzz right now is because he said he was going to drop with Kanye. His music is mediocre and he doesn't deserve a record deal.

  • dotdotdot

    Not gonna lie, when I FIRST heard the album, I thought it was the weakest, most overhyped album of the decade "Here we go again, that gay ass J.Cole's underachieved". But actually, after my 4th and 5th listen, I was like "Yo, this J.Cole is killin this shit" the bitch ass album grew on me hahahaha, one of the best I've heard in a while - "Don't hate, appreciate" 5/5, he let nas down, but not the fans...

  • chris

    These verses are so potent man. I can't wait to get the album.

  • Yo

    Everybody has their own opinion but i see lots of negative comments,im just thinking...what more are you looking for this shit is actually hip-hop, the shit we ask for i dont know bout yall but i feel this

  • V

    Let Nas Down, Villuminati, Rich Niggaz, Power Trip and maybe Land of Snakes are the only good good songs, the others are alright, but nothing special.

  • Sejotas

    J. Cole has lyrics but he is soft as hell. Always on some emotional shit, This nigga needs a hug for real.

  • filthyslut

    Why are people saying born sinner is going to be a classic? LMAOOOO, it'll probably only get maxiumum 3/5, or L/XXL, smh, people need to start realising that J.COLE IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I-Am-Phetamine

    Nyquil Music... i think he'd have more charisma being a ficking mime!!!!

  • Anonymous

    people love to hate. If you don't like the track, why comment on it, just a bunch of bitches that love to kill vibes#yaBishh

    • Anonymous

      The comment section is open to both positive and negative criticism. Criticism does not= hate. I know rappers poisoned your mind to defend them anytime someone says something negative about them but they have all right to say they don't like a fucking song

  • Anonymous

    this nigga needs to STOP rapping...i would never buy one of his cds...i used to think he was kinda dope but this is just sad

  • Drake runs rap

    what a drake wannabe drake does a song girls love beyonce and j snore copies the concept of making a song about another celeb. This nigga will never be as hot as drake is right now he will never sell as much he will never be as sucessfull. He will allways come across as a wanna be. Drake runs rap every song drake makes is a hit he is the only one that can go platinum he is the face of rap and it just makes these haters angry that their favourite rappers will never be on drakes level right now.

  • blkmoves

    I really like this.

  • too funny

    Haha this song is embarrassing. Not "Accidental Racist" embarrassing, but up there

  • Anonymous

    nuthin special. born sinner average

  • willo

    This track along with the other few that leaked are the best songs on the album. The rest of the album is pretty disappointing.

  • CoalWorldz

    Cole just dropped a classic

  • Maino

    Please, don't leave me I need you haterz.

  • Cool Music

    Broke niggas. The album has been released and you can download it here >> im1music.se To be real. I'm disappointed this album is wack as fuck. Maybe I will grow to like it ....

    • Cool music

      @ coley cole I wanted to be impressed, and to be honest with all the hype and publicity this album was getting I thought I would be. But the fact of the matter is, the album is quite boring. Same recycled productions and hook styles. Lack of interesting lyrical content etc. really disappointed, I was planning on buying it when it came out but I didn't expect it to be this average. Truly yours 1&2 were both better than the album! I have no idea how some of those tracks didn't make the album. ('J cole - Crunch time' for example. Very impressive track, I really dig that song) I'll use kanye west last album as example of what I look for. in my opinion that was a great album. 'Devil in a new dress' , 'blame game' etc. were both refreshingly new with its production, content and the way songs were structured. The same can be said about many songs on GKMC. Artist thinking of creative ways to communicate there message. J cole just didn't do that on this album. As I said very average but maybe I will grow to like it

    • V

      I agree, most songs were good or average. Would give it a 6.5-7/10. Thought I was the only one cause when you look at the comments on other sites they calling this shit a classic and dope. Some even had the nerve to call it better than Good Kid Mad city, Smh! I only like, Let Nas Down, Villuminati, Rich Niggaz, Power Trip and maybe Land of Snakes (less of the last two tho), the rest are ehh His flow is pretty much the same throughout the whole album, but I will say she switch it up for a couple a songs. Beats are a lil above average (6.5/10). Lyrics are coo, but seems like he talks about the same shit. No repeat tracks, a few replayable ones tho

    • J. Cole= Average rapper

      Oh Coley Cole A great album is say Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city You know a well done concept album with great lyrics, flow and even a unique way of story telling here and there. J. Cole is the definition of an average rapper. He does nothing outstanding he sounds like a smarter version of most mainstream rappers. There isn't a single track on Born Sinner that's just amazing. They're all either good or average.

    • coley cole

      Whats a great album in your opinion then? cuz if this is average yall hip hop fans are fucking stupid lol

    • SDK


    • Anonymous

      yeah very average

  • Anonymous

    love the sax on this song, Cole always keeps it real.

    • HHp

      Co-sign Overall dope beat/track This is the sh*t I wanna hear from Cole Previous tracks were aight, nothing special But this here is fire

  • Anonymous

    the album leaked on bit torrent.im still buying it doe

  • dhiven

    He is telling a story man...if you guys cant get it please read the lyrics...gosh, that's the reason why it's important to go to english classes so you can understand shit hahaha all you wannabee G's and shit ain't go to school properly, dont learn shit in school and when people like drake, j. cole and the lyricists of the world drope intellectual shit, you can't relate... fuckboys


    YOGA FLAME!!!!!!!!!! j cole let us down with his last album but he redeemed his self only bad song is one with TLC....STILL 4 MICS

  • TThe only 5 star son on the album

    best song the album

  • Shallah

    HOSTED BY ROC MARCIANO HUS KINGPIN - THE COGNAC TAPE http://huskingpin.bandcamp.com/album/hus-kingpin-the-cognac-tape-hosted-by-roc-marciano

  • Yeezus


  • bezzy_Cashville

    dis dude sound the same in all the songs, tired hear same shit every time...do some thing different men...tired of all this ppl that say he is new tupac and shit, ya must be stupid as fuck...he might sell out to those fages that like like dick but not to a really man that really know about music.... THE ONLY RAPPER THAT ALWAYS ITS ON THE TOP OF EVERY BODY IS YOUNG BUCK YOUNG BUCK always dope music from YOUNG BUCK YOUNG BUCK BEST RAPPER ALIVE BELIEVE THAT!! FREE BUCK

  • amaterasu

    the beat does not match the topic. the horn doesn't fit

  • Anonymous

    Every song that leaked is dope, first album was under expectations, this one is a classic

  • Anonymous

    Kanye doesn't leak anything, while J Cole leaks half...

  • Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris approves of this track.

  • jose the great

    whoa...nice vibe

  • nyc finest

    OMG COLE!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    just like your mom

  • Mark

    That's real right there...

  • 18th Street, E'z up!

    Song is garbage! Here's why: Dude is using Nas's name in the song title just to get attention. J.Cole trying to sound and flow like Nas = Corny Lyrics are wack. Beat is even more wack. Absolutely nothing good about this joint right here. 1 Star.

  • J.COLE


    • Anonymous

      Nas said j cole is the one, he just hated "work out"...and if nas hated work out m pretty sure drake is not even on his top 50 coz drake is fake af

  • Anonymous

    j.cole is the new pac as far as music goes.The only rapper that can keep up with his hard core lyrics is lupe fiasco.

  • J cole stan

    Great concept

  • KDot

    Good joint I know I'll hear on Shady45 this week. It would be nice to hear Nas come out and teach

  • Anonymous

    THIS HARD!!!!!!!

  • stryt fiiire

    no.iD my mentor now let the story begin.

  • king_royce

    great song and even better album! j.cole - born sinner!!!

  • NAS

    good job, you're the one j cole

  • LegendInTheMaking

    i dont know if this the realest shit he ever wrote but know that the realest nigga wrote it BORN SINNER IS A CLASSIC make sure you purchase it in the 18th, it's worth buying. NAS IS PROUD OF THIS NIKKUR

  • Thewarmup

    This shit is fire

  • yollll

    Real ish, i swear niggaz hatin if it aint like some t-minus produced shit.this hip hop

  • bornsinnercole

    love this song but nas hasn't made a hot single since early 90s

    • Fry

      Hot single? The fuck do you listen to...lady gaga and Pink? This is Hip-Hop, no one real in hip hop makes "Hot singles"

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Fucking Idiot. Nas hasn't made a hot single in 20 years? Do some research and then re-read your comment.

  • hov

    the difference between pretenders and the kendrick lamars.

  • dreezy

    damn and its not even the best song on the album 5/5....album is a fuqin classic.


    haha it's a cole summer look to your left most discussed, hottest singles it's all cole.....and he went hard on this #BORNSINNER JUNE18 support the real

  • Cole world 55

    Amazing song but how many Times failed with singles

    • nood

      This isnt a single you mong. you have to be absolutely etarded for that comment hahaha. Good song though

  • res

    j.cole is a boring little faggot. so bland. weak voice, trash lyrics, lame flow. wack beats. lame content. "sorry nas" is how j.cole gets deep. he has nothing to offer. but he's jay-z artist. i'm sure jay-z knows j.cole completely sucks. he should've known that after j.cole gave him a verse for the blueprint 3 that NOBODY talked or cared about. rappers used to really be showmen, or have incredible skill. usually both. this kid has nothing. he's no better than 1000 other kids rapping to pass time he just has a safe little half white nerd image that jay thought he could market. LOL @ all j.cole making girl records. LOL @ rappers that got no pussy before rap making girl records. you can tell cuz his girl records are super corny and suck.

    • Big Bad Uno Ocho Gang, E'z up!

      res, I agree with you and I don't give a fuck if super fans don't. I think J.Cole is a CLOWN and probably has more goofy white fans than black.

  • coleworld

    come the fuck on, who hatin on this? 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Realest Shit He Ever Wrote. COLE WORLD!

  • Anonymous

    This song is ok. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop news and videos on there

  • Not Impressed

    There's no point to this song. The first verse talks about how he was a Nas fan and how Nas thought his song was garbage...Okay. Then the rest of the song is just filler, talking about random shit that has nothing to do with Nas. He could have used the rest of the song to talk about what he's learned since then, how he's improved, and how what Nas said made him never want to never suck again...But instead he wastes the rest of the song spewing random nonsense. Most of this guys songs are like this, he has trouble staying on concepts. I'm not impressed

  • StankFoot


  • Tan

    This guy is Biggie reincarnated IMO! As far as painting pictures with words. I felt like I was apart of that moment with him and Nas. This is what hip-hop is missing to me. Subject matter. Good- ish Mr. Cole.

    • gun di liro

      LOOOOL. Very few artists in the history of hip hop could string words together like Big. J. Cole is NOT one of them. Sorry.

    • Anonymous

      LOL you are a massive queer big was a legend that resonated with ppl right off the bat ppl still go word for word with biggies shit aint nobody playing this losers boring ass album let alone quoting it 15 years from now. maybe gay boys like the kid i quoted will.

    • Anonymous

      biggie on a diet

  • Anonymous

    1. biggie 2. rakim 3. krs one 4. nas 5. jay z 6. 2pac 7. ll cool j 8. scarface 9. ice cube 10.kool g rap 11. big daddy kane 12. masta ace 13. az 14. slick rick 15. gza / the genius 16. chuck d 17. jeru the damaja 18. guru 19. big l 20. big pun 21. andre 3000 22. redman 23. black thought 24. prodigy 25. eminem 26. q-tip 27. canibus 28. cormega 29. tragedy khadafi 30. kool moe dee 31. pharoahe monch 32. method man 33. mos def 34. common 35. mic geronimo 36. raekwon 37. ghostface killah 38. queen latifah 39. mase 40. lord finesse 41. sticky fingaz 42. inspectah deck 43. mc shan 44. jadakiss 45. r.a the rugged man 46. chino xl 47. styles p 48. ras kass 49. treach 50. lauryn hill 51. talib kweli 52. the d.o.c 53. ol dirty basterd 54. dmx 55. del the funky homosapien 56. busta rhymes 57. mc lyte 58. big boi 59. g-dep 60. immortal technique

    • KDot

      You have a lot of good MCs but some I question to be in the wrong slots. I'm not sure what you used to rate. I was surprised where you put Kane and there's no Grand Master Caz. Prodigy, Mase, sticky fingaz aren't that good. I'm not hating but this isn't empirical data no list will ever be widely agreed on....thought provoking though.