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A new track from Lauryn Hill she was "required" to release because of her current financial troubles.


  • Anonymous

    BARS are hard. Beat....not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking nice going over most of your heads

  • Tini

    The song is lyrical as fuck, but it's still trashy. It's poetic & deep or whatever. But yeah...... nah. I wish she could just snap back to 90's Lauryn but that'll never happen.

  • what i think

    OH yeah 5 stars

  • what i think


    • Classic Albums Debate

      as did. Arguably merked Nas. THE SCORE < Illmatic Ms Education > Anything Nas has excl illmatic MTV Unplugged Album > Anything Nas has excl illmatic

  • Anonymous

    wow this website's editors really DONT LIKE L boogie. Her single is was take out of the most popular list. She is too politically incorect for them but this is REAL hiphop

  • DrebinSlevin

    Why the fuck could she not have done this in the past 13 years of her "career". I got respect for Ms. Hill but come on, her situation is her own fault.

  • foursix

    People rating based on name again? 3 stars at best.

  • Anonymous

    We need this FUCK!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is probably what goes on in the head of a top MC

  • Anonymous

    SHe killed the lyrics. I hope she releases an album after her three month stint in jail. dopest lyricist after Nas

  • What i think

    I really like it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    pay your taxes folks.

  • Anonymous

    all you hatin ass niggas need to fall back..she kicked like a 100 bars..sounding like the female version of immortal technique with this content...BARRRS and i like the original delivery fuck with me on twitter : pangaeaemcee

  • Anonymous

    amen my brother

  • theZUnumber$

    try hard fucken nicki minaj wannabe

    • Anonymous

      you're right Lauryn stole this straight from Nicki Minaj she stole these lyrics from Nicki's album you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe

    • Anonymous

      you do realize that before the Fugees lauren had been copying Nicki's style from nicki's earlier work!? do your research smh !!!!!!!!!

    • are you fucking retarded

      You do realize Lauryn Hill first dropped in 1991 with the Fugees and that Nicki didn't come around until OVER TWENTY FUCKING YEARS LATER. Not to mention Nicki as mentioned in numerous interviews that Lauryn Hill is one of her idols.

  • six8 da gr8

    People, people, people, why are you rating this song so high? I know yall excited about he coming back out, but this is trash. Just because you talking about something does not mean that its a hot track. The beat is below average and her flow is ehhh. Overall, she has made waaaaaay better songs.

  • Anonymous

    shave your pussy you soft spoiled bitch and stop complaining IRRESPONSIBLE CUNT

  • 614grind

    Lauren is a top tier emcee. Forget female or male emcee, she's just an emcee. I'm not sure if there is anyone out there that can even recite this shit, let alone write it and spit it.

  • Anonymous

    best female rapper ( by far) ..suga t and rapsody are behind her...not only the best female rapper but one of the best singers in the world imo

  • Anonymous

    holy fuuuuck..i wish she picked a better beat but her fuckin lyics are intense...im amazed...not many can stay true to themselves and write just as good in 2013 as they did in the early 90's

  • Bucktown Alien


  • based landlord

    this surprised me...she KILLED it. too bad the quality is horrible and he was required to release this because shes now signed to a label and thats how it works...not because she needed money from this single immediately to pay her taxes, LOL if they give her the time she wants to make an album, it's gonna be amazing



  • Low Dangling Poosay Lipz

    There's a jacknifed tractor trailer on Lauryn Hill's GUNT, expect delays of 45 minutes to an hour

  • Anonymous

    smells like 'the queen' has a yeast infection-- NASTY!!!

  • Chosen CTW

    SHe just gave a big "screw you all" to the styles of today- this iS ART- Im buying it

  • J

    The Realest MC in the game.

  • TheInfamousDOT

    She is basically giving a FUCK YOU to todays style of music..i think that the beat she chose, and the off beat style shes rhyming with is part of what makes this song ART..at first it doesnt seem to be catchy, but it compels you to listen, and when you do Its truly amazing. I think wen it gets mastered right it would sound great tucked between two other Lauryn songs on whatever album its on...THE QUEEN IS BACK!

  • Anonymous

    She's so fucking stupid. First of all... how does a car do "jacknife"? If you're going to use James Dean's name... maybe she was thinking of the pron dude?

  • Anonymous

    stop whining, cunt

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i'd have given anything to hear her sing on this...dope no less

  • Anonymous

    say what y'all wanna say, I didn't expect this to be this captivating!!! She can match most male Mcs in the game. She was 5mics, so quit trippin fools

  • Jezebel Rose

    I love her! ww ibow info , ww jezebelrose com @israelitesqueen

  • part 2

    Neurotic Society Benefactors turned actors, addictions, triple captors Experience manufacture In this neurotic toxic society Its like post-war; theyre looking for the Communists, and who the Marxists is Ten thousand pictures on Facebook; its like the pot calling the kettle narcissist Cmon, really? Saying The Devil, but youre the chief arsonist Hypocrites cant even see their own partners No reflection, vampire paradigm No introspection This star, that star rants, has a breakdown Three months before pure obsession picture cant take down Children: its a shakedown; theyre just looking for a sacrifice Theyve been doing this since before Bobby Darin sang Mack the Knife Before James Deans car did a jackknife Perhaps its because they lack life, lack guts; never confused the head with the butt Opinions are like assholes, but most of them stink, I was told by a woman, so rethink; dont ever let them: lead you to drink, lead you to doubt, lead you to fall Get up, stand up: cast Lucifer out Shake it up, baby; watch them twist it and shout Insecure a***oles looking for a ticket, someone to ride like a Pickett

  • Lauryn = LYRICAL BEAST

    1ST HALF of the LYRICS - Were living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man Broke world and debauchery, old world brutality Cold world kills softly Whole world works savagely Greedy men and pride fiends program TV screens Quick-scamming drag queens Real life blast fiends Think twice this past dream [Crime if you ask clean] Quick, fast: poison had entered the bloodstream Psychological massacre, consequence is a tragedy Mythological characters, men and women as parody Superficial advantage, borderline insanity Out of order humanity, crime committed so passively Desperados and causalities, corporations want batteries: explanations and strategies, domination and mastery [bank rob people so cold] Black stores and yellow men, junkies and popularity Culture oh so independent, vultures scavage reality [Past evil] decaying social cavity Preying on human ignorance, popular immorality [] Population misled Self-indulgent, past dead Absent to the God heads [Pimps and social harlotry] Nepotism, no artistry Despotism and piracy Desperation, dishonesty No money, less equality Inflated global ego imitating reality [Pseudo psycho and] poisonous frozen arrows Hypocrites on salary; idle hands: Devils agency Predisposed to complacency Jealousy and audacity, contagious social gluttony Stages of mass malignity, effort to make deception Generation and atrophy, glam life and death, scam life and editors By-product of neglect children, hiding from predators Absence of self-respect, phony, scared of competitors Lifestyle of luxury at someones expense Sensitive children, used up as sacrifice Blind to the consequence, smoked up in dope pipes Ecstasy fast life, recklessly past life

  • Anonymous

    give her time yall....she'll deliver letz nt 4get who were tlkin bout

  • Quincy


  • kas

    Goddamn the lyrics are AMAZING on this!! Probably went over the head off anybody rating this less than 4.

  • clevelandchief

    Lauryn Hill and Andre3000 joint album, then lets retire the genre of rap and call it what it really is these days, garbage

  • dRob

    lol wow forced music never sounded so good

  • HipHopCabeza

    I respect the message, not so much the flow or instrumentation. This type of song is where Hip-Hop coalesces with preaching.. But at the same time it's not preaching, its rapping, which requires something catchy like a hook, or something dope like flow to contrive societal attention.

    • Idasa Tariq

      since when did "R.A.P." become an acronym for "Radical American Poetry"?

    • REAL RAP

      @ MissSB I am just explaining what nthe acronym RAP stands for... Radical American Poetry I am just saying that rap music should also be radical ... not all rap music needs a "actchy" hook.

    • MissSB

      Chill, dude. Rap did not originate from America if that's what you're implying. Hip Hop maybe...

    • REAL RAP

      I respectfully disagree. Lauryn isnt just a rapper. She is a poet & prose wirter. I think she should be able to interpret hip hop how she wants... outside of the box.... no rules in rap... it is agressive and rebellious... LET'S REMEMBER THAT RAP IS DEFINED AS "RADICAL AMERICAN POERTY"

    • axnjaxn420

      respect. The best part of Lauryn was that she was saying something while also sounding dope.. only the last two verses start to resemble that old style

  • Prestige

    The lyrics are masterful. I have not doubt that had Lauren Hill had enough time to properly execute the recording of this track, the beat would have complemented her brilliant lyrics instead of distracting from them. As far as the recording process goes, it is obviously that an engineer sloppily mixed her "a cappella" verse with this random instrumental. Ms. Hill probably needed to simply get a track out in order to met her contractual obligations. I guess the deal was: you release a single by May 4th, and we'll pay your taxes by the deadline. I'm sure the next release will be an all around great track.

    • Prestige

      Respect. But she was most likely referring to the primary definition of the word: compulsory (adj): Required by law or a rule; obligatory. So this was probably a "mix" that was "compulsory". But I like the idea that she was morally obligated to drop this, and there is probably a lot of truth to that too.

    • ElTruth

      Word, and it's Compulsory Mix, which means she felt morally obligated to release this track, not a contractual requirement.

  • Fuck New Jersey

    LMAO what a FAILURE, she just can't make music anymore

  • MuSsA

    Thank You!!!!!!! Hip Hop Greatness.... Hip Hop We Breathin....No Life Support....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eetOO7Z1Dfk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR3vHqdqdBY

  • Brutal

    Well written, poorly executed. Skills diminish when they aren't used. Obviously the incorrect beat for the cadence of the lyrics she wrote, in the same vein however, the jumbled approach reflects the theme of the song. A song that removed from a greater piece holds much less weight than it probably would in a complete project...regardless, I don't doubt that she was in a bind to release this because this is obviously an incomplete effort in experimentation.

  • 80sbaby

    talent gone to waste. so many years have passed by since 1999 she could've had an epic catalog.

  • thaBigGirl

    She went in on a Def Poetry Jam tip. Regardless, she is always on point with her thoughts. Know a queen of real talent when u see one.The silicone and same-sex generation of crackhead performers got some of yall confused.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck what yall non rapping ass critics talking about SHE SNAPPED

  • YallCrazy

    That shit was wack and off beat. Ya'll give her too much credit. To keep it %100. She a fraud that Karma caught up to. Ya'll need to do the research about her lying about soley writing and producing her entire album. She lied and got sued by the producers. The problem was by the time that happen the it was so late that the new barely reported on it. That's why there was never another album. And that's the reason the music she's put out since has sucked.

    • YallCrazy

      My point was that people act like she's so honest. Plus she complains about the music industry. Yet she was one of the industry snakes that she complains about. That's why she got sued. And I seen the unplugged. And that she sounded and looked crazy. The Unplugged was a bad example. Why do you think the Marley family don't mess with her like that.

    • wrong

      You are the one that should do your research. After she was sued she was still credited with writing and producing the majority of the Miseducation. Actually she did put out another album. It was acoustic and the writing was MORE brilliant than the songwriting on the Miseducation. No co-writers..... it was the MTV unplugged. She was the sole songwriter... check out Just Like Water. Incredible lyrics. Laurny has a lot of problems and the production on this track is wack BUT.... She is one of the GREATEST LYRICISTS of her generation. She is an incredible writer.

    • G-zus

      I agree with most of it

  • whatcha2me


  • Anonymous

    what about flowing on beat

  • Kavabunga

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  • Anonymous


  • BossMe

    Yeah this reminds me of "Mystery Of Iniquity" just the 2013 version

  • Martin

    Finally Thank You Ms Hill! This is Real Music. 5 star

  • benny

    bitch starved her fans for years and now she needs them to buy her new music shes been forced to put out cuz shes broke foh

  • Lauryn is top 5 dead or alive

    wooowww. Real rap is back! fuck Kendrick Lamar and all that gay, corny, faggot shit you kids listen to.

  • Anonymous

    Dope!!! Lauryn Hill is even more dangerous than ever before.

  • Anonymous

    Lauryn Hill is a legend and all, but I'm not really feeling this one. Its kinda bunk, actually.

  • honest policy

    This is dope shit for real hiphop heads not lil wayne dick riders yall make me sick you wouldnt know a real Emcee if one saved your fucking lives sick sad world we live in.

  • Anonymous

    man i dont know why yall hating like this she spitting dope ass shit she went in reminds me of some organized noize production this is dope yall critic the wrong shit!!!

  • kennyken

    man this is hot as hell! Man i don't think she'd have any financial troubles if she brings us that album, and please record company, let her creativity shine! shit!

  • Cealix

    Lauryn Hill fans be like "YO SHE SPITS THE TRUTH!!!" NO FUCKING DUH SHE SPITS THE TRUTH. Welcome back from 2001, from when this topic has been repeated a million times. Everything she said is common sense and y'all acting like its never been said before.

  • Anonymous

    mixed badly, but goddamn ms hill kills that shit

  • TQ

    Not on nickis level but this ok. She could get better with some practice.

  • Anonymous

    the lyrics are dope but as a song this is horrible. I love ms hill but this is bad. You can tell it was rushed.

  • Anonymous

    Shes still up thee with 3 stacks

  • Prestige

    Hardest lyrics released in 2013. Now all we need is Jay-Z to be forced to release Jay Electronica's album.

  • moresickerMC

    she too deep for yall. Go back to your ricky ross

  • moresickerMC

    If you're ignorant this song is not for you. she is speaking the truth about society. but some of y'all love and live a lie

    • Anonymous

      now that you know the truth what are you and Lauryn going to do about it. Knowledge is power. Facts are fact. What she may be sayings might be facts but wisdom dictate knowledge in order to rectify the problems.

  • moresickerMC

    [Verse 1] We're living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man ...old world brutality Cold world kills softly, whole world runs savagely Reading into prior things, program TV screens Quick scam and drag queens, real likely to blast fiends Think twice and past dreams, crime if you ask clean Quick fast, the poison has entered the blood stream Psychological master, consequences of tragedy Mythological characters, men and women is parody Superficial vanity, borderline insanity Out of order humanity, crime committed so passively Desperados and casualties, corporations want batteries Explanations of strategies, domination and mastery ...bankrupt, grown people so corrupt Light swords and yellow men... popularity Culture so independent, vultures scavenge reality Past feeling depravity to kings social cavity Prey on human ignorance, popular immorality Sympathy disease head, population misled Self indulgent past dead, absence of the God head Pimps, pushers and... Nepotism, no artistery ...and privacy Desperation, dishonesty Physicist is your policy, more money, less equality Inflated global ego, imitating reality Fuel cycle pharaoh, poisonous poison arrows Hypocritics on salary, idle hands that was agency Predisposed to complacency, jealousy, audacity Contagious social gluttony, stages of mass belignency Effort to make conception, generation in atrophy Glam life in debt, scam life in editors Byproducts of neglect children hiding from crediters Absence of self respect, fully scared of competitors Lifestyle of luxury at someone's expense Sensitive children, used up and sacrificed Blind to the consequence, smoked up on dope pipes Ecstasy, fast life, recklessly past life Narcotics and cash fight, just neurotic society Benefactors turned actors, addictions triple captors Experience manufactures just neurotic toxic society [Verse 2] It's like post-war, they looking for the commenters or who the marxs is Ten thousand pictures on Facebook, it's like the pot callin' the kettle narcissist Come on really, sayin' it's the devil, but you're the chief arsonist Hypocrites can't even see their own part in it No reflection, vampire paradigm No introspection, break down Three months before pure obsession, picture can't take down Children, this a shake down, they just lookin' for a sacrifice They been doin' this since before Bobby Darin sang Mack the Knife Before James Dean's car did a jack knife ...because they lack life or lack guts Never confuse the head with the butt Opinions are like assholes and most of 'em stink I was told by a woman, so rethink, don't ever let them ever lead you to drink Leave you to doubt, lead you to fall Get up, stand us, pass Lucifer out Shake it up baby, watch them twist it and shout Insecure assholes lookin' for a ticket To ride on somebody like the picket, it's fuckin' wicked, shame on 'em This neurotic toxic society [Verse 3] Sick cycle psychology in desperate need of psychiatry Exorcism, sobriety, forcin' social lobotomies People stuck in dichotomies, pseudo-sicko anxieties Serial criminals dressed in variety Social transvestisms, subliminal dressed up as piety Transforms projections like Cartesian images Robbing innocence, stealing inheritance Quiet victims with no defense portrayed over dollars and cents Maladjusted ignorant malediction and dissonance Too much addiction, no consciousness Don't trust it, this cosmology is busted Broken returns to the dusted, stems of corruption Oppression, deceit, abuse and repeat They don't feel complete unless they're robbin' the sheep Man is not a product if you call it that then stop it In this neurotic godless society

  • Philadelphia Champ

    This is horrible. She needs to go back into the hole that she came out of. She got luck with one solo album in the 90's and since then has been trying to ride the wave... she is garbage. Just pay ya bills and go back into your hole

    • LOL

      LOL you must have one miserable fucked up life. Fugees is like one of the best Hip Hop groups ever and Lauryn one of the BEST FEMALE MC's ever. You probably motherfuck yourself to sleep every night because you have no life

  • not feeling this

    what the hell is this?

  • Art Brooks

    Nice flow. Beat? Sounds like a Samsung ringtone.

    • What

      I would like to know who produced this bc this beat is sick. Especially the breakdown at the end of the verses.

  • Anonymous

    lyrically she still spits hard, beat was different but i hope the album won't go this way

    • Anonymous

      did she not change all of her past tempo to a point the audience could not sing along, you thought she was kidding. Now you know the real deal. stop tripping and smell the roses.

  • Whoa

    This shit is like a fresh breath of air. Good luck trying to imitate her flow on this shit. GOOD LUCK. She released this track to let you fuck niggaz know you can't spit like her.

    • Anonymous

      if this is fresh air I would hate to smell stale air.

    • Anonymous

      shut up, her flow was rushed and forced. Ignored the beat for the most part. Just because she speaks fast and the beat is fast doesnt mean they go together. That statement is what nas meant when he said hip hop was dead. Yall dont even know dope when you hear it. This is not dope. The lyrics in black and white are but they dont translate to a complete song.

  • just me

    great work as usual

  • @phontigallo

    I was wondering why I wasn't seeing much talk about Lauryn's new single on my TL. Then I heard it. Yeah...

    • Anonymous

      Do you have to be high to understand this hip hop? I know the rapper been banking and talking and we been catching hell and blinking or blunting.