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Official CDQ release of the Flo Rida and Future collab "Tell Me When You Ready."



  • Anonymous

    Download this song @ RapUniverse.net

  • fried

    9th, that was the most exhilarating comment i have read by far. I am totally high out my mind and your comment blew me the fuck away.. awesome trip.. spread the love

  • 9th

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  • Anonymous

    i cant hear a word future is saying

  • Anonymous

    flo rida makes consistent hits by far the most consistent

  • rideonemjixxer

    Flo-rida isnt my first choice of music, but cant knock the dude for being consistent and making money. People on this site would hate him just as much if he didnt make club shit and was gangsta, so he might as well do what he does and make money.

  • Anonymous

    Greatest hitmaker since Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    look at that vest dude got on boy stop!!