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The second leak off Wu-Tang Clan DJ and producer Mathematics' upcoming album "The Answer" sees The Chef, GZA and Cappadonna joining forces over a RZA beat.



  • Anonymous

    this is for wu tang n black hippy.the history goes on.fresh classics.

  • Anonymous

    this is so weak! the new scholl will never know the real affect the wu had on niggas

  • Anonymous

    Too many trolls in this thread. Either that or they're Young Money fans that don't know what the fuck rap music is.

  • Anonymous

    fuck GZA is garbage on the mic and wtf Mathemathics nose, Cappa could garage his cab in those giant nostrils

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for the album

  • THEchali2na

    Luv wu. Hope this isnt on the album. One luv

  • Coady Konyn

    Rza Plays Guitar and Piano, and Vocals if you want to get technical, he can read music, he DJ's. So lets put that idea to bed right now.

  • Anonymous

    GZA is appalling; Raekwon is a hack; Cappa drives a bread truck now; Mathematics is RZA charity case, one of many.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    All Wu under the sun baby

  • Anonymous

    Aside from GZA's half-sleep flow, this joint is on point.

  • wtf

    so GZA, Raek and Cappa raps over a RZA beat... and the artist is Mathematics? wtf??? it's like Khaled's shit. but at least he screams a bit over "his" shits. btw the song is very medicore. 2 stars for RZA

    • white hipster woman

      pull your head out of your ass. i don't instantly like anything that is wu-tang. i like most of their works but this is just a piece of shit. i told you why, you blind and deaf bitch

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a pretentious white hipster that happens to be a woman. The track is amazing, it doesn't matter who is credited for it, it's all Wu, and if Khaled screams over a track over somebody else's track, that is a whole different story. Khaled put his own album out, as a display of what he can do as a producer, with different artists featured, some may have been under his label, others were not. But Wu is a family, it's a group of artists that collaborate together, and yes they've had struggle getting their due diligence individually, with respects to RZA, but, they still hold together and all you are doing, in this very snotty pretentious way is trying to suggest division and discredit. I don't know whether you are a woman, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you do sound like one.

  • bizzalls

    RZA, c'mon son!! What is up with you lately? Your beats are NOT HOT anymore! Damn, what, did you just lose your talent or something??

    • Anonymous

      This clown actually said "cowdung". White boys always want to tell someone how to do something like they mastered it.

    • @ twoholla

      You're a cornball. That is all.

    • Anonymous

      so you really think Quincy Jones played every instrument himself on all the MJ albums or does he pay people to play those notes

    • twoholla

      This comment is to the cocksucker who wrote this: "I doubt you even listen to Wu Tang enough to say that. I highly doubt it, and the whole Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack? Is amazing. And I believe he produced it." I highly doubt if your RZA nut-hugging ASS 'even listen to WU enough to say that!" You say this track is "AMAZING" but honestly does this track out do ANY track RZA REALLY Produced for the 1st & 2nd Wu-tang albums or the 1st albums by Raekwon, Mef, & Ghostface??? Now those albums were "Amazing" & even moreso when compared to this leftover track. Then you say that RZA produced the 'Man with the Iron Fists' album & that was DOPE. I agree with you on that but there's something you're MISSING with that argument. RZA DIDN'T REALLY 'PRODUCE' THAT ALBUM!!! Nowadays, RZA is doing what other great 'producers' of the past did like James Brown, George Clinton, as well as others. So let me ask you. How does a dude like RZA who can't read music or know how to play an instrument produce a whole album 'Man with the fists' where the majority of the tracks were played LIVE with a REALLY TIGHT FUNKY BAND??? Well like Rza...you sit & precide over a studio session with a bunch of ideas that you attempt to convey to this tight band of musicians. Yes, RZA may have the idea...but the real magic is having VERY TALENTED MUSICIANS WHO CAN INTERPRET YOUR IDEA INTO SOMETHING DOPE & OF COURSE THEY ALL ADD THEIR OWN UNIQUE-NESS to the precedings. Whether or not, the interpretations hit the mark or not in Rza's head...the musicians have to use ingenuity & creativeness to convert the ideas of a non-playing, non-music notation reading mofo into something DOPE (i'm not saying you have to be able to read music to create or produce dope music). In that process, there are many things that come out on the fly that just sounds DOPE..so Rza will shift lanes & just go with it. On Mef Man 1st lp, none of the tracks are 'quantized.' Why? Rza didn't know at the time how to quantize them & there other are mistakes on that LP that just came out on the fly & since it sounded DOPE, Rza kept it & the rest is history. I'm not sure if it's true but I read that in some instances, RZA will take a crappy leftover track like this to the band & have them re-interpret & play the track LIVE. Just think how much better this track would probably sound if he would've taken this CACA SHIT track to the funky band to re-interpolate and re-do. Maybe now you see why there isn't any consistency with Rza beats anymore. So an album like 'Man with the Iron Fists' will pretty much have all DOPE tracks on it supposedly produced by RZA but then you'll have a track like this that only contains samples without any live band to re-interpret them & the beat will just sound hapharzard, flat, & just throw together. So the next time a track says "produced by RZA" be more critical of the actual track & stop sucking his East-Coast milky cream you fucking lowlife pubic crab poor excuse for a Wu-tang Clan. Being a fan doesn't mean just blindly accepting whatever cowdung they throw at you!

    • Anonymous

      I doubt you even listen to Wu Tang enough to say that. I highly doubt it, and the whole Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack? Is amazing. And I believe he produced it.

  • grimeycarolina

    wu tang 4ever, but what up with gza's flow on this track

    • Anonymous

      GZA has been mailing in some half-asleep flows for a minute. Clearly, he thinks this flow is appealing, but he literally needs to wake up.

  • Anonymous

    warmed over dogshit. none of these fucks were even in the same room together and it sounds it.

  • Anonymous

    Ghost + Adrien Young >>>>> this paste together bullshit. leftover RZA + three mush mowfs rapping about nothing... hey Cappa, get your bum ass cab over here NOW and take me to the airport!!

  • Anonymous

    "Wu-Tang id for the children!!" ODB

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck happened to GZA? the guy is NOT that old; compare him to KRS-One of BDK live, let alone however man rock and r&b singers... the guy is un-fucking-listenable... alcohol is a hell of a drug.

  • r2die

    Around 20 seconds in I paused it, scrolled down the page, gave it a 5/5, then scrolled back up and let it play lol

  • DaVillain420

    I wish 8 diagrams would've had more production like this... it's not the most elaborate beat but its nice.

  • Dastan

    wtf? This isnt a new GZA verse, this is the same verse as Columbian Ties... Why recycle a verse if it was used on your last release. GZA let me down on this one: He is flowing like he was sleeping while recording.

  • Anonymous

    wow GZA sounds "great"-- what flow? what delivery? what mic presence? fucking pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    omg those cold strings... classic

  • Ken Riley Jr

    WOW!!... ...I was expecting to turn on this track and listen to a dated, 90's- stale sounding RZA beat.... and I hear a fuckin CLASSIC RZA track! Good SHyt! www.kenrileyjr.com

  • paul banks

    Wu-Tang for Life!!!.

  • Bludsport

    Splash!!.....a hip-hop sighting.

  • Anonymous

    dude made this beat in about two and half minutes