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As expected Mystikal gives us one of the most memorable tracks on Birdman's "Rich Gang All Stars" mixtape.


  • Anonymous

    OG Mystical......Hook iz bananaz.......

  • ghostaliaz

    I'm so glad to see my nig back. Man did I miss this brother in the rap game because can you tell real skills up to today's rappers of just get quick fast money. Mystikal was the man back then & still is & true skills show thru his flow & I love that fly sh*t. That brother knows how to ride a beat so well, just like how 2-pac use to. Either you got the skills or don't & this brother has the skills. I don't think or care to think what he went to jail for because I know that a lot of rappers including ll cool j, Heavy D,, 2-pac & all kinds of others were set up, Now you all know how they try to set up black males & I don't believe any of it unless I saw it with my own eyes, plain & simple. Why would these or any performer need to rape someone when women are standing in line begging to sleep with these super stars. So I never believe any of that sh*t anyway because they don't have to rape anyone. But me my self I would watch who I slept with very closely & I just would not sleep around in that situation & if you did, then you would have to get them to sign a (you are wanting to sleep with me contract) because it has got to be scarey as heck for them to trust any female that wants to sleep with them because then they can lie & set them up & then stop there life in there tracks & I as a man that is why I don't just sleep with every woman & I'm very selective because you never know when it is a set up to straight f*ck your sh*t up. So in the rapper spot or super star spot, I would pick my female very carefully, slowly & I most definitely would not trust or sleep with anyone unless they prove there loyalty that they are there for me & not for who I am & that they are really there for me. So I would not be sleeping with every woman. Shoot I would re-frame for some time because I would tread lightly, carefully & cautiously. What ever this man makes I will buy in the music department because to me he is the real deal & I totally respect that. Much Respect to Mystikal!

  • J

    Been a fan of Mystikal since he first came out with the Boot Camp Click......good shit.

  • Anonymous

    Fire like cayenne lol

  • RNS

    Dis dat str8 murda music

  • boobalo

    aye..mystikal killed this mofo..classic 5 on point..so many years out tha game and the nigga still spittin fyah..cant say the same bout dmx..had high expectations fa tha nigga..

  • kjkj

    sounds like a 10 year old track

  • HU

    mystikal is a living legend. A true MC with energetic style.

  • 2hard4hiphop

    MYSTICAL!!! This is Hott!! and his single Bullshit!! TEAM MYSTICAL BITCH!!

  • mitchslapped

    My few cents: $0.01: If you claim to not support an artist's music, why click the link?! By clicking the link, you're actually supporting the artist, dumbass. Websites monitor "clicks" not comments. So by clicking the link, you've just added yourself to that tally of people interested in Mystikal products. Smarten up. $0.02: America is supposed to be a land of possibilities second chances. Once a man has served his debt to society, why continue to drag his name through the mud? $0.03: For all of you new Mystikal fans, this hook is derived from one of his guest verses on an old Master P track. Google it. $0.04: How are y'all hating the fact that he's signed to Cash Money, which is the most profitable independent label in current music? Why are you judging the quality of his music before he even puts an album out? All his post-prison verses have been fire, which leads me to believe he'll always remain true to himself and his style. Let's not forget that his highest selling singles weren't even produced by a southern guy (Pharell, Neptunes). Mystikal is a true musician and much more that "just" a rapper. As a musician, you can take damn near any beat and make it do what others can't. See what he did with that James Brown beat? Downright nasty! $0.05: This track is stupiddumbretarded! Ha! There's a nickel for you, punk biscuits!

  • Mac Shellshocked

    The M to the Y....STI KAL eL eL eL eL...Hotta than hell!!! Damn he got that southern gumbo in the pot flow still!!! Missin BEATS BY THE POUNDS or Manny Fresh tho for your production.... Mystikal without that southern production is like a white family adopting black girls and not knowing how to do they damn hair!! LMAOOOOO!! yall kno i'm on point like Stacey Adams!!

  • Anonymous

    mystikal go hard i like the fact he with cash money along with busta, ace hood and wayne even tho he fell off

  • John Hansen

    Mystical still goes hard.....I mess with this more doe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK4dcD2shUQ

  • Anonymous

    wow this go hard im def gonna get his album!!!

  • Anonymous

    Never lost his touch!!!

  • We Dont like Rapist

    Yeah the Mamma of that girl you raped and beat did CRY. You bastard! Dont support music by a rapist and womenbeater. Imagine if your sister was raped and beaten up by Mystikal?????????????????????

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    He just laid the new NEEGRO rappers flat.

  • LI

    Yeahhhhhhhhhh that's what I wanna hear!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Mystikal NEVER disappoints...don't like that he's on Cash Money, especially if it is going to put a wrench in his work with Mannie Fresh, but whatever this track is hot.

  • Fred

    Nice!! Cash money needed somebody like him tho, they were getting to watered down. Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • Anonymous

    Mamma cried when he went to jail for beating and raping woman smh

  • Continuous

    I can't stand that he's on Cash Money. lol