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Lil B, Joey Bada$$ is offended you didn't come harder...


  • Anonymous

    joey bad bodied thies corny ass nigga

  • deisl

    idk bout badass but lil b is pussy. My nigga hoed lil b tryna get a handshake backstage and had him silent lol. Told that nigga " I don't fuck wit you, you can't even rap" lol he had the whats new scooby doo look on

  • Bro Kick

    this nigga rhymed over janet jackson thats the way love goes talkin about etherin niggas lmao...

  • Anonymous

    staight dope,joe is problem.cant fuck with him.dope track cant be better for me.fuck lil bitch

  • Jmartin

    Lil B won't come out with a better diss track, that's all that matters in this case. A battle is a battle ha

  • Anonymous

    not a great diss track from Joey and I think he dope. whether he 90's or not, theres more to Hip Hop than bad bitches and swag, dude is a lyrical breath of fresh air.. but I think he should leave dickhead beefs alone.

  • trackreviver

    Pure hiphop. Joey is that NIIGGAA!

  • bleaks

    Mayne stop making excuses for this nigga cuz he 18. Yall kno wat type of fire Mobb Deep and Nas and them niggas was spitting when they was 18? Both of these niggas weak. Yall dickriders need to stop supporting artists and support the music.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think joey badass can rap

  • chyllmatic.

    i fucks w. my nigga joey bada$$, but this song didn't go hard .

  • Anonymous

    Ppl still care about this wack ass beef?

  • bill

    "Don't quit ya day job, cause after this you can't pay rent!!" - People don't understand how hard this kid goes, HE'S 18 YEARS OLD. Fuck were you doing at 18? hahaha all these haters are pathetic man Joey is lyrically on POINT..

  • calitidal

    That was ok, sorry Joey reppin' based world. 1999 was nice thou but this was a misstep.

  • Smart Enough To Pay Attention To Lyrics

    anybody who can possibly think Lil B's shit was remotely good does not care about hip-hop.

  • What Up

    I agree it's not an ether track but it was decent. Joey should have responded he is a rapper ain't he.

  • Ken Riley Jr

    This is horrible... Lil B is fuckin horrible.... And Im in the Bay! Oakland to be exact. And we dont fuck wit Lil B out here. But I was expecting more from this Joey kid. This lil nigga is weak too smh.... www.kenrileyjr.com

  • fresh


    • James

      I hate when people type in all caps man lol

    • This Kid.. lol

      Yea.. You must have downs or something man.. Lil B over Joey? Seriously? Deaf too apparently. His beats are sick as fuck, his lyrics are 100x better than the bullshit lil b speaks out of his cock holster of a mouth.

  • smilin_knight


  • clyde

    How the fuck are people saying joey didn't come hard on this??

  • Badass

    Lil B is garbage. Joey has the old soul.. Bringing the 90s back.

  • Its Sik

    everyone hatin on joey hes only 18 and made this in half an hour

    • Jexam

      ^^^^ Co fucking sign. I been saying the same thing since i heard the diss and plus you can tell Lil b took a lot longer than he usually does with his song because ( although i really dislike him ) it sounded waaaaay better than what Lil b usually puts out. No question about it Joey won.

  • Wow

    Sad how this is actually considered beef nowadays.

  • @TheCrxsh

    how can people hate on this? I really don't understand...

  • Ravn

    Everybody saying Badass is trash rapper. Listen to 1999 and keep in mind he is 18. I agree this diss aint good, but lil bs diss is clearly worse. My opinion, respect it.

    • yo

      do you even hear the dumb shit you wrote you supporting this kid who has a mixtape named 1999 who was born in 95 and calls his style 90s rap fuckin fraudulent ass rappers you and him both dumb as shit can you tell me wtf does this lil nigga know bout the 90s nigga was 4 in 99 both ya corny af


    Wack azz niggas rapping...Pitiful. Both they azz should sit they azz down..I got Barz for these niggaz and you niggaz.

  • 2 Icy Boi!

    Lil B is da better rapper. swag

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe everybody is saying Lil B killed Joey Bada$$ and Joey's diss song is weak. LIL B SHOULD STOP MAKING MUSIC!HE IS THE WORT RAPPER OF ALL TIME! HE IS GAY AND CANT RAP FOR SHIT! HIP HOP IS DEAD!

  • Danny

    Dude is whack. Based god swag!

  • Anonymous

    real hip-hop is back

  • Chris Newberry

    Joey, word to the wise...., either come hard or don't come at all. I am a fan. I love your music and the mixtapes you dropped, but if you gonna battle someone, you go for the throat. Go for that jugular, baby! You don't leave room for error, and that is kinda what you did on this thing right here. Its obvius what you did here(baitin, I know) but you are in no position to do that, you gotta come out hard like a starving rottweiller, this was not it. Last time someone slept on their "opponent" this bad, Tyson got waxed by Buster Douglas.

  • Anonymous

    Lil B disses rappers with Joey in their name Joey Budden Joey Baddas

  • cheesewiz

    come on people Lil B is potentially the greatest thing that has happened in hip-hop for a decade. the hell with Nas new album life is good. should be called life is AWFUL! Im gay all the way!

  • tupac

    Joey def ethered him And i dont fuck with any 90s boom bap shit at all. But Joey Bada$$ is the shit. And idk Lord Finesse really, til i heard bout the lawsuit with Mac Miller like last week i think. Flylo is dope tho.

  • Yeah

    this is going to really separate who's really in the dumbass "Protect BasedGod/BasedGod Task Force" and who's really trolling. If this beef continues then Bada$$ is going to shit on everything Lil B puts out.

    • ^^^

      "You ain't on my level fucker." ....and just like that, the person that called the first dude white, is now revealed to be a wigger. A very butthurt wigger.

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      @B-Rabbit Lol I ain't a rapper, but even my 8 year old cousin with down syndrome can outrap Joey TrashA$$ in his sleep.

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      @L.S. Aww did I hurt the little Pro Era fangirl's feelings with my comment? Haha bitch ass nigga. Nobody outside of the internet, except for corny loser niggas, is bumping this wack ass nigga Joey's music. Do the world a huge favor and go die somewhere in a hole. You ain't on my level fucker.

    • L.S.

      Funny you call him corny, then you come up with a totally stellar and not corny deviation of Bada$$'s name, "Trasha$$", good one. You're a fucking fag, the proof that you're gay is in your comment by the way. "I'd rather listen to Lil B'd dumbass songs about eating ass than this garbage ass rapper." Oh really would you now?

    • B-rabbit

      @Fuck Joey TrashA$$, you sound like a pissed off rapper who never made it. you're not feeling me? Fine; it cost you nothing - pay me no mind

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go get a good dicking with listening to I'm Gay #ProtectBasedGod

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      Lol @ this corny white boy acting as if Joey TrashA$$ is some type of elite lyricist. Gtfoh lame. To tell you the truth, I'd rather listen to Lil B'd dumbass songs about eating ass than this garbage ass rapper disgracing hip hop culture with his watered down 90's sound. Biggie & Pac are rolling in their graves because of unoriginal ass niggas like Joey TrashA$$.

  • Anonymous

    any rapper with Lil in their stage name sucks, other than Lil Fame of course, pretty sure Masta Ace had a track about that a while ago. The fact that Lil B has the word 'Lil' in his name just proves my point.

  • Jay

    Never listened to either of these dudes tell now, I don't pay attention to most new shit these days because I find most of its wack, and just as I thought both these dudes are weak, both these dudes would get bodied by any real rapper....wtf is wrong with kids these days ruining the music I grew up on...just filling the cd racks at stores with a sea of garbage...smh

  • yirp

    This nigga be like "I bring nothing new to the game, and have no personality, but I can steal used flows from 90s new york". Can I be a rapper? And millions of simple fuck niggas that like NOTHING but 90s boom bap eat it up. Same type dude who thinks Lord Finesse is better than Flying Lotus.

  • tupac


  • Based God Task Force


  • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

    Lol @ all you cornball purist faggots overhyping this pathetic excuse of a diss, having the audacity to compare it to a classic diss such as Ether. There's only a handful of rappers I legitimately hate & Joey TrashA$$ is definitely one of them. Words cannot describe how much I fucking despise this little prick thinking he's bringing back the 90's with his garbage ass music & flow. If you are somehow reading this Joey TrashA$$, you are literally a piece of shit. You'll never be in the same category as Nas, Pac, Rakim, Biggie, and all the legends who have contributed to this culture. You know why? Because you are a corny hipster fucker who's flow sounds like he has a couple of dogshit in his mouth. You and all of your other gay ass Pro Era groupies are a disgrace to this art & will never be a factor to this hip hop culture. Only hypebeast tumblr homos who think that they're all deep & spiritual. Fuck you & all your whack ass fans.

    • This dude is Mad ^

      Apparently you're mad. Grow up, no'one cares about your opinion lol. It's their beef, nobody gives a shit about Lil B. now thats a trash ass nigga.

  • SotaSpitta

    BadA$$ just bodied that punk. He made this within hours of hearing Lil B's diss. You can't take that away from him. Not to mention these two are at totally opposite sides of the specturm. BadA$$ represents what hip hop was and should be. Lil B represents what it has become, and has proven you can become known by yelling a rich persons name and swag for an entire track. Lil B is NOT a good rapper, he is good at flipping hip hop on its head and showing how ridiculous it has become. Joey BadA$$ IS a good rapper. And he just destroyed Lil B. I just feel bad for Lil B, dude needs someone to change his diapers.

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$


    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      Lol he probably still gets more pussy than you can ever dream of. Cornball purists like you locked up in their mom's basements masturbating to Joey TrashA$$'s boring ass music thinking he's "saving" hip hop. I feel bad for you lame ass niggas thinking ya'll better than everyone else because you listen to "real" hip hop. Nobody likes you faggots. Go contract AIDS & die somewhere.

  • axnkjaxn

    dope.. tell the base god to suck a knob

  • Anonymous

    Joey flowing it nice, getting at Lil B

  • Dad

    The same Lil B that dropped "I'm Gay"

  • AON_HipHop

    Anyone who thinks Lil B can rap...congrats, you oficially know NOTHING about true hip hop

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      Lol and I suppose you believe that this Joey TrashA$$ rapper is true hip hop? Little 15 year old bitch ass purists like you make me sick. Fuck you and your family. I'll bitchslap pussy ass motherfuckers like you & steal your chain. I'll rape your dead grandmother's corpse and eat your mother's cunt out while you stand there & watch like the little pussy you are. You ain't shit bitch ass nigga. I'm better than you at life due to the fact that I don't listen to garbage ass rappers like Joey TrashA$$. Hahahahaha such a loser!

  • jdott

    Lil B way to ruin a good song

  • Finz

    I was feelin the fuck outta this. You can sleep on this and bash it all you want, but at the end of the day he still ripped the shit out of Lil B. Not that Lil B is any good anyways.

  • Anonymous

    if you can get dissed hard over a Janet Jackson beat!!!...#Dontquityourdayjob

  • Greatness


  • Feel sorry for your mamam

    Just got word that the cat posting as Fuck Joey TrashA$$: all over this article is really the based god himself.

    • D

      That's the word word!! Punk ass bitch feels so bad people prefer Joey Bada$$ over Lil B. it is simple math. No one else would be taking this shit so personal. Pussy niggaa can't do nothing better.

  • Vandal

    Now we gotta wait another year for that Based nigga to respond

  • Shiiiiiiiiiiit

    Hadn't heard of Lil Bitch until he dissed Joey B and come to find out he's put out like 40 mixtapes and 7 albums in the past few years. Pretty pathetic dissing someone who's actually talented and putting out an album called I'm Gay gets this guy more attention than his music. Anyone saying this cocklover won, he took over a month to respond to Pro Era, vs a day.

  • Anonymous

    Both these lames are buttox....

  • Anonymous

    joey bada$$ is just like every other rapper there is absolutely nothing that makes him stand out from other rappers. Rappers like Joey end up fading off and forgotten he even uses 90 rapper flow and beats to seem like hes the so called "real hiphop". Lil B on the other hand is original and entertaining as hell.

    • Anonymous

      Lil B = Gangstalicious

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      @Benz Joey TrashA$$ makes music for you niggas who get touched by their uncles.

    • Benz53

      the fact that you think lil b has any talent shows you have no knowledge of hip hop. not only does joey bada$$ master the 90's flow but he kills his verses and he is always changing it up and talking about real shit not some fake ass tattooed head to toe, Ellen DeGeneres screaming retard. Please take your less then intelligent comments to some other site and save us all. Mr. Basegod representer

  • Chris

    Ah here comes overrated Joey Bada$$ with a wack ass diss. This dude was born in the wrong era, he's 20 years late. Lil B took the win..this dude talking about ethering and shit. lol

    • ShinbrigGoku

      No Joey actually demonstrates lyrical dominance and metaphors for day, Lil B is just a troll in hip hop. Besides he's only 17 just wait a couple years and his style will EVOLVE; Lil B... will still be trolling

  • YBE

    https://soundcloud.com/waynebradymorales/survival-tactics-freestyle JOEY BADASS AINT S-WORD LISTEN TO THIS DISS BY ME AND SEE WHY DUDE AINT NUN

    • D

      Damn... this a diss? What the fuck are you talking about? hahaha You are a disgrace to music. Just shut the fuck up and let real rappers do their thing

    • TROLL!!!

      Weak, stop trying to get famous off diss, learn from your permanent mistakes of being alive

  • Anonymous

    Terrible. Never got a chance to check out the kid and now I have. Massively overrated. Nowhere near the lyricist they are claiming he is. Throwing words to rhyme for sonic effect as opposed to fitting poetic license. Lame. beat was good.

    • ETK

      "fitting poetic license" IT'S A GOD DAMN DISS TRACK niggas wanting shit that shouldn't be there, honestly..

    • Bboi

      You cant be serious -_- lmao dude go listen to #4 on the "Hottest Single" Primo track on this site and say that ish again...check his 1999 or Rejex tape on DatPiff.com get enlightened son. Its crazy this dude is..18 now I think? Def ahead of his time, anyone who cant even give him that dont know a damn thing about real rap.

    • jcapps

      He literally did this overnight. and it somehow is better then any song lil b has ever made. NY representerrrr joey bada$$ be killlinnn it. if you only listen to one song before hatinn then u cant be a true hiphop fan

    • Brendan

      Dude he threw this together in maybe 3 hours, listen to something he actually spent time on like "unorthodox"

  • matt

    lol I dunno, responding to Lil B is kind of just feeding a troll.. no matter how bada$$ the bars you got

  • LOL

    it makes sense that trolls like lil b. they both downs syndrome ass niggas.

  • alex

    beat is a bad rip-off of 4861 broadway freddie gibbs

    • alex

      the fact that it's a sample doesnt mean that the beat isnt a rip-off. it's chopped in the exact same way. if i chopped the illmatic samples in the same way with same drum patterns then i would be called a rip-off so why isnt this beat a rip-off of the gibbs one?

    • Anon

      LMAOOO You need help.

    • Mitch

      Lol you're a dumbass. The beat is from one of Janet Jackson's greatest songs (That's the Way Love Goes). Freddie Gibbs beat rip-off smfh... Stupid kid

  • Rain

    Kinda Wack Joey sending jealous shots at Lil B because he's more popular. I like both rappers but Lil b better.

    • Toola Fck Boi

      Nigga, Lil B doesn't put out any good material. He's a fuckin' troll. Joey Bada$$ 1999 mixtape is better than anything Lil Bitch has ever released.

  • TrevOne

    This was not great, but it was probably Bada$$ responding because he HAD TO. All you Basedheads listen to "Righteous Minds" by JoeyBad. Or Unorthodox. Dude is sick.

  • Sincere-Producer

    Not a big fan of the dude's name. The kid can rhyme though! Love the beat as well. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Horrible. Both of them suck.

  • Anonymous

    Not really much of a diss but i love what they did with the Janet Jackson beat #CLASSIC

  • Eaglefly2

    Yall mad and he aint even really trying



  • Anonymous

    This is Brooklyn in 2013??? We went from MOP, Jay-Z, Black Star, Boot Camp Click, AZ, Biggie, etc, etc... to this? Ouch!


    Listen..Joey B can rap..He is not overated..look up his lyrics..Lil B made a joke out of Hip Hop and got famous for it. Niggas thinking that Joey B is overated are just dumb as hell. He can rap..and for all of yall talking that watered down hip-hop..GTFO here...you can't take that away from him..This diss was not as good compared to his music music..but this is a DISS track not a song. Dont get that mixed up. People be thinking this is a song. Its Not. Im Sorry that yall would rather listen to shit you dont get such as money, fame, hoes, cars and all the materialistic shit on the radio..even tho i do like some of it..But people put Cats like Future over Skilled cats like Joey. Theres no comparison. Skill should always rule but in todays world i see why people hating on this shit. Niggas too worried about the girl they tryna impress with the kind music they listen to. Hoes just like to get in that mood. Stop taking rap for granted. Niggas are fuckin dumb, Hoes are fuckin thirsty. If you think about it, Thats why music is the way it is. HOP OFF MY DICK TROLLS yall niggas fuckin wack b.


      Calm yo ass down nigga..i didnt say i wasnt of fan of lil b. Nigga get respect from millions of people. I know he can actually rap fuck head. But he doesnt show it. Instead he makes funny songs and songs he knows fans will like because they comical. We on the same page fuckin Nut. Delete your life tho for talkin out that fat fuckin mouth you got.. Lil B can rap..BUT hes not as lyrical as Joey. You have to agree with that.

    • AllThatRaw

      muhfuka said "look" up his lyrics smh nigga shut the fuck up with all that ill-informed blah blah, & no, i aint even hating on Joey B. What i am saying is though, if you a real hip hop head, real hip hop heads know lil B aint all about that dumb shit that he's famous for...the nigga can rap, evidently you aint know half as much as you think you do for not knowing that shit - & i say that with no bullshit.......actually see what a niggaz about for yourself rather than jst what these bullshit rap sites show of that nigga, you diggin that? i give a fck either way, peacee

  • dfg

    Joey is weak as fuck. unoriginal, everyday, medicore copycat. Sounds like every lame nigga from New York who has no creativity. On the other hand Lil B is a revolutioner who doesn't afraid to tag himself "gay", re-ups hip-hop music with ambient rap albums, and doesn't need a million dollar to make a good video. Fuck Joe Wackass. Hail Basedgod!

  • Prestige

    Of course this diss wasn't serious, but the lyrics were.

    • StillThatRAw

      nigga do you just listen to music or do you just skim thru it? "imma pitbull, lyrical missile that wont miss you" yeah thats serious lyricism isit? smh muhfukaz dont even know the deal no more...

  • LOL

    These young rappers lol. Who the fuck disses someone on a Janet Jackson beat? This is trash.

  • Armonio

    seriously, since when did lil bitch have that many trollfans on hiphopdx? I can't even take these comments seriously.. dat shit crazy

  • YO

    Why even respond to that bum?

  • Anonymous

    This don't sound like a serious diss lol.

  • Anonymous

    he didn't even diss lil b in the song and he chooses this beat whack ass nigga gonna get his carreer ended for fucking with the based god.

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst shit that has come out of Brooklyn in 2013.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is horrible!!! A diss record over a soft-ass Janet Jackson beat.... WOW! And I thought I heard it all...

  • RDCJ

    He just caught a body. The based god need this attention not many peeps care about this "purple rain ass n"

  • Anonymous

    ahahaha Joey BadaSS just shitted on him

  • niko

    you niggas are dumb. did you really listen to what joey was sayin in those bars? dude is too lyrical and spits shit that goes over dumb peoples heads that dont pay attention to the lyrics. Rap Genius this and then tell me what you think.

    • Anonymous

      no. it's not "too lyrical." it's just the way he says it and his accent make it hard to pay attention to what he's saying. him and lil b are actually at about the same level of rapping. actually i take that back, because lil b is one million times more creative.

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    Joey Bada$$ & Kendrick Lamar are the two most overrated newcomers out. If you want something new and dope check out some of Rittz music.

    • RDCJ

      That's like your opinion man you two spitting hate on some FOX News shit. Your low self esteem show right through your words you type! Stop stereotyping we have come to far for this shit.

    • Anonymous


    • Fuck Joey Trash$$

      Nah Kendrick is actually deserving of all the hype & makes good music. However, Joey TrashA$$ & the whole Hoe Era crew makes watered down garbage 90's music that these faggot purists eat up thinking it's good music. LOL

  • dilli

    *sigh* they both suck.

  • Anonymous

    This is a definitely a little kid. He takes Lil B waaay too seriously. Everybody knows Lil B sucks at rapping and is just a troll. This kid tried to spit some super lyrical shit at, waste.

  • Anonymous

    Had to escape nest, told Moms I'm Apex And plus I lay checks, I bust in the latex So it's nothing stopping the kid if you get where I come from Busting conundrums on nuns and condoms Don't want no problems, It's the number one solver Can't see me with these sentences, get your bars up I'm close to the pen, I depend on this shit Ain't tryna be dead bent, I'll ascend off this spliff You can't pretend with this shit See, I know what's real and what isn't Ain't shit obscured with my vision, plus the herbs that I'm hittin' Allow me to observe what is hidden Could have been a cherry-pickin' nigga, if I ain't make JAMS and bury(BERRY) niggas Used to be the sweetest 'til life handed me the LEMONS, nigga Now everyday I see the SOUR patches The flower of life devoured into ashes -joey B

    • Anonymous

      Tell my mama I'm a shaman rhymin' Jesus Christ and Clay Aiken are my only idols No, Jesus Christ and Clay Aiken are my only rivals - Ab-Soul in the same song had a better verse with those bars alone

  • King

    This diss is trash, just like a lot of his other songs....The backpack kids only like this dude because he raps on 90's beats, he's not really that good or comparable to anyone from the 90's. He's like a watered down version of those artists, with no real style of his own...His popularity is all based on blind nostalgia and that elitist "real hiphop" mentality....Im glad that he's striving to make good hiphop music, but just trying DOESN'T MEAN he actually accomplished his goal. A lot of hiphop fans seem to think just because a rapper isn't making pop shit, their music must be automatically dope...But I guess that's just the era we live in. Hiphop is so terrible people are always looking for the next half assed shit to call dope and claim...I guess because they have nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    ...................This sucked. Both of these disses were just ass. Hip Hop rap beef sucks now, smh.

    • Abdul

      Your taking it to seriously is not Nas vs Jay its just two kids throwing stones at each other. You think Joey spent a week writing his lyrics nah he did it in 5 because this ain"t sit to him so relax and take it for what it is.

  • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

    Honestly this song is terrible in all seriousness. This nigga rapping with a mouth full of dry ass crackers -_____- You faggot ass "hip hop heads" kill me calling this cornball the new Nas. I'm from NY but I can't support this Fugee Rap bullshit. I don't listen to Lil B for lyrics, but for the ENTERTAINMENT. His genre is HIS genre. You niggas who only heard "wonton soup" need to relax thinking you know his whole Music Archive. If I'm in the mood for lyrics, "Reasonable doubt" "Illmatic", "Ready to Die" and more is available. Fuck all you corny ass purists & I hope every single one of you burns in hell. You niggas are worse than Nazis.

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

      @rdcj You want an argument? Ok. Joey TrashA$$ is nothing more than an average ass rapper dickriding that watered down 90's sound that nobody, except cornball purists like you, gives a fuck about anymore. His songwriting skills are subpar and raps about the same old shit. He brings absolutely nothing new to the table & he's an arrogant little prick who swears he's Nas or Jay-Z with his annoying forced nasally ass flow. And his other Pro Era crew members are even worse. The only tolerable person in that group is Capital Steez, and even he wasn't that good either. He's overhyped cause he died. Fuck Joey TrashA$$. Fuck his other fellow trash members. And most of all, fuck all you "real" hip hop purists who can't open their minds to different types of music. I seriously despise you niggas and there's a special place in hell for you faggots.

    • rdcj

      The only one getting "panties in a bunch" is you. (who the fucks uses that term anyway) You feel the need to spread hate on Joey for no reason makes you look weak and desperate. Maybe next time you should state your argument so we may actually know why you hate so much.

    • Fuck Joey TrashA$$.

      Lmaoo @ all you faggot hip hop losers getting there panties in a bunch because I stated an opinion. Lil B might not be be a good rapper, but he got arguably the wildest fan base and a bunch of bitches. Joey TrashA$$ look like a charcoal cigarette and only corny dudes who get no pussy listen to his garbage ass music. LOL ya'll niggas lame as hell.

    • Anonymous

      L.O.L.Z @ Fuck Joey TrashA$$ ..You taking it all to serious !

    • Lil bitch sucks monkey dick

      Lil Bitch makes Oakland look real bad. I don't think people from there listen to him or want to be associated with such a failure. Dude is 23 has 50 mix tapes, an album called "I am gay" that the "gayforce" didn't buy. Smh. He tried out for the golden state warriors but they couldn't give even give him a waterboy position let alone cheerleader. His own friend punched him in the face! Who's the purist now?

    • trooth

      I hate when people say you only hear "wonton soup" type songs..listen to his "real" songs. I've listened to all his shit and the dude can't rap. bottom line. Only reason I like some of his songs is because he has some amazing beats.

    • Anonymous

      exactly, so what if Lil B created a song by only saying "meow, meow"

  • Anonymous

    Lol, joey wrote this on some hours don't be tards.

  • darius

    i think this joey cat is way over rated. he has never spit anything that i heard that ever really impressed me. im not a lil b fan but i prefer his diss record waaaay over this joey bad ass track. and, for the record, im mid 30's living in NYC and i been listening to rap since before most of y'all on the site were born. Joey Badass, step your game up and live up to your hype.

  • E

    Joey go hard, Lil B aint shit