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Check out this track from Rapsody, HipHopDX's runner up for "Rising Star Of The Year."



  • gasoline

    classic..why isnt rapsody's on any of the best of 2012 lists? a damn shame...her and skyzoo deserve to be any best of 2012 list...

  • Mozart WritersBlock

    Great single, the collaboration made sense, Beyonce teaming up with Pespi. The 9th wonder suprised everyone with that instrumental, amplified sound double up on the drums. Rapsody kills at as usual, she not to be underlooked as really serious Lyricist, she one of the best around and I'm sure she will be a legendary Emcee. Ab-soul bring that left field feeling with his usual trademark of wit and substance. Another Emcee that will be around for long time and will surely grow to one of the greats, if he donates his body to science one day the will surely study his brain. Raeheem DeVaughan bring that old school soul, altogether its make for a great track with substance. Not to much of that these days,

  • Anonymous

    That's why NC can never get on caus wack niggaz like that nigga down there sayin dumb shit Rhapsody girl u keep doin what you doin! Jamla got a lot of hot niggaz but if she leadin the way so be it. Niggas be on that bullshit in NC hatin ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      name me 1 person besides yourself thats checkin 4 Rapsody? how many times any of his Jamla crew other than Rapsody been on national tv? don't try 2 call somebody a hater because they speak the truth! Rapsody IS wack!!!!! now hate on that u fuck nigga!! its a reason why Little Brother & the H.O.J. broke up & it all starts wit 9th & his ego! Don't believe me? ask Big Dho, Big Pooh, Jozeemo or Chaundon! They'll all tell u the same thing! so i guess we all hatin huh? LOL! GTFOH!! he tryin 2 hard 2 push Rapsody & that shit ain't working! Skyzoo still cool wit em but he left Jamla! Thee Tom Hardy left! Tyler Woods left! its a reason why these niggaz leaving! he gives Rapsody the best production but the way she rhymes jus sucks! deal wit it bitch!!

  • Anonymous

    am i the only person that hate this chic? its been rumored 4 years that 9th is fckin Rapsody & i'm really startin 2 believe it. she's the only 1 on his label that he's pushing. she drops a song/mix cd like every other month. its no wonder why half his label is slowly declining. the only good thing about Jamla/Its a Wonderful World Music is his producers! he got 7 good producers but the artist on his label jus sucks with the exception of Big Remo. i'm from NC & was happy 2 have somebody rep 4 the state but damn 9th! promote somebody else other than da bitch u fuckin!! Rapsody wack man! btw: u can claim that i'm hating all u want but facts is facts! nobody checkin 4 that bitch!

  • listentothedj

    We LISTENED & it's concrete heat! @needlisteners @needsupporters

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact Ab-soul isnt selling his sould to get a feature from rick ross or some shit, this nigga is as real as it gets... youtube.com/trollingmusick