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Erykah Badu gets in the mix for another highlight off tomorrow's D-Block meets Wu-Tang collaboration album "Wu Block."


  • divine1-2

    This thang is ridiculous! 'Bout time somebody flipped that Heatwave joint!!!

  • oskamadison

    Grown man Hip-Hop right here...if yall kids can't dig it, go find 2 Chainz...

  • Anonymous

    Good music right here ...

  • Anonymous

    boring is fucking boring

  • DJJ

    GZA is always top notch, that dude is incredible with his wordplay every time, damn!

  • Anonymous


  • dante

    this is the most random combo of artists on a track

  • youngsta

    damn, these old ass niggas trying to put people to sleep with this one. lol, back to dreams & nightmares...

    • Man Up

      If you over 25 ? Your no kid anymore you just scared to grow up ... Soldier Boy,2 Chainz, etc is cool when you are a teeny-bopper !!

  • nfsmusic

    some real hip hop termanology on the beat....dope shit right chea!

  • rob

    u cant be killing all the time

  • SDK


  • JackMerri

    nah. I'm not asking for a lulaby

  • Sun

    Drivin Round introduces mature rap. Sheek Louch has surprised me very much on this one. Masta is still in his calm zone by lecturing and GZA delivers it every time with some great substance to it. And what is better than Erykah when legends come together.

  • Anonymous

    This album is much better then Kendrick Lamar's. Real hiphop right here.

    • wu wear

      GKMC wasn't 1/2 as nice as Life is Good so I don't really know how he's changing or killing the game. He made a nice little album that's perfect for infants at nappy time. Nothing more.

    • I'm sorry

      as much as I love Wu-Tang, this ain't even close to gkmc. time's change. when wu-tang came out they were young crazy mothafuckas and pushed "old niggas" like Rakim out of the way so to speak. Hip-hop has always been a young man's game and kendrick just put out one of the best albums in recent years. Ghost still gets it in tho, I'm just saying these new cats are killing the game rite now

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      i know people be saying crazy shit to get a response but this guy wu-wear can't be for real. 1 Wizard of Poetry REALLY. I'mma respect GFK and not say nothing. Cause I love the Wu since the jump. But you can't compare GKMC to everything that comes out. Its obvious you are a little butt hurt at the attention that his 3rd release is getting but if you took the time to get out of your way back machine you would see growth in Kendricks music. Are the beats making you sleepy? maybe you should listen to the words or pay attention to the structure used on the album I'm sure you remember that new Gritty sound the Wu was bringing about how it sounded nothing like the music that was out at the time. GKMC is like that you know ground breaking sound by a new artist or crew.

    • wu wear

      It's funny cuz Ghost's worst album (Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City) reminds me of Good Kid MaaD City - which has somehow been anointed as a classic by hipster faggots and teenagers. They both have put you to sleep beats and have a theme to the entire album - which apparantly makes it a classic if your 1/10 the mc of Ghostface, as Kendrick is, at best. I guess if The Diary of Kirk Jones dropped today it would be certified in the Smithsonian as the greatest work in music history as it is easily 200x better than GKMC in every aspect imaginable. Point blank - ain't NOBODY fucking with Ghost. Not now, not ever. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      What's a "step forward" with Kendrick's music? Cause I could have sworn I heard ghetto stories about growing up in the ghetto on albums in the 90s...And better stories, at that. No idea is original...This album is better then Kendricks, and Ghostface is more creative and lyrically better by far.

    • Cmon

      I love Wu-Tang (especially GFK) and D-Block but come on, Wu-Block is not a step forward for either Ghost or Sheek. No vision on this album. Songs called "Do It Like Us" and "Been Robbed" and "Guns for Life". Zero imagination. Phoned in verses. Only good songs are this one, "Stella" & "All in Together". Say what you will about Kendrick, but at least has vision AND bars.