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Styles P goes at it alone over Vinny Idol production on "Pop Out" which is featured on his new "World's Most Hardest MC" project.



  • Anonymous


  • Hadi

    The world's most hardest MC!

  • Anonymous

    WAIT A GOD DAMN MINUTE. Is this nigga really rapping to the Football Night In America song? Man, bye. Where the fuck is Chris Collinsworth?

  • Anonymous

    Love styles, but he just doesn't sound right on this beat. I think its because the beat is just too fucking simple. Like two loops=garbage. Sounds like some wack ass Cam'ron Dipset shit, niggas need to be rappin bout "louie, gooie, fresh and fruity". 3/5 stars and thats generous because I love the ghost.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Shit is garbage. That's why NYC isn't popping like that anymore, nothing new comes out from up there anymore. Styles P is forty years old still rapping about selling dope and killing cats. Ever heard of growth? It isn't life threatening, maybe you should try it. I swear, the South will continue to dominate until more than Nas and Jay Z make hits for NYC

    • rarity

      Man shut the fuck up w/ all this self-righteous bullshit like Styles P don't make songs like I'm Black & I'm a Gee. But if he ONLY made songs like that, he wouldn't be Styles. Styles does hard-ass hood raps. Its what he does. Complaining about that is like complaining about Sean Price not doing "Stop the Violence" songs lol. Who cares how old a rapper is, really. You think all dem Italian Mob dudes was under 40? lol, there's no age limit on violence. btw give that "NYC is dead" cliche bullshit a rest while you at it, that ish is so played out. The industry and culture has changed. NYC will never again control Hip-Hop like they did and that's a good thing in the long term.

    • Anonymous

      Yo where is the south dominate, You'll cat dont know hip hop all the south sound the same and the beat the same, hip hop rotate, this time next year south sound be play out watch

    • bizi

      Amen... Styles enough already. If this is all you can come up with GO AWAY!!!!! Your music is so uninspiring and empty. You're a grown ass black man talking about killing other brothers. For what? I don't understand how you can make great tracks like Send a Kite and then make 20 -30 dumb ass tracks like these...

    • veryi

      you not a hater but you speak the truth. Im getting also sick of all these old fucks talking about selling coke in the streets ansd having bitches and shooting nikkas.

    • thewholetooth

      ^^ double triple real talk

  • What

    Man ask the other rapper in the rap game who is the hardest, that will be Styles P Period. the nigga is the hardest

    • smh

      these transexual niggas can't handle The Ghost's rawness, they want girl songs and bitch-ass tracks about they feeeeeeeeeelings

  • Anonymous


  • Swagnifique The Clean Shaved Pink V Necker

    Meh, song is ok at best and i doubt he's ever skateboarded before in his life. And judging from his large google images his thighs arent slim enough to fit into size small slim jeans. its whatever though, meh, we cant all be the best. plus where his v neck at smh this nigga got zero swag. his lips dont even look sensual smh. meh, its whatever though. 2 dimples out of 5.

  • Swagnifique The Clean Shaved Pink V Necker

    its no lollipop or prom queen but its aite i guess. 2/5

  • @skibolive

    hot joint, Vinny freaked that sample, Styles delivered as usual

  • Milehighkid303

    We feelin Penerio out here in Denver....coppin this ish RIGHT MEOW!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sickness rawness illllllll