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Edo G has a few choice words for Mitt.



  • It's Edooo

    We Won say want u want we all have our opinions Obama til 2016 Bitches!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought Royce shot him in his head in Boston?

  • anon

    wait, so Edo only Republicans lie?

  • Anonymous

    Nice i like it i am not from the US ..But Mr Romney seems to have no real identify ... Really not to sure what he stands for one minute he seems to favor the center ground .. The next he seems to be pandering to the more hardline elements of his party For example didn't he support something similar to Obama care when he was governor ?

  • lame

    edo g is an idiot. obama and romney are the same person. backed by the same banks and the same $. when black ppl gonna stop embarrassing themselves riding for obama? mitt doesn't care about you. neither does obama. what a powerful record edo g. 45 year old rappers are gonna steal this election with records like this. what a joke. political rap is the worst.

    • tsjkl

      Mitt Romney will ruin this country 10 fold then it already is. He wants to cut all education funding and pu tit all into the military and he wants to privitize all of the american prisions i.e. making prisons a business which means that they actually want more crime so they can incarcerate more people and make more money by making there inmates work for little to no pay, basically another form of slavery that people deem "ok" because the slaves are criminals.He also wants to privitize all emergency response teams, meaning if you missed your bill to the fire department they will show up with there equipment and watch your house burn to the ground because you didnt pay them (This has literally happened on a few occassions where emergency responders have already been privatized) Basically making it so they respond to the richest first and then go down the line from there. I have never seen a politician flip flop more then romney has and i voted for him back when he was governor of my state but now he has no real opinions he is jsut pandering to whomever he speaks to. But botom line he doesnt know what its liek to be a real american, he knows the Rich and priviliged america and thinks anyone whos not as rich as him its because they are lazy so they dont deserve any public help. It scares me to think of the policies romney would instill in this country because he doesnt seem to put much thought into anything. also jobs have only increased since obama took office, i am in no way a huge obama supporter but he didnt do as bad as many would like people to believe. He also had quite the shit situation to clean up after being left with th emess george w. bush created.

    • A.B.C

      So many sheeple ...You mean sheep .PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS KIDS

    • 614grind

      Cynicism is another word for apathy. You playin ya self if you think your point of view helps anyone.

    • Anonymous

      so many sheeple! they're all one in the same. pay attention.

    • IFR

      Any President would be backed by the same money and same banks.

    • More To It

      How has he had his shot the US economy was in the shitter after 2 terms of republicans ... The US job growth is improving and your stock market is seeing growth .. It seems that a lot of people HATE Obama for more than his policy's

    • Fuckflocka

      I agree lame, there's a lot of sheeps out there who believe all the propaganda they see and hear. The majority is ignorant. Neither Obama or Romney are great, but Obama's already had his shot and failed miserably and this is coming from an 08 Obama voter!

    • LOLZ

      Mitt...Flip , Flop, Flip , Flop ....R.O.F.L