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Kendrick Lamar continues his autobiographical journey with "The Heart Pt. 3." This update also features his fellow TDE members Ab-Soul and Jay Rock.


  • p$

    aw hail yea dis shit str8 fiya

  • Anonymust

    Motivation for real emcees. If you ever wanted to be considered one of the greatest, you've gotta be on this guy's level. If you don't feel it, TRUST ME, you don't love hip-hop/rap. Don't give a fuck who else you like.

  • Anonymous

    how can you honestly say kendrick is average?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonyme

    Don't tell me you guys look at him as Pac reincarnated... dude has some ill songs but he just average at best.

  • Anonymous


  • Hiphophead9

    just came to drop my 5 rating...

  • e

    this is good but not straight HIPHOP glden era///this shit trash kinda...

  • PeterSizingh

    Shut up you clowns... THIS IS SRAIGHT FIRE!!

  • Anonymous

    Check out "Perfection Is A Theory" by Sivil! Album of the year! http://sivilmusic.tumblr.com/PerfectionIsATheory

  • Tical

    This is as close to a five as you can get. DOPENESS Nuff respect my nigga NJ

  • Anonymous

    Niggaz act like schoolboy q ab soul jay rock don't go just as hard as Kendrick.Stop sleepin on greatness you hoe ass niggaz!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    dope track but i wish jay rock had a longer verse he usually kills the chill songs like niggas mad that i can rap with kdot also

  • subz

    awesome, i have repeated this song so many times, Kendrick breeds fresh air to hip hop

  • revo

    finally found the only kendrick song i like

  • f

    kendrick's verse..... the verse of the fucking year.

    • Roach

      Stop Dick Riding homie..if that was the case Chino Xl would be getting verse of the year almost nearly every year..same thing with NAS, same thing with Styles P..same thing with GhostFaceKillah...just saying..do not get me wrong KDot is nice as hell, but calm down.

  • Anonymous

    Killer song & beat, kendrick went in

  • AntonMatthews

    Black Hippy take-over

  • Mr.I-10

    kendrick is raw. he going in, album is dope becuase if youre a fan of his work then you understand his work. if you dont like it then its not for you. lol, like kendrick lamar is gonna come on your job and hate on you, wonder what fuck he could say about your fuck ass! if you wanna suck drake dick cool, swallow and keep your mouth shut. admire what you can relate to, or hate what you can't understand.

    • Mu

      On that last line, "Will you let hip-hop die on October 22nd?", he's asking the fans if they will support real hip-hop from a passionate artist that just showed you why he deserves your hard earned money for GKMC. If hip-hop fans can't support an album this great, what will we support?

    • Mac_in_the_back_of_the_lac

      Word. What do u think he means by that last sentence?

  • hiphophead9

    Will you let hiphop die on October 22?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kendrick Lamer is da worst rapper of all time. fuck TDE. fuck Aftermath. fuck Dr. Dre. shoutout to ma niggaz Drake and T-Minus, dey saved Kendrick Lamer's ass. swag

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    This song is nice but his album is mediocre. Mediocre just like J. Cole's debut album. Why won't you guys be impartial and stop hopping on the bandwagon. Just because an album is better than the other crap that is coming out around the same time doesn't make it a classic. You can't juxtapose good kid maad city to a Wacka Flacka album or Soulja Boy album and say in comparison that the shit is classic. Why? Simply because you are comparing it to weak shit. If you want to compare it to something compare it to Chronic, Blueprint, College Drop Out, etc. There hasn't been a classic hip-hop album since The Minstrel Show. This shit is pathetic. Mediocre is the new classic now a days.

    • Anonymous

      The Blueprint was my fav album for years. I heard it two weeks before it came out and was amazed. Before that it was Illmatic. I loved The College Dropout when it came out. The Minstrel Show was dope as well. I've heard every album u consider classic. With that being said, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is on the SAME level as all of those albums. Thats what it IS being compared to you lame ass nigga smh. And STOP comparing GKMC to J. Cole's album. Cole World was indeed mediocre and the reviews reflect that. This sir, is NOT. Ya bish.

    • Anonymous

      it Dre was more serious about it shit could of been a classic

    • Anonymous

      Your point became null and void when you mentioned The Minstrel Show as classic.

    • Anonymous

      real shit man

    • Anonymous

      get off the couch, put down the bon bons, and turn off honey boo boo... come back to reality and recognize you are lost in the sauce. Kendrick is a beast! ur a microwave burrito loving nobody

    • Nasstill@it

      Lmao! why you mad bro?

    • hiphophead9

      you fuckin retarded bro,

    • Cecil

      2 questions, did you buy the album and how many times have you listened to it. Play like like 3 times and your opinion will change. Gets better every listen.



  • Malone

    What is it going to take to get you people to see that I am the light.... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    did this guy cry at the end

  • Anonymous

    Dope dope they better replace this song with the fuckin drake bitch song

  • KDX

    just heard the whole album, and even without this song it is a fucking classic. Best Rap Album since Kanye West's MBDTF.

  • Anonymous

    I heard he broke down and started crying whilst recording this? The levels of emotion this guy puts in to his work are breath taking. Brilliant track.

  • Malone

    Bear in mind.. it will only be for a short while... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Rick James....b***h

    This is kinda dope.

  • Anonymous

    Real hip hop is back no doubt!!!

  • Anonymous

    This was better then anything I heard from the album. What's up with that? You can have slapped this on the album and dropped that horrible Hit-boy record. Oh well.

  • wow

    stayin true to his roots, another k. masterpiece in the books.

  • rudeboy210

    kendrick is fuckin sick!

  • sg1323

    how could u people compare kendrick to pac... there completlyyyyy different rappers. kendrick is great. but. his voice isn't powerful enough to move people like pac or even like eminem. pac was a preacher to the people at the time. kendrick is an outstanding rapper. period i can't believe kendrick even went there in a song. disrespectful. not to mention he stole my album idea. storm coming.

  • sds

    Kendrick inspires me top no order 1.B.I.G 2.Big L 3.EM 4.Tech 9 5.Pac

  • CecilRhodez

    Im hosting a contest to get #GKMC Trending Worldwide. If you want to participate you can check it out here http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=316061.0 1st and 2nd Place get the Target Deluxe Version of GKMC.

  • Manuel

    Its a nice twist to add people on it since the heart part one & two , but hes completely out done him self on this . Its just pure hip hop beauty . would've been the best if it was the original crew kendrick , ab-soul , and school boy .

  • TDEfan

    this being not on the album is saying I got a lot of good songs that cant fit in a single album.

  • Anonymous

    Its like Q-Tip meats Pac. For real.



  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop wont die just cause people dont buy your album Kendrick. Hip Hop lives underground and it does not look like the big record labels and radio are going to let that change anytime soon. If anything all the so called rappers signed to record labels are doing is giving more power and money to the same people responsible for Hip Hop being silenced, even Kendrick. I do support Kendrick but I hardly support any artist signed to majors period, thats just how it has to be until they are willing to compromise and allow real talented acts get played on the radio or just start new radio stations that are dedicated to better quality Hip Hop and allows for a more diverse selection of songs from old and new artist.

    • jae

      he's got a point I'm all for underground hip hop or what they call conscience hip hop but you have to appreciate the balance between mainstream and raw hip hop if there was no mainstream will there be a underground.

    • bobmcbob

      Let me guess, you're some white kid who dick rides the shit out of "underground" music and can't appreciate the balance between raw and mainstream?

  • Anonymous

    That transition between Kendrick and AbSoul tho?!!! Goddddamm this shit is crack.

  • anonymous

    If you don't recognize the skill that went into this song you're ignorant. Easy 5/5

  • jy


  • Mu

    Yo, On some real shit, this is the best fucking hip-hop song I've heard in a while. 5 STARS, hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmGZu1QxPjk Just thank me later :)

  • Jay

    Awesome Bruh 5/555/5/2/2/25

  • yos

    this beat sounds like the one from www.yucbeats.com

  • sealittle

    kendrick goes in. good kid maad city sounds pretty solid so far. shiiiiiiiet.

  • BwS


  • Anonymous

    Yeaaaaa....so pretty much these niggas is filthy. Kendrick you got my money bruh. Nobody's fuckin with TDE talent wise

  • Malone

    Kendrick is dope, but I'm afraid everyone else below me on this post suck balls.. I'm sorry folks. That's just the way it is (sighs)... Sincerely yours -Malone

  • QBN

    Kendrick is the truth.. definitely copping on Oct 22nd..

  • me

    god damn... how is thisnot on the album?

    • BalanceStyles

      IT doesnt fit with the concept of the album. The last song he was still living at home with mom. This song is more about whats going on now vs before he got on..

  • Slaughterr66


    • Mu

      Yeah, bruh. Slaughterhouse is ill, but they just didn't deliver on Welcome to Our House. Em had way too much control over the sound of the album. Dre clearly lets Kendrick do him, and you can tell in the origianlity of the music. If Kendrick's album doesn't sell, hip-hop really is dead.

    • Yo

      Welcome To Our House sucked donkey balls.

  • dead prez

    If this shit sells less than 2 Chainz then hip hop is dead.

  • Anonymous

    "My nigga got hit 25 times with a K, make the decision ... ride the beat or ride in a hearse". thats real talk !

  • teege

    HOW THE !#$%@ is this not on the album..man. only 12 tracks on the regular edition, they really trying to make $$. its okay cause KDOT still killing it

  • Hiphophead9

    Amazing... This isnt just music anymore, its on some mona lisa kinda art shit... i pre ordered mine, now will you fuckers let hiphop die tommorow?

  • Anonymous

    this is hip hop at it's finest..lyrics, flow and passion

  • Anonymous

    I can understand why people may not like kendrick but this song.... c'mon now, this shit goes hard. Just cuz you dont like the artist doesnt mean you cant like any of his music.

  • rondo

    the intro forThe Heart Pt. 2 is classic. this song is classic. my balls are classic

  • Anonymous

    Damn this shit goes innn... This is prolly kendrick saying i know my album is a little commercial so here is some deep soulful shit to show yall i still got it

    • Anonymous

      Maybe not all but most artists that get signed to a major will get radio and television play because thats how the labels market their products/artists. I dont remember any of kendrick's songs from Section 80 on tv or radio but i know the recipe and swimming pools got spins its just the politics of the industry (business before music). I dont know why people are getting so defensive i am a huge kendrick fan, he is one of my favorite artists out today.

    • mzm

      just because someone is signed doesnt man they will be on the radio/tv.......

    • Anonymous

      You children are funny... getting heated over my opinion of another person who you have no personal ties too. Grow up

    • Ewefas

      Kendrick's album was leaked you FUCK. I really love hearing dumbasses like you when they think they know what the motherfuck they're talking about...fucker

    • Anonymous

      first of all his album didnt even come out yet and swimming pools the recipe poetic justice are commercial songs. I dont think you people understand what underground vs commercial really mean. Kendrick is now signed to a record label which means his music will now be played on radio and television heavily which in turn makes you commercial. It isnt always a bad thing tho. Kendrick is a beast and will prolly find a good balance between the commercial and underground sound like and artist like dmx did back in the day. I dont know why you jumping down my throat, im still buying the album and supporting him.

    • 777

      His album wasn't commercial you stupid fucking retarded piece of dogshit.

  • Spas

    I'm tired of saying this to people this man is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    K Dot is easily the best in the game... not even close. K Dot and Cole got hip hop's future safe.

  • Pre-ordered

    Come on guys and girls, it's only 7.99 pre-order, if you got the money then fucking pay for it, this DESERVES your money, yeah I got the leaked version but I'm still BUYING it, support real Rap.

  • Anonymous

    I could only imagine where mainstream hip hop would be today if it weren't for Kendrick and J.Cole.

  • Anonymous


  • Yo

    Black Hippy >>>>>>> G.O.O.D. Music

  • kdot

    absolutely amazing, when you hear this, you can feel how much kendrick mean's it when he is talking about something. He puts his life in these track's. already pre-ordered the album. Been down with his music since the KDot day's.

  • Will you?

    Well guys, will you let Hip-Hop die tomorrow? Please don't.

  • sm1174

    Let a veteran tell you. This kid is dope. His voice is ripped from touring. It's been a long time since someone sent a message to the masses a few days of of the album release. "Even when my albums leaks, the fans will still buy it for proof" Young man has heart as an investment.

  • gasoline

    jesus christ....this is phenomenal..kendrick is the truth..this should have been last song on the album...it doesnt get any better than this...

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow, Hip Hop history is made. This shit here is classic

  • anonymous

    where the hell is jay rock?



  • Classic

    GKMC is the best Rap/Hip-Hop album this year, fuck every other album before and after this this year, support him and don't fucking turn on him like you dumb ass "supporters" of real music did to J. Cole

  • pat

    why the hell isnt this on the album

  • Anonymous

    Ab-Soul & Jay Rock did their thing but Kendricks voice hurts my ears

  • Anonymous

    wait til he sells then all you stupid niggas turn on him like you did j. cole

  • Anonymous

    You guys let Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse, KRIT, and even to some extent NaS flop. The only way to get "real hip hop" back in the mainstream is to show the major labels that it is profitable. Support Kendrick Lamar tomorrow. Support Shady/Aftermath/Roc Nation for trying to keep good rap in the mainstream.

  • YES


  • Jorge

    He made this song a couple nights ago. real hip hop

  • FridayAftaNextt

    Kendrick Lamar is the ultimate lyricist . Who ever says he's not fuck you!!!!!!!!


    dope. the beat kinda sounds like All of Me by joe budden

  • jerryc

    Great rapper but he needs to stop it with the voice. The best rappers to me just talk to you...see jay-z, nas, pac, big l, etc...kendricks voice is good normal but he keeps changing it like this song

  • Anonymous

    This dude is so over hype on the internet. I hope it show in his album sales though. My prediction is between 120,000 to 160,000 the first week. If he does less then that, i'll consider it a flop due to all the hype this nigga got.

  • Anonymous

    monster track 5/5

  • b


  • Vitey D!

    If you give this anything but a 5, I poop on you.

  • murpway

    wow just pure amazing. if you aint feeling this you must have frosbite. Sends shivers down my spine, what we all needed im truly blessed to even listen to this. And ever since i started listening to kendrick my life is much better now, what other rapper can do that or ever has.

  • hiphopsavedmylife


  • boobalo

    i stick to most olda hip hop nukkas.. but i do listen to most errbody at least once to peepm.. this dude rite here somtin serious..

  • Glenn P

    Wen I go to burn my preordered deluxe copy from iTunes to a blank disc, I'll be sure to add this track to the playlist. Great track

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kendrick Lamar is da worst rapper alive. Lil Wayne fired dis clown ass nigga from YMCMB. we need more talented rappaerz den diz bitch ass nigga. fuck TDE. YMCMB all day err day. swag

  • CecilRhodez

    Hardest song out right now.

  • WestCoast ryda skip skip

    chea.. keep it Compton Kendrick

  • Troof

    WILL YOU LET HIPHOP DIE ON OCTOBER 22ND???? It's clear why this track didn't make the album. It's a message to all the naysayers out there and people who stole the album but have no plans to $upport it when it drops. This is one of, if not the greatest song I've ever heard from the TDE camp. Flawless....

  • jester

    My album came friday I haven't stopped playing it!

  • Landon

    I'm one of the few that hasn't heard the whole album yet, I've heard poetic Justice and Sherane besides his official releases. Regardless, Oct. 22 buying his album, and If there was any doubt (there wasn't any) this track erased it all.

  • underthegunreview

    The rise of Kendrick Lamar has been well covered by pretty much every physical and digital publication that even slightly touches on the world of hip hop. It's a bit difficult to pinpoint the moment he burst through the underground with his signature lyrical intensity and seemingly universal respect from the rap community at large, but it seems safe to say most of us spent the majority of 2012 in anticipation of the release of his label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city. That time has finally come and for once, the wait was actually worth it. It only takes one or two experiences with Kendrick Lamar's music to have his unique lyrical style and vocal presence etched into your mind. Even when backed by the most energetic of beats, there is a dull roar to his driven voice that echoes with the idea he is well aware of his level of talent. This would be dangerous in most cases, and it doesn't take much of a glance at rap's current hitmakers to find examples, but Kendrick lays his struggle with knowing he's great to tape instead of boasting as if he's now standing over the common man and it's in this moment of vulnerability that he forges a true connection with the listener. He is the common man, only he has an uncommon gift and wild life that he's learned to understand and use to a further extent than many of his peers. good kid, m.A.A.d city is an album that feels difficult to speak of in the sense of individual tracks, though many stand out as potential singles ("Poetic Justice" is flawless). Just as previous material have given us glances at a life laced with inner city struggle, drugs, guns, love, loss and family deeply rooted in their faith, the tracks on Lamar's latest play like musical chapters in the latest book of an ongoing series about the life of a twenty-something on his way up. Even when Lamar touches on darker subject matter and the struggles he and those he loves continue to struggle with, there is an overwhelming sense of determination to overcome everything that reverberates throughout each track. Lamar recognizes he has a long way to go, and he uses this album to share that journey with the listener while still taking time to celebrate good. Perhaps the most notable aspects of good kid, m.A.A.d city is the extent Lamar goes to in order to create a complete listening experience. In addition to recurring lyrical themes and sequencing that could not be better, many of the tracks are tied together with audio excerpts from Lamar's own life that serve to not only introduce or conclude the material, but enhance them with everything from the wisdom of his elders, to the way he and his friends interact. If there has been more effort and time put into letting listeners into an artist's life, especially in hip hop, over few years then I have certainly never heard it. Hip hop needs Kendrick Lamar. Hell, music needs Kendrick Lamar. The biggest stars of the last few years have been those able to capitalize on disposability of pop music or those who choose to build their lines on words and phrases they know will piss off parents and amuse teens, but not Lamar. good kid, m.A.A.d city is a near flawless record that utilizes storytelling built completely on the human experience and the struggles we all face when trying to do right in a world that makes wrong much easier to form a lasting connection with the listener that doesn't feel like another cheap grab at easy cash. This is real music. "Real hip hop." You need to hear this record. In fact, everyone you know that claims to have any interest in urban music needs to hear this record. I don't expect one album to change everything in hip hop, but at a time where everyone is doing their best to sound the same, Kendrick Lamar could very well be the cornerstone for rap's next great movement. Don't miss this album. Score: 9.5/10

  • Anonymous

    lets not let hip hop die tomorrow, we all need to buy Kendricks album

    • sputnikmusic

      "Its really just a self-portrait. I feel I need to make this this album in order to move on with my life, and I had negative vibes and demons haunting me. Its that real. I had to come from somewhere, I had to come from a place " it could have been negative, it could have been positive but for the majority of it, it was negative place. I needed to vent and put this message out in order for me to grow as a person. I'm glad I did, because it was a venting process, you know, to tell these stories I never told." - Kendrick Lamar when interviewed about the concept of good kid, m.A.A.d city. Though the album may come with 2 different covers, either one from the very beginning signifies an important aspect of Kendrick's life and the concept of the album itself. In the standard edition, you are able to see Kendrick as a child sitting with his family, their eyes censored. Now whether this was for personal reasoning or not, it helps emit an essence of innocence from Kendrick while he was a child which is an ongoing theme within his music itself; witnessing the dangers and impurities of the city through innocent eyes. In the deluxe version, we are greeted with the image of a van, questionably belonging to his mother or father. This van holds a dominant hold as the running theme for the album as most of the skits are heard either involving the van or with it in the background. When interviewed himself, Kendrick explained the concept of the van came from his mother and her approval for his attempts at recording in studios. This may be what he explained but within the album the van seems to contain an essence of sorrow gained from it's avid misadventures notable since the beginning of our journey into Kendrick's life. We start off with Sherane, Kendrick's love interest in his apparent 17-year old, hormone-riddled life. After meeting this promiscuous woman and their relations turning into something more we venture into a specific day where things take a turn for the worse as what supposed to be a simple booty call of sorts manages to be sabotaged by two men in black, probably her brothers who had other things in mind for Kendrick. This helps turn the entire album's journey into a modern semi-autobiographical sequel to Boyz N The Hood as Kendrick returns to his homies bruised and broken. This entire story is elaborated upon throughout the album, reaching it's climax by the time we reach the extended version of Swimming Pools. This also notably reaches a full circle once our young gangsters find their relief in a prayer passed down from their elder, the same prayer heard in the intro of the album, almost as if it was a cycle of finding what's really "real" within their lives. I'll give my general overview of this album. Kendrick's main objective during this entire album was to expose his own life experiences while still representing the mischievousness of the youth of Compton and explain why they could possibly grow up into the stereotypical lifestyle of drug dealing, gang-banging, and self-survival within the Compton city limits, seeming a bit ironic with a feature from the seasoned veteran MC Eiht and his lifestyle when within the concrete jungle of California. His often referenced lyricism holds itself steady and up to expectations, only restrictive when in terms of hooks that can be seen as somewhat repetitive and lacking. The features are few and far between, helping not to dilute the album into some sort of DJ Khaled collab and helps shine the spotlight on respectable artists such as Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, MC Eiht & Jay Rock, who does represent another fourth of the Black Hippy group. The production itself has times where it brings the album's message across as though we were not able to be blessed by a specific Dr. Dre beat, we are brought back to g-funk's now evolved roots with songs such as m.A.A.d. city, which even brought in the traditional high-pitched synthesizer towards it's end, Compton also with the voice box able to send shock waves of nostalgia from the days of Zapp & Roger though I do wish this influence was spread more throughout the album instead of one or two tracks. This doesn't serve to depreciate the album although, as the sudden shift within certain tracks serve to bring completely different scenery, all recognizable with an important part in Kendrick's life. Also with noticing Sherane being another running theme within the album, it seems as if Poetic Justice would've been better off as an independent single and replaced by the hard-hitting Cartoons & Cereal track which would seem more suitable in the album's context. This album mainly comes as a build-up from the inner troubles of a dangerous society into a lesson about spiritual growth. I think the primary example of this can seen in Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst, which provides a narrative from different character's viewpoints on Kendrick and how he portrays them within his music, even as Keisha's sister before evaluating his own career and aspirations to help his people. This highlight of the album may be 12 minutes, but every last second is worth it as Kendrick manages to shed the skin of a musician and establish himself as a human being, destroying any particular ego he may have and stride for something greater for humanity's sake while helping those that may have lost their way. "And you're right, your brother was a brother to me And your sister's situation was the one that put me In a direction to speak of something that's realer than the TV screen By any means, wasn't trying to offend or come between Her personal life, I was like "it need to be told Cursing the life of 20 generations after her" so Exactly would have happened if I hadn't continued rappin' Or steady being distracted by money drugs and four Fives, I count lives all on these songs Look at the weak and cry, pray one day you'll be strong Fighting for your rights, even when you're wrong And hope that at least one of you sing about me when I'm gone Now am I worth it? Did I put enough work in?" After such an attempt, I can speak for myself and say yes. There are very few times in hip-hop where an artist can portray themselves as a spiritually-struggling human being, represent an entire city, create some catchy, but not overbearing singles, and still succeed while turning hip-hop temporarily back into a form of stylized poetry. Whether it's 5 years or 5 centuries, this form of a personal soundtrack will be remembered for generation of people, despite its very minor flaws, to set a standard in today's consciousness and conscious gangsta hip-hop. Amongst a city known for records in gang violence, police abuse, and drug tolerance, a unique hidden gem of some polluted innocence and social wisdom shines through.

    • Anonymous

      his album sucks. the worst production ever.

  • Dylann17

    Great track. Q should've jumped on it. 5 Stars.

  • firealarm

    Kendrick doesn't let us down