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After plenty of generous leaks, the OST for RZA's "The Man With The Iron Fists" is now up as a full stream. Here's one we still haven't heard yet.


  • Anonymous

    Worst track on an otherwise dope album

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be the best rap album of 2012 close 2 kendrick and xzibit.

  • Anonymous

    i wish i could find out where this kid with no life Ja rule kid lives he literally is on here everyday and says the same shit dude go get pussy or smoke a blunt u tool u need a wake up call commenting on every article about the same irrelevant ish

    • Anonymous

      Shut up nigga! Ja Rule will always be relevant, hate it or love it. You ain't gonna do shit to me. And everytime I post a comment about Ja Rule, your girl lets me fuck her. Ja Rule 4 life, nigga. It's murda!!!

  • youngsta

    lol at the wiz haters on here. you guys can't stand the fact that your favorite old ass group fucks with wiz. he's one of the best young rappers out right now and he does his thing on here, much better than old ass ghostface or wack ass boy jones. and that's not even wiz at his best, he just sings his way through! btw, just found out that boy jones is the son of one of the wackest rappers ever, ol dirty bastard. lol, that makes it worse for him. i'll give this song a 2.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible beat. Hook is wack. RZA needs go back to the raw out-of-tune unpolished production that made him famous.

  • Kay Gee

    Ja rule isn't even relevant. Fifty shitted on em & he definently ain't fuckin with wiz so get outta here with all tha ja rule nonsense

  • JAH

    The only JAH is the one above pon de Rastafarian man, fuck Ja Rule.

  • Ja

    Ja rule would cock slap these niggas, because Ja is that nigga.

  • Ja

    Ja rule going wild with the crutch

  • Ja

    If Ja was on this track ODB would be proud of his son

  • Ja

    Ja rule would make Wiz his bitch

  • Ja

    Where the fuck is Ja Rule in this track?

  • YA!

    This page needs some Ja Rulin.

  • Anonymous

    Big Ghostface (the blogger) is somewhere crying lol

  • Word

    This is dope. You dudes wanna listen to some dungeon raps and dragons all day long? The beat is dope. I dont even like Wiz but he killed it. Ghost....No questions. The only complaint should be boy jones but son killed that too. Wu nas and 90s hiphop fans in fucking general are never fucking satisfied with anything. And this comes from a stuck in the 90s nigga. Grow up fellas.

  • Anonymous

    rza cmon whats with the beat to much goin on its hiphop couldnt clearly hear the voices pretty muffled but respect to RZA

  • WTC

    Hook is disappointing ,, what do you expect with Wiz singin' it.. Its a good hook (you can tell Wiz aint write it), but I hate that cats voice ... GFK and Boy Jones murdrr this tho .. RIP Dirt McGirt (If you cant tell Boy Jones is ODBs oldest son)

  • mpmj385

    Its the one man army Ason!

  • Anonymous

    You guys are all stupid , these songs are made for the movie and its scenes . Open your minds

    • RzaBackToLectureFolk

      Rza and GFK kill it, I can handle Wiz's hook. Instrumentals are rare, Rza is all over this. I can't wait for the film. Tarrentino presents are hardly ever below anything apart from class. Looking forward to watching this film. I know what you mean though, some people want that in your face shit instead of that laid back shit.

  • FatGlock

    Worst song on the soundtrack? Either this or the Kanye one

  • sid

    wiz has some nice ass hooks




    this is not what wu tang is! disappointment !!!!

  • Jack Merridew

    c'est le pire des morceaux leakes jusqu'a present...en dehors de a c'est d'une nullite affligeante, on dirait meme pas du rap mais plutot un vieux morceau pop tout pourri. J'ai du mal a croire que ce soit produit par RZA et d'autre part Wiz Khalifa a vraiment besoin d'une museliere...vraiment c'est du foutage de gueule

    • Jack Merridew

      stfu you ignorant dummie. without france there would be no america since we helped you to get rid of the english during the independance war. Nowadays you would be drinking tea at 5 bitch. But that is not your fault too much YMCMB is not good for you health, it causes mental desease

    • So Icy Boi!

      dese french ass niggas be beefin in some shit no one understands. dis is america baby. louisiana no longer part of france no mo. weezy and the cash money clique out to bitch slap your surrender monkey asses back over the pond. beaucoup gangsta shit. swag

    • Jack Merridew

      deja comment tu peux deduire ce que j'attend de mon post abruti ? tu connais ni mes gouts ni mes attentes alors tu ferais mieux de fermer ta gueule. Et le fait que tu utilises ce mot insupportable qui n'est mme pas dans le dico te decredibilise completement. Le rap correspond a des standards et l on est loin du compte

    • exit55

      ptdr bien le rageux qui n'attend que des song old school "Niggas want my old shit, buy my old album"

  • Anonymous

    I've never thought I'd say this about a Wu-Tang Clan joint, but this is soft. No heartfelt shit, 'cause I understand that, just softness. Khalifa brought it.

    • .....

      Its not an "Album" per say though. Its a soundtrack... Made to fit the theme of the film, not every song is gunna be a grimy old-school Wu song...

  • thought dog

    Sounds like it could've been cool without Wiz Khalifa-Rose doing a Lenny Kravitz impersonation.

  • Anonymous

    dizzzzzyyyaaannng yall we got the boy wizzie wize the o.g ghostface killa and boy jones? and the main man rza on the decks yall ready yuurrrrr from the west to the east this is firin yalll like the heater my main man mack carry got 22 and half yall this for yall rico hld it down bruhh from the mackedie mack crew to the wu affilate yall word