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For his latest freestyle Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz picks the "Cruel Summer" single "Clique."



  • DAntonio

    niggas CAN rap... yall act like its a big deal cuz they aren't selling... YOU FUCKERS AREN'T BUYING... broke bitches always trynna get something for free. They aren't doing anything different from what they were doing in Late '09-'10 ...ain't nobody's fault people don't like the fact that they are going mainstream and getting marketed a different way than before. Its all about themselves making THEIR money... and they are still flowing the same, broke and lame fucks can't appreciate the art of hip hop, so fuckers wanna bootleg instead of buying albums. and if any of u bum ass spectators are any better than SLAUGHTERHOUSE or any of the current artists that are doing their thing, then why the fuck doesn't anybody know who you are then???

  • :D

    NICE:D LATINOS!!HAHAHAAH latin Version of Rick Ross

  • 011781

    Lol @ the blatant trolling. Y'all getting paid for this shit? What's the motive?

  • Anonymous

    cornball trash... when Joell was a humble up-and-comer, he could be alright... half of "The Brick" is pretty good; the other half is shit, however, and he's gotten MUCh worse in every way. the HORRIBLE guest spot on Ghost "Apollo Kids" was nail in the coffin, really... ... the Laughterhouse debacle was like pissing on a dead man. why bother?

  • Anon

    I've got an eagle eye for birdies, if they up to par I'll put a hole in one, I'm on my Tiger Woods shit. Great wordplay.

    • Anonymous

      that's your fucking example of 'lyrical' 'wordplay'? goddamn, you musta got the same 'scholarship' offer as Joell... never listen to a Richard Pryor or Curtis Mayfield or Doom or pre-alcholic peak-period GZA record... your head might explode!!

  • datnigga

    After the release of the SH album, I learned something: Never get too ahead of yourself and celebrate early; stay humble. These dudes team up with Cee-Lo Green and start rapping like they're gonna ship GOLD first week. But 500k expectations only resulted in 50k. Close, depending on how you look at it. Soon as these guys signed with Shady, they thought they had made it, and we're all set to sell records. They let Eminem influence the album too much to try to get another 'Recovery' album with those Skylar Grey features, and nobody bought into the hype. Damn...

  • datnigga

    It's so sad to watch these niggas rationalize them selling out. You hear it in interviews, all the reasons and excuses. "We gave yall the mixtape" "We tryna experiment to find better sounds" "We just tryna celebrate for once" "We tryna expand our fanbase" "We just wanna be on TV/radio more"

  • dean wormer

    zero point zero... voted least likable of all laughterhouse members and they only have thirteen fans between the four of them... funny how dogshit sinks to its own level in time...

  • Anonymous

    time to eat more donuts you 300 pound bag of shit... Ortiz lies like he was some athletic AND academic 'scholarship' material in high school yet nobody has ever posted even ONE newspaper article confirming this... wonder why?

    • Anonymous

      What happened to you that you feel like you have to post on every joel ish with this bs? gtfo .. besides how would u know there is no newspaper article to confirm this? you done hours of research you dipshit troll

  • d

    Beat 5 Lyrics 1 flow 3 2 starz

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck happened to this fat fuck?

  • al

    WTF happened? a great rapper turns commercial... its like kane turning to hammer

  • Anonymous

    Fat joell eating cakes in is Hoell

  • oro

    not very good but he went in though the beat is just too good 2stars

  • Anonymous

    fucking garbage, like everything else this bum has done since what... 2007?! eight billions verses... more than Biggie, Big L, Big Pun and Big Daddy Kane COMBINED and what's he got to show for in terms of quality or growth? all ten Joell Ortiz fans better do a Kickstarter or something because otherwise his career in show business is over and good motherfucking riddance.

  • Anonymous

    ive heard better from him. slaughterhouse is gettin kinda lazy since they signed to shady. smh.

  • Anonymous

    obese whining cartoon voiced softie... un-fucking-listenable!!! GO LAUGHTERHOUSE!! GO LAUGHTERHOUSE!!

  • blkviper

    Joell Ortizzzzz Beasted!!!