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Frank Ocean decided to push his debut album's iTunes release up one week. Now available, "Channel Orange" includes this collaboration with Andre 3000.


  • the luminescent

    here's my own 100% original version of Pink Matter...sampled the beat, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whYq7MAc61w&feature=plcp

  • Anonymous

    stupid fag! even worse then that hes black smh, stupid gay nigger! i'll fight any of u pussys 580-301-6957 time and a place fags

  • Anonymous

    dat boy singing like his ass HURT.... somebody get him a napkin

  • Haters

    Stop hating on Frank cause he gay. I am straight I can accept gay people, I even have gay friends. I know I will never be gay but there is no point hating on someone for who they love. You ignorant fucks are the problem not homosexuals. Frank Ocean is the fucking truth and I am definitely buying this album I already downloaded it, it is so dope, and I'm gonna fucking buy it. Bitches.

  • imTravi

    The more i listen to this, the more I'm amazed at how dope they sound together...they both killed this beat. Andre3K = One of the Best EVER!

  • Jackie

    Good ish !! Huge fan of both Frank and Andre. F**k the ignorance. Support good music!!

  • No HOMO!

    seriously, when did it become cool and acceptable to be gay? the world is fucked teaching young kids that gay is cool or some shit, no its not cool at all. you are all damn faggots for liking this shit.

    • WHy do you care?`

      Noone is teaching anyone that its "cool" to be gay. The SCIENCE -- and maybe god fucked up, or there was an evolutionary mistake, or something -- says that it is NOT a choice. People are born with a certain sexual orientation, and have little say about that choice. That is not an opinion, its not a religious belief, it is tested SCIENCE. So the part of society who isnt fucking horrible people has agreed that its is the right thing to do to tell people that who they are is not a bad thing. We believe that people should be happy and confident with who they are and not hate themselves over something they cant control. And even if we didnt believe it was a choice, it does not concern those of us who arent gay at all. It literally has no bearing on our life at all. So why would we - like you - choose to be a fucking asshole about something totally irrelevant to our lives? Please tell me.

  • southsideking

    this is gay, hes gay. how are dudes going to listen to this nigga sing about dick in his ass.

    • Anonymous

      And where in any of his songs did he sing about having dick up his ass? Please enlighten me, retard.

  • Sydney

    I just can't deal... he's such a great artist and i just don't see how people can hate him or like think they need to stop listening to his music just because of his sexuality. What has the world REALLY come to.. o.O makes no sense to me. It's sad.

  • Harveybabyyy

    Fucking Love This Song. Looking Foward to copping the album, one of many this summer

  • YouSerious?

    How the hell does this song not have at least 4 stars? You all know he's talking about pussy in this song....right? And Andre's verse was dope as usual. The beat is nice too. Channel Orange is full of intricate storytelling and deep lyrics but "oh shit the beat isn't a club beat and he ain't straight out talking about fuckin" so you can't bump it? Also, I give a shit if he's gay. I don't know him personally. The only song that makes me uncomfortable is Forrest Gump since that's the one song about him liking some dude.

    • wellthatswhathappens

      it's funny how you get "This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies" for complimenting him, while all the comments on here that actually bash him for being gay don't fall under "offensive content." why do people even give a fuck about his sexual orientation, he makes good music, what he does in his personal time is his business. why not let the man be happy? what a back-asswards community, black people fight for civil rights while putting down homosexuals who fight for the same damn thing; equality.

    • YouSerious?

      How the fuck was my comment offensive? I was talking about how GOOD Frank Ocean is.

  • kingg

    i was like fuck this nigga cause he gay i wont listen to him again. But forreal man cant hate he is a good artist

    • Chyllmatic

      wow, so much fucking ignorance -___-

    • Anonymous

      its not easy to like someone if you don't believe in what they do. its life. it happens. i mean y'all hip hop heads talk about how y'all would never listen to a guy that wear skinny jeans, same thing

    • Stefan Restuccia

      Why would you hate him because he is gay who gives a fuck. How does it bother you in any way.

  • Ekorn

    Oooh, Andr comes correct!

  • Spiva

    Freddie Murcury - Gay - AMAZING ARTIST Elton John - Gay - AMAZING ARTIST Frank Ocean - Bi - AMAZING ARTIST

  • Kabnis

    Meh Frank Ocean was aight. Andre 3000 stole the show though. If the whole song was Andre 3000, this would be 5/5.

  • Anonymous

    Dude makes super dope music !!! Talent at his best...but I wont be caught walking around best buy wit his album in my hand !!! LMAOOOOoOOOOOOoooo I'll ask my sister to go buy it for me....

  • Anonymous

    cottton candy majjin buu

  • John45/23

    Are you all 5 years old or something? This homophobic nonsense is almost as childish as KKK racism. Dude isn't singing to you so why does it matter? This is an excellent track from two excellent artists. Frank's sexual orientation has nothing to do with his talent. Kid can sing, write and produce. Not to mention 3000 killed this track. Album is amazing. Grow up children. 5/5

    • SleekTdot

      Exactly...now I love vagina and I can never see myself even being near gay (vag is much too nice to me), but if someone else is...who am I to judge...my ears judge this song...and it sounds dope...dudes gotta start being optimistic...stop hating on gay dudes...that's their business...think of it like this...more of them...more vag for me!

    • Smart dude

      ^^ The guy calling other people homos is a fuckin piece of shit, haha. Just cuz someone isn't homophobic doesn't mean they're gay, you fuckin dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ look at the both of these homos, ha ha

  • imTravi

    just as decent as i expected. Dre's flow was dope as usual

  • Dre

    5/5 if it was just Andre's verse. 4/5 with Frank Ocean.

  • SMH

    See I can listen to regular music about love but this gay shit...I can't

  • gsonii

    Cool beat, but you I can't help to think about him being a fag. 3000 dope and overrated at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Listening to Frank Ocean doesn't make you gay any more than listening to 2Pac makes you a gangster. If you believe the music you listen to instantaneously changes you're sexual preference you must be a very insecure and immature human being.

  • Jacc

    I still don't understand the hype around this guy.

  • Anonymous

    I gave it a shot.. don't care to listen to it again

  • nick

    if ignorance is bliss then we have so damn happy hip hop fans

  • Crazy

    I don't like Odd Future, I dont like Jay Z Never Have never will I do like Andre 3000. im in to Hip hop but alot of this new music trying to hard to be different.

  • Crazy

    I can say i never like Ocean I don't like Odd Future, I dont like Jay Z Never Have never will I do like Andre 3000. im in to Hip hop but alot of this new music trying to hard to be different.

  • Crazy

    I can say i never like Ocean. I don't like Odd Future, I dont like Jay Z. Never Have never will. I do like Andre 3000. im in to Hip hop but alot of this new music trying to hard to be different.

  • Crazy

    I can say i never like Ocean. I dont like Odd Future, I dont like Jay Z. Never Have never will. I do like Andre 3000. im in to Hiphop but alot of this new music trying to hard to be different.

  • Anonymous

    Frank Ocean has a haterproof vest on for the rest of his life now, anybody who says they dont like him gets accused of homophobia, lol, I had to block like 15 people on twitter cause I tweeted "All that Frank Ocean hype for this bullshit album", I aint even @ that motherfucker and all these random motherfuckers popped up in my mentions calling me a hate monger and shit Moral of the story - If I ever get famous I'm gonna pretend I'm gay so I can use it to deflect any and all criticism of my overhyped letdown of an album

    • ETK

      you weren't smart on that one, nigga. I can see where you're coming from but you said THAT right in the middle of his coming out controversy, how do you expect it to go? people on twitter are retarded anyway. you should have clarified that you think he's overrated even though you have no problem with his homosexuality

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ You just dont like hearing the truth

    • Anonymous

      You are the definition of a moron.

  • The Smart Moron

    I'm straight but it's fucked up to see all these homophobic comments. It's the 21st century. Who gives a shit if Ocean's bi, he still makes good music. Closed minded pieces of shit.

  • Anonymous


  • dockevoc

    i ain't fucking with this...too slow...boring beat...can't even make it to 3K verse

  • Anonymous

    alot of people no longer like frank cuz he sucks dick. michael jackson fucked little boys but people still fukd with his music andre 3000 is a beast. need an outkast album please

    • Swordz

      I actually agree. RKelly pissed on children..... But 12Play is fucking timeless classic. I like Frank - I bumped his mixtape - lovecrimes, we all try, swim good, songs for women - all 5stars. This track is alright - I wait for the album to pass judgement

    • The smart moron

      You fuckin moron, just listen to the music, who gives a fuck about Ocean's sexuality.

  • nohomo

    Andre 3000 stole kool keith's style all the way. Anyone who thinks otherwise probably hasn't reached puberty yet. Only difference is that KK was never effeminate like "benji."

  • Anonymous

    too much ignorance/trolling here, he's not even gay, he's bisexual, so, yes, he can still sing about women, calm down everyone. I can't imagine how insecure some of you people must be to hate (I don't use that word often) on him because of him being CONFIDENT enough to be HONEST with his sexuality, smh hip-hop, I hate my generation so much.

  • Anonymous

    ANDRE'S a beast even though Ocean's gay fuck y'all that be hating on him for no reason...Who are you to cast judgement on another human being... Any way love the trace, hate when Ocean moans pleasure but other than that the tracks amazing STOP THE HATE

  • St7

    frank ocean is a faggot. andre 3000 is a faggot. i like how this cream puff tripled his fanbase by coming out with a scripted "I'M GAY" story pushed by his label. and everyone falls right in, because thats whats improtant in entertainment. andre 3k cant be bothered with outkast but he can hit a faggot lounge singer that sucks with a track. whole music game is in the shitter. i rememeber when r and b was good this shit ISNT good. remember your boy is writing about other men when you start crooning along you sissies.

  • Anonymous

    andre how long did this nigga suck on your noodle to get this feature? be honest nig

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I knew Andre 3000 had sugar in his tank

  • morning breath is bad!!

    I came for Andre 3000 verse... but overall nice song.

  • Brown Hornet

    What dude know about pink matter, maybe brown matter....

  • Sonny Rene

    real chill song. Andre's verse was tight but he can do better than that.

  • DK


  • Tom Hansen

    15. "Pink Matter" (ft. Andre 3000) A lyrical continuation of "Sweet Life," but where that song was nestled in the sexy, R&B half of Channel Orange, "Pink Matter" is at one with the more ambitious and introspective second half. Ocean stays in his resonant baritone register here, as slow, mournful strings and barely audible, clanging trash-can drums lead to funk bass, which leads to Outkast's Andre 3000. Andre's amazing verse is an album highlight, as is the funk guitar solo that follows him and the four-beat bass drum that ends the song.

  • Grandson

    How many singers can reference a dragonball z character? Frank ocean that's who! Plus Andre 3k's flow is rediculous in this song, fucking incredible.

  • jerks

    Some real ignorant comments here. It bothers me more that he's black versus being gay.

  • Anonymous

    this is pretty deep no lie even though he's homo

  • Anonymous

    ALWAYS* not almost.. sorry people

  • Anonymous

    Andre is the most consistent artist when it comes to lyrical ability.. He's almost been a wordsmith. Andre should just make a song out this by himself.. it would def get a perfect 5

  • Anonymous

    finally, some real hip hop on dx...

  • jack johnson

    oh great now we're getting bombarded with frank ocean shit

  • Anonymous

    It aint bad, still dont see the hype round this guy tho

    • tbones

      Cosignee, dnt get the hype at all, dude is apparently a good writer but as a vocalist, hes just average. Only novocane and swim good i lik from this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Automatic 1star for a fucking homosexual

    • Anonymous

      I'm so sick and tired of homophobic comments, grow up man... If you're a christian and that's the reason you don't like gay people it's okay being a christian but doesn't teach you to respect others? If you think gays are bad, it's your opinion but don't be a dick. Fucking bullshit This song deserves a 5/5.

  • Anonymous

    Damn ..... 5 stars.

  • hiphopsince93

    The age of the gay, out of the closet artist. Didn't think i would be alive to see this day. Lil Wayne will be the first openly gay rapper. Quote that shit.

  • count melancholy


  • Anonymous

    damn I think the summer is All Channel Orange for Rnb Lovers and Life Is Good for real Hiphop heads

  • roberthuntzinger

    love it!

  • Anonymous

    They wrong for that cutoff tho

  • Sincere

    This track is dooooop!!!

  • Kwame Jones

    Frank Ocean is an inspiring artist; his melodic phrases, unique harmonies and abstract art is other worldly. I became a fan based on this album, I've heard some of his songs before but not in a cohesive project such as this. To me he's like the Stevie Wonder of this new generation, his gift of storytelling and introspective and poignant way of describing everyday situations especially relationships is ethereal as it is soul stirring. The percussive, jazzy, filtered and boutique production on this album provides the foundation and balance, space, breadth and depth for Frank Ocean to 'Swim Good'. There are dope songs on this album like the Andre 3000 feature, Sweet Life, Pyramids, Thinkin About You and many more. In fact I love the whole package including the interludes. Pull up your chair, turn off your mobile phone, light up a nice blunt and tune in to Channel Orange. Now thats a Sweet Life.

  • Anonymous

    The whole album is amazing, been up listening to it all night, really took me back to the first time I heard Voodoo.

  • Jay

    THis album is so far ahead of so much shit right now....he sounds like stevie wonder on some of these joints

  • MightyMike27

    This albums gonna be dope. He should have had drums through all of it, not just when Andre started rhyming. Andre needs to come out with a new album...Wasted talent.

    • Anonymous

      I'm certain he's working due to all the guest verses he's giving out, he wouldn't just be in the studio recording random verses for features. He needs to get the production right though.

  • STY

    lol he said Majin Buu doe. Good song!

  • hate revolver

    You can hear the Outkast influence on this song like the stankonia album.

  • gaytupc

    i didnt know tupac was gay haha bruh i fucks with you. if people are so straight what they scared of... haha are they really straight they only get an erection from women what they so scared of hahah the people that made this society were just bullshitin they told on themselves by creating the hatred of gays because if not steered they were open to sleeping with any one male or female. haha if wasnt so easy to jump why care. things would just happen naturally dont you think. same goes or race why enforce racism and dont share power. if black are so dump why not have level ground. they are so dumb they will still end up doing poorly in life why fix the game. lol

  • Real Talk

    Nice chill and kick back beat, chill flow from 3k, not bad

  • pienman

    this is wat art is about.... the coming 2 terms wit luv & the hav we fallen out of...i say pink does matter! lmao

  • wishworks

    look fuck who fucking this song its bad,underrated though 4.25

  • ricryne

    3 stacks kilt that

  • Anonymous

    People are still bitching about Frank being bi & think they're being clever & funny with their slurs? Yeah, you kids are definitely mature. Fuckin' idiots. smh

  • royce

    PINK ?? really ...who could like this shit man ?? i know who ppl who wear PINK... why yall trippin about Eric Sermon(he said he's not gay)

  • Anonymous

    Yall dumfuck ignorant ass bitches. Yall dont ride in Lambos, go to Europe and fuck models or sell boat loads of coke, but yall bump that shit and cant listen to Frank Ocean because he's gay. He likes men, the way straight men like women, so yall have more commonalities with him than Rick Ross, Kanye and Jay-Z. Yall stay livin in the past. Yall feel about gays like people during the Civil Rights movement felt about minorities. FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! Let Frank Ocean live.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is dope. fuck the haters. frank ocean is still dope as fuck.

  • Just Got Back From Work

    Bisexual feat. Lesbian - Pink Matter

  • thought dog

    Hes obviously convincing men to stop making babies with women here.

  • Anonymous

    He's a dope artist period, do you honestly believe he's the only male in the hip-hop industry who isn't heterosexual?

  • Anonymous

    was good sounds like this album gna be pretty chill

  • Anonymous

    He trying to get the gay people to buy his shit so lame...

  • jr88

    how can you hate on this?most of you listen to a fake gangster former cop!...you guys listen to gangster rap when you live in the burbs! listening to tupacdoesnt make you ganster and listening to frank ocean doesnt make you gay....smh

  • Truth

    Frank should've called it "purple matter", not pink.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about his sexuality, fuckin good tune

  • braindead

    wish the drums had played the whole time



  • Anonymous

    This is fucking good

  • Anonymous

    this song is great!!!!!!!!! Both of them did a great job. No more comments on him being gay he's still a human being, that hasn't done anything detrimental to us.

    • Anonymous

      Not true.......... I'm pretty sure he uses she in allot of his songs dude. And I smash women to his songs they don't care nor do I its music. Really gay people are regular people we all are the same except for our preferences. Seriously if you don't like the guy cause of his music don't listen to him. SMH people.

    • Anonymous

      ...Except for the fact that his love songs are about men. Any straight dude cant fucks wit that pal.

  • Anonymous

    The gay thing kind of killed it for me, cause I feel like hes singing about men now. But this shit is fire and im willing to look past that gayshit

    • Anonymous

      2nd anon likes fat dicks in his bootyhole, smh

    • dammmn

      FLAMER ^^^^^^^

    • Anonymous

      he probably won't be singing about men, he's bi not gay. And songs from men about girls is what people want to know which means he will be singing about girls. Although a song by a man about loving a man would be pretty cool actually it would be contraversial.