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Frank Ocean closes out the week with what matters most...the music.


  • Anonymous

    Music at its best

  • Anonymous

    could be the breath of fresh air r&b has been grasping for. a bit Musiq Soulchildish, but still strong lyrical content & production places this on repeat for me over the next 30 mins or so...

  • smoke

    i just want to point out that i for one don't believe in strict homosexuality and heterosexuality, to me it is a spectrum that we are born in and hardwired in our dna. Homosexual relationship exist in the animal kingdom and have been a part of human history forever. Sexuality and procreation are not the same thing. The female orgasm for example has no purpose in the procreation of babies. Science has theorized that the "g spot" exists mainly for pleasure. Sex is just a human relations between people. Its primary purpose is for pleasure and developing relations. Evolutionary speaking, sex allows a two (or more people) to become committed to each other and therefore ensure the protection of the species. Animals evolved sex to be pleasurable in order to adapt and survive. the procreation aspect of sex only explains the creation of offspring to carry on the species. Sex explains why a male and a female would be invested in each other in raising their offspring together. Sex is the reason union between people makes sense and it does not matter which genders it is in between. Therefore one must clearly see that sexual attraction is due to the fact that humans crave relations with other humans. If you do not get that analogy. Then let me explain it to you this way. Why do people have sweet tooths? Why does sugar taste good? It is not because inherently it is sweet. and Inherently Chocolate cake tastes good. No evolution has created taste buds to seek sugars which are form of quick energy and the release of pleasure in the brain is just your body telling you this. Same thing with sexuality, a persons attraction to another person is just your brain reacting to a stimulus that has been hardwired response that says relationships with others is good. Why does jerking off feel good? it is not for procreation, it is just you stimulating a pleasure button in your brain. all in all hatred of homosexuality is really no different than hating someone because of their race or ethnicity.

  • Mortis

    Frank's music is cum farting

  • Derek

    Even though this niggas gay bi whatever he is I still listen to him.

  • Jason

    Dope track regardless of whether he straight, bi, or gay. Channel Orange in a week

  • Realness

    Ay we all on here for the music right?? So why is his sexuality even mentioned, dude makes some good music, shouts out to Frank Ocean. WORD!

  • Wiley

    Doesnt matter if this nigga is gay he makes good music. Luther Vandross & Prince could be possibly gay but people around the world love their music cuz they still made good music for people & for the bitches...the gay people u have to worry about is the undercover thugs entering & leaving the prison system

  • Wileyq

    Whether this nigga is gay or not he makes hot music...Luther vandross could of been gay aint nobody buggin off that, Prince wear heel boots but people love his music....Most gay niggas be those thugged out tough guys going or leaving the prison system

  • Anonymous

    DUH any man that can sing like that is def not straight don't matter though I can respect his jams still a fan and i hate oddfuture weirdos some of the best singers in our history have been a little funny Little Richard Freddie Mercury Elton John Drake(lol) ha never mind drizzy can't sing for shit

  • Mr Obvious

    Single = women. Black Beverly Hills = man ass.

  • Bop

    The title is so befitting...Fkk yall trolls thats knocking people for their opinion on his decision to come out. If he didn't want people to talk he shouldn't have said anything.

  • Banga

    This nigga is a queer!

  • Julian

    Great song! 5 stars



  • Str8 Pussy Lover

    man i keep this shit on Play constantly yo. 5/5 such a smooth production from Pharrell and Frank. Franks lyrics and vocals. perfect.

  • mistermagic_kush

    At the first listen I thought the song was mediocre. Now that it has grown onto me, I can't get enough. THIS SHIT IS DOPE!!! Hater's due to Frank's sexuality GO FUCK YA SELF WITH A FIFTEEN INCHER!!!!

  • J

    Whatttt. Smooth summer music. Dope

  • See

    for some reason his vocals sound too loud on the track...but the song is ok.

  • Mat

    This is amazing music. All that matters.

  • anti nigga machine

    Fuck the gay agenda and those who support it with yall defiant asses yall know The Most high aint with it because it is not pro creation but yall sissies choose to do as thou wilt.yall gonna lean to think with yall brain instead of emotions and what you feel is right.

    • who?

      who is?lmao at least specify.

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot

    • true that LJofSpades

      anti nigga machine dude is obviously wacked out with bible thumpin poo brain.God itself did not write the bible.all i gotta say.

    • LJofSpades

      There's also no procreation between those who are infertile. Is that immoral too? And your emotions and intuition (what you feel is right) are produced in your brain. What one of the many proposed gods are you talking about and how do you know what it wants or thinks?

  • customer5310


  • Anonymous

    You kids will say you don't like his music because you can't relate to it anymore but then go listen to Rick Ross and 50 Cent talking about their million dollar cars, licking champagne off supermodels tits and sleeping with 40 million women in one night! Yeah that's much easier to relate to. Love is love, the feeling is the same weather it's for a woman or man, if he was singing about being taken from behind then fair enough but he ain't.

  • Anonymous

    The rating (Below 4) proves the age of commenters on this site, had this track released a week ago it would be rated closer to 4.5, that's a fact.

  • count melancholy

    he's on that d'angelo shit

  • count melancholy

    this is the type of music i like. fuck all that other shit. this beat is brilliant

  • Yep

    ill track....surprised at the low rating

  • Anonymous

    This is some FAG music! Sweet Life, Up the Ass!

  • Beast

    yall dumb just cuz he's bi, it dosn't mean everybody is going to rate his music based on that, this song is ok it aint like pyramids in my opinion... definately not 5 stars

  • Anonymouse

    Automatic 1 star for any faggot rappers/singers.

  • JETLIFE116

    seriously tho...this shit aint a perfect 5? Niggas really need to grow the fuck up on this site

  • Anonymous

    this is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!! Pharrell and Frank are a great combo.

  • Anonymous

    only reason this is anywhere below a 4 is because people are being ignorant. great music is great music. Channel Orange is going to be a classic.

    • Frank is still the shit

      dude i know.normally frank will get good ratings.smh.and this is like some of his best shit hands down.

  • The MG

    Great song Frank. Keep being yourself and ignore the negativity. Remember people, it's all about the music, not the person's sexuality. Channel Orange and Life Is Good 7/17/12

  • gr3yMar

    All about the music. I prefer Frank Ocean keepin it real vs gay rappers promoting misogyny, knowing they sleep with men

  • Anonymous

    His sexuality aside...... This is a Great song !!!

  • J

    dope... dont care about his sexuality

  • Colione

    I am so happy there are rappers and r&b artists starting to come out of the closet. It really makes me a lot more comfortable about my sexuality. This is Colione from the world famous production group the J.u.s.t.i.c.e league. And I am so glad I can start to speak openly about being gay. Keep doin what ur doin Frank. We love you dog.

  • BubblerBubba420

    Not a perfect 5 out of 5 but, it's something I can jam to. 4/5

  • MightyMike27

    Dope ass song. the chorus is a little too gospel soundin' for me but i'll give it a 5/5 anyway. I like the beat, should have brought the drums in earlier.

  • Jay

    Why people get so worked up about someone behind close door wants. that is the only thing that is different about Frank Ocean. You could be at work with someone right now that do some weird things in the bedroom. But being gay is not something that is a big deal because they only have one thing that is different and that is who they sleep with. Stop living in peoples bedroom.

  • joe


  • Anonymous

    Him "Coming out the closet" this close to an album release was a publicity stunt to distract people from acknowledging songs like this are mediocre. His marketing team deserves a round of applause. 2/5 , song isnt anything special.

    • Anonymous

      bwahahahaha he came out because on the album he talks about other men and somebody noticed this at a listening party so he explained himself... NO EDUCATED DUMBASS

  • Anonymous

    Real nice track.

  • chillthrills

    stevie wonderish,,,sound,,,,,lyrics are fuity,,,,track is soulful,,can this nigga music help get a nigga some pussy hmmm!!!,i dont know,,,but there have always been gay singers that make good music they just keep their sexuality to themselves or wear it on their sleeve,,,he could have keep that shit to himself,,,cause now niggas gonna be studying those lyrics,,,for gayness,,,,real niggas love good music,,we just dont wanna be singing gay tunes,,STRAIGHT UP FUCK THAT

  • Anonymous

    If he were singing about a woman, 4/5. Since he's singing about a man, 1/5.

  • Jay

    Dope...Luther vandross was gay i fuck wit his music heavyz

  • yomygosh

    I don't have a problem with Ocean but I gotta admit I'm hesitant to listen to his shit now. It's just awkward that he may have been talking about a guy in his songs all along and we didn't know. He was talking about a "New Feel" in one of his songs. Makes you wonder what feeling he was talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Oh god now that you said that im also skeptical. but his music is still good so i cant even hate

  • this shit viiibes

    stop being ignorant ass motherfuckers. first of all, the man has admitted he fell in love with a man. that doesn't automatically mean he's gay, he actually is most likely bi considering he's been with plenty of women. secondly, not enjoying an artist's music just because of their sexuality is the same as not liking an artist's music because they're black. it's just fucking stupid. anyone who hates on frank ocean because of that might as well be saying a bunch of racist shit on this site and joining the KKK. all you haters should be taken outside and shot in the face. the world would be better without you.

    • Anonymous

      obviously talkin with yall is a fuckin lost cause since yall think jesus was gay (which show how fuckin brain washed yall are and totally fucked up) and being gay accordingly to your comments is the new cool i wont respond anymore just eat a fat dick and from the bottom of my heart go fuck yourselves

    • this shit viiibes

      damn. humanity is even stupider than i thought. even the Romans were gay, bro. 90% of Hollywood has sucked a dick. to both Anonymous dickheads above, grow the fuck up and read a book sometime. you are both intolerant, simple and plain. i guess man love is only ok when it's with Jesus. fucking clowns.

    • TotheIdiotAbove^

      I'm not gonna say I know if there is a gay gene or not, but why would ANYONE choose to be gay in society? Gay people get shat on all the time. Nobody wants to be gay. They just are. So I'll bet there is a gay gene that people are born with...

    • Anonymous

      "secondly, not enjoying an artist's music just because of their sexuality is the same as not liking an artist's music because they're black" ___________________________________ and please i don't wanna see this fuckin argument ever !!! ATTENTION PEOPLE BEING BLACK AND BEING GAY IS NOT THE SAME DILEMMA yall putting the color skin and the sexual orientation on the same level to back up your anti homophobe ideas which is totally fucked up !!! explanations (and no i won't put God or any religious thoughts in this mothafucka) : - being black has never been an issue by itself (i mean except for some mothafuckin racist people who think there is a hierarchy between races). on a straight biological point of view, it is just a melanin thing. just like white people sunburning on a beach. it is just a matter of pigmentation. chinese people have slanting eyes etc. each race have his own physical features which distinguish him from the other. it's called natural diversity. darwin called it natural selection. otherwise any form of discrimination against someone's natural or biological characteristic is stupid. cause it would mean nothing but trying to ignore what mother nature established along all these years of human evolution - being gay is fuckin different. it is not natural. it is a fuckin dysfunction. man and woman are meant to be with each other. full stop. a man and a woman union is the fundamental basis of procreation. it is the main start to a family structure. a kid need a man and a woman in his life in order to be psychologically stable. a man can bring to a child's education what a woman cannot. and a woman can bring to her kid everything a man cannot. i'm fuckin surprised people now these days don't fuckin get it. instead yall try to find some twisty explanation like "we're in the 21th century things have change blablabla". fucka outta here ! otherwise it would mean if we go further in your fuckin non sense that maybe in a century an adult would be authorized to date a minor. or a human being can marry is fuckin pet just because "things have changed and people should be more open minded" tired of this fuckin bullshit

    • Anonymous

      "first of all, the man has admitted he fell in love with a man. that doesn't automatically mean he's gay, he actually is most likely bi considering he's been with plenty of women" __________________________________ FUCK OUTTA HERE !! still he sucked a dude's dick and probably took it to the ass by the same guy for a whole fuckin summer i don't give a shit if he likes woman either when you're bi it still means you can look a dude from the bottom to the top to check if he's fuckable or not. it's just disgusting man fuck homos considering many comments on DX it seems like hip-hop is now ran by gay people. fuck it. I'm gonna listening to rock music. at least these dude keep it mainly straight fuckin faggots !


    *re edit....TML =THANK ME LATER


    #to "haterz" who know me not....edit




    to those hater who know or not...



  • IntolerantFucks

    Judge the song not the man. Not that I like the song anyways, but I'll give it five stars since he came out right before his album drops. Only song I really like by him is Novacane and She, but the track off his album with Earl Sweatshirt should be dope

  • @CJonno90

    Nice song man and don't give me shit about you being a homophone, what? do you have a chronic fear of gay people!?

  • nawmane


    • Anonymous

      @nawmane. you dont relate to shit bruh.plus he hasnt put out any songs about being with a man

    • Anonymous

      what!? I bet half the shit you listen to you can't relate to!!! he's making music about love (immature comment below) YEAH huhuhuhu MAN LOVE!

    • nawmane

      How im i ignorant because i can no longer relate to his music .If he makes a banger that has nothing to do with relationships or sex (straight or fag ) i will listen

    • yeah ok

      You gonna be ignorant at least spell faggot right, faggot

    • shut your ignorant ass up

      you should be shot

  • Anonymous

    fuck i can't get out of my mind he's singin bout a dude now still on the music schedule it worths a 4/5