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The most anticipated track off Chris Brown's "Fortune" has arrived. Here is the Nas-assisted single "Mirage."



  • JCC1

    Dope Track!!! Nas went in...Chris held it down! "they got good sushi in aspen, that good pussy i'm smashing...

  • C

    Can anyone tell me what "mass hisa" is?

  • Its Um

    I wonder if he made this after that Rihanna single russian roulette, and the only reason now he's bring up because he's fustrated and plus felt it was too good to stay in slumber.

  • Oldschoold

    Crazy beat and dope verse from Nas. That's a nice combination.

  • Hip Hop/R&B

    Nice track with Chris & Nas!

  • Real talk

    Nas was good who was tha other dude?

  • son

    Nasty season alright..... Melaine Fiona - Running ft Nas Mary J Blige - Feel Inside ft Nas Amy Winehose - Like Smoke ft Nas Gary Clark Jr - Bright Lights ft Nas Nelly Furtado - Something ft Nas Tyga - Kings & Queens ft Nas Knaan - Nothing to lose ft Nas Raekwon - Rich black ft Nas Lil Wayne - Outro ft Nas Rick Ross - Triple Beam Dreams ft Nas Mobb Deep - Dog Shit ft Nas Nicki Minaj - Champion ft Nas Mobb Deep - Get it Forever ft Nas C.J Hilton - So Fresh ft Nas Nneka - Heartbeat Ft Nas Common - Ghetto Dreams ft Nas DJ Premier - Regeneration ft Nas MMG - This thing of Ours ft Nas Ron Artest - Who are you ft Nas Carlos Santana - Back in Black ft Nas DJ Premier - Regenaration Mix - Nas & Apathy Kollexxion - Turn up tha Mic ft Nas Sit back & roll a mean Swisher, For my Gs, tell these clowns make room for the king niggah - Nas [Nasty]

  • Nutty

    Nas is on fire.... this is a goog joint. Chris did his thing



  • King89

    Go away! This is dope!

  • Tre

    Dope! Y'all so called "Hip Hop Heads" can be so f*ckin annoying... Hip Hop has no rules! How can it possibly have rules when the genre isn't even 50 years old!?! It came about as a blending of multiple genres so just appreciate the music you like and the music you don't like, push it to the side of your playlist!

  • Stan

    I thought Nas was smart, but realized it was just a Mirage when i got closer and realized he scared to collabo with real lyricist & can't make money from other business ventures, and is solely dependent on hip hop for survival and maintaining his lifestyle

    • MB

      How many real lyricists are there out there worth doing a collabo with? Nas has worked with every major artist in the game...he has nothing to prove because he's already a legend. And not making $ with other business ventures is choice, not stupidity.

  • milehighkid303

    Him, Em and a few others have TOTALLY lost my respect as a Hip Hop head. The REASON I say this, is I'm 28, there was a time IN THESE GUYS CAREER that THEY themselves would have slapped the sunshine out themselves for moves like this. Comprimising character for RELEVANCE?? Fuck outta here. Nas BEEN letting me down ever since IWW, and Em ass let me down once he started listening to you cornballs (all those IDIOTS who think Relapse doesnt take a steamy pile on Recovery). These "legends" stood for something that they fought YEARS for and are so now easily to throw it away because of the new crowd they've come to TRY and please. You fuckin' kids are so damn stupid, the artists themselves can't even throw gimmicks out there to relate to yall cause you kids are more volatile then a bitch on her period. Shame on Nas for this look and the Rick Ross look, same goes with Em when he collabed with MTV's TRL list. Ya'll call it maturing if you want, n no I'm not a hater, I'm a hip hop head, I appreciate, cyphers, breakers, REAL dj's, and the culture and MESSAGES this shit was found on. ONE.

  • NONO

    Most of you guys are idiots...Did you even pay attention to the message of the song...Probably got women using most of yall right now

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chris Breezy killed Nas on dis shit. Nas is outdated. we young niggas dont listen to Nas and other old ass rappers. Chris Brown is one of the poets of our generation. so he killed Nas easly. swag

    • r

      thats because you people dont appreciate music you dont know what real music is thats why you people listen to people like drake lil wayne. old ass rappers music is too much for you to handle too raw lol kids these days chill to bitch shit

  • Anonymous

    hiphop is like a fking zombie right now

  • 614grind

    You ever notice all the low IQ Hip Hop fans/haters are all "Anonymous". I think these are just Hiphopdx bots that are just here to get the thread poppin.

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    Too bad C.Brown is a ho. 1 Star, sorry Nas. You shouldn't do songs with Ho's.

  • Melaniniac

    Kelis, are you listening?

  • unbiased

    Nas is the only good part. I just listened to fortune leak and it was rubbish. this is the only good song on the album.

  • jack johnson

    this song is boring and bland as hell, nas had the only slightly interesting bit.


    yo yo, let me just turn off the auto tune, hold up hold up, aye this one here is going out to all the injured bitches in new york, thats including my body guards teelo and shaneqwa number 2 , i see you. keep that wrist strong baby girl, fifa 2012 it's on, i got a pack of doritos on that. ill see you when i see you. alabama what up, dc where you at im hungry, churp churp ima go feed some pidgeons bow wow baby salmons in the north

  • comercial sell outs

    sick experience, all i could hear was advertisments playing in the background, two of them. I got an idea how bout you set some targets, aim for like at least ten commercials on every article. nice one dx last time i come here and waste my time supporting some fake ass sell outs, you promoting garbage with your adds man, you needa just quit that shit foreal, like q tip said fuck you and that nigger that ate my cheezeburger, where the hell my cookies ray ray


    Come on has what are you doing with this dbag.

  • Anonymous

    Are you a lyricist & do you have a legendary career in the music industry? If NOT STFU about what LIG tracklist & what it should have been. Nas & Chris!

  • Chris

    Nas is to good at rapping for his own good. He destroys every verse he's on. One of the best to ever do it

  • magmatic123

    both good artist but this song sounds unfinished almost like nas was sleep bored and pressed for time

  • ap

    Smh....people are so dumb, who cares who an artist collabos with? The bigger question is what kinda of track are they making? The names dont mean shit! i dont care if Nas ft Soulja boy....if its not a corny song then it dont matter, cuz guess what if em, nas, jayz ft slaughter house and they made a soulja type song/single hes known for, then that would be wack too, the artist names dont mean shit!

    • Anonymous

      i ONLY see this type of excuses when nas is the target. lmao. let his stans brag about his sales, but somebody comes up with a rapper who sells more, it's: 'sales don't matter'. ohter rappers do features with singers: 'they sold out'. let nas do a song with the popstars: 'rappers can work with whoever they want'. rappers being outshined: 'they're wack'. nas gets destroyed on a track: 'it doesn't matter, yall need to enjoy the song as a whole'. god damn, you nas stans are fucking disgusting.

    • tell em again

      yo u sum that up just right...like nas and jayz song "Sucess" wasn't all that good...it really dont matter

  • Anonymous

    NAS is the closest to PAC.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    chris brown sucks! Nas really trying to make some cash huh.

  • Life Is Good

    Tracklist Should of Been... 1. No Introduction (Produced by Just Blaze) 2. Loco-Motive feat. AZ (Produced by No I.D.) 3. A Queens Story (Produced by DJ Premier) 4. Accident Murderers feat. Jon Connor (Produced by No I.D.) 5. Daughters (Produced by No I.D.) 6. Reach Out feat. Janelle Monae (Produced by DJ Premier) 7. Worlds An Addiction feat. Phonte (Produced by DJ Premier) 8. Summer On Smash feat. The Weeknd & Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes) 9. You Wouldnt Understand feat. Lauryn Hill (Produced by Buckwild) 10. Back When (Produced by No I.D.) 11. The Don (Produced by DJ Premier) 12. Stay (Produced by No I.D.) 13. Cherry Wine feat. Amy Winehouse (Produced by Mark Ronson) 14. Bye Baby (Produced by 9th Wonder) 15. Nasty (Produced by Salaam Remi) 16. The Black Bond (Produced by DJ Premier) 17. Roses (Produced by J. Cole) 18. Wheres The Love feat. Common (Produced by No I.D.) 19. Trust (Produced by Q-Tip)

  • Jimmy

    This cold! S/o to Chris Breezy! Can you hear Nas' bars??????? Wheewwwwwww!

  • BIG C

    oh and i meant to type hear jus in case we hav a smart ass to comment on here!!

  • Big C

    Im lmao at evrybody on here hating on Nas...this man got everyone of yo favorite artist collab with him...if yall cant open yo eyes wide enough to see he's the hottest rapper beside Rick Ross in the game right now then yall really sniffin BATH SALT!!! Everybody wants Nas on their record cause he's a legend and they know what he brings to da table. PERIOD!!! If u mad at NAS right now, go find someone gun and put it to your head and squeeze da trigga so u dont hav to see or here about NAS no more cause he's not going anywhere...BITCHES!!! LETZ GO ESCO!! 7-17

    • tbones

      U better watch ur back cos a certain 30 yrs old anonymous or cormega or rex or watever other aliases he appears as will be here in a minute to tell u how Nas been wack since IWW n how he got one flow and how he paved the way for rappers to sell out with IWW and every other nonsense dat cld ever come out from a niggies mouth. Dat dumbskull should have been aborted b4 he got the chance to perpetuate his buffoonery n ignorance in this world.

  • Anonymous


  • Yeah

    Eminem works with Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Pink, etc = A sellout and pop star. Nas works with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Rick Ross, etc = Oh Nas can work with whoever he wants! He's still the GOAT! You Nas stans disgust me. Smh

    • hey youngin...

      hey dickface, go and shoot yourself...stop going to all of nas article and hate on the man..maybe your a fan of Nas cause you came here...JackAZZ!!

    • ETK

      Eminem screams/sings on those songs? WHEN THE FUCK Eminem been singing on his own shit, and he been doing that since 2000s, second of all he spits just as hard on many of those collabos. no matter how much niggas can't stomach Wayne, Eminem killed it on No Love & Drop the World. Nas stans are indeed lame. word up, if this was Chris Brown ft. Eminem, niggas would let Eminem have it. it's BS

    • Anonymous

      nas doesn't make a record like not afraid...i wouldnt mind if eminem collabs with rihanna or pink. But recovery didn't need those features to sound mainstream...mainstream is a sound, not an artist.

    • Chris

      Agreed...There is a difference from what Lil' Wayne spits on Devin The Dude - "Lil' Girl Gone" and how he spits or even Lloyd - "Get It Shawty" compared to say how he flows on T-Pain - "I Can't Believe It".....it's all about how the featured artist performs on a feature, NOT on WHO they do a feature with...if anything it should be a good thing for hip-hop to become more international by expanding to collaborate with artists from different genres of music...this has happened with Rock/Jazz, Blues/Country, etc., etc.

    • alskfdjalkefle

      i dont think anyone cares bout who a nigga works with, its bout how they do on the song. Em fuckin screams/sings on those Pink songs but Nas handles his own

    • Chris

      Not disagreeing with you, but on flip side Nas has collaborated with other more respectable artists (singers), such as Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Damien Marley, Devin The Dude, etc....He also never made a Rebirth type of album nor has he EVER made a song like "How To Love"....It's hard to compare Nas to Eminem or Wayne because they are simply different different artists with different styles.

    • Anonymous

      *em and jay

    • Anonymous

      word. no wonder that nobody, besides themselves, takes these assclowns seriously. they call em and nas sellouts, but when it comes to nas they have thousands of pre-packaged excuses. they make new standards for every single move of him. it's ridiculous and disgusting at the same time.

  • TMZ


  • Quinci Wells

    This joint is HOT!! I love it, and I know that this isn't the only song on the FORTUNE album that Nas helped write, it's the just the only one that he graces us with is CRAZY SICK flow on!! I love Nas and Chris, put them together, it's EPIC!!

  • Andre

    Nas somehow sounded like big ghost on this.



  • Roger Rabbit

    Nas been highly active in 2011 and 2012 making guest Appearances he really out to prove he's the greatest which he already is IMO but i love this track it's fire great Collab

    • Anonymous

      out to prove he's the greatest? come on, you nas stans going super crazy with it now. get this clown on a track with em or crooked i and we will see how the 'greatest' will hold up

  • J-Yo

    Top 10 Hip Hop Albums IMO: 1) Life After Death (BIG) 2) Get Rich or Die Trying (50) 3) Marshall Mathers LP (Eminem) 4) Chronic 2001 (Aftermath Records) 5) No Way Out (Bad Boy records) 6) Tupac Greatest Hits 7) Harlem World (Ma$e) 8) DMX 1st album 9) DMX 2nd Album 10) Beg For Mercy (G-Unit)

  • Anonymous

    We need an album of these two.

  • Anonymous

    wish this wasnt a chris brown track, would be better with nas and another mc onit

  • Anonymous

    nas is just on a whole nother level right now.damn he owinin the game

  • Anonymous

    this song is dope!!

  • Anonymous

    back to cor got him a deal but his ryhmes was wak/ def jam mad that he sighned the contract?..lol.. DESTROY AND REBUILD

    • Tbones

      U better watch ur back cos a certain 30 yrs old anonymous or cormega or rex or watever other aliases he appears as will be here in a minute to tell u how Nas been wack since IWW n how he got one flow and how he paved the way for rappers to sell out with IWW and every other nonsense dat cld ever come out from a niggies mouth. Dat dumbskull should have been aborted b4 he got the chance to perpetuate his buffoonery n ignorance in this world.

  • ayo456

    NAS is everywhere! It's a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    mega for the record u can suck my d#$%!!!!! DESTROY AND REBUILD

  • Anonymous

    lol@ cormega...cormega clearly sounds like a nas stan...he needs to focuse on his own songs and maybe his catalog will some day come close to nas...he sounds like a guy who clearly admires nas to point that he hates to admire him..lol..if mega focused more on his flow and delevery and less on all of nas songs he would be a better artist..yah mega fans that compare mega to nas must be hard in hearing..if any mega fan can honestly tell me his flow is on point u clearly are delusional..his ryhmes are above average but his flow drags him down to a average rapper..his flow has been susspect and never got better..as of late his flow actually sounds worse

  • kj

    Nas is a mainstream underground artist. He one of the very few who walks that very fine line well. Versatility, depth, balance, lyricism and that's he GOAT. This balance/compromise is also what explains why he'll never get to the extreme levels/pop success of a Jay or extreme underground like a Sean Price. But Nas is freer to collaborate with whoever and still make good music that why's he (and Jay) still relevant in the game.

  • Cormega

    Check it, I had One Love for niggas, those days are over Halftime expired, the game is over It ain't hard to tell, you pay niggas, not to rob you Life's A Bitch and so are you I Am, a nightmare to Street Dreams My New York State Of Mind will outshine ya weak team Take a trip down Memory Lane Niggas had ya ride in flames You didn't represent nigga you cried in pain If the world is yours nigga why you hide ya chain? If ya girls is yours, I won't even go there My niggas, respected, yours is labeled cowards If rap is a gun, I Gave You Power You better watch them niggas, thats close to you Or I'ma pop them niggas If you could see the future, whats the outcome nigga It Was Written, you think you a thug You rule the world, I'ma take it in blood You a Suspect Nigga wit a live niggas rap I'm sendin' you the Message, ya rhymes are wack One time for the mind, I'ma make you bow And I'll prove who's the illest, so Hate Me Now

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This shit is getting outta hand. It should be something special to feature Nas. But hey, that's a way to tarnish your legacy.

  • Anonymous

    who remembers nas spittin fire on mariah careys thank god i found u in 1999.make it last! make it last!

  • Anonymous

    5 (Murder by Numbers) THE NUKE DROPS NEXT WEEK: Producer Dr. Dre (exec.), Hit-Boy, Boi-1da, Alex da Kid, Havoc, Just Blaze, Jim Jonsin, Symbolyc One, AraabMuzik, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Drumma Boy, Swizz Beatz, Scoop DeVille, Jake One, Sap Da Beat Man



  • ETK

    Chris Brown? ok Nas, chill... don't go too far down the drain lmao

  • Anonymous

    Parallel : I shot a man down

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    If you look at Nas's career, he has consistently worked with commercial artists just like everyone else's favorite rapper. 1996 it was Dr. Dre and Trackmasters, 1999 it was Puffy, 2001 it was Amerie 2002 it was Alicia Keys and Lil Jon, 2004 it was Luda and Maxwell, 2006 it was the Game and Kanye, and lately its been Young Money MMG, etc bc these have been and are the people who have the spotlight. But notice how he can hop on track with pure lyricists and still kill it. Jay Z, Eminem (on a track called Topless), AZ, Kool G Rap, Raekwon, Common, and the list goes on. You cant hate on any rapper tryna get paid, especially when they have proven they can kill anybody on track. Jay, Jada, Common, Scarface, Mos Def, Talib, and all the other lyrical champs do the same shit, so stop hating and making excuses. The truth is Nas is on such a higher level that ppl limit him in terms of subject like he's not supposed to do a track just to have fun. Shut up with the bitching

    • ap

      people are so dumb, its not about nas, jayz,eminem, 50 blah blah who cares who they collabo with. the real question is what kinda of song are these artist making when they collab, i dont care if nas made a song with soulja boy, if its sope song and isent corny who care, cuz guess what if nas and jay collab i dont give it propes cuz who theu are, that dont matter either, cuz if em, nas, jay on the same song and they made a soulja boy type song/single hes known for they would be wack to me too....smh

    • Racha

      Because everything is defendable

    • Anonymous

      Shut your ass up, you fucking Nas stans feel the need to defend him for everything.

    • Anonymous

      cosign 100 percent.

    • Anonymous

      cosign 100%.

    • Anonymous

      cosign 100%

  • Anonymous

    Sorry haters but this shit is fire!!

  • jay

    you guys are hating on nas cuz he is smart in marketing his self?how can you blame him?chris brown is platinum artist to believe or not and so is nicki . Nas is being smart and trying to connect to the younger audience.Come july 17th he will have great album sales cuz of all these verses.

    • Anonymous

      hey, tbones, we all realized now that you wanted nicki's part in her video with nas.

    • tbones

      Cosignee, u can tell its either these morons are oblivious of Nas's 90's career or they just plain haters that got no credible reason to slag off Nas so they jump on this sell out shit as if he hasnt killed and wont kill their favorite rapper on wax or as if he hasnt worked with the best of artists from other genres. I guess the wack beats complaints has gotten tired so they gotto grasp at something else. Idiots.

    • ?

      It's not even a matter of connecting with younger people. Nas has been doing features with big artists since the 90's. He has tracks with JD, R Kelly, Korn, MJB, Puffy, Missy Elliot, JLO, Mariah Carey, etc all at the height of their success. People who complain about his recent collabs and say he "sold out" obviously know nothing about Nas and are probably teenagers.

  • GOAT

    Damnnnnn, Nas is the best to ever do it, I don't care what anyone says. He has so many different flows and styles, all new content on every album, plus he's lyrical, technical and poetic...He's the best all around emcee. People talk about his personal life or beats, or whatever because they can't say shit about his unmatched rhymes.

    • Anonymous

      First off, Nas has exactly ONE flow. And what kind of unmatched rhymes did you hear? LMAO. You disgusting stans are even making shit up now to big him up. *SCUST* Fuck outta here with this contradicting ass fraud and his coasters that he labels as albums.

    • tbones

      Cosignee, its called grasping at straws because they homie is obviously godbody in all ramifications. Athough there is a 30 yr old anonymous idiot here that swears Nas been wack since illmatic.

  • DruThaDon

    sorta remind me of a Deuces Pt 2,Love the beat.Nas delivered a hot ass verse.

  • Anonymous

    nas is such a clown. how many times does this fool plan on contradicting himself? cormega destroyed his bitch ass.

    • Anonymous

      Nasty Nas all ya life you praised me Your daughter might be Jay Z's Illmatic was real cause you was tryin' to portray me Matter of fact, time for Sony to pay me For "Life's a bitch, God forbid the bitch divorce me" "Street Dreems", and every other rhyme you got off me I shoulda kept the rhymes for me Fuck it now the whole world know Who coward ass Nas tryin to be You was broke, Killa was buyin' ya weed Ya Lex got repossessed, I had mines on the street You shoulda kept it real wit Nature Steve Stoute taught you how to deal wit paper Kings lose crowns, and kingdoms fall When ya queen moves foul, obviously she's Jay Z's boo now, what should he do now?

    • Anonymous

      nas the king dumbfuck who the fuck is cormega

    • Anonymous

      Where's cormega at now. Last i heard Nas killed him on Destroy and Rebuild. So yeah your comment backfired stupid ass.

  • Anonymous

    this dude doesn't deserve a career let alone a nas verse

  • Anonymous

    Nas makes a record about his daughter then he collaborates with this woman beater gay ass singer Nas is nothin but a disappointment by himself

    • Anonymous

      the last comment does not make any sense eddie long you're not allow here specially when everybody know what you did to a few kid from your choir however, the issue with Nas is he talks bout all this stuff in his music and praises integrity but then he contradicts himself in his acts you cannot claim about how it is important to respect women and then making a hit record with a fuckin women beater and says that some rapper (e.g. tyga) is the shit while his record (e.g. rack city) is disrespectful to women what's wrong of pointing out this kind of non sense bullshit ?

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever told a lie before? Then you are a liar. Have you ever taken something that didn't belong to you even if it wasn't worth much i.e. pen from work, money from the floor? Then you are a thief, Have you ever had sex before marriage? then you are a fornicator. That makes you a lying theif and a fornicator how does that feel. If you're quick to put labels and judgement on others then learn to deal with the shit in your own life.

    • Anonymous

      everybody does deserve a second chance. Crhis Brown is that dude stop hating.

    • Anonymous

      hahahahaha...true dat

  • Anonymous

    Nas is killin' it, best commercially verse he released this year, the nicki minaj verse sucks balls

  • Mortis

    Why work with that no good mutherfucker Chris Brown? Rice Krispie dick. Worse than the Virgil

  • Spare

    Looks like everybody is getting a Nas feature, Escobar Season has returned!!!

  • C-Lo Dubai

    TWo of the game's best on one track...thats good music