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All you "Mellow Gold" fans will dig this one. For his latest mixtape leak, Donald Glover scores a guest feature from none other than Beck.


  • Anonymous

    it burns when I pee

  • ghfhfghfg

    I don't usually comment on tracks but this deserves recognition

  • Anonymous

    Loving that techno mixed part..we need another album SOON times

  • Ay

    no one wants to say, but Beck had one of the best verses I've heard in a while!!!!

  • Bobba Fat

    Childish plus Beck is a great combination that just makes sense. You know you're great when you can go hard with Beck.

  • Anonymous


  • KJW

    This is ultra fresh. Always ignored dude because his name is stupid, don't judge a book by its cover I guess.

    • gogglebeanz96

      alot of people dont know but gambino got his name from putting his actual name donald glover into a wu-tang name generator and it came up childish gambino so he said why not haha

  • Gr3yMar

    ... Something just doesnt sit right with me about Childish Gambino. The rap game seems to be flooded with phonies, and an influx of homosexuals. What happened to the masculine image of Black men? I grew up on Tupac, Spice-1, Mos Def etc. Our young men growing up off of Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, and Drake. Am I the only one seeing a homo influenced pattern? We need men in our community. Boondocks was on point with the Gangstalicious revelation

    • Eric

      @Gr3yMar: So your saying if they are not gangstas, thugs, or convicts than they are homosexuals? interesting. And 2pac was a good role model for "our" young black men? interesting. You are either a Homophobic thug or an idiot. Either way, you are more of a negative influence on "our" people than any rapper.

    • diz

      Who cares if people are homosexual? and why does rap have to be associated with black people. Childish can actually rap he doesnt try to say hes from the hood. He just raps when can we respect that. Everyone wants old rap back. Fuck old rap beats werent as fresh as they are now, why cant you respect the times? Did you think people before pac and spice and biggie were like yeah that shits tight. No they hated too but things changed and people adjusted. Grow the fuck up and adjust yourself. Thats the problem in this world everyone wants things to be the way they used to, but that aint gunna happen. Accept the fact that your too old for this shit. People need to move on. No wonder why our economy sucks people like you..all they do is complain get your ass up and do something about it change the world bc anyone can even you.

    • King Pickle

      I guess you have never seen the Wire. Omar

    • Assassin221

      That's not really a good comparison, Gangstalicious was trying to look and act hard even though he was bitchmade, Donald Glover and them at least drop the pretense. And how are any of those artists you listed homo-influenced? I prefer grimy rap too, but it's not like you're either a thug or a homo, you can be both or neither also.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to have some pretty strong feelings about homosexuality. What makes you think the artists you mentioned are homosexuals? You've got issues son

  • GoReadABook

    I wonder when people are gonna realize how dope Gambino is

  • jase

    Are you kidding.. they put this there because it's awesome. Not everyone comments. Like for instance me. I'm just on browsing through the music at work. I'm pretty sure I'll be playing this song about 100 times today from this page.

  • Anonymous

    I heard this nigga is gonna be on the next season of 'Girls'

  • Essex

    Dope! And the Beck verse will bring a new audience.

  • TheFuneral

    bino is cool. anyone know when his next project is droppin

  • Steez la Weez

    This is nice, Childish has a style of making music that's so original...there's always some parts I wish he didn't have but it's always Donald, I fuck with it. Nice guest too

  • Meh

    I hope he isn't dropping the mixtape in a track-by-track manner...we just want the whole thing! D: Track is nice though.

  • NY777

    Beck killed it!! Childish I am not a fan of

  • Mike

    Every track has been dope! Can't wait for the mixtape. Haven't stopped playing Camp, Culdesac, or that EP.

  • loopz

    fucking mad song!!!!

  • Arsn_p

    For CG sky's the limit. He is doing this for fun, and is still putting out good music on a consistent basis.

  • Thefacts

    Shit is laid back and dope. This mixtape might not be cohesive but it looks like it's gonna be a bunch of dope songs.

  • Anonymous

    very original!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    gambino's style is anything but childish

  • Anonymous

    DX must have a gambino groupie as an editor because he always gets put on the front page even though he doesnt get that many comments.

    • Anonymous

      Dawg, then why are you here if all youre going to do is bitch? there are plenty of tracks on here that dont break 100 plays and have less than 10 comments. How are new artists suppose to get some limelight when all you want is the same BS on the cover??

    • Anonymous

      I ain't dickriding YMCMB!?!? his music is much much more than pop culture references and white girls learn shit before commenting ps. looks like it's got a quite a few comments now and it seems like that means more to you than record sales.

    • Anonymous

      what numbers are you referring to? its all about comments and traffic. and usually one follows the other or there's something fishy going on. the ratings have no value to the site. they are there to feed our own ego's. most people dont even rate the music. and find a new played out cliche. "number dont lie" doesnt mean shit on a blog.

    • 2chainz

      Numbers don't lie. He gets good ratings and mad plays they don't base it of comments fool. The base it off clicks for advertisers.

    • Anonymous

      But the main point is it only has 12 comments. It doesnt make much sense constantly insisting that this guy's music be on the front page. Especially when we know that DX is all about their views. so yes, there is some obvious favoritism going on. and what new movement? DX make a decent effort with new artists but they are hardly 2DB or some some site like that. And why are you dickriding YMCMB so hard? This guy's music primarily consists of pop culture references and white girls.

    • dtownbutkows

      ^ sums up why I come here

    • Anonymous

      well thanks to HipHopDX for trying to promote a new movement instead of that shite YMCMB puts out. Theres a lot of conscious Hip-Hop music out there. You just have to find it. If I have to seek consciousness, then what am I presently in the midst of? YMCMB Thanks HipHopDx for helping people find conscious Hip-Hop

    • Anonymous

      Or just a fan maybe? Does it have to be groupie?

  • Zeal

    Is there a release date for this mixtape? Gambino, nippsey, and Kendrick are the only peeps I listen to these days

  • Salaam

    This kid gets better and better, production is always on point

  • Anonymous

    dat gambino boi fire