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"She want them Bobby Ray Bands..." For the second day in a row B.o.B. shares a track off his upcoming sophomore album "Strange Clouds."


  • falhas

    iam a fan of rap but i love listening to good music, B.O.B is that nigga that makes a good music and i appreciate that keep doing the good work.Peace and Love

  • Mike

    If this was on his mixtape you would all say it was great. Just because it's on it's album though it's too mainstream. Is it any more mainstream then I'll be in the sky or use your love with he took the beat/hook from an 80s song? Is it his best work? No, but it's still pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    This shit go hard i cant even hate on the dude B.O.B nigga went in an did his thing. Cant wait for this rock album he talkin bout. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5WCC5PLVmo

  • Mike

    The problem with the "fans" is that you guys are only fans of one side of B.o.B. Does anyone remember BEFORE he blew up, he was still had a mainstream sound. Hell, he would play the accoustic guitar and sing. He has always been more than just a "rapper" in his music.

    • Sam

      That's what I'm saying. His music now isn't really different than how it's always been. I love all of his music, because it's good music. I don't dislike an artist or song because it's mainstream or because it's underground, I just like/dislike it for what it is.

  • hd

    his new albulm wnt be good in quality or quantity(sales). So y continue to make mainstream songs?

  • Nick

    I don't understand all the hate towards B.o.B. Yes his albums are ridiculously mainstream, but he makes bank off all of those radio singles. Then he releases very good mixtapes for the true fans which always good hard and sound nothing like his album. I respect what he's trying to accomplish.

    • ChuckD

      The way I see it, he's always been more than a rapper. He's always been a singer, and he has an ability, that most pure rappers don't have, to be able to make pop songs that chart, and get downloads, and make him tons of money, in addition to being able to bring it in terms of rapping as we see on his Mixtapes. He makes the mix tapes for his more hip-hop head type fans, which he really doesn't have to do, but clearly he likes to, and he makes these albums for the radio. I doubt he thinks about doing this in a negative way. If anything, he should be incredible happy that he has the ability to make songs that hip hop heads love, and songs that can go #1.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of it isnt in their hands after a certain point and more so the companies make the final choice. I mean look what happened to Lupe. Its just the way it is.

    • blah

      ur theory isnt wrong but at the same time, y cnt we as fans expect a great albulm? Mixtapes are good and all but an albulm is jus a way bigger platform and means more. Too many artists put too much time and effort into their mixtapes and jus give fans a mediocre albulm. When u drop a great mixtape,fans will appreciate it but when u drop a classic albulm, you'll earn the respect of your peers and gain way more fans also.(Especially if it sells alot too) We need to go back to the days when actual albulms meant something and not jus free mixtapes...No doubt tho, the labels treat artists like puppets so it depends on how much creative control an artist actually has on a project.

    • J-Byrd

      I always say the same thing!He needs to eat off this career!so let him sell these mainstream cd's and make real mixtapes for free!I will buy his cd just because he gives a free quality mixtape yearly!

  • You Know

    The lyrics make it sound like a song that came out like 5 years ago. Flow good but subject matter and way presents it sounds like some old shit

  • Jeff

    This is not bad, hopefully not the best we are going to get but I could see that

  • Flay

    LOL WUT?!?! is with BoB haters...

  • Flay

    good ass shit... B.o.B Top 25 since I heard his mixtapes...

  • Anonymous

    B.o.B likes girls with college educations.

    • Anonymous

      yea that's some messed up shit. everyone knows real n*ggas should chase them gorillas with bouncy asses and have 20 baby mommas. this guy is a slave to the white man. he's in illuminati! fcking sellout!

    • kidisahomo^

      ^^^^^This song gives as much pleasure as reading jonnygays comment! hahahah freakin loser

    • johnnygays

      Did you like kissing your moms vajayjay, your head came out of her so your lips probably brushed against it or came close. cause thats about as much pleasure as this dumbed down song

  • Nick

    ridiculously mainstream. no signs of his mixtape self here at all. not bad but not impressive by any means