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Nas brings the second part to his classic "Black Girl Lost."


  • Anonymous

    If your a Nas fan you would automatically be listening to the lyrics!

  • http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=368508


  • Anonymous

    N A S = G O A T !

  • Special Ed

    The corny beat and chorus are intentional... he's saying look past that and listen... Gotta love Nas...

  • S

    Hands down Nasir is the only reason i even believe HIP HOP will be relevant in 5 years!! it's crazy how the more simple your lyrics are results in major street cred/buzz!!smh Nasir keep spitting that fyre/truth!! 1

  • Jay are

    Deep shit, best rapper,so underrated ,unless u been bumping since illmatic

  • mjm

    Average , Besides lyrical content(which is good) the beat sounds whack , the chick singing sounds cheap , overall it misses the emotionality and sincerity of the original.

  • brotherJ

    Nas is one of the few artists whose album I will go out and buy each time he puts one out. But if this was the lead single I would be hesitant to spend my dough on this. The chorus and hook is questionable at best. His lyrics are always on point but this beat is disposable.

  • wouzi


  • S. Mat

    Wow really? The lyrics are on point. I question your idea of what is hot?

  • Anonymous

    I love this beat!

  • Anonymous

    Produced by Hit-boy smh. garbage


    this is horrible..are we listening to the same track? come better Nasir

  • wouzi


  • Anonymous

    Listen a real Nas listen to his voice and block out the beat and all the other bullshit we close our eyes and picture what he saying. I've been like that since Halftime...

  • mark

    wow haha how could this change so much the first time I listened to it I hated it, and now I'm really liking it and this is coming from a huge nas fan

  • Anonymous

    The greatest of them all Nasir Olu Dara Jones!

  • Carlos

    Second verse is whoa!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm feeling this joint! Grew on me. Nas' verse is ill!

  • BarnFireMon

    Lyrically dude is insane - he literally makes everybody else in the game lyrically impotent!

  • ETK

    I dig it a lot, both the hook and the verses

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe people don't get the hook. How dumb can you be? lol

  • michigan

    good message. nas is spittin knowledge on here and on daughters

  • Anonymous

    Listen to daughters amazing!

  • Anonymous

    This shit gotta be a throwaway

  • cantevenstopmy groove

    good message...big Nas fan, but the beat & chorus not really a fan of..

  • Listener

    Terrible. lyrics are wack, hook is wack, delivery is wack. He's a nice guy, but this song will get no play

  • Anonymous

    Sir Nas...... THE GREAT!

  • BeatzGrymm

    Nas is still great and niggas still hate! A vicious cycle!!

  • MrFarRock

    Nas...never afriad to do what others wont...THE G.O.A.T.,track is catchy...lyrics not even in question, so cuz its a positive song niggas dont like it?? ya'll niggas retarded

    • Anonymous

      Nah, nobody hates beacuse it's positive, it's just fucking wack. Good positive song is something in the lane of Brown Skin Lady, but not this garbage.

  • Nuff said....

    EVERYTHING IS ON POINT!....except for the hook. But i get it. but still, jus aint feelin the hook nuff said...

  • jack johnson

    'i'm pregnant and don't know who the dad is but fuck you haters my ass is still the fattest' well..this is just....gay...nas fell off...again, he's gone back to Nastradamus

    • Smarten up, Nas!

      Word. Dude is nearing the Wayne level of wackness. He dropped some of the most corniest lines ever of the course of the past 2 years. LOL @ those miserable lames saying you don't get it, what's there to get? These niggas still searching for excuses over this wack ass track.

    • NYYstateofmind

      you stupid mother fuckers think you need an education to comprehend the chorus? just kill yourself. "IM SO SMART I LISTEN TO NAS"

    • Anonymous

      Agreed - it's Nas at his cornest. AKA Streets Disciple...Black Girl Lost part 1 was corny too!! Nastradamus was underrated... I don't care what anyone says. That album is near classic - youtube if and listen. Nuff younguns haven't even heard it coz they heard it was whatever... but it's hard!! One of Nas' best

    • Anonymous

      @ jack Johnson: dude u need to get a education...

    • Anonymous

      you just don't get it.

  • titanbd

    Fantastic!!! Those reality whores on TV need to hear this.

  • Anonymous

    this song is lyrically on point. crazy joint. loving it

  • Anonymous

    It's not remotely close to Black Girl Lost Pt1 but it's still hot!

  • Anonymous

    Still the illest to ever do it!

  • FarRk

    Nas done did it again! Ppl need to get with the times

  • Nas The Don

    nas never dissappoints whatever the beat is!

  • Anonymous

    This might be the worst Nas track ever. The Don and Nasty were straight fire though.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is a Beast

  • Anonymous

    I will give it a 4 the beat is wack but Nas kills it....

  • Anonymous

    Nas a motherfuckin Ghetto Monk!

  • Anonymous

    Dope its some real shit..dont here no other so call superstar rappers addressing this issue..SALUTE great content!

  • Anonymous

    This str8 for the hungry ass hoodrats who stay scheming for they pockets! Nas the Don'



  • Anonymous

    The chosen one! Nasir Olu Dara jones shit it's still Betta then all the other bullshit that's out!

  • L_knooky$flo@iceburg.org

    I like it.

  • Big Dan

    Its kinda like when someone takes a classic like a Beatles song and remakes it. Instantly, you are biased because you think it can't possibly be as good as the original. We have a classic to compare this to and unfortunately Nas does not deliver. The Chorus ruins it and since it starts the song, that sets the tone. The beat SUCKS and the lyrics are lazy. Whereas the original felt like Nas was just reporting what he was seeing in Queensbridge, heck maybe even family members, here it sounds like he was watching some reality show while reading the tabloids and that's where he got the idea for the song. Here is where the song fails IMO. It is not a beat that you can bang to, not that its supposed to be, considering the content. As such, it should be a song where you sit and listen to it and it make you think and this doesn't, like I said, it is lazy lyrically, so it does not accomplish anything and Nas bastardizes the original by doing this.

  • Anonymous

    God damn, only 1 of 3 tracks was good, even if this ain't on the album. I got a feeling that I will love his good albums more than ever after the release of Life Is Good, I'm fearing that it could be his worst album since I Am..., if Train ain't good I don't know.

    • Anonymous

      I Am... goes hard what you talking. His new album going be the truth. Man you talking out your ass god.

  • Anonymous

    Nas the motherfuckin Goat!!!! This is wack from a Nas standard joint but still better then Ghetto Techno and the rest of all the bubble gum rap bullshit we have now..

  • Anonymous

    it looks like is working cause this dumbed down generation loves it. but the golden era not going take this. haha

  • Anonymous

    this aint even nas this is just nas voice. he about sell out and do that nasdamus shit this last in career. he probably think you only got to smart a little smarter than the times.

  • jerrycur

    I'd say for Nas it is a 2 out of 5. But hey, were rating based on hip hop songs today not just Nas songs. In that regard, its a 4. Seriously...how bad is rap today? When you get sick lyrics you get them on a mixtape with someone elses beat and no hook. When you get a good beat you get terrible lyrics. This is still better than 80 percent of the music that comes out on here daily...but for Nas it sucks

  • Anonymous

    Nas the Rap God'

  • Al-B

    Not that great. Hope it's not on his next album! 2.5 stars worthy, but will let it slide with 3!

    • Anonymous

      I can't believe that those creepy Nas stans actually exist.

    • Anonymous

      if al said he liked it would anonymous be crying like a bitch? bias ass niggas cant handle criticism.

    • TigerPawRaw

      so you have to be an artist to have an opinion of one? the fuck outta here, get off nas' dick. i fuck with nas, but this song isn't half as good as the original. 2 outta 5. the beat is wack, the hook is annoying as fuck, nas' bars are average at best. 2 is actually generous...

    • Anonymous

      Criticizing a legend....When you don't have anything that you created to back up your statement -_-

  • Anonymous

    this song is fire!!!

  • Carlito

    This song is tight!!

  • truthmanisback

    Good message in the song. But Nas is was and always will be gay!

  • Anonymous

    Goat Nasty Nas.....

  • Anonymous

    The illest motherfucker in the world! Nasir

  • Anonymous

    The GoldenChild Nasir Olu Dara Jones the motherfuckin Goat! Beat is trash the Chorus is garbage but Nas lyrics saves this joint and it's still Betta then the other bullshit u here today like Ghetto Techno!

  • Anonymous

    Nas doing his thing on a quite decent beat, but the chorus just kind of ruins it. 4/5.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga's to this day still fear Nas cause they kno he will murk they favorite rapper. Ask Rex the spokesman for the Camel Warriors movement!

  • ziploc

    the girls...soon to be grown ass women..and the ones that forgot they were...grown..

  • ziploc

    A lot of you have been brainwashed to the point where actually having to deal with anything besides your base urges in in music,give up on it..you will have to deal with the facts of life one time or another..the club will always be there,the heaux too..but when will you grow up?..

  • dastardly

    nas is writing for rick ross. he broke

  • Anonymous

    80s baby how about bone thugs E99 on that list

  • 80's Baby

    I want to see someone that is 23 or Younger put Together a List of there 20 Rappers they Listened to Before the Age of 19. So from 12-18 Late Middle School & High School. I was Born in 1982 and the list below is what I grew up on all before I Turned 19 and Helps Explain Why the Older People on Here Critcize the Younger people on WHAT GOOD MUSIC IS!!! But I want to see someone put up there TOP 20 RAPPERS they listened to in High School from AGES 12-18 born after 1990 & You Cant Include People on My List bc thats not your ERA!!! 1)Dr Dre- THE CHRONIC 1992-93 (11-12yrs old)& THE CHRONIC 2001 in 2001 (18-19yrs old) 2)Snoop- DOGGYSTYLE 1993 (12-13yrs old) 3) 2 PAC- 3 Albulms from 1991-1994 Me Against The World 1995 (13 yrs old) All Eyes On Me & Makaveli 1996 (14 yrs old) R U Still Down 1997 (15yrs old) Until The End of Time 2001 (18yrs old) 4) Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt 1996 (14yrs old) In My Life Time Vol 1 1997 (15yrs old) In My Lif Time Vol 2 1998 (16yrs old) Vol 3 1999 (17yrs old)& Blue Print 2001 (18-19yrs old) 5) Nas- Illmatic 1994 (13yrs old It Was Written 1996 (14yrs old) Stillmatic 2001 (18-19yrs old) 6) Outkast- ATLiens 1996 (14yrs old) Aquemini 1998(16yrs old) & Stankonia 2000 (18yrs old) 7) Wu-Tang- 36 Chambers 1993 (12yrs old)& Wu Tang Forever 1997 (15yrs old) 8) Biggie- Ready to Die 1994 (13yrs old) & Life After Death 1997 (15yrs old) 9) Eminem- The Slim Shady Lp 1999 (17yrs old) & The Marshal Mathers Lp 2000 (18yrs old) 10) Lil Wayne- Tha Block is Hot 1999 (17yrs old) + Hot Boyz "Guerrilla Warfare" 1999 11) Fabolous- Ghetto Fabolous 09/11/2001 (18yrs old) 12) T.I- Im Serious 2001 (18-19yrs old) 13) Jada Kiss- Money Power Respect "LOX" 1998 (16yrs old) & Kiss The Game Goodbye 2001 (18yrs old) 14) DMX- Its Dark & Hell is Hot & Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood both in 1998 (16yrs old) Then There Was X 1999 (17yrs old) The Great Depression 2001 (18yrs old) 15) Mos Def- Black on Both Sides 1999 (17yrs old) 16) Common- 3 albulms from 1992-1997 (11-15yrs old) & Like Water for Choclate 2000 (18yrs old) 17) UGK- To Hard To Swallow 1992 (11yrs old) Super Tight 1994 (13yrs old) Ridin Dirty 1996 (15 yrs old) Dirty Money 2001 (18yrs old) 18) Ice Cube- 6 Albulms from 1990-2000 (9yrs old-18yrs old) 19) Ja Rule- Venni Vetti Vecci 1999 (17yrs old) 20) Big L The Big Picture 2000 (18yrs old)

    • ItsTheTruth

      I was born in 1991 and the very first rap I can remember was Jay-Z, DMX, and Eminem. Some of the very first rap songs I heard was 'Hard Knock Life', 'Ruff Ryders Anthem' and 'My Name is'. I was only around 8 years old, and the very first hip hop CD I had was 'Slim Shady LP'. I was 13 when I really got into rap and that was when 50 Cent dropped his debut and took over the game. When X, Em, and 50 were coming into the rap game is some of my best memories of hip hop, it was so raw and they all took over the game. So based on my age and when I got into rap, my favorite era of rap was from 1998-2003. I later got into other rappers like nas, pun, L, outkast, etc. 1. Jay Z - Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life (1998) 2. DMX - It's Dark and Hell Is Hot (1998) 3. DMX - Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998) 4. DMX - And Then There Was X (1999) 5. Jay-Z - Vol. 3 Life and Times of S. Carter (1999) 6. Eminem - Slim Shady LP (1999) 7. Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP (2000) 8. D12 - Devil's Night (2001) 9. DMX - The Great Depression (2001) 10. Jay z - The Blueprint (2001) 11. Jay Z - The Blueprint 2 (2002) 12. Eminem - Eminem Show (2002) 13. 50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin (2003) 14. G-Unit - Beg for Mercy (2003) 15. DMX - Grand Champ (2003)

    • Anonymous

      Nas tru King!

    • Good Ol Days

      Yup thats my ERA also theres only like 5 people I can think of that I wish we had thats Kanye and 50 Cent 1st albulm and hmmm its kinda hard already on 5 Young Jeezy hes respectable and DRAKE had been Succesful thats bout it though I would like to see someone list born after 1990 also.....Your List is Such Legends and Icons that 10+ of the Artists are also in Respectable Movies Also look at Movies Below at least 18 of the List of 20 Rap & are Actors thats CRAZY!!!!! 1) Nas- Belly 2) DMX- Belly, Craddle to The Grave, Exit Wounds, Never Die Alone, Romeo Must Die etc...cant remember names of other 5+ 3) Ice Cube- FRIDAY, NEXT FRIDAY, FRIDAY AFTER NEXT need I say More Oh Yeah BOYZ IN THE HOOD, what other classics are there HIGHER LEARNING & THE BARBERSHOP'S plus ALL BOUT BENJAMINS & LONGSHOTS ETC... 10+ 4) Snoop Dogg- Half Baked, Traing Day, Old School and Starsky & Hutch plus Malibu Most Wanted and 10+ Avg Movies 5) 2 Pac- 3 CLASSICS POETIC JUSTICE, JUICE,& ABOVE THE RIM plus 10+ TV Shows & Movies 6) Lil Wayne- Hurricane Season, and the Gatorade Commercial G and a few other appearances 7) Eminem- 8 Mile 8) Mos Def- Emmy & Golden Globe Winner for SOMETHING THE LORD MADE plus Talledaga Nights, The Italian Job, Next Day Air, Moster Ball etc.... 9) Common- American Gangster, Wanted, Smokin Aces, Terminator Salvation, Happy Feet 2, Street Kings and New Years Eve etc... 10) Ja Rule- Fast and Furious, Half Past Dead, The Cook Out & Scary Movie 3 etc... 11) Method Man- How High & Belly CLASSICS plus 10+ other Movies 12) RZA- Derailed, American Gangster, Harold & Kumar Chrsitmas, Due Date & Funny People 13) T.I.- TAKERS Great Move AMERICAN GANGSTER Classic and ATL 14) Andre 3000- Be Cool, Semi Pro, Revolver, & Four Brothers 15) Big Boi- ATL, Whos Your Caddy and Law & Order TV Show 16) Fabolous- Scary Movie 4 17) Dr Dre- Set It Off, Training Day, & The Wash 18) Puff Daddy- Get Him To The Greek, Carlito's Way 2, Made, & Monsters Ball

  • jaybaby362

    nas is real good he should flood the industry with three mix tapes

  • o-diddymasacar

    I think this is a good song that could be great with exposure and a relevant video. All the doubters or peeps who dislike ask yourself....even after the original Black Girl Lost, has anything gotten better. Most females didn't even hear this joint on It Was Written...Nas is a vet, steppin' outta of the box is necessary!!!

  • Anonymous

    niggas is stupid this shit is crack. 4 stars minimum.

  • WOW

    Peoples standards are waaaaayyyyy too high for Nas...Nas is like the Obama of hiphop...It's like you expect him to be God or something...What the fuck? I've listened to this multiple times, and there's not a thing wrong with this track. The beat is good, the lyrics are good, the hook is good...If anything, I wish it were longer. Get off Nas' dick and stop hating on everything this man puts out.

    • Anonymous

      @ ION Suck a dick you fag, youre the stan. This dope shit

    • ION

      Nah, he deserves to get heat whenever he releases garbage. Just like every other artist out there. When will you stans be capable of admitting obvious flaws? Fall back, nobody believes you. Forcing yourself to like this shit doesn't make it any better.

  • WOW

    I thought this was going to be garbage because of the ratings but it's fucking dope...I don't get why people don't like this.

    • Anonymous

      Cause it Nas...... The stans fear Nas cause they kno he will murk they favorite Rapper. Ask Rex.... Lol

  • Mortis

    Nas needs to hire a beat advisor. Dude has the ears of Helen Keller.

  • Rex


  • Alonzo

    You could have the best lyrics & poetry in the world...but if you wack ass beat & terrible chorus to go with it the value of the song completely goes down the tubes. This record is an example of his young ass management trying to get him to pull a Nastradamus move. FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  • ShabazNaijaboy

    I honestly think this song is alrite, am sure its not garbage. if u dont know music or listen, just quit hatin period!

  • Anonymous

    nas needs a consultant dude makes terrible business decisions. he even had to stop pressing "braveheart party" with copies of stillmatic because mary j was embarrassed of how wack the track was.

    • Anonymous

      Nas never worked a day in his life.... Nas never lost only niggas who lost are the one's who thought they can take it to Nas... No Austin powers No 50 monkey ass No Dipshit niggas not nobody! Nas the goat motherfuckerssssssssds!!!!

    • Anonymous

      nobody has taken more L's than this clown, that alone is enough reason for him not even being remotely close to being the GOAT.

  • Anonymous

    im not looking forward to big girl part 2.

  • Anonymous

    Beat is garbage, Chorus is Wack, Black Girl Lost pt1 is a classic . Black Girl Lost pt2 is good Nas lyrics saves this joint. But don't get it twisted Nas is still the illest Mc in the world! No one fuckin with Esco, No one!

  • Lil B

    I'm a nas fan but this straight Garbage.

    • Anonymous

      why? please explain to me why. I've listened to this song 4 times and don't understand why there is so much hate.

  • Double You

    There isn't shit wrong with this track! Not usually my typa shit with the hihats an shit, but it's alright! 1 track doesn't make the man! Small thinking keeps ya'll in your place....stay there!

    • Alonzo

      You're crazy! He doesn't sound good over this type of beat at all. He sounds completely displaced. Nas sounds good over Soul, Jazz & Funk loops not cheesy ass Fruity Loops Studio

  • Anonymous

    man as bad as i hate to say this i think nas needs to hang it up he is falling off bad his new single was a big disapointment also

  • Anonymous

    The beat is wack but the concept is dope! Fuck all the hoodrats all over the hoods

  • Ryu Deus

    Nas records a lot of shit in private with no intention of releasing it or to impress whatever label his is with at the moment. If someone found this track and leaked it, this is not Nas' intention. As many real writers know creating music is therapeutic and only a few artist use this to their advantage when they record. Most definitely not his best, for all we know this could have been a unfinished reference track or experimental concept track as it only has two verses. He probably has hundreds of tracks like these where he can come back to it, add a third verse, write three new verses on the spot and complete revamp the entire project or scrap it before it gets leaked. Too late for that now. The internet has officially labeled and marked this as "Black Girl Lost 2". Big up to God Son and Damian Marley (Bob Son).

    • Killalex

      Nas himself said in an interview a few weeks ago that he'll soon leak a new song and its called 'Another Black Girl Lost'..So yeah, this ain't no accident, it was intended to be released. Lay off the emotional dickriding and just admit this shit is garbage bruh, no need to write titangraphs to defend Nas.

  • Anonymous

    I think yall will find alot of teenagers that believe Nas is the GOAT and that Illmatic is the best album of all time. Let me say this: These fucks know NOTHING AND HAVE THE NERVE TO FELL ELITIST, they just REPEAT what they they heard. I have heard hundreds, no - THOUSANDS of tracks that STRAIGHT UP MURDER anything Nas EVER did lyrically. That yall haven't heard these tracks says more about yall than Nas. Just because yall are Nas/2Pac/Eminem/Jay-Z fanboys, doesen't mean that these are the best - just that you are a dumb and ignorant fanboys.

    • milehighkid303

      I for one would LOVE for you to mention, these THOUSANDS of tracks you've "heard" that single handedly KILL everything Nas EVER did as you so eloquently put it. Were you born after 1988 by chance son???

    • Anonymous

      I hear where u coming from dog but regardless there are few out there better then the legends you mentioned..i mean you sound like your taking away from those artists just because they got alotta fans?? thats bullshit..common issue some hip hop heads have

    • Anonymous

      why are you hating on people that think what they think hater cause no matter what nas and jayz and eminem and pac and big are legends in the rap game just cause you don't like them don't start bitching and making a long ass comment bout it

  • Anonymous

    Nas drops total garbage like this while the misunderstood genius of Jay-Z is spitting poetry on No Church In The Wild.

  • Anonymous

    How can Nas release shit like this and leave tracks like ''My Own Worst Enemey'' unreleased? Unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Beats and Ether and Jay...y'all so fucking childish. y'all say the same thing on every post. Whiney Lil fuxx. He will never do enough to please everybody...complain,complain, complain....what rapper puts out a perfect album with 15 out of 15 perfect songs??...Nobody!!!...that's who. Just bump the shit you like. Fuckin unpaid critics

  • Anonymous

    Nas the greatest fuckin Rapper alive!!!!!!

  • The_Observer

    The Only Thing that would make Nas command more respect and attention is by joining G.O.O.D Music....thie beat is trash trash trash trash....i hope u only paid $100 for it as it ain't worth nothing better than that....total trash Nas is a naive retard who don't wanna listen .... he's been told for decades his beat selection is wack ... why can't he just employ people who have an ear for beats and he focus on the lyrics & concepts? The Don is wack, and now black girl lost 2...whats nex, Ooochie Wally pt ? Hate Me Now Again ? ....what? Go Join G.O.O.D Music nigga, as Def Jam ain't working for you

    • RobReport

      Nas is naive??? But then again he is the one flying in private jets, riding in his own phantom and still spitting and making money 20 years later!!! While u sit here and criticize him on comment boards like this!!! N seriously??? G.O.O.D Music? These niggaz JUST got a record deal n u think a LEGEND should join them??? LOL!!! Thats like saying 50 cent should join OFWGKTA!!! U STUPID!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross should produce this nigga's album's executively, imagine Nas on them beats Ross gets.

  • Anonymous

    Not as dope as the last track he released, needs better beat. Someone get at Nas on the production tip.

  • PHX

    The only thing that is keeping Nas from being the GOAT is his shitty ass production he needs help picking beats he could be the greatest ever if his production was at least average

  • Big mike

    Nas needs to put Nikk/rihannai on the hook fuck that the most lost bitches in the game that would be a hit!!!

  • mc greatest


  • babahama

    i reli dnt think its dat bad. yes a bit cheessy but msg is clear

  • Mu

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS? I'll love Nas forever for his contributions to the game, but for all of his talent as an emcee he's made some of the wackiest songs. His horrible beat selection skills is now legendary. The hook on this song may be the worst I've ever heard. People was hyping "The Don", it's not that good either

  • nasstill@it

    Dis song's trash, nas said this album will have a nineteens feel but based on dis trash and the don, I find it hard to believe.

  • Anonymous

    nas lyrically is better then ever, but i do agree then hook is wack, beat is nice.

    • Anonymous

      Thinking that Nas is now better than he was on Illmatic, It Was Written, I Am... or Stillmaitc is just pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Rex be writing novels on Hateing Nas shit is pathetic

  • Rex

    you Nas stans have such an inferiority complex you still want to prove some sort of point to someone who generally agrees with you. All I hear cats say about Takeover is that they like it better than Ether. That's their opinion. Just like this whole Jay vs. Nas shit is opinion. Y'all niqqas can throw the word fact around all you want it doesn't change the fact that it's opinion. People go overboard and use words like "annihilation". Jay is like 5 times bigger now than he was then so thats a pretty ass-backwards annihilation. Just the fact that Nas came back with a diss track and made it interesting and showed he didn't fear Jay saved his career. Irrational cocksuckers like the people on this site want to equate opinion with fact. The majority of people might've sided with Nas back then, but that still doesn't make the opinion that Nas won a fact. It's funny how you insecure fucks only champion popular opinion when it suits your agenda, any other time popular opinion be damned. Popular opinion says that Jay-Z makes better music than Nas and has pretty much always done so, but let a Jay-Z "Stan" try and use Jay-Z's record sales and popularity to try and prove that him being better than Nas is a fact. This shit comes down to personal opinion, there is no right or wrong answer. Your opinion of Nas winning is no more factual than some white boy saying that Eminem is the best rapper alive. Just because the majority may side with a particular opinion doesn't make the opinion fact.

  • Gabe-Real

    Since Nas got on def jam, his sound has really started to got down the toilet! Lyrics is ok, but seriously Nas, get back top your roots homie!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Diddy worth 550 milil Vs Jayz 450 milil. Does that mean diddy is the best rapper ever?????? I think not! Nas the greatest Mc ever.... I kno u bitchass nigga's caught Vh1 last night.. Black Girls lost 2=. Wack beat wack chorus but Nas spits the truth about all these hoodrats who try to get preggo from athletes, movie stars and rappers to so they can have security... Peace

  • Madvillain

    Premo, RZA or Large Pro could give this nigga a tape full of their dopest beats, exclusively made for Nas and this nigga would say: 'Nah, b, let me look for some Salaam Remi or DaInternz shit instead'. Look at how many all time great producers were rumored to get a beat on this project, I bet only 2 or 3 of them will actually appear on the final CD. Damn shame.

  • Hu?

    Damn, nas sucks with music now! wtf is he trying to do hahahaha.. stick to beats and rhymes, super whack dude, step up "mc"

  • Rex

    nas needs to work with my man Lex luger to get those bangin beats

  • wishworks

    this is nice, but not feeling the hook and it's beat segment 3.50

  • chilleymost

    too musical,, beat needs to be stripped down,more raw,,,so the lyrics can be felt,, like the first one,,,hook is non cipher,,,,

  • Minty Water

    I'm going to retract my statement from yesterday. The song isn't bad. "Braveheart Party" wasn't too bad either. I listened to both a few times. It's an acquired taste. Listen to it a few times and it clicks. No, it isn't as poignant nor verbose as the first song, but I get what he's saying here. The girl supposed to be ignorant to how lost she is. I am not gonna belabor the point though nor try to make y'all like it. The people have spoken and it sucks to them, but I like it.

    • Anonymous

      Yo Rex shut the fuck up. Nas is the GOAT!!! Sucka!!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Rex did u watch vh1 tonight are u studying Nas? Lol. This nigga gots to b the biggest Nas ever all cause of ETHER let it go homie that shit was 11 yrs ago!

    • Anonymous

      CALM DOWN.

    • Rex

      Dude is officially up there for most overrated of all time, NOTHING about what's he's doing is special in any kind of way, whether artistically nor rapwise. GTFOH with this dude even being in the consideration for the GOAT title for a 9 track album where the best producers of that time played a bigger part than him, nobody with so much inconsistency will never be the greatest of anything. If you think he rhymes good, I can only tell listen to some underground rappers.

  • Anonymous

    asap rocky got the nice beat.nas got the shitty beat.hehehe

  • DL Dub

    Let's be real, the beat is wack, the chorus is wacker, but the lyrics and the concept are so real to those with even the smallest amount of real money that I can forgive Nas's first missteps with the song. The song as a whole both sucks and is great at the same time. What a conundrum

  • Anonymous

    As Long as Nas don't talk like Austin Powers on his albums or even have Chris Martin and Mr.hudson I'm fine...... Song is str8 for the hoodrats who try to trap athletes and rapper's fuckin gold digga's!

  • Anonymous

    Rather Hear The Appcalla without Hook.Beat Wack Hook Wacker.Wan punch Nas.Illmatic 2 dis.Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Reesesko

    This song was made for the ladies you goofy niggas.All the other rappers dissin yo moms and black sisters.And i bet the ones that hate the song support rappers that disrespect our black sisters.Up yaw game

  • Anonymous

    AHHAHAHAH u fukin people are jokes, u same people were just dick riding NAS when he released The Don... Now he needs to quit? Its called versatility u close minded fuks, its a good ass song. very few people are capable of doing what Nas fukin Does, and u people Dream about doing. Im not even a Nas fan like that either Go jack off to katie perrys picture on her version of niggas in paris and say how good the song is. FUKIN LOSERS.

    • nasstill@it

      Nas's also a mere human being, makes mistakes just like everybody, and if he releases a shitt joint he has to be told.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, nothing wrong with admitting a wack song, nigga will think this was good otherwise and will release nothing but this shit.

  • Anonymous

    When will this guy start to do just him? He has so much potential it's unreal.

  • Anonymous

    I can't get over this, how could the guy who made songs like One Mic think this is any good?

  • Anonymous

    God damn, this is by far the WORST song Nas has ever done, too much dickriders in his camp.

  • FLX

    What the fuck is this bullshit, Nasir? Godfuckindamn, get on the phone and dial 1-800-preemo!

  • Mylie

    wtf is wrong with yall? this sh1t is great song. fucin clowns

  • kennyken

    yeah this just doesn't go with nas at all. just trying to get some exposure to this new age. it's hard for me to even sit through this, but i think i understand his reasons for choosing a beat like this, to get the people who need to hear what he's saying to listen.

  • VAR

    I have no problem with the rhymes or the subject matter. I'm not a fan of the hook or the the beat. Nas is one of my favorites and will always be despite his questionable production choices over the past few years. I really hope he goes back to the solid Boom-Bap producers that help make him a Hip-Hop Legend

  • Black Melancholy

    ive never heard anything so corny in my life

  • Black Melancholy

    hahaha produced by hitboy???? aw man, nas is being sabotaged. hitboy gave asap such a stunning beat and look what he gave nas? this shit is so corny im speechless. rip my nigga, you done

  • Black Melancholy

    how did it come to this??? nas has hit rockbottom

  • Black Melancholy

    hahaha this is so whack i still can't believe this is really happening. my god, nas is going to be ridiculed for this monstrously bad song. the hook alone my nigga....

  • Black Melancholy

    wow man, i can't even tell you how terrible this bullshit is. hahaha i hope this isn't going to be on the album? shit is embarrassing.

  • XWuN

    damn... trash beat, horrible hook, good rhymes. I agree this betta not touch that album press up

  • pbmaejor

    I like this IDC about the beat but Nas went in & he couldve left Lil Kim off

  • tito

    pathetic, and nas is my favorite rapper

  • Rex

    JayZ is way more consistent. Nas does just as many pop songs, they just go under the radar because they're usually garbage, aside from exceptions like Hero. Nas is a trend-hopping, gimmick-driven loser. Deal with it. I don't rate Jay any lower based on his unexecptional success. Jay was, is and will ever be the better pure spitter of the two. The level Jay was on 96-98 was unseen by any before or after him. His skills were unreal, but he did not just spit, he took his talent to greater use and expanded his audiences while still keep his core fans saitisfied, that's where Nas fails at since IWW. Dropping an obvious crossover attempt and thinking 'Ah, I can back to being the real nigga' if it won't work' is a motto I don't support, that's why Jay is better

  • subz

    the song is weak, the beat is rubbish, and the hook is so rubbish, dumbest hook i have heard in a while. and nas is my fav MC

  • Anonymous

    NAS THIS SUCKS!!YOU NEED BETTER BEATS AND NO BULLSHIT POP CHORUSES!! This better not be on the album. And from what I saw on some other website, hit-produced this garbage!

  • gettin it


  • ASEE

    This jam is mad weak. I hope this shit isn't on Life is Good. Nasty and The Don are ill as fuck though. If the overall quality of the new album is at the level of those songs it'll be Nas' best album in a decade.

  • Dale

    Lyrics are good but Nas needs to hire someone to pick his beats or maybe he should work exclusively with NoID and Just Blaze

  • optimus rhyme

    LOL!!! The producer of this didn't even want his name credited, fearing that he'll never find work again. The rhymes are on point, but the beat and hook are mad poor. Nas has pretty much been on fire up until this song. This is his worst since "Snitch Alibi" last year. Everything between that song and this one has been certified!

  • Anonymous

    you bitches need to chill lyrically nas is as potent as ever, but i do agree that the bitch on the chorus kinda ruins it.

    • Cmo3

      Long time Nas supporter but he needs better beats it's a disgrace that even I would just stop listening because of that horrible hook with that woman on there too. Leave this off the album please!!

  • Cmo3

    Who be doing these beats for Nas? Just work with 9th wonder, No ID, because this is a far cry from the original

  • Hates a hoy

    You douchbags! keep giving this low ratings and this shit wont land on life is good...im tired of burning mixtapes yall...im tired of artists relying on the fans feedback and then leaving out hot joints. wtf is wrong with yall?

  • Makaveli The Don Lives On

    lyrics are aight, but the beat... cmon im not a musician, but beat and this flow just dont go together...

  • Ahmad

    Dope!!!!!Nas Next album will be another Classic Album!

  • Da Watcha

    OMG NAS..AS a supporter over the years..Please..stop the madness!!!! Lyrics are always on point, but YOU NEED A PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR!!!! LET SOMEONE ELSE PICK YOUR BEATS!!!!! YOU NEED TO FIRE ALL YOUR FLUNKY'S, DICK RIDA'S, GRUOPIES, AND YES MEN FOR LETTING YOU LEAVE OUT THE STUDIO WITH THAT GRABBAGE ASS BEAT. Again, concept is on point, but doesn't go with that beat man. C"Mon DUNN!!!!

  • TheRuler

    Dumb Kids! But you give Waka flaka Fag 5's for his crap he does. And who says this is the finally version of the song. Nas is the only M.C putting out real music Jay Z sure isn't. I can't Believe Hip Hop is dead. All this Auto Tune Sing along rappers who dress like Gay dudes and thats what you guys like.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that Nas seems to love the dudes who you shit on? Like the guy before said, you're waaay worse than mainstream fans. Nas, 2Pac and Immortal Technique stans are by far the most annoying groups of all time.

    • hellno

      fuck you i dont like wacka flocka or any other bullshit pop any more than you do but people like you are even worse than mindless radio songs. You will automatically hate on anything by a mainstream artist, even if it turns out to be the occasional good song from one, and automatically love anything by someone like nas. I love nas, but lets be honest, this song sucks. I guarantee you about 1 of 50 people who click on this link and probably 1 of 25 who even go to this site like waka flocka. go to one of his singles i'm sure its lower than 3. You are the typical bitch ass hip hop fan who says hip hop is dead and assumes that every kid likes the shit on the radio. Also im 13 I hate Waka Flocka and all that a lot of my friends do too not every kid in the world is a trash pop fan. Go die you dickriding motherfucker.

  • The Brooklyn Spoksman

    It's Official this nigga is TRASH

  • alfytitos

    it looks like 3/4 of this site dosen't understand what rapping in concept is. Rap is supposed to relate to life situations because this song dosent relate to you it sucks? you angry rap nerds need to chill not every song is specfically made to please you.

    • Anonymous

      That's it, Nas has many great ideas, but he can't execute these type of concepts properly.

    • hellno

      no actually thats not why its rated so low. The concept and lyrics are great, but the beat and hook make it unlistenable.

  • justcallmesmith

    This production is so jarring hard to finish the track.

  • Minty Water

    This is not worse than that "Braveheart Party" bullshit from back then though.

  • DjAzmatic

    Huh? What in he world?

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a Dj Khalil beat. not a bad song.

  • Tyrone

    I did not think it was terrible. I guess if it is not some Lil Wayne nonsense you kids don't understand it.

  • mfnico

    Compared to his early records, (Illmatic, It Was Written & I Am especially) Nas has turned into an arrogant, egocentric, misogynistic and whining rapper! His flow and voice are always on point though!

    • Anonymous

      I AM COULD'VE BEEN a fucking classic on the level of Illmatic, but the beats were so fucking polished and poppy that they destroyed the whole album, it was his best from a strictly lyrical standpoint.

    • Ben

      Disagree..."I Am" is his 3rd best album behind Illmatic and IWW. It hasn't gotten much better since then. He can still shred verses but he has SUCH an air of self importance that he has to make music based off that.

    • bisquic

      Don't most people consider it like 86-92?...

    • Anonymous

      What all those records you mentioned have in common is they were all released before 2000. That's how I know you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. "I Am.." was garbage compared to 4 of Nas's post-2000 albums. And if you're going to be a 90's hip hop purist, know what years are part of the golden age (90-96).

  • Anonymous

    whoa this so weird to listen to nas think he gotta do better

  • Vandal

    Not that into nas but I didn't think this was THAT bad

  • wtf?

    Poorly mixed piece of crap, my ears are hurting from the solid bar compression.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I'm a huge Nas enthusiast. I don't like this song particularly. Lyrics are meaningful but man...

  • ItsTheTruth

    Nas fuck the haters, get more, us fans and haters are gonna help pay your bills, we got you nas. We don't wanna see u bankrupt. Do behind the music and radio singles like this if u need. We gonna drop the album, get the taxes taken care of and you'll be eating again in no time. Fuck Kelis and Fuck the haters.

  • Atychi

    Nas, WTF?! Not terrible, but for Nas, this was disappointing

  • Anonymous

    this is weak...dear nas i know u wanna keep the buzz going until the album drops...tell ur label this is not how to go about that sir

  • Anonymous

    Where are dem Nas Stans ??? This shit is wack...Just like the other single "The Don". Nas can't rap. Period !!!!!

  • gravy

    dude, Nas dumbed it down if these verses are on nicki minaj's album no one would talk shit about them

    • hellno

      thats cause nicki minaj sucks the beat would still be terrible but everyone would be so amazed that she could ever come up with these lyrics (average nas lyrics) that they would forget it. Nas is capable of making such high quality music people expect more than this from him.

  • Graby

    I didn't want this to suck but it does.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch!.... Nas My 3rd fav rapper but this shit aint good at all.

  • redbob4444

    WTF ARE YALL TALKING ABOUT nas worst song is 10x better then 90 % of rappers best shit . its so frustrating these fuckin little skinny jean wearing homos diss a legand he is one of the last yeal mc's lil wayne bst song post C2 isnt this good man smh sad day when ppl diss the don

  • Anonymous

    Black girl lost 2

  • Anonymous

    the original black girl lost was wack???? u stupid!

  • Anonymous

    I fuckin hated the first one from It was Written, and was the only song i would hit the skip button on, and this one is just as bad.

  • Anonymous

    This song isn't that bad. The lyrics and content/message are there. The hook is kind of annoying but I understand it. 3.5/5 Beat is ehh.

  • HRH

    not the same wisdom and depth given with the 1st classic masterpiece

  • Anonymous

    As long as Nas don't talk like Austin Powers or make Music with Mr. Hudson I'm cool... Beat is wack and chorus is wack but Nas spits the truth about money hungry whores around the world!

  • Anonymous

    Black girl lost 2-------------- Ghetto techno, sunshine, and Pujabi Mc combined!

  • Jay

    HA! Nas with the WALE flow. wow.

  • ummmmmmm

    C'mon, Son! ow you gonna drop this garbage and call it "Black Girl Lost 2". See this is what Im talking about. Son can't stay consistent. he can not make a classic album at this point. And thats only because his lack of loyalty to all the dope producers who has contributed to his success. The only one Nas mess with is Salam for some reason. He probably convinced him to do this garbage. As soon as I heard the snare roll, I knew it was a wrap! Judging by the rating, Im not alone this time lol.

  • BigWo0orm45

    lyrics werent bad. but not even close to his original classic. hook was AWFUL. he should definitely let trash this asap. didnt have any heartfelt feeling like the 1st one.

  • Ramelo

    If this song is an indication of what Nas new album will sound like, his new album will be worse than Nastradamus by a landslide. The beat & hook on this record are such garbage.

  • Anonymous

    horrible baet. Nas is the king of wack beats

  • Jack Merridew

    is this a late april's fool ? worst Nas track I ever heard

  • sparks

    Huge Nas fan, but this is garbage. I thought this was a joke when I hear the hook at the beginning along with the low rating. Come on Nas, Im begging for something much better than this.

  • Anonymous

    The song is growing on me. The lyrics and the message is there. The hook does throw it off but I understand the meaning.

  • realtalk

    this is prob the best single. on the radio wise nas had ina minute. its not as bad as everybody thinks. when wayne drake gets on there singin shit everybody feelin it. now when a real hip hop artist drops some r&b type shit its wak. fuck outta here. 4/5

    • Anonymous

      thats not Nas on the hook. its some random broad. The hook goes against the very concept of "commercial". its not catchy. Its not repeatable. She is saying way too much. So what are you talking about, Willis?

  • Anonymous

    Black Girl lost 2---------- Ghetto Techno and Pujabi Mc combined!!!

  • Anonymous

    Black lost 2---------------- Ghetto Techno and Punjabi Mc combined! Fuck Austin Powers lol

  • WACK

    I'm a Nas stan but only a Nas Stan would rate this wack ass song 5 stars. So disappointed with this song.

  • Halogen Majesty

    Nas I Have One Question for U...How the fuck were U able to record to a shitty beat like this and think it sounds dope...Like 9th wonder said "Come on Nas"....All true music producers please send Nas and his people your dopest tracks cause I know there is a dude chilling in a dingy basement creating Havoc for beats...Nas your Ears Have lost it....Listen to Black girl lost one and tell me this is a good sequal w/o laughing....I'm Hurt....it hurts me cause I'ma Jones as well...Its pretty easy keeping up w/ the Joneses with this shit....I hope it doesn't make the album or at least he changes to beat and hook..PLEASE

  • Judah Princess


  • IAmGod

    You guys are straight HATERS. You need to understand that as an artist under a label Nas only has so much creative freedom. How do you know the dudes that the round table didn't demand he make this song with this new sound? On top of that, as a music artist that has a deep passion for music, you tend to reach out to others of a different genre. Pop, R&B, etc.. I think the lyrics were solid, ya'll can't be givin it 2's and 3's cause you think he destroyed the original with this new beat and new hook. I think it shows the progression of an artist and the type of music that'd have broader mass appeal in 2012

  • Judah Prrncess

    The track is talking about something. Depending on the website audio you really cant hear the quality of the producer or hook. With that said. The people that had a negative comment vocabulary proves that they would'nt understand Nas music.Jesus spoke in parables john 10;6 mark 4;10-13 because yall wouldnt understand . Thats why yall dnt understand Nas he speak the Truth. Those of us thats do feel Nas music love the Truth. Those of you who dont sold out after Nas I am . To THE BOULE artist believing the lies that these artist, that are in the main stream are leading the lost. I love Nas because he havent change and HE IS A Legend. who still have a craft that is going to stand after all yall idols are in the lake of fire! yall rejected Christ Like yall rejecting Nas. AT the end of the day HE IS and ALWAYS will be the Greatest Rapper... plus his music is not for yall its for those who want to be free from ignorance...


    You Might Not Like THE BEAT and You Might Not Like THE HOOK But You Can't Deny The LYRICS Cause NAS Stay SPITTING That REAL SHIT!!!

  • bronxite

    if he came out with another salaam remi joint.haters will be like oh! why is he always working with him.now he works with hitboy,its wack.u haters should fuck off really. personally,i think nas should focus on producers dat he has chemistry with like salaam,preemo,large pro or he should try out pipl like j cole,jus blaze,9th wonder or RZA.listening to haters and tryin to work with producers like internz and hitboy wont work. the don track was nice but i dont think the internz brought anything to the table on that beat.nas should do more work with salaam.salaam's beat has that boom bap classic feel.and why cant nas do something with the roots.

  • Stevie

    Oh my God. I didnt think i'd ever see the day that a Nas song would get a below 3 rating on this site. Well they brought Pac back from the dead so anything is possible.

  • tedju

    i change my life give to god but somebody got say it we lost

  • popadopolis

    yall always say you want him to work with current producers hit boy produced the track,and there you have it a garbage beat, he said in a interview that he used ideas from the producers he was working with so maybe hit boy is responsable for this trash and yeah the hook was weak but i heard worst roman holiday has the worst hook ever

    • Anonymous

      dope undaground producers shuld work with nas marcopolo, illmind, best kept secret or he should try kanye west again.

  • Anonymous

    this song was produced by hitboy. FAIL!!!

  • Skylivedk

    Please leave this on the cutting room floor. (I like Nas, but this ain't it)

  • Anonymous

    ....but nas went hard on both verses though

    • Anonymous

      ^^shut the fuck up hater.i will call it a hot verse if it was from anybody.this track is good but it wasnt as good as the don or nasty.keep hating fool.

    • Anonymous

      still a wack ass SONG and you wouldn't call the verses hard if they wasn't from nas. fall back.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wack.come on nas


    LMAO nas failed soooooo bad tryna recreate such a good song. It was painful to listen to Pt 2 LOL

  • RC

    Damn definately a throw away track, hopefully not a preview of things to come for the album.

  • popadopolis

    ok this is a bad one,but even kobe misses a shot every once in awhile,it's a throw away track, ya'll dudes stop hating on nas some of your favorite radio rappers make garbage everyday, plus it's not a single, it wont even make the album so the masses wont here it, so it cant ruin him or his legacy, so stop throwing rocks at the trone... ask your favorite rapper who's there favorite rapper and the answer is nas

    • Anonymous

      Of course, every rapper releases garbage, but they don't get the excuses we hear everytime from Nas stans, that's the difference and other rappers releasing garbage, doesn't make this track any better. And Nasstans should be uiet on this topic because they're usually the first one to SHIT on other artists without a particular reason. People on here try to justify their opinions about Nas track WITH arguments, but you still get your panties up in a bunch. Nas stans get all out with insults and jokes on other rappers (Jay, Em and etc.) WITHOUT being ever uestioned, it's the opposite the fans of those artists get called dickriders and cocksuckers for asking them why they put their hate out in this way. But let a possible fan of Nas voice his honest opinion, he gets trashed. Defend Nas in an almost offending way the same way other people do with their favorite rapper and they still have the nerve to get mad over that. If you can't deal with the fact that your favorite rappers get put on blast here and then, the internet might be the wrong place for you.

    • Anonymous

      that hook was so annoying

  • Anonymous

    his verses was correct.but the beat and chorus was too poppy.i hope it does'nt make the album.3/5.

  • BossAnon

    This comment page is the perfect example of hip hop fans being frickle. Apparently Nas can kill features for a whole year but the second he drop a subpar track that won't even be on his album his career is over.

    • Anonymous

      doesn't mean shit what you just said. nas deserves the same uick judge every artist gets, i'm you're one of the first who assumes that a career of a rapper that you not like is over when you hear a wack track from him. i'm just sceptic because nas is known for leaving the best shit off his albums.

    • Vagabond

      Its not like this is the first subpar track nas has given us. He's shelled out a lot of trash in the past 10 years. It's just when nas is good he's great so we keep listening.

    • Anonymous

      so fuckin true homie this def wont be on his album

  • Jim Jones

    Along with Jay,Nore,Redman and Ghostface and The once great Nasir helluva fall from grace.

  • Ghostra Nostra

    I like this joint

  • AYO

    Grand opening grand closing. This song is garbage. I had to really listen to make sure this was Nas, thought it was a joke. If he's gonna come out with songs like this, his career is over. I was lost at the hook and the beat is wack. I was literally LMAO...but really 0/5

  • buckeyewu

    Take away the hook and give the song a new beat and we might have an aiiight song. I thought this would be classic like the original track. Boy was I wrong!

  • slr

    Its not bad song at all. But I guess up to Nas standards people are butt hurt.

  • Waterpistol Pete

    Nas is either listening to the people around him too much or not listening to them enough. With his level of skill, it's hard to make weak song, but somehow he manages to do it. He find new ways to make wack songs. You mean to tell me that Nas listened to that chorus and said "Yeah, thats tight, were gonna use that". Listen Nas, these young kids ARE NOT CHECKING FOR YOU. You know why? Because you're intelligent and you have skills. They want to listen to dumb niggas with no skills. Fuck THEM. Make music for the people who can actually understand and appreciate your shit. Picasso wasnt drawing stick figures so that dumb motherfuckers could go to his gallery. He was painting abstract pictures for those who can appreciate art and that's how his work became timeless. Come back to New York City, Put a fuckin' hoodie on, Get a bottle of hennessey, Light some fuckin' broccoli, Call up some real fuckin' producers, Get a sharpie and a notebook and get back to work.

    • Anonymous

      thats not gonna happen cause if he puts a hoodie on they will kill him in self defense remember.

    • Vagabond

      Hell yeah, I think all nas fans should tell him go back to NYC put on a fuckin hoodie get a bottle of Hennessy light up some broccoli call up some real producers and flip a coin whether he go off the dome or in the notebook.

  • Anonymous

    Throwaway track...it wont make the final album.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn't make it any better. Point being, Nas releases TRASH just like every other overrated mainstream raper.

  • Sensaye252

    Wow...I'm stunned. I just wish he would have named it something else. Black Girl Lost Pt.1 is such an important song and such a classic that he should have left it alone. The beat is dope, minus the trippety trappety drums. And the lyrics are decent, but GOD DAMN THAT HOOK SUCKS. I suppose he's trying to appeal to the young crowd with the same message he got across with the first Black Girl Lost. I don't know...maybe the nigga is more savvy than I am and he knows what he's doing. Whatever the case, as a lifelong Nas fan and even more so just a connoisseur of dope hip-hop music I gotta say this shit is kinda wack. Just listened to it again...that hook is unlistenable.

  • Vagabond

    Damn nas. If I told a young nigga black girl lost is one of the dopest songs made by nas if they heard this first they wouldn't believe me. Nas lyrics save the horrible production and popcorn ass hook by is that lil mo. I really wish older rappers wouldn't try to fit in with the young genre. The beat hook and his flow on the first verse made it seem like he wanted to reach the young audience. He needs to understand people under 25 don't give a fuck about him. New beat new hook u got a classic part 2 nas.

  • Obviously

    EXCLUDING THE BRILLIANT ILLMATIC JAY-Z>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NAS.

    • BossAnonBackBitches

      @CEO,LOL, is it ghetto techno or selling drugs for 72 hours straight while surviving on cookies? Fuck out of here if you don't think jay is a tend hopping faggot. @anon It's outlandish because illmatic and it was written >>>>reasonable doubt. So the whole "never seen before him" shit is invalid. but of course you guys will over rate the Hawaiian sophie dude.

    • Anonymous

      The Black Album > Reasonable Doubt > The Blueprint > American Gangster.

    • Anonymous

      blueprint>reasonable doubt, Blueprint had more impact on the game, reasonable doubt was another dope mafio-themed classic album like life after death and only built for cuban linx

    • Anonymous

      Why are the claims outlandish? If you really LISTENED to Jay in that particular period, you would know it's true, which doesn't mean that you have to like it. Jay himself couldn't reach that level ever again. It's like Nas and Illmatic. Even if you don't agree, I would never call it outlandish when I see what people attribute Nas with on here everyday. The comment before summed it up basically.

    • BossAnon's CEO

      Nas shifts between different personae seeking popular acclaim. Jay-Z outsells him without pretending to be anyone other than himself.

    • BossAnon

      Lol @ anonymous, was his core fans satisified with kingdom come or bp3? Fuck out of here and go suckle from euro jay's camel tit elsewhere. "The level jay was on 96-98 was unseen by any before or after him". I can't even take you seriously when you're making outlandish claims like that.

    • Anonymous

      He's for real. Jay's way more consistent. Nas does just as many pop songs, they just go under the radar because they're usually garbage, aside from exceptions like Hero. Nas is a trend-hopping, gimmick-driven loser. Deal with it. I don't rate Jay any lower based on his unexecptional success. Jay was, is and will ever be the better pure spitter of the two. The level Jay was on 96-98 was unseen by any before or after him. His skills were unreal, but he did not just spit, he took his talent to greater use and expanded his audiences while still keep his core fans saitisfied, that's where Nas fails at since IWW. Dropping an obvious crossover attempt and thinking 'Ah, I can back to being the real nigga' if it won't work' is a motto I don't support, that's why Jay is better.

    • Live Well 614

      You buggin the fuck out

  • Anonymous

    this is not good. nas can spit but wtf. 2/5

  • Hoodgrown

    I love NAS... but he should not be allowed to choose beats EVER AGAIN. The lyrics have always been there but his beat selection hasn't.

  • tt

    I was thrown off at first because the sound is SO different from the first Black Girl Lost from back in the day. But, there is a much different sound to hip-hop nowadays compared to the nineties anyway. As I listened, it grew on me.

  • IEtherianSoul9

    Nas NEEDS to feature Elzhi on his upcoming album. This track is alright though...can't really say I was expecting more.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Nas is scared of rappers who are easily able to outclass him. Ever thought of the fact that didn't work with Cormega anymore and stopped making track with AZ? Fall back, Elzhi/Lupe Fiasco/Jay Electronica would MURDER this nigga, look what a lesser talented Apathy did to him.

    • Yamz

      Elzi is dope, but he wouldn't show Nas up. Be real

    • Anonymous

      doubt that would happen. Elzhi would show him up

  • LIve Well 614

    Not my favorite Nas record but he can do what the fuck he wanna do. I'm ridin.

  • Lilworm

    damn, i read the comments and im like, 'wow this song must suck!"...i listen to it...its not that bad at all, people like to jump on bandwagons and repeat what they see lol

  • nah son

    Haha, of all the songs to do a Part 2 too... YIKES

  • Anonymous

    Why she gotta be black?

  • Soundcloud.com/kathaartist

    Besides the hook i like it...

    • bigmike

      hommo faggot??!! you need to be easy!!! y'all the same nigga that be ridding with shit like "NIGGAs IN PAIRS" the most ignorant song of the year!! when we already have mad Black people in pairs they on some christopher columbus shit discovering a place that inhabited by niggas already!!!SMH

    • Anonymous

      that's how you spot a dickrider homo faggot kids!

    • bigmike

      its not that bad its a good album cut nice commercial track with a meaning!!

  • jesterxxl

    Ruined a classic how could you do this to yourself Nas

  • johnwill

    What's wrong with the beats and hook. This sucks! More on: http://bit.ly/yXyB31

  • AC

    Garbage, once again the Nas beat plague continues. Why is it so difficult for Nas & his team to understand the formula...Soul/Jazz/Funk & Hard Drums

  • Trife

    Wack! If this is a sign of what Nas new album is supposed to sound like that. He needs to go ahead and just hang it up. Cheesy ass beat & Cheesy ass hook

  • DK

    F-U-C-K this nigga Nas and his garbage ass music. Saigon took his spot with GSNT and won't let it go anytime soon. GSTN destroys anything Nas has done since Stillmatic and Life Is Good won't come even close. Nas will never be capable to drop tracks like ''The Invintation'', ''Bring Me Down'', ''Enemies/Friends'', ''Believe It'', ''Better Way'' or ''Oh Yeah''. Nas, take note, Saigon will remind you what a REAL cohesive, supreme CLASSIC his with his next milestone.

  • Anonymous

    True Nas fan, but this shit has me worried for the album! The don was marginally acceptable, but this completely destroys the legacy o Black girl Lost. Hope he works with AZ, some better producers and brings out some real shit.

  • Mosik

    Love It..Real Hip-Hop.."UnPopular" by Mosik drops today on iTunes, Amazon..go get it fam and spread the word. http://ow.ly/akAck Interscope

  • nasstill@it

    Dis nigga betta hurry wit dat train track and hope it redeems dis subpar shit he been dropping, I don't another nastradamus 2.

  • mohamed

    this joint is wack as hell!!

  • nasstill@it

    The don's aight, but dis is supa trash. Glad its not on da album tho.

  • nasstill@it

    As a nas stan, dis shit is beyond trash, its so not him. 1 star

  • Anonymous

    This Rex guy seriously needs to accept that Jay and nas aren't in competition anymore. He also needs to accept that no matter how much he undermines nas and talks up Jay that Jay will never care at all. As for the song, the hook is pretty bad and the beat is average but his flow is on point and there is a message. Seems a whole lot of hate and also a whole load of dickriding and not alot of truth in the comment section though. Now all we need is for people to start hating on eminem and we will have the big 3 Jay,nas and eminem not getting high ratings just because of a name.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Jay, Nas and Em fans should unite, the 3 Kings of Hip Hop against all the wack shit that's out there, instead they go all out on legends and leave the true wack shit alone. Em, Nas and Jay will release wack songs here and there, but that means nothing in comparison to their status and overall legacy.

  • Anonymous

    ok, this song sucks but stop riding jay's dick. ny state of mind> anything jay has done

  • Anonymous


  • Rex

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMS7kvnDey0&context=C4d856bcADvjVQa1PpcFNPcxeZ3qBYYNaEw3ZTyAuUoOhlTl6P-sA= This is MY freestyle i posted a while back, just to prove i can even rap better than nas right now..

  • Rex

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMS7kvnDey0&context=C4d856bcADvjVQa1PpcFNPcxeZ3qBYYNaEw3ZTyAuUoOhlTl6P-sA= This is MY freestyle i posted a while back, just to prove i can even rap better than nas right now.

  • Rex

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMS7kvnDey0&context=C4d856bcADvjVQa1PpcFNPcxeZ3qBYYNaEw3ZTyAuUoOhlTl6P-sA= This is MY freestyle i posted a while back, just to prove i can even rap better than nas right now

  • Anonymous

    Jay stay dropping real successful shit, while Nas tries everything to land a hit, take the words ''Black Lost'' out of the title of Nas' new song and you have a title for his day to day career called ''Another Lost.'' This nigga would literally die to land one more hit, as if whoring for Young Money wasn't enough.

  • Born in 86


  • IOB

    This shit is straight trash. Nas came out on fire with Nasty, but the last two songs have gotten progressively worse. Def Jam should force Nas to let Rick Ross pick his beats and overall sound. Even if it won't make the album, why put this trash out? it just lowers anticipation for the album. HORRIBLE MOVE. Let's stop pretending his verses were anything special just cause it's Nas, EVERYTHING about this song is TERRIBLE. This garbage makes ''Braveheart Party'' look like ''Juicy''. This nigga fell off, badly.

  • Anonymous

    LAME!!! Switch the name to Jay and it would've a rating under 1. Hip Hop's are some spineless bitches.

  • Anonymous

    This is not the true Nas, the true GOAT and Nas' real form appears on his unreleased shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry, I'm a nas fan..but this is awful...beat is awful...hook is awful...versed are tight...but that is enought to make a good SONG

  • chris36

    i am a Nas fan but this shit is wak as fuck, i hope this not on the album

  • Anonymous

    Hey Nas Fans: When will yall realize that he doesn't and will never give a fuck about his fans? Everybody who supported him since the beginning wants that he works with the likes of Large Pro, Raekwon, Lupe, Premo, AZ, Cormega and releases Lost Tapes 2 etc. What does this nigga do? Turns around and works with the exact rtists who played a big part in destroying Hip Hop, the same ones he accused of killing it. Nigga is a trend-following sellout-bitch, the earlier you learn to deal with it, the better and lesser disappointments you get from this underwhelming clown. Dude would die for a hit and makes pop songs? Good, then try to release a good instead of this forseeable garbage. People always shit on Jay for expanding his audience, say them what is Nas trying to do since Nastradamus? He just doesn't succeed, that's the reason he'll never reach other heigths of success. Nas would never be capable of a Run This Town or Empire State Of Mind, the ability to master both parts of the audiences.

    • Tupac


  • Rex

    u nas fans are so fucking dumb, it's unreal, hahaha. this nigga nas been ethering no one but himself for the course of his career after the battle. you don't think jay's laughing like a motherfucker when he hears about nas' legal problems??? they can act like friends, but behind the curtains? be real, this is life. nas resembles an old boxer who always talks about glory things of the past, but can't follow through with other achievements. and don't hit me with that shit: ''b-b-b-but he is a real artist'', there's no way around it, this nigga SHOULD be a mogul by now. putting all jokes aside, nas lost, he dropped illmatic as his debut and been mediocre since then. nobody would follow him anymore if it wasn't for this shit as his debut. niggas always think, come on, this guy dropped illmatic as his debut he must be capable of another classic. niggas always try to handaway that shit: 'b-b-b-but he dropped illmatic' like it gives him a lifelong excuse. nas might be a better MC, i'll be the first one to admit it, but that's not the point. these guys are musicians and public perception is, jay made better music for the past 15 years and that's not something you can talk away. stop it!

  • for real though...

    I love Nas, but this is kinda lame...

  • Anonymous

    idk y this gets so much hate.. nas is gonna be on the radio! nobody excited about that? he's ripping the fuck outta that hoe kelis.. support this man!

  • Yamz

    Forever Esco fan, but this shit is mediocre and does not belong alongside 'Nasty' and 'The Don'

  • NAS


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    3.00 and 5 being the most popular rating. What's wrong with yall Nas stans? That's why nobody takes yall seriously. You vote 5 just because it says Nas. No wonder he'll be known as the most overrated by time.

  • Anonymous

    Allways 5 star fo nas even this was not the best. But stilll KING. Respekt that!!! No on its close to....even this song..4 real.

    • Anonymous

      You Nas stans have such an iferiority complex, it's just sad, the wacker the track, the harder his groupie hoes will ride. *scust* Cocksuckers with no sense for critique destroyed Hip Hop.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      this is why hip hop is dead. you dont listen to music you just dickride names

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this wack shit!?

  • Humz

    It seems like hes chosen a different vibe for this sequel. But that chorus is unforgivable.

  • gnozeer

    This sounds like a Big Sean throwaway and that's coming from the guy who gets falesly praised for being real as this garbage shows. Watch his dickriders going all out, trying to talk that wack shit away, but it won't work, sometimes even the last will realize what a phony, fake ass bitch nas. you hear that one-syllabic rhyming and stans have the nerve to say he didn't dumb it down? he chooses the most generic beats you can think of and people say he stays true to himself? look at the terrible hook, his intentions are blatantly obious now. yall should take the the words 'Another Black Girl' out of the tilte and call it a day.

  • Throw Away


  • Anonymous

    'You aint lost girl, you've clearly got a future, just look at that fat ass of yours' Nas had the potential to be the best ever, but his albums usually suck so badly that you can't believe that the unreleased is from the same guy. this track is just a testament to his wackness. instead of dropping triple beam verses here and there he comes with this garbage. nothing wrong with pop songs, but make a good one at least, no suprises though, nas always failed at that.

  • hustle

    it aint that bad. ladies in the hood are bumping it like hell

  • Anonymous

    god damn, i'm fearing an album worse than HHID. what the fuck is this garbage, nursery-rhyming? SMH. look for wordsworth or skyzoo if you wan't real lyricists who won't sell their soul to reinventing themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Nas could have every top tier producer and what does he do? Releases a track that screams 'money' all over it. But it has always been the same with this nigga, drops a good street single and follows it up with generic pop trash, thought The Don was mediocre, but this is straight out garbage. be prepared for an album full of these types of songs with highlights coming in between the pop shit in the form of 3 or 4.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, when will people realise NaS is a fake just out for the money? This is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahaha nas continuing to shit on his fans to get that radio money, dude is such a fake fuck, it's not even funny anymore.

  • gsonii

    Something is missing.

  • Anonymous

    this is what happens when da internz are one of ur main producers on the album...lyrics still cool though as always, but its too radio friendly-but he has bills & taxes to pay i guess..hope its not on the album tho..

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign the 2nd anon, no level of lyricism could save this horrible track. Nas ain't even that good on this either.

    • Anonymous

      nobody gives a fuck for lyrics if the rest is generic trash like this. timeless music is great beats and amazing lyrics.

  • K.O.L


  • Anonymous

    nas is that nigga!

  • yessir


  • Anonymous

    nas needs to come up with something new Black Girl Lost is one of my favorite tracks from him

  • Jay-Z

    Is it Oochie Wally Wally or is it One Mic? Is it Black Girl Lost or shorty owe you for ice?

  • Nas

    Nahh niggas, this is just supposed to have a Kanye feel to it, I gotta get back in the game somehow.

  • Omecca

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST found out that this song will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT be the album Life is Good!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it looks like nas is dumbing down his lyrics old boy is aint got money he use to have after kelis haha that exspect the usal lyicism.

  • dockevoc

    couldn't make it past the opening chorus...nas usually makes about 50% garbage songs on his albums anyway so whatever still looking forward to his new shit

  • Anonymous

    not bad, he flowin again, beat ehhhh but nas is back!

  • Anonymous

    ouch nas, quit tring to be like jay z and beyonce do your own thing, we love the rugged nas

  • problemz/problema

    Big Nas fan here and I usually defend his vision and songs but can't do it with this one.This song is absolutely terrible.Execution is completely horrible.That hook should be shot point blank in the face,resuscitated and shot again.Black girl lost was one of the worse songs on it was written btw and compared to this part 1 was the song of the century.That's how bad this song is..