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An ode to "88" featuring Jadakiss that will be included on Diggy's next album.



  • Anonymous

    I'M JUST SAYING - ROCKZ SONG 88 THAT CAME OUT IN JANUARY IS MUCH BETTER - CHECK IT OUT (youtube.com/itsrockz) YES Diggy stole the concept. That's a damn shame!

  • anonymous

    wow it does seem like lil daniel "diggy" stole the concept from that artist named Rockz and his song 88 is actually better then diggy's no hating just stating facts. According to youtube this kid had the song 88 since January and the hook sounds almost identical just faster on digs version.

  • anonymous

    Diggy stole this song from an up and coming artist named Rockz and he will be exposed. The upcoming artist is on the rise and he is out of NY and the whole 88 concept was STOLEN. Please go to youtube.com/itsrockz and see his song 88 was uploaded in January. Coincidence or stolen???

  • Anonymous

    What does he know about 88 - He wasn't even born yet - He Stole this from an up and coming unsigned artist by the of Rockz (youtube.com/itsrockz) - See what happens when you have money and can't figure out what to write - just steal the concept - He has his daddy and Uncle Russell to defend him:)

  • Up North

    I like this joint here. I know he's gonna have alot of sing songy teenage shit on his album, but, he is in fact a teenager so no harm there. Keep grinding young Diggy! You got ALOT of haters so you doing the right thing

  • Longer

    Who cares what hip hop USED to be. It's called evolution bitches. Haven't you learned that lives run out and new one's are born.

  • Big John

    All you weak ass niggers need to understand that hip hop is about money. It may have started in the projects, but that doesn't mean it's gonna stay there...You don't have to be poor to make words rhyme. Get real.

  • damn, YOU are the young one

    skaggz: are you a really that unprivileged that you really believe what you just wrote? Music is about expression.

  • skaggz

    Im hating this trend of Priveliged rich youth rappers these days(drake). Rap used 2 be about the struggle and hardtimes.Now its all lil rich kids rapping about bitches and cars.Nas was right.Hip hop in the mainstream is dead.U gotta look underground 4 real artists these days

    • Purvis

      Whoa radio may be dead but not all mainstream rappers a good portion doe.N Drake wasnt rich, dropped outta highskool n sumo shit.Plus everything doesnt have to be bout a struggle just the real shit the artist goes through and can relate to

    • Kid Chyllen

      Since WHEN do you have to be broke to rap ? LMFAO this nigga is such a fucking hater.

    • Anonymous

      You're a jackass. You know how many rappers had a little paper stacked before they jumped into the rap game? You're an idiot. You're also the type of cat that would hold rap back if given the chance. People evolve, so will rap music. This song bumps. Get that paper young diggy

    • Up North

      That's literally the dumbest shit I ever heard. Not every broke and underpriveleged person picks up a microphone. Music, including hip hop, is about self expression. Learn something

    • Dale

      Stop encouraging fake ass rappers man. U probably the type a nigga that thinks its cool to get shot and go to jail. STFU

    • NO NO NO NO

      You dont have to be broke to rap. What about rapping because its fun and you enjoy itor you just like making music. Can't you let a lil nigga make his music?

  • Anonymous

    Download Diggy Simmons f. Jadakiss "88" http://hiphopmayhem.com/music/new-tracks/diggy-simmons-f-jadakiss-88.html

  • k.c

    damn no need to hate on diggy if he is half as talented as his father he will be a fresh and valued hip hop artist....let the lad develop at least and then maybe his talent will suprise everybody...lets just see first!!

  • Talksick

    Beats hard as shit imo...but wasted on these two. Much better than I expected and I never understood why people hate on a dude cuz of his name or upbringing. Not like he was rapping about thug life. Still though not my cup of tea.

  • James

    Damn jada why the fuck are u doin tracks with this drake wanna be daddys money wack ass kid

  • GoReadABook

    haha Jadakiss ALWAYS finds a way to rap about gangster ass shit. Even on a Diggy fuckin Simmons song. Shit's funny to me

  • kevin smith

    what the fuck is wrong with jadakiss diggy simmons u cant be serious what the fuck is hip hop comin to thats like krsone doin a song with vanilla ice ive lost total respect for jadakiss i fucks with the ruff ryders bad boy glory days of jadakiss

    • Co-sign

      ^^Totally agree ^^

    • Anonymous

      you're joking right? Diggy is probably one of the FEW REAL young rappers out right now. I say that because not ONCE has he ever rapped about some shit you CAN'T see him ACTUALLY doing. He never raps about guns, drugs, thugs, streets, or any of that stuff. (Unlike his whack ass brother JoJo) this kid is talented and there is nothing wrong with getting Jada on the song. We need more stuff like this because there is a TON of fake shit out there. On top of that, he makes POSITIVE music that kids can listen to and that is way more important than trying to appeal to some wanna be ass, fake ass e-thugs that never went through 1% of what a real thug would go through. Put a dick in ya ear and fuck what ya heard. Then after that put a dick in ya mouth and fuck what ya saying, this kid if dope...

  • Anonymous

    noto really feeling the black eyed peas vibe but the lyrics are pretty dope, woud love to hear a grimier beat with this.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is horrible! really diggy simmons ?!?!?!?

  • be0

    Diggy's better than alotta rappers out right now..eat dis commercial money up

  • Anonymous

    Young dude is talented.