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Another track that features the reunited (musically at least) duo of Rihanna and Chris Brown. Gives new meaning to "blowing candles out."


  • Anonymous

    yeah...they still fuck

  • Anonymous

    My homie Chris brown be slappin hoes haha woowoo

  • Anonymous

    So make a woman love you you got the beat the fuck out of her. Thank you for this lesson Chris

  • wtf

    HEY Rihanna he beat your face in, WHY THE FUCK ARE EVEN TALKING TO HiM??!?! Jesus fuck

  • Anonymous

    They did a song together, what's next...? It's a hot song, whether or not we like either one of these two looney toons...

  • perplextongue

    these two making a song makes me sick.

  • nyystateofmind

    her hair is fuckin sexy in that picture. and this is what happens when you let the bitch write her own lyrics.

    • Kaz

      @God formely knows as Jesus She was hotter in SOS imo

    • God formely known as Jesus

      I agree with you. I'd fuck Rihanna blonde red head brunette but i found her the Sexiest when she did pon de replay. And to the faggot responding. You make retarded 5th graders look like college professors. Please kill yourself next to your fat ugly dumb bitch. Would not want other stupid baby offspring running around

    • Anonymous

      i think the blonde straight white woman hair is disgusting. be yourself sistas. don't be a try hard hoe like rihanna, give me a chubby sista with stretch marks and a golden heart and a niggas happy. this bitch is twisted, suckin devil dick for fame. chris brown and rihanna deserve each other. 2 little demons that will do anything for fame. 2 puppets getting played in a sick sick game, but hey, they're getting paid, right? keep your kids close, brainwash in full effect.

  • Born in 86

    He should have just kept on Smacking her !

  • yo mama

    This song is gona make fat kids eat more cake.

  • Anoni mouse

    should have featured Jeremih... Birth-day-cake! Besides don't call it the RnB pick if this isn't RnB!!!!!! Artists like Beyonce, these two, Trey Songz and Drake, the ones who can't decide between dirty rap, pop or RnB, give hip hop AND RnB a bad wrap. Teenage white girls have the power to change the world, with their role as a consumer. "Think you want that Rihanna album on iTunes... think again!"

    • Roc Marciano

      Roc Marciano x Tha Connection - Strive EP Buy Now @ iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/strive-ep/id497116343 Tha Connection ft. Roc Marciano - Strive [Foka Mix] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VwB5Uks81Q

  • this bitch

    this bitch deserves to be beaten into a coma. she used the beating to get press, became the figure head for abused women in relationships, took the boost, and came crawling back to work with the loser that beat the shit outta her. this chick liked it. parents, step up, watch your fucking kids. don't let your daughter sing little rihanna songs about S&M and whoring, it's bad energy get invovled in their life and put a stop to this madness.

    • Anonymous

      Take the log out of your own eye first.

    • nyystateofmind

      agreed 100% "they say we livin in troubled times, aye do you see the trouble signs"

    • TaZzZ

      In a not so sick and twisted way I agree.. She's gotta understand that whether she likes it or not she's a role model to girls everywhere. Plenty of girls go back to men that beat them, but this is in front of millions of ppl and there are ramifications If she really cared about her music or her impact on the world she would wake up. Granted this is a remix prob done by email, but just putting the two names together has the wrong connotations. Gives young boys the message they can lay hands on women and tells women theres nothing wrong with running' right back. This is the worst sort of exploitation there is, and the worst part is that its done simply for shock value. Music industry makes me sick... Bring back the Queen Latifahs, MC Lytes and Lauryn Hills. Kids have the worst role models ever and no one seems to give a fuck. Eminem caught all kinds of flack in his day but I'd have to agree with his logic: "Mad that my tape taught em to swear, What about the makeup you allow your 12 yr old daughter to wear?" As parents, we need to put our fucking foot down.

  • imTravi

    This is pretty fuckin hot, just because its them together if for nothing else

  • samuel L jackson


  • @SmeezeF

    This song does something for my inner smut. I like It!!!! CTFU

  • Anonymous

    LOL at breezy's first couple lines http://www.youtube.com/user/afterninemuzik?feature=mhee

  • Ms. Rising

    Yeah....this song sucks big time...it's not good at all.

  • Gerard

    Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake. Why do I suddenly feel for cake.

  • Jesus

    This song hits me so hard Ima start singing fetish songs and musically go down hill then dye my hair blonde and do back flips with my shirt off while I ruin every rap video til CM Punk calls me out and I attack his pelvic region cuz it gets my attention.