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Another record off Premo and Bumpy's "KOLEXXXION" project dropping this March.


  • azrob

    Yeah their crazy...this shit is CRAK!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice Primo beat, though unusually long melody, still dope

  • SpooksOneske

    Some of you people below are fools. This beat is a banger, five star Preem, the epitome of rugged boom-bap. Bumpy ain't the best on Earth but he destroys anything you cats see on TV & has been holdin' it down for years. Swaggots.


    6 stars hip hop music!! bumpy and primo always real raw rap!!

  • JC

    Premo always drops the ill sh1t

  • adamsinc71

    Dope....Lil Kids Do ya home work on Premo & Freddie Foxx AKA BUMPY KNUCKLES

  • bugged1


  • MP

    I would like this beat more if was faster with a better snare drum. It's cool, though. I would check the album out just because of Premo more so than Bumpy Knuckles...can't front.

  • wert99

    hiphop no music for old men.

  • war22

    i like this kind of rap...this is how a track should sound..."old ass rappers and prod" are keeping hiphop alive bitches

  • Anonymous

    Newest LIVEST!!! http://www.datpiff.com/FootPrynce-Footprynce-Of-A-Freeking-mixtape.305620.html

  • mikenice

    Damn, things sure have changed. I remember a time when a cut like this would of got the highest praise possible. This shit is funky!Bumpy & Preme don't ever change. It really ain't these young boys fault, with radio & the bitch shit in the culture actin ' the way they do. They don't no shit else.

  • Rebel_Madness

    I agree with some of y'all but what you don't know is Bumpy Knuckles/Freddie Foxxx, makes his own beats. If you heard that KRS and Bumpy Knuckles album, you would know this sounds like a Bumpy production with Premo scratching on it. Plus maybe Bump wanted the track to sound like this. Artist, rap over stuff they like. So you talkn down on Premo when it might not be his fault. Either way, like some one else said...Bumpy Knuckles rhymes hardcore and lives it. A real brotha. Quit supportin' rappers with no substance and the Rap Game won't die...

  • Just A Person

    But when Dr Dre puts something new (that sounds the same as Dr. Dre beats have sounded for years)up...that nigga gets nothing but accolades. "THIS BEAT IS AMAZING!" gimme a break. a prime example is that TI shit, even though its pretty much the same beat as the Wale'. niggas was over and out crazy over that beat. you comment section people hummer me and annoy me. Freddie foxx is not only better than like 2/3 of the rappers now....he probably would beat they ass in real life too. And im not some stan. But that Freddie/Statik shit was pretty decent last year. Yeah this song may not be the best song they've ever done...but it's a solid effort.

  • Anonymous

    lol two 50 year old rappers and producers making a album. Leave rap to the kids. Once you were dope but now you are repeating yourself!

    • Anonymous

      @ Avenger XL8: son when you aint hot anymore then you gotta stop. its annoying to listen to rappers who repeating themselfs. In no way that premo or bumpy sound that dope as back in the days. they done! so fuck you with your dumb comment.

    • Avenger XL8

      OK leave rap to the kids right? What other genre sticks to that? If there is no art to this and it is just a empty game that children do before they become real musicians then hip-hop is worthless and should go away. If it is a true music and cultural phenom then this is the natural progression as it ages if you have a fresh idea or just love to rhyme go for it. Has anyone told the dinosaurs of rock to get the F off stage yet noooo they are honored but this is a metaphor for the disrespect hip-hop is paid in general. So GTFOHWTBS booooy!

  • Anonymous

    average premo beat and average lyrics by bumpy. this sounds dated, it aint 94 anymore old men

  • mrmiddl

    i guess no one has heard of REKS and the beats primo smashed on that album. where are the real heads at?

  • ben

    I love premo style because no one does it as good, and no one really does it like him at all. He really "DJs" in the beat with all the scratching. no one else does that.......The perfect album would be his production with Nas rhyming..I know....I can dream though.

  • Anonymous

    better than most music out today, but still your average sounding Premo beat...

  • Swordz

    Premo owns his style to a tee!! another classic from that 90's sound.

  • That's Right!

    Wickey Wickey Wack! DJP, Heard this beat before! WTF!

  • Anonymous

    i will take this over any that bullshit that coming out now a days.

  • OPM

    Preem n Bumpy. What? y'all niggas think this is weak? you think this is weak??? yea, right.

  • bonz

    Best I've heard from Bumpy and Premo in YEARS. Count on that pre-order!

  • tn

    mos def best premo beat in a while!!!! Its a solid track. Primo needs to evolve his styl tho.

  • Anonymous

    Keep hatin, you wack ass lil niccahs. Keep listening to Trash Money! This is for niccahs who like that dope Hip Hop shyt. Not that watered down overplayed shyt that you're use to! Preemo 8nt never fall off!

    • Anonymous

      I hate Young Money and every fag on the label ..... And this song is nothing special and every leak from this record so far is Mediocre Quit crying like a lil bitch "EVERYONE WHO DOESNT AGREE WITH MY OPINION MUST BE A LIL WAYNE FAN!!!!!" Change your pampers

  • da1

    when u listen to the whole beat its tight. not his best but still sick. ppl ask for his authentic sound. if i got a beat from him it be some 2012 preem

  • Anonymous

    boring! Premo you sound like in 1992! Switch up your style. And Bumpy you sound the same as the days of Industry shakedown

  • The B

    some of his best beats are on Big Shug's first album

  • G-Era

    nothing to hate on this one. Bumpy a little mediocre though. best cutz from Premier in a while.

  • Jess Devitt

    and you guys saying that it sounds like every other preem beat? youre right, primo hasnt had a new idea for like 20 years. but hip hop forgives because this idea is still rocking.

  • Jess Devitt

    freddie foxxx been living off reputation for a while, he fell off years ago if he ever had it. hate to say it, but it sounds like the writings of a hobbyist rather than a respected professional. it gets bumped up to the third star because of the beat, which is typical primo, nothing mind-blowing here.

  • G

    Yall needa stop complaining. Preem has been changing it up for years but his production style will always be the same. If not, then he's not DJ Premier. This beat is hot and if you've been listening to Preem for a while this would bring you back to that old school shit. If this was released 10 years ago yall would be praising this thing in 2012. Hip-hop is evolving (e.g. Kanye West, The Alchemist, Kno) but DJ Premier is still DJ Premier. He's not gonna change his style just to follow the "trends" of hip-hop. You don't have to like it, but at least for me, it really takes me back and I know I'll be bumping this. And Bumpy ain't so bad either. Enough over-hating.

    • True,but..

      I just think this track shows a lack of effort from premo.. my favorite beats of his are on such another level.. O.C.-My world. that beat is fire. Gangstarr-next time. Classic. Jeru the Damaja-come clean. All those songs were way less bland than these tracks he is dropping recently.. all the beats ive heard from premo recently sound like his basement beats that should stay in his vault

  • AZAR

    Sick beat.... although agreed not much different from his past beats. Whatevs

  • YoMomma

    I can understand this isnt a 5* but come one 1,67?!?! This is still better than most of the other music on this website.

  • Premo'sOld

    Every premo beat sounds the same and its kinda gettin old.. he's got his classics of course and I love a ton of premo tracks, but he hasn't really evolved his style in any way. And he his so fucking opinionated it's annoying.. he said Game's RED album was album of the year.. stupid ass nigga

  • Jonathan

    A bit disappointing both lyrics and production. Still looking forward to the album.

  • Anonymous

    I havent been impressed by anything I've heard off this and I love Primo, SMH, maybe I'm just too hard to please now or summin but this whole Projects can be summed up in 3 letters so far M-E-H

  • Holland

    Bumpeeey stays going hard on these premo beats, always good to hear

  • Anonymous