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The real version of "The Real Her" off "Take Care" featuring the legendary Andre Benjamin.


  • Yung_Cali

    idgaf wat ppl say this song go Hard F**k anybdy who disagree

  • Jasmine Smith

    Lil Wayne always sayin da same shit

  • Jazz

    Lil always sayin the same shit

  • Ivan Geigerman

    This track would be great minus DRAKE, the other two are amazing as always.

  • God

    WTF is up with u niggas saying 3000 killed the track and shit..he fucking ruined the song..asshole cant rap for shit..not a fan of drake or wayne but this song is allgood till wayne does his gay as giggle...fuckin pricks

    • Jay

      Your favorite rapper's fav rapper is andre......hes one of the GREATEST lyricists ever. I guess you dont like thought provoking lyrics. Who you like jeezy?

    • Anonymous

      its just that 3k is smart.. you might not have the cerebral capacity to understand what he's saying. doesn't mean he ruined the song bro. smart people like it .

  • Dreyton YelowolftheLion Williams

    Drake use to be ill with the singin shit...HE DIDN'T TAKE HIMSELF SERIOUSLY, that's what made him dope...now the shit is getting stale, he either needs to add the backpack flow back to the singing or just leave the shit alone altogether for a while...atleast when it comes to his own material...(Dre was dope, as usual) SHUDA BEEN A 3000 SOLO TRACK w/ Drake SINGING THE HOOK...

  • Anonymous

    I'm not going to bother getting into the whole "autotuned singers are decieving the public and deserve to be downloaded" debate - that's a mess - but I think my point's being misunderstood for the sake of an argument. Take your average popstar, for instance. If they're good looking but can't sing, they get autotuned to balance things out and create the illusion of the complete pop star. T-Pain is a different animal entirely. T-Pain's entire 'thing' is autotune. He earns his living off it. To slate autotune is to slate him, essentially, so the fact that he took Jay-Z's record so personally should not be lost on those who actually thought there was any element of doubt in the diss of such an easy target. I'm also not naive enough to think nobody needs auto-tune, though. I hope you enjoy your job. I hope you also have a nice day. XD

    • ^^^^^^^^^

      naw u specifically said "Still not really understanding the praise for Drake. To me, he's a singer who can't sing, and so uses autotune", so i thought I just correct you, not to say that sum people over use it. and Jay Z wasn't really going after T-Pain, he was going after every one else, like all the rappers, why would Jay Z feel the need to diss a RnB singer, and the whole thing about deceiving the public, LOL once again, its hollywood bro, they photoshop Kim Kardashian on every magazine, as well as any other model, actor, etc.... but I bet u still fuck her if u had the chance lol, so yea if u want to say its an illusion to use autotune to make people think they can actually sing, then maybe entertainment aint for u, read a book instead,haha and I think no one deserves to be downloaded, b cuz if u download a song that means you like it, u wouldn't download a song if u didn't like it, so if u like it, then buy it, i like Big Macs, don't give me the right to walk in mc donalds and rob them for a big mac,(a lil extreme but u get the point) also you don't know how much time, effort, money, goes into one song, specially for an album, your looking at like 10-100 thousand a song, and even more depending on the producer, the master engineer, the studio time, the equipment used, etc.. so I think asking 99cents on I tunes is a small price for what the song does for u ;)

  • Eli Abdallah

    man, 3k needs 2 stop workin with these clowns and start working with big boi

    • Jason Bassie

      Think youre stating the obvious homie. Problem is legally they cant work together due to contract situations.

  • moha handas

    lil wayne goes hard on this TUNCHIE

  • Kenneth KR Mulenga

    What can bring more to life without remenbering yesterday.

  • Dank Butta Franko

    Drake is a very talented artist....and I have a lot of respect for him from day one. Im really not trying to hear this dude sang like that..... this track is good but I really hope is album isnt more R&B than hip-hop. I wanna hear this dude spit. Thats just my personal opinion though. Putting 3000 on this track was a good look cause all the way up to then I thought this track was "gay". Meaning this one is for the ladies........

  • @RadioRebels

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  • Big DAWG

    Yessim Master, Wud You Lik moe Sugga in ya Coffee sir, LOL thats what his pic looks like he's saying

  • haha

    DX u could have picked a better pick of Andre 3k than that one. y Big Boi never gets no love, he's just as equally talented rapper as 3k

  • Kacy Hill

    yeah drake sang for too long its gets a little bland after a while because his voice isnt versatile enough

  • justin

    say what you will. while everyone hates on dude, hes gettin large money for him and his family and not reading this

  • Aaron Martinez

    drake should put some variety in. he can't sing for too long, can't rap for too long, better if it's mixed in each verse. 3 stacks is the greatest

  • annoymous

    something different but that doesnt necessarily mean it is a bad thing nor a good thing. drakes part reminds me of aaliyahs "i dont wanna" just imagine a world where there was no hate and everyone could just appreciate the music for what it is or isnt.

  • Anonymous

    Queer Music, but Dre is cool.

  • Hip Hop Head

    5/5 This song is dope. Wayne had a decent verse. OF COURSE hes had better, but this was ok. Drake killed the hook. And his verses were good. Again people will say he can do better, thats common sense. But he did his thing. & Andre 3K....well it's Andre 3K. Need I say more??

  • Anonymous

    I hope Andre got paid a lot to be on shit stain albums like carter 4 and take care .

  • Anonymous

    I'm in class listening and next thing you know I hear: "Seating hear sad as hell listening to Adele" *snicker* ...... "Please be careful these bitches got the rabies" LAWL (in class)

  • wishworks

    I've said it before and this just confirmed Andre3000 king of the south hands down, much love to t.i.p. , dave banner, luda,and wayne, but to me it just seems like after that ataliens Album dude been killing shit

  • Name

    Still not really understanding the praise for Drake. To me, he's a singer who can't sing, and so uses autotune (which shows you what an empty statement for credibility Jay-Z's death of autotune was...obviously directed, in his own non committal way, at T-Pain, the easiest of easy targets). His lyricism is virtually nonexistent, and this 'flow' either he or Big Sean is a nonstory. Taking the word 'like' out of a simile isn't creative. It's poor. Not a 'haterrr' before people wheel that one out, by the way. Just bemused. This backs up the fact that regardless of quality, people will swear anything's great if it's advertised enough.

    • ^^^^^

      first off @ name thats your opinion, but about the auto-tune statement, Im a music engineer and part of my job is to make an artist sound better, now having went to school for my career and learning from teachers who are in the music business, let me tell u every singer and rapper need their vocals tuned. that is what "autotune" was created for T-Pain overly used it and created a lane for himself which he benefited a whole lot of money off it, but for u to say because he uses auto tune means he cant sing is ignorance, so that means 2 Pac cant rap because you have to EQ his vocals to make his voice more dominant by boosting the low frequencies, SMH stick to listening to music and not trying to make statements about something u have no clue about-Have a nice day :)

    • Name

      In response to Anonymous - Jay-Z is a populsr rapper with little crediblity nowadays. Therefore, D.O.A. was a lunk-headed stab for credibility, using the easy target of T-Pain. In answer to where T-Pain is - probably being told by white executives that Autotune isn't in fashion anymore. Drake gets a pass for lyricism that, as far as I can see, doesn't exist. All I'm saying is, despite what rappers like Jay-Z and Drake would have you think, putting effort and craft into your music is important. Show some respect for your audience if you don't want them to download.

    • Phat Dawg

      @Name 100...

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same thing , but my friend told me Death of Autotune was first heard at the American music awards I believe some highly white award show that praises "Garbage music Prod." Lol After that not many autotune tracks came out. Question where is T-pain? Lmao Oh and NEWS FLASH everybody uses autotune espeicially R&B artists like Drake to polish their voice up. Mary J. Blige uses it. You're thinking of over use like T-pain's dumbass thats why he is no longer relevant. I'm Done...

  • Anonymous

    shit is wack as fuck, but my man Andre 3k killed it, am here cuz of him, Lil gayne and drako sucks

  • stillstanding

    3stacks - farkin amazing

  • Yssup Kidz

    Andre is one of the all time greats. His verse here is flawless.

  • ladub

    change is always hard to accept,hate or love this kid,he is doing what he wants how he wants it,ill quote a line and put on my blog or twiiter or fb and cats who dont know its drizzy be like ' oh thats brillaint' cos he talks real everyday shit with emotion..most of yall neva seen a 'key' or even know were the safety on a parabellum is..but its cool for your fav rapper to talk crap all day that u cant even relate to..cos he is 'HARD' and keeping it 'hood' fuck that,we grinding to move to the burbs..hehehe.. props to the kid..and ofcourse Andre 3stacks the great

  • YouSerious?

    Andre 3000 is top 5 even if he drops like 5 verses a year. Outkast's discography is nearly flawless, their only bump in the road was the Idlewild album, which was a soundtrack.

  • hmmm...

    @Those arguing Em, Jay n Nas. Em has 3 certified classics(SSLP, MMLP, TES), Jay has 2(RD and TBP), Nas has only 1(Illmatic). Look at rolling stone greatest 500 albums of all time. #464-----The Blueprint #400-----Illmatic #317-----The Eminem Show #302-----The Marshall Mathers Lp #273-----The Slim Shady Lp #248-----Reasonable Doubt Fanboys will certainly call American Gangster, It was Written, Recovery, Stillmatic, etc etc classic. And the others who think illmatic is the GOAT, that's the biggest lie in the world. Personally, a classic is a classic. All the rappers approach the songs and albums in different and unique ways. Em decides to use violent lyrics and his family. Jay would prefer to talk about his swag, riches, and him being king. Nas loves telling us about is ghetto upbringing. Snoop prefers talking about sex, drugs, Gangster life..etc. Pac wants everybody to see his love for the black culture....etc etc. So, as far as they approach their songs the way they like and execute it properly and perfectly, none is greater than another. That's exactly the message Jay n Em were trying to pass on "Renegade". Haters will always say jay only talks about his money or Em likes talking about his sad life, or Nas like talking about gangsters, etc, but that doesn't count cause that's what they do best !

    • Anonymous

      Virtually all media houses dickride Em and Kanye !

    • 1love

      rolling stone is not even a credible hip hop source you need to open your ears you eminem stan.

    • YouSerious?

      respect to your post, but if you're going to cite a Rolling Stone list you KNOW they dickride certain artists (Eminem, U2, Kanye, Bruce Springsteen, etc) hardcore. Their 500 greatest albums of all time list is an opinion, and that's a fact.

  • tstacks

    @ yup yup: Yes sir, I stand by them. If you heard "Lookin for ya" or "Royal Flush" Both of those where supposed to be on Big Boi's "Sir Luciuos Leftfoot:The Son of Chico Dusty" Jive wouldnt let Big Boi Use them cuz 3k was on them So he leaked them. He said it himself

  • YupYup

    Who but TresStacks would approach the track like that? "We lust for trust" -Andre 3Stacks-Mufiqin' Benjamin

  • tstacks

    Ok, Andre went hard as usual. And by readin some of the comments on here some people like Outkast but dont really know whats goin on with them. They have been having label trouble. Thats why Big Boi and 3k cant do any songs other than an Outkast album. Big boi waas sent to Def Jam and Jive wont let 3k go. Big boi did 2 songs with 3k for his solo and Jive wouldnt let Big Boi put them on his album. The Only Thing Jive will allow is an Outkast album. So Big Boi is About to put out another album called "Daddy fat sax:The Soul Funk Crusader" and Then Andre is coming out with his Solo that he doesnt have a title for yet, Then a new outkast album is coming out. Theve already done 6 songs for the Outkast album. All 3 albums are coming out next year. Thats some info for all the real outkast fans

  • simple logic

    andre 3000 is top 5 easy.. drake is paving his own lane, he gets a lot of hate and love for what he does. but he is doing it how he wants to, he is making music how he wants to with his own sound.. i can applaud him for that

  • Anonymous

    That boy drake is on fire".....

  • Jermaine Jgthebarber Guidry


  • Anonymous

    this shit is horrible it is only getting my blessing cuz of andre 3k!! i heard this CD SUCKS cuz hes singing on most of his damn album is it true??

  • MBTM

    man, 3k needs 2 stop workin with these clowns and start working with big boi

  • Anonymous

    wow, this joint is straight doo doo. honestly, i mean 3 stacks comes correct but seriously, Drake needs to take 5 and quit tryng to be the male Sade and shit...2 stars, and only bc of Andre.

  • hov

    omg 3k just gave us the verse of the year, fucking legendary!!

  • Anonymous

    FUCK dx just put the whole album up why dont you?!

  • uponeverysession

    good track. andre 3000 needs a solo album asap or a an outkast reunion. his flow is legendary.

  • based landlord

    Andre 3000, the greatest MC of all time. I thought the song was pretty boring till Andre came in, but his part was fuckin amazing

  • Andre?? on the level of nas,jay,em,???

    Some people act like Andre Top 10 ever,lmao.

    • YouSerious

      Ok let's go by Outkast's discography: SouthernPlayalistic- classic ATLiens- classic Aquemini- classic Stankonia- classic Speakerboxx/Love Below- One of the handful of diamond hip hop albums Idlewild is a soundtrack, and Outkast's ONLY weak album.

    • thought dog

      I thought Slim Shady lp was good not classic but I can see how many would call it that since it was his first "official" cd. Nas is definitely nice but hes dropped a lot of albums with horrible beats....He always brings it on the lyrics but if the beats weak Im not gonna replay the track. And I got nothing against Jay-z but a majority of his albums have been half classic tracks half bullshit. His classics in my mind are Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, American Gangster. I gotta be able to play an album from front to finish without wanting to skip a track before its classic in my mind...and Andre 3000 has a whole lot of albums just like that.

    • Jeremy

      @thought dog: Disagree about the eminem bit. slim shady lp, marshall mathers lp, and eminem show were all easily classics. i think jay-z is way overrated, but he does deserve to be where he is. nas is just fucking sick.

    • thought dog

      Andre has the opposite career of all those artists you mentioned. Em has 1 classic album...Jay has 2 maybe 3 and Nas has 3. Andre has 1 maybe 2 weak albums....The rest are classics. When you look at actual music quality Andre is easily top 5.

    • Anonymous

      andre 3 stacks hands down one of the best to ever do it

    • Vinny Petrone

      Andre 3 stacks is top 5 die or alive

  • reality

    drake is singing on this...so andre cant kill him, but he can kill wayne..and he did. take care is a hell of an album.

  • Anonymous

    im not saying 3000 is overrated but damn i swear niggas dickride anything this guys does. it ridiiculous. he could literally burp over a track and i guarentee niggas would give it a 5 say "its 3000's burping that's still better than soulja boy." smh puts me off of listening.

    • Anonymous

      not really. Look at the post of the lil wayne song that had intro interlude and outro put together. look at the post and you'll hardly see anyone saying 300 killed it. In fact there were some that say he didn't rap that good.

  • Anonymous


    • K.S.

      @Anonymous Do you listen to lyrics seriously? lol Andre 3000 Wack now really!!?? Go listen to his lyrics and flow from these Outkast tracks "Return of the G", "Wailin'","Jazzy Belle" and "A day in the life of Andre benjamin" before you talk sh*t. Big Boi is dope too but he's not better lyrically then Andre. Anyway 3000 shines the most on "The real Her" so for those that don't know dope Emcee's please shut the hell up. Keep doin your thing 3 stacks you're one of the cats still keeping Hip Hop real and honest. You were dope from " Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" and you're still dope now. Let's get a new Outkast album in the works and congrats to Drake on the new album.

  • Phil Paddock

    Andre killed both of them! hope he comes out with an album or something soon.

  • Noice

    Search on youtube for....Drake - Take Care (Comprehensive Album Review) Complete album review and link to the album provided.

  • william brown

    first to say "this shit right here makes me want to take my shirt off and eat pink grapefruit!"

  • RiQ RUDE

    Got 1 question for Mr Benjamin??? Y r u sooooo fukin dope??? I mean u dnt pop pills u dont drink u dont enjoi ndo smoke soooo again i ask u sir wat the fuk is it??? Since atliens i been wonderin!!! get atme 3racks riqrude beats@ youtube copywritten and ret2go

  • The Real Franchise

    im from Toronto and i cant say anything good about drake, i want to like the dude, but hes just awful, if hes a rapper, so is lloyd, ja rule, bruno mars etc. 3k killed it as usual.

    • the Doc

      man you a dumb as fuck dude ya fuckin cant appreciate versitality in music Hip Hop is changing - its a mixture of different shit keep yo stinkin asss in Canada!

  • Charlamange

    He gon go in on Drake for this album,lol.

  • TripleStacks

    Damn 3 Stacks killed it, That Boise State turf line was dope as fuck! 5/5

  • DrDreBeats

    3K makes these dudes look average as hell.

  • Unbias opinion

    5/5 Just because there are so many haters. I mean scroll down read all the hate. Going out of your way to say how you skipped this part and that part. HATE HATE HATE

    • joem

      Lmfao.. I did the same exact thing. I listened to the song for like 20 seconds then I was like fuck this, where's Andre's part.

    • thought dog

      Thats not hate chief...Thats people not wanting to hear 3 and a half minutes of sappy bullshit singing just to hear one of the greatest MC's of all time.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is wack lil lame should go kill himself he hasnt dropped nothing hot since the carter 3 but Andre sick wit it tho like he always is

  • C-Dot

    Lyrics 5/5 Hook 4/5 Beat 4/5 Overall 4/5...I think Andre 3000 added a lil bit more to this track...

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    3 Stacks gets the 5, he's dope, but the rest is pointless garbage.

  • nodrakeplz

    i only listened (skipped through) for andre 3000, and something came to me...... kendrick lamar's and andre's flow.... IDENTICAL. dont get me wrong i love em both, but ya.......... that's all

  • NaSty

    I skipped to Andre's part because the rest is garbage.

  • Z3K3

    oh, and 3 stacks is a true poet.

  • Z3K3

    3 stacks aka andre 3000 makes this track . AND TO ALL YOU DUMB PUNKS , YES , THIS IS THE GUY WHO IS UNCREDITED ON LIL WAYNE'S INTERLUDE OFF C4 WITH TECH N9NE . that's all.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, you gotta listen to 10 minutes of this shit before 3000 starts spittin..


    wow wack at its best im like damn can somebody start rapping on this shit cause dude cant sing

  • 3 Stacks

    Andre 3000 ways to get murked on a track!

  • Tyrannical T

    3 Stack is a breath of fresh air. So damn unique. 5/5

  • Curtis Jermaine Caldwell

    3 stacks is a great artist.

  • Keith Shyn Coleman

    Aight so let me get this straight when Andre 3000 sing its cool but when drake sing its like OMG NIGGA TRYIN TO B ON SOME R&B SHIT yall niggas are fucking dumb i swear. Andre 3000 isn't a "singer" meaning on stage he won't sound amazing like a trey songs or something "i just said trey songs i coulda said any good singer" he's a studio singer. Niggas sound mad dumb when they say that shit so i guess 3000 "and some other artist i don't feel like mentioning" are the only ones who can sing something in a melody type style and rap. As for the song the shit is hot 3000 ripped it like he always do and drizzy/weezy did there thing. If you don't like it don't listen to it. You waste so much energy hating or if your trying to make a joke leave the funny stuff to kevin hart/affion crockett. I know I'm wasting my time even saying this cus haters don't see logic they just go out to hate on whatevers popular. I've been listening to hiphop since the late 80s early 90s so hating is nothing new but with the internet its 100x worst cus you got every tom dick n harry hating. Even the nerds who don't get no pussy they just stay behind there computer laptop blackberry "whatever you use to get on the internet". Also i love 3000 just as much as the next dude but he coulda came way harder on this song but since its him most peeps will just say its hot cus its him. Don't get me wrong i liked his verse but i know for a fact he coulda came harder then again what he said fit with what the songs about.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Man, stop. Just stop. Nigga defending wack stuff that is oversensual just cause he spells his nickname all different like he's eccentric? You's a fag. LOL!!! Shyn, huh? Man get that hell out of here. Ol' milk bath and high fructose corn syrup ass nigga.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Niggas emotional like Carl Thomas, ha. You must be Drake's biggest stan, ha. Drake must have boned you, ha. I think you are a soft batch cookie ass nigga, ha. Why you wanna listen to a man harmonize about the same bs over and over, ha? You cotton candy, ha. People gotta be sensual and feminine to get pussy, ha? You gotta be joking with that, ha? You're not, ha. You's a bitch, ha. Thank you for saving this song 3 stacks, ha. Cut off those nasty ass dreads, ha. Shyn? Gay ass way of spelling something like it makes you eccentric when you're a metrosexual ass nigga, ha. You a fruit loop, ha. You like semen, ha.


      dude 3stacks dont sing like drake be hold a lady is nothing like this shit drake singing

    • Grammar Police

      I stopped reading at "there". Thought you had something.

  • blackula

    at this point DX might as well post the entire album

  • chris

    Good. Andre 3000 killed it.


    3000 the most overrated rapper possibly in history. Drake is the fakest rapper going because he isn't a rapper. This shit is a little better than garbage though, but not much.

    • blasphemous!!!!

      You sir are an idiot.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      People who say 3 stacks is overrated should have been swallowed before the chance to fertilize an egg.

    • what?

      3 stacks is one of the most underrated of all time

    • I'tika Sharkforlyfe Wynn

      blank stare............bro.....getdafuckouttaherewitdatbullshitson.....you have to had been born in the 90's to say some dumb shit like that.....you're entitled to your own opinion....but damn bro bro...think before you speak....3000 is a genius!...He's better than 80% of cats out Now!..

    • rocklee916

      THEN BLAST OFF HATER.... seriously, 3STACKS is overrated? Who the F@#K do you listen to mister connoisseur of hip hop???? PLEASE, enlighten us....

  • tresdemayo

    Funny how the new generation sound weak when they do a track with a real legend, Andre 3000 in that case. It was the same with Busta and Lil Wayne on "Look at me now". BTW, did drake do his official coming out as a R&B singer ?

    • ThatKidWithTheCrown

      Gotta agree with Kashif. Lil Wayne did come hard on Hollywood Divorce and stood next to Andre, but then he made the mistake of getting Andre on the Interlude for Carter IV. He and Tech N9ne killed Lil Wayne's whole album there. And Lil Wayne's verse in this song isn't even worth mentioning.

    • Kashif Ilyas

      have you listened to hollywood divorce with wayne and andre3000? wayne more than stood his own on that track