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Nick Cannon recalls his career up to date, the good and the bad.



  • Nicolas Junior Astorga

    Man This is a great song keep doing what you doing Nick


    I usually wouldn't Inject My Opinion On A Blog, But for the Sake Of My Name being Mentioned In THis Song, "DEQUAN" I Feal Tha Need to Defend Nicks Position & Say that Every Man has a right to Speak Or Rap What He 0r she Has Lived Or Experienced.... No matter how you May feel about It... ROMANS 3-10 / There Is None Righteous, No, Not One... MY NAME IS DEQUAN & THIS IS THAMUVMENT !!! YOU CAN FIND ME ON FACE BOOK ..... THAMUVMENT http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thamuvment/179711742096853 FALLOW ME @ : http://twitter.com/#!/THAMUVMENT

  • Nana

    This is wrong. No credit given to deadmau5, you know, the guy who created the song. Nick, I am disappoint.

  • Steven Mclean

    this is bullshit, he didnt even give any credit to deadmau5 whos beat makes this song

  • IAmControverse

    Could have used more Nick, but this is cool. I definitely miss the "Gigolo" days, especially since now we're stuck in the "Pretty Boy Swag" days.

  • Anonymous

    its good, when he stops talking

  • Anonymous

    enough to put mariah off your geeky ass

  • MistaBe

    I am totally disgusted by Nick Cannon vibe wise and I expected a much more wacker track but to be completely honest the track is not bad at all the lyrics, beat, and hook were above decent. I'm surprised congrats Cannon

  • Anonymous

    Actually not bad...

  • Ty Hooks

    this is dope in my opinion but i think he tryin to sound a lot kendrick lamar.

    • Anonymous

      hell no he ain't sound like kendrick lamar. He sound like his damn self...and wth is up with that crap towards the end? sound like what schizophrenic ppl b hearing, just annoyin as fuck

  • Money First

    Are you cats really on here arguing about how many millions Nick Cannon is worth? HOW MANY MILLLIONS ARE YALL LAMES WORTH? ANSWER-ZERO! Man we got a disease in this culture and its way past HATING!!!! I'm gonna rate it high just because I hate stupidity and fake keyboard thugs plus I actually listened to the lyrics

  • Jon Silva

    Poor, stick to acting

  • Eric Frazier

    I can't listen to 15 seconds of this crap.

  • James Vega

    I just threw up in my mouth a little

  • Anonymous

    lyrics aint bad.. i dont like how they mixed his vocals.. sounds bad..

  • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

    when this nigga get cold?!?! 5 starz... if you can get over the hate


    as usual he "can" rap & make decent songs but dis 1 kinda weird,but kinda hot,if it wz eminem fans wood say he dope & steppin out da box,always siding w/da person instead of da skill or quality of da son & da comment below me on point....http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • mindrelated

    People do not listen to music anymore...I am no way a Nick Cannon fan but the song is not bad at all.

  • tru

    Ain't bad...not gonna hate just cause it's Nick

  • Piru Slobb

    Y'all is some haters. If you didn't know it was Nick Cannon, you'd be all over this. Soo woo nicka. Bout to bang with Wayne, Game, Sugar Suge, and Tech N9ne.

  • Cealix

    ....not even an original beat. Look up Deadmau5 FT. Kaskade - I Remember http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xo8At6XEqE

    • Cealix

      I don't think you understood what i meant by "not an original beat." I wasn't referring to him as stealing it, I was referring to him trying to re-create it himself...probably do to Deadmau5 telling him to fuck off.

    • LJbigbang

      That's a stupid criticism to make. Yes, this song, and Nick Cannon, is shit; but plenty of rappers, including your favourite rappers will have spat on someone else's instrumental. Are you new to hip-hop, by any chance?

  • Nick Cannon

    Hey guys its your favourite tv show host rapper wanna be Nick! I've been hosting the Disney Princesses parade all day and I'm really tired so Ill keep this short. I recorded this song because Mariah has been listening to Lupe fiasco alot and she wanted me to pretend to be him so she can pretend to fuck a real rapper. I guess I didn't do a very good job because I haven't had any from her since she heard it! o well I guess I'll go back to my corny stand up routine and hosting wack ass tv shows. Hey I forgot to tell you I'm going to be on the new season of Glee! Isn't that great?

  • TonyBlomo

    5 stars. Fuck a hater.

  • burnblue

    Y'all some haters. Really.

  • Kspenc

    Listen to my song "Blue Eyed Beast" http://www.youtube.com/user/Sion563?feature=mhee Tell me what you think guys. Thanks!

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Nick Cannon is rich as fuck. Hes worth over $850 million dollars. This dude is all about cake. He owns his own tv station and is getting close to a billion. Beautiful wife and a very luxurious home and this song is pure fuckin fire. Beat is sick and the lyrics are meaningful and str8 to the point. This nigga making billions and making hot music at the same time? Only other dudes doing that is Wayne Jayz Diddy-Dirty-Money Birdman Akon and Eminem. Cannon is back. 5 stars easy.


      yo i heard he's only worth 17 mil man... not bad but he should really stop rapping this song is so gay... this is good music to play in a gay club.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Nice job copying and pasting your post from before douchebag..... Get a life you sensitive homo.

    • Wtf

      Nigga wtf is u talkin about nick cannon is worth only 25 million according to this site http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/nick-cannon-net-worth/ if he was worth that much wouldnt u think they talk about his bitch ass more then they do wit diddy and jay z smh dumb ass niggas need to do there research

    • this dude is garbage

      Cannon is back? LMAO! if you ask me even when he was making music he was always gone so how the hell would he be back when he never got no where even with this garbage. Lmao! Nobody cares how much this dude is worth because he could hopefully lose it all in the next 5 years if he keeps his fake game up. He's even more fake with using the 'N' word which is something he's never done so I will no longer take this cat seriously ever again as if I did in the first place anyways. I guess he's got nothing better else to do now that America's Got Talent season is over with. Maybe he should go play marables with his kids instead of trying to be fake to fit in with the big boys of rap because either way he's not ever gonna be respected on the microphone whether he's rapping good or bad lyrics so he should just stop it plain and simple!

  • iRemember

    i dont like his style

  • get outta here with this...

    NICK CANNON cursing and using the 'N' word now all of sudden? RFLMAO!!! I don't know whether to laugh at Nick or laugh at some of the delusional clowns supporting him below me. You guys are beyond lost if you think this is good. I've always felt sorry for this Nick Cannon guy for not know who he truly is and who he's turly suppose to be. This track is definitely not who he is and I'm sure Eminem is somewhere laughing at this lost cause of a man and who cares if he married Mariah Carey because she has some disturbed mental issues as well.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    wtf is this. lol.. The joke is that he sounds better that crackhead wayne.. At least you can hear and understand what he's saying, while the crackhead talks a lot of incoherent nonsense... Either way it does suck cuz it sounds like half the shit out there.. He just needs to be him and not like every other wack rapper out there and he might be able to create something that's worhy of going in someone's mp3 player.... ..

  • young bonkers

    i think good job for using drum and bass as opposed to hip hop.. but i can't exactly say this is 100%.. nick good direction but work a little on ur execution i think ur good however who would listen to this in their ipod u feel me? try to make it more song-like if that makes any sense.. verse chorus verse and maybe a little extra mixing to make it all blend together.. but good job i respect that u r honest and coming with a diff genre

    • guess so...

      did you just say good job and good direction???? LMAO!!! you must be kidding right. seriously I'm sure you are. if not then you are more funnier at being a comedian than Nick will ever be.

  • @RadioRebels

    for great underground hip hop, news, discussions, and interviews with artist follow on twitter @RadioRebels

  • wow

    this nigga better than ym

  • Prime time

    this nigga is trash!!!!!!!

  • Hurumph

    I remember... when Nick Cannon was on All That, and didn't think he was a fucking DJ. Those were the days...

  • Anonymous

    better then he ever did before that said, still a generous 3/5 rating

  • Knock

    This dude should really give up. He was always a mystery to me, untalented musically, below decent with his semi-retarded announcing and hosting, weak actor... well, at least he married the money.

    • ROFL

      ^^^HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You mad ass-wipe?! Get a fucking tissue you sensitive dumbass!! Smh at yall soft fucks.....

    • see

      NICK CANNON cursing and using the 'N' word now all of a sudden? RFLMAO!!! I don't know whether to laugh at Nick or laugh at some of the delusional clowns supporting him below me. You guys are beyond lost if you think this is good. I've always felt sorry for this Nick Cannon guy for not knowing who he truly is and who he's truly suppose to be. This track is definitely not who he is and I'm sure Eminem is somewhere laughing at this lost cause of a man and who cares if he married Mariah Carey because she has some disturbed mental issues as well. Mr.Mean go jump off the nearest cliff for supporting this lost cause and Mike Meraz wouldn't know a cool dude just for the mere fact that he thinks Nick is cool for making some fake garbage like this. This song is not even him which goes to show you he's fake. He's been fake and this only makes it worse. Like Knock said Nick needs to give it up for good this time and stop it. Eminem already disposed of him without any effort so why should this dude even bother with music.Will Smith is more real than this fake guy and Will never came back and started cursing on his records ever. This Nick dude is fake and he's already proved it with this garbage song.

    • Mr.Mean

      @Knock aka fuckstick He didn't marry money you bitch. He's been making paper. Jealous ho?!

    • Mike Meraz

      shut the fuck up with you're your hating dog! wtf! lol Nick seems like a cool dude..I wouldn't bump this. The beat's not bad. Don't understand why he stopped rapping one the beat actually got dope :-\ ?? 3/5

  • malco

    OUCH...dam this shit embarrassed ME...identity crisis here. I can't take nick cannon seriously and especially not now. On the bright side Beat was crazy!! favorite Deadmau5 song so i gotta give it a 4/5 for the beat only.

  • aSe 1

    Nice beat! this would've been a better song to enter the game with...10 years ago! But people aren't ready to let go of the past...especially in rap