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Spotted over at UHTN on this early morning. Off 'Take Care' dropping in October.


  • Tisk Tisk

    This a bitch a song....

  • Eunice Escobar

    I Love This Song As Much As I Like Jojo's Version I'm A Have To Go With My Babe Drake

  • Drew

    I don't understand how people say they hate Drake and this song sucks.. He got you to take the time out of your day to listen to it. Quit listening to his shit if you're gonna spit out negative feedback... 5/5

  • Anonymous

    IABKrew TMNTKlan Animoer Bums Bamz Lotsoe Rexr!

  • Kennan

    damn drake came in the game as a no body but everybody knows him now i like how he can sing n rap he goes in 4 all u drake haters out there get a life i mean he's not my favorite raper/singer enminem is but drake is good at what he do

  • Sylvia

    I luv this song... Drake is the sh*t.. I luv how he sings and not just raps..

  • Anonymous

    Drake is Dope. stop hatin er time a nigga wanna do sumthin else. thats his thing. and hes good at it.

  • meryl streep

    why the fuck is this nigga making a song and naming it after my movie with leonardo dicaprio and diane keating?

  • Isa Dalwai

    I can relate to what he's saying. Great record. 4 Stars.

  • Anonymous

    good artist. but an ok hip hop artist

  • Hip-Hop Head

    This is the hottest song because so much people are giving it feedback, whether its positive or negative. Even the haters are taking the time out of their life to listen to this song, hate on it, and comment on it saying its whack. Ya know? lol My opinion, this song is DECENT. Not Drakes best work, but its ok.

    • Haters Ball Mamber

      Actually we don't even listen to the song, we just come in here & make hateful comments to get all you little gay Drake fans angry, it really is amusing.

  • BettyBoo

    WTF!!! i kept hearing about this song, it is ridiculous, sounds garbage, im sorry,

  • Anthony Smith

    This is the hottest song? 1 star Booooooo

  • nickyd

    pop champagne slowed down umm yes

  • Fem Sweatpants

    cuz if they did we gon be in some troubleeeeee

  • Anonymous

    just another jew star

  • chris

    Find out how the Illuminati get money... Illuminatimoney.com

  • nastynass

    If you can relate to this track and have had problems with wifey... this track is on point.. Buut... If you stay on the computer 24/7 jacking your shit off then nahh this shit is foreign to you...

    • Anonymous

      lol on the real i feel u hoe niggaS STOP HATEIN ITS SO SAD

    • Anthony Smith

      ha thats fuckin funny

    • FROSTY

      By problems with wifey, do you mean wifey getting banged by other dudes? Sorry dog, but I'll be the one banging ur girl when she tells you she's shopping with the girls. If you can relate, then you must be desperate. The woman players out there see suckaz like you from a mile away.

  • Nadro The Producer

    Here's the links for 'Boom Pap Forever (Feat AZ, Nas, Jay-Z and Big L). YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=wqQ4W1CgT-4 Instrumental is produced under my alias Nadro. The quality is in tact, however, for the highest quality, watch the video on 1080p HD. Be on the look out for the full 'Boom Pap Forever' album coming late July. Thanks for listening. MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?a8n9​c878yz03q15

  • Anonymous

    Fucking Homo Song

  • Devin Harris


  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    This a hater ass song lol, but it's aight I don't usually fuck with Drake but this song is ok. The verse halfway through the song was tight, the hook was kinda redundant and he didn't sing it that well though. 7/10

  • woah

    drake got raped by marvin in his room.... now he sayin F**k dat n*gg hahahahahahhhahahahaha

  • Kenneth Thomas

    This shit sucks ass. I didn't want to come here, but my cuz kept bumping this whack as fuck song in her car. 1 star.

  • outlaw

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvgZXCkZqIs cormega baby pun

  • dtp229

    Can Somebody Please Tell Me When Did Drake Say In An Interview That He Was Talking About Marvin Gaye When He Made This Song?

  • dtp229

    Can Somebody Please Tell Me When Did Drake Say In An Interview That He Was Talking About Marvin Gaye When Made This Song?

  • Sherv

    just like fine wine. or better yet. your bubba kush. The track has to be received in a certain way. Well then what happens? Your body will produce chemicals so foreign. Please give the track another listen :)

  • CODKrackerKiller

    Drake is the best rapper alive right now, and he's the best R&B singer.

    • Wade Moore

      Quick question if niggas on here dnt like drake then y listen 2 him yall not doin nothin but getn him views smh.I dont like lil b there 4 u'll never c me comment on his shit cause i would never b on the nigga page n the first place 5/5 PHILLY N THIS BITCH!!!

  • we in diz bitch

    this shit for hoez,but if i hear a nigga bump this shit loud in his whip im call his gay ass out

    • Anonymous

      I swear some of you are just about as dumb as there is. I can't believe you actually said " u kno niggas go bump dis in dey honda's n smart cars", Please go earn an education or at least talk like you have a little sense.

    • Anonymous

      u kno niggas go bump dis in dey honda's n smart cars

  • philly g crip

    last night i sneaked in marvins room and sucked his dick while he was sleeping had his man juices in my mouth.no homo cuzz

  • NorthJersey973

    Grown man music right here... Music is music fuck all that "real Hip Hop" bullshit... Grow up...

  • Anonymous

    ma nigga drake out there making songs 4 da sucka's dats rite haha

  • Anonymous

    im sick of diz nigga cryin on records bout lil b tha based god fkn his bitch

  • Anonymous

    lol at drake getting hated on. Poor cat. His sound is pretty dope to me, but I feel y'all on why you don't like it. It took me forever to warm up to him, sometimes I'm tryin got hear it (smashing chics) lol. Word! gonna give it a 5 just to spite.. sprite.. OH! DRAKE STYLE.. huh lol jk. word.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at this track,,,, 1/5

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Scottie Minor

    ook at all these wiggas on a black website trying to be black…white people still feel they can comment on hip hop… how can u comment on something if its not a part of your culture… white people try so hard to be black.. you know how stupid u look when u try and act and dress black… they made a movie making fun of white people trying to be black (malibu most wanted)… how does it feel to listen to something u can’t relate to… for an example.. when you listen to nas (second childhood)or (destroy & rebuild) or too short (the ghetto)or watch (boyz n the hood)… how can a white person relate to any of those… you cant really get into the song white people because u dont go through what they rapping about… u got some white people on here commenting saying they live in the hood… first off lets define (hood)… just cause you or yor boyz slang a lil crakk and hang on the corner (thats not the hood)…. just cause u and yor boyz own a gun (thats not tha hood)…. just cause one of yor boyz got murked (thats not tha hood)… jus cause u shot someone (thatz not the tha hood)… know in the real hood . the housing authority… when a white person walks through the projects.. everybody starts looking at him for to rob him or sell him drugs.. when a white person shows up in my hood or housing authority .. everbody jus stop and look with they mouth open… cause they gonna either rob that muthafuker or serve him… i seen a thousand times a white wigga come in the hood trying to black and get hiz goofy azz robbed… whu got that (hood 2 hood)dvd… they go through every hood in the united states jus about.. not one white person on the whole dvd… lol lol lol…. to all the white people trying to be black … hip hop is for black race created by the black race… go look at a paul wall video and look at the way he moves his body trying to look black .. that shit never comes out right.. cause white people have no Rhythm…. thats like the funnyiest thing when whites act or dance black lol lol lol lol lol i

    • J

      LOL Scottie Minor look like he's half white anyway!! Fake ass NIGGER, in the immortal words of KRAMER from Seinfield, "50 years ago you woulda been upside down with a pitchfork up your ass" and now ur commenting like ur tough?



    • Anonymous

      This clown posts this paragraph all the time, exact same shit, copied & pasted over & over.

    • Whitey

      You said it, Hip Hop is a culture. It don't matter if your black, white, yellow, green, purple, or orange. You clearly need to go back to school. You make it sound like like black people are the only one's who struggle. Do you even listen to Hip Hop music? Based on your ignorance, it sounds like you must be a Weezy or Rick Ross groupie, your using Paul Wall to defend your argument, what a joke. Maybe you need to go to church, you sound like your filled with a lot of hate and racism. It's time to stop blaming the white man, you're free to make your own decisions. I didn't come from much, but according to you that only happens to black people. I CHOSE to stay in school, get educated, and pursue a career. You gotta go and get yours, maybe that's the problem, you expect everything to be given to you. Shoot, look at J. Live or J. Cole, just to name a couple Hip Hop artists that are college educated. Put down the wacka flacka cd and listen to some Kweli, Mos Def, The Roots, Common, Pharoah Monche, etc. Oh, and just so you know, my goofy ass never got robbed in any pj's. It's unfortunate that ignorant, bitch asses like you are the one's that don't take care of their seeds. Check out Wu-Tangs "a better tomorrow," maybe it's time for some self reflection.

    • alex


    • Seniorzzz

      if you gonna write an essay, learn how to at least spell you ignorant piece of shit.

    • JKGL

      Wall of text - Too long; didn't read.

  • dee

    niggas is hatin if they dont like this.

  • Anonymous

    shits wack as fuck niggas need to learn when to rap and when to sing damn

  • Anonymous

    why do they post shits like this in hiphopdx this aint even a rap song......couldnt listen more than 1 min.& howz this no.1 guess drake fans do alot of dick riding.i liked the nasty single n loud noises along with fuck food among the whole top 10 list of this site.......other all top hottest singles of this month r not weak according to me......

    • DrakeALLDAY

      y u hatin on my bizzoy drake fagathug? drake speaks the truth. Drake is hip hop. Don't hate on drake cuz ur fav 5 rappers aint him. Drake be eatin all your favorite rappers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Show respect for the GOAT

  • jayceon taylor

    lloyd banks feat. eminem...'where i'm at' video below...sick retarded... http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/lloyd-banks-ft-eminem-where

  • Drake Fanboy

    Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Sooooooo, I have trust issues, wuuuuu, ouuuu, Fuck me in Marvin's roooooom, until you peter bloooooms, Ka-Boooooms, I can smell you booty fuuuuumes & I hope to taste it soooooon, Fuck me in Marvins rooooom. Real talk nigga, Straight Gangsta

  • smartleedo

    hey drake haters! so who is the artist you like? Hova? Em? Nas? Rozay? don't like em cuz they're gay

  • nick c

    You dudes miss every point on life. we walk through this hoe experiencing everything dude is talkin about but real recognize real and you guys are too preoccupied with portraying an image to see that he paints what we feel. Emotions is what makes art and we claim hip hop is dead but hip hop is an expression of self and the same folks rather hear a gimmic pushing records that execs want us to hear...........LOL...Go head Drake/J. Cole, etc....get yalls grown man on......yall mofos fake as HeLL

  • Royal

    Bread what you said 100% right, but the way you said it made you look like a bitch

    • I stay high....not really, but you know

      Bread - 0 Anonymous - 1 The world is a mean place, so join in

    • Anonymous

      You must live in a bubble bread. People behave foul everyday all over the us and the rest of the world in public. What does the net have to do with it?

    • Bread

      Royal: How exactly did I sound like a b1tch? I believe I've pointed out the obvious - the anonymity of the Net allows people to behave foul.

  • blaow

    Damn what a joint. Drake leads the league! And he's so far ahead because unlike 90% of hip hop now, he's honest. Everyone thinks of DD'n the ex. And a play is born every time. Dude just has the balls to put it on tape. Big Ups!

  • djxl

    i notice there is a lot of premeditated hate going on here the way these niggas are hating is not just a reaction to a bad song but more of your hate for the artist if u know u don't like drake why even take the time to listen to his music and to take a step further and leave a negative comment when i come on hear i check for the artists i listen to if there not here i might listen to something else but wouldn't hate on it if i didn't like it to wrap it up everything isn't for everyone and just out of curiosity u don't know one nigga that got drunk and called one there ex's and said some shit like that?

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll talk so much shit on this dude, but if he's SO bad, why is his single number one? Ya'll are some hypocrites, for real. If you hate him that much, why do you support him? Fuck this website, none of you know anything. You suck underground artists' dicks like it's no tomorrow, but then won't go buy their shit. Instead you get the Drake album to bash it. Helping or hurting people? Start talking some sense for a change.

    • DeputyD.O.Double.GG

      Speak for yourself lil dun, and don't speculate. I support every artist I listen to. If I like it, I buy it. I won't buy the Drake album, but I'll listen to it, to confirm that I don't like it.

    • Anonymous

      Here is the answer to this question --> why is his single number one? Because homosexuals & little teenage girls like to buy his music.

  • Killa Cam

    2011 LL Cool J. He knows, like LL did later in his career, that mostly women bought his CDs. So he made music for them. Same with Drake. Now while I won't be bustin' this out with the drop top in the summer, most women will be. He staying in his lane, the soft-nigga lane. Leave him there and tell LL to come back out of that lane.

  • CLIM8

    YO man check out this guys bars hes fucking dope http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/af8ab9f38b7cd2e71e0beb1b925019c0/220

  • HRH

    cutt his nose off and gas his grandfather. fuckin' kyke.

  • smartleedo

    fuck ya haters this is the shit this is the music you suckas betta lick gangster,drugdealer ass cant wait Take Care

  • Cornyrappersneedtostop

    Drake is too corny for my ears

  • Scott Yu

    this canadian mathufucka make the same song over and over and over again

  • Bread

    Illmatic: I have no idea if your comment was directed at me, so apologies in advance if it wasn't. However, if it was, you proved my point. I'm Canadian (so don't go off on how I'm supporting one of my own), and I respect how the States has enshrined freedom of speech within its Constitution. While I've never read the document, where in the 1st Amendment does it say that you can sound like a fu-king idiot when spouting off a point of view? You read my post (again, apologies if your comment was not directed in response to mine), and rather than respond in an articulate, assertive viewpoint, you veer off into the "you drunk dial girls like a b1tch...", and "message me for a box of kleenex..." territory. I never criticized the people that don't like the song. That's within their right. I criticized their METHODS. Name calling doesn't tell me why they don't like the song. And that goes for the people that LIKE the song, and cuss out the people that click on the tune to vent on how they don't like the song. Ideas and viewpoints can be shared w/o the negativity. But like I said, perhaps the anonymity of the Net allows people to act like the a-sholes they are.

    • ILLMATIC77

      Just so you know the anonymity of the net has nothing to do with how I post a message. If I ever have the opportunity I would tell Drake to his face how I feel about this song. If I hear a male playing this, I will tell them exactly what I wrote here. But anyways you just quoted Lil Wayne, hahahaha. End of discussion.

    • Bread

      Illmatic77: I did not infer that I was better than anyone on this site by referring to certain comments posted as inarticulate. I don't carry a degree in Language, yet I remember enough from English class to allow me to put forth an opinion in a manner that sounds coherent. While I'm not looking for people to write their thesis on hiphopdx, I'm sure that I'm not the only person that visits this site, and gets a headache after reading the comments. I DID read your post. And my point was proven again. Go back and reread what you wrote. Specifically, how you started and ended it. Insults (directed at me) at the beginning, the REASONS why you disliked the song, insults (directed at me) in the end. Were the insults really needed when the meat of your paragraph was what I asked for not just of you, but from ALL posters? A breakdown of why you like/dislike a particular song without the need for disparaging remarks? I'm not some low self-esteem having need a hug sleep with the nightlight kind of guy. My skin is thick. But I know an insult when it is given, and you essentially said any guy that drunk dials an ex-girl (save for scoring a-s, and be real - how many girls out there actually TAKE that drunken call and allows homey to come over and FU-K? To quote Lil Wayne - "Ew...that's nasty...") If I was a b1tch, I wouldn't be writing this. I'd be going off on you like 99% of posters do. Instead, I'll respectfully disagree with your viewpoint regarding the song.

    • ILLMATIC77

      You called people inarticulate as if to say you are better than them. That can be perceived as offensive as calling someone a biotch, or gay, etc. I don't particularly like people who think they are better than others. Being snobbish is just about the worst quality anyone can have. But anyways, if you read my earlier post I gave reasons why I don't like this song, Drake singing then rapping, then singing and rapping in the same line, and I gave my opinion about dudes who say they can relate to this song. I'm sorry, but I for one don't sit around drunk dialing ex's trying to plead with them to take me back. The ladies will like this song because they love idea of a man sounding so desperate. Anyone, man or woman, that is that desperate, needs to reevaluate life. I'll agree that most people's, maybe even my own methods aren't the best way to communicate, but what do you expect from a hip hop website infested by youth who probably read below grade level? This isn't crossfire.

  • ~L.I.E.~

    Everyone is on that "Drake is gay" bullshit. Aye if he IS gay, let him be. Regardless the man makes good music. Before these rumors came out everyone was supporting Drake. But after, everyone is turning their back. All of a sudden they hate him, but I bet they still fux wit him lowkey. Which is y haters took time to listen to this song and give negative feedback. Drake is dope. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Young Money ALL DAY bitches.

    • Anonymous

      ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....uhhh,huh, huh, huuuu, ahahahahahahaha,haha, ha, ahaaaaa. ahhhh.

  • Anonymous

    open http://www.rainymood.com/ in a new tab and listen to this song... enjoy

  • Justin Whitehead

    Good Music to butt fuck to, Me & my lover just did it to this song, loving Drake & Lil B right now.

  • Bauce

    BANK$ ALL DAY....this shit is whack....drake im just saying..you can do better mang stop having sex wit the mic

    • pimpin1

      sounds like something a hater would say, yet u still take the time to listen... stupid ass trick!!

  • Anonymous



    Weak beyond human belief: 2/5


    Weak beyond human belief: 1/5

  • blade

    Check this out..Some people like the song and some don't..In my opinion dude is bring his own flavor to the game..if you don't like it back out of the page..Calling him a faggot an gay just means your bitter cause you don't know him...I thought being gay is if a man sleep with another man..a dude could be rapping hard and fuck dudes (homothugs)..i never know singing melodically was gay..I learn something new everyday

  • Anonymous

    Obviously a lot of you are young kids or adults with kid brains if you hate on this. Find your way back to Eminem and hate on playas.

  • Get Em

    Young Money and Maybach Music Group- been dropping heat all year! Fuck what a hating ass nerd say.

    • Anonymous

      Hell Yeah, Gucci Mane, Drake, Lil B, Wayne & Waka fo life, real nigga's talkin bout GAY stuff, one...



  • Josh Munds

    too many people dont get what drake is....shame you guys will miss him when hes gone

  • far and wide

    This shit sucks emo crybaby shit no real emotion garbage garbage garbage garbage hottest single on hiphopdc?hahahahahhahahahahaha so high i never-land like mike jackson's crib

  • Sikander Kahlon

    Beautiful! I'm A Make Its Remake ASAP!

  • Big Foot

    I exist you pussies

  • GlowStreet31

    the guy aint got nothin to rap/sing about and you gon find out soon. he grew up with riches and he hasnt been through anything at all. he doesnt have many experiances to share on the mic. take care will be just like thank me later and his 3rd album will be different. he'll be rappin about bitches, cars etc. and thats it.

    • just

      wow your comment was so god damn ignorant its unreal. he needs to be poor and grow up in the hood to have experiences? wtf is wrong with you

  • Joe O'Neill

    its aight id rather hear him rap than sing since he is a "RAPPER" .i dont think he can ever be in the discussion of being one of the good mcs cuz none of the top mcs were ever on this rnb crybaby my girl broke up with me bullshit. smoke a fuckin blunt biioootcchh

  • StudioForty

    Everybody can waste their own time hating but music's not about that. Drake spits shit we all can relate too. So for those commenting just to hate, realize what your sitting on and tell yourself "im on one".

  • world7

    Drake is too sick!props my nigga! follow me on twitter.com/noeworld7

  • anonymouse

    everyone can relate to this song. we make shit everyday out our ass, his just landed on the internet

  • Troy Gibson


  • Richard


  • just

    i love these guys who take like 5 minutes out of there day to hate on someone. drake is real and he talks about things that happen daily. you can relate to a lot of his music and i appreciate that.

  • Marcus Crenshaw

    Again this is Charmin rap and I can't deal with the emo. I've loved and lost but this kid is just not talented. He's mediocre at best, the only saving grace for this song is that he didn't say, "um, YEAH!" , like he always does to transition to a new thought. I'm not saying every rapper has to be a thug, but shit if you gonna be all emo and he thinks he's a singer, be a singer. He's not good at either, he's mediocre at both. Which doesn't make him an uber talent, it just makes him a mediocre talent. How's that acting thing coming for him? He's a rapper/crooner because the game is wack and that acting thing didn't work for him.

    • Phil Paddock

      ill agree with ya. but i DO like his songs. yea hes shit at freestylin and rappin AND singing. but i like the sound. its a wonder why he's famous lol.

  • Karan Nangia

    To anyone hating on this track, have you never had a girl? Because if you did, there is NO POSSIBLE way you could hate on this!

    • Anonymous

      hiphopdx got da best comments i swear

    • hellrazor

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, looks like a homo classified ad!

    • Anonymous

      LOL, oh shit that's great, he said he thinks he has a nice face, ahahahaha, dude you look like a fucking Dick Lover, did Drake use your name in a song, aww how cute, fucking fags

    • Mr October

      Lol, stupid ass is talking to himself, shit that is funny.

    • Anonymous

      Ahahaha, what a stupid looking fuck, go gobble up a peter Queer, he used you last name too it says NIGGERian, but I think you look more like a wetback & damn sure look like you love the cack.

    • Karan Nangia

      I'm flattered that you used my first name just so you could comment and tell me I have a "nice face". Keep up the good work!

    • Karan Niggerian

      Nice face, ahahahaha

  • JOE

    CHECK THIS OUT or JACK OFF WITH SANDPAPER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrEysqK76KA comments Drake your doin alright G

  • Bread

    Sidebar: Most posters (again please read - MOST - not ALL) on this site appear to be inarticulate, mean-spirited, name calling ignoranat individuals, and cannot come to this (or any hip-hop) site and constructively DECONSTRUCT what it is they like/don't like about a song (mostly don't like). You click onto an artist you're not a fan of, and then veer off into "he/she is a fag/dyke, jew/muslim sack of sh1t...can't write songs..." tangent that does nothing to indicate WHY you do not like the particular song, just presents a bias towards the artist. I have no clue as if it's due to the anonymity of the Net that allows this, of if this is truly the way of the world. Either way, it scares me, and it should scare all of you. Intelligent, critical thinking is disappearing, and in its place appears crass, crude analysis presented as "opinion". No wonder the West is falling behind the rest of the world. With that said, on to the song: It's Dope. And it's Truth. For all you thugs in cyberspace - I got Ante Up, Know the Ledge, Streight Up Menace, Uptown Anthem, Simon Says, Shut'em Down (LL's and P.E.'s Pete Rock remix), Hit'em Up, My Summer Vacation, Southern Hospitality and a bunch of other rile a ninja up and fight songs on the iPod. None of those songs spoke to me. But they served their purpose. I HAVE however, drunk dialed exes. I HAVE thought about females that got away while faded off the Stoli (russian vodka, my preferred poison). And due to the fact that most people fall in the middle and not extreme ends of the spectrum of life, I suspect that quite a few of you have done the drunk dial as well. Because this song is TRUTH, I find it dope and like it as well as respect it. The beat fits the tone of the lyrics - sounds almost disjointed - like a drunk slurring his/her words. Drake did a good job on this one.

    • Anonymous

      niggas on here writing summary's n shit do u really think anybody gon change let alone give a fuck!!! dont worry ill wait...

    • ILLMATIC77

      Nigga, so you drunk dial sounding like a bitch? If i'm drunk dialing it's for a booty call. As far as why this song sucks artistically, drake is all over the place, he's singing one second, then he's rapping, then he transitions to singing while he's rapping. The shit just doesn't work for me. The beat isn't bad, that's the best part of the track. Look at you criticizing people for disliking a song. Apparently you have a problem with the first amendment. Let me articulate what I'm trying to say, this song is weak, this song doesn't feel like hip hop to me, if you can relate to this, you must be a bitch. Post your mailing address and I will send you a box of kleenex.

    • Evan Nielson

      One of the best posts I have read on this site. Agree 100%.

  • Coaster Geist

    this song iz fair enough mildly listenable

  • $MFG$

    im a girl yu faggot lol

    • ross

      eat dat funky pussy 4rm da back n hope she poot in my mouth

    • Anonymous

      Damn, can I see your pussyhole? I want to eat the whole box girl & stick it up in your butt, might lick that too if it's taken care of, holla.

  • Anonymous

    Damnnnnnnnn i wish drake knew how to rap!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus Crenshaw

    this shit is beyond weak as fuck. What genre of music is this? This garbage for r&b, and toxic for hip-hop. I can't do this emo shit. This dude is softer than _____________(too many things to put fill in the blanks).So the nigga used a piano and he is groundbreaking? White guy said nigga, we gonna be in trouble, what? GTFOH. Somebody get him his missing chromosome so he can make sense. Drake= more talented version of 50 Tyson.

  • loloft

    i really dont care about the responses but i lost my girl and my job last night and came home drank a bottle and listened to this shit and it vibed, i mean it may not be popping for the clubs or none of that but on a headphone one on one basis its something you can chill to and forget about your problems. fuck yall thats what i feel

    • Coaster Geist

      i could see that happening and thats a good thing cuz to me Drake hasn't come out with something as decent as this inna while

  • dallas

    This is great for the club or radio

  • Dale P. Oats

    Corny + Weak = Garbage!

  • John45/23

    Smh 5 minutes of my life that I could've spent staring at a dumpster fire.

  • Kevin Martins

    Not feeling this shit

  • C-Lo Dubai on youtube tho?

    Drake is alright to me. Where I am Toronto is closer than NYC, but its still NY all day. Too damn effeminate, he aint alpha male. Peep my music it aint gonna change my life but Im curious what the masses think about it http://www.youtube.com/clodubai#p/c/CE994C23ACB8B60B/0/vijtYq1ELqU

  • crackbaby

    this song sucks

  • Black Gay Male

    I LOVE THIS!!! Drake forever!! now I'm going to look at hard dicks online!

  • $MFG$

    Everyone needs to stop hatin on Drake if yu don't like him then why yu even listening to his music on here, he's gotten pretty far and I think he has one of the best voices I have ever heard. He ain't my fav rapper tho but give him some credit and STOP HATIN YU PUSSIES WITH NO TASTE IN MUSIC! This is our generation, get used to it

    • baby nugget

      yea had 2 pull my dick out on diz bitch yea she seen enuff u heard

    • $MFG$

      yeah yeah I've seen enough

    • Anonymous

      @MFG, mmmmmm, what flavor girl, shoot me your e-mail so I can send you a dick pic.

    • $MFG$

      im a girl yu fag lol

    • Anonymous

      One of the best voices you ever heard?! Dude. Really?! I won't even post one name that'll destroy that statement. But you got to be kidding me.

    • Tony BlaBla

      MFG = Mother Fucking Gay, pipe down sissy boy, don't get your panties all up in your butt. It is called an opinion & we are all intitled to have our own. Drake sounds like a little faggot & looks & talks like one even more so, but I understand if your into that, it's ok.

  • overdoz

    this is so dested


    This is not hip hop this is not even r&b anybody that thinks he can sing die lol

  • Eddie Cash


  • Anonymous

    everyone can relate to this. does this guy rap or sing?


    Everybodys hating and its the Hottest single on DX LOLOLOL and if ur reading this u clicked on it

  • Google Mane

    This song sounds like dicks going into butts.

  • Anonymous

    "Wayne & Baby are butt fucking me in Marvin's Room oh-ah uh ah, I Love weiners uh-ah oh lala", gay ass homo Pop music for Faggots!

    • Justin Whiteheaded

      I have to agree with the last post. I am a Gay man & I just Love Drake, he's so cute & he's gotta hot Butt. We love to listen to Marvins room when we make out

    • Anonymous

      Fuck off. You probably suck Mac Miller and Wiz's dicks so shut the fuck up. Drake is actually a talented artist who can rap and sing and make music that is enjoyable to listen to...

  • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

    I sing better in the shower, and I can't sing.


    lol yeah this why people like rebecca black think they can sing us bullshit

  • trizzler

    127 gave this a perfect five ...lowering the bar, i see?


    tired of people who cant sing... singing... =.=

  • gwalk

    anyone can relate to this song but it sucks lets be real yal i give it a 2

  • Lenny

    Fuck this soft shit, this aint real Hip Hop. REAL Hip Hop is when Stupid niggers spit 16 bars about how they like robbing and killing their own kind 24/7. THAT is real Hip Hop. Rappers need to stop being emotional and get back to rapping about robbing other niggers of their welfare money and how the White man hold them back all the time and they will never finish school and never get jobs and keep going to prison. Real Hip Hop is when you have Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. turning in their grave.

    • TheNumberOneBodySnatcha

      Yo, we know you just being a cornball trying to stir shit up. Go back to school homey, don't do drugs, say your prayers, all that good shit your mom never told you. Too many clowns on the internet. Niggas are bananas these days.

  • cmonson

    deserves better than a 3.93 outtta 5 cmonn it's a 4 and a quarter

  • Killalex

    This jew is still biting 808s and Heartbreak, shit is soft as baby wipes. Same beat, same topic every time.

  • anonymous

    all u damn hiphop heads need to change ur tampons.... rap music has changed.... not every rapper now days is obligated to do 16 bars hook for every song... drake might not mc like the rappers back in the day but hes a good artist... hes dope at wat he does... either respect it or listen to somethin else

    • Anonymous

      bitch y r rappers rappers n singers singers dumb fuks piss me off

    • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

      My bad dog, i must have mistook hating for another bullshit comment somewhere on here, I guess I should have proof read, but you still said to respect or listen to something else, so same difference homey. Bottom line, this song sucks, that's what this forum is for, to let the listeners know how you felt. I'm sure drake can accept the criticism, so you should too. Booyakasha

    • anonymous

      are u high? nowhere did i say anything about hating in my comment.... u kno how to read?

    • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

      Damn son, sounds like you need to change your tampon. This is a public forum where people are free to form their own opinions that you call hating. In this country we can exercise our 1st amendment rights. Maybe Drake isn't familiar with that, being from canada and all. Just because you don't support another individuals opinion doesn't mean they're hating on him, maybe people just don't like him. I don't particularly like Justin Bieber, Garth Brooks, and Isane Clown Posse, does that mean i'm hating on them? Thanks for the advice though, I will listen to something else. And you are right, rap has changed from a main stream perspective, too much gimmick rap and bullshit. We gotta get back to skills and spitting the truth.

  • ThatDude

    hold up Drake got a song called "Marvin's Room"!!!!!PAUSE!!!!!!

  • diamondsupply


  • Grandson

    Hey i've been a drizzy fan since day one and its always funny how so many niggas hate on his shit but its the most played songs on DX.

    • DreamVillain3

      I Agree Its Kinda Funny How Niggas Hate On Shit Like This But Dick Ride The People Who Remaking It . Oh Yea & Return Of Simba Is The Most Played Song On DX .

  • tharula

    Bloody good song! many can relate to this!

  • Anonymous

    this shit is hot. drake is known for balancing the singing and the rapping..i dig it.

  • Anonymous

    wat up wit dese consistent sad ass beatz..his producer boi da 1 der wateva he is not diverse and drake is not diverse wit his beat selection..all da same shit

  • Lekell King

    hot shyt youtube.com/productsofchicago

  • ILL

    First off eminem will always sell records just cause of his fan base let's be real niggaz dnt ride around bumpin em in they rides he doesn't rhyme about shit we can relate to

    • Anonymous

      yull b suprised who ride around bumpin em yu must b in a rain Forrest or sum shit lol

    • Anonymous

      Eminem has to be brought into every artists song who Is big by either his pathetic fanbase that stans like no other or by someones roses fanbase who hate they guy.

    • wat?

      who the fuck cares wat niggaz bumpin around to.... and hop off Ems dick this is a drake song

    • Anonymous

      ask your favorite rapper bout em, hes gonna have a diff response. stupid ass ppl thinking they know hip hop more than those who created it..get the fuck out

  • justinsammut

    not to mention album sales

  • justinsammut

    anonymous......I don't disagree with everything you say. BUT eminem is overrated by NOONE. The greatest artists in the world respect Eminem as a living legend in rap/hiphop. Theres a reason NOBODY goes at em in their lyrics

  • NorthJersey973

    If you rate this less then a 4 you either under 18 or you just a nerd who never been out the crib... Grown Man Music right here...

    • Anonymous

      u must b a depressed ass niggas wit no weed n just got his bitch snatched up... pass da gin!!! hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      i think the song is st8 but niggas act like everything drake is great get of the nigga dick cuz ...

  • Odyssey

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  • troll

    drake > nas, jigga, rakim, eminem

  • Paul

    i'm starting to thinkk that most of these people were told by drake to give him a good rating.

  • Paul

    oh my god, please stop with this depressing crap!

  • Avengerz23

    Theres 3-things I'm looking forward to from Drake,"Take Care",The EP he's suppose to make with Wayne and,maybe the R&B mixtape...Although he really doesn't need to make one...Just stick to Rap but it's good to know he can do both{rap&sing}...Take Care and the Carter VI should make for an exciting second half of 2011!!! Follow Me On Twitter: @LuhSimba

  • jsam

    a good song is a good song. Drake and his producers make plenty of em. All you haters are way to into it. If you don't like drake's shit, listen to something you do like

    • jsam

      if got paid what Drake does, you would do ANYTHING

    • Deezy

      word. music is music instead of hatin listen to what you like.. i wouldnt comment on jay rocks singles because i dont even bother listening to him because i dont like his music.. i know wierd concept

  • Anonymous

    drizzy goes ham, fuck everyone who thinks otherwise...

  • Justin Case

    this here is baby shit soft

  • Anonymous

    stop hatin on drake.....kanye does the same thing he does he has rap songs and then he has softer songs just like drake

  • qwerty

    I dont wanna know what Drake did in Marvin's room..

  • 106

    This is horrible. I remember a time when if u cant sing u wouldn't. Drake a undercover rnb artist.



    • knicest

      J Cole def the illest, goin up against cats like B.O.B. and Wale. they the next generation. I still wouldn't put Drake or Big Sean as low as Wiz tho. n Big Sean isn't even in the same category as Drake, let alone the salary bracket.



  • Chase

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX2HYIHCePw Real shit!

  • Don P

    Some real shit, most brothas can relate to this.

  • tharula

    Getém Boy!!! This is smooth as shit!

  • Donny Dickshinski


  • pimpin1

    This song is hard, he always gives a dope verse on his songs. and the subject is something we can relate to. fuck haters!

  • Regular ass dude

    This shit is ass what is he talking about, I pay for girlks hotel rooms and flight and they living off me STOP BEING A PUSSY and STOP WIFING STRIPPERS...LAME ASS MUSIC, this dude aint real u aint gotta be hard but just be real and stop whinning on ever track

    • Drexel M Warren

      really, not real? he aint gotta be hard? ya'll mofo's love studio gangsta shit but b talking keep it real like u havnt tricked a bitch on any level....im not a drake fan so much- a coupla lins here and there but not hating either he does have talent and not afraid to give yall hater's sumthing different.

    • Anonymous

      looool he heard you brah

  • Mick Swagger

    wow, some shit alot of people can relate to. 5/5

  • DG

    Ill. I remixed this. Its ill.. Check it out... http://soundcloud.com/dgary ... Drake is just a different breed of artist. love it or hate it.

  • janffm

    yo ... give it up to jojo. she served the track better

  • alfyheadband

    sick song by drake, dont kno how niggas really hate on him,

  • tooo

    Mu Nigga came back wit dem flames 5 starz sun

  • Woooow

    "I'm just saying you could do better...." This MUSIC. Very good music. References. The scernario. We all been there. Unless your under 21..... You prolly havent.

    • May

      Wow wtf, unless yur under 21 ?? Theres an age limit too be able too fall in love now ?? Youu hella stupid yo.

  • Swordz

    Hard shit. Real gritty shit from Drake. 10 stars. Prolly his best song.

  • Hop

    "are you drunk right now?" True story.

  • Caseeno Van Go

    one of chitown's dopest..follow me on twitter @CaseenoVanGO and add me on Facebook to stay updated with the real hiphop..Caseeno Van Go...and btw this song sucks cow dick..not even gon rate

  • f5r

    terrible like all his other songs

  • Anonymous

    Hearing Drake rap always makes me wonder why he sings

  • Anonymous

    another sick song from drake

  • tttooo

    flames hot im on one den dis its a drake summer again o mannn

  • JayHIPHOPguru

    yo idk y people are talkin bad about his art calling him "soft" and "gay" how many people can honestly say that they have went to jail, killed people, fucked mad girls, and became a drug kingpin?...not alot. so y do u love hearing about the life you never lived? drake is the shit and hes real and relalatable stop pretending not to live your own life thats how you become ignorant and start to not appreciate quality music

    • Drexel M Warren


    • smh

      absolute truth...you're hating on the man because he's been in love before? he's a great song writer writing about REAL LIFE situations...shit is dope...ya'll are retarded

    • Devon BelowtheHeavens Stumn

      gotta agree with my guy on that 1

  • FxF

    This song alright. It'll probably grow on me. I like Drake for the most part, but I feel like he does need expand on his singing style, atleast musically.

  • DeAndre Hilton-Cardoza

    Fuck Dat Nigga ;; haha

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    I don't care doesn't matter, Not a big deal at all.. we keep saying even though it's not true why do we keep lying to ourselfss, 2ourselfs. Girl I haven't felt this way in awhile, I feel good talking & seeing you smile. Summer time feel sipping on a cold one, but we don't get carried away.. I can take you home & call you tomorrow, you said that would be nice but everything doesn't work out so here I am again... smoke after smoke drink after drink, Young-Love it's a party so it seems... I am drowning in my sorrows can't be today so how about tomorrow? I get myself outta this hole, I dug my grave but Im not ready to go! no.. say it ain't so I heard love was around the corner but that's on a different street.. so alone I sleep without you...day after day, night after night... you look for what you lost, can't believe you risked it all, left it all behind only to find.. your stranded & waiting for something you already had. you have all the love you needed. Say I devolped a crush, girl why don't you believe me when i say... I can be true to you... yyou said I do.. I've been waiting since we locked eyes. since we grazed hands. love at first sight.. fell with the first touch. we can take our time no need to rush.. ( no need to rush) They say you got them blues, that's our color baby... They say you got them blues, we said we will Be what ever coler we neeId, II don't mean to be drunk dialing but here I am calling you, I heard you got a new boy yeah I got a new girl. We keep hopping in & outta each other lives but this ain't no game jump rope.. we can hang our love up or tie it in a nice neat little bow. You say you miss me only because you know I missed you, these type of things got us running in circles.. we never thought things would get hurtful, words of spite but hearing your voice is a delight. we tried so hard but never could get it right, now your in the review mirror outta sight.. Im only going around the block so when Im sober you know were going to talk. because their is something still there we never lost love we just missplaced it.

  • Keith Roni Hendrix

    killer song. concept foul, but allows you to see both sides of a person.

  • Kourtney AllDay Mapp

    I like this one better than that Dreams Money Can Buy

  • new hippie nation

    thank you drake for creating a new genre for us singers/rappers to get it....dis shit is so melodic it gives me chills.....da beat da tone da message jus fits......octobers very own you fucking cunt

  • Anonymous

    I cant stop listening to this song, Drakes nice ill admit it

  • Sean Dorsey

    I'm not mad at this. not incredible but not bad as alot folks trying to make it out to be.

  • tactown

    if this came out two years ago, everyone would have been praising drake saying its a great song...but now people are turning on drake just because he's gettin the recognition he deserves

  • ScottAndrew

    Such a sick track. This and Dreams Money Can Buy been on repeat since I heard them. Take Care is gonna get Drizzy his Grammy.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/1/VRz1F72j828 HERES NEW MAD IZM KNOWLEDGE REIGN SUPREME VISIONS DONT f**k WITH ME >>> DREAMS MONEY CAN BUY

  • hahah

    we threw a party yeah we threw a party, bitches came over yeah we threw a party drake is an ill lyricist hahahah

  • ThatDarnDiggyTrolol

    Dear Drake, Your songs are pretty, but why do you think you can sing? Get someone--erm, someone else to do it? Please? Love you, but...

  • Anonymous

    SOFT ASS R N B HIP HOP DX ??????

  • Andre Cooper

    drake a real nigga and yu niggas juz click on to hate!!!! 5/5pussy niggas

  • asdfkjasdflk

    Damn this is one of the REALEST songs drake has put out. People that are saying that sounds the same as his other songs need to realize he has created his own style, that no other rapper has, and even if you dont like the song you cant hate him for that. If you listen to the lyrics im sure somehow you will relate. Thats what makes him dope

  • Jesse Scotto

    Anyone think this sounds a lot like shit from Kanyes 808s and Heartbreak??

  • That Dude

    all ya dudes hatin on a nigga for evoking some emotion and being real. Cole and Drake running this game cuz they rap and sing about real shit. Not everything is about being a gangster. This is that real life everyday jam.

  • Anonymous

    to all the people who talk negatively about drake think about all the drake songs that you like or all the lines of his that you can recite. many of you will realize that you konw a lot of his shit most of which YOU CHOSE to listen to. im not saying you shouldnt criticize his music because he does put out bullshit but dont come online and hate when tour really a fan

  • Anonymous

    i know that tracklist is fake but some of those songs actually sound like they could happen and some i would want to hear

  • honestly

    i really think the only reason people hate on drake is because he is so popular. either that or they are just being assholes saying shit that they dont mean.then niggas wanna talk about how gay he is because he sing but these same people was on drake dick when he came out because he could rap and sing.im not even really a fan of drake but show me a good time,sooner than later,little bit,and best i ever had are all good songs which he sings on

  • Rob

    "Back at One" - Brian Mcknight is more Hip Hop than this song. THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT TO BE ON THIS SITE. Bad job.

  • Anonymous

    No fake image. Hes just not hard bro. Hes real as fuck tho. His words are truth and evoke emotion. A lota dudes seem to have a stigma for appearing emotional. Not me, Drake is on..

  • mr coe

    nigga's need to just let this man get his money and stop hatin on him real talk ..

  • realnessss

    fake as rapper or watever the hell is he cant front on real emcees im sick of this fake image bull shit

  • L'Jwarndre Williams

    I think people wanna see drake fail he is a good artist listen to room for improvement listen to any album or mixtape he has put out.......I honestly think you guys are starting to hate just to hate

  • Anonymous




  • Justin Hargrove

    Drake keeps coming out with Fire.. good shit..

  • Jeremiah Kelly

    honestly if it was anyone but drake it wouldnt be number 1 of the week

  • daaaaang


  • aniggnigg

    WOW ALL HIS SONGS SOUND THE SAME. ever1 is lke this mellow tempo shit that don't rhyme @ all. Drake is a bullshit artist.

  • kelly r

    Hey yo, I finally got out of that gutter with my credit history. 5+years ya'll, it sucked. Finally got that 20k loan to buy a new Camaro!!! My Ish was bad, but I got clean. YOu can too, call these people at 877-458-1431. 3 months all it took to get rid of all that, and for 40bucks can't be beat. My boy was even worse, and they got him clean too!

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/1/VRz1F72j828 ITS DAT NEW MAD IZM KNOWLEDGE REIGN SUPREME VISIONS DONT f**k WITH ME >>> DREAMS MONEY CAN BUY

  • Anonymous

    Love how drake does his own thing not be a follower

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this bullshit?!!! why is this on HIPHOPdx? this aint hip hop!!!


    To I Heart Drizzy Mac. you can come and rape me for free, as a matter of fact i got aids, herpes and syphilisi to share with the world. small dick rapist

  • Young And Moist

    This shit is so moist my ear got a yeast infection!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice!!!!!11!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • hiphopsince86

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    • DIRK

      Holy fuck that is gross & I have said some weird stuff on here, the no homo is great though, hahahaha

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  • gfacekilla

    this nigga drake makes lambs look dangerous. fuckin soft ass faggot nahmean

  • bladdd.

    D'fuck is this?! Why is this even on a Hip Hop site? I'd give it no star if I could. Fuck this shit and go listen to SLAUGHTERHOUSE niggas. Fuck this fake image shit. Hip Hop should be about insane lyricism.

    • Anonymous

      That's what you want to watch ^; hahahaha Budden can rap about nigga's being dumped like a little bitch and net nerds don't give a shit

    • Anonymous

      fuck u dick riding nigga. listen to real shit not this garbage lick lil wanye balls bullshit

    • Anonymous

      The nigga Budden raps about emo ass shit too, and he don't make no money nah mean

    • Anonymous

      They're gettin paid for puttin shit like this out. and My Birthday

    • Mannyjus Allthingzfresh

      shut yo lame ass up nigga bitch dont get on here and dont listen to his music pussy ass niqqas always hatin bitch at da end of da fukin day who gettin paid no you bitch

  • Glory Hog

    The same niggas yall calln gay prolly bangn yall bitches drake is ill yall got no respect say he wack then be on here listenin 2 all his songs and buying his cd

    • Hater's Ball Member

      Hahaha, the funniest thing is, I never even give these Drake tracks a listen I just know he is mad homo so I don't even bother, so I would have to disagree strongly with that comment, I also don't think Drake is banging my girl, she is not into Niggers or should I say half cracker pussies.

  • Anonymous

    Drake killed it again ! :D

  • Wade Moore

    Didnt no drake had so many hatters. This song hot tho

    • Nice Picture Pal

      Why do you stupid fucks always take a picture of themselves in the mirror, you look like a fucking stupid fuck holding your phone, next time please consider having someone else take your picture becasue you look like a stupid fuck.

  • Jose Vasquez

    HAHA!!!!! I just saw a comment saying "you don't like this song because you can't relate." Like you're the one having sex four days a week. Really? Mediocre singing at best. The beat's not bad. Like Big Daddy Kane said, "making the producer famous..."

  • asdjoqwe

    dope beat. just please stop singing drake

  • theTruth

    his introspective tracks are some of the best you will hear these days.

  • Serjio Miranda

    this is a good track so fuck those ****as that hate so bad bunch of dudes who think they 2 hard for this type of music but always show up to rate and talk shit about his music It doesn't make sense..... if you dont like it why even spend the time to comment

  • Royal

    I think alot of drakes slow shit is wack but this was done in better taste it's not bad .. On another note you niggas go wayyy to hard on this site stop catching feelings and shit lmao

  • Nate2g3

    eh, alright.............. ive heard betta!!!

  • boss

    best gay rapper alive, typical drake

  • mafioso

    This is garbage...

  • Marx

    Hatin' on em because he's light skinned with good hair.

  • deez

    i agree that dis is not drake best shit..but yall are dragggin it by sayin this is fukin garbage and whatnot..sayin drake is the worst nd shit..its not the bad of a track

    • Donny Dickshinski eats mad peters around the way

      Nice, you are the gayest fag I have seen on here in a while, your homo picture with your boyfriend isn't funny man, nice name Donny Dick licker.

  • WithAllDueRespect

    Its not a 5 but I think the song conveys thoughts guys have had all the time: Im jusy saying you can do better.

  • LOL

    give it up already Drake, you ain't a real hip-hop artist you fraud...and since when is it alright for a white/jewish/canadian to use the word "nigga"???...get the fuck outta here with your bullshit drake

  • Rick Tha Ruler

    Top Five Gay Rappers 1.Lil B 2.Drake 3.Wayne 4.Waka 5.Gucci

  • Aubrey

    Damn, Drake sucks!!

  • huh!!!!!

    this nigga sucks!!!!...lmao...worst rapper ever dont ever listen to this nigga...hahaha http://www.reverbnation.com/shardyardy

  • HipHopSince86

    Toney ....... what's gay about a dude tellin a female "Fuck the nigga you wit cuz I'm the one you think about" shit, truth be told it ain't too much smooth R&B coming out now days. You might not like it but real niggas (who engage in GROWN UP RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN) can understand the situation even if you've never been through it. You got some living to do before you get there, youngin. Dont worry, you'll get there. Until then ....... keep watching them Suite Life of Zack & Cody reruns until your body starts going through "scary changes" (HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!)


      nikka why you stealing names hiphopsince86 bitch ass coon nigga

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ what a smelly pussy, is that better?

    • Anonymous

      And you're giving advice about not being funny? Seriously, stop incessantly commenting, and give up this homophobic banter, it makes you look ignorant as fuck

    • Anonymous

      Wow, nice attempt at being funny but it's not a good look for you, no run along & get your butt pounded in Marvin's room

  • 80sbaby

    lame i only like his good shit

  • lyrykal

    opinions are like breath, everybody got em and haters breath stink bad so just stfu with all that.. drizzy killt this, y'all would rather listen to eminem screaming on every gotdamn track and love it but not like this smooth shit right here.. foh and go and grab your lotion and jack off u sissies. this ain't hip hop but its incredible piece of music. but knowing drake he will giveaway all his best stuff thinking they not good which the fans love and keep the ones which the fans will hate thinking they good. he did that with tml. but i hope im wrong

  • Rob

    I'm just sayin, Drake and his music probably aren't gay. I just don't think that growing up as the kid in a wheel chair on Canada's most popular teen tv drama makes you a very tuff nigga. He's just singing about what he knows, which may be pretty fuckin gay. .... Oh and Canada's gay too, and I don't have to give a reason to make this a rational statement, it's assumed

    • Anonymous

      yep, americas a shit hole, and so is guru!

    • Anonymous

      America's a shithole tbh, everybody around the world knows it's true too

    • Home Run Swing

      Rob, you speak the truth brother, thaere is alot ofqueers up in here who are blinded by drakes peter in their face, as for you Living Proof, have dare you speak ill of Guru, you fucking little bitch.


      Drake aint trying to act hard/tuff. ...and regardless its humorous when idiots confuse a hard street image with reality. Only a handful of MCs can truly claim real street cred. Plenty of MCs arent from hard neighborhoods. Its just an image. Long Island aint hard (this is where Rakim grew up), Hollis, Queens aint hard, wherever Kanye is from surely aint hard, lots of ATL MCs aint from hard places-Atlanta is mostly country... Guru is from Boston - Boston aint hard ! Guru had a degree from Morehouse and his father was a reputed judge... I'd venture to say that the household incomes in Long Island are higher than anything in urban Toronto.. So when did tuff become an issue? i dont watch videos or interviews or care about bios. Just listen to the damn music. All this hate is directed at his image, not his music. Its cause he's light-skin. If Drake was darker, all this hard talk would be done..Its just a bogus expectation that the darker the skin, the harder his background has to be. I dont know how anyone can diss Canada and wave the US flag proud, esp brothers. Underground railway was granting freedom in Canada when the USA was lynching slaves.. Ever even been to Canada? Fine-ass women...

  • Big Ghost

    Ayo whattup yalls its P-Tone aka the Mighty Arms of Hercules. By now yall probably seen the Watch The Throne tracklist. That shit seemed authentic as fuck right? Word. But now the tracklist for Take Care is available too...Word is bond. So you kno ya boy Deini had to look out. Ayo I got you niggas namsayin. Yall gon probably be surprised to see that Dreams Money Can Buy aint made the album tho. Also there aint no collabs wit summa the artists we was thinkin he was gon work wit. But theres a few surprises instead yo. By the way Im gon chill on these Aubrey posts for a while yall. Jus thought his other fans would wanna see this shit tho. N bein the gentleman that I am I have obliged that nahmean. So in the immortal words of Puffy....take that take that take that... 1. Frolicking (Intro) 2. Jimmy Back feat. Meek Millz & Rick Ross 3. I Wanna Save You....(From You) feat.Trey Songz 4. My Eyebrows Say Yes, My Heart Says No feat. Swizz Beatz & Bruno Mars 5. Bar Mitzvah Money feat. Asher Roth 6. Peacock Feathers feat. Kanye West, T.I. & Lady Gaga 7. If I Were A Man feat. Nicki Minaj & Solange 8. Aub's Interlude 9. Mr Fancy Pants feat. T-Pain 10. Heart Throbbing feat. Lil Wayne 11. Fuckin U Til I Cry feat. Justin Bieber 12. Signed, Sealed....Heartbroken feat. Trey Songz 13. Gallop To Me feat. Chris Brown & Rihanna 14. Let Me Fluff feat. The Eurythmics & DJ Khaled 15. Young Angel's Outro Bonus......... This is the first verse from Let Me Fluff Uh Where the fuck am I? Oh yeah I forgot, I'm exactly where I wanna beeeeeeeeee Uh I wanna sing to you, girl.....can I? Or are you jus gettin sick of meeeeeeeeeeee? I'm audacious, nigga, I'm so audacious I saw a mirror n like.......How'm I spose to face it? Niggas round my way used to say he so flirtatious Now they call me Drizzy or that nigga, Young Plaaaaatexxxx Yer girl wit me, n she beg to stay Boy, I put that girl on like she was a negligee Niggas used to say that Drizzy Drake seemed extra gay But I showed em all, n they sayin, now we getcha aaaaaayyyy Yuh mayne look like he cheatin, girl I thank he hollerin at these other hoooooooooes Yeah I think he bein too misleadin, girl Or rather...........I should say......I suppoooooooooooose Uh Me? Im just nigga that you fools been hatin Young Garnier Fructis, mayne, I jus keep rejuvenatin Yeah N I'm about to travel home Girl, if you interested you could be my chaperone Uh Cos sorry sweetheart, I hafta roam Got my bags ready, babygirl, you gotta pack yer owwwwwwwwwn Cos this plane about to lift off Aubrey Drake Graham, nigga, or the rap Chris Bosh

  • Real Nigga


  • HipHopSince86

    I think its funny as Hell that people keep posting comments like "this ain't real [rap/hip-hop]". Who said this was a rap track? Most of this song has singing so it can't be judged as a rap track. That's like people who said "808's & Heartbreak" was Kanye's worst album. It wasn't a fuckin rap album, so you can't judge it as such. As for "Marvin's Room" real niggas respect the message. Every heterosexual man has been in this or a similar situation. Drake actually puts out his most retrospective work when its his R&B joints. "Ce Ce's Interlude" "Brand New" "Sooner Than Later" "Fall For Your Type" ......... those are some of his most personal songs & I can recall similar situations in my life on each of those & other joints he's put out. I guarantee the dudes that talk the most shit about these kinda songs he puts out are either teenagers, ugly ass niggas that no female wants, or they just can't get women for whatever reason. Real music thrives on criticism. Real Talk, No Gimmicks.

    • WA


    • Anonymous

      It really wasn't, but it is dissin Drake so I kinda like it.

    • Anonymous

      That's not funny at all, wow ^

    • Anonymous

      i dont know about yall but this heterosexual dont know anything about marvins room. yall faggots need to learn about marvonetta's room or any chicks room before you learn about marvins room.

    • Amoree

      i feel ya man. Music like this has soul. If you cant vibe to it its because you've never been through it. Drake is dope as hell from his singing to his rapping so if someone hates they can eat a dick... and "808's & Heartbreak" is my shit

    • Toney

      Your right this isn't s wack ass homo rap song, it's a fucking gay r&b song, thanks for helping us with that.

  • Cealix

    ....the fact that most of you consider this hip hop and Lighter's pop is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    every fuckin drake song sounds the same hes got zero skills when it comes to true hip hop or rap

  • frank

    hot str8 classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering, how many people that are commenting on this post are on government assistance? Sounds like most of you all are judging by your all's ascinine comments. You all just sound plain stupid, and your arguments are childish

  • Michael Kettunen

    pretty frickin good right here!

  • Anonymous

    America sucks? What the hell is wrong with you, your just mad bc your not one of us

  • ciph3r

    are u guys fuckin kidding me?!!?!? these nursery rhymes with an r&b tempo?? i understand hes popular but ur riding his nutts if ut hink this shit is dope. the only reason u like this song is cause its drake

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous, that's some funny as shit because Drake belongs on that list you just typed.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you bitch. if you dont like it dont listen to it you ignorant waka flocka, gucci man, tyler the creator havin ass

  • Dj Kre

    Good Music, Chill song and most peeps can relate to saying or thinking this track is about

  • FxF

    It's alright. Lyrics are, eh. It just sounds so So Far Gone, too much so for me. Drake either needs to pick up the rapping or tweak his sound. The chorus kinda bothers me a bit too lol.

  • Rob

    Drake's from Canada. I guess this is what you get. A Hard Nigga growing up in a Really Gay Country I like it or don't

    • Anonymous

      Can't we get along fella's We both have decent countries, we are equal, except for you guys up north have the all-time queerest singer in Drake, I'm sure we can all agree on that.

    • Anonymous

      That's the dumbest argument ever. It's like proclaiming "y'all wouldn't have played basketball if it weren't for Naismith, who was Canadian ... GO CANADA FUCK YEAH." Smh

    • Anonymous

      The ironic thing about all of this is none of you idiots would be typing on a computer/communicating thru the internet with each other if it wasn't for America. You know we invented all that shit right? GO AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!

    • DIRK

      Ahahah stupid ass Canadians & Americans arguing, yall are probably some dumb negros.

    • Olivier

      fuck you, you are the perfect example as of why people around the world think that americans are self-centered obnoxious people...dumbass

    • Anonymous

      LOL, America sucks

    • Anonymous

      Canada is Mad Gay & Aubrey is a female name, Doubly Homo stuff!

    • UNIQ

      Canada > USA. USA is a great place with much to be proud of. But if you cant stand obese chicks and backwards 19th century racism, why would you want to live there? Sry. Canada all day, everyday.

  • True Comment

    Lets be serious people ... the dude cant sing at all, this crap is terrible. As far as rapping, dude is alright but the singing has to stop. One~

    • Anonymous

      That Clown in Devils Rejects was pretty bad ass, oh & Pennywise from IT was a fucking killer & then there's always Killer Clowns from Outerspace, those dudes were pretty fucking hard.

    • Anonymous

      what a clown

  • Anonymous

    Cool, drake, awesome, tight, fire, dope, so cool wow Drake, man he's good yeah drake, 5, all the way he goes hard, yeah, wow, cool drake man he's cool

  • war22

    this is gay...1 star...

  • Tiki Barber's Fumbled Football

    Oh wow, 5, 5 stars, what a song, so cool, he's so cool, Drake is the best, #1 forever

  • Edi Kajmolli

    drake fucking sucks... HES GARBAGE! this isnt even rap man i dunno what the fuck to call this the mans ryhmes are as simple and mediocre as ever.. die already drake

  • Real Recognize Real

    All the gay comments are ridiculous. Im a big believer that whoever obsesses about "gayness" (regardless if it is disdain or not) is a closet homo. As far as the track itself, this sounds better than the poppy overly-produced TML tracks and more in the vain of SFG, which is a good thing. Drake got his own sound. All the great artists have that distinction. The sound is down-tempo but that's just classic Drake. This works because the lyrics are deep and real. Its relatable.