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Mislabeled as a track with Kutt Calhoun on ITunes, here's the final bonus off of Tech's brand new and sure-to-be-a-smash, 'All 6's and 7's'



  • brian

    I'm telling you guys sound like idiots right now. I use to think the same shit about some of Techs music. That was until I actually started reading his lyrics and listening to his music much closer. Then I had to smack myself for thinking that way about Techs lyrics. I can understand why some of the haters react the way they do cause tech does put words together way differently than other mc's. Its the kinda shit that you really gotta listen close to and think about sometimes to make sense out of it. This kinda lyricism I guess is just not for everyone but just because a lot of you can't make out what he's saying doesn't mean you have to shit on it.

  • James D Nash-Randall

    Tech Tech, N9ne N9ne! Best "Independent" rapper... How bout Best rapper period. Sorry Tupac but Tech is lyrically taking your spot as the GOAT. But it isnt his fault, Hes just too skilled. STRANGE. . .Music. BITCH!

  • Tom Gregory Carroll

    Why is tech so good!!!!

  • DDON

    Are You motherfuckers retarded or just too slow to understand Tech's lyrics???? I'm hearing a whole lot of rubbish from some uneducated teenagers who know nothing about rap. Tech is one of the best around end of story....peace

  • steveo

    Tech's verse was the sickest out of all! he switched his flow up more than any of them and still killed it with substance!!!! u dumbass's just cant understand cuz he's not rhyming with a simile every fuckin bar. Go listen to the track Syllables by Dr Dre thats all you guys are in a nutshell!! Follow me all around the planet I run the gamut on sickology They can never manage we do damage with no apology pick em off they panic a little manic cause I gotta be frantic Imma jam it cause I’m an oddity. Gobble the track up like I’m grubbin at mama nakas I can pop at you proper cause I’m partners of waka flaka gimme the top of hip hop and watch em make em rock wit a show stopper chakras poppin off the worldwide choppers. If you anybody you notice it, tech is the pinnacle not a identical soul is it loaded cold as the polar get wrote it quick and they quoted it yo it exploded the flow behold it cause when the motor spit. Abadea abadea never ta get free of the real better ya just neal ta me or ready ta get near my heals gimme the knock and Imma chop but he came and he went tomorrah but Imma lock it down and hop in the pocket like empanadas. Hit em up and get em up I ain’t done I ain’t did enough, trip it when I rip it I be the ish when I spit em up, sorta like I was liquored up and backin up in the gut, everybody be knowin I be actin up when I bust. From Missouri ta Canada I be keepin the stamina if you never been a fan of the man the brand is unanimous can I cuss? Fuck anybody tech is calamitous, leave em in the dust ain’t nobody tough when I’m standin up. Tech is hostile he’s awful and really be wicked when he be off in a bottle you wit it you dig it you never lost thee apostle he sick and he give it the poe and toss in Picasso, killin everybody off is the motto and I be the only chopper that’s tossed in a brothel you said its pathetic my head is off in a taco I sped and you bled and you in a coffin when I go! Read more: http://www.killerhiphop.com/tech-n9ne-worldwide-choppers-lyrics/#ixzz1OlhPPEld



  • T-RO

    Tech N9ne killin em all. *STRANGE*ALL DAY*ALL NIGHT*

  • Brian McG

    This shit is hard. Wish it was on the physical album. Strange Music/MMG!!!

  • Alexx ThreeSixty Byrd

    Its aiight. I see why the bonus tracks were packaged as such. I'm glad they weren't on the album.

  • Anonymous

    This niigga weird

    • T-RO

      Haha he is def weird but thats what makes him Tech n9ne. He doesnt sound like any other rapper... He doesnt copy other rappers flows... HE PAVES HIS OWN WAY


    Not really up on Nine but being that this is one of the 1st tracks I have heard from him and people swear by him I gained more respect for Pill from this track.

    • T-RO

      Dude this ain't nothing for Tech... Just another track... Listen to his old albums... and new ... ANGHELLIC... ABSOLUTE POWER... EVERREADY.... KILLER.... KOD.... SICKOLOGY 101... MISERY LOVES KOMPANY...

  • jason

    Tech N9ne keeps getting murdered on his own shit. He sucks. Yelawolf/Twista/Busta all outshined him on "Worldwide Choppers" Hopsin/B.o.B. both destroyed him on "Am I A Psycho" Lil Wayne outshined him on "Fuck Food"

    • Greatmathias

      Lil' Wayne: GOD NO Yelawolf: GOD NO Pill: GOD NO I could see making arguments for Twista, Busta, B.o.B. and Hopsin. They all gave him a run for his money on those tracks. But this is what's wrong with an underground rapper doing tracks with mainstream rappers is these corny mainstream fans think the mediocre verses from the big names are better just because they know the big names better. I liked Wayne's verse on Fuck Food, but Tech ripped it. If you think otherwise, you're stupid. Point blank, period. Enjoy listening to your Gucci Mane CDs and telling yourself that's the peak of hip-hop.

    • T-RO

      lol Lil wayne did not kill fuck food... If anything he slowed it down too much.

    • Lol

      lolol...jason is right...im a huge tech fan, and i agree, hes been getting murdered lately. Yelawolf did, hopsin did and yes wayne did too!

    • jason

      Yes, Lil Wayne outshined him on "Fuck Food". There was NOTHING interesting about Tech's verse. Only Wayne's verse was worth listening to

    • Anonymous

      YELAWOLF outshined Tech. hahahahahahah go kill yourself

    • Greg Kirby

      hahaha, wayne outshined him on fuck food? wtf ru talkin bout lolololol

  • Sensaye252

    I respect Tech-9s originality and what he's done independently in his career. But I've always felt that his rhymes are kinda wack. Just because it's multi-syllablic doesn't mean it's good. He'll say anything that rhymes.

  • keivn

    They both killed it

  • The187Worm

    Tech Is a beast. end of story