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T3's '3illa' drops June 21st.



  • Los

    I hate on the nigga that been there from the start cuz from the start he was the weakest in the group lol... truth is, he ruined somethin we saw as sacred in Detroit... fuck um... shout out to Phat Kat (real nigga) shout out to Guilty (another real one)... Niggas aint got El dick in they mouth niggas just aint feelin slurrin ass T3 and the hoe shit he pulled...

    • rob

      maybe he was the weakest link. but the fact is he gave elzhi a shot. phat kat is a real nigga but he sucks on the mic. and he the had the worst song on jay stay paid. guilty's dope. he's a real nigga PERIOD.

  • MV

    Let me put it to ya'll this way...This song is not all that bad, T3 did his thing or whatever but when it come down to what happened between him n el, its not about the music, its about stayin true to your homies man and 3 failed to do that. Hadnt Dilla and Tin left us so soon they wouldnt be lettin that shit happen. Tin and Dilla pass so now T3 wanna act like SV is his shit and let his ego get the best of him. RJ Rice was the source of the problem between them but 3 took his back over el's. Dont forget dilla was the one who brought el onto slum village because he saw so much potential in him to help continue the legacy that T3 and RJ Rice have now squandered. I'll tell u if I enjoy something this nigga put out but aside from that I got no respect for his fake ass what he did goes beyond music and hes an ass for that. El is 100x better than he'll ever be.

  • jimmy

    This shit fire sound like a bunch of haters ... What does Elzhi got to do with song?

  • Dr know

    This cat really disappointed me. He's been unfoundedly arrogant in his interviews and has been actin like gods gift to det hip hop. Then he goes ahead and ish's on el. It wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't wack.. but unfortunately that's not the case. This song is wack and T3 sux as a rapper and he isn't a stand up guy. One question, Did he really think that takin el off of half of manifesto would help the album??

    • JJ

      So you telling me elzhi is better off in the group cold steal. REALLY. phat cat been wack. PERIOD. How can you leave a group like slum and join cold steal. REALLY. now thats wack

  • Los

    See what happens T3 when you shit on the best nigga in ya group? the fans you THOUGHT were your fans shift... RIP Dilla, RIP Baatin, shout out to Illa J I wish you the best folk... But fuck T3 Elzhi - Elmatic go grab that for some music

    • Frank

      Man you sound like a bitch. how can you hate on a person that been there from the start. take elzhi dick out ya mouth. and what does he have to do with this song anyway. NOT A DAMN THANG.

  • kennyken

    man this is a banger boss thug!

  • Loch Last Flip

    This beat is bangin.T3 been dope.Slum Village are the shit.Illa J does his thing too.RIP Dilla.I can fuck with it.Detroit.What up doe?