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Per Drake's personal blog: 'A song that I felt the need to share. Not my single. Just a piece of my story. Hear me out though...'


  • P1ST0LP3T3


  • Anonymous

    been listening to this shit on repeat. so fucking sick.

  • Anonymous

    nice face drake .lol

  • ozone120

    Is just me but did he throw a shot a Jay and Ye. These guys was his favorite and then he spits this line.... "And I feel like lately I went from top 5 to remaining 5 My favorite rappers either lost it or they aint alive And they tryna bring us down me, Weezy and Stunna We stayed up, Christmas lights in the middle of summer" Im just saying

  • MSizzla

    This song is so bad it's painful. What has happened to hiphop??

  • Anonymous

    Killer Track... Call the Paramedics!

  • Jermaine Guidry


  • jacob

    I hate your voice shut up.

  • Anonymous

    only if hating was an occupation, all of you would be as rich as drake

  • Rodney Hudson

    Im tired if his shit. Amlost felt asleep. Gay ass singer too. Im go play 50 Cents new single outlaw atleast his shit gangsta. Id rather listen to 50 cuz in my days i grew up gangstarap. Eazy e, bone thugs, no limit, ice cube, snoop dogg, pac, and dr. Dre. Fuck softy shit. 50 cent outlaw

  • Wondering

    Whats the actual pace of this song, cuz this version is slightly faster than every other version ive heard. but this pace actually sounds a lil more proper

  • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

    I'm feeling the beat. But how is this rated above return of simba? Drake is aiight, too many groupies though who don't know any better.

  • Anonymous

    I dig his shit when it has no wayne influence....he's so much better than compromisin his flow to compliment YM bullshit. 4/5

  • Paul

    God, drake will u just kill yourself?

  • Paul

    god, drake will you just kill yourself?

  • david


  • dablur

    Good for mixtape I guess..keep making songs to get them out of your system but this isn't album material

  • lance

    http://soundcloud.com/kuning/just-rhymin check out my chill rap song

  • Maurius Mustin

    Nicely done Aubrey.

  • Luke

    Drake rip this track; the chorus didnt really correspond to the name of the single but the hook & beat came through to certify things.

  • @Deknowz

    Drake is a great writer but his nasal monotone delivery makes his music feel soul-less. He needs better producers around him.

  • Caseeno Van Go

    one of chitown's dopest..follow me on twitter @CaseenoVanGO and add me on Facebook to stay updated with the real hiphop..Caseeno Van Go...

  • laptop

    drake is nice wit it... but I mean really how many relationships has this nigga been in, in his lifetime. Sometimes his high heal, lip gloss flow gets tired

  • Random 4xe

    http://soundcloud.com/susspect 5 Star Anyway

  • luis9inch

    This Shit go hard!

  • BTSU

    Samples a tune called btstu by jai paul, which is amazing. Dont like what Drake has done with it. Dont like his voice at the best of times, but btstu is just too good a tune to be fukced with.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8L1H660O30 Cali Breed - Barton Block

  • Globalblockent

    This ish actually niccce single Sumn Like that hulkshare.com/nv6n59bqwtyf lets get these numbers up support good music thanks yall God Bless @legendmane

  • Michael Daniel Inniss

    Why can't drake just keep his "I'm going in" flow.... Plz leave YM and go to G.o.o.d music so they can make u a better mc

  • r

    Im tryna think of the sample used in this... Isit Dilla ? cant remember, any1 know?

  • Anonymous


  • arahf

    Big song, drizzy ist just THE man right now in rapgame

  • Wade Moore

    Classic drake he need 2 start rappin more like this

  • Anonymous

    this reminds me of some old drake mixtape type. meh likey

  • Anonymous

    drake isnt even a person and he cant read

  • adfad

    didnt know drake had this many haters... sick song anyways, he has his own style and you cant hate him for it, hes the only person on young money i stand behind

  • Tom Gregory Carroll

    Will someone just shoot this guy?

  • jason, stop flaming

    jason, stop flaming on every video dick ridin cheesy pop songs like how to love. stop dissing nas and eminem. get your head outta your ass, you 13 year old fag!

  • eddy

    point is every rapper that they mention or post on any site they get hated on,from wayne eminem jay z ross drake jeezy nas wacka kanye cole luda busta bow wow 50cent every 1 gets hated on,so m wondering hu is atleast a good hiphop artist that u all agree on??? ol dis hating dnt do gud to any1 listen to wat u lyk n shut the fuck up.. word u gon miss gud music with ol that gay shit

  • Jimmy Hart

    Drake go hard with plain as beats! See this dude hot on any beat! This is hip-hop not rap!

  • Anonymous

    Shots fired! lol "MY FAVORITE RAPPERS EITHER LOST IT OR THEY AIN'T ALIVE!" It's gonna be a interesting summer.

  • Curtis Peoples II

    You people on here really are crazy. This is creative and lyrical. It's always the same gay guy commenting and saying Drakes gay.

  • djtight6

    this goes hard new!!!!! he killed it!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHWffkRxp0M&feature=youtu.be

  • Mr Mogul

    I hope the new album is like this.

  • chris

    Whys this gay music? Because drake isnt a misogynistic asshole who brags about how he fucks and dumps girls and calls his women bitches? If weve gotten to the point where if a guy doesnt use all of his women then hes gay, then american society has truely turned to shit, and not because of slutty white girls and racist rednecks, but because of selfish assholes who only see women as tools of pleasure. I aint sayin that i think we should all start watching food network and make cupcakes and have book parties, but just because a rapper speaks his heart doesnt make him gay.

    • Anonymous

      Yet people like you make it the 2nd hottest single on this site. Helping or hurting him, bitch? Helping or hurting?

  • Jameel Petillo

    Wicked cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ladyrose

    drake is garbage now....

  • M.E.T.H.O.D.

    This is some awful fairy shit.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8r8377zGew We Killin It - Barton Block "Like" us on facebook @ www.facebook.com/bartonblock

  • Tom Arnold

    Shitty song by a homo rapper

  • jv

    drake taking over, and the throne. hes back to his old self.

    • Afro Sheen

      Hey jv, why is it so hard for you little gay Drake fans to fathom that most of the hiphop fans don't like Drake, he might not actually be gay, that is still suspect, but he sure does act like a faggot, maybe you are all little teeny girls.

    • GOOGLE

      Listen, I ain't even gonna play no more beat Drakes faggot ass till he ain't gay no more....dude you are a fucking flaming drake dick lover.

    • jv

      wow how many accounts do you have? and where the proof that he is, broaden your horizons , learn some knowledge you ignorant dick muncher .and dont say google you fucking faggot, this fat fuck got no life and busy making different account names to say drakes gay, go listen to wiz or j cole you waste of space.

  • kcadence

    not a big fan of drak but this dope

  • Ben

    You are all retarded. He's saying that he says he loves girl when he doesn't mean it because he doesn't have time for them.

  • Alex da Kidd

    I KNEW IT!!! Drake says in interview that he thinks about men all the time & he is a homosexual, fucking gay fag.

  • Donny Dickshinski

    shut up, you guys are like 3 year olds grow the fuck up

    • Alex da Kidd

      Nice Queer pic of you & Beiber, haha, matching faggots!

    • Anonymous

      You look like your dying to suck a big ol dick right now, it's understandable though as you are so gay that you actually have the word Dick in your name.

    • Donny Dickshinski

      ^ yeah we saw a picture of him making a gay joke on the internet he MUST be gay right? no get a fucking life like you've never joked around like that in your life

    • Donny Dicksuckingski

      Stop talking about my Gay hero Drake "shut up guys", what a little fucking bitch.

    • stewie

      bitch im more like 8 months

  • Old English

    Wow, I didn't have to search long to find some Drake gayness: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Drake+is+gay&aq=f

  • Anonymous

    Just saw some very gay photos of Drake & some dude with his face in Drakes lap, snuggling, 100% GAY

  • MaD SkIlLs

    Fuck Drake! I will never buy his shit again, faggot ass nigga.

  • carolinacal

    have yall heard Joey A.X yet? this nigga was on tour w MGK. harrrd as fuckkk!white boy goes in rite now dis song by drake straight

  • carolinacal

    have yall heard Joey A.X yet? this nigga was on tour w MGK. harrrd as fuckkk!white boy goes in rite now

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Wayne is thinking now, he's got to be at least frustrated if not angry.

  • Jenni P

    I think it's damn funny that some of you are still in denial about this, it's been all over TV & radio, yet you still think there is no way he is gay, but the fact is that he really is homosexual, now are you guys gonna keep listening is the real question.

  • Alex Hayford

    Y'all some idiots.. The first time I have actually felt embarrassed at coming to this site. Actually that's a lie, you guys are always retarded.

  • Atlas

    I still have a hard time believeing this, I have seen some of the pictures, & I've heard about what he said but I have yet to actually hear it myself.

  • Alpha Sigma

    Drake is Homo, wow didn't see that one coming, dude is a liar, why isn't this on the front page of DX, he actually said it himself, "I am Gay".

  • Tha Hard Line

    This song displays 3 of the major reasons the game loves Drake. His frankness, insight, and harmonies. "Lately I do bitches the meanest, tell em I love em but don't really mean it" and "honestly I'm too fuckin busy to drive stick" are lines that grab my attention because he wears his heart on a sleeve but is yet still masculine. Since Thank Me Later he seems to have attempted to alleviate by not being as complex with his punch lines/metaphors and relying more on the value of the truth spoken with clarity. visit my blog --- www.thahardline.com --- the pulse of the rap game

  • Deezy

    its the same person leaving comments on here just different names you lames drake prolly fuckin yo bitch right now

    • Anonymous

      drake gay watttt

    • Anonymous

      LOL, one person going around commenting under different names, what a fucking tool

    • LOL

      That is fucking funny, hey Deezy Ball lover I'm not sure if you got the memo but Drake is homosexual, so he is surely having his way with some poor little boy or something.

    • Deezy Nuts in ya Mouth

      Haha, well, I'm not quite sure about that, he says he likes men so he's probably more likely fucking one of dudes friends.

  • Unbelieveable

    Mr.Cee part 2

  • YoYo

    He has been married before right? so did he just now find out that he's gay or has he been just playing us all this time? I think he's been this way all along, you don't just start liking penis.

  • John Ganderly

    So what, now that he's come out he can no longer rap? just because he is openly gay now doen's mean he all of the sudden lost his skills, I don't personally care that he's gay, I still like his music.

  • Michael Adams

    I can't believe Drake is gay, I feel like I've been lied to. He is my favorite artist & all this time I have been telling people he is one of the best & now I find out that he likes Men, this is some fucked up shit.

  • I Like GIRLS!!

    Fake ass nigga, trying to be hard & the whole timie he's been sucking dicks, FUCK FAGS!

    • GBABY

      YEAH FUCK DEM FAGGOTS!! Go back to your trailer park and pound some budwisers with your mother and father, then head to the bathroom and have a meth session you hillbilly fuck

  • Ice T & Soulja Boy

    Yeah, it's true, apparently he said something about being tired of hiding it, he'll probaly be the spokesman for gay people now, what a faggit.

  • LeBron in 5

    On my way home from work on the radio they were talking about how Drake came out & is a homosexual, is this true? They certainly were talking about it like it was.

  • Lorne

    Fucking Drake is Gay, what a damn shame, he was tight too, I just can't bump a gay cat trying to act like he's straight, I was a big fan.

  • The Truth

    Just heard about Drake, Fuck him! I was a fan but not anymore, Gay ass nigga.

  • Pan

    Drake's not gay, it's a rumor started by a joke picture that he took where it looked like dude was goin down on him and it just got taken out of control. He's denied the rumors, plus he's been married twice and his first girl died shortly after marrying the second. Hell in this song he says "got some good pussy waitin on a nigga"

    • Pan Handler

      It's called "just for show", that's what he said, he was tired of hiding the fact that he's into Men. I don't want it to be true either bur it is.

  • Warlock

    What in the fuck, I just heard Drake was Gay on the radio, when did this happen?

  • Anonymous

    u ppl r crazy drake aint gay...cant be

  • Toney

    Drake admits he's gay, this is beautiful, I knew he was a queer.

  • Kilo G

    Can't believe Drizzy is Homo, dat's seriously fucked up.

  • Tim Fell

    Drake's gay? O.m.g. you gotta be kiddin yo. He's dope ... I don't want him to be gay -_-

  • Anonymous


  • Trevor

    I am speechless. I thought this dude was fire. now he's saying he's a Fag. someone needs to fuck him up.

  • Phil Paddock

    uhh....why is everyone saying hes gay? wheres the proof?

  • Blastic Matches

    I agree, why even come out & why isn't dx covering the story, I even heard them say it on ESPN today.

  • Batman

    Drake admitts to being a Guy Lover, what is the world coming to, did he get caught or something, why is he saying all this shit now?

  • Juicy J

    I am through with all of Young Money after hearing about this shit today, we have another Mr. Cee here.

  • Gerald Lamont

    This dude is a fucking phony, the whole time he's been rapping he's actually been Gay, what is really going on?

  • Dan Wilkins

    It's true, just read it on his blog...wtf

  • Pretty Ricky

    Where are you dumb fucks getting your info?

  • Knowledge

    The real question is why did he even come out, with all of his fans & credibility on the line, he could lose alot of money, I couldn't believe it myself, I'll still listen though as long as he doesn't start making songs about dudes.

  • HAHA

    That's what I have been reading.

  • Oh NO!

    Say it ain't so Drake, is dude really gay??

  • HAHA

    Just heard the news about Drake, hahaha, I knew he was gay all along, I laugh at all of you who thought he was gangster, the gay gangster.

  • Jared Anthony Solis

    I give it a 5 for the subtle "dont fuck with me"

  • Why Man

    I seriuosly had no idea that Drake was gay, fucking gross, I am done with his ass.

    • Still LOLing?

      Probably your sons, he's little butthole is much tighter, I love the way he screams when I fucking butt rape him, your mother likes to lilck my ass after I take a big ol shit, we call it shit pipe & she licks the plate clean.

    • LOL

      you're done with his ass?? who's ass are you gonna play with next?

  • arandomlistener

    Same old drake. The best part about this song is the girl saying, "Dont F*** with me, dont F*** with me."

  • Francis Kid-frankie Ibekwe


  • Zack Stevens

    Hi, I am very queer, I love to eat peters.

  • Mason Taft


  • keelan harris

    iswear waz da first person 2 listen dis song at skool it jst came out wen i seen it popped up on screen it goes hard 4real

  • krucible

    wwwDOThotnewhiphopDOTcom/en/view-album/14535-experience-life this shit is HOT!

  • krucible

    http://wwwDOThotnewhiphopDOTcom/en/view-album/14535-experience-life this shit is HOT!

  • krucible

    http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/view-album/14535-experience-life this shit is HOT!

  • Per Drakes Blog

    More from drakes Blog- "Today, when I was looking at myself in the mirror with 3-d glasses on, I realized that I was getting aroused by looking at my own weiner, I hurt my kneck a bit tryin to suck on my own dick, didn't achive it though because it's just not big enough, I have had plenty of girls tell me it was a shorty but I thought since I had some cash it wouldn't matter much, anyway after I tried that & failed I began to put stuff up my butt, lots of stuff, I really enjoyed having things go deep into my ass, but alas I wanted the real thing, so I put some boy shorts on & went out to find Wayne because I had seen him looking at me earlier through the back window when I was trying to lick myself, it was cool because he was making the birdman sound, i thought that was hot, so when I approached Wyane he immediately said "I already know homie, I can take care of that for you" & he grabbes a small handful of my weinus, it felt so damn good, & then we tounge kissed for about an hour, he said that I was a better kisser than Birdman, I told himI wanted to be Weezy Jr.& that I think we should both come out & represent for the gays like Lil B, he smiled & started to gobble up my tiny cock, we sucked each other off & fingered one anothers buttholes until we came at the same time, IT WAS AMAZING! but he instantly started acting like he was straight after that & said that he has an image to portray & we have to keep our extreme gayness on the low, so here I am just writing in my journal, Gay & alone!

    • Anonymous

      oh my drake

    • Anonymous

      who shit in your cherre'os

    • Tim Fell

      that's ovbiously fake

    • Dont do it

      Just looked up Jon Connor. Appearently he was in Terminator??!!?

    • Ganjarelli

      Am I the only one who thinks this is the funniest thing they've read all day. LMFAO! It's a joke people! (or at least can be interpreted as parody if you don't have a stick up your ass) I seriously expected to see more "laughing it off type" responses than I did. Anyway, I was only coming to post about how my man Jon Connor was at least 100 times MORE talented than Drake. Go peep some, son. I now know that I can guarantee it's also 100 times LESS gay than the original post. Jon Connor. Blue City Club! You Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yugio

      Damnit Drake is so fucking Gay.

    • Proper J

      Ahahahaha, I just read that same shit on Drakes blog, what a fucking homo!

    • Anonymous

      This is your mother and father and we just want you to know we're about to kill ourselves after finding this post on your computer while you were out with friends. (honestly you have none, you just went out to the park by yourself)We cant believe you would do this to us. We used to love you, no more we say!

    • jRizzy

      hahah i just think its funny u wrote all tht. u proll just want drake 2 fuck u in the ass hahaha

    • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

      Damn dog, I'm not a big fan of drake, i thought this track was pretty wack, but your troll nonsense is kinda low. This must be some inner troll fantasy, how else would you come up with the material?

    • Zack Stevens

      Your a fucking loser big guy.

    • Original Poster

      @ b@nksy, no actually I am a Gay Man & I just love it the way that these artist like Lil B & Drake make music that appeals to us, we need more Gay artists to come out, for now ww will continue to support Drake as much as he is supporting us, GAY RAP is in!!!

    • Use Logic

      I'm pretty sure this is straight form gay ass Drakes blog, he's mad homo so it's makes sense.

    • Kieran S. Maharaj-Borovitch

      god damn son you need a life

    • b@nksy

      Congradulations. You wrote an essay long joke thats not funny (its actualy gross), and makes you look like an hater. Ironicly the things you came up with in your head make you look gay. Hope your a girl that would almost make your comment ok.

  • hmm

    those were subliminal shots at Em n Jay.... kid better check himself

    • 905

      Ya for real, I fucked up the quote cause I haven't listened to that track in a while...my bad. @woops, rappers say a lot of shit, I really doubt it was a shot at anyone specific he's just spittin what he feels and sometimes you have to say things a certain way to make it rhyme. People over analyse music.

    • woops

      he clearly says in this song his top 5 either lost it or is dead... not really hard to put the pieces together.... so unless hes completely bullshittin in this song its a shot at Em

    • anonymous

      drakes said before that eminems the greatest of all time... ive seen the video of him sayin it.... he clearly says in this song

    • Chuck Niddy

      @905 co-sign! (but he says "gotta watch what I'm yellin Fella, cause some fans dumb like Helen Keller") close enough though and still a valid point.

    • 905

      "Gotta watch what you say, cause some fans are dumb like Helen Keller." - Masta Ace There were no subliminal shots at Em and Jay. You just like beef.

  • onemic

    fuck who ever hatin on it nigga! drake is getting pussy left and right, making millions off this shit, so thanks for taking the time to click his song to hear it, oh wait, your finger must of slipped for jacking off a lil bit early to some homo ass shit! you fags fail to realize this mother fucker here is doing something with his life, and all you bitches do is post comments with yours! dont fuck with me homos! do right and kill everything!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the hottest songs out right now, fuck the jealous haters.

  • I am Gay

    I just love Drizzy, I want to suck his fucking dick until it bleeds, I can feel him going deep into my ass, mmmmm, I am quivering at the thought, I have got to know how big his dick is, he's so handsome, I wonder if he likes to fuck in th butt, honey, he can have all of mine & then some, him & Lil B have made my gay life worth living, we finally have some gay rappers to embrace.

    • Intresting

      Wow, that's alot gayer than the post above it, but both are somehow less gay than this song.

    • WTF?

      Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that's just about the gayest nonsense I have ever laid my eyes on, damn dude you are gay as a mother fucker!

    • Gayness

      Hey, what's your name? Gimmie a holler I can send you a dick pic, ok, I like the way you type, it's so hot right now!

    • drake

      in your dreams homo! women & bitches only...

  • Gay Man

    I just love Drizzy, I want to suck his fucking dick until it bleeds, I can feel him going deep into my ass, mmmmm, I am quivering at the thought, I have got to know how big his dick is, he's so handsome, I wonder if he likes to fuck in th butt, honey, he can have all of mine.....

  • Anonymous

    I met my name is alvino Allen my bad

  • Anonymous

    Check out my single on YouTube.com LiL al I be on the block my name is albino Allen and I live in Beloit Wisconsin 53511 zip my address 1762 porter avenue my number be 6082073789 I'm lookin to sign to Ymcmb

  • Anonymous

    Drake holla at me

  • Anonymous

    This nigga going da fuckin hardest

  • mafioso

    Its tight, typical drake. rapping and signing.

  • Anonymous

    yo that nigga rick fouche is tight...his video for coming home is mad crazy!

  • Mr. Drive

    this shit is iight. light shit but this new nigga everyone keep talkin about rick fouche is on his shit... i like him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9uDhY9Sb5Y

  • Cody Wizz Gobert

    "Take Care" material.



  • The Boondocks

    To be honest the sample got stuck in my head, he can spit, theres just too many other variables that take his credibility from his lyrics, nothing wrong with them jus sayin, he has to go through more obsticles to convey his rhymes, even when he makes a solid track like this, he's gonna get criticized more than your average rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Used to hate Drake but recently he's grown on me. This shit has got some smooth flow and an ill beat. I'm vibin' with it.

  • goku

    this song is too good. not a Drake stan, but fuck the haters

  • R.j. Lanoie

    Im not even a huge fan of the dude, but all you ma fuckas HATTEE. Stop it please. Dude is smooth and has sick wordplay. If you dont like his style then dont listen to him?!? I dont like garth brookes but im not on country music sites hatin on the dude.

  • Hop

    Normally I dont like Drake.. But this is ill.. "I want women to cry and pour out their heart for me, and tell me how much they hate to be apart from me".. true story

  • Anonymous

    Drake killing shit

  • streetballa2009

    ummmm, average lyrics. come on yall.... *sigh* hes a rapper... not a CREATIVE lyricist. could u PLEASE stop the dick swinging like hes SOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWEEESSSSOOOOOMMME? ELZHI would DEMOLISH this kat...SHIT, JR WRITER would demolish this kat. come on.... i KNOW yall know REAL HIPHOP when u hear it... im just sayin. LL COOL J had better lyrics on his LAST ALBUM

  • Stine


  • Hethe Hyder

    hatin on it only make em shine brighter ...

  • Anonymous

    Drizzzy Drake nigga

  • William Scooter Jones

    Shit is nice.. Who produced this?? Haters gone hate..

  • Anonymous

    he is gettimg old and he has a double chin its true

  • aschmader

    Feel like he went missing for a while. Click the link and support a school being built in the MotherLand. http://3cf2014e.linkbucks.com

  • D.Bell

    The song is cool, its signature drake. The smooth style and mix between singing and rapping is typical from him. I want to see something different from him

  • Anonymous


  • Butta Dukane

    Drake keep being the amazing artist that you are!!!!!

  • Carlos Holguin

    We got company coming over, would it kill you to put some pants on #ifcukswitit

    • Anonymous

      You wish you were there ^

    • Anonymous

      Did you and your boys do a synchronized hi five after hearing this song? Yall are violating all sorts of man couch ettiquite with the way yall are sitting. Its a pretty gay situation is basically what Im saying to you.

  • Drake is Madd Faggy

    Queerbait Music at it's best.



  • Donny Dickshinski

    it makes me so mad when people hate on this.. this is some of the best stuff he did since so far gone and it's just really good, can't wait for the album, that and j cole, nas, lupe (in a while) and even lil waynes

  • Infiltrator

    Uh... this ain't all that good. The beat is kinda tight, but this is the same shit from Drake we've heard before. You're fucking telling me a song about your life... sounds like all the other songs you've done? I guess he sounds a LITTLE more sincere, but that don't mean nothing, since it's still the same fucking steez he's been on since the beginning. I understand he's trying to talk about niggas who are snakes, how he's just wanting to be a regular nigga, but cats like Nas, Biggie, Pun, Reks, Termanology, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., and Pac did it much better. Just saying the obvious. But if he's doing more material like this, he's got some chance to live up to the potential I once heard about.

  • Album Cover Leak

    THE COVER LEAKED! http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/9464/takecarecover.jpg

  • FruityKwan

    Good music to nair your chest to.

  • Drexel M Warren

    of course this is my opinion but these ym mofo's plagerize/copy/bite themselves and each other and yall yunguns(i hope aint no o.g.'s givin props)just eat it up.... ym is like real cash/ same bills(Bills) just passed around- fag

  • Kenneth

    Damn! Drake went way in on this. You hard Drake, you hard man!

  • Nick

    This is not Drake's best in my opinion. But also... please vote for this awesome remix I made!! heres the link: http://www.indabamusic.com/#!/opportunities/jason-reeves-sticks-and-stones-remix-opportunity/submissions/57851 The beat's got a lot goin' on. Hope you enjoy!

  • reid

    G-Eazy killed this beat first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msN27l4CuLI

    • poop

      G-Eazy did do this first... http://music.g-eazy.com/track/kings-ft-jai-paul March 21st, 2011.


      dude that song was posted like a day ago and drake released this first so fuck off he obviously used drakes beat FAGET

  • Taylor James Hatfield

    as much as i hate on drake (well deserved hate) this is dope

  • Jesse Scotto

    Forward thinking beat. Bullshit content. Just made a beat similar to this with a How To Dress Well sample, same vibe. 4 stars

  • mack17

    dnt front he went in, compared to thank me later its a differnt sound. comeback season with the new drizzy right here

  • TuLoAbe

    Dnt fck w/ me- Dnt Fck!

  • lil wayne

    this dat gay marriage music....FRESH!

  • ok now

    drake will be old news in 2 years why do we think a r and b cat will stay relevant much longer Good song but all this kid raps about is his sucess its getting old son

  • Askyourmom

    And also, listen to what he's saying it goes deep as fuck,

  • Askyourmom

    Fucking haters smh gtfo man, if you like it good, if not shut the fuck up #goodmusic.

  • Cody Wizz Gobert

    It hard to be able to downgrade an artist bc they "changed". Everybody changes, that's just how life works. People have their own perspectives as to whats a better change or a worse one, but the shit happens. He's all big money this big money that now, but that's bc that's exactly what he's doing. Like Wiz with weed, bitches & champagne. It's what the boys doin and seein! So quit expecting Wheelchair Jimmy.

  • Changed?

    See I don't know if he has changed because of the money, or if he was always like this. Either way it's changed my opinion on Drake. The sad thing is he sounds good, but it doesn't mean he sounds right. All I hear when I listen to this is vanity and complacence, the Drake I liked stood for something...didn't he? But I still give it 3 stars just because the hook is just fucking great. Wish I could say the same about the rest of the song.

    • Grissy

      A song that mentions having sex with women can't be "gay". It's an oxymoron. Just sayin... If you weren't feelin' it, a more suitable description would have been "wack as fuck", "weak", "ass" or something along those lines...try harder next time...

  • dfasedfawesfa

    Comeback season baby

  • dfasedfawesfa

    comeback season is now!

  • Phil Paddock

    hope his next album has less people on it and more of Drake.

    • Anonymous

      Bet you do...All waiting next to a lake by yourself like "Please let Drake show up and kiss me".

  • Anonymous

    and if the girl standin next to me got a fat ass, then ill probably give her my number

  • Poit Holmes

    This was nice. The music was crazy. I would expect this beat to be on a Common, or j.dilla album. The flow is sick and I dug the subject matter as well. I dont really digg the materialistic shit but I can see how it would make his haters mad nonetheless. Especially since for most of it he is speaking over their head. Only insecure assholes critique music by slinging homosexuality as a slur.

    • Anonymous

      Good job hiding your face cause you knew you were about to be on blast for being full on gay for that comment. I like how you were smart enough to do that cause you gay as fuck bro.

  • Anonymous

    Hard sample + tight drums + Drake flow = surprisingly good song. Diggin the new style and from what I've heard should be the formula for his next project

  • Lilworm

    drake is a beast. he gets all the hate cause he with young money, he gets all the hate cause he was an actor before he came up, hes getting all the hate because of the lightness of his skin..but keep hatin though, we need people to shit on.

  • ben

    I remember MC's used to rap with pitbulls in their music videos... Once Drake's next album goes platinum, rappers are gonna be having fluffy dogs and furless kittens on their laps and shit while rapping in their videos.

  • Anonymous

    Pause Moment Of The Week: Drake Excited About Working With Lil Wayne! "Oooooh Lil Wayne, Hes Just Too Good" http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhBLf7EYM75xKRbYT2

  • Anonymous

    If this is your favorite rapper you might be gay. What straight man can watch this and not think this kid is gay. With his peach shirt on. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhBLf7EYM75xKRbYT2

  • Anonymous


  • doggystyle

    Yo on the real he go hard on this song, beat and flow is sick. But lyrically its like - we get you rich nigga, you got love for money money money...too materialistic nigga switch it up, we know you can go deeper

  • jack

    this song is awesome

  • Number One!

    1 star if you think this song is NUMBER 1!!!!

  • Jonas

    Anybody elses dick get rock hard while listening to this? Dick tap fellas!



  • wanting MORE

    This joint is iight. I heard he is working with this cat out of NJ Rick fouche http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9uDhY9Sb5Y&feature=share

  • eit

    good song, whoever hates on this is a stupid asshole.

  • Anonymous

    is this man gay? also why is this four stars are you gay?

  • Bruce

    If u play this song backwards the hook says "my butt so deep, my butt so deep". You don't even wanna know how much gayer it gets in the verses.

    • Bruce

      Nothing bro...my ipods messed up so it plays everything backwards. Was just getting used to listening to everything that way and put this joint onto the ipod. Its the only song outta 5000 songs on there saying some gay ass shit backwards. Just trying to warn you youngins.

    • Anonymous

      Damn, what's wrong with you son?

  • SKL

    This is a dope track. Drake destroyed it. I dont look for Drake expecting him to be street. He's not street nor is he trying to be. . I put him in a seperate category somewhere like a Prince, Sade, MIA etc. He's doing his own thing. Its unique and more mature. All the Drake hatred is just because he's got that "light-skin pretty boy" look and it's just an old backwards mentality which expects "the lighter the skin; the harder he must act to be accepted". Just dumb backwards racist nonsense. Frank Ocean gets away with a similar style without the backlash. The Roots, ACTQ, De La Soul, 2pac - all had plenty of softer topics on cuts and some had the same debatable privileged upbringings. No strong hatred though. Drake's getting handed the same dumb racist Benzino logic that dogged Eminem and the same "not black enough" argument which almost ended Obama's election campaign. Lose it, folks.

    • Anonymous

      ^ And you're the quintessential socially challenged "purist"/closet homosexual that roams the net these days

    • Anonymous

      Eh, whatever...you last two posters are the prototype of this new generation of sensified pussy ass men. Yall can have this shit....fuck hip hop.

    • JGW

      ^ sort of what he was saying, their (current) music is similar despite their distinct upbringings, so the emphasis on a rapper's background isn't as important. kanye didn't exactly grow up in a slum ... lol, there's no archetypal rapper, talk about tunnel vision

    • Anonymous

      Lol at saying Lil Wayne and Drake have similar upbringings. Lil Wayne did have some good music coming up but has turned into a braindead idiot due to too much cough syrup. Drake was a rich kid with ties to the music industry who Lil Wayne saw as his horse to ride out with and continue making money off of after he got tired of raping the industry. Simple as that really.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, mayne, it's all about context. Blues, as you've highlighted, is an obvious analogue for rap music, but as you may be aware, the genre spawned many offshoots, including British Blues (think of Eric Clapton), where race or upbringing didn't take as much precedence as it did before ... similar movement has occurred in rap -- it's all a matter of interpretation, just view the Lil Waynes and Drakes of the world as offshoots of the rap music that a lot of us grew up on ...

    • Anonymous

      /\ Not at all...Imagine Marylin Monroe dropping a blues record during her days.

    • Anonymous

      loool, as if being destitute is a prerequisite for rappers ... that's a pretty flawed criterion tbh

    • Anonymous

      None of those groups you mentioned grew up with rich parents or played Jimmy on an after school show either.

  • Anonymous

    finally i've been waiting 4 a drizzy track 4 weeks...

  • Smfh

    Btw, how are you gonna get at dudes for singing. If it ain't all autotuned then I don't have an issue cause its called talent. If you got it, go for it.

    • Anonymous

      sooo pathetic ^

    • Anonymous

      Singing is singing. Rapping is rapping. Until this gay ass generation came around rappers who sung were excommunicated. You fags call it real music. It's not even rap anymore.

  • Smfh

    I like the beat. But what's he really saying? I feel like I've heard this before, and he ain't even giving us any reason to feel for him on this track. Shit, you'd think with this big economic shit hole the U.S is in rappers would atleast switch something up.

  • Ado Cob

    can this dude rap about ANYTHING ELSE?!?!? if you listened to any other drake song, you've already listened to this song.

  • Mike Willz

    Don't f*ck wit me, Don't f*ck wit me! The songs cool, but I can't lie the hook is pretty addictive. Play wit caution...

  • Pluro

    pretty good, kid can make music.

  • Anonymous

    Rapping over ethereal soundscapes makes you soft. What's next rapping over rave or house music.

    • Anonymous

      Look at this faggot trying so desperately to substantiate his masculinity, and failing so damn badly too. Typical contrarian underground type. Keep jamming to your Atmosphere and Esoteric, socially autistic imbecile. Nigga's calling people "hun" and trying to tell them that they're gay, smh.

    • Anonymous

      If your favorite rapper sings over melodic fag music your probably gay. That pamprin ain't kick in yet. Hun. Anyone else notice whenever a Drake fan disses someone or talks about Drake it's on some fag shit. Shit that's normally not gay all of a sudden becomes mad gay from a Drake fan. They always say he goes hard. Hun. Your an asshole. What. Dumb ass. LOL. If you in the streets you would take it a different way. '' When a drake fans says it it becomes mad gay.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, "Rapping over ethereal soundscapes makes you soft. What's next rapping over rave or house music." Not funny at all, this gay ass clown must have aspergers, reclusive ass nigga in his house listening to Necro and JMT all night smh

    • Anonymous

      loool, what a faggot, it's cool, you're insecure about your sexual orientation, no need to project it as virility to compensate, you dumbass

    • Anonymous

      You like gay music dude. It's cool. We get it. No need to get all emotional like you on your period. Calling someone a dumbass when you like gay music. Take a Pamprin my dude.

    • Anonymous

      Shit sounded gayer than a nigga in a pink smart car wit Abba blastin out the windows.

    • Anonymous

      Look What a fag.

    • Anonymous

      loool, what a dumbass.

  • Tafara

    Drizzzy u the BEST

  • John-Michael Pac Segin

    do right and kill everything

  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    this song is different... damn i'm impressed. his style on this one sounds more like his stuff when he was just getting known... 5/5

  • Anonymous

    1. Why is Drake soft? Because he doesn't talk about the rocket launcher in his trunk, the 9 on his waist? Cause he don't got powder out the ass? Cause he don't talk about the hood? He's not from the hood, he's from Toronto, he's gonna speak on what applies to him. And if you think he's soft with women, he's dual-sided; he has women he gets weak for, evidently, and then "bitches" he manipulates and fucks. 2. Why does he need a concept album? He's talking bout his life...Jay ain't have no concept album, and mostly talked about money, coupes, women and allusions to his drug-dealing past, and at least 70% of yall fucked with it for 15 years. And why can't the nigga sing in the middle verse? It's his creative niche. Yes, he doesn't relate to us as well because he grew up privileged, yes, he talks about money and women, but he makes good music, and doesnt pretend to be anything, thats what matters.

    • Anonymous

      How is Drake a rapping Al B Sure? EVERY song is not a ballad. And Bone-Thugs & Harmony splashed singing into their rapping. That should end this argument right there.

    • Anonymous

      Many people can't relate to "Reasonable Doubt" or "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx." Both records still garnered universal acclaim, because anecdotal lyrics or metaphorical wordplay can be implicit, latent derivatives of universal themes, or encapsulate pervasive emotions.

    • Anonymous

      That first comment was riddled with no homo moments. Also, music has always been something YOU should be able to relate to. I know none of u Drake lovers drive aston martins or enjoy 24 hr champagne diets while buying ur girl 10000 dollar purses.....so how do yall relate to anything Drake says?

    • Anonymous

      great to see some people still think homophobia is cool. agree with first comment.

    • Anonymous

      Good music. Stevie Wonder made good music. This is some Al B sure as a rapper shit. You might have liked AL B Sure but you can't listen to it with a room full of your homies. Unless you into kissing each other on the lips.

    • Anonymous

      I come from a generation that when rappers sing they were excommunicated. You come form a generation that where a rapper comes from a crew where it's cool to kiss men on the lips. Al B Sure was seen as soft. He's the modern day Al B Sure rapping. While singing in falsetto.

    • Izmaelito Valentin

      Best Why To Put It, Much Respect

  • Takecare and dont forget to thank me later:

    This is such a good song, This man is such a problem its not even funny anymore. evreyone says they "Hate" Drake mean while they see the song and listen to it anyways. if you dont like him as an artist why even bump to his shit anyway if you "hate" him or are you too "thug" for this kind of music. Evrey one is just mad bcz he leaves comes back from a break and still shows he got it.

  • Mike Meraz

    I dig it...and I'm not really a fan of Drake, but he got a couple good songz

  • Anonymous

    is it only me who thinks "what the fuck" every time this dude says nigga???

  • Anonymous

    Listening to Drake is like walking in on your boys kissing after coming back from the bathroom...Awkward as shit.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      Anybody who post their comments talking shit under anonymous is a fuccin pussy so i don't even take what they say serious. Maybe when you turn 18 you'll understand. Mr. 19134 Kenzo Google us.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, your boy Drake is inventing gay ass shit.

    • Anonymous

      Smh, you and your boys are on some gay ass shit ...

  • Dr. Bumba Shakur


    • Anonymous

      Facebook Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino Come fight me I guarantee I beat your ass with this song playing in the background. Dont Fucc Wit me. --- Thanks for proving my point. Anonymous: I think you touched a nerve. Faggots get so emotional. Vincent. LOL.

    • fagcrusher

      Shutup Vincent...you ain't doing shit. Ever since they lifted the don't ask don't tell policy you homos have been too upfront and standoffish. You know? We get it...ur gay, now shut the fuck up.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      Come fight me I guarantee I beat your ass with this song playing in the background. Dont Fucc Wit me.

    • Anonymous

      I think you touched a nerve. Faggots get so emotional.

    • Ak

      ur mother is a faggot n i was still able 2 fuck her

  • BigGhost

    Thank me Later Review - Ayo whattup this Tony Atlas aka the magnificent Deini. Yo I been listenin to this Aubrey joint for the last hour...n yo I gotta admit...he got a couple decent joints on this shit here. Namsayin...I peeped this shit when it first dropped n I thought the shit was softer than two niggas on a Sunday at a bed n breakfast together nahmean. The god was like nah fuck this shit...thats some yoga anthems nahmean. Shit sounded gayer than a nigga in a pink smart car wit Abba blastin out the windows. I was thinkin like niggas is gon produce a ovum for every second they bump this types a shit namsayin. I wasnt fuckin wit that joint not one bit namsayin. Matter fact Tone started thinkin ayo this nigga Aubrey gotta be a lesbian or some shit cos this shit aint right nahmean. Niggas from Staten aint fuck wit no shit like this. Staten niggas eat barbells son. We kick the fire hydrants off the sidewalks namsayin. When the nigga started off his album wit that Fireworks joint ya boy was like damm yo.... this bout to be some ambrosia salad comin thru my speakers rite now g. A nigga could smell marshmallows in the room...Son had those suspect song titles too...like Fancy n Karaoke n Show Me A Good Time....cmon son. I was like fuck is this a Kylie Minogue album g? Nahmean. But yo...I jus let that shit play all the way thru n the joint kinda grew on me n shit. That Find Your Love shit had me tearin bricks out the walls namsayin. Word. This some shit for niggas to slap gorillas to. So in tribute to that nigga Tone put together a little picture gallery namsayin. The captions was added to express what was goin thru the niggas mind...not my own nahmean. Dont get that shit twisted aight. Hope yalls enjoy it. Aight peace.

  • No Thanks

    What a nice butt loving song for butt lovers to close their doors & make butt love to.

  • j

    this boy drake is goin hard

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      You're a fag for reading the words going hard and the first thing to come to ur mind is a dicc. You gotta go hard but you wouldn't no nothing bout that cuz ya soft!

    • Anonymous

      Pause. That was real gay my dude.

  • sam

    is it a sign, maybe he is going back to comeback season drake

  • AudioAssassin Mcmillan


    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      The 2 dudes who posted above me are straight fags. How you gonna comment on another mans look on a post about a Drake song. ya'll some homo's. I posted under my facebook so if you don't like my pic tell me in a message don't be a pussy and talk shit anonymously.

    • White MAN

      that nigger is ugly

    • Anonymous

      lol...geeez what a profile pic

  • BigGhost

    1. Aubrey Aka the Ryan Seacrest of rap. Son is the safest nigga on earth. This the type a NAHGGER that old rich white men try to set up wit they daughters n shit. This nigga wasnt born yo....he was blossomed. When he aint startin pillow fights on tour n pollinatin flowers n shit son stays spittin wit that tenderized Stephen Hawking voice. The niggas heart got a ponytail. Son could probably make you any origami animal you ask him to namsayin. He the type a nigga to sprinkle rose pedals on his bed before he go to sleep n shit. Son could probably frost a cake usin his eyes nahmean. This niggas moms n pops basically got Rick Rolled when the doctor said "Its a boy!" But it aint like Tone wanna see the nigga get torn to pieces by a pack a wolves n shit. If I seen him would the god wanna beat the garnier fructis outta him? I dont kno b. Maybe?

    • Anonymous

      http://bigghostnahmean.blogspot.com/ check that link out above if you wanna read the blog where bigghost's comment came from. dudes copy and pasting straight from there. Lol @ Vincent threatening to fight fictional people.

    • BigGhost

      @ Vincent - Google ghostface killah and meet me in staten island pussy.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      @ Big Ghost you aint tough and you sound like a straight jealous bitch. I got Drake breaking your bitch ass jaw in a fight. Like Chamillionaire said "If you could do better then me then you would of already done it." Shut the fucc up with that tough guy hating shit over the internet you pussy. 19134 Holla @ me if you disagree. Notice I post under my Facebook too so if you don't like it you can contact me pussy.

    • brffa

      "If I seen him would the god wanna beat the garnier fructis outta him?", Lol. Ayo BigGhost you killin me homie.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry he didn't meet your standards "BigGhost," you arbiter of blackness.

    • Nigga

      You don't have to be a street nigga to rap. He never claims to bust or anything so his image shouldn't be a problem.

  • Anonymous



    JIM JONES "848" SWAGGA JACKIN "TRUE STORY... CLICK LINK BELOW" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj8coCBu6dU IAMTJAY.COM

  • scooby g

    he is better then wayne now hands down

  • kcadence

    Dont really listen to drake but this songs good, 4/5

  • CliffNasa16

    i used to be a big fan of drake, thn he joined young money n i hated his shit, this song is pretty good tho, not feeling the singing really. If he keeps this up thn he got a spot in my book.

    • Strong Arm

      @ Vincent - ur a faggot man. Bet you joined the army just so you could shower with men.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      He sings, that's what he does and he's released his best music since signing to Young Money before that he was another run of the mill mixtape rapper.

  • Andezchicago


  • Jon Mc

    he got nuts in his mouth, chipmunk flow

  • Jonathan Polo Boele


  • ..

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9mCVcRWHqY this boy crazy hot

  • lilnono

    omg drizzy is the FUCKIN man take care will b the shit i love this chorus its so simple

  • Anonymous

    drizzy killing these days

  • frank

    dope oops i mean classic!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Robert St Julien

    why cant ppl ever just enjoy the damn music smh

  • ahhhr

    this is crack. stop comparin cole and him. it gets nowhere, they're both dope.

  • Killalex

    How many times can you make the same song? ' Uh..i got money now..fat ass bitches calling me cuz i'm famous..Uh..my dreams, everything is different'. J.Cole > this jew

  • Lil B

    This is good, but J.Cole is better.

  • hip hop

    what am i doing? OH YEAH THATS RIGHT IM DOING ME! http://trapanati.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/im-doing-me.jpg?w=450&h=462

  • robert

    sub-par sub-urban rap not for me. About as deep as a cup of sugar bro thats it... hate it or love it right?

  • imagenme

    gotta love the deep shit

  • Anonymous

    first one to bring up a j.cole is a faggot

  • TruthMonster

    The song sucks but the real issue here is why is this pouty faced rich kid brat stuntin with movie theater 3d glasses on in the the pic?

  • dmize-one