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Here comes the trend...freestyles about which rapper is being resurrected by another rapper. Yaowa's got Pun.


  • lurk uno

    That was crazy ill. Props to Joell for doing this....tribute got me hyped right now...if u hating on this then there's something seriously wrong with you.. why be sour when at the end of the day its all LOVE....

  • Micheal White

    Joell seems to have hit a wall with his skills,I don't know...he's still nice..but somethings missing.When I read the title I expected something along the lines of him using Pun's rhyme candence to pay tribute,..this..it's just okay.Which Is sad because Joell is usually nice on the mic.

  • Rosy A Caron Jr

    next? you gots to have more stored ...

  • hunkE

    Joe Budden feat. Praverb the Wyse - Keep Steppin' [prod. hunkE] --- soundcloud.com/hunke/praverb-the-wyse-feat-joe ---

  • Anonymous

    joell-"tell ur favorite rapper pick a rapper ill remove em both" aint nobody fuckin wit him

  • anonymous02

    Pun would never rap to a garbage beat like this. Slap yourself, Ortiz. You're not half the spitter Pun was.

  • Dylann17

    It was aiight. Come on Joell. 4 Stars.

  • Anonymous

    I can't listen to his music anymore. His voice is so FUCKING ANNOYING, the corny lines and the way he pronounces words are just too much.

  • Brandon Caminero

    I was expecting more for this song I know he can go way harder I figured he would rep harder bc of pun...oh well its an ok song

  • Tyler

    This song ahould go.. "big pun fat, big pun fat 2 many burgers Heart attack"

  • wow

    DISGRACEFUL a corny ass rapper doing this

  • Mr Official

    IF Pac was alive.. Ricky Ross would have been checked.. If pun was alive.. He would have loved this track

  • problemz/problema

    Joell is dope but you are in no way,shape or form anything near the reincarnation of Pun...Pun was a legend and a platinum seller to boot(first Latino MC to ever do so by the way)Joell as nice as he is should be respectful of the dude who made it possible for Joell to get his foot in the door...leave the dead alone...Pun had incredible wordplay,flows,presence on the mic...Joell has miles and miles to go...

    • problemz/problema

      anonymous e-thugs strike again..lmao..sit down somewhere..All I said was there were actually millions and millions of people who wanted to hear Pun as opposed to a couple of backpacker broke ass,bloggin nerd who downloads albums and are the sole reason Joell was dropped from aftermath and never sold more 20 thou copy wise..There is paying homage and then there is overkilll..this is overkill...so whatever dude...nobody trying to get in a E shootout cause someone criticized your idol...

    • Anonymous

      stfu Joell has done more for keepin Puns legacy alive than anyone else, he's released many tribute songs payin homage and birthday songs on Puns bornday for him, he's paid homage in dozens of songs and even let Puns son come out to the studio n spit with him who gives a fuck if Joell hasnt gone platinum thats a fuckin cornball attitude to have

  • Phil House

    im so fuckin sick of hearing about dead rappers i dont give a fuck about biggie tupac or pun shut up get over it youre not bringin biggie tupac or pun wtf does this song even have to do with pun besides him saying "big pun back"? nothing yea he killed this shit but shut up already "its like i see dead men walkin i turn on the radio and i hear dead men talkin" talib kweli on the real...and youre not the new big pun your fuckin joell ortiz no one can replace pun or biggie or pac so shut up and be you

  • Charlie Alvarez

    nah OMAR CRUZ got Big Pun!

  • guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • mbr

    nice....now whos the next ?

  • HAHA

    i have higher expectations for joell

  • Poppa Doppolis

    joell is good, but this shit is ehhh

  • luwm

    Ya'll need to check the "call it quits" remix he did, completely ripped it.

  • Rupert Hughes Jr

    When will this whiny fat fuck just go away? Hard to decide today who's worse, Joell or Joe Budden... Indecisive, I vote BOTH! Joell Ortiz has dropped more verses than Biggie, Big Pun, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Special K and Kid N Play ** COMBINED ** ... Yeah, he's a goddamn 'beast.' And what's the the phony-ass nickname? When did his manager or some other asshole invent it, because Joell never used it when we thought he had potential-- FIVE plus years ago.

  • vinsint69

    wife beater ! be gone

  • Eric Evans

    Get off Meek Mill Dick.....

  • Matt Agosta

    joell ortiz is fuckin nasty yall and big pun is top 5 ever. go back and listen to capital punishment

  • LJbigbang

    I sometimes like Joell, sometimes don't. No doubt he can flow, that's for sure.

  • itiswhatitis

    WACK. I dislike this dudes voice and I am not a pun fan.

    • memo

      can we make it that anyone who utters the phrase "u dont know real hip hop" automatically loses whatever argument hes fighting for? cause that shit just sounds ignorant how people use it on here.

    • Papa Est Faundez

      your a fuckin fag bud you don't no real hip-hop if you dont like Big Pun or Joell Ortiz go listen to your Gucci/Soulja Boy/Young Money gay shit you fuckin homo

  • Big

    Gotta love the YOAWA!!!

  • Jesus

    i got a better song. OBESITY IS BACK. or the L.V.P.D is back who cares. dead and gone and if we bring back B.I.G Pun or even Pac were gonna hear nothing but "brains brains brains" instead of hoes and money

  • rh

    big PUNNNNNNNNNNN RIP, Joel taking the torch from the late great one

  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    Yes, I gotta give it a 5... Reppin Big Pun and P.R. all day, same goes to my other half Colombia, Yeeea.

  • BioNYC

    YAOWA!!! * Check out * www.crateandvinyl.net Coming Soon!