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Asher Roth dropped this over Twitter, and it's over 'The Bridge Is Over'.



  • Voser

    Lol I don't even think its against Mac miller lol idiots these days I believe it's a comeback to Chris webbys diss another good white rapper that for some reason hates on Asher's success just enjoy the new era of rappers it's about intellect and Asher and Chris webby r intelligent rappers

  • Phil Paddock

    can't wait till spaghetti tree comes out

  • Samuel Mogard

    99 percent of you don't even know thats a krs-one beat

  • KeppinItReal

    From Asher Roth's Twitter>>> "Kidz Theze Daze" is no diss to Mac. It's about kids who only use music to rap bullshit. Myself included. And yeah im here, new shit is dope So everyone please shut up lol

  • Zed

    simple yet sophisticated...sickk

  • AlwaysRight

    that's my shit

  • Joshua Morgan

    Man, I'm actually down with both Asher and Mac. Asher is definitely the superior lyricist and Mac has more, excuse the use of the word, "Swag". Mac is doing really good right now and he's having fun. I doubt he'll actually respond back in the form of rhyme, but if so...hey, this is hip hop. People are failing to realize that BATTLING is a big part of the culture. Why not flex your lyrically muscles against each other for some fun? If it's something personal that made Asher do this, that's even better! I'd only be against it if it was 2 mcs that I wouldn't want in a near shootout....which we know obviously isn't the case here. Let them go at it. For those doubting Asher, peep "Consequence feat. Asher Roth - "Childish Games"" on youtube. It's an ill verse and....I find it to be relevant at the moment.

  • JoonBalloon

    I NEVER comment on this site but son str8 disrespected this beat. He had no biz takin it back with a classic beat to spit trash, dam shame. This track should be pulled n BANNED from EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Nevermind who he was getin @, this beat is epic & shouldn't be used for nonsence.... SMFH!!!

  • Stuntmoney

    Mac Miller cant fuk wit Asher lyrically... Mac Miller is just a white generic version of Currensy rappin bout frozen pizza???? wtf

  • Tony Salyer

    1. Have the balls to Say the name of the person ur dissin. 2. Don't diss people who are better than u. 3. Go listen to Eminem's "Nail In The Coffin" and take notes.

  • Johnny Zotos

    all you asher roth fans can suck a dick, ya dead wrong if you think this is even close to good, hating on mac miller like who the fuck are you, asher aint even that good, i used to like them both but he can go fuck himself for this, most dope all day.

  • ash

    HAha Like dat kid better off chewin' cactus/ cuz mac looks like a hillbilly motherfucker who chews that shit

  • kcadence

    whatcha gonna do Mac?!

  • Poit Holmes

    This is a nice change. Asher vying for a spot.

  • Anonymous

    i like mac miller and asher but i think asher can get him in a battle he is lyricaly underated

  • Jason Nash


  • hahaLamez!

    Ash is delivering as usual. Great track. No matter what he does, ppl r always gonna say he aint shit just cuz how real he is with him being himself and not trying to do all these things ppl r doing nowadays to "fit into" the stereotypical rapper of today's society. Ash is a real dude, thats why hes got long hair and rocks sandals..cuz thats just who he is. He aint gonna try to talk all hood and black cuz hes NOT and he understands that hip-hop is about being tru to urself. The day i see Asher rockin a backwards fitted hat & stunna shades is the day i stop fuckin with him..But that day aint comin, and these lames cannot accept that. oh yeah...5 stars

  • Anonymous

    Asher roth is a bitch for this. Mac Miller is just chillin not bothering anybody. Not the best rapper but doesn't claim to be. Asher roth is going the em right and dissing people who wont diss back. Using Mac Miller to get your buzz up lol fuckin loser

    • hahaLamez!

      haha r u fucking serious dude. who the fuck else has asher roth dissed. and all he's sayin on this track is that mac miller is wack and he tries too hard to act like he's someone hes not. And u CANNOT say that asher does that because asher is true to his motherfuckin self and doesnt fallow anyone else's swag, style, or flow..he does his OWN THING. and thats what hip hop is all about. Asher is basically talkin bout how much hip hop means to him and how ppl like mac miller r just doin what everyone is is doin and especially, in this case, making white MC's look fake again. And all Asher is doin is spittin his thoughts on the issue, cuz Asher doesnt want ppl to start stereotyping white MCs as "wiggers" or "just trying to act black" because Asher aint about that at all, and hes makin a point that white MCs are much more than that. If you got a problem with it, move the fuck on or dont listen to the fuckin music. thats it. 215 all damn day

    • Willy

      Who else has Asher dissed? Have I missed something? How do you know that Mac Miller won't diss back? Are you psychic?

  • Nuttin

    asher always delivering that dope,i dont know if this is indeed aimed at miller but i like boths music

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    effin A. Kids these theys, automatically liked this song. just be the title alone, I also listened to it was good

  • Bout Time

    Asher is ready now. He riding those beats mean. Hook him up with some nice producers and get it poppin.

  • murdock

    when rappers started to look like surfers i was done with them...when someoen pays your way to fame its corny too fuck all these weirdos

  • Right On

    hahah WHITE BOY BEEF!

  • Yerrup

    @for the lamez, i agree with u son and when he says "I can't stand when other rappers kick wack shit" hes referrin to mac miller's KIDS mixtape which stands for (Kickin' Incredibly Dope Shit). Ayo 5 stars tho, and thank u @for tha lamez for ur comment

    • huuuuge cock

      fuck off, you two are both homos, actually yous are probably the same person..lol...go kill yourself fagget

  • LaDarren Fshosaynomo Smith

    reverbnation.com/fshosaynomo reverbnation.com/fshosaynomo

  • for tha lamez

    OK. how can some of u say that u can't see how he's dissin mac miller? Number one, he's rappin over "The Bridge Is Over" beat, which, for u stupid fucks that don't kno about hip hop, is/was the first/greatest diss track of all-time (or at least top 3). Number two, his reference to "kids" refers back to Mac Miller always spittin about how he's "just a motherfuckin kid" and his KIDS mixtape he released a year ago. Number three, "Like, word, white boy, Whatever dude, forget it/ I hope you learned your lesson no one pays you no attention", "An yeah i'm passionate when it comes to this rap shit, so I can't stand when other rappers kick wack shit/ Like dat kid better off showin' cactus/ Go and run laps, homie, go on home and practice/ Ash don't be mad that you took a leave of absence/ And since your last track all these other kids have cashed in" and "He's sore, don't give a fuck about your weed boy/ Tell me how's it feel to be just another decoy" are ALL subliminal shots at Mac Miller. So shut the fuck up u dumb fuckin lames and come to grips with fucking reality. Cuz word to God, it's 215 til they fuckin lock the casket.

    • aye

      Yo what you all amped for?? Who cares about Asher Roth... Copywrite ripped his ass to shreds...

    • dmize-one

      well thanks for the information, kinda. instead of sittin on hiphop sites and forums all day how bout u go and read a book you ignorant fuck. "come to grips with fuckin reality" implies that the world revolves around hiphop. go jackoff to your hiphop collection and then grab a newspaper to get some cultural reference you hiphop pretentious fuckin idiot. @kyle actually your the ignorant fuck.. how are you impying dude sits on the net all day just because he pointed out that ash WAS dissin mac miller?? because he knew somethin about hip-hop you didnt he's an ignorant fuck?? smh.. also i know plenty about hip-hop and am very well cultured, although i am not a "pretentious fuckin idiot".. that would be you.. i usually dont get involved in these internet lil beefs but your ignorance was truly speacial.. you know they say those that talk down to others usually have self esteem issues... you need a hug bro???

    • kyle

      smh at all you ignorant fucks. see you at the car wash when i go to get my shit cleaned..can't stand all you fuckin retards.

    • weInThere

      @KYLE ayo eat a dick son what u mean "read a book"? hahah and your on this mutha fuckin site too u faggot so shut the hell up. and this dude never said NOTHIN bout hip hop is the center of the world or sum shit u tried to just throw in a nigga mouth like that. damn... muther fuckers sure gettin dumber on their hip-hop culture thats for DAMN sure. and its a shame to see man, im sorry to put it like that.

    • kyle

      well thanks for the information, kinda. instead of sittin on hiphop sites and forums all day how bout u go and read a book you ignorant fuck. "come to grips with fuckin reality" implies that the world revolves around hiphop. go jackoff to your hiphop collection and then grab a newspaper to get some cultural reference you hiphop pretentious fuckin idiot.

  • kyle

    sorry to sound like an idiot, but seriously if there is one person who visits this site who is not a douche bag (not holding my breath), could you please explain the mac miller diss to me? not everyone gets a boner off hiphop beefs so i dont know shit about em..i like this site tho and if someone could let me kno where the diss is thatd be great, thanks.

    • for tha lamez

      i wasn't goin at u son, so just chill. i aint even read ur comment before i posted my shit i was just explainin and no i never implied that the world revolves around hip hop and trust me homeboy i read pleanty of books in my life so i suggest u settle ur self cuz i aint even come at u like that. and why dont YOU get ur facts straight before u say some shit back to a nigga like that. cuz i wasnt disrespectin u personally cuz i didnt even read ur shit before i posted my comment.

  • philly in dis bitch


  • 2 - 1 - fifth

    aayyy ASH roth back on his shit! mac Miller take a seat my young son!

  • Jeffery Huricane Joseph


  • What ?

    when does he diss mac miller ?? lolol



  • two one fifth

    damn right. 215 til we drop baby. and its on. Yardley stand up.

  • iremember

    215 philly/morrisville ALL GODDAMN DAY. cuz thats how the FUCK we do it in the 19067. ash roth reppin and carryin the entire yardley borough rite now. keepin it real too so LAMES, get the fuck outta here u stupid no-nothings about real hip hop music. DIS 'THE BRIDGE IS OVER' FOR U STUPID "NEW BOYZ" OF DA RAP GAME HAHAHAHAH LOOK AT ALL THESE STUPID MUTHER FUCKERS YO!! HAHAH AYO THESE MUTHAFUCKERS ASKIN WHAT BEAT THIS IS AND SHIT FAM!! HAHAHA AYOO WE KEEP IT MOVIN THO!! 215 BABY!!

    • Philly 215

      If u look up morrisville in Google this is what it says real rap, Morrisville PA is a quaint little borough of approximately two square miles ... With one of the lowest crime rates in PA, you can feel safe in Morrisville. Hahaha I wouldn't be reppin that shit as philly

    • South Philly 215

      What the Fuck is a burough, south philly and north the real philly, but i hear ya reppin the 215, Asher nice he goes off on that young baw

  • Yayeezy

    Roth jus mad cuz he fell off... mac miller on that comin up shit now

  • tell em i said chiill

    yeah word up to da god Ash Roth for spittin some fire as usual. da nigga can spit, stop fuckinn hatin u fuckinn haters. MAC MILLER THO? HAHAHA DAT nigga GARBAGE BAGZ NIGGA!!HAHA

  • Yo! MTV RAPS

    i really doubt mac's gonna come back with somethin cuz, on the low, mac miller is some trash son. like some straight frebreze nahmsayin

  • D4MiteJustKillIt

    Yeah finally somebody went at Mac Miller's ugly ass. haha. and yes, 5 stars.

  • SomeUglySlut

    iight yeah Ash > Mac Miller ANY DAY of the fukkin week. Plus u dumb fucks dont realize he spittin this shit over the beat of one of the greatest diss tracks of all-time. DDUUMMMBBB fucks yo i swear. 5 stars.

  • hiphopfan27

    yall know this is a mac miller diss

  • Yardley 215 PA BITCH

    AYO ASH GOT THAT HARD ASS BONER NIGGA!!!!!! 5 starz on a dumb ass bitccchhh

  • swphillyp

    dope, is he coming at someone?

  • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

    DAMN! 5 starz

  • Ewart Pierre

    this is DOPE!!!!