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Lupe gets super lyrical on this new track. Where's Soulja Boy at?


  • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

    SLR -- This is barbarity

  • alain

    My goal is to sit on the top like north poles!

  • Darryl Groce

    Soulja Boy is no competition

  • Dylann17

    Lupe Lupe Lupe Lupe all day. 5 stars.

  • Kurt Desamparado

    Call it being Pretty Lyrically Swag Soulja call it Super Lupe Lyrical

  • Kurt Desamparado

    this song is the shit

  • 2dope

    "Failure" is one of Lupes hardest tracks.

  • knee10

    like a bottle of fine wine lupes getting better with time

  • ImAlooker

    1-Rakim 2-Nas 3-Lupe 4-MosDef 5-Black Thought 6-Masta Ace 7-Common 8-Talib Kweli 9-J Cole 10-Big Krit

  • L@ser

    Yo this track is still fire even after one month. And yo soulja, you might not wanna be "super lupe lyrical" but ya punk ass just put out the single worst excuse for a hiphop album ever made. Well compare that to L@sers and then youre uncultured hood rat-ass can talk.

  • Mr.NoBody

    Just what was on mind...Lupe better than all the other rappers combined

  • Rain

    can't get enough of this!!!!!!

  • Lakyle Jerrad Stubbs

    Damn!!! Lupe in a league of his own rite now. most under-rated rapper puttin out work

  • aDumb

    he's passed rap. he's on a mission to change the world for the better, you're the one allowing atlantic records to stifle his voice. everyone should be pushing for him because he's pulling for us

  • SixStar General

    I'm not a loser, I am a l@ser

  • DiBi

    1. Eminem 2. Lupe 3. Chamillionaire 4. B.O.B. 5. WALE 6. Jeezy 7. J. Cole 8. Big sean 9. wiz kahlifa 10. big krit

  • The LEGACY

    Black skies lookin up...crack pipes lookin down...accused of not lookin back...blind nigga look arrrrouuunnddd....that's hard! spoken by a true lyricist.

  • your favorite rappa

    Man... Lupe make a nigga take a hard listen... Make a nigga really think about what they are written, and why. The kid can write, and his imagination is way into the future, different hiphop dynamic.. Lupe Fiasco is one of the best hip-hop writers..

  • Anonymous

    super lupe rap lmaoo iight thas wussup yo r u tired of bullshit hiphop songs u cant relate to?? like bentleys private jets n bullshit? check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg lemme me know what yall think hip hop dx

  • johnnymarine

    i wouldent play this dudes music he let his time go shit aint hot

  • f944

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn FUCKIN LOVE mah dude

  • Anonymous

    got dammmmnnnn. 'a nightmare walking in a psycopaths nap.' oooweeee!!

  • OC

    "these ain't bars, this is barbarity"

  • Anonymous

    at first i was not feeling it but now i cant stop playing it its fucking crazy 5 stars

  • ALittleTooReal

    Lupe, we're going to need you to not put out an album for like...10 years. The rap game needs time to catch up, and you're running around putting shit like this out. At least give Soulja Boy time to make another six albums about shitty unrelated pop culture phrases that he arbitrarily throws into his chorus. Now I'm not saying Lupe shat all over Soulja Boy and everything he stands for without mentioning him more than once...but I am implying it.

  • DtEL

    if u dont like lupe i feel for u

  • Anonymous


  • Rodney Dalton Sr


  • Victor Hernandez

    Lupe came out hard on this track...very unexpected but hot nonetheless







  • Bekalu Woldemichael


  • Mark Gonzalez

    The beef is all the same, its just how they kill the cows Somebody tell Malcom X that Im tryna steal his style And tell Cornell West that Im tryna steal his froooo Go back in time, take the slaves plows, shovels, and the hooooes The masters get the “It Was Written” introooo SLR Ten fo, SLR Ten fo Soundtrakk let the beat go Soundtrakk let the beat roam

  • Mark Gonzalez

    This has to be the Best Rapper since Nas ... incredible!!!

  • Mark Gonzalez


  • magmatic

    lol the funny thing is the same people talking bout this a hard track soulja boy got raped will be the ones boot legging lupes and buying soulja boys

    • Anonymous

      I don't think so. I wouldn't listen to Soulja Boy's latest garbage if he paid me. It doesn't even have a hot beat to go with the nonsensical lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    solja boy just got raped

  • Ash sargent

    ladies and gentlemen will be the best track on the album....easily kanye got album of the year...eminem 3rd best rapper, behind biggie n big l, stil no were near top 5 albums of the year, fuk the album sales, friday night lightes (j. cole) killed recovery...

  • ptone814


  • Soulja Boy


  • LupeFiasco

    Hello I'm Lupe Fiasco and I suck dick

  • Anonymous

    i dont care for similarities i'm a pioneer not a parody this aint bars this is barbarity SLR clarity

  • VOR

    Wow, best song lyrically I've heard in a long time, come out with a album Lupe!!!


    sounds like lupe was choking on a giant dick while making this song. i think my asshole could rap better than this nigger.

    • ruggid terrain

      Don't take this dude seriously. He said "niggers"...thats er. He know this shit is hot. Most cats dont spit like this anymore. Its all "Dr. Seuss" raps. Its like Rap is Benjamin Button or some ish. Still, Lupe killed it. CHI-TOWN!!!

    • lol

      lol u cant be serious lupe would make u kill urself bra cmon now.

    • 313

      It's understandable that you'd be upset because you can't comprehend one line from Lupe. Vent my dude, its coo.

    • Mike

      dude suck a dick, Lupe could tear you in two with his lyrics alone.

  • Tyler Davis

    I've always been a Lupe fan, from the start. So, this is another one in my book that is enjoyable. The things he said, are not only relevant. But, everyone can relate...metaphors are always sick, have to understand from a different view.

  • Corey Weston

    Lupe is a Demi-god of Hip-Hop he is what peeps in another ten years will be callin a legend...

  • AlwaysRight

    Top Ten of the Year 1. Eminem 1. Kanye West 2. Big Boi 3. Lupe Fiasco 4. Raekwon 5. Drake 6. Rick Ross 7. Fat Joe 8. B.O.B. 9. Fabolous 10. Lloyd Banks

    • Dagreatjuan

      Lol @ drake lil Wayne n nikki u stupid fuck . Not enough quality for a top 10 Lupe j.Cole currensy kanye banks jay elec khalifa

    • Mark Gonzalez

      Eminem is number 1 of the year ... did u just ignore everything this dude said ... I am better then any rapper combined. Shitty list Holmes no offense ... Heres one 10x's better. Best of the Best this year Hands down. 1. Lupe 2. Kanye West 3. Rick Ross 4. Drake 5. Lil Wayne/ Kid Cudi 6. Nikki 7. J-Cole 8. Raekwon 9. Jay Electronica 10.Lloyd banks

    • seanjohn399

      yo you forgot big sean and j cole why fat joe

    • Anonymous

      @ jihnd redcorn Em is the MVP of the year, cry all you want about it wont change reality lol, hod did fat joe wind up on that list and not black thought from the roots, Roots album >>> Fat Joe's album

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you guys are fucking retards

    • john redcorn

      Why the hell is Eminem up there? He's been releasing mediocre tracks all year.

  • Brian Lamar Haywood

    dis song goes hard

  • NowEating

    "Stupid with the raps, but the rap's never stupid" I've listen to this track dozens of times... a day. It's that sick. Inspirational.

  • mcmastermind

    Flow is so nuts the track is getting teabagged... OVER!

  • bossa89

    who is Soulja Boy? Lupe responded with class, fantastic response, Soulja can't even spell lyrical "Flow so nuts...the track is getting teabagged" Enough said Lupe the Fiasco!

  • HDubs

    How can you not like this guy?

  • Truth B Told

    Did this nucka just say "I'll defeat yo purpose like a weed stash in the rehab and guess who's sneakin in the weed bags, ,that be me with my mean ass".....DAMMMMMM LUPE gotta b 1 of the best .....If u rockin wit d U must be smokin on that same spit that Soulja Boy was smokin.

  • John45/23

    Lyrically, best EVER!!

  • Will Keck

    download my mixtape for free right now!! !LLogical.... http://www.mediafire.com/?wevmu4q0lr4ttnu

  • livinintheD

    I dont follow what soulja boy does...did he diss lupe at some point?

    • Jahorse

      He made a comment that he didn't want to be all super lyrical like Lupe because you have to listen to it like ten times to get what he's saying.

  • Anonymous

    best alive period!! no pop shit like that whiny bitch eminem

  • Killalex

    This shit murdered the game, can't wait for March!

  • Will Keck

    download my mixtape !LLogical.... i am.. So !LLa http://www.mediafire.com/?wevmu4q0lr4ttnu

  • Cecil


  • crs

    wow...this dude is killin it on another level

  • Lawrence Undftd Bridgforth

    My dude Lu always kills it.. he just need the respect he deserves

  • John Penn Rodgers

    still God sent!

  • Andrew Vijande

    This shit just gave me goosebumps!!! Lupe is a MONSTER!

  • Its Sik

    Lol, he finally realised how good he is, "lyrics in mind i feel are better than every rap in the world combined" i think the line goes like that

  • trizev


  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    O wow! This is fire!!!

  • Las Vegas Website Design

    His flow is crazy!

  • Kingtruth Dopeboyz-Ent

    myspace.com/gcrecords4life youtube.com/truthless187 facebook.com/kingtruth23 checkout my music

  • Quintin Mason

    I am Chicago rapper Qdotcom check me out on youtube keyword Qdotcom...download my music if you like what you hear on Reverbnation.com

  • Robert

    Damn Lupe been putting out some bangers lately, first BMF then show goes on and now this crucial. Hope he keeps it up, he need to get the respect he deserves and song like this will do it.

  • ruggid terrain

    Nuff Love to the producer of the track. This is the Lupe I like. Lil Wayne has improved since the days of bling,bling as any rapper should, but i need the lyrical mastery....lines that my 16 yr old cant figure out. Mind stimuli.

  • ruggid terrain

    Sorry for the mis-spellings....I was kind of vexxed

  • ruggidterrain

    You sir, are an idiot. You have the brain capacity of a corn kernal. I'm not hating on the likes of gucci, soldier boy or a waka flocka. Im happy theirs getting money in this economy(although they'll be broke with no wealth what-so-ever for there kids). What irritates me is the stupid monkeys who thing you can even mention an emcee like Jay z or Eminem in the same sentence. Come on, dude, go read a book or something. Did you even graduate from high school? Im sick of nursery rhyme rappers!!!

  • DR Jam

    I need reconstruction surgery. "It's over. Boddy parts!" ouch.

  • dmurder7

    mushroom cloud. Lupe just destroyed everything within a 100 mile radius.

  • Hard

    dis shit go super hard, soulja boy u better pray 2 GOD he doesnt put out a diss track on you cuz u will not survive.

  • jhonnyboy

    Lupe is fukin sick fuck da haters they probaly solujaboys fuck buddies


    Lupe Fiasco is nothing but a mainstream bitch! Celph Titled, Apathy and the Great Vinnie Paz will eat this ugly nigga alive. Listen to real hip hop not this gay nerd pop crap.

  • Anonymous

    Andre 3000 still best rapper alive

  • Devante The-Intellectual Bennett

    still cool on like the20th time

  • Anonymous

    Reppin on some real shit... Soulja where you at...

  • Anonymous

    Winner over here...

  • HenRoc

    Lyrics are on point but I can't get into the beat, meh.

  • str8 nigger

    we all know lupe is stupid lyrical but when it comes to his albums he cant keep me listening he dosnt pick great beats but none the less he does his thing on this joint

  • Marlon Royal Reid


  • inyourmamabed

    Lupe just shown nigga's how it suppose to be done.

  • ZiZ

    This shit is f***in' FIRE!!! any1 who says other can can get hit by a F***in' train and that maggot superguccirap can suck his grandmothers ballz, Madd production by soundtrakk 4/5 Lupe all day! P.S I had to listen twice before I posted and this shit is WILD!!!

  • Realhiphopky

    Lupe Killed this, and he Showed why he is in a League of his Own. Soulja Boy and about 98% of the other rappers out don't have the Talent and knowledge to be on Lupe's Level, thats why he will go down as 1 of the Best Ever!

  • phill phly

    this is da sickest shit out i anit heard no shit like this and a minute all i can say on thhis is chi town stand the fuck up



  • naszir

    This nigga behaving like he's really homeless, hungry and about to die. this ish is well constructed, this ish is hip hop SLR on em'

    • RewMec

      That comment had me DYYYYYYIINGG!!!!!! HAHA!!! So true. And the thing about it ...it's not lyrically(even though I like them) obnoxious like a Slaughter house track. Well Done Super Lupe! And the nigga got swag.

  • Truth Movement

    "cause nigga i dont believe that...like 9/11 came from Iraq" Wow this dude is waking up the people with these lines in almost every track. If this went over your head do some research... "friend of the people, i fight evil"

  • SuperGucciRap

    yo this is wack.... lupe fiasco is a nobody loser who has no fans and can't sell. Listen to Gucci Mane, the realest nigga out there. IT'S GUCCI TIME. Fuck Flake, Gay-Z, Azz, Feminem, TI, Kangay Fish, Kid Cudi and Gay Cole. Also Vinnie Paz is cool too. Fuck Immortal Technique he sucks. Vinnie Paz=King Of Underground

    • DiBi

      wow my IQ droped reading your dumb ass comment... go kiss a train please

    • LJbigbang

      Wow y'all are stupid. Clearly this person has written a comment aimed to antagonise. Damn y'all get suckered in easily.

    • Myles 'Cyhi' Minott

      Okay, your saying GUCCI MANE is better than: LUPE FIASCO, Jay-Z, AZ, EMINEM!, T.I., Kanye West, KiD CuDi and J. COLE! you dumb boy, you need to learn lyrical talent! Listen To Lupe Fiasco: The Intrumental, Jay-Z: Never Change, AZ: Rather Unique, Eminem: Stan, T.I.: Slide Show, Kanye West: Jesus Walks, Power Remix, Roses, KiD CuDi: My World and J. Cole: The Last Strech. THEN COME BACK AND TELL ME THAT GUCCI MANE IS BETTER THAN ANY OF THEN, about Gucci Time, JHEEZE

    • Anonymous

      GUCCI MANE IS ONE OF THE WORST BITCHES IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW. WACKA FLACKA SUCKS TOO. SOULJA BOY and ALL THOSE dudes are dumb as hell. stop making music dude. anybody that likes that shit, has no hip hop iq at all. go listen to ur kidz bop cd u faggot

    • arryboi

      i would love to kill you, you fuck. why are you on this website, let alone commenting on songs, when you don't know shit about hip hop? i ent kanye's biggest fan, but kangay fish? "fuck immortal technique"?? sort it out man

    • Anonymous

      you a extra faggot

    • T

      @gucci If your older than 12 years old you should kill yourself for that dumbass statement. If your younger than 12, someone needs to smack some sense into you

    • Jwill313

      You're the dumbest asswipe ever

  • jimbo

    SUPER LUPE LYRICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOP 5 Allday

  • I know, I know

    REAL NIGGA. how many rappers you know that go against the grain? Defy the label, don't simplify or water their music down? Speak their mind? Not too many...



  • SutterKane

    Not even much of a Lupe fan but this was dope

  • dee

    soulja boy should retire now

  • Mario Slim-Branch


  • trizev

    No way 2 weeks ago i wouldve thought soulja boy would end up giving lupe his nickname. from here on out, he is super lupe fiasco. I havent bought an album in a LONG time, i will be buying lasers!

  • marley3k


  • youngjazzyjeff

    wow..lol the track was getting teabag for real..lol

  • mrgoldrapper

    Lupe is the truest MC no hammer far from a bama always dropping those jewels in your stockings like Santa. The rest stay thirsty got to drink a fanta. Cool world that's just a sample See Lupe so tight he makes wanna rap lol

  • Μιχαλι Hansell

    LAZERS!!!! FNF UP!!!! Friend of the People!!!

  • ???

    O ye tormented souls My goal is to sit on the globe like North Poles And thats the top mane, goin hammer like a glock can All flow and grammer, no shots strayin' Im so sober when I speak I call it catchin bullets with my teeth You can feel it in your chest Like Bruce Lee jumpin on your vest But I cant feel yours through my Superman "S" Yes, Im Superman'd out, Red cartiers look like Superman house Inshallah to my plan, hope it super pans out My life is like Italians doin 100 miles And the top open like the roofer ran outta tiles Walked right into Philips when I ran outta chows Next up is Crustacean and fast food Halals The beef is all the same, its just how they kill the cows Somebody tell Malcom X that Im tryna steal his style And tell Cornell West that Im tryna steal his froooo Go back in time, take the slaves plows, shovels, and the hooooes Their masters get the "It Was Written" introooo SLR Ten fo, SLR Ten fo Soundtrakk let the beat go Soundtrakk let the beat roam Chorus: In this world I'm so alone In the category all on my own Cuz I tell the world what I want to Yea, I tell the world what I want to Man I feel so alone They treat like me like an outcast Cuz I tell the world what I want to But you can tell me what you gon do Cause nigga I dont believe that Like 9-11 came from Iraq And Mayweather on the speedbag Automatic weapons keep the same rhythm he has Thats how the hood sound Grew up in the hood town West side ghetto, Windy City, Cook Count(y) Black skies lookin up, crack pipes lookin down Accused of not lookin back, blind nigga look around City on my back, so the CHI go errywhere Im at Presence so shiny, Mercedes so matte Cop that from platinum, the color of my plaque I memorize "Colors" off of Yo! MTV Raps A nightmare walkin in a psycopath's nap Defeat your purpose like a weed stash in the rehab Guess whos sneakin in the weed bags They be me with my mean ass Not tryna be anything but free as Flow is so nuts, the track is gettin teabagged Just wanna rap nice, that aint me tagged If you wanna be mean, then you wanna be me bad Call it being Pretty Lyrically Swag Soulja call it Super Lupe Lyrical You cant understand me nor mimic my miracles All I see is me and Im a mother lovin mirror full Bein dope is all in the muscle Its more than just a pause and a chuckle I bench press elephants, and bowlin ball juggle So dont be scared to take the Super Lu route Top 5 alive and I only got 2 out! School ya on your history, I tell ya what you bout Fight for all the right things and let the Huey New out Pharrell what these niggas talkin bout? 2 man Big Pun, a 1 man Slaughterhouse A 2 album Jay-Z, a 1 nigga Wu-Tang Young and hungry Mos Def, a conscious rappin Lil Wayne I dont care for similarities Cause Im a pioneer, not a parody These aint bars, this is barbarity SLR......Clarity Holy shock and awing cattle prods, All up in the action with a fraction of the catalog, of my peers, I aint doin NUMBers like Anbesol, but Im here, and Im revered, Lyric boy, Based King, Master Chef, All City Chess moves, Micky, Donnie, Diggy, CRS fool Carrera Era, pan Amera, F-tool, Emperor, Free Chilly nigga, FNF RULES!!! Ye, what these niggas talkin bout? A Jesus in the desert walkin Dundee walkabout A self imposed exile, learn to let the awesome out Even if I was homeless I would still have an awesome house Cause the world is mine, Lupe to the rescue, the world is fine Words and lines of mine, I feel are better than every rapper in the world combined!! And thats how you do it Errything flu, errything fluid Stupid with the raps, but the raps never stupid Trakk on the music, SLR roofless And the next whip is that Ferrari cart Game over, body parts **Credit goes to LupeEnd blog site**

  • Devante The-Intellectual Bennett

    Lu the dude

  • Deknowz

    ..........WELL GOOOOOOT DAMN!

  • C

    "2 man Big Pun, a 1 man Slaughterhouse A 2 album Jay-Z, a 1 nigga Wu-Tang Young and hungry Mos Def, a conscious rappin Lil Wayne I dont care for similarities Cause Im a pioneer, not a parody These are bars, this is barbarity" Goodness. He didn't have to do em like this.

  • T-Barz

    Super Lupe Raps...... In a nutshell.

  • pear

    he is without question top5 doa em big nas jada lupe

  • gasoline

    damn, dude had some lines u have to think about in this, i'd like to see the lyrics of this, tite...

  • Southside Chi

    DAMN that nigga went hard. Thats the Fiasco the game needs.

  • LanCow

    Lupe a beast i wanna hear him on a track with slaughterhouse or go bar for bar with fab i hope he joins good music like the rumors say so he can get some shine also fuck Atlantic Records for Blackballin Fiasco they just shitty the cool was exposing the evils of the game because how can someone sell over million copies and they last album and not get released for another his single Superstar was everywhere

    • Alex Thomas

      im sorry tocrush you dreams but lupes not guna join good music. lol he doesnt wat to be a solider in kanyes army when he has his own label but the track is lyrical crackk lasers

  • datruf

    FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK THIS IS THE NEW CRACK. Absolutely ridiculous. Lupe BLACKED OUT over this beat. God damn I'm feeling this. Why does March have to be SOOOOO FAR AWAY!

  • WhYESProduction

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  • bf

    i know lupe can rap but for some reason im not a HUGE fan of his. sometimes hes too spacey or some shit. idk. 3/5

  • the poet

    this is the perfect balance of lyrics, track, & mood.....this track sounds like a victory....i rewound this shit so many times

  • Devante The-Intellectual Bennett

    Yo he be killin this shit easy,,,

  • Dewane

    Damn LUPE! Slow down son ya KILLIN em! Wow

  • Jaquizz

    How does lupe make these lyrics? on fire

  • Yourallwhack

    On the subject of the best lyricist Lil Wayne can beat anyone. Listen to any one of his songs, and I mean listen to it, listen to his words and how they bind together. Lupe's been killing lately and always has been.

    • QUON

      Lil Wayne is simple words, corny punchlines and incoherent rambling, are you listening nigga??

    • dibi

      are you kidding me lil wayne is the best lyricist dont get me wrong no hate i like wayne alot but common dude you got him over lupe, nas, jigga, talib, eminem, chamillionaire, wale, i can keep going but ill stop wayne is good yes top 5 yes best no...

  • bkstylz

    Don't really like Lupe's style but I will give it to him on this one. Got me rewinding this shit.

  • Reggie Rather

    Lupe might be the rapper going right now. Its sad that so many people think the best is the one on the radio the most.

  • Roger Rabbit

    Lupe Fiasco never makes a bad song he's on fire right now each single he drops is dope can't wait for LASERS to come out 5 stars across the board

  • mr_cashman

    track was fire!!!!!! lupe went in on this one. keep coming with the hits LUPE.

  • kong4

    lupe makes sense with his raps that why this bs industry will try thier best to slow this him

  • John Penn Rodgers

    This song is a little too good...hmmm

  • Jimbob

    This shit is EPIC!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol @ all he lame comparisons. Why cant yall just support an artist without hating on others.

    • tofu

      word. every artists is talented in their own way, when people say that lupe is the best rapper that doesn't mean that it takes who ever you think is up 1st down to 2nd it just means that hes up there with the best.

  • youknowDA1

    Fiasco...Lyrical Superior I Need That 1 Luv!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is dope. as far as the eminem debate, he is ONE of the best ever, but Jay Z is THE best ever. He has the most versatility, he has three classics, all three with different concepts, reasonable doubt: gangsta, street, storytelling, Blueprint: Main stream, yet still raw. American Gangster: raw storytelling and one of the best concept albums ever. and oh Black Album where he goes in with a different flow on every track.

    • JoleWorld

      prolyfic actually said lupe did some writing on the black album..and since pro was speaking about lu in a negative way i doubt he was lying...so basically...youre reaffirming that lupe is the best...

    • Anonymous

      It all depends on subject matter too. Lupe can out rap Jay on a more new school- back packer level, but Jay is one of the most intellectual rappers that can also talk straight street shit. versatility. Lupe is a great story teller. I'm not trying to diss him. Top 5 All time 5.Rakim 4.LL Cool J 3.Eminem 2.Pac 1.Jay Z Top 5 today 5.Lloy Banks 4.J Cole 3.Lupe 2.Em 1.Kanye Jay isn't on this list because he doesn't have anything out right now, except some guest appearances with Knaye. But watch him jump everybody on Watch The Throne

    • iddle

      reasonable doubt was tight, bue print too, but american gangsta is NOT a classsic. He also cant out rap lupe. He definitely has more material though

  • c_lo19

    Lupe dominates again.

  • Zay870

    Lupe Fiasco vs Jay-z......Jay-z LOSE Lupe has him lyrically but just not as much recognition. Also, what the fuck was soulja girl thinking, he stands no chance!!!

    • ruggid terrain

      Jay-Z exc produced lupe's first album. Jay's a Beast and a businessman. You can't even compare. jay can spit, plus he owning b-ball teams and digging wells in Africa. Keep the comparisons to the likes of j cole, drake and soldier boy.

  • AxiomGates

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served courtesy of Lupe. His punchlines and ability to switch flows mid-verse is impeccable. Check out my street single: "Under My Sun" http://www.vimeo.com/16038297

  • Jayse Rosales

    Super Lupe Rap!!!!

  • ctolds

    Thank you Soulja Boy for inspiring the GOAT


    Lupe Fiasco vs Lil Wayne.....Wayne Lose Lupe Fiasco vs Drake......Drake Lose Lupe Fiasco vs J. Cole......undecided Lupe Fiasco vs Eminem..... Toss Up Lupe Fiasco vs Jay-z......LUPE LOSE Clearly he has some people covered and he needs more recognition in this game.

    • dibi

      lupe eats all of them except eminem i think it would go the distance but in the end em would get him

    • mr cashman

      i'd rather listen to LUPE than Jay-Z. lupe has more depth to his flow he actually spitting real shit thats why the industry gave him the run around. jay-z is leech / snake. his bars are cool but not a fan.

    • DoneGotIt

      Lupe would definitely destroy J. Cole I can see Em and Lupe going at it for a while, but Em still coming out at the top. As far as mainstream goes. Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled, Apathy, MindsOne, and Greydon Square would rip Lupe a new one.

    • Anonymous

      jay-z is the most overrated rapper in the game ever!!! anyway, lupe beats all of them but i think his biggest competition would indeed be eminem

    • spitic

      lup would eat j.cole also lupe should make songs with elzhi, phonte & royce

  • IsaiahReed

    Damn lupe dominated this track

  • TheMechanic

    Went in again. God damn

  • FreeTyoung

    Soulja boy,can you hear this...no,I guess it's too lyrical for you.

  • Rain

    I've heard this like ten times already, his lyrics make me smile every time I listen to it. Since I've been alive for 25 years I've haven't heard a rapper as good as Lupe. Please no one reply and say eminem is better CAUSE HE'S NOT!

    • Rain

      @jake: I hear you dude but I disagree, Eminem music no where near as good as Lupes, plus his chainsaw subject matter popping pills shit gets old. Lupe stays fresh, Plus I think food liquor is the best album ever and I heard a lot of great cd. My two choices were between illmatic and food liqour.

    • jake

      haha my bad, i get on tangents and can type like 60 words a min if not more. Sorry for the Novel

    • TellTheWorldWhatIWantTo

      @jake You talk a lot..

    • Jake

      Anymore on a consistent basis, completely agree (i turn 28 in Jan by the way so not some young dweeb who doesn't know his ish, but rather a TRUE hip hop head that has been listening to raw ish since 94 and obviously listened to classics before that also), but em's prime of 96/97-02/early 03 is DEF better than Lupe, and Lupe would prob admit that himself (he said on youtube concert "I'll battle anyone who wants it...ok well maybe not eminem, I'm not stupid."...Look it up) as he LOVED Em in his prime (as does/did J Cole, another more lyrical mc compared 2 most of the garbage on radio in 2010, who should be on the radio sooner than later) I agree Em post his addiction (nearly overdosed and killed himself TWICE and best friend of 20 yrs was murdered in early 06 not to mention 2 divorces to HS sweetheart during that time) is not NEARLY as good as his lyrical UNREAL prime, but every dope mc ever agrees SLIM IN HIS PRIME IS ONE OF THE GOATS. Google ish if you don't believe me. Rakim ("If em were black we'd be calling him the ali of this shit."), Kool G Rap (In an 03 interview they did a word association game w/ him and when they said Eminem, he said, "Phenomenal", Common ("Eminem is the essence of an MC. He can get on any subject matter and rock it, and ... he's coming from his heart. He can get onstage and have a presence. His patterns are real good: He can flow like an instrument. He rides them beats right and says clever stuff. MCing, to me, is when you hear a dude say something and you tell your homie, 'You heard what he said?' Eminem has that 'Oooh, you heard what he said?' That's somebody you gotta step up with your game before [challenging]. He's an MC by heart. You know it. He's eating it, breathing it."), Nas/Jay-z/jada all have him in their personal top 5-10 of ALL TIME (and i don't even really like jay post 03), Pharoahe Monch/Redman (who both ALMOST signed to Shady Records, but they weren't allowed to leave and things fell through in the last 2-3 years) have both said he's one of the illest ever, Masta Ace/Mos Def/Black Thought/Diabolic/Crooked I/Royce/Budden/Ortiz/Ill Bill/Louis Logic/ELZHI/One Be Lo/Copywrite/Percee-P/Juice/Apathy/Reef the Lost Cauze/Bekay/Lowkey/Rhyme Asylum to name a few dope underground mcs have also been quoted as saying Em is "ONE OF THE ILLEST LYRICISTS EVER." (now being underground alot of the them preface his 96-02 prime understandably especially outspoken SUPER DOPE dudes like Diabolic). Diabolic said "When Em came out and I first heard him in the late 90's I was like OMG, this dude is one of the dopest dudes I've ever heard in my life. I didn't even know you could rhyme like that. Wake Up Show Freestyler of the year in 97, 2nd in rap olympics to another underground legend (Juice) in a triple overtime classic, underground buzz/features, SSEP, Rawkus joint, First 3 records all dope and first one is one of the best ever, 8 mile. I can't say I like where he's taken it since 04 at all, but Em is super talented and in his prime mos def one of the illest ever." All these super duper dope emcees and/or legends are wrong/lying? Come on now ppl. I agree Em has FALLEN OFF compared to that 7 year prime (although he proves on THE WARNING, STAY WIDE AWAKE, DEJA VU, BET CYPHER, WESTWOOD 09/10 FREESTYLES, FOREVER verse, Aiplanes II verse (rhyming was only decent at best, but storytelling and flow/tone sounded like him in 02) GOING THROUGH CHANGES, No love verse minus a few corny lines, Almost Famous, DISPICABLE FREESTYLE, Music Box, ON FIRE, My Darling/Be Careful What you wish that he still has IT in him in terms of flow/sick lyrics/rhyme schemes/tone). He admitted himself that "I had to learn to rap/write/flow/perform again. And even though I def was drugged out in the encore era, I still would always do weed/alchohol/X/zanex in more moderation from 98-02 which made me more zany/witty. Being completely sober is a huge adjustment on so many levels, in social situations and as an mc." So of course he's fallen off, but anyone who grew up as a teenager in the late 90's (I was 16 when SSLP dropped and Soundbombing II classic compilation from Rawkus Records w/ em, mos, common, kweli, ra the rugged man, etc) that is a legit hip hop head KNOWS that Em in his prime is ONE OF the GOATs

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Both Vast Aire and especially Vordul Mega you cunt

  • Jaszysaur

    This nigg is the MOST lyrical rapper in the WORLD

  • jake

    By the way THIS track is fire minus a COUPLE lazy bars (lyrical miracle? canibus in particular and basically every lyrical mc has ran that rhyme into the ground i swear, granted lupe does somewhat save it by following it was mirrorful :) ). This is def the hottest track i've heard from him in awhile, but again PERSPECTIVE PPL. Have you Heard KNO's classic new album Death is Silent, Diabolics/Celph Titled and Buckwild/Vinnie Paz solo debut/Blaccastan/Roots/Reflection Eternal/AOTP/Roc Marciano/Mood Muzik 4/Slaughterhouse album summer of 09, Apathy Wanna Snuggle, etc. There are TON of other dope mcs out there (lupe is one of them don't get me wrong, it's just he's one of the only ones getting shine)

  • jake

    Lupe is solid/nice, sometimes great, but ppl MOS DEF overrate him..."Best lyricist ever"? Are you kidding me? There's no way hip hop heads who listen to A TON of super dope dudes underground ish and old 86-03 ish can say HE'S THE BEST LYRICIST alive if not ever. He's not better than dudes today like ELZHI, CROOKED I (rest of slaughterhouse is pretty dope also), DIABOLIC (Liar and a Thief is best LYRICAL album of 2010), ONE BE LO (underground Nas), LOUIS LOGIC (Reminds me of Em in his prime and has UNREAL rhyme schemes, great sense of humor), Possessed (from Rhyme Asylum), Percee-P (killing the underground w/ unreal flow/multis for 20+ yrs), Juice out of Chi (underground legend) to name a few...And he's DEF not on NAS'S A+ ish (Lupe's top 25 tracks can't touch Nas's), EM'S A+ ish (96/97-02/03 and even Lupe says/admits this at one of his recent concerts on youtube, kinda surprised he didn't mention Em in his prime in that rhyme), KOOL G RAP (legend for LITERALLY 25 years and still killin features...Who else has killed features in FOUR DECADES as consistently as KGR?!?! NO ONE, not to mention this dude along w/ rakim invented rhyming a TON of multis throughout a verse basically), PUN (capital punishment SHITS on lupe's albums in my opinion), BIG L (best puncline mc ever, raw as f voice, would of blown up if not murdered in 99 @ 25), BLACK THOUGHT (underrated STILL, amazing live, tons of dope verses/albums), COMMON's A+ ish (imo he and Juice are the 2 dopest dudes ever from the Chi...Vakil and Lupe are nice also), PHAROAHE MONCH (legendary lyricist all the way back to 1990 w/ Organized Konfusion w/ top 5-10 flow of all time), Kweli, Mos (black on both sides is better than lupe's albums IMO), BIG, Pac, Jada, Redman (IN HIS PRIME), Gza (in prime), Jay-z (96-03)......... I mean come on now ppl, let's keep things in perspective a little bit. YES in a SEVERELY WATERED DOWN hip hop scene post 2002/03 (in terms of what makes it mainstream b-c underground always has fire, but raw ish hasn't made it onto the radio since 02/03 for the most part & mainstream was only dope 86-03 in that 85-15 dope to wack ratio as opposed to the last 7 yrs where it's the exact opposite if not 95-5 wack ish to dope ish on radio), Lupe stands out as the best/freshest NEW mc that made it on to a kanye album, did a track w/ Jay, had a couple songs on the radio. BUT FOR GOD SAKES LOOK AT HIS COMPETITION ON THE RADIO from 2004-2010 (in terms of new mcs) and of course he's the best of THAT BUNCH. But a ton of underground dudes would murder young money/kanye as an MC/jeezy/ross/gucci/wacka/soulja boy and the like also. Lupe is nice, but PLEASE stop w/ the hyperbole

    • jake

      KRS-One No doubt is a legend (THE TEACHER) and along w/ Black Thought/Busta/Em back in 99-2002 as now he's only avg being sober as I saw him in detroit in 2001 and Yankee Stadium in 2010 and it's night and day, he's prob the best live performer ever in terms of raw energy and igniting the crowd, but KGR to me is TECHNICALLY a better/doper lyricist (in terms of multis/flow) but it's very close and KRS is def deeper/better live. All time I don't have a problem w/ either being placed above the other, but in terms of LONGEVITY and new features, KGR takes the cake. Who has KGR not done a track w/? Reflection Eternal Train of Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Em, Tech 9, Chino XL, Rza, Xzibit, KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Nas, Big L, Pun, Saigon, Diabolic (itunes bonus), MF Grimm, Papoose, Ice Cube, Scarface, Freddie Fox, Shan, Fat Joe/Terror Squad, MOP, etc Also while dope mcs list KRS-one a ton also, KGR is almost ALWAYS in every SUPER DUPER DOPE mc's top 5 and mentioned as someone they looked up to growing up. He basically birthed jay-z, nas (along w/ rakim), mobb deep, raekwon, biggie, etc. Again dumb argument, both are legends

    • CAPT09

      stopped reading after "He's not better than dudes today like ELZHI, CROOKED I"

    • EddieMurrrphy

      no knocks to KGR he never dropped a bad album, even in the late nineties! but KRS been holdin it down longer

  • Anonymous

    wow a lot of hatin ass niggas hatin on niggas who ain't hatin on lupe, they hatin on lupe at the same time too, shut the fuck up, ya'll like a bunch of fags, tryna force yo upid ass opinion on us who praise this dude, you dumb bastards mad at us through the computer screen...wow...how..."impressive"

  • Timothy Adms

    Oweee. Mr. Fiasco is back. Complex verses, dope flow. FNF UP!!!!!!

  • dillaDOOM

    its good to have mr lupe back and lyrics takign centre stage, im nota hip hop snob lookin at the mainstream as evil buti certainly admirea rapper i think is clever and hasa point rather than getin me to dance and even then i dont listen to thoose rappers but the beats other ppl made for them seem to be cool, that sums it up

  • Devante The-Intellectual Bennett

    Speakers Going Hammer.... Super Duper Swaggin on Them Bois.... Nah seriously.... Lu wrecked this shit...

  • Z3K3

    For those who dont now what Soulja Boy has to do with it ; in a XXL interview he said hes gonna step up his lyrics game on his next album but then said “I don’t want to be super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical and niggas don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about,”. Lupe Fiasco took offence and here we go . 5* beastness.

  • Anonymous

    IDGAF what anybody says. This nigga is clearly one of, if not THE best to ever do it on the lyrical level. second to none.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    we'll see how his new album does you faggots. "a one man wu-tang" and all that shit was a bit over the top to me. fuck slaughterhouse. i'll buy that shit. i'll give him another chance. i'm not tryin to be a hater but damn, dude is not that good. his sales will reflect that. for those that say sales dont mean shit i agree, cause i buy plenty of shit tht doesnt chart. but this dude up talkin about havin a platinum plaque. which he obviously wants, and with neptunes production, he shld be in the market to get. so fuck him his album will flop. not even 250k for this asshole. i will buy like i did both times before to see whats what about him and maybe hopefully change my opinion, i'm not against being reinspired by an emcee. but to those of you who dont buy, i consider you you the real haters, no matter how much you download and dickride the dude

  • EddieMurrrphy

    'where's soulja boy at?' what a bunch of dickriders. fuck dx. i'm no soulja boy supporter but lupe average as fuck. it seems everybody swingin off his nuttz tho. fuck that piece of doodoo. i bought both of his big album releases and yawned my way to the end of them. don't get me wrong i love enlightening real hip hop. political shit like immortal tech., sabac red, all them underground type cats, and that spirit and mind uplifting music, sunz of man, krs-one all that shit. but this lupe guy just average as fuck. he okay a few tracks i can listen to like intruder alert i guess and a few others. but overall fuck this guy, if he your mecca, you ignorant celph titled and buckwild album of the year. fuck do y'all know about equilibrium and demigodz.

    • Sad

      One day you will understand his lyrics and feel the complete opposite of this post. It's ok, your just not ready for the level of lyrics lupe drops.

  • JCeaser

    forgot to rate - 5 all day

  • laserz

    What do soulja have to say now.

  • hiphop saved my life

    Fnf up^

  • shad

    shad and Lupe for top lyricist in the game

  • lupe king of hiphop

    say what you want

  • Lupe

    March 8, 2011 can't come soon enough

  • lupe fan

    Now this is what you call a banger

  • lupe fan

    Yeah lupe, don't dumb it down for these clowns.

  • hiphop

    this is what I call g.o.o.d music


    Is Lupe, in another dimension or what?

  • john tembo

    Sheiiiiittttt!!!!! Bodied!! perfect 5

  • Lupe my man

    Lupe is the real sheit!

  • Realness7

    The greatest rapper right now, will go down as top 5 maybe top 3 ever. In this industry with all the bullshit, to see another rapper of this quality after most of the greats have past is a blessing.

  • Mel Hernandez

    dog song is old but yea lupe is raw in this song though hes hella lyrical

  • beemichels

    Nice song but a little overrated

  • the truth hurts

    hands down the best track out this year fuck whack music lupe is the man

  • Alex J Lewis

    lupe def in a league of his own haha soulja boy u never will beable todo a track this hot

  • 2dope

    ahh. i still can't get over this. i feel like he is the jay-z, nas, and pac all combined in one. he has the swag of jay-z in his own way, obviously the poetic and intelligence of nas, and covers the controversal stories of the hood like pac.

  • Alex Purple Smith


  • SuperGreatness

    Better Than every other rapper combined!!

  • cac


  • alex

    110 people have voted. 5 is the most popular ranking. 100 people gave it a perfect five. Make that 101 perfect fives!

  • Abe

    WOW!!! Lupe vs soulja boy. Lupe via lyrical destruction. I want to be there when soulja boy's ignorant ass hears this. His head is going to explode like in that Chappelle's skit. Lupe vs rap industry. Lupe wins easily. Dude is on another level. Its not even fair.

  • Dab

    "Bein dope is all in the muscle Its more than just a pause and chuckles" Is that a shot at Wayne?

  • John Tembo

    Man this ish is on replay fiiiireee!!!!!! Got that lemon face on right now this is too dope FnF up!!

  • The Wigger Hater

    SHUTTAMAN is another dick rider,that got too inspired, Drizzy said open youre mouth "so he fired". Call it a young money shot, wait Aubrey I think you missed a spot.

  • David

    What up yall, this D Rado, a rap artist from Fresno, CA, check out my music @ listn.to/drado, post a comment and let me know what you think, thanks. Or go to www.myspace.com/drado7

  • The Wigger Hater

    This shit is dope!

  • dashitfoo

    one man slaughterhouse one nigga wu tang clan says it all...be dope to see lupe do a track with sl tho be dope as fuck

  • Freezia Baby

    why lupe why ..............

  • Drizzy the lame

    "Holy Shock and Awe, Cattle prods All up in the action with a fraction of the catalog, of my peers. I ain't doing numbers like Amazon but I'm here, and I'm revered" says it all..............................

  • JCeaser

    good god...this is so fucking fire. I wish every one of his songs was like this...no more "superstar" just s.l.r. can't wait for the album...someday

  • Ariel Da Mp

    "Game over... Body Parts" Wow. Just. Wow. Amazing...

  • lvr mrls

    yup yup yupo yuppy yupies

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  • lonetar playa

    yall candy rappers are CLEARLY in danger.......yall are fadin away!!!! real mcs iz finna git the spotlight back i can see it! Lupe please keep dis up mayne u definitely in my top 5 of today's mcs and datz b4 u dropped dis trak. n to b clear dis iz not a diss record ppl lol. jus a real record from a real mc to show n prove to any so called hip hop fan dat he iz (in fact) one of the best out of the new generation of mcs or rappers. 5 out of 5 godammit

  • hahaha

    "wheres soulja boy at?" even hiphopdx hates the fag! LUPE THE ILLEST

    • lonestar playa

      lmao! ay i co-sign dat brotha! dat candy rap iz finna b outta here! im from the south and im tired of these nursery rhyme niggaz down here. southern mcs like Big K.R.I.T., Chyi Da Prince, B.O.B., Pill and others datz on dat real shit finna take ova!


    My nigga imusing my iphone 4 rite now. I know u a brkw nigga wit a beeper like lupe so stop doinv yq gramticql whore ya dumb bitxc Drizzyyy


      YOU BITCH ass nigga this aint school you 2 piece non rice kripsie getting ass bitch ass nyugga. nigga i dont do them shit you talk bouit ask big meech ole puzzy ass cracka. i slape the shit outta you bitch and fuck yo bitch. kidnap yo kid, r-kelly have my way wit her face drizzzy

    • You're a fucking idiot

      He's watching Degrassi as we speak, jackin' it to Drake in his wheelchair. Game has been random at best since The Documentary. The only thing Game does better than anyone these days is name drop. See, you're kind of like Soulja Boy; Everyone else is schooling your ass with reason, just like Lupe is doing to him, and they can actually make sense of words. You, on the other hand, can't spell more than half a sentence right. 'I know u a brkw nigga wit a beeper like lupe so stop doinv yq gramticql whore ya dumb bitxc' HOW IN THE FUCK CAN'T YOU TYPE A SENTENCE WITH A GODDAMN IPHONE KEYBOARD? 6'1" and 185 pounds? UH OH




      Tough? Nigga im tuff anywhere everywhere ya bitch ass nigga im 6.1, 185lbs and i knocout any nigga just like that cuz i got that POWER YA BITCH ASS NIGGAS drizzay da truth yall hating. Nas> Futre past and present of hip hop. lupe should even be on a list with the nigga that survived it all. drizzyyy

    • Tif

      If drizzy can come up with lines about ladies like, "But now back to the punchin Back to floor/flow like crunchin Got a 6 pack on the low now I'm sunk in Look like I'm driving from the back seat With a bird shotgun like I'm huntin You see what happened I made a call, and she got fly I was pumping, hit her up Then I sent my dog to go and pick her up Camouflaged fitted cut to the left velours, how I did it up And to the whole Westside, I tip it up And over to the single baby momma wit no job that gotta WIC it up To all my niggas in the CCDOC waiting on they quick collect to come So they can live it up And to my niggas that liquor they livers up and distribute cut in the belly sit it up." Then I would probally respect Drake as maybe a lyricist or even a rapper. But since he's not clever enough to put together rymes like that, he shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as lupe in rap, a forum, a comment, or whatever.

    • kingtrue

      You're tough over the internet stutter, and learn to spell. you're retarded


      Ya bitch ass spent all ya social Aid mojwy on dat shit broke fagggit I got an iphone full price wit a laptop i cant use rite now ya dmb. Bitch ass nigga i smack da shit outta yo fuk go bitchon ya couch record it with my iphone livd nigga on ustream n put you on youtube BITCHHH DRIZZZYYYY

    • HAHA

      whats your point? my laptop cost $1200. you know nothing about me and call me broke, while I just asked you a simple question. stop being so sensitive


      Maybe im in aplace wwerei can use my laptop ya fag? Git this phone fo 800+$ unlocked no contract ya hoe ass broke nigga DRIZZY

    • HAHA

      I think a laptop cost more than a phone and I am pretty sure the iphone has a full keyboard so you should be able to spell words instead of just putting random letters together


    Ole yung hoe ass niggaz dont put jay+nas=lupe Jay z would weaken Nas so shit dont fly hoe ass niccas! NAS DONT NEED NO ONE HE >past present n future of hip hop DONT U EVER PULL DAT SHIT FAGGOT ASS NICCA N GAME WOULD FUK LUPE UP EASY DRIzzy a young nigga he will BE BETTER DEN HIM HOE ASS NICCAS Nas getting old but he is unbeatabld in a come he would ether hip hop Yehhhh eyhhhhhhh



  • Everett

    This might be lupes best track yet can't wait for the cd to drop soon

  • Mozay

    This guy...Over the top.

  • ilexx

    In all honesty.... Lupe is the sickest lyricist in the game at this point. Yes Nas is still alive and Eminem is murdering niggaz on tracks with ease BUT Lupe could be on a track wid any of the best lyricists right now and NONE of them can make him look bad.... He can hang wid the best when they come with their best verses. Thats the truth and nobody can deny that.. dude has the bars, punch lines and just the illest shit to say.

    • TdotIsMoreThanJustDrake

      Co-sign....I see a lot of comments on here supporting this dude....for those who feel this way...GO BUY THE ALBUM WHEN IT COMES OUT! A lot of us say stuff online, but don't support the hip hop that deserves our money

  • DaspitX

    Made a 6:00 lesson......

  • Japrophet

    Lupe is coming real direct on this track...and I love that shit! Still lyrical as shit but swaggin with some type of Sinatra bravado. Now the question is..who is fuckin with Lupe on this track lyrically? Seriously? It's ok. I'll wait...

  • marcel

    shuttaman shut up, drakes trash, hes on young money domshat

  • dabusiness

    @ Shuttaman & co.: some important knowledge: lupe and drake are not in the same league of talent, they are marketed to different people, and they occupy different areas of music. Drake is a PURELY entertainment rapper. He kicks zero knowledge, and his lyrical talent is even lesser than lil wayne. He is limited to producing club-oriented music intended to ENTERTAIN and nothing else. (and yeah, he happens to be pretty good at appealing to the masses) Lupe on the other hand is in himself an ode to the roots of hip hop. He is a hip-hop ARTIST. His raps (to quote another of the finest chicago emcees) do laps around the likes of drake and lil wayne in terms of depth, meaning, and relevance. Judging by the fact you seem to be a fan of nas (one of the best lyricists in hip hop) I'm assuming you'll understand my point. Drake is merely an entertainer. He has little hip-hop value. Lupe is easily one of the most incredible artists to ever lay down a verse, while drake has no message, no lyrical clout, no place in hip hop history. His place is in entertainment, not hip hop. The line between the two is clear. 5/5 for chi-towns best lyricist.

    • lonestar_playa

      dere's a brotha datz REALLY listenin to hip hop! i co-signed every word u said brotha! see wut these new niggaz don't have in dis rap game iz history. u can't talk about these guys years later! wut kinda impact are these new rappers iz makin right now besides catchy songs? like lupe said......u gotta do more den a pause n a chuckle! hahahahahaha

  • WHAT?!?!

    "Flow is so nuts, the track is getting t-bagged" "Defeat yo purpose, like a weed stash in a rehab, and guess whos sneakin in the weed bags?" "Game Over... BODY PARTS." lupe got bars from beyond and infinity

  • JoleWorld

    Lupe killed it...this track is crazy...

  • Gabe

    Does anyone think Soulja Boy might go back at Lupe?

  • Rashad Hodge

    Lupe Got A Diss Track !?! LMAO !!! Get Em !!!

  • Fan

    In a perfect world he would be selling millions of records, but we dont! Hoping everyone who claims to like hip hop supports this

  • Tif

    Jay-z+Nas = Lupe Lupe> Game,Souljah and probally anyone in the rap game thats considered mainstream.

  • Edward Spenser Young III

    Instant classic . . tell em Ed Young said it


    Nas>lupe and hip hop Drizzy drake>Lupe, souljah boi Game>Lupe+ new york cept nas

  • G Motown

    HERE WE FUCKIN GO! hmmm FINALLY got the shit together. Dumb asses


    Drizzy way better homie. Drizzy got out of rapin/acting school,Degrassi Drake got bars for days, penintatiory Drake uses da blackberry he dont need a pen, lupe fiasco Drake Raps for da bitches and still gets respect in da hood, 2pac DRIZZYY DRAKE HUH

    • Kevin Eaton

      im not just being one of those self titled hip hop purists when i say DAAAAAMNNNNNN YOURE LOST

    • b1tch

      you sound like one of da bitch cock sucker that Drake raps for

    • G

      I don't see how you can like Drake better than Lupe, yet listen to Nas more than both. Drake doesn't deserve to be mentioned among those 2. "still gets respect in da hood" "plays a role on a Canadian soap opera" LMAO Drake is making just about everybody sick with this R&B BS so, I think he's losing any respect that he had. I listened to his first mixtape, which was considered his best, and had mixed feelings. You're entitled to your opinion.........and the same goes with me. Drake is trash to me.

    • guest

      p.s. I think Lupe is close to topping Nas, if he hasn't all ready with the heat he been putting out lately.

    • guest

      Etheir your not listening to lupe's lyrics or your just in denial. I don't know how anyone could put drake over lupe music wise.

    • Anonymous

      You can't spell for shit, you have horrible taste in music, and you think it's an accomplishment that your favorite rapper plays a role on a Canadian soap opera. Just give it up, kid.


      Ay nigga i know more hip hop then you. Lupe cool but Drake just better ya dig. smh gosh bitch ass nigga stop hating. Drizzy a young lil nigga he gots way to go Lupe older then him. like my nigga pac said "To all you old rappers trying to advance, its over now take it like a man" and one day lupe finna have to take it like a man wayyy before drake. so fuck u, yo momma, and that bs chair you sitting on. and its not like im puttin drizzy on top of the rap game or in any top ten like yall fags doing out here putting lupe in like dat. and Nas>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> both them niggaz combined or alone he dont even need to write a full 16 fr them.

    • Chubby

      Shut the fuck up u main stream fuck. u couldn't understand rap if hit u in da head lupe is better than Young money combined. Please knw hip hop before u say stupid shit.

  • Evan Hutchinson

    FUCK Lupe! This is tha shit!

  • Chubby

    God DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN WTf Did Soulja Boy just ended by ! song its over please put this on LASERS. Lupe just killed this song. This was better than Ether srry its true. Nas couldn't do this one.

  • David

    What up yall, is this D Rado, a rap artist from Fresno, CA, check out my music @ listn.to/drado, post a comment and let me know what you think, thanks. Or go to myspace.com/drado7

  • guest

    soulja and the whole rap mainstream just got ethered, and this wasn't really even a diss track. wow!

  • Anonymous

    Overfucknkill why Lupe this nigga soulja boi IS WACK AS FUCK oh well fuck em lol

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Isaiah

    unbelievably great, simple and plain

  • NRG

    Their masters get It Was Written Introooo.

  • Anonymous

    If you don't think this is fire then your mom and dad must be related.

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Ckel

    Lupe just topped Soulja Boy's career with one track


    lupe defo top 5 n fukk soulja boy, people with an intellect can understand his rhymes that bitch ass. Lupe will still be at the top in years to come and soulja already washed up!


    Lupe just Superman that ho

  • HAHA

    someone tell Malcom X im tryin to steal his style!