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  • abdool

    When Eminem does a verse in your song, its no longer your song #justsaying

  • j.RiZZy

    this should be number 1 of the past year, it should be based on rating and play count. em kills this shit.

  • ryandinho

    B.o.B is aiight. Dont really like the hook or the beat but ehh. RatherUniqueFLA.blogspot.com -Vintage NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL Snapbacks -Vintage Levis 501's Look For us on Facebook!

  • gayassshit

    This is some playde out ass nigga shit.

  • lancelot

    this is a great song. yeah eminem!!!

  • CJF

    Man WTF is a paramore. Shouldve put someone else on the hook instead of this stupid emo bitch. Makes me sick everytime i hear it. That bitch prolly is a closet racist anyway just look at a pic of her

  • Anonymous

    The radio version of this song is a much better mix. Eminem is on top of his game here. He is back on top of the rap world. I wish they would release a new video for this song featuring B.o.B., Eminem and Hayley Williams. My next wish is to see 'Airplanes' performed at the VMA Music Award with B.O.B., Eminem & Hayley Williams. That would be awesome. Thanks for for all that you are Eminem for keeping it real. Not afraid of telling like it is.

  • katetodaee

    now this makes me really appreciate rap now. Especially with Eminem back and an awesome rock girl Hayley Williams!!!!

  • Halcomb

    The Bush Remix: Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies are like shooting stars, we could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies were like shooting stars. We could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Jaded, oh yeah. Yeah, Yeah. Let's pretend like it's 2008, kid's dying like its been set in date. Trying to be the next hero, comin' - comin' out today. Let's pretend like your there for birth, when the kid dropped they went insane. Ok, when they writ his name and everywhere they go, they want him brang. You want a new war? I hear we can do 500,000, Nukes in the spring; I hear there're diamonds in the fallout and in the UN we'd get the call out. Lets pretend they'd call us the greatest, just because all of you hate us, and no one loved us, we're the hated, no need for imagination. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies are like shooting stars, we could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies were like shooting stars. We could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Ok, lets pretend this never happened, like I never had dreams of being a captain, like I never went to Iraq, like we never dreamt of coming back. Now lets pretend it was all good, like we never dreamed of taking Kirkuk and the losses I know we never should and the tears that I never thought I would. Now lets pretend they don't have a name, like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aka tyranny. I'm talking before the war, before his fixed voting, before the missreprented majority, before America lost face, and the military felt disgrace; back then we just relied on CAS planes. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies are like shooting stars, we could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies were like shooting stars. We could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Lets pretend Bush never picked up that pen, lets pretend that the intellegence world wasn't hell-bent, pretend he procrastinated had no motivation, pretend he just made excuses that were so paper thin. He made it go away on CNN, Bush you're gonna make it but the alarm went off and we can pretend; slept through his plane ride to the UN. Pretend he played outside all day with his friends, pretend he had friend to say was his friend and that it wasn't time to dodge bird shot with Cheney again. He did cocaine but he didn't touch crack, his mother wasn't crazy but his dad wanted Iraq. Saddam said f*ck you to dad but never thought the kid would come back. f*ck Baghdad b*tch, two times in Fallajah we'll drop it to it's knees quick, you need your cranium checked if you think we're not leading with our head, Dick. He's gunna have a hard time explaining to Barbra and Jenna food stamps and WIC 'cause those b*tches are dump and not marrying sh*t quick. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies are like shooting stars, we could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now. Can we pretend that the RPGs in the night skies were like shooting stars. We could really use a wish right now, wish right now; wish right now.

  • Harry_Garry

    None of you know what music is this song is good yes but Eminem is good though most of his songs are the same so do some research on all of your artists and on rap.Dr.Dre, B.I.G and Tupac are better than all of the people you tards have listed.For this matter go listen to the people who started rap fuck all of this new age shit you know who's better than all of these people?I want all of you to guess.Theres e-z E,Biggie smalls,Dr.Dre,Tupac,Fuck even bone thugs n harmony are better than basically anybody you can list.Yes some of these are the same but it was done intentionally.

  • Just P

    This is one of the hottest records out this year eminem vers was hard and true to hart Proof you are truely missed. P www.blowonellc.com

  • RaZorKat

    such a melodic choon ! -:]

  • courrtney

    this song's amazing. i

  • eminem_best_rapper_alive


  • Paramore!

    GO HALEY!!!!! XD

  • c-arson

    c arson will dog pound all u niggas

  • c-arson

    c arson will dog pound all u niggas

  • c-arson

    you should be dead right now best track ever fuk em fuk dre fuk 50

  • c-arson

    you should be dead right now best track ever fuk em fuk dre fuk 50

  • grimes king

    this is my favorite song by far... eminem is fckin sick in this song

  • sean fowle

    my man b.o.b fckin kills it on this song hes gettin mad good! eminem is gettin back on his game too the song wit b.o.b ft t.i. is fckin sickk! its called not lost

  • Katrina


  • musik

    eminem u where on top but lil by lil u fadin u still my boi, ur underground some of ur last albums i will remain imortal in my ipod b.o.b rapper to watch

  • lil miss stinkpuss

    she aint stank like mine stank ;)

  • listenthajoker

    this is a great song b.o.b is gettin up there but his freestyles are the shit



  • B Johnson


  • is it really?

    The only way u can really compare rapers and put em on a list is by probably sales or money theyv made. the reason why they are dope is certain things they bring to the game. eminem aint got shit on wayne with some things and wayne aint got shit on eminem in other ways.. feel me? express your opinions but dont be hatin. this is hip hop wich is filled with diversity and evolution in music. personally, i think 2pac is the highest regarded and most respected rapper to this DAY west coast tho..peace mobbin

  • SetGecko

    Here goes an example when a listener loses because one artist is focused on outshining the other one/just adds a verse with no regard for the actual song, instead of creating a good record. I like the dark irony of em's verse, but his flow at the end seems TOO forced to me, and rhyming "shit" with "realistic" and "kid" is really no eminem's standards, not to mention he is off beat. BoB's verses are forgettable, I really only care for the hook and the first 4 lines from Em

    • Huhuh?

      .... B.o.b's second verse tends to match the intent of Eminem's verse. Also, there's more rhyming in Eminem's verse than your example. You literally cherry-picked a coincidental rhyme and tried to validate your opinion with it. Awful.


      Good points but i think B.o.B was nice and he out rapped Eminem:Eminem is just a shell of himself: "Hiphop Is Dead"


    Eminem just messed up a song that was on it's way to being a Classic:Thank you Eminem: B.o.B was on point: "Hiphop Is Dead"

  • raymond shunn

    The kid under me should leave his house and learn to listen to real music.

  • devloc

    yo whats up niggas, ight look dis be my top 5 niggiz 1. pac 2. soljer boy 3. wayne 4. eminem 5. black rob number 1 aint 2pac dats al pac..hes da truf ayo deez be my top 5 let me know what niggiz think. 1 love yall.

  • young jumpppa

    top 10 rappers in order TELL ME WHAT U THINK NIGGASSSSSSS 1) pac 2) eminem 3) jay-z 4) nas 5) kid cudi 6) immortal technique 7) lupe fiasco 8) biggie smallz 9) andre3000 10) b.o.b lil waynes trash i dont even want to her u if think hes in the top 10 cuz he aint biggies amazin and yall gone b like ru fukin kiding me biggie..number 8!!?? well hes good but hes not my favorite type of rappa. plz hit me up and tell me wat yall think west sideeeee

  • unstoppable west

    top 10 rappers in order TELL ME WHAT U THINK NIGGASSSSSSS 1) pac 2) eminem 3) jay-z 4) nas 5) kid cudi 6) immortal technique 7) lupe fiasco 8) biggie smallz 9) andre3000 10) b.o.b lil waynes trash i dont even want to her u if think hes in the top 10 cuz he aint biggies amazin and yall gone b like ru fukin kiding me biggie..number 8!!?? well hes good but hes not my favorite type of rappa. plz hit me up and tell me wat yall think west sideeeee

    • sdot12

      Bro I like Kid Cudi but dude is not a rapper. B.O.B. raps but he isn't a rapper, I saw him in concert and 3/4 of his shit is singing and a guitar. One album doesn't warrant them access to a top ten. I cosign that rookies appear on the list and shouldn't belong, not all are rookies. Check out Obie Trice dude rips, check out 36 chambers by Wu-Tang that is some original lyrics with amazing creativity. Not dissing your flavor just let me know what you think of them.

    • unstoppable west

      how is pac nas big andree tech and em rookies? dumb fuck

    • amaru

      all dem rookies on da list gtfoh

  • FuCkuNiggas

    only 3 stars for em and hayley, btw jessika, stfu we realize u into old hip hop of the 90s n shit but stop tryin get thru to these fuckin stupid niggas who love soulja boy n dick ride wayne, seriously those dudes u list r MCs, but sometimes ppl jus want shit that bangs, and this song is a slowed down version, sounds bad.

  • Skool City

    check this music out http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=11781376&id=651565242&fbid=10150165340265243#!/pages/Skool-City/114575698561001?ref=ts

  • :O

    great track btw Dr. Seuss = G.O.A.T

  • JE$$IKA

    how do we always get off on to these lists? shit half of you clearly don't listen to actual hip hop. and to you who had soulja boy listed, i wanna make you a mixed cd. give you some talib, big l, big pun, biggie, krs-one, rakim,royce da 5'9, raekwon and the rest of the wu of course, pac, andre 3000, lupe, big daddy kane, busta, both jay's, nas. my mind gets frazzled when i try and remember all the actual talented rappers. immortal technique is nice. and of course eminem.

  • fuckoffmeniggas

    fuck b.o.b pop ass, he jus sound phony as fuck eminem is on point tho, and hayley is koo

  • DJJJ

    Eminem is the Greatest rapper to ever touch a mic. The proof is definitely in his freestyle on Tim Westwood's radio show. Other greats...... Rakim Brother Ali Black Thought Big Daddy Kane Kool G Rap Krs-One Chuck D

  • alltymhustla

    alright i've been lookin at these lists.. and they are all fucked up.. forrreall heres the top 5 1) lil wayne 2) nikki minaj 3) new boyz 4) kid cuddi 5) soulja boy IF U THINK THIS LIST IS WRONG YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT REAL RAP/HIP-HOP IS!!!!!!!

    • t-race

      Adriel Rose SUCKA!!!!! ok im a suburban kid and i probly no more about rap then u do. yes i listen to rock country hip hop and rap!! who doesnt listen to more then one genre. if u dont ur a closed mind dumbass simple as that

    • t-race

      wut are u 4 cuz all these rappers are new go bck in tyme and listn bro sit on ur coach smoke and listn to 1990-2010 and then come bck to give ur top 5 souja boy and lil wayne wont be on there fer sure

    • Skipp Chuch

      go suck Justin Beibers dick too .. ur list is as WACK as u r kill yo self twice !

    • uknownuthin

      dude wat u listin is not hip-hop but hip-pop these4 are all mainstream artists with no flow and no rhyme so u r the one who dont actually know wat HIP-HOP/RAP is so stop posing!

    • HoVa094

      hahahahaha are you stupid?? Nikki? News Boys? hahahahaha you are obviously joking so im gonna let you go.

    • alltymhustla

      hell yeahh lady gaga the shit.. that one song. just dance yeah that shit goesss haaarrdd niggaaaa but forrreal this list the best n u can't be hatin plzzzz

    • Adriel Rose SUCKA!!!!!

      This is to ALLTYHUSTLA, the reason why you think these other lists are fucked up is because you listen to radio play too much ( I bet you Never Ever bought a mixtape in your life, I feel sorry for you FORRREALL ) and I bet you think Lady Gaga is the shit too( ever heard of Lauryn Hill). Plus your top five don't even write their own lyrics( they use ghostwriters). I know you're just another brain wash kid/adult (fuckin Illuminati) that thinks they know hip hop/rap. I'd wish FORRREALL that they would call (genre) the stuff you listen to HIP POP!!!. So people like you would stop discriminating real hip hop/rap poets. We all know who is/or was the top five( its up to the REAL HIP HOP/RAP FANS) I don't even got to say it!!!. So you can put on your tight jeans,colorful shirts and try too make up a dance too get attention. Ya'll suburb kids/wanna be's are the reason hip hop/rap are dying. Go back to what you know best country/rock.

    • ROB P

      R u outta uR fukin mind!

  • thizzle dance

    Top 10 alive, no order except Nas= G.O.A.T. in my opinion Nas Black Thought AZ Eminem Andre 3K Jay Z Redman Talib Kweli Mos Def Method Man or Big Boi toss up DJ Premier = G.O.A.T. producer

  • hahahahahahahahahahaa

    Top 5 rapper list.... 1) SOULJA BOY 2) RICK ROSS 3) YOUNG JEZZY 4) LIL WAYNE 5) KANYE WEST

  • Bizy Beast

    RICK ROSS ! period

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than U

    B.O.B had the best verses..

    • ROB P

      uR a GUNiT soldier buT aint a big Fan of EM wut the fuk r u on. The unit fell the fuck off since they dropped Buck and Em is why any of them r anybody But For suRe EM deffinitly had the better of the 2 on it

    • G-Unit Soldier

      Not at all. Not even a big fan of Em, but he actually ripped this shit.

  • KitKatKitty

    One word: Awesome!

  • pbhksfkhjbsfbvnfdvb

    pretty sick ass song

  • GurjeetBoog

    Best track of 2010, Eminem and BoB baby!!!!!!!!!! who is hailey?

  • RapAddict

    Em is back, get em kiiiid

  • 1tuck5

    Cool Vibe Algiers15

  • Jayqwonnn

    Good Song. Check my Link.

  • Blackout4777

    Songs OK but the list you people keep posting make me think this site is full of retards

  • fr33yay0

    wish right now.. wish right now.... Great track! Love it....

  • NickyMinaj

    List 1. Eminem 2. Wayne 3. Fabolous 4. B.O.B 5 Nas

  • chdb05

    Listen up: http://soundcloud.com/harry-flynt/hypno-the-pressure

  • B.Foxy

    1.Bun B 2.Andre 3000 3.Scarface 4.Big Boi 5.Eminem 6.Biggie 7.Trae 8.Z-Ro 9.Devin the Dude

  • Bizy Beast

    After reading some comments about rick ross i agree he is the best

  • D@ hustler

    descent track but it would be better without b.o.b he's plain trash...... n ur guys lists are stupid find out real hiphop b4 u name lists..... bust, jay, em, are nice n drake ight.... but where's pac,biggie,big l,method man, cass etc....

  • Chris O

    1. Eminem 2. 50 3. Ice Cube 4. DMX 5. Lil Scrappy 6. Eazy E 7. Mc Ren 8. T.I. 9. Rakim 10. Ice t

    • DaReallitzzzz

      cuz said mc ren and lil scrappy, and the best 1 of all eazy e, i bet you didnt know that cube wrote all his stuff so really he wasnt a rapper so get ur facts str8 before u name ur wack ass list

  • 1111

    i love this song....i dont think that it would be better with out Hayley Williams though but still a really good song

  • Alan morales

    this is all about lyrics nothing to do with the fame.. 1. Eminem 2. Fabolous 3. Drake (before he started to sing everything) 4. Jay-Z 5. Lil Wayne ( doesn't write his own lyrics ) 6. T.I. 7. Ludacris 8. Busta Rhymes 9. Andre 3000 10. Ice Berg


      where is joell ortiz, nas, talib kweli, jadakiss, ghostface too many to list. do your homework before coming out wit a list like that. ill give u busta, em & 3000 the rest is popurlarity contest. 1

    • NonyaGotDamBuniz

      Ludachris???!! dat nigga flopped hard

  • spliff

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9yknz79qRs&feature=related checkk dattt fire

  • Bizy Beast

    Top Five 1. Eminem 2. Kanye West 3. Jay-Z 4. Lil Wayne 5. B.O.B.

  • Bizy Beast

    Top Five 1. Eminem 2. Kanye West 3. Jay-Z 4. Lil Wayne 5. B.O.B.

  • imeafk3

    u all crazy with your lists thats the only thing im only saying... great song

  • AVbabyy

    rap & hip hop and music is too complicated to deem an order of a top 5 10 even 20 yo , its too many variations in styles conecepts and swaggs depends wat mode or person you are namean i think you should jus give rappers an elite title rather then top somethin namean r/ tell me wat it is

  • AVbabyy

    this shit roc son i likes his swagg and style fresh hiphop lives and is alive and well , its jus transformin and its not mainstream anymore but the game is coming back slowly but surely cus fresh new artist like himself

  • chdb05

    Check this out if you looking for some freshness in real hip hop music Harry Flynt http://soundcloud.com/harry-flynt/hypno-the-pressure

  • allyallstupid

    top 5 doa in no particular order jay-z eminem nas joe budden jadakiss im not talking about how much money they have or albums but who can go in the booth and put something crazy down. let me know what u think

    • AVbabyy

      its too hard to name five bro i ain arguing wit nobody in that list but you cant forget lupe b.o.b coming up not there yet big pun big L busta ^^ suggestions son but my fav 2 artist right now joe budden & ransom and my self haha

  • Maze23

    aye this is my jam fo real

  • Tezzy Man AKa T-real

    This my muthafukin song Eminem GO HARD on hear B.O.B was alright

  • SammiT

    Top 5 Dead or Alive (No Order all great not gonna pick whose better) Big L Notorious B.I.G. Lupe Fiasco(Lyrical genius no1 can touch him) Gangstarr(group but more of a rapper and his producer) Eminem

  • NonyaGotDamBuniz

    Here's my top 10 list 1) Biggie 2) eminem 3) jay-z 4) nas 5Andre 3000 6) ) Lupe Fiasco 7) Kid Cudi 8)immortal technique 9) b.o.b 10) Drake Pac was a fake homo in my mind and as far as lil wayne goes i got the same oppinion on him as Young Jumpaa the only reason i like drake is because i listened to him b4 young money

  • Simba Wanga

    2 Pac Biggie Jay Z Rakim Nas KRS One Eminem Method Man Little Wayne Snoop Dogg

  • young jumpaaa

    top 10 rappers (in order)....tell me what you think plz 1) pac 2) eminem 3) jay-z 4) nas 5) kid cudi 6) lupe fiasco 7) immortal technique 8) b.o.b 9) biggie smalls 10) andre 3000 LIL WAYNE SUCKS He SOUNDS LIKE A SQUEAKY LITTLE CHIPMUNK WHO ACTS HARD BUT IS A TRUE PUSSY. HES UGLY AS FUCK TO tell me what yall think niggas

    • 5 GUNNIN`6 RUNNIN`

      yo young jumpa i think my nigga gots a decent bodii at least. respect

    • DaReallitzzzz

      like on some real shit no one cares about yall list and if ur going to put out a list please dont make it this wack and for all of yall stop putting biggie and pac in ur top 10 because they are not with us anymore and they are not currently involved in hip hop most of yall dick suckers probably never listened to pac or biggie just putting them on ur top 10 because everybody else does it and talks about how they were the greatest. Have yall ever thought of this, maybe everyone is saying pac and biggie were the greatest cause they died not actually because they were the greatest not to say them niggas werent fire cause them niggas be rippn but damn they are gone so please stop dick riding and give respect to the greatest rapper alive!!!!

    • young jumpppa

      ^lil wayne is a pussy. he sucks birdmans dick. he gives him kisses on the lips. he uses fukin autotune, he just declares himself a blood like wtf. he runs from crips, he claims to been shot but what people dont no is that he shot himself by accident wehn he was like 7. hes a fukin midget who thinks hes good but hes shit

    • rapspitta

      wtf?! u Think Wayne sux. bitch him and drake on top right now. u aint no what the hell u talkin bout

    • Yssup Kidz

      Biggie should be much higher. DBOI281, Not agreeing or disagreeing about Wayne, but who gives a fuck how many records they sold. RWT, regardless of what race you are, stop using the "n" word. Just not cool.

    • Keats

      1. Biggie 2. Nas 3. Big Daddy Kane 4. Eminem 5. Tupac 6. Ice Cube 7. Dr. Dre 8. Royce da 5'9" 9. Rakim 10. Crooked I all of these rappers moved hip hop in a different direction. they started thier own movement of rapping styles and beats and hooks. all the rappers people list off today are trend followeers and dont really bring anything new to the table. Mainstream Rap has become mostly boring and predictable. Once Slaughterhouse get a bigger fanbase i think the game will finally make a change for the better.

    • rwt

      its all an opinion damn.... lupes a genious, cudis amazing. and fuck u zac 88 u fukin like 50 cent and g unit suck a dick. andres da shit i prob should have put him up a litte. ik biggies a legend but i think hes a little overrated but hes still amazing. and allyallstupid if a post makes u angry u got some big ass problems u dumb nigger

    • allyallstupid

      ok how do you put kid cudi over andre 3000 lol...thats why my name is "allyallstupid" you must not know your history youngn. listen to outcast's first album. post like this make me angry

    • Zach88

      Are u kidding me?? Wheres 50 Cent, G-Unit (cerca 2004), Fabolous, Cube, Jadakiss ??? This list needs work, Lupe fiasco are u kidding. You should quit being a fan of hip hop.

    • haha

      bad list cudi is nowhere near top 5 and biggie behind b.o.b? wtf? lmao he has had wat 1 cd and 3 mixtapes? u cant be top 10 off mixtapes

    • Live2010

      Good list... Wtf ONEFASTGDSM???????? lol... Tupac over rated? Nah man you musta been born last week or sum shit. Biggie that nigga too or was, R.I.P., but they were both in different worlds. Neither was better than the other in my opinion. but if i had to choice id say 2pac.. both are Legends tho

    • dboi281

      1. Biggie Smalls 2. Eminem 3.Jadakiss 4.Pac 5.NAs 6. French Montana 7.Jay Electronica Lil Wayne has unique way of rapping and there's no denying he's been selling more albums than any other rapper currently.

    • onefast2gdsm

      you're out of your mind if you think pac is to be number one. biggie is a hell of a lot more lyrical and goes harder, pac is way over rated. cudi and lupe dont deserve to be on that list

  • allyallstupid

    em killed it, the song was kinda corny tho lol too soft my taste...i prefer SLAUGHTERHOUSE

  • derek brewer

    Luv tha Eminem verse n chorus.

  • aTaK

    @PHILLIPS YOU F...ING RASIST and yes the songs great

  • Phillips

    theres so many white commercial dick sucking Eminem fans on this website iis unbelievable this song is nice though.

  • younglj01

    vn keep it up B.O.B. Anson County 4 Life

  • only zay

    yo wats up with this wack shit sorry em you really know how to pick um


    RIck ross does better music everyone go buy his music

  • T-From P-Town

    B.o.B. / Lupe Fiasco concert tonight in Portland!!! Let you know how it was... Ill see how Bob is live because his CD was tooooooooo soft and pop sounding Its hardly Hip Hop

  • DBS

    Got Damnit The Dick Riders (EM's) are taking over the world!! :O hahaha shit there everywhere and anywhere Em got a song or a verse.. Thats how you can tell the world is getting closer to the end. LMAO

    • DBS

      Im here to listen to BoB fools and yeah YSSUP KIDZ your motha fuckin psychic you hit that on point.. Thats exactly what i said when i turned on my computer. I click on a song and just cause Em is on it people wanna put down another nigga, BoB for example... "O Em murdered BoB on his own track" type shit.. Yeah your dick riding when you cant just comment on how good or bad the song is. GTFO. Nah :O it dont bother otherwise i WOULD OF been talking mad shit bout dick riders like you :). It just amazing how people basically kiss the toilet Em shits on. Thanks for letting my comment tickle your panties fools. Quit being sensitive and dont reply back, but if it hurts you so damn much bout what i wrote then you must be the dick riders im talking about. Laterz.

    • DBS

      Im here to listen to BoB fools and yeah YSSUP KIDZ your motha fuckin psychic you hit that on point.. Thats exactly what i said when i turned on my computer. I click on a song and just cause Em is on it people wanna put down another nigga, BoB for example... "O Em murdered BoB on his own track" type shit.. Yeah your dick riding when you cant just comment on how good or bad the song is. GTFO. Nah :O it dont bother otherwise i wouldnt been talking mad shit bout dick riders like you :). It just amazing how people basically kiss the toilet Em's shits on. Thanks for letting my comment tickle your panties fools. Quit being sensitive and dont reply back, but if it hurts you so damn much bout what i wrote then you must be the dick riders im talking about. Laterz.

    • Yssup Kidz

      DBS turned on his computer and thought, "let me go on Hip Hop DX and click on one of Em's songs to see how many dick riders are on this site"... If you're not a fan, then what you're doing is really a waste of your time. Then again, you probably have a lot of time to waste...

    • :O

      man just cuz sum1 wants to apreciate good music you dont call people dick riders? so what if sum people like em too much. does it bother you? if it does get a life.

  • PayMeHo

    Nice song BoB and Em fasho @ Youajoke Stop sayin nigga its damn annoyin.. every song you been commenting u gotta type in "nigga" wtf.. Your white deal wit it bitch made nigga and quit frontin fake ass boi.

  • Sexyrexi

    THE GAME - TURN OFF THE LIGHTS FIRST and ONLY REMIX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KQh2_sJ4U0

  • Vintage

    THIS TRACK IS SICK..love the contrasts betweens b.o.b. eminem and the girl from paramore Vintage Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=117917921564881 Join and listen to the tracks! Show/Invite your friends for some good hip hop, I appreciate it!


    NEW GREEN LANTERN ARTIST>>> You'll be impressed... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWVf8AQm1wE


    IF YOU ARE A FAN OF REAL HIP HOP..YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED....TUGE - mixtape hosted by DJ GREEN LANTERN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWVf8AQm1wE

  • dashitfoo

    if u like off the top of the head lyrical freestyles check out http://www.myspace.com/whiteboyspttin


    REAL HIP HOP I PROMISE...check it out, leave your feedback and comments.... New York Artist, TUGE. mixtape hosted by DJ GREEN LANTERN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWVf8AQm1wE


    NEW MUSIC>> RICK ROSS featuring DRAKE.. check it out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWVf8AQm1wE

  • chdb05

    Check Out The New Song FLYers: http://twtmuzik.net/songs.php?tms=23563 Harry Flynt - Hypno (The Pressure) The Roots x Mind Majors x RIP J. Dilla

  • This Guy

    I can't stop listening to this song since i downloaded it. I love B.O.B. i saw him live last year at my college. I like paramore thought she was terrific on the chorus, love the beat, and eminem as the feature was great. Overall great song.

  • TrueEminemFan2010

    I'm a big fan of Paramore and Hayley Williams' great voice, Eminem is my favorite emcee/rapper, and B.o.B. is legit/a lot of potential. Overall, this track's got a quality beat, good lyrics, and powerfully tells a story of "what if" and envisioned success.

  • bigprie

    b.o.b that shit an this song is fire stop hating on the dude because he ant rapping bout killing mf the dude making real music every body ant know killer or drug dealer...............hell im a real street nigga an i like his music

  • 55662320

    chinese really like this ~~~o ya !!!

  • Young LEe

    B O B the man, chill hip hop



    • stanleyJ

      i dont even know why guys like yall on this site even eminem know weezy is the best rapper

    • yo mama

      right on man

    • MightyMike27

      Street enough? Dude I don't listen to Street Cats all that much. Lupe, Common, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton and Atmosphere is like the only shyt I've been listening to the past couple of months.. Drake? I can only name 2 Drake songs (Over and Successful).. Never liked Drake all that much. I don't listen to the radio at all. Good thing I don't cause if I did I would probably hear this song... B.O.B you don't have to sell your soul to get on the radio. Look at Common and Kanye... Stayed true but still got plays Half of the songs on the album are tight though, but the rest are trash.



    • MightyMike27

      WTF nigga, lol you sound like you the lil wayne fan over here.. Well I was gonna buy the album but than I heard this song along with Magic, and I said WTF is B.O.B doing? wow, i need to download the album cause I just might waste my money,,, found out half of it was radio disney pop BS... so fuck buying... I download cd's sumtimes and if it's dope, i buy it... for instance I used to kinda hate Freeway but I downloaded his new cd with JakeOne and fucking LOVED it!! went and bought that shyt less than a month later.. Normally I only buy cd's from Lupe, Common and Eminem, dudes who I'm promised good music from (with the exception of Encore, shyt was wak)... Bottom line, I might buy this album just for all the good music B.O.B gave me in the past but I doubt it... PeaCe!

  • thepoe

    shits good, gotta mental image of the picture its paintin, B.o.B. has got major potential

  • KeaZzY

    this song sick. got real lyrics with a message in the song. tru hip hop paints a picture in your mind n i see it in this one.

  • Jpe-lyrical

    Em is great. B.O.B. holds his ground too even though he took the back seat on this one for sure.

  • DiVerSe S.K.E.

    this is a hit

  • free_weezy

    ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . . slept til em came on

  • ledalladalloodal

    Dope. Eminem comes in .... Uhhtmmm,, so dope =]

  • DJAdjust

    song is tight, will be a big single, eminem has his flow back and B.o.B. is bringing original sounds/concepts back, it's refreshing. I wasn't big on him with the radio Nothin on you single, but he's willing to take risks and it's a good thing. Lupe & Wale deserve more credit as well

  • tdot1987

    Track is so dope, the chorus is incredible. all verses were great. That eminem verse gets me all jacked up. when you can feel it in your face you know its dope haha

    • nig tig

      No doubt. Em got me on some shit wit that verse, aint shit bout to fall in your lap u gotta grind hard n get that shit. B.o.b. was aight, dope concept Somethin was off wit Hayleys vox, i dont think shes found her hiphop/souk-esque energy but i definitely dig that she got in the studio wit them niggas

  • BlackKnight 187

    this shit go hard as fuck.....wit B.O.B that chick from paramore and the one and only eminem. The thing that makes me so mad is when people are like this shit is trash....I would love to hear ur fuckin lyrics to this song. B.A.N

  • D-COE

    Yall Cats Donno What Real Music Is When It Hits You.. B.o.B. Real Talent Eminem Back On IT - Fuck what you thought

  • GetReal

    im sick of people calling rappers who talk about real shit garbage , just because they dont have punchline after punchline it doesnt make them bad. It means they are a different kind of rapper not the stupid type of rapper in the industry today. Also if you didnt listen to the fucking lyrics B.o.B and Em were talking about the same fucking shit so everyone who said B.o.B sucks must think Em sucks too.

  • D@ hustler

    b.o.b sux idk why em is on this wit this wack bobby brown

    • :O

      YSSUP KIDZ list... 1. Eminem's 2.Dick 3.In 4.His 5.Booty ... How Can they be wack they're making tons of money on your ass :D Now go making that money Boya.

    • Yssup Kidz

      Sheezy's top five all time: Vanilla Ice Hammer Black eye peas Nelly Will Smith These guys made tons of $ and sold out shows, how can they be wack?!?!

    • MightyMike27

      Sheezy is part of the "problem".. Go Listen to your Gucci mane ft. Birdman and Souja Boy.. wow...

    • fsfdsfds

      its people like SHEEZY who ruin hiphop... being signed and being good aren't the same. their are plenty of great rappers who never get discovered, and plenty of shitty rappers who get signed because of connections. i aint saying BOB is wack, but there are plenty of shitty rappers wit deals

    • sheezy

      yur both sound stupid....how can any rapper who signed be wack??huh..yea shut the fuck up..dey make illions of doallars sellling out shows and your behind a computer screen sucking dick!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MightyMike27

      haha.. Eh B.O.B's dope, Miley Cirus just ruined the song... The whole album is trash tho.. Hip Pop

  • $in City $inner

    overproduced? contrived? It's hilarious listening to you kids who have no idea what you're talking about. First of all I'd rather be overproduced any day and as far as contrived goes you're just trying to use big words to sound smart. I could care less about this song even though it was mediocre I just wish you kiddies would let us who are actually in the industry use the big words cuz you have no idea what you're talking about. AT ALL! Go get a degree and quit Mickey D's before you try talking music and production with the pro's cuz we'll pull your card every time. U r ClueLeSS!!!

    • MightyMike27

      I agree son... That's how most of Shinoda's beats are tho... You don't gotta go to college to gain good taste in music... Sum dude who works at Burger King probably has better taste in music over sum1 who gotta Bachelors at Yale but still never even heard Gangstarr's Moment Of Truth album haha... I went to Columbia for Music Prod, but dropped out cuz I thought I would go to school for sumthing else and just continue making beats at the crib and have sumthing to fall bak on... But I think this This track is corny, and the chick doesn't belong.. Good lyircs tho, i guess..

  • Wowreally?

    Really? Hannah Montana references? Hayley Williams is actually wicked talented.

  • unpoliced

    This shit is really industry..im not sold B.o.B

    • ShoTYa

      @Youajoke Shut yo white ass up nigga.. You sound ridiculous sayin nigga dis nigga dat.. Nd how the hell you kno how niggas are? U must be the homo nigga. Dats all your puttin in your damn comments like you know wat the fuck ur talking bout, but not really nigga. Your as a big of a joke as your name is. Comedian ass nigga.



    • beastofdaeast

      listen to his older shit and the first verse he spit on thiss not this remix;; his album was for the mainstreamm and his other personaa as a singer hes a very capable rapper listen to his underground stuff dude has been good for a couple years noww

  • J-Byrd

    Everyone should cop that B.o.B. Adventures of Bobby Ray! Support real hip hop! i got the special edition only for 9.99 at target!

  • Keats

    BoB really is unimpressive. eminem tore this one apart. he and royce should go in on this beat not him and faggot ass BoB

  • Class

    Dope. B.O.B is alright,his lyrics don't really impress me though.Em & Hayley did great thogh. This song is exactly what I need right now.

  • 42O

    Fuck this nigga below. You don't know good music when you hear it. Take the dicks out of your ears, and actually listen to the song.

  • ASEE

    Sounds like some alternative Linkin Park-type bullshit. I can't stand the hook either. This is some mainstream overproduced crap. All of the lyrics are so forced and contrived.

    • DiVerSe S.K.E.

      you are simply an idiot

    • MightyMike27

      Common Lupe Fiasco Slug Eminem Talib Kweli That's my top 5.. Well that stand out right now... In that order too probably... Anyway yeah.. This song is fucking lame... Still better than most of the shyt that's out there... This shyt probably will be on radio disney though...

    • :O

      @MightyMike nigga what are you doing hear since you no so much about music lets hear your top 10 oh wait hannah Montana gonna be there right? since you no so much about her listen to her shit and stop ruining good music like this.

    • MightyMike27

      Bro I'm surprised your the only one who see's this shyt.. Shyt is gay... Hannah Montana and Em don't sound good to me... EH BUT Linkin Park used to be my shyt lol

    • stefan1

      fuckin dumb ass. thats all i have to say

    • Chris Sal

      nigga your a bum who cant see real music when its right in-front of his fac...smh -_-

  • i fcked ur mom ha

    yup nice

  • jerzinthebuilding

    GREAT fucking song. Em of course was by far the highlight - the way he went in and flipped the concept was crazy imo - but the whole song overall is very good. Props to Bob and Hayley Williams as well. Bob would be a fool if he doesn't drop a video for this... Hey if this type of sound isn't your thing it isn't your thing. That doesn't necessarilly make you a hater. But you can still realize when something is quality musically. For ex: Nas rapping over slow reggae may not be my thing and I might find it boring overall but, that doesn't mean I can't listen to songs like "Strong Will Continue" or "Africa Must Wake" up and realize they are quality songs. I just say "their dope, just not feeling it cause its not my style of music."

  • @RonaldRanier

    Easily a favorite from the album. The chorus is perfection, great choice for a feature, bomb verses. This is an all around great track. The 2nd verse sounds Kanye inspired. Em crushed it but...idk I think the single can't stand without him.

  • Alexxxx

    in the backround of eminem's verse you can hear the sone "new york state of mind" beat going off in the song . i think it was eminem's phone going off

  • the illest

    Different but ill..

  • eymphukingwitchall

    Top 10 DOA: Silkk the Shocker Sir Mix-a-lot Chingy Magoo Shyne Black Rob Lil Romeo Snow Gudda Gudda Tony Yayo Honorable mentions (but not close): Eminem 2pac

  • Flawl3$$

    Eminem tore this track apart... What was the point of part 1 after this?

    • ...

      part one came before this and this song is a promotional song for his album. coems only with the album on itunes

  • Flawl3$$

    Eminem tore this track apart... What was the point of part 1 after this?

  • dat

    1 cuz em is hot.. chorus killed the song.

  • dat

    1 cuz em is hot. chorus killed the song.

  • itsizzo

    I didnt really likes Em's flow on this...the lyrics were straight though. The fact that Hayley Williams is on the hook is dope. Bobby Ray wasnt bad. The Beat is dope. Overall Good Song.

  • Mojito

    here's hoping recovery has the same intensity as this flawless verse

  • joshnessmonster

    this is a huge improvement, compared to recent 'hip hop' tracks and this mainstream crap. this song has skill, beauty, mood and feeling, it's realistic, and it doesn't exaggerate. this doesn't attack other people, nor is it cocky. pure, simply pure.

  • Blazemmmmmmmmm

    Eminem's first single off of Recovery hits airwaves this Friday, April 30th. It is titled "Not Afraid." He just posted "I'm 'Not Afraid'" on his Twitter an hour ago.

  • DaTnEwNeWkId

    Em is unstoppable. B.o.b is a genius. Hayley Williams was a great feat.

  • all day 11332233

    good shit

  • B3ni3

    crazy song.. overall hook n everything.. B.O.B is bringin a new view to dha industry n its good cuz dis is wht hip-hop needs real tawk. EMinem is always gonna be best hands down so im not gonna even get stucc on him. n hayley williams is a animal in here genre of muzik she is one of those ppl who cn switch over in different styles of music. dis song is inspirational



  • MightyMike27

    This shyt would be dope without Hannah Montana!!.. Fuck.. Lame ass disney songs.. B.O.B's debut is the same as Wale's.. Wak ass dissapointing POP music... Man these fuckers need to just cop all the dope ass songs from their mixtapes cause these puppets are doing what their record labels are making them do... Asher and Cudi's debuts were dope but Wale's and B.o.B's debuts are POP as fuck. Will we ever see a debut like Lupe's Food & Liquor again? Doubt it :(

    • ShoTYa

      Look at Youajoke.. Thinking he knows wat people should listen to and describin dem.. Shit you must b psychic.. Thats wild a white bitch dat thinks he's black and is a psychic is up in this bitch. Stay in the closet faggot ass nigga. Bravo Joke.

    • ASEE

      I agree w/ Mike on this. This sounds like it was written and mixed by a record executive.

    • tdubwilcocks

      its people like you that are ruining hip hop, if you cant appreciate this majic that B.o.B and Eminema nd hayley all created then you shouldnt listen to hip hop, lyrics in this joint is amazing

    • MightyMike27

      Did you just say Daydream was POP? That's not POP Homie.. You need to clean your ears.. I'll take Jill Scott over Hannah Montana any day of the weak.. I could make this beat easy as shyt... Can't make that Daydream beat tho lol... Wow... I have yet to see one negative comment... I'm just not feeling this song or his new album.. Shyt is garbage... I was so hyped for it.. Spreading the word about B.O.B to everyone who didn't know him but now... not so much... I'm just not feeling the track, it's wak, corny, lame, heard it before... Trust me this gonna be on Radio Disney... lol PeaCe

    • fresh22

      pop music is just popular music thats all...niggas just want the world to hear what they got to say...day dream by lupe fiasco was a pop song u dumb dick...as an artist i know what real rap is and it doesnt have to be hardcore gang shit, talks about a fuckin struggle, or some deep sad shit...real rap is what is real to the artist...the beat and chorus might be for the white audience but b.o.b's lyrics are a 100 percent his own and thats for the hip hop community roth isnt bigger than b.o.b for that reason...who the fuck wants to be rappin broke for the sake of what u call real rap?? ______________________________________________________________________ Exactly! There is a difference between corny autotune garbage that is dominating the radio and BoB's style. This is talent at work. Just because it also happens to appeal to a broader audience than angry hiphop fans doesn't take away from its quality.

    • hawkyb

      pop music is just popular music thats all...niggas just want the world to hear what they got to say...day dream by lupe fiasco was a pop song u dumb dick...as an artist i know what real rap is and it doesnt have to be hardcore gang shit, talks about a fuckin struggle, or some deep sad shit...real rap is what is real to the artist...the beat and chorus might be for the white audience but b.o.b's lyrics are a 100 percent his own and thats for the hip hop community roth isnt bigger than b.o.b for that reason...who the fuck wants to be rappin broke for the sake of what u call real rap??



    • JLegit

      you are the gayyest gay to ever gay hanah montana could even kisk your ass you are the fucking definition of "wack" you do what your momma tells you to do you are laaaaaaameeeeee eat a dick bitch

  • JLegit

    awesome b.o.b. is fire eminem is by far the best ft. artist of all time p.s. you are gay as balloons if you don't like this song

  • Luke Oming

    Also saw this over @ http://lukeoming.com/b-o-b-feat-eminem-hayley-williams-%e2%80%93-airplanes-pt-2

  • Luke Oming

    Also saw this over @ LukeOming...

  • Luke Oming

    Also saw this over @ LukeOming.com ...


    COOL CONCEPT CHECK MY SHIT OUT !!! http://thededaman313.ning.com/

  • exel44

    this songs hot but it doesn't seem that people feel those songs that talk about the past

  • researchhh

    fuck a talent show in a gym-nasium bitch!!! its different but i like it

  • fuck your mirror

    behold prince jimmy is the stupidest person on dx

  • Greaseman

    Joint was cool. Not a huge Em fan but he killed it; sounds like dude is hungry again. Sticky Fingaz owns all, even Em said it. ONYX blood on da X son!

  • DY2330

    well since every ones obssesed with the top dead or alive list i decided to make my own DOA list (no specific order 1 immortal tech 2 pac 3 nas 4 biggie 5 scarface 6 eminem 7 q-tip thats all i can mention right now got tired of listing

  • kezoe

    yo....everything these ni99as say is true nothing but truth. much respect>

  • carweezy302

    The white bitch singing is trash

  • behold prince jimmy.

    Yo, listen honestly Eminem has no skill. Isnt it clear to you fools? like listen to real artists like soulja boi! you dont even no what waka flocka would do to eminem in a freestyle battle! benzino would wreck this beat for sure! BENZINO IS THE TRUTH!!! Miami is no New York

    • AlahRackBar

      HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA this comment just made me laugh my brains out!!

    • suckaz

      haha if you replied to this you're an idiot. oh wait...i mean i you replied and believed him haha. i can see why he enjoys fucking with yall. you make it too easy.

    • ....

      Lol hes joking(i hope). Unless ur a club banger stan

    • WhatsTheForecast

      LOST***** oh yeah that lil battle wit em and benzino happened like 3 years ago so get out of the past and get in the present.....

    • WhatsTheForecast

      Relly man? benzino loast and he is a sore loser..... oh yeah the niger before you alredy got burnt by saying benzino rules and you just copyed and pasted.. plus benzino raps like a retard. listen to more of em's music before hating..and making a fool of your self

    • EmAllDay

      Are you stupid? Em is one of the greatest rappers to ever come into the game & your gona say soulja boi is a real artist & out of all people your gona say waka flocka would beat him in a battle? Wow you dont know a thing about music.

    • Chris Sal

      i hope your not serious haha...jeez smh -_-

  • Matt (Brooklyn)

    Is this his daughter???

  • Chris O

    Finally a joint that can inspire. Not just party party party. A song that you can sit and vibe to and use to get through rough times.



  • IeXud3r3aln3ss

    Marshall Mathers is back!!!!!!!!!! That last cd was garbage. too much funny shit. this is the EM I grew to love

    • Yoyo 5

      @Alex you're a dumbass.. he aint like the em's last album and now hes not a fan. Relapse wasn't even close to the caliber eminem is normally on. But u know this next album is about to be crazy.. Em even said he got his lyrical swag back on lock and he kinda slacked on relapse.. which he really did

    • WhatsTheForecast

      tell you the truth i enjoyed Eminem funny side and his serious side i think will bring even more fans.. the people who didnt like his last album must have not have seen the good side to it..

    • alex vvvvvv

      honestly man how can u call yourself a fan if you didnt like the last album if you only the serious shit, than your not a fan i mean half of his shit is funny... so you only like some of his songs... how is that a fan? obv ur a stan and and u didnt grow up to love eminem relapse was a fucking great album and it put eminem back on the map, it allowed the world to see that he got his lyrical swagger back every song on that fucking album has lyrics that can only come from an expert of the language... not to mention the producition was dope.. the only thing it wasnt was commercial and if u only like commercial em... how are u a fan? im not dissing you but WTF dont call his last cd garabage cuz you only like stuff that plays on the radio. man you're a borderline hater... cmon brah SHADYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • amazinggggg

    B.o.B= best new artist (although he's been signed since 05 i think people are just hearin bout him now) and Eminem = best rapper dead or alive. Great song. Lyrics are amazing

  • Wordstorm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4kRRg25aKM RIP GURU -wordstormcomin

  • TYLO1211


  • KyleConway

    i like it. anyway. i was reading all your comments and i was like... damn... i think i just became a little more stupid. you all are morons.

  • pienman

    dope... i'm feeling the tale of finally making it in the music business but in the perspective of the yesterday and the hearing visuals of the naysayers to disspell motivation in achieving those dreams as if it was a big detour from making it

  • Will Walker


  • ________________

    i like paramore, b.o.b. and em so this was perfect

  • The Great H O V

    Song is amazing. Crossover hip hop done right. My top 10 list (since everyone is doing it) 1. Lyrical Genius 2. ABD 3. Crysis 4. Luxurious ( the rest of the 10 dont matter)

  • MightyMike27

    I was looking foward to this album so much... And it seems like it's going to be a decent album but man... WTF... Lately he's been making nothing but Disney Songs.. 4real... Fuck... This Is the most disappointing track from B.O.B that I have heard from Bob.. And Eminem is on this corny ass shyt? WTF!! Em's verse is dope but They need to take Hannah Montana off of it... WTF!! B.O.B needs to take this wak ass song off the album and replace that shyt with "LEFT FIELD"!!!!!!!!!!! Wale's debut was most dissapointing POP album of the year.. I thought that dude was gonna be the next Black Thought and shyt.. He went from making tracks with Kweli and jean Grae to Guccie Mane and Lady Gaga.. I hope B.O.B doesn't go down the same "In it for the money Pop ass road"... FUCK!! C'mon B.O.B!! "Don't Let Me Fall" was dope but pushing it a bit.. But "Airplanes" is just flat out wak.. Step your game up soN Anyone who likes this... If you like this I'm gonna go out on a limb and say your probably 15 or younger.. This Disney shyt is not cool... The beat is ok.. Em's verse is dope but c'mon people clean out your ears... Oh Well, still got Lupe :(

    • blakouttt

      Please just shut the hell up.

    • MightyMike27

      Ofcourse he'll sell more that way.. But only lames but is that what it's about? Kid Cudi wasn't thinking about that shyt. He put out nothing but new, different shyt from the moon.. He wasn't looking for Hannah Montana to do a song with em..

    • ________________

      o yea and never say shit about hayley from paramore or paramore for the matter. paramore's my shit

    • ________________

      watch him sell more with what you call "disney songs" then he would with the shit you want on it.

    • mrtu

      STFU, stop trying to get attention... you post this everywhere, no one cares.

  • AP the juiceguy

    besides Em verse one of the worst songs ive ever heard in my life next to Tatted up by Fabo

  • Starz Born

    wooooooww......Em fuk'n killed it....i feel you bruh......classic shit right here


    i cant lie...i liked the original better...until eminems verse came on...brilliant

  • BeanMac

    First off, why are there 2 versions? Second, I heard the regular version on our hip hop station here in Boston...so is this the second single? It's kind of like "Live Your Life"...works as a radio single, but still good lyrics. And Em...wow...BoB should thank God every night that he got that verse.

  • tylo1211


  • deep

    I liked part one better. They tried to pack too much in this one. But nonetheless, simply amazing.

  • HWK

    just pure legendary. bob one of the best atm but king shady is stilll on top

  • Luciano.Da.Judge

    Reallllll talk, lovin this.

  • Cocky eddie 22

    Eddie , i'd like to say every artist you just named is so whack dog, your ears must be axfictuated Top 11 dead or alive-- Eminem Shyne (before jail) Little Wayne Eazy E 2Pac Game 50 Cent Bob Marley--- Busta Rhymes Kanye East Dr Dre and one final, random remark: everytime sometime takes a shit, wiping is not really a necessity, it just cleans the middle of your butt-cheecks. Try not wiping for once you fucking dumb morons, it's very warm and comfortable once you get used to the warm epicness of the brown feeling. Thanks

    • Ben Martin

      Are you retarded? Where is Biggie, hahah and why the fuck are kanye west and lil wayne there?

    • ________________

      hahahaha, you're funny man.........but if your serious about this list or that previous one then seek mental help

    • B-Ry

      Yea this list fucking sucks

    • wolfman

      There isn't a new york bred MC anywhere on this list. You would think, maybe you'd consider adding an MC from the place that created hip-hop.. Legends like, Rakim for instance? Nas? Jay-Z? BIGGIE??? Sheeeeettt.....

    • youngin

      I would think you were just young but you got Shyne before jail? He's really never been much of a good MC IMHO. The rest of the list speaks for it self...50 prolly holds the crown for most successful bad MC...him and Nelly lol. And Easy made great music, but not a great MC IMO... And Kanye? And Dre doesn't really count as an MC...though he did rap the lyrics he was given very well. But. come on it has to at least be your idea.

    • LVS

      woww...50??? really?

    • __

      o shit and Pac. didn't see him.

    • __

      the only ones that are even in the conversation are Em and Busta

    • lmaooo

      little wayne is a little joke.......

  • Cocky eddie 22

    Top 11 dead or alive: OJ Da Juiceman Soulja Boy Mik Jones Tony Yayo Bone thugz-N-HARMONY!! Flo-rida LA Da Darkman Ja Rule Elain Bennes Jerry Seinfeld George Costanza and one final, random remark: Bon Sinclair is acceptional on the song where he whistles like a fuckin CHAMP!!

    • Ben Martin

      nah just my personal favourites

    • footballdb101

      You have Kid Cudi above Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Jay Z. I hope to hell that's not a best ever list.

    • Ben Martin


    • Turdburgular

      HAHAHAHAHAH dude said Jerry Seinfield and George Costanza LLS!!!!

    • JessS724

      Haha, don't get your panties in a bunch its just a joke. You really think Elaine, Jerry, and George Costanza from Seinfeld are on his top 10?

    • HWK

      thats a fuckin joke even 50 is better than them clowns

    • BeanMac

      Sarcasm people? Like seriously?

    • beastofdaeast

      i actaully like this comment it shows how pathetic it is to make a top dead or alive list-there are so many artist that you do not account for at the moments of creation its all of the top of your head likee a gay ass freestyle that wayne spits when hes on lean but when he writes ya hear the rakim or black thought in the lyrics;; juss sayin

    • []D[][]\/[][]D

      LMAOOO your such a fag who cares what the fuck the comments say you fucking dork. All you fuckers get so fucking obsessed with this shit its begginning to make me want to stop listening to rap. Everywhere you go people like Lil Wayne the best no eminem the best no slaughterhouse, just fucking stop with the comparisons. In my opinion yeah Em is way more advanced than wayne but wayne is talking to a generation that didn't grow up with the cassette tapes too. So remember who's writing these fucking things the same kid playing fucking Call of Duty till he get bored and wacks his dick to his yearbook. SHUT THE FUCK UP PUSSY'S ITS JUST MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. They are all fake too so stop taking it seriously!

    • lmaooo

      oh yeah you dont know music by the way ..... (one random remark-listen to real songs... please?? before you comment on songs this great)

    • lmaooo

      soulja bnoy is a joke he is crap. nigga better off being a commedian.....

  • knucklesakanuk

    Great song. Eminem killed it, B.o.B. held his own.

  • j8ailey

    Heaviest track for some time....Em kills everything!

  • foranyentertainment

    might end up being one of the biggest songs this summer....myspace.com/dickkam

  • Cyprus Plateau

    Lets pretend Taco Bell wasn't open past 10. Lets pretend Eminem was a greasy Mexican. Then again, Americans cherish friends that bartend. Pretend he even had a friend that said he bartends.

  • jonah11

    best song ive heard for a good while, deserves a video

  • slickyaboi

    Cop 'em in 2010: Adventures of Bobby Ray-B.o.B Recovery-Eminem Good Ass Job-Kanye West Dehydration(?)-Charles Hamilton Detox-Dr. Dre Carter IV-Lil Wayne Man on the Moon Part 2: Wrath of the Rager-Kid Cudi When Fish Ride Bicycles-Cool Kids Thank Me Later-Drake and Let's not forget...We are Lasers-Lupe Fiasco

  • Sayjack, Pat

    Yes, there are 4 M's

  • Flawl3$$


  • J.I.M.

    Just a shout out to all the idiots up there. For the record, if i'm reading comments, AND I SEE ONE IN ALL CAPS I don't take it seriously at all. I just skip right over it. Stop writing in all caps and long ass paragraphs and people might read em...

  • AndyMichas

    The only rating is song can deserve is a 5

  • Brandan

    I Dont Like This Track At All ... I Like Eminem One Of My Fav Rappers but i dont like the hook or the other ppl on it

    • tdubwilcocks

      its your opinion, thats alright but, if you cant apreciate this song then i dont think you know too much about lyricism, i could be wrong but when this song has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 then that makes you one of few. Eminem and B.o.B have created a true rap masterpiece with this record, you should respect it, but oh well its your opinion

    • PapaKnows

      This is def. good verses throughout, and Eminem's joint is off the roof.

    • Yssup Kids

      One of Em's better verses of late but the rest is just ok. But certainly > 1.

    • Flawl3$$

      Lol then obviously not an Eminem fan.. One of his best verses in quite some time an u give it a 1? haha fuck outta here

  • da_gr8est

    what a great track B.o.B. will truly be one of those people in the rap game to watch for. and to bring hayley and eminem along side of him on this epic song. can't wait to see what's in the future for this guy.

  • ledalladalloodal

    This shit is so sick. Props to Hayley, Bobby ray my boy(: Eminem kill that sh** hella(:

  • ledalladalloodal

    This shit is so sick. Props to Hayley, Bobby ray my nigha(: Eminem kill that shit niggghhaaa(:

  • ledalladalloodal

    This shit is so sick. Props to Hayley, Bobby ray my nigha(: Eminem kill that shit niggghhaaa(:

  • ledalladalloodal

    This shit is so sick. Props to Hayley, Bobby ray my nigha(: Eminem kill that shit niggghhaaa(:

  • ram dine

    great song............

  • TYLO1211


  • RealRappersUnion

    LAST ONE :D this track is epic

  • RealRappersUnion


  • RealRappersUnion

    Great track

  • RealRappersUnion

    a few more

  • RealRappersUnion

    btw can yall post sum comment so it can past the games song in most discussed :D

  • RealRappersUnion

    a next comment :O

  • RealRappersUnion

    i commented..

  • slickyaboi

    dang...why y'all riding Em so hard? his part was good. 5 stars. but cmon, this is b.o.b's album. Give him props too. in my opinion, airplanes part 1 was better. b.o.b was pretty good, didn't get killed like y'all said. why does everyone who's in a song w/em "get killed"?(okay, he did murder jay z) Y'all are d!ck ridin. he's an excellent MC, but he's like Lebron...WAY too overrated. He and lebron are great, but please people...chill.

    • c/gaddic

      @Slickyaboi Em is not over-rated? Only his fans from the pop audience and commercial music fanatics consider him the best thing since slice bread He's more under rated in a critical sense The critics and hip hop community don't rate Eminem that high Why? He needs a longer and stronger discography to compete with the likes of Nas and Jay-z (Not mention the impact of Rakim Krs-1 Big daddy Kane 2pac Biggie etc) but he's definitely one the best of all time!! And Yes He's easily stockpiling bodies from his collabs And that lebron statement is true all hype- no rings but Eminem is different, all hype- classic albums/lyrical skill + Commercial dominace

    • tdubwilcocks

      Dude, nobody said B.o.B didnt murder this track either but when you are looking at a true living legend in hip hop who has managed to still move records this far into hiscareer you have to respect it, the dude is seriously going to be 2nd if not first for best rappers of all time, hes already second and he hasnt died yet. B.o.B has so much potential and he is a true lyricist too but he hasnt made it to the point Eminem has, dude Eminem has sold out stadiums that hold 90000 people, you cant hate on somebody that has truly effected the rap game the way em has.

    • Yssup Kids

      Slicky, so what's considered a championship? Lyrics? Check. Battles? Check. Rocking live shows? Check. Record sales? Check. Awards? Check. Respect from your peers? Check. Longevity? Check. Em's not overrated. With that said, i do think Lebron's overrated :)

    • sfstack

      this is my thing em went harder then bob. reason being bob needed 2 verses while em went hard as hell in one. dont get me wrong i like bob and hes sick 2 but if we have 2 say who went harder its em

    • slickyaboi

      You're one of the crazy ppl that think lebron's better than kobe & jordan obviously. Where's his ring? Lol



  • SpiralDown

    I like the Female vocal, other than that it's just the same old rap song over and over..Same lame drum machine beat - same poor me hard life / but look at me now lyrics. Sorry That's just my opinion.

    • Drucifer1983

      Ya, its not the most original, i'll give U that..........But, at least it has a concept, which is better then u can say for most of the shit out Had this song dropped back when pac had "Dear Mama" or Nas had "If I ruled the world", it might not be special...........But, when your choices on the radio are this or "Oh Lets do it"............LOL, its no wonder cats are so crazy about it

  • bjeeperniggerhomieimtheshit

    wow i kinda expected eminem to kill b.o.b , he did vut b.o.,b definitly held his own , and halley can get it haa.. :)

  • TYLO1211


  • paidinfull92

    @ABCDE you're what i call a dumbass

  • L0S

    This is a good song & BOB did good so all you guys saying that BOB didn't hang in there with EM are lying so please stop putting the guy down because he went in on the track as well, he just couldn't do better than EM but who can blame him that's EMINEM were talking about so give the guy some credit he tried and did better than Drake, Kanye, & Wayne when they got on a track with him. BOB falls in the category of rappers who held their own with EM but still got outshined like Jay Z on Renegade. With that being said, EM's verse is brilliant. He manages to make the concept of the song really stand out (to pretend) while vividly making you feel his words to where you can almost relate to what he is saying as if it was your story he's depicting. He also is putting in a message in his rhymes. The message is follow your dreams, do what you really want to do, do what you love to do & don't be scared or discouraged by the odds against you because the only thing that hurts more than not achieving your dreams is thinking for the rest of your life that you might have had a chance to make it but you didn't have the balls to take a risk & actually try to attain them. The pain of not knowing what could have been when you actually had a chance will drive you insane. EM is a fucking genius! E=mc2

  • Cannibustible

    b.o.b. is keeping in constant flashgot

  • Shadee

    Few tracks make you feel like this. B.O.B is not the greatest lyricist, sure, but he keeps you interested the way he structures his shit and with his bomb delivery and ability to kinda sing at times. Eminem murdered his verse. No question about that. NONE (just like theres no question that fuck BEHOLDPRINCEJIMMY just says stupid shit now to get people's attention. Eminem murdered Benzino, he was on a different level lyrically in that beef). You can see the difference between old em and new em. Old one was more laid back saying lines that always seemed to perfectly fit together, new one is more structured, making sure to deliver teh message with teh right rhyme in-line-rhyme scheme.

  • RealRappersUnion

    Lmaoo everyone comment on thsi track let it pass the games 400 bars on most discussed(this track sounds way better )

  • behold prince jimmy.

    One more thing for all you eminem fans its clear that Benzinno won that battle their for he would wreck this track! BENZINO for life! real hip hop^stand up daughterhouse sit down! real shit like boys to men and all that beastly shit. holla Miami is no New York!



  • wooowwww

    Yo LMFAO if u think wakaflock can rap, even more funnier who ever thinks he can even be on Eminem's level. Em is the best rapper alive and when its all said and done Greatest ever. Wakaflock, Gucci, and all these other southern rappers are GARBAGE u cant compare them to real hip Hop. All u black people need to stop hating on Em cuz hes white..just face the fact that hes better than ur favorite black rapper..and no racist shit either, im just saying hes a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    50 Cent boss is a beast

  • b.o.b is the future of music

    First of all, I'm Black, not even African American, I mean black from Africa and yes I agree Em is the best rapper alive, its just what it is... Music shouldn't be about race, its universal, if you're good then you're good... Michael Jackson is black and in my opinion he was the best musician/entertainer ever!! Back to this song... 5/5, it just can't get any better than this And please give B.o.B his due respect, its his song and he did a fucking good job on it. Dude is talented as fuck

    • paidinfull92

      Ive been listening to B.o.B for a couple yrs now. He def went hard on this. His lyrics were great. Ppl just dont recognize the name but they see Eminem so keyboard dumbasses type some dumbass shit. But it dnt matter cuz B.o.B still gettin my money when the album drops

    • just2flyyy

      Cosign This track is real good And so is B.o.B He is really doing his thing right now

    • RealRappersUnion

      Thank you finnally someone that belives that b.o.b did a amazing job on the track (em did a great ass job too) but its b.o.b's song. and he held it down.


    4 stars for Eminem verse. great delivery. But the track is on some britney spears miley cyrus bullshit with that girl singing. should of got alicia keys.

    • []D[][]\/[][]D

      I know what you mean i let my brother listen to this shit and at first he looked at me like i was crazy. I agree someone like Alicia Keys, but this is the complete opposite of the shyne track. Rihanna did a great job on that track with shyne but this mother fucker wants to switch his flow up. Maybe he should stick to what he does best, plus only a rapper like Eminem could use a stupid fucking accent and still roast a track. Eminem = G.O.A.T


      cosign about the chick on the hook. She almost ruins it. kinda track where if you get caught bumpin it at the hook someone might think you're on that new Taylor Swift lol