The infamous street dwellers which encompass the entourage of The Diplomats have been surfing through carious areas of the industry for some time now. First we were given the undeniable charm of Cam’Ron. But let’s not forget that Jimmy was ridin’ in the Capo shotgun spot all along.

So to some of us it may have been a shock when Santana was the first from the crew to release a solo joint. Nevertheless, Jim played his position and stayed secluded but connected. Secluded that is, in terms of the music. Yes, he was on every Cam album ever made but people didn’t actually know if Jim could hold his own. Well, surprisingly Jim has released an album that follows all the diplomatic traditions of Hip Hop yet, he crosses borders and boundaries that are sure to bring him more street love that he already has.

“On My Way To Church is simply Jim Jones finally expressing his thoughts without restriction. The disc starts out with the “On My Way To Church Intro” the track speaks to any and everyone who has looked to God for some ease to their pain. “This Is Jim Jones” featuring Cam is a testament from both soldiers to the life they have chosen to live as well as the way they have made that life work for them.

What is funny about all Dipset projects is that the beats all sound the same but every once in a while you get classic joints like cams R.O.C. breakout hit “Oh Boy” ( by the way Cam is no longer a R.O.C affiliate) and Jim Jones’ Street Anthem “Certified Gangsta’s.”

Jim displays all types of flows on the disc from the dirty flow with TI and Bun B on “End Of The Road” and on “Lets Ride” with J.R Writer which showcases Jim doing his street slang thang and not sounding bad. He truly sounds like a student of various forms coastal form of Hip Hop.

And for the lovers of all the Boricua mami’s out there listen to “:Spanish Fly” and you will hear Jims story about being involved with a woman of Hispanic decent. And for all of us who have been there before we know that Latinas are truly some of the most amazing women on the planet. But love can make you do some crazy things. Listen and Learn.

After listening to Jim, I declare that he’ll always have a following even if it’s based on the Diplomat fame or not. He honestly makes a connection with many people on this bi-coastal sounding disc. So as far as Jim is concerned, it’s time for the Capo to reign. So to all you young’ns Stay honest and loyal and someday you too could have Capo status.