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Riff Raff's "Neon Icon" is neither entertaining as sheer parody, nor a passable attempt at making a sincere Hip Hop album when judged by its merits.

Proving the Digital Age’s ability to make a spectacle out of the unorthodox, Riff Raff has been a leading benefactor of this phenomenon. He has snuck his way past skeptics and gatekeepers, and somehow become a ubiquitous figure within Hip Hop’s freak show subculture. Breaking every possible rule and convention, it is difficult to even describe who or what he is no matter how closely one were to examine his routine. Influenced by living in Houston, it is readily apparent he fits Rap’s recent paradigm built around incomprehensible slapstick. With the help of DJ, producer and writer Diplo (whose Mad Decent label takes consistent measures to do away with old time tradition), Riff Raff’s first big release Neon Icon has arrived to the dismay of purist onlookers.

Neon Icon’s title makes perfect sense as Riff Raff’s present legend is surrounded by a self-manufactured, glowing aura. Unlike the comparable antics of Internet sensation Lil B, who is clearly in on the joke, it’s hard to ascertain if Jody Highroller is toying with people, starved for attention or he truly just enjoys rapping. Where most consider their greatest exposure an opportunity to shine, he’s most comfortable goofing off the point of being polarizing. Starting things off on “Introducing The Icon,” likening himself “The white Gucci Mane with a spray tan,” one can only help but wonder why Riff Raff has come to idolize such a flashy and savage jailbird. Without much regard for rhythm or sense, his lavish and empty boasts stand to question: Is this his art imitating life or vice-versa?

While he likely hasn’t pulled influence from Ghostface Killah, Camp Lo or Kool Keith, all of the aforementioned have mastered Riff Raff’s eccentric style with greater finesse and technique. On the playful “Wetter Than Tsunami,” he offers the nonsensical, “Step inside the club and I smell and I smell like Power Ranger.” Making a bit more sense, he gets away with the simplistic, “When I wake up, it’s a mystery / Every time I open my mouth, history” on the ridiculously named “Versace Python.” Though the Childish Gambino featured “Lava Glaciers” knocks thanks to Harry Fraud’s production, it feels like listeners are guinea pigs being tested as Riff Raff toys with the limits of their patience. Previous Quasi-Rap parodies such as Lonely Island or Das Racist, have featured subtle nods as indicators that they are indeed spoofing a particular genre. Riff Raff lacks any such nods.

Never able to be pigeonholed as anything other than strange, Riff Raff takes Neon Icon in a number of unpredictable directions. With the help of Mike Posner, “Maybe You Love Me” stands a chance at hitting Pop radio, and “Kokayne” is a Rock number from the self-ascribed Rap Game Bon Jovi. Refusing to adhere to any limitations, “Time” is Riff’s idea of Country music, and trying his hand at techno on “VIP Pass To My Heart,” he plunges even deeper into his vortex of potential insanity. No matter his ambition, he has been guilty of shtick for so long that it’s hard to take this experimentation as any more than an ongoing prank.

Five years after MTV’s 2009 reality show From G’s To Gents, Riff Raff has arrived to a place no one could have imagined, but what is his purpose exactly? Name dropping everyone from Soul singer Frankie Lymon to David Hasselhoff, Allen Iverson and Anita Baker, Neon Icon seems aimless and not very well thought out. There are occasional hilarious moments; he throws pesos at strippers and refers to himself as “The White Wesley Snipes.” Riff ratchets up the oddity factor and gets creativity points for rhyming over Mac Miller’s sparse piano keys and the sound of a skittering dolphin (“Aquaberry Dolphin”). But on face value, Neon Icon is neither entertaining as sheer parody, nor a passable attempt at making a sincere Hip Hop album when judged by its merits.

Riff Raff maintains a place amongst the modern performance art exhibitions of Shia LaBeouf and Joaquin Phoenix. Equal parts dull and fascinating, you can’t forget his existence if you spend enough time reading current online Hip Hop media, but his final output here best functions as mindless background music. With only DJ Mustard’s contribution, “How To Be The Man” fitting in today’s scene, this album speaks to the troubling notion that anyone outlandish enough can stir up a frenzy. Left without a clear concept of who Riff Raff is (an ambiguous angle he revels in), it’s sad if he’s getting away with committing mockery and more grievous if the bar has been lowered to accept this as his actual character.



    Some people just don't understand this guy, he clearly loves rapping or a hoax would not have lasted this long. He has done this for years and being different is what has made him the awesome character that he is. This is a horrible review and I thought the album was great, had some not so good songs like all albums but over all some of his best work. He speaks real truth about his past in some of the songs, as well as some great trap bangers in there. Respect to this guy and fuck the haters, this is how I feel just as many RiFF RAFF fans do.

  • shottttt

    the reviewer absolutely despises riff raff cause the way he looks how can you fairly rate an album? I aint much of a fan of riff but he got decent bars n some them are really hilarious he don't take himself serious he just likes buying shit n fucking around the album got some bangers

  • Anonymous

    Reviewer is a broke boy

  • Anonymous

    Rap game white vanilla ice

  • Some Random Dude

    Rap Game Cheese Stick

  • Laughing Man

    Scratch that... Rap game scooby doo

  • Laughing Man

    Rap Game Shaggy no scooby doo

  • Laughing Man

    Rap Game Chris Griffin

  • ThisNiggaGottaIdentityCrisis

    Rap Game Uncle Ruckus

  • Anonymous

    Rap Game Toaster Pastry

  • Babaroo

    Rap game dr. Huxtable

  • CK

    Guess if you were from Texas this CD would make more sense. "Time" is a touching look at the past and the future with some sage advice. What is troubling people I guess is the fun in this CD and the creativity. This guy is D I F F E R E N T

    • wallywalker

      this white boy makes Houston looks bad I'm from Houston and I'm straight up Timbaland Wallabies big blunts extended clips Jesus pieces lox kool g rap Action Bronson snoop Ghostface Mobb Deep so she missed you pop Ice Cube nas Fabolous the roots camplo De La Soul MF DOOM ugk sect. Don't y'all get it Confused. He's a clown. This em in the same category W macormore & weird al y. REMEMBER DJ PERMEIR is originally from HTWN



  • Anonymous

    i think its pretty clear that this riff raff is not being serious

  • Eazy

    I really don't understand how this guy is even allowed to exist in this realm we hold dear. Straight clown show. If you have to argue why his music is good, that means its just not. The music will always speak for itself. This guy is a show. Im glad he's making money and doing his thing, really I am. But, what the hell is this? If he was black, his name would be 2Chainz. Same flow, same garbage, different persona. At least 2Chainz doesn't sell out by being a gimmick.

  • Bob

    He's rapping with a relatively positive message and not about selling drugs and shooting people. The beats are banging for the most part. His style is reminiscent of rap back in the day that didn't always have to make sense but was lighthearted and humorous. It sounded like he freestyled the 1st track. He gets props for that from me.

  • MR.333

    what a fucken joke....

  • Anonymous

    good album, not great though.

  • jeff

    this album is terrible.

  • Anonymous


  • evergreenrider

    To take such risks on a fresham drop should be applauded.

  • Because The Interent

    This is definitely Riff Raff's best work. Don't act like he has improved.

  • steamboat

    yeah, no, stop taking yourself seriously and more importantly stop writing about music indefinitely, this album is great you sad sack

  • VersaceMayne

    I sat down and listened to the whole album straight and I can honestly say that this is one of Riff Raff's most polished collections of songs. Yes, Riff Raff is weird, and if you don't like him it's because you don't get him (the writer of this article). Neon Icon is well worth the money and the numerous delays.

  • Carlos

    Good album. Guy who wrote this review doesn't realize he compliments the album all the way through. I guess he's embarrassed to like it??

  • JV

    I don't think Riff gives a shit if he touches the upper echelons of rap. The album is entertaining in some way, i don't really know how to quantify it but that's what I got from it. Of course he ain't Talib, there was never a Houston rapper that was. At least he's better than Paul Wall. If you don't like it, don't listen.

  • Anonymous

    Keeps trying to give it a low score but throughout the review they keep complimenting the production. You cay you don't think he's in on the joke but the you quote the gucci mane lyric, you think that's fucking serious?

  • These Nutz

    One day, you guys will wake up and be embarrassed that you ever worded this clown. Riff Raft is piping hot trash, yo!

  • Adam

    Certified classic, GOAT 10/10 AOTY.

  • x

    dig it. not your average cookie cutter album. nice beats by diplo

  • Vince

    this is a pretty entertaining album but a lot of people, including this snobby website, try to connect every lyric to riff raff's odd character and don't take the music for what it is. If the Jay-Zs or Kanyes that this site bows down to made an album that sounded like this it would be lauded as creative and groundbreaking, but because it came from a crazy white dude these guys (and many of yall) are having none of it. this review is a very transparent attempt to discourage new ideas in rap.

  • buckeyewu

    Shit reminds me of Kevin Federline. I suppose those who supported this are K-Fed fans too.lol

  • buckeyewu

    This is the sad state that we are in. This looks like a white version of CB4. Either this dude is mocking modern hip hop or he thinks he is "the man". Regardless, I can only laugh at this and anyone that passes this off as hip hop.


    The definition of wackness. This bumass album is what Adolf Hitler dreamed of when he was fucked off of them experimental drugs they was fucking around with during WWII. I give this poor excuse for a record a rate of -1,000,000,000,000. Keepin it Trill on you, you fruity dolphin loving mentally disabled wannabe 2 Chains ass wigger, rant over. Thank you have a nice day.

  • KMFB

    Entertaining album. Worth the money.

  • silly billy

    best album i've ever heard

  • LuxFlowz

    Neon Icon is an INSTANT CLASSIC! Versace Python and VIP Pass To My Heart is HEAVEN SENT!

  • albert

    Honestly this album is worth the money it entertains you and it does has it moments of being a classic album

  • Anonymous

    get with the times man, neon icon taking over

  • Kody

    this album has its moments...

  • cock

    Who is jesse fairfag first of all? Second, lets judge the album for what it is: a fun crunk LMFAO comedy rap party artist finally making something with decent production and managerial direction. No its not the second coming of nas, its not raekwon yo yo neww yok yo 1990s lyrical bullshit (which ahem most lf u ppl on this site are still butthurt about the fact that no one cares abt it anymore). It is what it is.. its fun, it will be played at parties, a few tracks might even make radio play. Like the kanye song "no one knows what it means, it gets the ppl going". So plz..stfu, stop analyzing something that's not meant to be taken seriously. Faggotass hip hop geads I swear

  • Rap Game Winklevoss

    pretty dope album imo

  • wat

    you fail at being a legit hiphop site. great album

  • ilias karim

    who the fuck is jesse fairfax

  • Anonymous

    haha hiphopdx hatin on Riff Raff, this album still 1000 times better than Yeezus and u gave yeezus a 5, you are fucking morons!!

  • you just don't understand

    yo this albums Is dope if you dont like it, dont fuck with it, I really enjoyed it and the beats are sick its entertaining and Riff did his thing

  • Don Doe

    Riff Raff is a joke. Matter of fact he was better when he was a joke.. White suburban kids really gassed this guy up to think he is talented.. Just shows the decline of hip hop over the years.. Imagine this CHARACTER in the mid 90's or early 2000's.. Wouldnt happen.. RIP RAP

  • NmBvCfR

    shits classic, fuck all yall

  • Anonymous

    Please stop trolling.. wtf?

  • ICOZ

    Riff Raft is fucking garbage

  • TheoTheGreat

    LOL. I love how Mr. Jesse Fairfax has commented on some of the legit posts that sum up this record. No, it's not a classic but it has bangers. You hip hop stans need to stop taking offense to anyone who thinks that with your insecure butthurt selves. Yeah I commented before but I'm enjoying following this little back and forth. Email me or see me. TheoTheGreat you biased bitch fuckboy. Oh and I checked your twitter but it was private. I smell pussy!! LOL!

    • TheoTheGreat

      Yo, disregard what I said in that top post. I'm 25 and I live with my single mother who does coke and sleeps with different men every week. I can't find a girlfriend to save my life because I have no game nor a car, so I rely on my bike to get me around.

  • Anonymous

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. HipHopDX finally gives a shitty album the 1 star it deserves and fuck boys on here are disputing that and claiming it's a 5 star album? 5 stars means it's a classic you fucking idiots, a classic like ILLMATIC or ENTER THE WU-TANG.... SMH this deserves LESS than 1 star...

    • I smell pussy

      I smell a troll army, cause there's no way in hell this many idiots would defend such a shitty album.

  • Money Dolphin

    Album of the Year

  • anonymous

    So opinionated... Can't even rate a damn album.

  • Anonymous

    Recently I've been listening to GFK, Pharoahe Monch, Jon Connor, Sean Price, Outkast, yadda yadda. That said, this album is nice. It deserves 3 star for the 1st track at least (sounds like a bombsquad/muggs beat or someshit). IMO most flossy rappers talking bullshit expect to get taken seriously, riff raff doesn't, an that kinda cancels the nonsense out. He's got a sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously, and rap could do with more of that atm. Plus the beats slap generally, I'm even willing to give the EDM stuff a pass

  • napoleon borntoparty

    RiFF RAFF doesn't give a fuck what you fuckboys think, he's a multimillionaire and stays getting fine trim. His daily attire costs more than you make in a year. Just listen to his music for what it is and he'll show you how to be the man, how to be the boss. He's making money and his music gets me hype like it should. This ain't no gay ass love songs or deep shit. Just real.

  • DD$$garry

    these tracks are crazy y'aaaaaaalllllllll real hiphop jody moonshine

  • Starnell

    Next time have someone who actually understands the artist write the review... RiFF RAFF is a meta-parody whose lyrical content can't be examined in vacuum

  • Fire Jesse Fairfax

    I know you A-holes just wanted to give an album 1 star, but don't take it out on Riff Raff. Compare this album to the rest of the year's output and it is 3 stars easy, I'd give it a 3.5. But gotta give it a 5 now that you HHDX fucks screwed the pooch

  • NotABlackKid

    Haters gonna hate, loved this album. Not a 5 star though.

  • Anonymous

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. HipHopDX finally gives a shitty album the 1 star it deserves and fuck boys on here are disputing that and claiming it's a 5 star album? 5 stars means it's a classic you fucking idiots, a classic like ILLMATIC or ENTER THE WU-TANG.... SMH this deserves LESS than 1 star

    • Anonymous

      "If I don't like it, I don't like it, that don't mean that I'm hating" - Common Take his advice. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you should hate. Everyone has a different view of music and just because others differ from yourself doesn't mean you need to shit on their parade. Grow the fuck up is the lesson here

    • Anonymous

      ^^Real shit.

    • Anonymous

      Riff Raff fans are just like Lil B fans to me, they're all trolls.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck are people rating this 3+ stars for? It's literally GARBAGE. Hip-Hop is dead

    • Anonymous

      They're trolls. I'm sure of it. No intelligent person in their right damn mind would defend Neon Icon so hard.

  • Tony2Dicks

    Refreshing someone can have some fun with rap again.

  • ben

    Great album. Way underrated. It's probs a 4 but im giveing it a 5 to balance out the idiots

  • TL;DR

    To summarize this review: "Since Riff Raff is impossible to pigeon-hole in today's gangster rap scene, the only songs I think are good on this album are the radio friendly Mike Posner single and the obligatory DJ Mustard track that's on every album these days. I also don't like him because I think he is weird."

  • Aaron

    This album IS entertaining. But outside of that, you're left with some decent production and garbage. DX got it dead right on this review :/ You really can't justify saying it's above average

  • Nick

    Your not as smart as you think you are and your way over thinking the artist.

  • anonymous

    Stayin' in the press

  • CG

    Idk what the fuck DX is listening to.

  • oldbooth

    When you called das racist quasi-rap parody group you lost all credibility of a hiphop site. Then you guys completely overlook this album. Neon Icon is gonna be in a lot of top 10s this year. Its just a damn fun album. No-one finishes this album without a smile unless they dont understand that music can just be fun.

  • Anonymous

    This is up to par with that awful review for Blu and Exile's Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them. Continually showing how out of touch you are with rap's popular opinion. And you can say that "it's a review, it's only one person's opinion," but it's supposed to reflect the popular opinion. This is just writing it off, and obviously listening to it with a preconceived negative bias, ultimately creating an unusable review. Yeesh.

  • DJ KG

    Ok I have never felt the need to comment on a review but I do on this. I am not a Riff Raff fan. As I have been told, only high school kids like Riff Raff. But the first two songs on this CD slap. It's not pure hip hop. He isn't very talented. But it serves a purpose. When you're a little turnt up, I would rather listen to intro to the icon and kokayne than a depressed eminem song. Yes em is 10000x more talented than Riff but that's where this serves a purpose. Most of this Cd is garbage, and don't hate me for this, but as a long time hip-hop connoisseur, the intro to the icon song honestly reminds me of some goofy eazy e. And it's tight, so fuck you if you say otherwise, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It isn't that bad tho.

    • Anonymous

      I think I fell out of my chair when I heard the first song, the rest of the album doesn't hold up to that but it's still fresh for the most part

  • jahh

    preconceived notions off riff raff giiving him one star

  • des

    you guys are idiots rt

  • Texas Boy

    Don't ever compare paul wall to riff raff again... Chick magnet, people's champ that shit was bumping!! this will make ur car blow up listening to this trash!

  • Goatcommenter

    It was great.

  • Juniper B

    i Loved this album. Up there with tupac and biggie and nas. /s

  • nootoorioous

    hiphopdx has to stop judging every album like they made it to win awards. this is just a overall cool album to listen too. it is what it is.

  • dcdog76

    This is the wackest shit ever.

  • Certified classic iggy got

    iggy still got the classic album top hits running the rap game. Igggy classic is a fucking classic.

  • 47 ronin aquaberry condoms

    Tried only listening to it once and giving it a 5..............I CAN'T STOP LISTENING fuck yall b.a.n. giving it a 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick ross

    Riff Raff goes Hard 5 stars for show

  • Chad Daddy Warden

    This album is ballin. Its all about ABAP, I dunno if ya'll niggas know what ABAP mean, As Ballin As Possible. This very strict policy that all rap albums are ABAP, ABAP baby, ABAP.


    Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young rappers out there, they are the blueprint of the real niggas and here is why: - Young Thug was arrested for drug possession; - Young Thug was arrested for reckless driving; - Lil Durk was arrested on a weapons charge; - Lil Durk was arrested with a loaded .40-caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached; - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; - they walk around with illegal weapons; - they go out gunning; - all other rappers rap about being gangster, shooting and killing, but they haven't done it. They ain't no fantasy niggas like: 1. Mobb Deep were 12 / 14 years old when they met at the school of arts. 2. Nas "Escobar" raps about how he is a queens thug, but he wasn't. Lol, nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong. So you sold dope? Nigga, the only thing you sold is records. 3. 2Pac never gangbanged 4. Ice Cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a "G"? 5. Rick Ross is a legend, but not a streetlegend, but a foodlegend. 6. Eminem raps about killing - he hasn't. He says he hates gay people, but did a song with Elton John? 7. Jay Z raps in open letter about sending shots - he hasn't. Nigga, you never hustled, fucking liar! People in Brooklyn tell other stories... 8. Most of the rappers rap about stuff they haven't done, yet you all support them and say it's real rap. 9. When Rick Ross does it you all claim he is fake and say it's fake rap. This shows that hip hop fans are hypocritical and all these real hip hop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. I never heard your favorite rapper (50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, The Game, etc.) diss Lil Durk or Young Thug, because your favorite rapper knows that they will beat him up. Wack or not Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young niggas in the rap game and that's a fact. They were drug dealers and gang members before rappers. They have street credentials, they are the only rappers who rap about facts. Your favorite rapper wants to be as real as Young Thug or Lil Durk. That's how real niggas do it. They ain't nothing to fuck with!

  • Morgan Freeman

    The reason this got a 1/5 stars is that this album (or set of trash) is not hip hop. If I could I would give it a 0/5 because it's pure trash worse than tyga


    Reviewer obviously had a bias in mind before even contemplating writing this "review" Neon Icon is the most hyped i've been for an album in fucking years for you to just dismiss it because you dont like or get riff is bullshit. There are 13 songs and 2 skits on this album, both skits are better than the 10000 skits you'd find on an eminem or dre album and literally 10/13 songs are good yet apparantly all kanye or em need is 1-2 good songs on a 12 song album for it to get gold status. Sheep reviewing 1/5 is a joke 8.5/10 RIFFFFFFFFFFFF

    • Anonymous

      ^^LOL how do you know that he listens to Drake? Like he said, off yourself fuckboy.

    • JODY

      ^ sorry we arent all sheep counting down the days until the next drake album. people like you, also known as haters, only pour gas on riffs versace bonfire

    • Anonymous

      You need to shoot yourself immediately for admitting that you were hyped for this bullshit. Fuck outta here.

  • jason

    I know im not the only one who listens to what people call " real hip hop" but Riff is like a side show, with some bangers...its fun ...I can't believe im defending this, but I agree...this review was harsh as fuck... Paul Wall's white ass was makin similar music in the early 2000's why is this so different?

  • Anonymous

    worst album review this site has ever had.

  • Anonymous

    HHDX you fucking suck with this review. Stupid ass niggas

  • Anon

    HHDX is haters. If you don't like Riff Raff, have someone else write the review.

  • Time

    I really wish they wouldn't have fucked up the remake of Time. Was so good as original. quit hating DX, EASILY better than 2 chainz bullshit

  • David

    I dont think people realize how many bangers are on this album. This is the alum of the summer. Now i'm gonna go boating as I blast kokayne in my neff shades.

  • reverrb

    Hilarious. Satire. It's a comedy album with slammin beats.

  • lil swagsta

    Shit is a modern classic, you haters. get some swag or be a fag

  • er

    Surprisingly good album.

  • Mc

    Glad people are on the same boat as me, this album is fire. Pure entertainment and summer jams. Quit the hatin

  • Tom and Jerry

    Not a fan of Riff Raff at all but this review reads like pure hate rather than a constructive review. But then again, this is Hiphopdx, so I guess I can't expect anything less.

  • Annonymous

    I've never cared much for Riff Raff, but after a few spins, this album is fire. Only a couple songs I don't like. I think he just needed an actual studio album, rather than small indie-projects.

  • Chris Sax

    If you don't like Fiff Raff, then don't write the review. Have someone else write it. It's clear that this Jessie Fairfax guy doesn't like him. No matter what type of album Riff put out, it was going to get a 1/5. And yes, apparently a 5-year old can work at HHDX. Doesn't really matter, HHDX has been pretty irrelevant for years now. This is my first visit to the website in months, was just curious what they had to say about Neon Icon. I have to say, I'm not really surprised.

  • James

    It's good to know that after graduating from college with a degree in english that if the job hunt goes sour I can rest assured knowing I can always apply to work for HipHopDX ,because it's been brought to my attention that just about anybody with a 6th grade education has the ability to write for you guys. Don't ever change guys! Also, the album hasn't even came out yet....you fuckin morons. You can't possibly judge an album after listening to it at 128kps and give it such a negative review. Well, I guess you guys can, once again. Next time maybe try waiting for the actual release, instead of producing a half-assed review in the hopes of increasing traffic with such pathetic, amateur bait. But hey, who am I right? Looking forward to the bright future for you guys as your traffic slowly diminishes. :-)

    • Anonymous

      Sites like these get albums to review before the actual release date moron. If it's trash, its trash.

  • Brutal

    Brutal. Arrest this "man".

  • Anonymous

    this a classic album instagram should be on billboard hot 100

  • Nine

    "has come to idolize such a flashy and savage jailbird." WHO WRITES THIS SHIT?

  • Anonymous

    Ok HHDX like you have ANY credibility at this point. You dickride Kanye an Gay Z, but you hate on this dude? Lets just see how many people buy the album then we will know!

  • Anonymous

    Riff Raff is original and the production on the album is insane!! Stop hating kiddies. Spread love 3/5

  • Chad F

    This album is incredible, it's the perfect summertime album.

  • Garv Dizz

    Rap game Dennis Rodman

  • Jon

    HHDX just lost all credibility. There are those that love Riff Raff, and others that can't stand him. That's fine, but don't give him a 1/5 because you just don't like him. Production wise, all the tracks were on point. Most rappers would die to get some of the beats that were on this album. As for lyrics, the lyrics on here is just how Riff raps. It's imaginative and creative. If you don't get it, them move along and listen to your a-typical rap album where they say the same stuff.

  • Anonymous

    this isn't hip-hop but then again riff raff isn't the first to sneak their way into this genre giving real hip-hop musicians like tribe called quest, mos def and many others a bad name when it comes to hip hop as a whole

  • Mirkocroppop

    This whole review is just one guys' spin (and it definitely is spin) on this album, it wasn't perfect, for sure. but riff raff has his own lane and success and it's something he should be praised for, rather than be used as a criticism point. It seems like every other rapper wants the fans/originality Jody has

  • sas quatch

    amazing album by an amazing artist

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ Motherfucker the haters have spoken This was the most intelligent and well said post yet. Half the people on here like the album and understand it so stop being so butthurt.

  • Anonymous

    This might be one of the few times that I actually agree with one of DX's reviews. You Riff Raff dickriders must be crackheads on the low if you think Neon Icon deserves a 4/5. Did he pay you off with a dimebag in exchange for a blowjob? Sad. It's a terrible album, plain and simple. And this is not a comedy or a parody, and if this is someone's idea of a sick joke, then please let me in on it.

  • sfsfss


  • Anonymous

    1/5 forreal? this the first time I've seen this. this shit must really be some fucking TRASH

  • John Dough

    Ugh, this dude stole part of our swag and alot of others! wake up sheeple!

  • MarcusBWS

    I like the cover. That dog beautiful

  • Kokayne

    Was gonna give 4/5 but after all the hate I done seen hhdx throw at riff i'm going 5/5 UP ALL NIGHT ON KOKAYNE

  • Anonymous

    It looks like riff raft himself has posted some bull shit reviews here. The production is truly ill on the album but riff raff is not talented and he sucks at rapping! 2/5 alone on production value. But dude is a gimmick and a joke. He pays alotta of money for these features and Mac millers song is dope. This guys 15 minutes are up. Diplos tax write off almost fooled us

    • anon

      by your standards hiphop in general is a joke. if your gonna call riff raff a gimmick why not every other rapper? their all just selling a personality.

  • NotRetarded

    Apparently hiphopdx thinks a little too highly of itself since it gave this a 1/5. RIP to credibility if the site still had any.

  • dre317

    THIS IS PURE COMEDY NOTHING ELSE Riff Raff is the white Gucci Mane

  • iLL

    LOL, how y'all give him a one?!? That was straight hate right there

  • James

    I can guarantee that neon icon is gonna be one of the dopest albums this year. This album is gonna be the album of the summer. Yall gotta get on it asap no rocky

  • Anonymouse

    I laughed when I heard this album. This is more like a lonely island type release. I mean, dude is a part of Three Loco, and if you don't know that, google it. While Riff was funny on the album, he tried to be serious. Maybe You Love Me is an example of him trying... and failing at being serious. Mike Posner did save that song in all honesty. Same thing can be said about Time, I laughed when I heard the sample of "Hey There Delilah." While the album is funny to listen to, the comedy kinda gets old at some points. I will say, I'd rather hear this than Yeezus and it's noisy production. This album had much better production than Yeezus. The features were a plus, especially Gambino & Miller. My favorite song...well the one I got most enjoyment from was "KoKayne" ... Catchy as fuck & the chorus is stuck in my head...Overall this is far from album of the year and I get some points this review is trying to make...Only reason this is being serious is because Riff Raff tried to be serious for a bit on this album...This deserved a 2.5... Yeezus and 28 Grams are way worse than this... but I wouldn't listen to this again..

  • jnkjnjkn

    fuck u hhdx. I swear u niggas don't even listen to the shit y'all review. I thought this album would be 0/10 since Raff is usually wack but I ACTUALLY listened MORE THAN ONCE and the shit was ill. At least a 7/10. Production was godly, lyrics were funny and hooks were catchy as hell

  • Lostsoul

    If you like this music you must be a special ed drop out.

  • Anonymous

    Goes hard in the abstract.


    I'd rather have something to laugh at even if it's rarely funny than listen to Rick Ross and Nicki Manaj who seriously believe they're making good music

  • BenzinoGoonSquad

    i hate when hip hop conservatives hate on riff raff as if theirs a serious culture to be preserved,its not like rap is a religion. This guy is salty because he doesnt know if riff is serious or if his just trolling the rap game, but why cant we just be ok with the ambiguity for a change. creativity shouldnt be stifled just to give jesse fairfax his piece of mind, screw his conservative values. i bet he named his daughter reagan.

  • DVillan

    Worse than Chilly Tee (go look THAT one up lol). The only reason it got one star was simply for the production--and he had to PAY for that. Seriously, Harry Fraud Alchemist fuck with this dude? His money was green and that was it.

  • Maybe You Love Me

    DX got this shit wrong MAYBE YOU LOVE ME IS FUCKING FIRE and so is aquaberry dolphin

  • Michael

    AOTY- Jesse sounds like stan to hang out with.

  • Alex

    What I've heard has been pretty ill, and original at that.

  • Brad

    Funny that you burn his album, but have given 4 and 5 star ratings to pure trash on this very site. Seems like someone has an ax to grind. I smell an Ebro groupie.

  • anonymous

    You people take riff WAY to serious.

  • toolisto

    such a long and detailed review to put 1 star, my guess is who reviewed this feels guilty to enjoy Riff Raff for no logical reason #HATERS

  • throwupKid

    too much cum in your ears clean them and and listen again, faggot

  • Bullshit review

    Btmoney I have a question, did you actually listen to the album or are you just being a butthurt bitch like Jesse???

  • Bullshit review

    If I would've listened to yo bitch ass I wouldn't be riff raff! Riff! Fuck dx

  • Bullshit review

    I've listened to yeezus twice and this already like 7 times. And yeezus get 4.5? No one said riff is trying to be lyrical, he is himself and has fun and is making money. The music on this album is unlike any out there. Very enjoyable. Dumas review. Jesse you fucking suck

  • Daddy

    After seeing how hard hiphopdx hated on his album i really wanna buy it now, not just hear it but buy it. if this lame ass hates it it must be dope . Negative conotations in your article : He has snuck , and somehow become a ubiquitous figure , Breaking every possible rule , it is difficult to even describe who or what he is, to the dismay of , its hard to ascertain , starved for attention , goofing off , polarizing , one can only help but wonder why , Without much regard for , empty boasts , Is this his art, While he likely hasnt , nonsensical , simplistic , ridiculously ,being tested ,as Riff Raff toys with the limits of their patience, Racist . Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwk. Thats only the first 3 paragraphs theirs 3 to go. SEE all the negative conotations in the words in this Review. Wow What a fuckin hater Jesse Fairfax . You are Weak and A Hater & You should go werk for FOX news with your hatchet man style of reporting.

  • BS review

    First let me say I have not posted a comment on hear in years. I've followed hiphopdx for years. A huge hip hop fan of all sorts. I know all the underground acts eat ect..but I must say this is the worst review this site has ever done. Besides yeezus. I'll take this over yeezus andyday and I love Kanye.but this review makes me fuckin sick. 1 star? Did you LISTEN or did you already plan on giving it a one before listening? One of the most enjoyable albums of the year. Introducing the icon, Kokayne , Versace Python lava glaciers ect ect..all enjoyable, and riff actually stays humble on some tracks and covers all types of genres. Fuck this site this is some bullshite. 5 just to balance out this horrible review

  • what the actual fuck?

    I'm sorry but you Riff Raff dickriders must be crackheads on the low or something. Did he pay you 5 dollars, a Junior Whopper, and a dimebag just to get you to listen to his album? The reviewer hit the nail on the fucking head. Neon Icon reeks of a gimmicky atmosphere. 1/5

  • R.Pgh

    Do people really listen to this shit?

  • fools

    5/5 shit doesn't deserve a 1 wtf?

  • zachos

    Riff raff is just a rip off houston rapper. He sounds like he's trying to imitate dsr everytime he rhymes. whack as shit.

  • Kobe Montana

    Wow. 1 Star? Really? I think Jody got under someone's skin at DX hahaha

  • Kaze Da Finest

    BULLshyt review!!! Dude said he's not trying to be a "rapper" He just wants to make music and have fun.... its not an ambiguous angle...its obtuse... and this is suppose to be a music review

  • hennyosu

    SMH YOU ALL DROPPED THE BALL. I usually agree with dx but are you serious? You rate this lower than 2 chainz shit? Yall fucked up this one

  • Mike P

    Riff Raff isnt all bad, and being on a label with a producer like Diplo doesnt hurt either. My biggest problem with Neon Icon is the hype up, the build up, the amount of guests announced and pretty much promised by Riff Raff himself and then the album has 2 or 3 guests and is not only short, but consists of some songs we've already heard. I will say that Riff Raff knows quality production, and they pay top dollar for their beats, some of his lines are catchy but he could have done so much better than this.

  • william brown

    WHAAAAT!?...SHADES DOWN BROS...riff raff is fun...do you like fun...hiphopdx is too serious...not fun...i like fun...i like neon...i like riff raff...c'mon over here for fun...for giggles...http://telepathsatnight.blogspot.ca/2014/06/the-white-eddie-murphy.html

  • Supa Fly

    Instant Classic! Easily better than Illmatic.

  • guy

    hiphopDX, why dont you review MICHAEL JACKSONS XSCAPE album? you guys are racist? only cause MJ was white in the end? this page is horrible, hiphopdx is pussyDX. boycotting the king of pop. rofl

  • Anonymous

    His image is a bit much, but that Hologram Panda mixtape is kinda nice... Always was a fan of his artwork. I'd buy the album just for that tshirt with the dog on it.

  • Anonymous

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  • floyd

    Are you freaking serious? Yes he doesnt have the best raps and flow, but he makes sick music. This album is at least a 3.5. It bumps hard and is better than most commercial shit out there. The production is banging. I'll be bumping this all summer.


    James Franco was more entertaining as a Riff Raff rip-off than the genuine article as far as I'm concerned.

  • Anonymous

    There is no cleverness here. You can't help but wonder that he does take himself seriously to some level. I don't understand how he got a pass really.

  • d-block

    this aint even out till the 26th june how they got a review already? 1 star is harsh the tracks I heard have been good

  • word

    The review section of DX is the only shit that makes sense anymore. Applaud this.

  • BTMoney

    I hate this guy so much, I usually don't mind parodies, I'm cool with Lil B, but this guy is just too much.

  • VmKillAh

    Fuck you HHDX for your bullshit reviews. 5 stars

  • TheoTheGreat

    Completely disagree with this review. This is a fun album that's great for the summer and full of bangers. Underground hip-hop fucbois need to stop getting offended by the unique style Riff Raff comes with. Yeah, he's not lyrical like a Kendrick or Black Thought but he's not trying to be. Let the man do his thing. Riff!

    • theothegroupie

      theo must be in riff raffs camp to be reviewing this piece of shit as highly as he is lol fuck outta here

    • TheoTheGreat

      Have you listened to the album? It sounds like nothing else out. If he's so bad then why do producers like Harry Fraud, Diplo, Alchemist, DJ Mustard - and artists like Drake & Bronson fuc with him? Not saying dude is all that, just saying I appreciate him bringing something different. People are taking the hate to whole new level with him and need to stop being so serious.

    • Anonymous

      He's not Black Thought? Bruh, he's competing with the likes of Soulja Boy. "Unique style"...what, fuckboy style is unique?

  • MistahMistah

    It jams he's making money so let it be he's just not lyrical but he has some of the best hooks and choruses

  • Anonymous

    5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

  • Fuck Jesse Fairfax

    Are you fucking kidding me you little bitch? The production alone is 3 stars you cocksucking moron. This is the worst fucking review on this site full of shit reviews. This review is bad karma, you will probably get into an accident. You didn't even mention that the first track, Introducing The Icon, bangs harder than your mom. This review just talks shit like a butthurt lil bitch. Fuck this. Was Riff Raff supposed to change up his style for his debut? Eat a dick

    • "Hater"

      The production alone is worth 3 stars!? Give me a break. You must have done production on this schlock to believe that horsesh*t. Wow. Terrible.

    • fuck theo

      youre stupid. keep sucking riff raff and try to leave your trailer park once in a while.

    • TheoTheGreat

      completely agree, this is a biased review by an obvious Riff Raff hater. This is a quality album with top-notch production - maybe not a hip-hop classic, but much better than most of the garbage being put out today. Riff Raff seems to annoy a lot of people for doing something different, and I don't understand it. "Riff!"

    • Fuck Jesse Fairfax

      Yeah I bought it off Pirate Bay. And my comment sounds more intelligent than this review. Most biased piece of shit I've ever read in my life.

    • Anonymous

      You sound intelligent.

    • j

      Lol, you bought it