50 Cent - Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win

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50 Cent's "Animal Ambition" is marred by its own limitations and obsessive portrayal of self-worth amid a recitation of "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" buzzwords.

50 Cent wants you to know he’s still rich and successful, perhaps more than any other rapper with pedigree—even Jay Z, and that’s saying something. His Animal Ambition raps are solely self-serving as a dissertation on the depths of his prosperity. That isn’t to say tales of opulence can’t also be gratifying for a listener (sometimes as a semi-vicarious sensory experience), but Curtis Jackson is clearly suffering from one of the harsher cases of “affluenza” in Rap, one that warrants about as much interest as Nasdaq ticker tape in a Third World country; despite the title, his fifth studio album is far from ambitious. This release was essentially pitched as a concept album on how wealth alters perception and inspires envy, and though it's possible to follow this loose narrative, the execution of this idea is thoroughly botched. In truth, this wouldn’t be so difficult to stomach if he wasn’t still rapping (both lyrically and contextually) like it’s 2004. Animal Ambition is a drastically underperformed gut punch marred by its own limitations and its obsessive portrayal of self-worth amid a recitation of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ buzzwords.

From the very start, 50 prefaces the album with a concise summation of his grand thesis: “Rich as a mutherfucka, and ain’t much changed.” Unfortunately, that stagnation of character and the shallowness with which that character is examined is what makes Animal Ambition a flat out bore. Mere moments later he admits, “Strap under my pillow, I done went legit / I’m not supposed to do this shit, but I forget,” in a hazy confession of identity confusion, yet he goes on to jaw like a street rapper in a business suit rapping about MAC-10s to analysts in a Fortune 500 company conference room for the duration. He wants so badly to simultaneously endorse being a savvy entrepreneur and business tycoon with a street image, but one does not lend itself to the other realistically. These divergent ideals seem to accurately reflect the difficulty in bridging the gap between who you are and who you once were: one would imagine even 50 himself must recognize the dilemma this creates. Still, he raps with impunity, as if this duality of character isn’t completely ridiculous, and it leads to a disjointed, illogical experience.

Animal Ambition’s promotional rollout seemed to foreshadow the helter-skelter craftsmanship of this somewhat shoddily assembled record. In February, 50 Cent parted ways with longtime labels Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope in an inevitable play that marked the end of a tumultuous five-year album drought littered with internal skirmishes and public uneasiness, and he announced his release date the same day. March would see the launch of a series of weekly releases extending through May where every single record on the album was revealed with the sole exception of the title track. (This isn’t exactly a new marketing strategy per se, but it has never been used in this fashion before. The G.O.O.D. Fridays rollout was similar but it didn't parade out every single song on the album prior to the official release.) In spurts, it’s more difficult to qualify how truly self-absorbed and uninspired Animal Ambition is, but when collected for the release it’s impossible to overlook how trite the writing is, how goofily its dual narrative unfolds, and how little is actually left to be said. This isn’t the album we were promised: one that examines prosperity from the lens of a conscious outsider struck with jealousy, and how to cope with that enmity. No, this Animal Ambition is much more superficial than that; 50 Cent just wants you to know he’s still rich and successful...under whatever pretenses necessary.  

When listening to this record, there isn’t much to enjoy or appreciate. It’s a struggle to sit through, partly because it reads like the ramblings of an ex-genius turned affectless braggart, but mostly because it’s monotonous and unimaginative. Even Animal Ambition’s brightest spots are all simply replicas of 50’s duller past work. The heavily-assisted “Chase the Paper” features guest appearances from Prodigy, Styles P, and G-Unit signee Kidd Kidd, and it’s moderately soulful, but it is forgettable upon a third listen. The Jadakiss duet, “Irregular Heartbeat,” is both nostalgic and ironic given the emcees’ rocky history, and it’s fun to imagine that the two rappers are subliminally dissing one another. 50 whispers in a murmur as if not to startle you or to creep up on you, and it’s only half effective. ‘Kiss raps circles around 50 though with unrelenting assonance: “Trying to back peddle and stumble on the curve / You starin’ at the ground, you mumblin’ your words / Literally I can see your heart pumpin’ through your shirt / Pussy your whole life, you always been a bird / Scared for so long it’s all up in your nerves / Screw 9-1-1, you probably call up the reserves / And I’m killin’ you first, if we ever do a purge / And you know what it is, kid, whenever we emerge,” it’s the best rapping on the entire project. The title track, produced by Swiff D (of ScHoolboy Q’s “Studio” fame), is the most fascinating moment of the LP, riddled with tribal drum progressions and 50’s best sing-songy raps, but it is a gem amongst duds. 50 Cent’s Animal Ambition is a painstakingly wearisome listen.

None of this is to say 50 Cent isn’t capable of still generating compelling raps, it’s just that there isn’t anything new left to rap about in his universe. It feels like he’s rapping now with the sole purpose of telling us just how prosperous he’s become, and without any true sense of direction, that grows stale. At the same time, he wants very badly to be the 50 Cent of old—he wants us to love him like we loved ‘Pac, remember? For that, he needs a bit more substance. Right now, he offers nothing more than vapidity. “I wanna see what life is like from the mountain top,” he raps in “Winners Circle.” Okay, we get it. What else?


  • Di

    I slept on this album didn't even preview it. Watched Power to hear the snippets. Yea I slept on it, I went ahead and checked it out. Hands down a sleeper. One of favs now and will be in my rotation as one of the classic street bangers that you can let it play nonstop,nonskip.

  • CW

    Better than the last couple of attempts from 50, but still nowhere near the days of GRODT


    50 Cent fell off alongtime ago . He had 1 good album and that was his first album . His rap style is boring and flow is boring and rhymes are boring , his subject matter is boring and lame and corny . We don't wanna hear you rap about how rich you are and how many fancy bitches you have . That shit is played out and DEAD ALREADY

    • Anonymous

      Yeah of course you've listened to all his albums, sounds to me that you skim through songs and claim you've listened to them. Stop hating, haters need to stop trying to degrade others. It's pathetic



  • Anonymous

    The review makes you not want to buy the album, but the lyrics 50 uses is always misunderstood, keep listening to it and you understand the actual hard work he puts into it, this album was good but people say it's not because it's not "the old fif" if rappers stay the same all the way through their careers then you's will start saying "I'm sick of hearing the same old shit" There's just no pleasing anyone. Great album

  • Because The Internet

    Actually this was a great project. This gets me hyped for SKI..

  • Anonymous

    Who writes these reviews? Almost made me not buy the album. Shit. Animal Ambition is fire! Welcome back Fif.

    • AR

      I guess to each his own, but I wasn't feelin this at all. Curtis is damn near 40 years old making a 25 year old rap album and on top of that he sounds flat and uninspired. He really shouldn't even drop Street King Immortal. I think he should just let the shit go and continue to be a business man.

  • Rick Ross

    Career's over it's only so long fake thugs can pretend.

  • Anonymous

    Street King Immortal Tracklist: 1. Street King Immortal feat. Lloyd Banks 2. Champions feat. Eminem 3. Black Magic 4. Lighters feat. Chris Brown 5. Popped Off 6. The Psycho feat. Dr Dre 7. Ride Out 8. Stimulate 9. Under Pressure feat. Kendrick Lamar 10. Die Hard feat. Eminem Dr. Dre 11. True Love feat. Rihanna 12. Hip Hop 13. Legacy feat. Jon Connor 14. Insult 2 Injury 15. Take The World 16. The Massacre Bonus Tracks: 1. My Life feat. Eminem Adam Levine 2. First Date feat. Too Short 3. Major Distribution feat. Snoop Dogg Young Jeezy 4. New Day feat. Dr. Dre Alicia Keys 5. We Up feat. Kendrick Lamar

  • Anonymous

    Awesome album looking forward for Street King Immortal

  • Michael Willis

    I dont agree with Sheldon at all. I've listened to the album and I was actually waiting on it to get stale or hear something corny, but I think 50 delivered. I aint saying its a classic but for 50 this is his best work since "The Massacre" in my opinion.





    • D@BEAST


  • Anonymous

    50 coming back with that street shit again. about damn time

  • Anonymous

    I agree..a decent album that does sounds outdated but i'm sure with the g-unit reunion in place all of them will be putting out hot fresh new music soon enough....

  • Because The Internet

    Man this shit is hot fire..DX fuckin' up real talk..

  • Fred Beats

    I'm going to give this album a listen If I know 50 like I do it shouldn't be that bad...anyway even though I haven't heard the project as a whole I think this article was a bit harsh and by the avg rating at the top other ppl think so as well. People go for this type of music these days anyway

  • Anonymous

    this would have been a better album if it came out 8 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    nice piece of work

  • Deerugs

    This album feels old and dated.

  • Bev

    This is really a nice CD, the Artist you have on your CD is wonderful, just wanted to let you know that

  • wgtmcc

    Did you listen to the record?

  • Jeff/drama

    Jeff Drama i could not even get threw one of his videos as i thought he is rich now and has nothing to talk about except that

  • Napoleon Hill

    If you're a 50 fan, you'll be satisfied. If you're a 50 hater, you hate anything he does anyways so you'll probably hate this. If you're an unbiased authentic fan of rap, then you'll find this album is about 40% bangable and 60% corny.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that hating ass nigga he can sell without being petty by talking shit bout somebody its his mo

  • ThaHipHopHead

    The problem with you listeners is that you are expecting a saviour. You are also (without even knowing it) comparing his album to today's hip hop sound. Hip Hop ain't the same any more. The people reviewing the shit probably fuck with these other experimental hip hop artists and have lost their passion for the "50 sound". He hasn't fell off. The album is a good comeback project. Yeah he doesn't have "the same drive that he had years ago". But what drive was that? It was the drive where all your friends was bumping his shit and because they ain't bumping it anymore (for whatever reason), you sheep's can't be bothered to have your own opinion.

  • Shabazz

    Anyone who expected a classic album is an idiot. I for one am not surprised by 50's album its what I expected. A decent average album to get his name poppin in the rap game again...mission accomplished!!! I found the album to be hard and gritty with a few club joints or radio songs. 50 will never ever outdue his past success get over it. Enjoy his work and remember why you became a fan not for his lyrics or substance

  • Anonymous

    another flop unfortunetly.... he doesn't have the same drive he had years ago. its all bullshit abc rap

  • Anonymous

    album sounds good

  • Mr. Tibbs

    This album is 50's Magna Carter, just not as good as Jay's. I predict 50 will put out 4 projects this year and all of them will be meh.

  • wgtmcc

    He is a good MC who does good hip hop. Lets just enjoy it stop trying to make it a thing where he is on top because he isn't. Which I have not heard say he was going to be. He said he does music cause he like to.


    It is a good record never going to rekindle what he had. He also let the entire record less 3 songs before the record comes out. So to compare record sales to artist that did not do that model is wrong. Also can we please stop with the Rick Ross comparison. 50 is an icon in the industry Rick Ross is just another rapper. Rick Ross sold a total of 3 million records. 50 sold more in 3 weeks for Get Rich or Die trying. This is just a record for 50 to do his music. Street King Immortal and the G unit project is coming and they will be good.

  • Anonymous

    2 out of 5? hhdx was too generous. The way i see it Curtis owes them -100

  • Anonymous

    really like this album

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic album.

  • Truth

    50 Cent is a good rapper, but let's ask the real question here: Is 50 Cent relevant in Hip-Hop anymore? As figure, mogul, and symbol, yes. As an artist and rapper, no. He's still widely known and remembered, but let's just be honest - his peak was in the past. How can you guys confidentially state that 50 Cent "is on top again" when his recent albums, songs, and features are barely getting talked about and listened to outside of the Internet? 50 Cent's career skyrocketed massively between 2003 and 2005. I don't think that 50 Cent will ever be as relevant as the majorly popular hip hop artist in the forefront again because the hip hop game has changed drastically over time, and natural selection proved that he wasn't fit for the soon-to-become disastrous musical climate as of 2007. Furthermore, let's just stop deluding ourselves with favorable bias and think realistically.

  • WuK

    Decent album, obviously not as good as GRODT but nothing he puts out ever will be but this has plenty of good tracks, some decent features other than kidd kidd who it just gets tiresome to listen to. All in all a good album though , its only hype for SKI anyway so..

  • Jon

    Ok album defo mixtape than album tho 3/5

  • Anonymous

    album of the year so far

  • Ricky Rozay

    mastermind = 179k 1st week with 0 promo aa = 35k 1st week with 10 singles Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • niggaiondatrigga

    hhdx stop writing reviews u white ass fags. lord pls stop them

  • Anonymous

    dope album. but more of a mixtape. Cant wait to see what he does with street king immortal

  • Khalil smith

    It was pretty good I felt like 50 could have did better

  • Anonymous

    This album is dope as hell IMO

  • Mikebuddy

    This album is less than nothing. I should rate it 1/5 or less even. Am a big fif fan but am left disappointed after hearing this album. Is he kidding me, is this a joke like some sort of mix tape b4 the real deal? Beats are 3rd grade. Rap sounds amateur except for Kidd Kidd. What ever happened to getting kanye, cool n Dre, all the good producers to work on this. Rihanna, Chris Brown,etc for sketchy hooks. This album is sad and should be put up in funeral homes.

  • solo

    Beats are tight. LYRICS are on point. Original. Compared to mainstream its a 5.0. Only thing missing was G-Unit features. He should add their verses, RE-RELEASE a 2nd version and that would satisfy the fans... REAL hip-hop Iis back!

    • mikebuddy

      You r delusional. If u ever call it 5. Then GKMC should be an improper fraction then. Like 10/5.

    • DumAssNig

      I'll show you classic when I'm whopping your momz from behind. Go back to listening to ICP you little fart.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit this whole review is head over heels better than anything I've read on here. I'm not referring to the album, i could care less about it. But this guy Sheldon should be your only writer.

  • Anonymous

    "warrants about as much interest as Nasdaq ticker tape in a Third World country" . The writing is improving on this site. Original and concise analogy. And amusing. Well done.

  • ThraxxMontana

    All i'm going to say is, if you listen to production over lyrics then you need to GTFOH If you say 50 fell off, kill yourself. Your fav rapper wishes he was 50 cent rich, this is that ride around with a pack, through your trap motivating hunger music. idgaf what anybody says Fif forfronted this new gen gangsta music and this shows he still has hate even when mf's told him to switch back to this style cause the mogul side of him was "fu-fu" in peoples eyes..end of the day ppl are never satisfied with music they just critique it like females instead of enjoying it. Freebase was cool but better than this?? WTF next thing is ppl gonna say No Label 2 the best album of the year XD lmao

    • Anonymous

      Fuck u dude. U r one of those that killed hip hop. U probably bough Nelly cds and cAlled them rap albums.

  • S Mogul

    DX is losing all their credibility with these bullshit reviews. This album wasn't his best, but far from his worst. If we're comparing it with what's out now, its 4/5. Only issue was the production was dated, but 50 delivered.

  • Benjy45

    It is a classic, is this editor serious he obviously doesn't undestand Hip Hop, he probably would give Rick Ross 5 stars when he rapping about shit he ain't about

  • Ricky Rozay

    mastermind = 179k 1st week with 0 promo aa = 35k 1st week with 10 hit singles Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • f

    major fail, but it ain't like we could expect something else from the 2014 50 cent

  • Anonymous

    The main problem I have with this album is too much Kidd Kidd. I just don't think he's that good to be featured on so many tracks.

  • Ayo

    solid. releasing every song as a single killed him.

  • Anonymous

    Yall niggaz dont know what u sayin bout 50 homie live what he rap bout i already kno your fav rapper only bout that life in the studio and on tv u playin boy i get u hit real quick real talk fuck around get your chain took who else bout that life meek mmg young money really studio gangstas. sayin nigga need interscope.they need him 50 the reason u make a mixtape bitch.. 50 put out that commericial shit wen he ready for u corny niggaz right now he fuckin with the streets. DONT WORRY BOUT IT!!!! YOUR FAV RAPPER STILL SCARED OF 50 Runnin of stage LOL niggas killed your man u aint go get em back why u aint get around to that !!! That was meant for a nigga ....ANIMAl AMBITION

  • ehoq1121

    Interesting & entertaining from beginning to end!

  • Mactearz

    This is 50 cent's third best album of his career. Based on dx rating I see that they don't no nothing about dope musdic anymore! 5 star album- Animal ambition.

  • Anonymous

    Haha they gave 2 Chainz' Free Base EP a 4 and this a 2...tells you everything you need to know about dx SMH

  • Anonymous

    Are you fucking kidding me?this album is nothing less than a 4,this reviewer is nothing but a pure hater!FOH

  • blkviper

    50 has never moved me, yeah he's talented but just not for me. But this just might be the drop of the year! I listened to the whole thing 4 times this morning without skipping past any track, it's that hot! 5Dope

  • Anonymous

    this is a great 50 cent album this reviewer is on some other shit

  • oldirtynoonan

    Terrible album!

  • derrick

    whoever did this review I'm sure never sold a fuckin record. so how u gonna talk shit?

  • Anonymous

    2/5 - hhdx you jokin. Not perfect but 4/5 is at it!

  • tracerone

    Epic Fail! He should've stayed with Shady/Aftermath.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this review man!!! 50 IS RICH so if he wants to rap about it then let him do so and go blast all them fake ass not rich rappers talking about they rich on there albums... This nigga just mad he's not 50!! 1st yall niggas fucked up Tech N9ne's review now 50! Fuck HipHopDX or should I say PopHopDX!!

  • bim,holr

    why dont u review MICHAEL JACKSONs XSCAPE album? hiphopDX is racist. only cause MJ was white in the end, they boycott him. stupid page.

  • Shame on you

    Oh now you're ciritsizing rappers about "substance" and "messaging" huh? Why haven't we heard you criticize 90% of mainstream so called "artists" that rap about absolutely NOTHING, just a cool beat with a dope hook and idiots like you dance to. This review is bias to say the least, and it just shows how the industry cocksuckers turn their backs on you when you leave the majors. This kind of mentality is the reason independent artists never sell shit. Hate 50 all you want, but if you co-sign this review then you're either blind to how these suckers rate albums or you just have no moral compass. Ending this with two simple questions : Who the FUCK is Sheldon Pearce? What qualifies him to review albums?


      FUCK ALL THREE OF YOU BITCH ASS, NO PUSSY GETTING NIGGAS. I NEVER REALIZED HOW DETACHED YOUNG PEOPLE ARE FROM REALITY. Has it ever crossed your mind that the reviewer is giving his personal opinion and not "hating"? God, that is by far the most overused word in the ebonic language. If I dislike something, it's not because I'm a fucking hater, I just don't fucking like it. PERIOD. That being said, I might be one of the few people on this comment section that actually was bored by Animal Ambition. I just thought the whole thing was tedious and damn near put me to sleep. I can get used to the production, which is rather catchy, but 50 has nothing else to talk about except his money and being a fake thug. I guess when you've been in the business as long as he has, that's pretty much what you have to go on. Also, once you get into a minute of a song, it's fairly predictable as to what the overall concept might be about: killing, shooting, women, money, hustling, etc. This is a lane that 50 knows all too well and he's proudly selling & sticking to. Unfortunately, most fans aren't buying it.

    • Anonymous

      Yup that's some real shit you just said.. Fuck this bitch ass review!!

    • foekist

      Well said. I agree 100! I was actually really surprised when I read the reviewers rating for this cd. This is hands down 50's best release in a long time. From the singles' cover work... it's solid. I liked and recommend you give it a listen and be the judge of it yourself. If people took as much time out to congratulate as they do hate- what a wonderful world we'd be living in!

  • Anonymous

    feeling this album

  • curtis

    This album deserves more than what its given to it..I mean cmon t0 cent one was the greatest rapper the most succeful artist.. I hope he returns now that g unit return things will change .. and this album is classic and a quality !!.. thats a quality album .. 2out of 5 ? Why ?? People arent giving him a chance man !!

    • Anonymous

      Dumbass! 50 Cent is an average rapper who had the marketing machine iinterscope behind him. Yiu dont know nothing about hiphop. 10 albums of 50 cent can fuck with 1 song of ready to die or illmatic. So fuck of with your 50 cent

  • diana bates

    y 50 cent I like that video and the lion is badassClM

  • Makaveli

    I'm 2pacs #1 fan, when u master all PAC shit u gotta start listenin too other shit, who else is rich n very well known in the rap game but still keeps it thug style. He is the voice of the street today, watch his summerjam 2014 set. He's the boss of the game. R.i.p 2PAC Big Ups to 50 "we ain't cut from the same cloth, we into different shit, I want the bread, you want the bitch" Animal Ambition 5/5 .

    • Anonymous

      pac never said he was in a gang or that he sold drugs look at his interviews lil nigga. idk y u run ya mouth wen u aint even know pac

    • Anonymous

      Pac was a fraud. He played his gangsta role and was never in a gang or sold drugs. Yes he shoot at 2 undercovers police officers for self protection but thats it. He was just as gangsa as once nas and mobb deep were

  • JJ

    If you know real rap you know this is a GO!

  • Smelly Finger

    I've been a 50 hater since he came at Jada and Joe..... but this album is surely better that 2 stars... solid 4... good music on this album... this will be why my ears gave 50 a second chance

  • 50 Cents Animal Ambition Proves Hip-H

    Do fans still care about 50 Cent? Five years ago, with the commercial flop Before I Self Destruct selling a shockingly low 159,700 copies in the first week, it seemed like they didnt. 50 saw a gradual decline in his popularity after he took an L from Kanye West during their competitive album showdown between Curtis and Graduation in 2007. He saw his spot at the top of the hip-hop food chain in jeopardy, leaving him no choice but to reevaluate how to maintain his staying power. So, the G-Unit general tapped into his hustlers ambition and focused on building his empire. From Self Destruct on, Fiddy took a step back from music, made lucrative business deals and became known for his quotes rather than his chart-topping songs. But these days, 50 feels invigorated musically once again. Theres a lot to be said about him in recent months: leaving Interscope, a viral marketing strategy for his new album, G-Unit reuniting at Summer Jam 2014. On Animal Ambition, his fifth studio LP and first indie release, 50 Cent is trying hard to be musically relevant again. The Queens rapper wants to prove that the game still needs him. The album is a welcomed return for 50, who sounds like his hiatus didnt affect his ability to create his signature street records. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he addressed his low sale predictions and the true intentions of Animal Ambition. I cant do good. In my head, what [is] good is because of the success Ive had in the past, thats so much lower. Ive done so much that having the music that makes people enjoy themselves, that actually means something at the moment, is the goal. 50s been on track. Animal Ambition is an attempted return to form, where he tapped into familiar topics of gangsta and street with ferocity. While 50 had promotional singles like Major Distribution and We Up that sparked curiosity, he fed fans a large majority of Animal Ambition to generate some buzz. For the most part, it worked. Hold On is intoxicating and filled with menace, reliving shades of the old 50 from his earlier output. Irregular Heartbeat, which features Jadakiss and G-Units newest signee, Kidd Kidd, captures the cold-hearted streets of NY through storytelling lyrics. The gritty realm 50 has dominated is also found in the title track, where hes just as entertaining as the lion roars and elephant trumpets on the Swiff D production. He spits, Got the eye of the tiger, Im on that animal shit/I got the heart of a lion and the looks of an elephant/Damn scared of rats, but Im ready for anything/Its the unit, my nigga, take a look at my face. But as 50 once ruled hip-hop with his hit-making abilities and charismatic flair, his struggles are found in delivering an LP that surpasses best-sellers Get Rich Or Die Tryin and The Massacre. Animal Ambitions one track every week definitely brought the attention back to him, however, thrown together as a full-length and there are plenty of holes that are hard to overlook. Take his attempts at radio-friendly hits with Twisted and Smoke, where he sounds unmotivated to create a better ladies anthem and leaves his core fans wishing for something less predictable. Even more suspect is Winners Circle, meant to be the theme song to feeling like youre on top of the world but is instead filled with lines that just dont inspire: I got that disease ambition, success is the cure/They wanna win, I gotta win, I sell the shit pure. 50 Cent does, however, have a trusted group of producers hes been working with throughout his career. His ear for setting the right tone for all his projects has always been something hes good at. Some of the beats on Animal Ambition are a few years old, with the earliest dating back to 2008. Seattle veteran Jake One steals the show with dark, atmospheric production found on The Funeral that makes 50 thrive in his comfort zone. Additionally, Ty Fyffes Chase The Paper and Nascent and QBs Flip On You are cold, rider music thatll age well in his catalog. Animal Ambition exchanges the expensive roster of Interscope talent for the homies around the block that bring the same quality, if not better. 50 Cents credibility as a viable solo artist is still being tested every day. In a rare occasion for Fif, Animal Ambition has got everyone back on the 50 bandwagon and rooting for the second wind in his career. Now, with talks of a G-Unit album later this year, 50 Cent is on the fast-track to becoming the unstoppable force he once was. All of this only means 50 has to push even harder to elevate his status to that level, and with Animal Ambition, he shows hes ready to put in the work.Eric Diep damn good review

  • Anonymous

    2 stars on dx xl on xxl ill go with xxl review

  • G-G-G-G-G

    As pretentious as this reviewer comes off, I'd have to agree with him to the fullest. The album is bland, stale, and flat out boring. It's as if 50 Cent went into a time machine and tried to recapture his Get Rich or Die Trying days. It's absolute garbage and you peons know it. Let's face it, the money has made him lose his focus and hunger. And as one one of the few people who actually agree with the rating, these 50 dickriders clearly won't stand for it. Well, I have a question for you: Why aren't you supporting your boy Fif by buying the physical album instead of downloading it for free? I know this is a new digital age and everything, but even an artists' most LOYAL fanbase goes and cops the album off the shelves. From what I heard, AA is estimated to sell 35k copies in the first week. That's sad, not to mention a far cry from 11 years ago when he debuted.

  • Ronald

    I can't fuckin believe how bad the production is. Wtf 50!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is a harsh review, this critic must really hate 50. Much better album than he's put out in a while. Even non 50 fans would have trouble arguing that- Hater.

  • Ebro

    What a horrible review. 50 dropped the best album in his catalog since The Massacre. The first album in years that I can listen to without skipping a track! This is the first album since The Carter 3 that I actually bought. BTW XXL gave it the highest score- XXL.

  • Deniro

    50 Cent is doing what we as fans want. That mix of hard New York street music & balance of club friendly melodies, makes this a must have in today's play list. This album is straight fire.

  • WOOD

    Alright, so I haven't heard the album. I heard a few tracks...but, 2 stars? DAMN. I was hoping to hear a banging album that's been pushed back year after year. There must have been a reason why interscope cut ties with 50. If you look at interscope's lineup of artists (Eminem, Dre, Kendrick, Schoolboy Q) its obvious they know what they are doing. I'll give 50 a chance and see whats up with this album...but, 2 stars??

  • Wattz

    Best 50 cent album in 9 years.

  • owlcove

    This joint is tight, how the fuck you goin' to give it a 2 out of 5!

  • N8N

    G-G-G-U-NOT!!!!!! GAME OVER!

  • ck

    The album is amazing, and it's just a warming for SKI

  • Anonymous

    How Iggy Azalea, 2 Chainz and Future received better ratings than this is beyond me. Album's a banger.

  • MrManz

    I liked this album more than I expected to, I don't know whether or not it is because I wasn't expecting 50 to do a new album release since I'm in the UK, less promo over here. But yeah, I admit it isn't a classic, but it is going at a separate angle like Kanye's Yeezus, or even Jay's MCHG with the beats being the main strong point. However for them albums in comparison to what the artists have been known to do; 50, Jay-Z and Kanye have all fallen weak in terms of rap, but not production. Not sure if they are getting bored of releasing the same stuff and want to create something. Personally the albums I have named are each reaching out to become more artsy. Whether that is good or bad for the future we will find out, oh and 50 said ther will be a new G-unit album in November.

  • BOY

    50 has had his time the first cd get rich or die trying classic the second cd sold only because the public was looking for that same type gangsta club bangers and 50 gave us his Ja Rule type sing rap style , its over 50 you not that hungery rapper and you not gangsta you coperate now , Stop hating on everybody thats hot i look at rap as entertainment and Wayne is blazing hot everything he touch!!!!

  • DJ PeeFunk

    Nice CD I rock some of his songs on www.djpeefunk.com online radio


    G-Unot has been buried for years. Game killed them and none of them (especially 50) have been the same since. Now, while 50 starts giving away albums for free and they still flop, Game is on the West coast kickin the shit out of 50's friend 40 Glocc,LOL! #G UNOT

    • ThraxxMontana

      Didnt the game flop twice as hard?? i swear he did since he coolin with ymcmb lmfao only thing game got is California Republic and The Documentary, I would never, NEVER drop money on a game album anymore lol

  • Ja Rule Army

    ja rule is real think about it for all you 50 dick riders how much respect does 50 got in the hood if he got gunned down in front of his crib it wasnt a warning he was suppose to die....he snitched on murder inc think about it cause he got the FEDS involved hes a bitch! for all you suburban white boys gunit ridin punks these are the faces put music aside...after 50 got shot he said "god put me here for a real reason" all that nigga does is take shots at hot industry niggas such as ja hes jealous hahaha

  • Shuttaaman

    Once again that bitch SHELDON PEARCE oh im sorry Shelly pearce comes with stupid ass review to get clicks.

  • Anonymous

    This era is pushed by production and not lyrics.that's why garbage like most the south sell.50 can't get on top with half a weak production.50 cent should go back to rape ya fav artist tracks cuz alot of trash rapper got good beats and use for a mixtape like the old days

  • stacy gilyard

    Im going to give him 5stars for the simple. Fact that he started from the bottom and now he's here.also he's a husler & he's very smart!!!

  • Anonymous

    "but regardless he makes much more money out the music industry" Not more than Dre, Diddy, and countless other real power players in the TV/movie industries.

  • Truth

    In all the discussion about 50 Cent's relevance to the Game, the only thing that has been realized is how IRRELEVANT blogs and Music Critics actually are .. True Art from the few True Artists that remain CAN'T be Reviewed because the person behind the keyboard doesn't have the Credibility to even speak .. Art is Art .. 50 is the KING

    • Anonymous

      The people behind the keyboard are who made this ass clown rich in the first place. You don't have to be an artist to know when music is shit. 50 used to have a pulse in the rap game, but he's more like a washed up prize fighter getting his brains bashed in, refusing to acknowledge he's done for.

  • Ghetto Heisman

    Seriously? I wasn't a real big fan of 50 musically, though I always kinda respected him in the sense that he really earned his spot. He was also really impressive in interviews. Really smart and insightful. I was prepared to be disappointed with this album after seeing all the bad reviews. They are WRONG. This album is actually pretty good. It's not a classic or anything, but it's fun to listen to. I don't what it is. Maybe it's 50's style mastery of just making songs. His flow and the melodies on the album are sick. Most importantly though, the beats on Animal Ambition come from a lot of unknown producers. XXL had a great piece on them and how 50 gave them a chance. Much respect for this and for doing him with this album. He didn't sell out or try to hard to make a hit. Sounds like old Fifty. At least give it all a listen first before bashing it.

  • Anonymous

    the album is wack, all his albums sounds like dumbed down versions of the first.

  • Fuck you Sheldon!!!!!!!

    This album is thight! 4/5

  • RICKY!!!

    If this was any other artists' album, everyone would be saying the production was fine. But, because it's 50, everyone expects much better, it's obvious! If these beats woulda been on, say, Styles P album or some shit, DX woulda given this at least a 3.5. I know it's not all about beats, but that's a big part!

  • Ink B

    Hahahahah Rick Ross beat 50 in terms of critical acclaim and in terms of Sales . Ross ended that snitch ass niggas career .. How you gon have Dre and the white boy back you up at the start of your career and end up like this? this nigga pushin 30k hahahah , my nigga , iggy fucking azalea pushed more units . MMG takin over this game Meek Millz , Gunplay , Wale , Stalley and Ross bout to run this rap shit for the next 20 years .

    • Ricky Rozay

      Ricky worked as a CO for ONE year. Youve never seen thug niggas who hold down day-jobs? He has many real Miami thugs that he still runs around with to vouch for him Sure, some of his rhymes are fabricated, but who the fucks arent? Rap is full of hyperboles and bragging. Tell me a rapper that hasnt made up shit in his rhymes, and Ill call you a liar Bawse!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      20 years ? who in rap dominated 20 years ? its either you die or people move on to the next nigga .. them mmg niggas aint got shit, meek is the only one with some bars, and it aint even all that .. 50 get money anyways, if he blow up again that'll be wavy.. but regardless he makes much more money out the music industry

    • HUH?

      How the fuck you know he beat him in sales, you fuckin' dickblower? It just dropped today, jackass!

  • Anonymous

    A few good tracks but unfortunately I must let you die hard 50 fans know that his career is officially over!

  • Bizzalls

    What I don't understand is, why doesn't 50 for once just get some super producers on his album. I'm not talking about his early shit (I know he had big producers then). Yeah, I get maybe he wants to give up and coming producers a chance, but come on! If the beat isn't FIRE, then you shouldn't be using it! 50 has all the money in the world, he can afford that shit! The production should be ON POINT so he can try to make another classic! Who are these fuckin producers?? C'MON 50!!

  • Sheldon Pearce

    Alright, WTF! That is NOT me who wrote that! That's a fake. But I will say, I personally gave this album a 3.5 but DX wouldn't let that rating slideMy company is pretty wack.

    • Dorian knight

      How the hell u let people tell by what to do if it is your review? I know it's your job, but that says alot

  • Sheldon Pearce

    Yeah I'm the editor who gave that trash a 2. AND WHAT? I'm entitled to my god damned opinion just like the rest of you lowly commoners! You 50 Cent dickriders can all rot in hell for all I care! Bunch of filthy animals clinging to hope that their hero will pull another classic album out of his bullet ridden ass! FUCK OUTTA HERE! 50 Cent is finished and you KNOW it! Don't deny it. I'll still sleep at night knowing I did my job and I'll travel to work the next morning in my new '14 Black Toyota Camry with my bad Colombian bitch riding shotgun smoking a fat ass blunt. Meanwhile you punk ass niggas go & travel to your measly 9 - 5 jobs on some hot ass bus, and eating your cheese sandwiches at lunch that your mom prepared for you. So suck a dick you bunch of losers! I'm out this bitch. PEACE! Journalistic integrity conquers all!! Oh by the way, fuck sales. Mastermind was a slept on classic. You bitch ass niggas wanna give my boy Ross all this fucking support, then dump him like a old pair of tennis shoes. What the fuck is up with you fickle ass clowns any god damn way? Respect a god MC when you it! Well, it's too late because the shoe is officially on the other foot. If I remember correctly, Ross sold ten times the amount 50 Cent is projected to sell before he slid off the charts, thanks to you sorry haters. Yo, on the real, fuck Iggy, fuck 50, fuck John Legend, fuck MJ, fuck Mariah, fuck that happy ass Pharrell, fuck ANYBODY not named Rick Ross. Suck my motherfucking 3 inch cock! I'm out, pussies! 350k > 35

  • Anonymous

    Y'all crying about this M.O.P dropped something a few years back who copped it? Onyx? who copped it?P. Monch? ..........still waiting but y'all copped Kanye's yeezlost bullshit and waiting of that Fag Thug shit.

  • Anonymous

    Rather listen to this then some corny wanna be 'thug' with dress and painted fucking nails

  • Da Truth

    This Shi* got to stop, man the beats is horrible. 50 made a lot of money during his rap career. He will never take it back to his hot 97 funk flex freestyle days, jacking beats and going ham on them. The best song is flip on you. From a TRUE G-UNIT fan he don't care I just bump all his old Shi*. Problem child,50 shot you,Guns for sale etc. Thats what true G-unit fans want to hear, This shi* he bumping now i don't understand i think its just the beats he need harder tracks to bring that shi* back out of him.

  • arsenal

    can't wait for jeezy to drop

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather listen to this than YG album. Atleast he has more things to talk about than bitches and gangbanging. But it has some pretty decent tracks.

  • J Lomax


  • OnlyThatReal

    2 is the perfect rating for this shitty album. only 50 dickriders would rate this above a 3 and out of 185 people who rated this album 119 of them have given it a perfect 5...so what does that tell you?

  • Anonymous

    two stars is correct. wack beats and uninspired rhymes. his worst album to date. needs to focus on kidd kidd and getting g-unit back together. this album is stale, stagnant, superficial, and shallow.

  • Titooo

    HHDX says: "It feels like hes rapping now with the sole purpose of telling us just how prosperous hes become, and without any true sense of direction, that grows stale." "....he needs a bit more substance. Right now, he offers nothing more than vapidity. " And my question is: don't most of the successful (and even unknown) rappers do the same? Why 50 is the only one getting critziced for that when we have dozens of young mcs talking about how rich they are, how many swag they got and how many p*** they can hit? I never liked 50 Cent music and I think those critics are valid, but I don't know why the same critic isn't done to 80% of the hip hop "stars" of nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    This CD tuff I think these editor's dig a little to deep n don't no what they r talking about at all

  • Anonymous

    i've never see hiphopdx hating on someone like that. im a consistant hip hop listener. i know about old school era till now.. studied all of it.. so i say. ANIMAL AMBITION is dope as fuck. i dunno bout anything else. if u r looking for some good music. u should definately buy it

  • Barrydavillain

    So let me get this straight, you kill 50 for rapping about 'how prosperous hes become, and without any true sense of direction' but when Rick Ross or any of these clowns do the same it get 4 1/2 mics? This is why I give up on rap, you fools don't know what you want! Back to my Tribe album...

  • Macho

    There's a couple hot tracks on this album, no way a 2. That track with Trey Songz is real dope.

  • bigo

    His not hungry no more thats what happened he lost it not feeling it no more

  • floyd mayweather

    Bro this album was dope fuvk with pilot hold on and all ya hating ass niggas fuck ya bitch ass faggots.

  • bigo

    Kaka this is kaka what happened he use to do better music

  • Mach 5

    Decent album, nice to have new material from 50. HHDX still biased as hell

  • Anonymous

    album 50cent but and as came realape you cheerk drink that prom bitch dog by fuck bitch bullshit

  • Feng Wei

    3 or 3half not a 2 Sheldon no way

  • lance

    3.5 album no way a 2

  • Anonymous

    3. Or 3.5 no way a 2.tracks range from good to ok to not good..

  • tha OG

    Great Album 5 stars

  • Bosco

    To me the album was boring. No song on the album made me want to listen to it again.

  • former 50 stan

    face it 50 is monotonous. his only good album is get rich after that he started repeating himself with every album. Good rappers evolve but 50 doesnt evolve he keeps repeating himself. I mean do you wanna see every time the same movie over and over again? No!

  • Anonymous

    Actually a pretty dope album IMO. 4/5

  • Animal Ambition

    Sheldon Pearce ur an idiot if you expect 50 to change his lyrics to talk about social issues or heartbreak love songs 50 is a street nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Sheldon Pearce : An Untamed Desire To Hate.

  • ivazancj

    real rap never die, best lyric.

  • Anonymous

    Reviewer is retarded if he thinks this album is 2/5. Its at least 3.5/5 He tired of hearing 50 talking bout money?! EVERY OTHER RAPPER TALKS ABOUT IT.

  • Anonymous

    Im not a huge 50 fan but I was suprised at how nice this album is.. Production and beats are ill.. No pop stars singing hooks.

  • Anonymous

    shits on MMLP2 and better than Curtis

  • Anonymous

    Get Rick > Massacre > Animal Ambition > Curtis > BISD

  • Anonymous

    The writer is a pure hater

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent is a insecure rapper why is he always dissing other people and saying he has so much money? 50 Cent is 40 years old and you would expect that this is a grown man but still is playing cop and robbers. A grown man should bring something positve to the table instead of negativity.

  • JustRetireAlready

    Absolute garbage. This cunt hasn't put out a passable album since GRODT. Egos destroy careers

    • Lawrence

      No way... The Massacre was a very, very good album, so was BISD it's just that no-one cared to listen to it... Why can't something just be "solid" or "pretty good" it's either "classic" or "trash" ?...

  • RZA

    It's a better album than BISD, it's kindof Curtis without all the commercial featurings

  • Anonymous


  • King 50

    Dope ass album right here. Worth every penny.


    Good Job 50 ! 5/5

  • wasd

    drake got a thing or two to teach fiddddy

  • wasd

    The wikipedia artgicle for this album is quotiung this fuck niggas words like ppl actually support what he says LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      Dam sure not a big 50 fan and I think it's dope. As Hopsin said" Maybe is not dope but it's just that everybody else is wack". I def. dig this more then alot of other stuff I've heard lately.

    • Anonymous

      Almost every review has been mixed to poor. Metacritic has it at 52/100 average. HipHopDX's 40/100 isn't far from the consensus. Only die-hard 50 groupie's like this so far.

  • wasd

    we don't like fags, dykes, queers, fuck niggas, craccer white ppl, sheldon pearce,

  • RC

    I'd go back to 2004 in a heartbeat, fuck these soft cats today in 2014. Hip-Hop needs to get back to that rough, rugged & raw NYC shit.

  • TRAP

    Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young rappers out there, they are the blueprint of the real niggas and here is why: - Young Thug was arrested for drug possession; - Young Thug was arrested for reckless driving; - Lil Durk was arrested on a weapons charge; - Lil Durk was arrested with a loaded .40-caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached; - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; - they walk around with illegal weapons; - they go out gunning; - all other rappers rap about being gangster, shooting and killing, but they haven't done it. They ain't no fantasy niggas like: 1. Mobb Deep were 12 / 14 years old when they met at the school of arts. 2. Nas "Escobar" raps about how he is a queens thug, but he wasn't. Lol, nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong. So you sold dope? Nigga, the only thing you sold is records. 3. 2Pac never gangbanged 4. Ice Cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a "G"? 5. Rick Ross is a legend, but not a streetlegend, but a foodlegend. 6. Eminem raps about killing - he hasn't. He says he hates gay people, but did a song with Elton John? 7. Jay Z raps in open letter about sending shots - he hasn't. Nigga, you never hustled, fucking liar! People in Brooklyn tell other stories... 8. 50 Cent a.k.a. Snitchy Cent tries to commercialize himself as a "gangsta", though we both know that even a vegetable is more hood than him. We all know 50 Cent is a snitch! 9. Most of the rappers rap about stuff they haven't done, yet you all support them and say it's real rap. 10. When Rick Ross does it you all claim he is fake and say it's fake rap. This shows that hip hop fans are hypocritical and all these real hip hop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. I never heard your favorite rapper (50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, The Game, etc.) diss Lil Durk or Young Thug, because your favorite rapper knows that they will beat him up. Wack or not Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young niggas in the rap game and that's a fact. They were drug dealers and gang members before rappers. They have street credentials, they are the only rappers who rap about facts. Your favorite rapper wants to be as real as Young Thug or Lil Durk. That's how real niggas do it. They ain't nothing to fuck with!

    • stanucci

      Pay some respect to Gucci The realest

    • moose

      Have you forgotten bout Lil Wayne that Nigga does what he says he'll do he recently got into a fight with Marcos maaidanaa's camp (my nigga is fearless) and he does all his dirty work discreetly "real G's move in silence, like lasagne" plus don't forget his weapons charge in 08, and how he didn't GAF at his deposition - in short Weezy ain't someone to mess with unless u wanna get murked -

  • mactearz

    Album is fire yo. Haters need to eat a phat one and get a life. 50 cent forever

    • Anonymous

      what a shitty parent you are

    • Ryan

      50 cents new album sucks. I'm not a hater, I love 50 cent, but just like my 12 year old son who failed his math test, I must admit my son needs a little help with math, good kid, just terrible at math.

  • Yeezy

    This shit gonna sell 100k at best

  • Pete

    This album is dope. Copped the deluxe version!

  • did rick ross write this review

    this review is fucking stupid, waste of time reading it.

  • XwaitXwhatX

    @Anonymous because certain people like SHELDON PEARCE go with the crowd, people fail to realize #of years in the game =/= greatness, so what jay been here for years if you go to BK they'll tell you jay is nice but not the greatest rapper alive. and he just ran with the torch, if big never died he would've been another mase/jada, /cam

  • Anonymous

    Fair enough, but a little bit puzzled as to why Jay-Z gets away with the exact same issues brought up in this review.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z's music has evolved and grown. Magna Carta Holy Grail sounds nothing like Reasonable Doubt, or Hard Knock Life, musically or topically. 50 Cent is stuck in the same sound.

    • Anonymous

      Because he can rap. They're not even comparable.

  • Sheldon read this mature

    This review seems biased selfish and lacking of appreciation for an artist work. "and its fun to imagine that the two rappers are subliminally dissing one another." This comment alone shows the immaturity of your actual brain Sheldon. (Just because you use words that are not used on a typical daily basis to the average hip hop fan/listener does not make you an intellectual.) Focused on too rappers having a "diss" or "battle rap" or "beef" on a record? It's OVER NO MORE PAC AND BIGGIE LET IT GO. Stop trying to imagine and create disses and beefs that just get rap artist killed. You idiot. "he raps in Winners Circle. Okay, we get it. What else?" This seems like a bit of envy so what 50 wanted to do with his album he did he created envy within being a "Winners Circle". Also the mention of the topics getting old. Question how many "Love" songs are there? That topic is played about how many times you want to "Love" when really it's a fucking song. It's tired it's played it's lame it's stale worse then even hearing about a artist struggle it's tiresome but it's still used write a review on Iggy and how we tired of every rapper being the "realist", along with a "party" song and a breakup song and love song. These topics appear on nearly every album. You are a bias writer who needs to either be exiled from writing hip-hop articles or educate yourself beyond and maybe get a intern position at a record label to understand the working or a song, recording etc. Better yet write and make an album yourself.

    • Anonymous

      It's not envy; its that his topics are boring. We've heard the same shit from 50 over and over again. I want a personal 50 record, where he talks about details in his life he's never shared before. I'd totally buy that. I don't need another 11 tracks where he talks about how he has money.

  • salute hiphopdx

    This is a really good review HHDX. Keep it up. Overall my opinion is this...the cuts are simple..IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT, THE FUNERAL, FLIP ON YOU, CHASE THE PAPER, TWISTED (more or less in that order) the worst tracks are: smoke, pilot, dont worry bout it(i was disappointed i liked yo gotti verse tho) hold on good too, animal ambition cool beat

  • Grand Protege

    Not bad, but could've been better in my opinion.


    About 2 months ago 50 publicly announced that he wanted a Drake feature. After listening to this Album, I now know why. In fact, 50 wants a Drake feature so bad he decided to remix 0 to 100. I guess he knows how irrelevant he's become. Rosay replaced 50 and can talk shit on his records brag bout his cash and still move his records. Just sayin. Peace.

  • DS

    Fif did his thing on this, fuck a review, if you like it, you like it

  • edknynakxcb

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    Two stars huh? This must have been written by the Game or somethin. Game is that you who wrote this shit?

  • solid album

    features kinda brought this down but whatever

  • XwaitXwhatX

    "In truth, this wouldnt be so difficult to stomach if he wasnt still rapping (both lyrically and contextually) like its 2004" This is what im talking about you ay we want old 50 you get old 50 we tired of old 50 you get new 50 we want old 50, m gonna keep it simple you like it cool you dont cool thats all. Animal Ambition 3.7-4 out of 5

  • renegade

    best dickk ridding website, we all knows the album will go plastic or carton but hey shittty is in inde so he will make that money... why

  • Anonymous

    Animal Ambition projected to sell 30-35k sorry 50 dick riders but its over

  • Anonymous

    2 Stars ? That's too low.. None the less Street King is the real shit hope it's better than this and this is good too

  • rainer12

    50 cent is the illest.im glad he still doin it

  • C-DOC

    You 50 stans getting all worked up over the negative review just cant take the fact that the disc is wack. Me and my peoples listened to it after getting lifted and the conclusion is this: He's repeating the same shit he did 10 years ago with less credibility, more material emptiness and wack ass production and with an absence of any feeling. Da nigga just going through the motions for a check. Talking about the shit he used to do... C'mon, 50 is worth over 300 million, d'fuck does he look like out on the block hustling and bustin shots? A REAL street nigga would take 2014 version of 50 out without giving a fuck if he was worth 300 million or 3 cents, if a nigga on the street trying to eat, he look like supper to me. So 50 needs to come like Nas, Jay, Em, anyone else who's come off the block, got some money and fame and grown up. Let a nigga know about what its like to be the everyday 50 and not the nigga from GRODT that everyone knows you are the polar opposite from now. Just sayin...can't blame Interscope and Jimmy for this one. And if this is a mixtape he wants niggas to pay for, he's given the streets WAAAAAAY better product than this

  • 2 is too low

    i fucked with it

  • Anonymous

    LOL even dx knows this shit is garbage

  • J Dirt

    U mad cuz 50 aint doin them goofy ass lil pop songs with miley and them? ...get the fuck outta here.Imma drop 5 starts on it and tell u to suck my on my dickpiece sir.

  • tee

    Your losing all respect 2 stars? Yall wack as fuck for that

  • dubs

    Lol reviewer is a hating ass fool, 2 stars? This is 50's best project since The Massacre, open your ears and clear the hate breh. Life is good

  • Nick

    He's just heatin' up! Street King Immortal is going to be a classic!

  • Dean

    I have no idea what convoluted rock you've crawled out from to create such a review. Your expectations for albums today seem to either be exorbitant or failing completely. 50 Cent does NOT have to make rap styling changing music to make GOOD music. You say he's rapping like its 2004? Dude... 2004 had some incredible music releases and a lot of what comes out today "trap music" for instance, sounds bland, the same, repetitive, words being rhymed with themselves and you want to talk about Opulence? How about rappers who are no where close to successful status rapping about "We made it" and "waking up in new bugattis?" if everyone else in the rap game can brag about things they do not have, please elaborate on why you feel the need to specifically point out 50 doing the same thing? Affluenza? let us examine. since the early 90's rap has been this mainly : Black and rapping and you're new? : Rap about poverty and the struggle. Black and successful after your rap career took off?: Rap about the things you now have. Your review is based with no logic and like fox news, your interpretations are clearly that. INTERPRETATIONS. I have no idea what credentials you have for writing, but as someone who has truly listened, examined, reviewed the album for myself, it is a clear welcome to my ears. and this is not from a fan. I have his music on my playlists sure, but fans pay for concerts, and accessories based off the artists. I'm simply a fan of good music. come on son. also, I'm still waiting. You guys wrote back for me to send music. Please stop being scared and invite me up to that roof. I can assure you, I will bring what you have been lacking....talented rappers. -DNZY

  • Anonymous

    Im a fan of 50 but the user rating is too high and the editor rating is too low. Id give it a solid 3.5 but 2 is too low

  • D From Q.U.

    Dude is buggin! this album is 3.5 to a close 4. I fucks with it, it has that laid back type of vibe.


    deserves MORE than 2 stars!

  • Anonymous

    hardcore gangsta rap from the 90's golden era is what the people love and want. these bullshit blogs got people talking about "growth" from rappers. that's them rapping about having material shit and then you complain about it. shut the fuck up about growth and enjoy the music. you go and grow as a person, who the hell said your music needs to grow pussy

  • Julll

    Come on, 2 stars...

  • Ziggy

    U guys gave 2Chains 4/5... and Animal Ambition gets 2/5 ?? What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent was never lyrical, but for a new york rapper he does his thing.lyrics wise compare it to rick Ross and it blows him out the water.problem is his beats choices are weak, plus I don't want to hear no name rappers I rather a all 50 project.trust me give 50 cent the same production and his rhymes will destroy mastermind.also this was suppose to be a mixtape so I bet he gonna give niggas heat with street kings

  • Anonymous

    HHDX really ain't shit for this. Every song on this thing is tough and its just a taste of whats to come from New York street rap

    • Anonymous

      If this is the future of New York street rap, then New York street rap is doomed. I have more faith in NY than that.

  • MMGangsta


  • Automatiik

    F**K the review. He still got that Animal Ambition

  • Albert Lopez

    Great album!! Its more of a mixtape setting up for SKI!!!

  • weeezy

    I thought it was good, he aint hungry like he was back then but when you have that status he has now what is there left to rap about?

  • Sheldon Pearce

    Hahahaha. I'm sitting here @ my desk typing up my next review while getting dome from my Mexican/Asian bitch and you little ghetto niggas are still worked up over that Animal Ambition garbage? I'm just telling you how the fuck it is. I never said I expected growth, I said I'm sick of 50 Cent acting like it's 2003, trying to recapture his Get Rich Or Die Trying days. Well I have news for all you butt hurt G Unit groupies and Mr Curtis Jackass: IT'S NOT 2003 ANYMORE, DOG. IT'S 2014. YOUR SOUND IS FUCKING STALE. YOUR BEATS AND CONCEPTS ARE ALL THE FUCKING SAME. YOUR WHITE SUBURBAN DICK RIDERS ARE ALL GROWN UP AND PROBABLY STILL JOYRIDING YOUR PENIS AND STILL WEARING BULLETPROOF VESTS AND DU RAGS. I have to agree with DVillian on this: Dvillan: Dead spot on review: this is NOT 2004 and yes, this is officially THE weed plate of the year for a high profile rapper. Wack beats and rhymes from a perspective of someone trying to be someone he isn't anymore. Rather listen to Skyzoo & Torae's joint---at least their album will be argued over best of the year lists, 50's shit will be forgotten about by the 4th of July... Mr Cent is the typical New York rapper: cocky, braggadocious, flashy, gritty,and arrogant. He's probably the type that swears up and down that NY rap is becoming overshadowed by southern rap but does nothing but complain on his sorry ass. He sticks to the same, tired style that made him hot. Too bad this editor feels that he's lukewarm and that his time is up.

    • Dean

      my main man... You sounded almost college educated in your review. I gave back a critique in my own words but I had some respect for you albeit, small amounts. THEN.... I see you comment back dropping N-bombs, talking like some uneducated slob with no true opinion and whole lacks culture completely. wow. I am sorry but you should have truly kept your mouth shut. You write for a hip-hop website and while its not CNN, you're still a journalist. You need to respect the arguments your work can form, accept the opinions from others ( not having to share in them ) but accept them and stay quiet. you think those bold enough to make a statement that goes against the socially accepted idea rebut when its is brought into question? do you think they act like a fucking 5 year old with their words if they were to? In my opinion, that was pathetic. Please mature your ways, thinking, and handling of the internet. -Dean. Also, I am a much better writer ;)

    • Sheldon Pearce

      Once again, your tiny negro brain is causing you to catch feelings. You've miss the entire point. Did I NOT just say I NEVER said anything about growth. Maybe if you stopped drinking Miller beer and smoking marijuana everyday, your reading comprehension skills wouldn't be so damaged. Pay close attention, nimrod, because I'm going to explain this to you one time; try to keep up. You're a dope if you believe the music is dope. I had absolutely nothing to do with the so called destruction of hardcore hip hop. I am not to blame. Blame the corporations who had much more sway and power to dictate what's hot and what isn't hot. Blame the fickle fans that shifted their focus on something new and refreshing instead of the same tired story that New York rappers were giving us. And more importantly, blame yourself because you sound like a bitter, angry mope who whines and cries like an infant that cannot get his way. Again I never said I expected growth. but take what you want from this paragraph, because it would be pointless explaining anything to a man who probably has the IQ of a rusted screw. I'm done here.

    • Anonymous

      Why the fuck do you care so much about the dudes personal life when the music is dope. yall are the assholes that destroyed hardcore rap and then bitched when it left. Quit playing private investigator on their lives and enjoy the pure music when its hard. FUCK GROWTH. How about you grow you fuckin lame

    • Sheldon Pearce

      Hate is such a strong word. I dislike his overall image, but I do respect Mr Cent's "hustle". By the way, my mother is certainly not a bitch. She's the wonderful woman who gave me life and raised me well. A bitch is a female dog who degrades herself out in public, performing lewd acts and acts belligerent. If I refer to a woman as a bitch, and she has bitch tendencies, chances are she's a straight up bitch/

    • Lady Rage

      A bitch huh? Is your mom a bitch also since shes a female? grow a pair faggot.

    • ELjay

      Exactly S.P., now we know you can't be objective cuz u hate the nigga... Go find another job 4 eyes, seriously.

    • Anonymous

      Mexican/Asian bitch - nice!

  • Justp94

    The album just came out today, you ain't heard shit about sales.

  • Dee

    Who should we listen to, Drake, Yeesus album and Lil Wayne???? Hell no! Im getting this album because of the good verses it has. But I was dissappointed by the beats and the final mixing of hooks. This reviewer was dickriding somebody else. This is what I call a hatter

  • lol

    this is why u dont fall for the hype, all this niggas saying album's going to be hot and shit, all bs

  • Anonymous

    bottom line this is a good album forget the sells get ross dick out your mouth Are you kidding me? All he talks about is money and sex. That's it. No distinctive style is used.

  • Anonymous

    This album was solid 3/5 at least no lower than that

  • Anonymous

    Just heard the album is expected to sell about 40k which is pretty bad lol but to be fair he did release every track on itunes before and a lot of fans bought from his site. i copped bundle 1.

  • Anonymous

    Lol 50 stans crying like crazy in here

  • Anonymous

    Sheldon Pearce you gave Chief Keef 4.5 stars and give 50 2 stars it's cool if you don't like 50 album but Chief Keef 4.5 you should not review another rap album again it's clear you don't know good music

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It sounds like Cam'ron "Dipshits" record. That record is incredible, and better than anything on 50's album by a mile.

  • Anonymous

    if get rick or die trying came out today people would most likely say that shit is garbage because haters dick rides other haters

    • Dee

      Thats true, the author of this article was just biased and dick ridding maybe rick ross. 50's verses were crazy its just the final mixing of some beats and hooks. And a lot of Kidd Kidds voice everywhere that I didn't like. If only he featured Banks and Buck way before.

  • drake runs rap

    god damn awfull. He needs a drake feature to atleast make this trash album relevent and listenable. In 2014 with out a drake feature your album is irrelevent unless your doing pop albums like eminem. Drake is the only rapper that matters now hasbins like 50 cent should hang it up.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think DX is being as biased as they have with other albums. Just look at the overall breakdown at Metacritic right now. DX isn't the only site that feels the same way about this record. It isn't doing much for me honestly. http://www.metacritic.com/music/animal-ambition-an-untamed-desire-to-win/50-cent

    • Anonymous

      I like what the LA Times said, "The sonic equivalent of a blooper reel with a few solid highlights edited in."

  • Anonymous

    Remember when people used to complain HipHopDX was on 50's dick for posting story after story about 50, creating multiple stories from a single interview? Now it's HipHopDX hates 50. The problem with the review isn't the site - it's that the music sucks.

  • Anonymous


  • Dvillan

    Dead spot on review: this is NOT 2004 and yes, this is officially THE weed plate of the year for a high profile rapper. Wack beats and rhymes from a perspective of someone trying to be someone he isn't anymore. Rather listen to Skyzoo & Torae's joint---at least their album will be argued over best of the year lists, 50's shit will be forgotten about by the 4th of July...

  • Anonymous

    Sheldon Pierce is the same dude who gave Keef's album 4.5 stars... He's giving this SOLID album a 2?! WTF is wrong with you? You mad? LMFAO HE LOST ALL CREDIBILITY AS A CRITIC WITH ME #KPNMWdotCOM

  • Anonymous

    According to hitsdailydouble RCA Nashvilles Miranda Lambert should easily take the top spot next week. Early, early reads suggest 130-150k. Rhinos three Led Zeppelin reissues could potentially all wind up in next weeks Top 10; each looks headed to the 25-30k range. Other debuts include 50 Cent (G-Unit/Caroline) at 30-35k and Lucy Hale (DMG Nashville) with 18-22k. HAHA. And you all said 50 will outsell ross. LOLOL!!! Truth is 50 is irrelevant despite the 10 dickriders on hhdx. No one's checking for 50. At least Ross is able to generate buzz with his albums.

    • Anonymous

      Quality of music became based on sales since 50 Cent made it that way!!! He was the guy who talked shit about everyone's first-week numbers for years! He would make skits about other people's numbers. Karma's just coming back around for him. If 50 wants to make everything about sales, then you gotta explain why your sales suck worse than French Montana.

    • Anonymous

      bottom line this is a good album forget the sells get ross dick out your mouth

    • Anonymous

      Pre sales usually aren't far off. And 50 ain't indie. He's signed to capitol records, katy perry's label.

    • Anonymous

      First of all those are pre-sales statistics. Second of all you just mentioned a bunch of artist that have nothing to do with Hip Hop. Third when did quality of music became based on sales? Even if fifty sold 30K he still getting more that most artist because he's selling through his record label and just using the majors for distribution.

    • Anonymous

      He ain't selling well at all. How is 30k winning? It's less than a quarter of opening week sales of before I self destruct. Mastermind winning.

    • HipHop4Life

      50 released a great album, U a mad hater bro. 50 is irrelevant? how so? he's been in da game for 11 years now. quit trying to troll.

  • Anonymous

    Maaaaan ! This Dude is hating to much ! A Fucking Review is supposed to be written by an independent journalist ,not a fucking hater and dicksucker.

  • MaryJDecker

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  • wtf

    The mainstream industry obviously has this websites nuts in a vice. Fuck this site

  • Davis birch

    The mainstream industry obviously has this websites nuts in a vice. Fuck this site.

  • wtf HHDX????

    Sheldon Peirce is a piece of shit. How can you give this 2 stars and give Chief Keefs bitch ass 4.5? The mainstream industry obviously has this websites nuts in a vice. Fuck this site.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK HIPHOPDX!! Every single one of your reviews are shit. Who do you have writing these things? DJ Vlad?

  • mario toney

    The reviewer damn near deserves a pumpkin head for that...thats a personal vendetta when you give the project a 2.....fuck outta here.. fif is way doper than that....a solid 4.no wack shhh on the project

    • Anonymous

      Oh look, another g unit groupie. Mad that 50 cent's first week sales of this won't approach mastermind?

  • Anonymous

    looks like thisis50 fanboys took over the user rating.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit 2 stars?? Daaaaammmmmnnnnn!!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • LANigga_

    So let me get this straight... You give 50cent Animal Ambition 2 stars & yet you give 2Chains Freebase 4 stars???!!

  • TRAP

    Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young rappers out there, they are the blueprint of the real niggas and here is why: - Young Thug was arrested for drug possession; - Young Thug was arrested for reckless driving; - Lil Durk was arrested on a weapons charge; - Lil Durk was arrested with a loaded .40-caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached; - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; - they walk around with illegal weapons; - they go out gunning; - all other rappers rap about being gangster, shooting and killing, but they haven't done it. They ain't no fantasy niggas like: 1. Mobb Deep were 12 / 14 years old when they met at the school of arts. 2. Nas "Escobar" raps about how he is a queens thug, but he wasn't. Lol, nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong. So you sold dope? Nigga, the only thing you sold is records. 3. 2Pac never gangbanged 4. Ice Cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a "G"? 5. Rick Ross is a legend, but not a streetlegend, but a foodlegend. 6. Eminem raps about killing - he hasn't. He says he hates gay people, but did a song with Elton John? 7. Jay Z raps in open letter about sending shots - he hasn't. Nigga, you never hustled, fucking liar! People in Brooklyn tell other stories... 8. 50 Cent a.k.a. Snitchy Cent tries to commercialize himself as a "gangsta", though we both know that even a vegetable is more hood than him. We all know 50 Cent is a snitch! 9. Most of the rappers rap about stuff they haven't done, yet you all support them and say it's real rap. 10. When Rick Ross does it you all claim he is fake and say it's fake rap. This shows that hip hop fans are hypocritical and all these real hip hop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. I never heard your favorite rapper (50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, The Game, etc.) diss Lil Durk or Young Thug, because your favorite rapper knows that they will beat him up. Wack or not Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young niggas in the rap game and that's a fact. They were drug dealers and gang members before rappers. They have street credentials, they are the only rappers who rap about facts. Your favorite rapper wants to be as real as Young Thug or Lil Durk. That's how real niggas do it. They ain't nothing to fuck with!

  • Black Child

    hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! I stabbed this bitch and he did nothing. he got shot and he did nothing. hahahahaha!!!

  • anonymous

    the writer ain't hating on 50. He knows his shit. G-unit will be here for a minute and disappear for an hour. He'll keep talkin shit in between albums to keep his name out there and drop another album where he re-unites with the Game in a few years. Pretty smart business move by Curtis. He's also an amazing pitcher. You fuckin kidding me?! He can't even throw a baseball straight. I ain't a fan of Drake, but i'm pretty sure he can throw better than fiddy.

    • Anonymous

      it aint abou that...LP review...nothing more, nothing less. no forecasts needed. the LP is dope...PERIOD

  • Ja Rule

    hahahahahahahaha!!! weed plate of the year. hahahahahahaha!!!

  • asher1985

    I just want to say I agree with the review. The album is terrible, and if any of you bought it, well it's your money, but let's just say I would personally rather spend mine on something else

  • Ashanti


  • Irv Gotti


  • MarcusBWS

    Plus thats the concept of the album you pussy fucks

  • ilexx

    Yo is Sheldon Pearce a pen name for Rick Ross? Because the only way somebody could write a review with this much hate is if 50 took his girl shopping or released a porno of his baby moms... Wtf is this piece of horse shit review? The album is absolutely listenable and even if I just wanted to hate I couldn't justify giving it less than a 3 no matter how hard I tried. Reviewers like this guy think ppl don't want to hear the shit on Animal Ambition and I beg to differ, I think ppl are longing for it because most of the new cats are faker than Kofi Kingston. This dude says Chase The Paper has no replay value. He actually tried to shit on Irregular Heartbeat too. The funny thing is, I have never seen Sheldon Pearce write anything on Hip Hop DX before, so why did HipHopDX let some no name fuck boy write a review for Fif's album? And is this garbage review reflective of what Hip Hop DX thinks of Fif's album?

  • Sheldon Pearce

    Yo fuck all of you Fiddy Cent dick riders, you heard me? This my motherfucking forum and this is how I choose to motherfucking express myself. You bitch ass niggas got a fucking problem with it. Come see me at the swap meet in Compton. Bet I'll beat the shit out your ass and have you looking as lumpy as a bowl of week old oatmeal. I don't give a shit about your lame ass griping and bitching. I'm a journalist and my review stands so stop catching feelings before I start catching bodies. I been a nice nigga all day, so please don't make me pull the ratchet on you little lames. ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THAT I'M GETTING CRAZY PAID WHILE YOU BITCH ASS MAMA'S BOYS STILL LIVING AT HOME, NO JOB, STILL SUCKING ON MOMMY'S TITS. Peace, fuckers. I'm off to go fuck one of my bad ass foreign hoes. This ya boy Sheldon Pearce aka SP The Ghost Jr aka Shell The Don aka Don Sheldon aka Shells In Ya Body.

    • Anonymous

      too bad, Sheldon is from Baltimore and you're just another white boy trying to start shit...scary ass sucka

    • G UNIT


  • G G G G-UNIT

    Album of the year! 5/5

  • Dwyane

    Worst Review I have ever read. Album is fire and its just a preview to Street King Immortal

  • gmoney

    The two is fair - 50 can do much better than this. This will be played out in a week.

    • gmoney

      This isn't the only or even the best "street" record out, and its not even that "street." Why subject yourself to this when you can listen to Schoolboy Q or YG? Nas re-released Illmatic, Cam'ron is coming back, there's too much good music out to listen to this crap.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up nigga go listen to drake faggot

  • MarcusBWS


  • Bhames

    Putrid article. You are a hater. Officer Ricky sent you.

  • fuck that

    jada bodied the nigga though,,,,,im killin you first if we ever do purge,,lol,,,hahaaaa!!!

  • album is fire

    50 dropped something hot for the summer 5/5

  • 50

    this is his best album in a while

  • 50 Cent

    This album needs to be reviewed again

  • 50 Cent

    Sheldon Pearce fuck outta here son.. ur review is fuckin wack.

  • Anonymous

    Not sony, many*

  • jj

    seriously I don't buy a 50 cent album to broaden my intellectual capacity or go on some personal spiritual journey. This album deserves way more than 2 stars. Its loaded with bangers ands that's exactly what his fans want so I don't see anything wrong with that.

  • Hhdx is hating

    A 2??? Really hhdx? Smh u have have ranked sony wacker albums much higher.

  • Definite

    I feel like they only gave it a 2 cause everyone was hating on 50 so much on every post and they was just tryna please the crowd haaaaa but this album is dope

  • Definite

    I think the album was dope, it was more like a mixtape so thats how i took it. He had that classic 2000's sound with is and it was much better than BISD, plus i prefer shorter albums unless its a classic (this aint classic, its just riding music)

  • Danny Brown

    Yo my nigga 50 is on fire!!

  • Omerta Six

    Possibly 50Cent's best album so far. Every song is dope.

  • Aziz

    HHDX gave better ratings to much sh*ttier albums, this is not a 2.

  • Craig

    Totally agree, he wants to be loved like Pac but Pac actually talk about issues affecting black people, while all he doing is talking about money an reminiscing about past street life while at the same time he has enough money to retire, I've always said if a rapper feels like they made it an when the only thing left to rap about is money then its time to retire.

    • Anonymous

      Are you an idiot? 50 Cent and 2pac didn't grow up the same way.. they are two different kind of people.

  • Anonymous

    50 hasn't changed much as far as content, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure, I want him to show SOME growth in his music, but not to the point where he's rapping about art museums. He's not Jay, he's not Nas, he's not Kanye, he's 50 Cent. Street records are what he does best--not saying he's the best at it, but that's his best quality as an artist. He still needs to be the villain, and the aggression needs to be there. Too much Kidd Kidd, but otherwise, a solid 50 album.

  • micah dancy

    50 dropped a great album start to finish stop hating he's been on fire dropping single after single

  • ErikDeNiro

    This Review is two stars , That album is a four .... Its does exactly what it says on the tin , it aint meant to sell millions or get him new fans , its for his core audience, i dont get how this site has changed to a fuckin hipster/emo/wack emcee dick riding bunch of bitches under the guise of writers. you put up news concerning all these fucking wack ratchet rappers, and when Fif drops a decent project you fuckin hate on it hard , Ill admit the album didnt live up to my expectations but if you were some 12 year old who never head 50 cent before and listened the whole way through youd get his back catalogue and listen ... I hope SKI has some deep personal shit from him , so you fuckers have no choice but to give him a good review #FuckHipHopDx

  • Smiz

    When I think 50 Cent, I do not think of an album with a story or concept surrounding it, especially now. I expect an album with at least solid tracks that are meant to stand alone, as well as work well alongside one another. While I did not expect this to be a good album, I was pleasantly surprised all around with the results.

  • Anonymous

    this writer is hating on 50

  • D.G

    I can see what the reviewer is saying int terms of the conceptual piece but overall this album got some heat. Hold on, The Funeral, irregular heartbeat, I chase the paper, Everytime I come around and Im a hustler are all solid, bang in the whip type joints. Definitely deserves more than 2 stars for sure!!!

  • codered417

    I understand why the writer feels frustrated, but dude takes it WAY too far. To say this album is boring is ridiculous, it's 50's best album since GRODT and hating on it at this point when 50 hasn't been giving us anything but mixtapes is a waste of energy. What the fuck were you expecting? 50's a gangsta who blew up and still conducts himself like one. He's not fake. Think he really won't pull a gun? Go ahead. Try em, Sheldon. LMAO name softer than the bib mommy used put on ya

  • dj gab

    Great Album great work 50 Cent fuck who ever reviewed this album that's so much hate the truth is i have listened to the album and its better than most of the trash out right now

  • evil ryu

    we want to hear about 50 cent the CEO not 50 cent the hood rat.

  • doctorjnupe

    I bought it and I am bangin it right now. Love that new joint Animal Ambition.

  • Anonymous

    Should Sell Over 1,000,000 Copies When its all said & done

  • Anonymous

    Album Of the Year

  • Anonymous

    Not exceptionally good or bad album. Mediocre and doesn't have a lot of replay value.

  • Lostsoul

    SHELDON PEARCE can eat a dick. The album is a dope. You want substance Sheldon buy an Immortal Technique album. 50 that street dude. You buy different artists for different reasons. I don't buy a Sean Price album to dance. Get it?

  • A9amis

    Man this album isn't a classic, but its good nostalgic music. a very solid album that easily surpasses the trash that came out this year. i dont think this was a stand out year for music at all, but to clown this album makes me wonder what the editors actually think is a good album...



  • psientifik

    The album is solid. Why all the hate?

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I completely disagree with this review, especially since 50 explained what the album's concept is. The album is definitely a dope street album. Is it lacking substance? Yes. But the album is dope as hell. 4 Stars.

  • MajestyKagiso

    Well it is his opinion :/ If he feels this is worse than Excuse My French or Finally Rich, what else could we do? Pity this wasn't reviewed the way a review should be done. Reminds me of Pitchforks review of Nas' Untitled album, still one of the worst, most bias, review I've ever seen! (was 3.8/10 BTW)

    • Anonymous

      exactly at the end of the day it's just opinion everyone has different tastes in music there is no need to be upset about it(fuck pitchfork btw)

  • MrYepp

    Whats wrong hiphopdx? First u cry about him making pop music and then u hate on his street approach? smh...

  • ELjay

    What about rosay? Maybach music, May may mmm maybach music. And the reader is the sheep? Mastermind = 3 stars; Animal Ambition = 2 stars... So Mastermind over A.A.? GTFO.

  • Laf

    Album isn't hot but it's definitely quality music. Love hearin fiddy back


    The album is dope

  • 2chainzfan

    3 hours after releasing the review and general consensus is that the reviewer is wrong and hiphopdx readers actually like fif's album. This high class/bourgeoisie rap critics only want innovative and groundbreaking, they hate street muzik. This dude probably hate all trap muzik because it is redundant and glorifies street life lol, GTFOH. Hiphopdx get some street cats to review street muzik and keep this guy for the Kanye and B.O.B reviews lol

  • saidex

    any of y'all wanna c this pu***'s picture, its here on his linkedin page - definitely him as he says hhdx writer. have a close look becoause u cant zoom in on the picture, but dis guy is 1 of those coconuts. brown outside, white inside. he da 1 in the shirt n pants, with those nerdy glasses http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sheldon-pearce/94/115/aa8

  • Lmfao

    The butt hurt is real in here lmfao! !!! I truely appreciate the reviewers honesty. 50 fell off you mad bro? 1/5



  • NahRight? Helll nahh

    Nahhhhh 50! This aint it.. Ya'll looking for that new good, check out Skyzoo & Torae's Barrel Brothers!!

  • CS

    The writer sounds a somewhat bitter .. or biased for some reason.. too much so to be giving reviews as a professional. Almost seems as if he wrote the review before even listening to the full album. Like there's some personal feelings in there and couldn't wait for this day to vent. It's clear that's the case in the Jada Kiss reference. I think this album is dope. The message I take from it is Motivation. He's not just talking about himself .. he drops subtle jewels throughout as to how to get it yourself.. Ways to go about obtaining INDEPENDENT success for yourself. What to focus on and what not.. almost like another blueprint. This album isn't for the weak heart and minded though. It's Definitely Not for those who strive to work for others. Only certain types will understand and appreciate what this project brings to the table. This album is energy for the Ambitious type.. Gets you focused on the development of you own Animal Ambition, I get that concept. I like it. If you don't get energized off of songs like "Winners Circle" and "Chase the Paper" there's something wrong. 4 stars. 3.75 at least. But I'll give it 5 just to balance out the writers bullshit review. CS Brand Apparel 2014

    • Anonymous

      they been d*ckriding ross so long they forgot what real street hip hop sounds like. because it doesn't sound like hip pop, sheldon gives it 2...lmao!! JMJ just rolled in his grave.

    • Anonymous

      seriously...I see that name again. Im clicking from his article quickly....

  • raphaelmartinsz


  • matt

    This is a good album sure there's no gunit or eminem.but this is strong album plus we get street king immortal soo. Good album

  • Anonymous

    man that shit is fucked up lmao 3.5/5 for me

  • Anon

    Wow... The rating is pretty messed up, and i cant understand why they would give an album like this less than 3.5 or 4... Imma leave it there

  • Sheldon Pearce

    My review of Animal Ambition came from a purely objective standpoint. The writers at hiphopdx are very knowledgeable about quality hip-hop. We do our best to capture what we feel is an accurate assessment of all of the music we're presented. I understand people being upset when their favorite icon is publicly deconstructed but we're not here to pursue their agenda. We're here to accurately assess the value of the music. Best regards, Sheldon

    • Glm

      Fuck u know abt real hip hop music, this aint no Ross or TJ or Montana... Get d fuck off 50's dick

    • Anonymous

      editorials are personal....dummy. this was not objective...

    • ELjay

      Man fif ain't my favorite rapper, but this is far from a 2 star of 5 stars. It's like what you said, it's your review, explain me than how the f can your opinion be an objective one? I've heard a lot worse this year and those were higher rated. How many rappers rap over the same shit everytime they release a new album, huh? Like fif is the only one, right. I've probably been longer in the hiphop world than you, so don't tell me that other people's opinions aren't objective. Keep posting gossip, cuz that's the only thing you dudes can do all day. SMH

    • Anonymous

      mofo said...best regards....lmao!! sucka, trying to be down

    • Anonymous

      you're an idiot. he's not my favorite artist but this LP is dope, if you know what the real is about. go to the hood and find out and where the truth is at...they bumping the LP. critics dont know shyte at the end of the day....'knowledgeable about quality hip hop???' ... stop lying!

    • grorgrel

      Don't listen to people who are rude. This album is not great at all and is boring. I liked 50 cents older stuff but his newest albums after get rich were sub par. Listen to damani and you'll see a good album

    • shannon p

      good try asshole.

  • dsaad

    not a good review. if you personaly hate him that doesn't mean that everyone thinks the same. be objective not subjective.

  • Corey

    This is the worst review I've ever read, this piece of shit needs to be fired, has no idea what he's talking about. This album is nothing special or ground breaking and as 50 said himself it's jus a warm up for street king immortal, but 2/5??!? I wud give it at the veryyyy least 3.5/5 probs 4/5. The absolute worst review I've ever read, your telling me French Montana's brick of an album got higher then this, ur telling me chief keefs hot mess of an album was better then this?! GTFOH u hating ass son of a whore

  • m.i.c


  • Corey

    This album is pretty goooood, can't wait for Street King Immortal.. The individual that reviewed this is clearly a hater

  • wow

    2 out of 5 wow. probably a 4.5 i gave it a 5 on here

  • J

    What a horrible review from a hater this album goes in!!!!

  • LukeKHipHop

    This motherfucker doesn't know what he's talking about. I mean, c'mon man, 50's on that raw shit throughout the entirety of the LP. Yeah, I agree that the title track was weak but the rest of the album was 50 showing how he's developed and not trying and failing at bring it up to your high standards. Everyone wants the 'old 50' back but that ain't gonna happen, this LP shows 50's development and where he's at now. You wouldn't expect a nearly 40 year old man talking about emptying clips and hollow tips would you? No. This album has a little bit for everyone and for that I give it a full 5 stars.

  • Marshall Mathers

    This "mixtape" is wack as f*** collectively. All the songs the feel outta place. This definitely shows 50's versatility that he can kill mostly any beat and that why will always be a heavyweight in hip hop but although I want to give it a five 'cause of Fif the project is NOT "fire". Also Kidd Kidd joins the Chief Keef on "most annoying rapper to listen to" list. N!gga be sounding like a squeezed rat.


    What a joke of a review. Cheef Keef album got 3/5 and you're telling me AA is somehow worse than that? SMDH

  • Fuck who wrote this Article

    I know its a personal opinion but 2 out of 5 is only hating fuck this pussy ass nigga who wrote it Animal Ambition go cop that a solid Album!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow how the mighty has fallen this is truly one of the worst hiphop albums I have ever heard and by far the worst comeback album I will take ja rules pain is love 2 over this any day I bet ja is sitting back laughing at this after 50 dogged him for falling off just to turn around and fall off harder I guess karma really is a bi lol this is gonna flop hard!

    • Craig

      Thats true, an 50s my favorite rapper, but I will not ride his jock, I even like BISD, but this doesnt even compare top BISD because BISD actually told a story, all he does on this is talk about money, nothing even remotely conscious that relates to his fans,but as we all know most fans are delusional. This is a mixtape in my opinion, put this next to the Big Ten or his 16 freestyles an Animal Ambition would lose

  • ro21`

    solid piece of music!

  • bread

    probably the worst review i have ever read...fire this fucking idiot