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Despite his penchant for experimentation, an overabundance of Auto-tune and worn out concepts make Wiz Khalifa's "28 Grams" a lackluster effort.

Wiz Khalifa has never been afraid of experimenting. While it may sometimes turn out for the better (“Up” from Kush & Orange Juice) other times, like say, his debut album Rolling Papers, it may not have turned out as well. In turn, he apologized, but how much can an artist really be knocked for a willingness to try new things with their art? With every project released by Wiz Khalifa there is the question of whether the new work will bring forth a new sound from him or a return to one of his past. His latest mixtape, 28 Grams is a mixture of both. While part of the project bares resemblance to some of his pre-Kush & Orange Juice works like Burn After Rolling, or Flight School, the majority of the mixtape finds Wiz’s new alter ego “Trap Wiz,” taking on a sound similar to a blend of relative Atlanta newcomer Rich Homie Quan, and Chicago’s popular drill music sound. Essentially, 28 Grams is 28 tracks of repetitiveness, with its few gems drowned out by bass and excessive Auto-tune

There are several issues with 28 Grams, the main one being over usage of Auto-tune. To be fair, the pairing of Wiz Khalifa and vocoder type effects is nothing new. Those who have been fans of the Taylor Gang captain know he’s been using Auto-tune before the popularity of Future or Rich Homie Quan. The over-usage of it however—especially on a 28-track mixtape—make the project almost unlistenable. On “Incense” the effects are used so strongly, there’s barely any remnants of Khalifa’s own voice, making the track sound even more like a song from Future. On “Like Jimmy,” a bouncy, flowing, tuned out Khalifa attempts to convince you he’s like “Jimmy” because he “woke up in a bed full of bitches that he ain’t even fuckin’,” and smoking purple haze. Ignoring the fact “Jimmy” should have been Jimi, the song itself is ridiculous.

When not trying to recreate the life of “Jimmy” Hendrix, Khalifa adopts a Jamaican accent for tracks “Pure” and “On the Way.” If listener’s can get past the phony accent, “Pure” could be another stoner anthem added to Khalifa’s long list of such tracks. The airy, laid-back vibe fits the Kush & Orange Juice/Taylor Allderice sound that Khalifa’s fans seemed to love the most a lot more than that of “Trap Wiz.” “On the Way” on the other hand, fits in perfectly with 20-plus other tracks on 28 Grams, making it redundant if for nothing other than the fake accent.

That said, 28 Grams isn’t without its positives. “On A Plane” finds Wiz rapping over a sample of New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain.” Wiz’s flow rides the beat perfectly as he speaks on his progression. Songs like “The Last” and “Something Special” (featuring Thundercat) shine as well. The latter features a sample of Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful.” But, ultimately, five or six songs can’t save a 28-track project. 

Experimentation and trying new things with an art form are great. However, when the new things one tries are really just catering to popular trends, it’s less experimentation, and more imitation. Thus, 28 Grams is too all over the place, overall and it feels like too much music, too much Auto-tune, and too much music that sounds as though it was already created by someone else. It has its positives, but they are few and far between and significantly outweighed by the negative aspects. Hopefully, those positives are a reflection of where Wiz is going with Blacc Hollywood


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  • Tnicks103

    Wtf y'all listening too this Shit go hard he talking bout Shit he do.

  • Rob M.

    This tape is the definition of 'sell out'. In one of the songs Wiz actually says he isn't even trying because he knows his stuff will sell anyway. He used to be one of my favorite rappers, back when you knew he was gonna only put out hits. He's completely jaded by fame and money now and its sad to see him killing his own career.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn't listen to the whole mixape because my ears were bleeding

  • dgains

    leave the trap to actual trappers. hope wiz is taking notes

  • RW

    wtf is this autotune garbage. take me back to prince of the city

  • rorodabeast

    im down with tgod and been down since day 1 this mixtape was decent def not his best work a lot of songs i heard to before the tape but i def couldnt get into this one like i have done mostly all his others he needs a mixture of the old and new wiz for the album and he will have a successful project again i hope black hollywood aint whack

    • fluffy rapper

      You know its bad when you have to force yourself to like it and his past stuff...wiz started slacking after rolling papers...

  • blacksthegmb

    Who ever been doing these interviews lately aucks asss seriously dude get a day job

  • chris

    Worsts fucking mixtape ever by wiz. Don't come on tour using that auto-tune bullshit. Your losing the real fans. Fix your fuck up

  • ob87

    me bein a wiz fan i did not like this. only 12 out of 25 thats pretty fuckn bad. the sad thing is some of my friends didnt like wiz as much now tht he on this new bullshit they on his nuts. he needs to stick to the fuckn script n throw the new script in the garbage cuz its trashhhhh. if blacc hollywood is anywhere near this ...... rip wiz khalifa

  • Anonymous

    You fucking dickriders must be higher than Wiz if you think this trash deserves a 3 or more. 1/5

  • Anonymous

    Ducking Hatton ass niggardly get yo money and weed up bitch

  • Mac

    Put the Auto-tune away and you have a good album!

  • Anonymous

    wack as fuck! How is this above a 2? Yall dumbass niggas actually like this shit? It lowers my IQ just reading the tracklist

    • Anonymous

      I'm saying, cuz! I give props to the editor fr actually giving a fair review. 28 Grams is autotune garbage and these knuckleheads will eat it up because dumbed down music only applies to dumb ass niggas.

  • laz

    Honestly guys, this is 28 grams, trap wiz if you don't like it you obviously do not understand. Maybe too many tracks but He hit the nail on the head.

  • oladiossmoz

    im in my twenties and i feel like such and old man when i read some of the goofy ass comments on here...captain save a hoes lol.



  • kristinacblass

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  • OG

    damn that wiz went hard as fuck. RIP old school wiz

  • DougFromKingofQueens

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MADGoCIHMQ what happened....

  • D.G

    Wiz and Rick Rozay are similar in the fact that all of their raps sound the same. Super repetitive raps about nothing...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

    You Wiz Stans are off the chain. This dude could rap about a bird taking a shit on his car and you clowns would praise it like the second coming of Jesus. Hilarious.

    • Chelseycee

      Best comment on this entire thread. I'm a wiz fan but this mixtape is garbage. But wiz Stans are out of control foreal

  • Anonymous

    if you like this mixtape you're probably a poser. this dweeb aint saying shit and sounding corny on every song

  • 225-301

    I'm feeling most of the mixtape

  • glock 21

    this nigga has nothing to talk about but weed n money GTFOH such a boring motherfucker n that laugh is so fuckin corny nigga is more annoying than MGK

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote this article probably listens to David Guetta. this mix tape is hard how can you be too experimental? Lol Artists are creative for a reason and Wiz's sound is forever changing the mix tape is his hardest project in a while in since Kush and OJ it think its better than Rolling Papers, Cabin Fever 2, and Taylor Allderdice!

    • G

      First of all whoever did this review is stupid as shit for acting like pure isn't a nice stoner anthem just because he used a Jamaican accent.. but I hate to agree that I don't like over half of 28 grams.. Pure, Get that Zip Off, James Bong, On the Way,on a plane, & Bangers are the only songs I like.

  • ak

    What a fucking awful review written by someone who basically doesn't like auto tune and that's that. Incense is a fucking bad ass tune, and your critique is that wiz' voice is barely recognisable? Who gives a fuck, why is that a negative? I dont buy some wiz music and say, I BETTER BE ABLE TO RECOGNISE THAT MUFUCKAS VOICE ALL THE WAY THROUGH... I buy some wiz music and say, i hope this shit is turnt the fuck up. Mixtapes are the best place for an artist to do their experimentation, meaning their studio albums will be of higher quality, and while you try to commend experimentation, you then slam it because it didn't meet your tastes. Its a mixtape for fuck sake its free, so quit your moaning. For what its worth i thought there were 6 absolute gems on there, with a whole bunch of bullshit in the middle, and im thankful for that at least. Moany ass dont know shit from shit bitch

  • Anonymous

    P.s. I would rate it a 3.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly this editor is pretty accurate. Wiz did fuck around with to much auto tune and it does sound like some of his old music. I also believe Wiz is just experimenting, to see what the people did and didn't like, you feel me? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Why did Wiz really drop this mixtape at this this exact time, right before blacc Hollywood drops. He did the same thing before O.N.I.F.C, came out with Cabin Fevor 2. That's just my input on situation.

  • Kenpachi zaraki

    Wow who the hell iare the editors rating this. You guys are terrible and should be immidiately stripped from reviewing tapes. 28 grams is a trap mixtape you retards, so take it for what it is. To me this is hands down one of his best tapes. The 5 songs in which you mentioned to be the tracks to so call save the tape, are in fact the songs in which I find myself listening to the least.

  • BurninLongerThanYou

    This some real stoner Shit. Wiz has been doing his own thing for years, whoever wrote this is late af. If you hating on wiz, you will see one day. Hes no where near done. tgod

  • Anonymous

    One of the most garbage mixtapes i have ever heard.

    • Benzino Goon Squad

      give wiz a break, i mean hes no benzino, but hes certainly the next best thing. Who else can rep all the niggas in the trap while at the same time upholding corporate interest. you should be thanking wiz for his contributions to the industry, but your selfish. Wiz has always been hip hops reluctant genius.at least respect the hustle, thats all wiz ever asked.

  • GangGang

    This is a stoners classic. Idgaf what the reviewer is talkin real Trappers rocc'n wit Pure, On Tha Way, My Nigs, OG Taylor, like Jimmy, Foreign, The Rain. The production on this tape is otherworldly any Internet goofy who disagrees doesn't matter tgod

  • Michael Villarreal

    Name like Bruce Smith. Haha bet you don't know split about music and when you see Wiz you kisshis rich ass.

    • tony

      Bruce Smith is one of the greatest defensive lineman in history you jackass FOH with your name like Bruce Smith comment you fuckin clown

  • Michael Villarreal

    Hiphopdx are you hiring? This review is pretty negative, every artist should be applaud for their work regardless. It's a trap mixtape. Its suppose to sound like it did. Hip hop is full of genres now. It ain't the best out nor his best, but atleast it's 28tracks of fun. If you want to listen to hardcore hip-hop go listen to slaughterhouse. Fake ass biast website. You should respect an artist. Wiz ain't my favorite neither.

  • Lookatthiscock

    Wiz is the shit because he isnt afraid to try new shit you stupid fucks dont know shit about music or what it is to be a artist cuz you sit your fat asses behind a computer screen talking about what you dont do

  • EmmerrGilchri

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  • casey

    I want that Taylor alderance/omit vibe all the way thorough.it's a ok mixtape but it just seem all over the place and the auto does not make it better with declining lyrics.I can't smoke to this shit is what im saying, but atleast I got currents and jets mixtape for that

  • FreshFrom94

    i dont understand the hate no one hated when he had a street like presence on POTC 1&2 star power or Cabin Fever 1&2, no one hated when he had a auto-tuned mixtape back when he made flight school no one hated bout his "repetitive" weed talk when he made Kush and OJ and Taylor Allderdice no one hated him jackin for beats and putting his own twist on shit like burn after rolling but now all of sudden wiz doing what he been doing ALL HIS CAREER now its trash gtfoh with that 28 Grams is dope in his catalogue of music its different but he made it fit his way and fuck this review they knocking it for what he didnt do if yall still stuck on Kush and OJ then keep listening to it and stfu wiz is gonna keep doing what he been doing and doing it his way making fun stoner music TGOD

  • Anonymous

    he's been a disspointment for a while now so I'm not that surprised by this.

  • The RZA

    AWFUL mixtape, Wiz' worst! I've always thought his mixtapes were great, but this was a whole bunch of bullshit. Unsatisfying and uninteresting.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz to me just proved he,s better than drake and should be in conversation as this decades best or one of

    • Come On

      Whiz isn't even close to Drake you moron. Whiz has sucked for awhile he dresses like a dirt bag now that's prolly why you like him. He's no where near Drakes level at all.

  • Anonymous

    fuck boy ass shit

  • Pat

    THANK YOU! This shit sucked! Slaughterhouse mixtape is 100000x better than this trendy trash!

  • tommy

    idk I thought its decent and its been growing on me

  • tha OG

    TRASH ass mixtape!!!!

  • da true

    da chief keef/young chop & migos influence has ruined this guy

  • umm

    lots of wiz haters out here.. i haven't peeped this mixtape yet, but Kush & OJ was a CLASSIC mixtape so stop hating you bitches.

    • umm

      yeah, but read the comments below and people are hating on Wiz, not just the mixtape. Wiz has a pretty damn good discog, and I like underground shit too

    • jamal

      This isn't a review for Kush & OJ. This is a review for 28 grams. 28 grams stucks.

  • ta

    Jamar* lmfao **Same person. He's a clown anyways, fck the way his name's spelled.

  • ReviewReviewer

    My Review: I like this mixtape. Its different. The new sound is something core hiphop fans dislike, but the new trend of fans love. I have a love/hate relationship with this new sound, but Wiz is really good at it. People tend to forget that even though Wiz Khalifa has his own sound, he started his mixtape with influences from the people in the hip hop scene. Young Jeezy, Weezy, TI, Andre 3000, and many others. So to see him inspired by a trending sound, isn't new to me. I see alot of Kanye West influence in the way he used the auto-tune. As far as the number of songs, who can complain about too much songs. I'm one "Lord Jamal video" away from never visiting this site again. and I've been a fan of this site for almost a decade. SMH!

  • Anonymous

    listened once, garbage

  • Jeff

    This mixtape was so awful i couldn't even finish it, and i thought Cabin Fever 2 was one of the best mixtapes of 2012. It just sounded like he was joking the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    Finally an accurate review. Fuck this garbage and fuck Wiz Khalifa.

  • Art School Cool

    Pretty disappointed with 28 Grams. I could barely get through a full song. Wiz is lacking concept and thought provocative lyrics.

  • luke cage

    it also didnt help that he had dj drama fucking up the mixtape screaming every 5 seconds like he always does.



  • Anonymous

    If you dont smoke, you dont get Wiz. FYI this is suppose to have banging beats and auto tune dumbass. Its a character album TRAP MUSIC hence Trap Wiz. Fucking retards

  • Anonymous

    one of the most overrated mainstream rappers out

    • esco

      can't be overrated when he is considered garbage by majority, it's mostly the non hip hop fans that buy his albums(and teens that don't know what quality even means).

  • Anonymous

    just boring weed talk