2 Chainz - Freebase EP

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"Freebase" finds 2 Chainz vacillating between the surface level fun of his previous recordings and the slightly introspective, making for a raucously good time.

Larry King was fond of saying that nothing is dead, everything is new, and 2 Chainz embodies that maxim so fully you imagine him as a Rap star painfully sculpted over two decades to take the world by ad-lib fueled, fun-as-hell storm. His meteoric rise to 21st century Rap stardom coincided so perfectly with his unlikely two-year run of mixtape dominance and the rise of “Mainstream Ratchet” that other artists in similar positions who lacked both the stamina and the sheer optimism of the College Park emcee have now since been deleted from our collective memories. And now, in between B.O.A.T.S II and B.O.A.T.S III, he comes out of nowhere to give us the most fun we’ve had on a mixtape in quite some time.

The formula is well documented. Flawless beats jerry rigged to non-sequitur lyrics formed as shots of an elixir that leaves you shouting, “2 Chainzzzz!” at the top of your lungs at 3 am anywhere fun is had. His raps are often nonsensical and enticing, not so much a full meal than one you hastily devour and leaves you hungry two hours later. This is his charm. But, where in albums past he never really took to the trappings of Internet Rap super-stardom (muddying up signature production from The-Dream, Mike Posner, and Drumma Boy) he now seems to have settled down nicely into his role as the grandfather of turn-up. Ironic for the slow drawl of his delivery, his ability to excite has undoubtedly matured into something more lethal. The result is a fusion of his initial burst on the scene with jokes like, “Go so hard, Viagra try to sign me,” to semi insightful lines like, “Look at my car, how did it get on those sixes / This flow come from Drizzy, he got it from Migos, they got it from Three Six.”

From the beginning this project showcases its hilarious semi-maturity. Snipping a slice from a ‘90s local Nashville TV show called Cuts and its train-wreck of an attempt at a PSA, 2 Chainz slides right into “Trap Back” produced by Track or Die’s Street Symphony and 808xElite. You’re then shot out of a cannon into a herky jerky trap fest that lasts through the rest of the mixtape. From the pulse-pounding two-by-four of “Freebase,” which features Chainz shouting, “I came from nothing!” on the hook over sinister synths as he reminisces about selling drugs to his family and first seeing a crack pipe in his parents kitchen. It continues at 200 mph directly into the grown man fun of “Flexin’ On My Baby Mama” where he screams, “I take care of my kids but I’m flexin on my baby mama!” And laments, “Damn I should have worn a condom.” All this, mind you, while stunting on his riches and solemnly sneaking in a line about missing his father. It’s revelatory if only because you don’t expect it. And the momentum only barely slows on Mike WiLL Made-It’s “Wudda, Coulda, Shuda” featuring Lil Boosie where, oddly, we find him at his least effective. But it still rolicks enough to last you through the only real hiccup on the project: the A$AP Rocky and Rick Ross buttressed “Crib In My Closet,” which sadly is no fun at all.

Now, throughout this descent into 2 Chainz’ world he vacillates between the surface level fun of his previous recordings and the slightly introspective allowing us to see the other side of the man formerly named Tity Boi. The one who’s not just content to wink at you while charmingly boasting about being richer, knowing gorgeous women, and doing better drugs than you, but the one who’s slightly more okay with what he’s got going on in his inner reality. Interestingly enough, these contradictions make the tape more fun than anything we’ve heard from 2 Chainz in a while, and, equally, it shows the most fun for a listener is a hint of depth added to a raucously good time.



  • #iamyungin

    I'm really not understanding what some of y'all problem is. Y'all would much rather listen to political rubbish, religious crap, horrorcore that wanna puke and call it real hip hop? You lot that prefer that shit are real idiots. Always so negative and walking around with a rod up your asses. 2 Chainz maybe a bit lyrically challenged, but he's more original and has a lot more heart than most rappers these days. I respect classic rappers, but don't be lookin down on the new who don't do what you used to hearing. U just really exposing your own ignorance.

  • AR

    I can't even rate this because with 2 Chainz you already know what your gonna get. Its basically gonna be that booty shakin ratchet shit with no lyrics and no kind of substance. To me, its bad. Really bad. But obviously, SOMEONE is listening to this and getting enjoyment out of it. And I'm really curious as to WHO and WHY.


    HELLO MY NAME IS HIP HOP, DUDE'S LIKE 2 CHAINZ TRYIN 2 FUCK ME. nah really, what happend to me =((

  • 2 lamez

    HAHAHA this why people never take DX reviews serious 4 outta 5 for this trash . Tell me this do dx still stand by giving Yeezus 4.5 outta 5 cause you don't even have the reviewers name on it someone is ashamed or fucked up badly

  • 2pac without a nose ring

    2 chainz > Tech Nine

  • Wally

    The amount of times that the author says 'fun' makes me realize that he is a fuck boy with NFI.

  • tity boi - one t

    Tity Boi does it again. Trap Back is the song of the year. Ya boi is a genius. Mainstream Ratchet Ass Ratchet Ass Rapper. I lud this tape.

  • Santino

    i liked the tape. Everybody yells what's hip hop and whats not. It's not just soul beats and introspective lyrics. Hip Hop music was originally fun, party, block party music. TheBlahk.com #PhillyLivesHere

  • Anonymous

    haha this is a joke sites like this don't show no respect to real hip hype artist but hype up wack dudes like 2 chainz what a joke lol

  • Laughs Alot

    2 chainz is terrible. everyone knows. same content, not evolving, and he lacks lyrics... all TRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Another classic!!! Chainz iz shittin on you haters!! Can't wait for BOATS 3

  • RealTalk

    4/5?????? Man HIPHOPDX is too generous. This is bad

  • abgrenv

    It may be a 4 in the 2 Chainz catalog but otherwise it's 2 1/2 not more. At least he tried to step up his flow.

  • fuck 2 chainz

    note to those who like 2 chainz: kill yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSNK0pm4eY

  • HipHopDxStaff

    2 Chainz has paid us well to write this kind review of him. Please do not hate. Yes we know this nigg3r is garbage but we got bills to pay. Andre Grant - HipHopDx

  • 614grind

    They grading 2 Chainz on a curve.

  • TaZzZ

    2 Chainz piece of shit EP gets a 4, yet 2 legends, Tech N9ne and Atmosphere, get 3 and 3.5 when their projects were both dope I've said it 10 times already, but why do you rate based on the artists previous catalog rather than the whole hip hop landscape? What kinda system is that? This may be a 4 in 2 chainz catalog but its better than either of th releases mentioned above? No fucking way!


    After a meeting last night we decided to give this album 5 stars. Because: - its a modern hiphop classic - 2chainz is the total package he can do party music but also hardcore music - he has more flows then hoes - he is a talented story teller - he is lyrical as fuck - he is an inspiration for new rappers

    • Laughs Alot

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! This is no where near a classic.. he has never and prolly will never make a classic. He isn't lyrical,, his rhyme patterns are doo-doo. The only thing I will say, every now and then he hits a funny punchline.. but that's it.. He don't evolve as an artist.. its all the same pretty much everytime

    • Anonymous

      if this inspiration for new rappers then hip hop is moving backwards

  • david larouche

    Really solid effort from 2Chainz, some of his best work so far, better than the last 2 albums. It's free, so go download it, he can deliver some great lines. I'd love a MursxTech9x2Chainz collabo.

  • lol

    Lol the dusty elitist niggas on here mad as fuck that 2 chainz finally put out a decent project and that it got a higher rating than corny ass edgy white boy shit. why strange music/funk volume/shady records fans always so lame lol.

    • stupid ass

      Dumb statement more white cats know real hip hop than your average black dude....I go to concerts yr round, it can Masta Ace, Quelle Chris, Krs 1, Brand Nubian, Black Milk and the majority of the crowd is white and other...Most black support Rick Ross, Drake, Wayne & ....Get yo facts straight... 2Chains is for ignorant hood ghetto cats that like fad music, Look at his fans..Fat black chicks with purple in their hair and gay black dudes from down south... Keep it 100.... I'm black for the record !!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Vla3d

    You give 2Chains 4 stars and 3 stars to Tech-9 and Styles P? You guys are FUCKING IDIOTS!!!

  • 4bracelets

    haven't heard this project, but giving it 5 stars to offset all the trolls who expect 2 chainz to drop introspective bars.. stupid ass trolls

  • Sidid1984

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I like 2chainz, but surprised to see that he got a good score on this site. that shit must be dope lol

  • Matt

    Are you serious Hiphopdx? Are you serious? You give this EP a 4, meanwhile Strangeulation is a 3, Southsiders is a 3.5, Phantom and The Ghost is a 3...The list goes on. This site is completely ridiculous, I honestly have no clue how you guys rate albums. At all.

    • tity boi - one t

      I love Atmosphere, but Southsiders was boring. This was at least fun. Why are you all so mad? Have fun. We're not curing cancer here, we're bobbing our head to some drums.

    • TaZzZ

      But thats not how rating (or grading for that matter) systems should work. The same criteria should be applied to everyone. Fuck is the point of a rating if it is based on an artists potential By that logic, every artists best work should be a 5, so if you only have one album, you're debut is a 5 See where I'm going with this? The logic falls apart when you start to actually think about it

    • anonymous

      Different rappers have different standards. All artist are not at the same level. Its just like a professor grading certain students. you know what you will expect from some while others may try to excel.

    • Anonymous

      did you listen to all those projects in entirety? cause if you haven't, sit down and shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Your Momma

    Number one, I always confuse this nigga with Future for some reason. Two, if you buy this album you're gay.

    • Your Momma

      We're in a hip-hop site. We're all really stupid. OK, bruh, if you buy anythang by this nigga you gay, if you download this ish fuh free you gay. If you buy ANYTHING by dis nigga online or instores you gayer than Lord Jamar in dat shower scene. And I don't really care whether it's an EP, LP whateva'. Das like gettin' into da whole definition of a freestyle. Tity Boi is gay, if u like Tity Boi, then you secretly secrete to dis nigga album cova's.

    • Anonymous

      You're really stupid given the fact that this is just a free mixtape.

  • 2 thotz

    greatest in the south right now period.

  • Anonymous

    I'll pay $100 bucks to the first person who can slap the taste out of Andre Grant's mouth and Instagram it.

  • WTF

    DX is retarded, how does tity boi's ep get 4/5 while tech n9ne's strangeulation only gets 3/5?

    • Anonymous

      Smh, I don't get it either. Guess DX is just saying "Fuck logic" when it comes to some of their reviewers

  • Anonymous

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  • 2 Chainz Garbage

    At least 2 Chainz better than Drake, I'll give him that.

  • Anonymous


  • iv81

    This guy doesn't deserve Compton.

  • tha OG

    This shit is good 5 stars

  • Smoke DZA


  • Lambo

    I fux with it yes maybe a little overated on here but I honestly enjoyed every song on here especially the title track "freebase"...good sh*+

  • Hiphopdx

    We have just decided to give everything a 4

  • Andre Grant SUCKS

    2Chainz has no skillz at all and this shit sounds exact like his other albums with those horrible trapbeats.

  • Jermz

    Shit bangin stop hatin playin this all weekend on my road trip lol

  • FOH

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say this: Look, WE DON'T WANT THIS BULLSHIT.

  • Anonymous

    What the duck is going on in here? How the hell did this bullshit get 4 stars?! This has to be a joke.

  • OUCH!

    4/5? HHDX lost the little crediblity it had. oh lord, Blasphemy!