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Hopsin's "Knock Madness" is a perfect album for die-hard fans & his bar-for-bar execution and self-awareness yield a solid listen despite a bit of shtick.

It’s been roughly three years since Hopsin raised eyebrows with the release of his Raw album—a project that essentially re-established the Panorama City, California native via his Funk Volume imprint after an initial run with Ruthless Records. Those with even a moderate interest in Hip Hop’s day-to-day news cycle have since seen his impact: bolstering the roster by signing Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton (with the former landing the same vaunted XXL Freshman Class honors as Hop), the occasional beef and overall increased expectations.

So after all this time, exactly what is inside the ill mind of Hopsin? It turns out to be a hell of a lot. Knock Madness essentially serves as Pop-tinged Horrorcore of the highest order. It’s an inclusive affair fueled by catchy hooks, accessible production and subject matter that is either sophomoric or deeply emotional. Hopsin’s raw technical ability to bend multi-syllable bars at his mercy and selected moments of social commentary keep things from bordering on flat out shtick.

The key to enjoying Hopsin’s latest may ultimately lie in the listener’s ability to know when to suspend their belief in reality and just enjoy the ride. On “Bad Guys Get Left Behind” Hop warns, “I’m known to hate / I use foul language to motivate / I know I’m dope okay / But Hop ain’t real, it’s just a role I play.” It’s a role he plays for the duration of the album, but by the time that disclaimer is issued, Hopsin has already spilled his guts over lost love (“Tears To Snow,” “Good Guys Left Behind”) taken Hip Hop at large to task (“Fiends Are Knocking”) and threatened to make competition “deep throat a dick ‘til it’s poking out of your butthole” (“Who’s There”).

And yet, even during the moments when his subject matter is about as appealing as the contents of a used air sickness bag, Hopsin displays technical precision on a level few can reach. Take the following couplet from “The Sinister” for example:

“This is war gentlemen / My flow is filled with more venom than George Zimmerman / In his car chillin’ with a loaded 44, tucked into his draws fidgetin’ / Itchin’ to find a brand new casket to stuff niggas in…”

Similarly, “Rip Your Heart Out” can stand next to Eminem’s “Rap God” as one 2013’s best examples of multi-syllable, staccato rhyming exhibitions. There’s an economy of words as Tech N9ne and Hopsin both speed up and slow down their respective flows to prove there are no Busta Rhymes-styled, nursery rhyme tactics being employed. It’s a rare moment where both style and substance are perfectly married.

Die-hard Funk Volume supporters get everything they want and more with Knock Madness. The vulnerability displayed on the tracks about Hopsin’s breakup, being treated like a well-compensated commodity and contemplating his worth as more than just a rapper probably won’t stop overzealous fans from bumrushing him in public with their smartphones in hopes of pictures.

But casual fans and savvier listeners may ultimately find Hop’s latest frustrating. The level of awareness displayed about Hopsin’s own influence, Hip Hop’s current watered down, buddy-buddy culture and society at large are poignant. But they’re seemingly squandered with empty punchlines about analingus, decapitation or moments where the production sounds like an ‘80s power-pop ballad. The fact that Hopsin overcomes those flaws to make what still amounts to a very solid album is a testament to just how skilled he is as a bar-for-bar emcee. “I Need Help” finds Hop rhyming, “I’m trying to be Marcus and Hopsin, but I get depressed when the two intertwine.” Hopsin’s no longer gazing at the moonlight, and his ability to honestly mine what’s going on between himself and his Rap persona makes for great theater. When he strikes the perfect balance between shock value, raw emotion and his immense skill set, that moment may yield a classic album.


  • Jacob

    This was wack as hell

  • Andrea

    Hopsin is a great rapper and very smart he teaches kids so much in ill mind 5

  • Sam Pastor

    I thought this album was by far the best by Hopsin so far and showed every emotion in each song. He spits hard and really has a nice outsider feel to it. One of the best albums of the year.

  • jay and silent bob 65

    this was one of the most overhyped albums this year as it yet to have a big impact on the rap game.imo hopsin is a cheep knock off of what Em was back in his day imo MMLP2 poops on this hopsin appeals to skater hipsters who think that know rap the same kids who bump icp and twizted fuck hopsin isnt even on rittz's level the life and times of johnny vailent is better than knock maddens

  • Tj

    Great album! I love how the actual soundtrack is more "Nu Skool".

  • Ralph

    well, I guess hop IS back

  • Jonathon butler

    This is a dope album it has so much emotions and feelings and the dopesters lyricism of the year I've seen

  • Ringydwm

    My buddy was pumping up this dude, and when I searched for him online I was salivating because he had quite a few projects that I had slept on. I downloaded a couple mixtapes off datpiff and 2 of his official releases as well. It was on! I happened to bump this album as introduction to him, and sadly the salivating was gone and I was left with cottonmouth. At multiple points in the album I even found myself embarrassed for him and very frustrated in his efforts because his biting was so blatant. If I had to guess I would say his influences are Eminem and Tech N9ne? Cuz it sounds like he stole a good portion of his shit from them. His cut about his friend that died from drugs was cool. I felt like this shed a light on his true character and not all the random offensiveness he seems to be going for to appeal to the teenage white skatboarding hip hoppers who steadily ride OF dick like they are the Holy Grail of the rap game. Sidenote-I listen to all OF shit and don't hate it. I came on here to see what everyone thought of this because I was less than impressed. His flow shows promise but the content of his songs, his hooks and the production didn't really appeal to me. Sounds like he trying too hard to make it, which is funny because he seems to hint at his fame and fortune in a couple songs. This is one of those love it or hate it albums it seems just glancing at the reviews...and from all the hate I'm seeing in response to people stating their opinions, it appears he has a pretty loyal following that is willing to come to his defense. I'm not going to give up on him. I will listen to his older stuff and compare. I have a feeling he made this album to appeal to a more mainstream audience and failed?

    • A real hip hop artist and observer

      You are real dumb everybody get part of they style from somebody his lyrics are fire but you not of those people who don't listen to lyrics because you don't know a damn thing about hip hop apparently

  • Because The Internet


  • KzR Cerberus

    Best album ever. New 2pac no doubt. GOAT of Rap/Hip-Hop all he needs is someone mainstream to give him a shout-out and feature in a song to take all the way off although he's 100% opposed to that unless it's Eminem.

  • Eric

    You failed to notice that you incorrectly named more than one song on the album and you suck at quoting songs. hopefully you read this so you never write another article again in your life.

  • Slumerican

    I still listen to this album every day, caught in the rain is on some real shit. Fiends are knocking gets stuck in your head like a motherfucker too. haha over all i got what i expected a couple lames the rest is gold after you digest it... just like every other rappers album, these haters can stfu.

  • Lewi

    I got the honor of getting to package these cds, when I heard it I was blown away. The way Hopsin has evolved as a artist in the past years is amazing. Keep up #FV

  • desire73

    i think hopsin is one of da best up and coming rappers tight on da mic has a dope flow fav tracks off new lp is lunch time cypher and hop is back i think raw was a better album but knockness is still good album id give it 3.5 out of 5

  • v

    Hopsin is to corny, bad hooks, bad beats, and even his shock value rhymes are lackluster 1.5 out of 5

  • TheON

    Knock Madness best album in a long time

  • nick helou


  • Anwell

    This is war gentlemen / My flow is filled with more venom than George Zimmerman / In his car chillin with a loaded 44, tucked into his draws fidgetin / Itchin to find a brand new casket to stuff niggas in I think its weird that reviewer dont notice that Hopsin in fact COPIES/"STEALS" Eminems flow from "Till I Collapse" in these lines. Remember Ems lines at all? "Women are caught in webs, spin 'em and hock venom". When you listen to it, its not even similar, its IDENTICAL. Is this displaying "technical precision on a level few can reach"? I dont think so. Hopsin says later in the song (which is called "Hip Hop Sinister") "I don't give a (fuck), the flow ripper (what)". So Hopsin acknowledges what Im saying. I think this is sloppy, Burgess. I agree with your review though. I think you should have pointed out that Hopsin uses almost every theme Eminem has used before him, in a "package" that is similar. The fact that both album-openers "Bad Guy" and "The Fiends Are Knocking" includes a crazy stan talking to their idol is a pretty amazing coincidence.

    • Anwell

      No, of course, the words in itself when written like that doesnt rhyme. The flow connects "hock venom" to the next word ("adrenaline"), so it sounds like this: "hock venomin". Now it rhymes with "George Zimmerman". Like I said, Hopsin rips off the FLOW from "Till I Collapse". Thats a fact. Im not saying Hopsin is bad because he does this, I said the reviewer should have noticed it, especially when using those particular lines as an example. Seeing as Hopsin copied Ems flow he, IMHO, does not display a "technical precision on a level few can reach", like the reviewer said. I believe you are familiar with "Till I Collapse", so a quick listen should do it. What I said about "Bad Guy" and "The Fiends Are Knocking" was just to point out another similarity between the two of them. Other rappers can of course act like a fan in a song, nothing wrong about that. I just thought it was interesting that Hopsin does this. Eminem has inspired him a lot, and they both dropped albums this year, so its natural to look at the differences and similarities between them.

    • Paisan

      "spin em and hock venom" doesnt even rhyme with "George Zimmerman"? wtf are talkin about, and Bad Guy is just a stan sequel with Eminem closing out his career at the end of hi song while "The Fiends Are Knocking" is a inspirational track to answer all his fans who waited three years for his album. I agree Hopsin themes are similiar like on "Bad Manners" he says something like "earth i dont know this place" and all the bars about jacking off are a signature eminem topic. And even frustration of fans bothering him we all know the song Way I Am is somethin hop also takes but at least point out the right flaws if your gonna bash Hopsin.

    • D

      So no rapper can talk about their fans in first or ever use first person talking first person talkin as someone else. K

  • Paisan

    You guys are trippin, this whole album was sick even the songs that are less liked hop still kills them!!!!!

  • da truth

    flopsin is trash he will never make it big. He only has a carreer because of those white kids that used to listen to oddfucture cause they were cool moved on and listen to flopsin now. Both oddfuture and flopsin appeal to the teen white kids because they do weird shit and act weird straight up

    • Paisan

      too bad no real hopsin fan would listen gay ass odd future because they're wack as hell at rappin plus he tries to promote satan just to get attention which is dumb as hell cuz little kids and teenagers look up to him so step your knowledge up before you comment like that.

  • R

    Great Fucking Album!!! who every thinks different..... BLOW ME while I'm taken a shit!

  • Yo

    I know this album is actually in stores now because I bought the physical CD. I think there musta been some trouble getting the CDs out at the right time. It should be in stores now though. Just ask somebody!

  • bizzalls

    Wow. All I can say is you clowns on here are PURELY hating. This is one of the best albums I've heard in a LONG ASS FUCKIN TIME. YES, there are a couple tracks that are for the ladies, and I could do without, BUT other than that this shit is banging!! Hopsin can rap with the best of him! And what about the fact that he produces all of his own shit?!?! His beats pretty much shit on 85% of other producer's beats! How can you stupid muthafuckas not respect that??? So he can rap better than most rappers AND produce better than most producers and you idiots are saying this album is garbage? That's exactly how and why I know it's just HATE. This is an incredible album, especially from an artist who is 100% independent and does everything on his own! DX, you too! You jackasses shoulda gave this album at LEAST a 4!! This album is mostly fire, this is a must buy!

    • Chris

      It's really not a matter of hate. It's a matter of OPINION. This is the weakest album I've heard so far this year. The production was weak, hooks were laughable, and there weren't much of a variety. Not enough to carry a whole album. His flow is on point, but it just doesn't make up for the weak production and hooks. Trust me, he doesn't produce better than 85% of the other artists.

  • nismar

    been a fan of hop since first time i heard him, ill mind 3 and 4. this new album is garbage, listened to it twice and thats prolly the last time ill listen to it. now he's rapping with paul wall, and im guessing riff raff real shortly here... da hell is happening to you hop? oh well at least i can always count on n9ne...

  • Jahorse

    I'd have to agree with this album surpassing MMLP2. I was really looking forward to that album and didn't really pay a lot of attention to Hopsin, but when this one came out I began listening to it way more than MMLP2 and bought it instead. It's way better.

    • Froyo

      I kind of agree with you. This album is really fucking good. Really good! I can't believe he makes his own beats and they're this good. This is a banger of an album no doubt! Eminem can rap better than Hop, but Em can rap better than anyone. Hopsin is definitely one of the best rappers out there right now!

  • and

    album is dope. ive been listening to rap since big l and shit. surpasses mmlp2 thats for sure

    • HellNO

      Nope... simple does not.. mmlp2 is a damn near classic, people just stuck in the past, Eminem already a legend, still makin it, Hopsin is a legend in the making, but falls a little short right now, If u thought Em didnt do anything new on MMlp2 then Hop definitly did not on this project. Dont get me wrong, Knock Madness er very good, Mmlp2 is just great..

  • timm

    If he can get some help production-wise and writing hooks, he could do some serious damage...I was just expecting this album to be that album,

    • WTF

      Get some help production wise? Are you a total moron? This is easily some of the best production out right now you idiot. I can only wonder what you consider good production to be.

  • timmm

    This review is spot on to me. Dude raps his ass off and there are a few fire tracks but some of the subject matter is just too cheesy or emo for me. But hey hes being real. And I was really hoping to see progression beatwise, I respect he does it all himself but those Fruity Loops beats just sound cheap. This album was overhyped I'd say, I was disappointed

  • Anonymous

    no shit he's corny... ya'll don't actually listen to his music, that's been his style for a while. he makes his music overly corny on purpose. grow a brain before bashing the guy.

    • Anonymous

      He makes his music corny on purpose? LOL! If dude were so clever, surely he'd know that by doing this, he's hindering himself from being taken seriously from other people. "People call my shit corny, but what they don't understand is that I want it that way" Fuck no. Admit that Hopsin is overrated, he can spit, but this "he makes his music corny on purpose" is just a weak attempt at trying to cover up how lame dudes music really is.

  • cinavenom

    I have never really followed this dude but gave the album a chance and have to say that I agree who say this biting Eminem way too hard. It's okay to be influenced by someone but this is straight biting. 3/5

  • Andrew

    Great album, I've been a fan since RAW. What I really enjoy about this ablum, is it displays Hop's growth as an artist. Great album overall, same lyrical quality as the Marshall Mathers LP.

  • Ian

    Just read through all the comments and I must say, anybody who wasted their time trashing this guy isn't a real fan or clearly has nothing better to do if they don't like Hopsin and have taken the time to give a bad review. This guy is legit; he is the basically the inner thoughts that everyone is too afraid to let out. It makes zero sense to call him corny because he is the realest rapper out there. If you are like me and enjoy older rap then u will love this guy because he exposes modern artists for the bullshit they put out and points out the 100% unarguable fact that he is one of the hardest working rappers. Maybe his hooks aren't great, but he made this all by himself so give me a freaking break on the criticism. The beats are "generic" because they have roots in older rap and aren't the annoying beats u constantly hear today. I preordered this thing a few days after it came out and I just started listening to his stuff...he stands out considering I don't like any rapper period from 2006 onward. Good job Hopsin and thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. Sincerely, an educated and freethinking individual who doesn't form opinions based on today's norms and album sales.

    • Bulletproof Wallets

      "His hooks aren't great"...then you can't make songs. Just freestyle. If the catchy part of the song sucks, guess what people are going to remember about the song?

    • Hopsin

      I agree totally with the first dude. To say this is wack basically means you haven't even heard the album? Hopsin is in no way shape or form wack, you bitch ass nigga! You probably just mad that he's fuckin raw as fuck and you ain't shit!! He raps and produces better than most people! Stop lying you cocksuckin beeyatch!

    • Hopsin

      Damn homie, you wrote a novel didn't you? Here guys, heres a short, true review of this album, in a single word: WACK

  • Al

    Hopsin is literally the corniest dude out right now. He's a hypocritical immature eminem biting faggot. He's 30 and acts like he's 15. He doesn't deserve one single fan, but considering who his fanbase is its no surprise he has the following he does. The production sucks and the hooks are awful. His shit is played out and boring. Fuck Hopsin. Fuck Hopsin's pussy ass fans. You should all go kill yourselves while listening to ill mind of hopsin 4.

    • fuck al

      retarded ass nigga i bet u a fuckin gucci mane fan who has no fuckin idea of real hiphop hopsin is real, raps the truth,has sick flows sick lyrics ...................... this is real hiphop go and listen to ymcmb faggot

    • absolute187

      ...he's 28

  • hopsucks

    cheesy ass angsty pussy ass nigga with a fucking bad attitude. actin like a fuccin 14 yr old but hes 30 wtf is that shit fuck this nigga and his fans. fuck you.

  • Thomas S

    i think the album as a whole isn't as strong as some single songs,but i think if hopsin focused in a single direction he could really go places

  • jay

    If you already like hopsin, you'll really like this.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is truly amazing.

  • Danny

    does anybody know where I can buy this album??

  • juggernaut306

    Solid album but this nigga needs to learn how to market his shit

  • wigger

    can someone explain why hopsin references Pokemon in multiple songs???? seems kind of outdated and plain stupid. other than the Pokemon lyrics and a couple sappy songs, its a solid album

  • Anonymous

    Black Eminem! Not a compliment. get your own style. You have skillz but do your own thing and get rid of those cheap dr dre beats.

  • Anonymous

    Album is great. I downloaded it but im going to have to buy it now.

  • MIke

    Keep it going hopsin. You may not realize it, but your one of the realist rappers out there now.

  • illogic93

    I liked the album, it's just beyond me why it took him 3 years to put it out.

  • gramps

    aside from too many soft songs, it is perfection

  • Bizzalls


  • j

    Shitty fans didn't support shit. 4 fucking thousand? Look at this mans youtube views and I'm not even really a fan

  • Anonymous

    I loved it, some beats weren't the best, and towards the middle of the album there were a few sappy love songs, but other than that Hopsin's flows, lyrics, and collabs were amazing. I really dig the first third of the album producing bangers and meaningful lyrics; Fiends are Knocking, Hop is Back, Who's There?, and Rip Your Heart Out. Nollie Tre Flip, Hip Hop Sinister and Bad manners Freestyle showed raw and real talent within his perception of where he is in the hip hop community. The middle of the album showcased a lot of his sappier songs about his past love interest and how he gets played and feels he's an outcast. I liked I Need Help and Gimmie That Money, but the girlfriend songs which are meant for the female demographic obviously didn't appeal to me as much, although I can some what identify with his sorrow and emotional pain. The darkest part of the album is the last third which identifies Hopsin's confusion and emotional anguish that was touched upon in the middle of the album a bit but more intensely focused on contemplation of suicide and depression. It was very interesting to hear this part of the album because Hopsin is obviously having a mid-life crisis and wants to leave his aggression, as well as his "sinister" life aside. He talks about moving on with his life and how fame and fuck up your mentality of yourself. I also think he is showing us the story of the album where he is "Knocking" the "Madness" out of his life. Coming out of his Hopsin character and back to Marcus. Two thirds of the album I can really appreciate as a diehard fan and I can also respect his appeal to females in the middle of the album which overrides my critique of that particular part. For the emotional pain and being so open about his anger towards mainstream hip hop, confusion and sadness about his "Old Friend" and others really hits home with me in both an entertainment way and therapeutically. I can solemnly say that Hopsin's music currently and in the past has definitely helped me through a lot because I feel like I have gone through some of the same emotional struggle as him. For that I give it a 5/5 even though there were some inconsistencies and things that weren't perfect, I feel like the raw talent, emotion, and independent production make up for it. Great job Hopsin! I can't wait for the Knock Madness Tour.

  • poppa large

    hopsin took a lot from eminem. too many singing hooks but he tried to create a real album -you can tell. has substance and style but sound too much like eminem. ya smell me?

  • Anonymous

    this is a great album

  • Anonymous

    Lyrics:8/10 Beats:6/10 Hooks:4/10

  • Gucci The ROAT

    Gucci The Realest Of All Time: - Sold drugs. - Killed a man who tried to rob him. Ask Young Jeezy. - Exposed Young Jeezy as a fraud. - Beats up so called fans. - Throws bitches out of his car while driving. These are facts! Fuck the studiogangstas: Rick Ross, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Big L etc.

  • Anonymous

    Great album Lyrics: 7/10 Beats: 10/10 Hooks: 5/10

  • Polly

    I am a big fan of hopsin and I love his music, I have been waiting for this album for months.. Don't get me wrong the album was sick, but slightly disappointing I give it a 7...??

  • jack

    There is no song called "Bad Guys Get Left Behind", amateur shit.

  • MrPoppyJunior

    It is indeed a great album. But editing and production wise not so good. People were predicting this album would be moving 500,000 copies in it's first week. Only 4,000 sold... Poor Hop..

  • Wade

    Sure Hop can murder a track, his lyrics are on point, the production still left something to be desired. I'd give the album a 6/10.

  • Anonymous

    Tech N9ne dumped a bucket of warm and putrid feces all over Hopsin on Hop's own damn song.

  • Golf Wang

    Hopsin is irrelevant. Only nerdy backpacker faggot rap fans with no girlfriends like you stans are still checking for him. Tyler ended his career already, Hop hasnt made a good song since Ill Mind of Hopsin 4!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dead Poe

    @niel, i said he can rap, rapping is only part of an album. and if you really think hop is better than 95% of rappers out there you listen to some shitty rap. expand your horizon and hop off his dick. no pun intended bitch

  • Slumerican

    those last 3 songs on that album rock shit.

  • Matt Perez

    That opening track should be a single. Worth the wait? ... yes! Hopsin delivered a great album

  • Casey

    I loved it! It's a great album. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. If someone doesn't like it then so be it. That doesn't change my thoughts on it! 5 STARS on this one!

  • hmm

    He's a very specific, acquired taste. Talented, but like K-Rino, he picks worst/computer beats ever.

  • john angelis

    best album of all time

  • nathan amrtinez

    hopsin killed this album! lots of fame and respect coming to him i hope



  • Anonymous

    I personally think the album is great. It was worth the money, even though i knew it was going to be leaked on youtube. An album combined with aggressive rawness and truth. Knock Madness! 5/5

  • Poopsicle

    Fuck rap god Rip Your Heart Out Merks that gay shit!!

  • Hdot

    I am a huge ass fan of Hopsin but I wish he would stop singing his own chorus. His bars are superb but I feel that dome of his beats have a generic feel to them.

  • yomanny

    yezus was the weakest shit ever. I agree I burned it to then threw it away.

  • Rocky

    Welcome back with the album of the year!

  • Nigel

    Get the fuck out of here, hiphopxd. How are you going to give mmlp2 4 and only give knock madness a 3.5. mmlp2 was horse shit and everyone knows it.

  • Dont Know

    The best album this year.

  • CP

    best thing i've heard this year, classic gutter record with a personal touch, EXCELLENT! keep it comin hop, this was miles beyond eminem's record(which was really good, not trying to discredit it) in hip hop purity, the lyricism swings punches out of the headphones, knokc madness indeed!

  • Dead Poe

    Hop can definitely rap. He just needs better hooks and production. A lot of the songs sound the same. 3/5.

  • Cassius Crites


  • Daniel

    True fans will love this project!

  • Neil

    I've been waiting for Knockmadness to coke out for along time and when it came out I started listening to it and it was a good album

  • Ziad

    Best album this year its fucking awesome !!!! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Album suckked becaus Hopsin sucks. By far the corniest rapper I ever heard in my life. Go shoot another video dressed like Steve Urkel weirdo

    • gozomo33@gmail.com

      i would be curious as to how old you guys all are. i don't really find this kind of rappity-rap enjoyable anymore. and i listen to everything from drake to brother ali. i'd rather hear this guy battle or spit freestyles, bc i feel like that's more suitable to his style. his content does not carry my interest for an entire 18-track album. i think i would have liked him much more about 10 years ago, when i was a teenager and thought ja rule was actually dope. hopsin is definitely a decent rapper, but to be calling this album of the year is blasphemous. his voice is a little irritating, his content is a little corny, and he DEF shouldn't be singing. and don't get caught up on his flow alone, bc his lyrics AREN'T that deep. his beats, while impressive that they are all self-produced, are really nothing to write home about. hiphopdx was pretty on point imo, a 3.5 is fair bc he needs to get a more polished production team behind him. he shows potential but in the end falls short of greatness.

    • Nigel

      It`s a dead give away that you listen to wayne bro.

    • BB

      So the track Hiphop Sinister is shit? No skills? Hahaha okay

    • UGH

      Fuck your opinion, nigga. Hopsin's skills are shit, and his album is shit. You can't spray febreze on a heaping pile of shit & expect it to smell better. Once a heaping pile of shit, always a heaping pile of shit. End of story.

    • Methanphetamine

      You're a fucking clown, it's a great album. It has to be one of the best of the year, you either listen to some underground af shit and think anything with fans is shit or you are a fan of Future and this is to hard for you to grasp understanding.

  • Mitchell

    I've been waiting on this album for almost 3 years...exceeded expectations. 5/5 Favorite album of the year...Turn it up!

  • Anonymous

    Ever notice how much dick riding can sway a review Well, it looks like it wasn't the case in this one! Knock madness really is a solid album, and I do agree 100% with this review, but be real hopsin stans. Do you REALLY think this deserves a 4.5 or higher? Not even close.

    • Dr. Zeus

      Yeah I honestly think it's a solid 5. There's not a single song I don't like on it. His rap skills are sick and on full display and he's still improving. Production quality to me doesn't affect any album as long as there's great lyricism and/or flow. I also think Em's album was a solid 5

  • Wedgewood

    Who does it like Hop? 5 mics baby.

  • Lewis

    Great album and a solid variety of tracks! still raw yet with a bit more emotion, this hop has definitely matured into something special.

  • Luke

    This shit is trash, Wolf was 10x better!!!!!!! #OF!!!

  • Polza

    In contention for album of year with MNIMN. Real top grade shit.

  • dustcrusterton

    Solid album, IMO hooks are a bit weak on some of the songs, but the beats are a fair amount better than his previous stuff. Rhymes and flow are on-point for the most part,although that stupid Jamaican accent he used at one point was horrible.

  • Daniel Svensson

    Amazing... ! DOPE

  • Da Majestic 12

    Hopsin reminds of a young RZA, creates good beats and has good lyrics. Loving that dark/twisted theme through-out the album. 5/5 and im a Wu-tang Fan

    • Anonymous

      WTF??/ Please rephrase that since not a single thing about a young RZA is like this weirdo plus Rza made 10x better beats and didn't sing on all of his hooks. I like Hopsin but stop it

  • Justin Felix

    I understand someone not liking this but to say lyrically and musically this isn't at least four stars. He created all the production and lyrically he's on point as anyone in the game if not just a league above. I rate it four and a half right now. Dope album.

  • Slater

    He can't stop now, like woah this album is too good.

  • D-Banger

    When Hopsin was at the XXL freshman list, i had no idea who the fuck he was. I just finished listeing to Knock Madness. Almost a 5 mic classic. Real talk.

  • Will

    Just listen to the lyrics and the 5 Star rating will make sense, this is rap guys, the hooks are fillers made for people who care about them and honestly, they're just simple fun hooks. The hunger is insane on this project keep putting in work Hop your almost as good as you say you are.

  • Tyler the Creator

    Album of the year! 4.8/5

  • T.R.

    Great album..probably one too many tracks about his female but fuck man this shit is fire. Hiphop Sinister is unreal.Super dope.

  • Golf Wang

    Tyler ended this fools career!!!!!!

  • dawood

    best album of the year

  • DrizzyforPrez

    Gimmicky cornball

  • bob

    DX fuckin always gives great albums crap review fuck this website they reviewers are fuckin wayne butt fuckers

  • Joey

    This album's dope as hell. Hop's going away to Australia after the tour and it'll be SwizZz's turn to let fame destroy his psyche, but even if it's ten years till Hop makes another album FUNK VOLUME GOES HARD.

  • Anonymous

    People can hate if they want but i'm fucking glad he exists. Someone doing their own shit, i'd rather have 100 releases like this than overproduced corporate bullshit

  • Tyler

    Hopsin's rhymes are real, allowing for only a small amount of stories to be told, but Hop does a really good job at making his voice seem like the best one out there, lyrically. However, in the sense of material, Hop is limited to rhyming about his sad experiences and in this album there really isn't any positive energy, which isn't much of a bad thing as much as it is preferred. I love this album though, each song has so much emotion and just makes you want to jam out to it maxed volume. Hop's producing skills have doubled if not tripled since Raw.

  • DJ Delli

    Everyone is bitching about the hooks being corny, or just overall bad, but to me personally, I enjoy his "less polished" hooks, compared to the overproduced and expected hooks of today from the top emcees, for example Eminem. You know from the get go all his songs will have a hot chick sing the hook. It gets old. I prefer the raw emotion and hooks of Hopsin, or any FV member.

  • Anonymous

    Great Album!!! 4/5

  • Cwigg

    This is Hopsin's "Slim Shady LP"..... His next will be a classic....mark my words.

  • Victor

    This is a great album!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta give bonus points knowing that he made it all by himself. Just imagine if he had other producers

  • Anonymous

    Nocturnal Rainbows...Best hopsin track

  • Anonymous

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 on this one. Really like the lyrics but the production could be better and a lot of the hooks are TERRIBLE. Similar strengths and weaknesses as MMLP2 imo, although this is a tad lyrically better arguably and I feel that album had better production and hooks.

  • Rick Sin

    Solid Project. May not be everybodys style but you can't deny his skill, and the hard work that has been put into the album.

  • 777

    Hopsin needs to quit. He sucks.

  • Gio

    I listened to the whole thing, front to back and it seems that Hopsin in really stuck on the breakup of his ex, even though he says he is done and to fuck herself, she gets about 3-4 songs about her. He realized that money brings out the fake friends who only want to contact him for their benefit, he is sick of the persona as Hopsin and he ends the album with saying that he is going back to be Marcus ( his original-self, not his alter ego) he also states that he is only going to do one more album and then he is done, but maybe he is going to make it 'meaningful' and make songs with actual messages because he feels like he is starting to become faker, he also brings up ties with major record labels who are always reaching out to him to 'paint' whatever picture on him that THEY want, and he knows he isnt going to give into them. Maybe his next album will consist of more meaningful songs, but this Album was a real success with cadences, flows, emotion, drama, messages.. the whole deal. GREAT ALBUM/FEW SMASH HITS, MANY MESSAGES. Really enjoyed it, Good Job Marcus.

  • dc

    Im not a fan but this shit is fucking dope!

    • Daddy

      @Tbrown Not necessarily so. I like a few Jay Z songs, but I don't care enough to listen to his albums on the release date (even the release week at that). I thought The Motto was dope, but you'd never catch me at a Drake or Wayne show or even bumpin their albums. You can like a song or an album without being a "fan". Just my 2 cents :) Daddy loves you.

    • Tbrown

      If you think the album is "fucking dope" then I believe that makes you a fan by default

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good album, still needs to work on his hooks but it was pretty decent

  • heaaaals

    dope album, 10x better than any mainstream crap

  • t0x

    Imo it's a good album but why did He have to make so many songs about him whining about girls? 6 in total. He Has 2 Raw songs on the whole album. He should Of named this album Knock Sadness. I been listening to Hopsin since day one and this is kind of dissapointing. The rest of the album is fire. 4/5

  • Where's shady

    As corny as he comes across in interviews n shit he spits fire and is pretty similar to the old Eminem we all been missing. Definitely stepped up since his last album where I didn't know what the fuss was about the bars weren't up to much this one tho cant front dope MC

  • Anonymous

    Solid album. There are some weaker beats or hooks, but overall this is a good album. Not perfect, so it deserves the grade of 4 out of 5.

  • Dave

    Great album. Hiphop Sinister goes sooo fucking hard!!Love it.

  • biged

    Mannibalecter..album of the year..wake the fuck up

  • MK

    dude sucks cd sucks, dudes trys to be shady but does a shitty job at it, MMLP2 is way better of a album

  • Anonymous

    album sucks imo, expected more, one of the worst this year

  • Kody

    There were some really amazing parts to this album but also alot of those Hop being corny parts...still a good album though

  • Anonymous

    Knock Madness and MMLP 2 are the best albums of the year

  • SiX

    its alright but MMLP2 shits all over this

  • Connor ford

    Best rap album in years hop really goes in like that verse about George Zimmerman on hip hop sinister omg

  • eh

    It's disappointing, I've seen better wordplay from him and was expecting much for his debut. Most songs are corny, dude seems to bitch about his problems to the extent where you get tired of listening to his issues only he goes through. I liked one song, the lunch cypher...only because the other rappers saved it. Really disappointing...

    • Tex6

      ^Thruth has been spoken! Hop fell off big time, it doesn't sound like it took 3 years to make the album, it doesn't sound all that personal to me... The beats are wack (he produced them himself, props for that...but he has 2 talented producers on his squad in Kato and Hoppa) His lyrics are decent. his flow is a direct Shady rip-off,but he fails to capture the same punch that slim had in his good days (slim fails to capture the same impact himself now) Also, the hooks are shitty The album also should have had way more features! G-mo is a dope rapper, I love his music as I also own his Mixtape so I know a bit 'bout him. other features are just the basic Jarren,Dizz and SwizZz(and his annoying ass voice) as well as Tech who dropped a solid verse on a wack beat. It would have been way better if it had better features (Krizz kaliko, Xzibit, Jon Connor, Danny Brown,...) overall...it just doesen't cut it, not for an album that was in production 3 years and got pushed back 10 times! I used to like hopsin, i own Raw and still listen to some of his songs but since Ill mind 4, he just started to become boring and repetitive... I'll end my rant here now and bump some real stuff (Jon Connor, Ab-soul, Serial Killers, Joey Badass, Isaiah Rashad,...)

  • HDC

    the production and the hooks are on the weak side, tbh. could be worse though

  • Anonymous

    5/5 this is real good, eminem's new album was real dope but this 1 is much doper!

  • strange679

    eminem should have listened to knock madness before he released MMLP2. knock madness is 1 of the best hip hop albums this year. self-produced, tight catchy beats, n hopsin switches his flow up throughout the album keeping u entertained with his humorous rhymes and storylines. u can tell he worked hard on this release, easy 5/5

  • ketchup

    knock knock... album is great

    • JoJo Simmons

      Jon Connor is a little more talented and lyrical than Hopsin. At this point, he could release an album & it would shit all over this turd of an album (Hop Madness)

    • JRich

      Kind of like how you're dickriding Jon Connor (who's really, in all honesty, a pretty boring rapper) on a page that has nothing to do with him?

    • Tex6

      Knock Knock... no it isen't... Unconscious state is a great album...knock madness is overhyped and dickridden

  • Ricky

    This album is amazing. He knows he can be corny, he's just having fun. People just don't see it. It's based off his emotions and thoughts. It has a wide variety of songs to relate to, catchy and dope songs. 5/5

  • JRich

    Awesome album, the review is right about some of it being a little corny...but that's part of the reason I like it. I don't hear many rappers being able to mix absurdity with real shit into a catchy song, and that's basically what the whole album was. Good shit


    better than MMLP2 that's for sure

  • james

    album is dope for sure. started listening to him not too long ago and is already one of my favorite artists. if you think this dude is corny or sucks, you may be mentally retarded lmao

    • jim

      so if I don't PERSONALLY like something and I voice my opinion on it, I'm either a hater who's deaf or just plain retarded? your logic is flawless.

  • anon

    this album is a classic. hiphopdx gives such shitty reviews

  • koniec


  • bryan

    Great album. Not sure how anyone can hate on it if they gave it an honest listen through. Great beats...great production..great flow. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    album is dope go listen to drake or wayne you hating faggots

  • Jimmy Pops

    Super Dope 5 Star

  • Demetri

    I bought this album out of wanting to support Hopsin but I was blown away by how good it was. I wasn't expecting a bad album but I wasn't expecting a great album. I think the singing hooks is a good balance to his horrorcore lyrics. I would say this album gives you everything you could want. On a personal note, I would put this as top 5 projects of the year (Acid Rap, MMLP2, Old, Knock Madness, Welcome to Forever). Hop delivered. 4/5

  • STATiC

    This album is close to legendary status, I wanna say the best rap album this year besides MMLP2.

  • Anonymous

    its dope. its a reflection of hop's emotions during recoridng

  • An Inadequate Fuck of a Man

    I listened to it. Its shit. Nothing more to type here.

  • Anonymous

    Solid album but too much singing on the hooks 3.5/5

  • COCA