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Getting past Mac Miller's bouts of immaturity and voice as "Delusional Thomas" is a chore and can be trying. But hidden behind those flaws is a good mixtape.


Mac Miller“Delusional Thomas” (Mixtape Review)  DX Consensus: “EP-Worthy”

It’s very clear the Mac Miller currently residing in Southern California isn’t the same Mac Miller who recorded K.I.D.S. One listen to Mac’s album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and it becomes apparent the influence of the So Cal scene has helped the young Pittsburgh native develop as an artist. While Mac has developed Larry Fisherman—his alter ego who appears on production—Delusional Thomas is apparently a new alter ego, who sounds like Mac Miller rapping off helium. While Larry Fisherman does a great job of providing the soundscapes for the clearly Halloween-themed project, the content (or lack thereof) is sure to turn some away, while appealing to another crowd that Mac Miller, doesn’t appeal to.

”Delusional Thomas” could be labeled as Horror-core. References to extreme violence, constant challenges to Christianity and jokes about offering up younger nephews to Michael Jackson for sex are sure to remind listeners to the earlier works of Odd Future. On “05.72” Mac, or, Thomas, raps, “Continue to, spread diseases with my AIDS infected penis / Putting seeds inside of bitches, giving birth to retarded fetuses / I’ve yet to witness success with less of a gimmick, it’s either fun, happy, festive / Or evil anti-religious…” While Thomas occasionally speaks seriously about the life of Mac Miller, it’s hard to take any song serious that concludes with “My dick is booty scented” as “05.72” does.

While Thomas maintains the level of skill with words Mac has developed over time, it’s the choice of words that Is likely to leave listener’s questioning Thomas’ maturity. Meanwhile, the new and improved Earl Sweatshirt appears on “Bill” stealing the show. Over a slow, key-driven beat, Sweatshirt raps, “My main and my ex screaming like it’s a habit / I move immune in between ‘em because I’m diplomatic / Catch me in your city passive, cleaning up my shitty act / And bitches say them gritty raps be making up for shit he lacking / Sixes and them kitty cats, that got him missing Jerry’s Thomas / Burpin’ words that’s hotter than the pocket where he carry chronic / Very awesome so spare the comments, I’m bi-coastal / Paid and chugging forties you niggas can keep your wine toasting.”

Mac Miller appears as a guest on “Grandpa Used To Carry A Flask,” the final track on the project. Thomas kicks some of his best raps in the presence of Miller, and for listeners who can make it through nine other tracks of the helium based Delusional Thomas, it’s definitely one of the highest moments of the project. Thomas raps, “What’s the purpose of everything, who the fuck cares / We run scared, ‘cause nothing fair, and we don’t become aware / Pretend it don’t exist / Ignorance, the only bliss / I think it’s me, well I hope it is / But no kids and no responsibilities / I’m writing soliloquies, and transcend visually / The intelligent idiots, who never be serious / ‘Cause the world around is fucked up, so we’d rather get fucked up…”

Dealing with Delusional Thomas’ voice is a battle in itself, and after dealing with that, the occasional bouts of immaturity can be trying. For those that can get past both of those flaws, “Delusional Thomas” is worth some listens. Mood-setting production from Larry Fisherman, and decent rhymes from Delusional Thomas make for a decent project, although a Larry Fisherman and Mac Miller project probably would have been better.


  • Leo

    ridiculously good horror core, my favorite mac project so far

  • Lyle

    Imo quite relaxing to listen to and the duo mac thomas is good. Grandpa used to carry a flask and the star room are two of my favourite tracks

  • hi

    I actually don't really mind his voice. And I think this album is really great. The idea of a mixtape as an alter ego is pretty great - you get to see Mac's other thoughts. It reminds me of Hopsin, how he always says he just says what's on his mind. It feels Mac uses Thomas as a vent to do the same.

  • Stephanie

    I loved this mixtape. FULL of introspection, the theme mac intended to portray, I believe, is that although his continuous drug use is killing him, he continues because he's famous and needs to live life. delusional thomas' thoughts are merged into macs as they become one person. it's a meaningful project if you take time to analyze it

  • Anonymous

    Actually Mac miller loved Quasimodo so that's where he got it from. He wasn't stealing it or ripping off anything. Mac has always paid tribute to the greats that came before him and that have influenced him just a lot of ppl don't even realize or understand his vocabulary and sentence structure. Bruce smith obviously just can't handle the depth and enormity that Mac has finally unleashed

  • ola dioss

    Bruce Smith is a legend!! well written review also...gonna give it a listen, but the voice always makes a difference to people need to stop bitching when people say they don't like it.

  • Anonymous

    You cant just base his album on his voice. Macmiller has grown and his lyrical images he paints are as creative as I've ever seen them before in this album. Some claim this album as immaturity and some even look at this album as being a illuminati tape. In reality his new ego gives him more room to explain the hidden truisms people are to naive to comprehend due to his "helium like voice". In my opinion dillusional Thomas is his gateway to say what his other part o his mind is thinking. The part the industry doesn't want us exposed to.

  • Alan Flindt

    Madlib was doing this in 2000 with the Quasimoto alias, can't believe no one has mentioned that. Miller just shamelessly ripped that off to try and look innovative. Yeah it's quite well produced but fuck it's lazy and he's getting credit for being some kind of creative genius when really he's just badly ripped off The Unseen 13 years too late.

  • Anonymous

    I can't listen to that voice for 10 soild tracks in a row.

  • Brian

    bruce smith sucks ass, and yes im saying just so he can reply with a "nigga" or "negro", but anyways the production and lyrics really help you get a sense how dark and twisted thomas is and really make me wish more rappers would use alter egos to expand their music audience like mac

  • Tim

    Great post on Mac Miller. Thanks. Enjoyed!!

  • these

    There is no looking past the voice. The voice is the album. Mixed with the content thats penatrating, but down played by the "randoms" for lack of a better word, the voice makes this tape jam.

  • Tiffany

    I like Mac Miller voice is unique and his style is it

  • Anonymous

    jews creep me out so i can't listen to this.

  • David Rossi

    Best Mac Miller yet!

  • Jim

    Delusional Thomas not only had a great insight on another side of Mac, but great lyrical meanings and beats.

  • Zyed

    I didn't really like the mixtape either. I felt that is was kind of gimmicky with the whole voice thing. Mac can rap but he kind of needs to expand his reach

  • Kieran st.louis

    how can people knock this apart from his voice

  • Jadon

    Delusional Thomas is a masterpiece with a production value that not many rappers can swing together. If you're expecting a Mac Miller mix tape, you will be disappointed because that's not what it is. Delusional Thomas is by and large an artist in his own lane, rapping about what he sees and what he thinks about. "Dealing with the voice" is a completely irrelevant critique of this album, what should be looked at is the substance, skill, and sound it provides. The lyrics only come off as immature if you're expecting something else. My point is, holding expectations of the album prior to listening will sway your opinion the second you turn it on. Delusional Thomas is an experience that if you can't "deal with the voice" you won't come to appreciate.

    • Bruce Smith

      Just read your comment, and yeah, I listened to it for the third and fourth time, and I'm sad to say that the voice is still rather annoying. My geriatric, 12 year old dog kept clawing at the door to leave just so he couldn't listen to it anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Dark as fuck, voice can get a little annoying, but it goes hard lyrically and beat wise.

  • Anom

    Bruce Smith a journalist? "Lil nigga"? "My word is law around here"? "Bite me"? A fucking joke is what you are, please read up on the definition of journalist. And btw, as someone who writes reviews, you do it EXTREMELY poorly since all you do in this one is give 2 flaws on the whole record (voice and "maturity" (like, it's a fucking rapper, you looking for maturity in a rapper? get a role model instead bitch)) and the rest of the review is copy paste lyrics from the mixtape. Kudos to you Sir, a Happy New Year and a toast in the hopes that you get an overdose or fatal alcohol poisoning in the next few minutes or days.

    • Bruce Smith

      BAHAHAHA. Negro, please. I'm guessing you've lived under a rock your entire life, right? Once my review is out there, that's it. Bruce Smith has pretty much spoken. Current hip hop fans are one of the most emotional people on the planet. We can agree to disagree, and that's fine, but grow some balls, sir. I mean, do you expect me to change my opinion just because you think it's this awesome and amazing soundscape? NO. I didn't like the album, period. I thought the approach was weird and creepy. Mac is not my favorite rapper, and his delivery came off as a silly little 12 year old boy. Anyway, I'm done arguing with fruits like yourself. May you burn in hell.

  • Anonymous

    I have loved everything macs put out from kids, to macadelic, to watching movies, and now this. Quit bitching about his voice, he obviously doesnt give a fuck. Mac all his career has criticized his critics for only criticizing his work on the surface, and here is everyone doing the same. His rhymes are ill, using vocabulary word play higher than anyone in the game right now. Obviously this is just a experiment with his style. Could this be OFWGKTA rubbing off of on him? He's only 21, so if you think he is gonna put out the same flow, style, genre of hip hop every release you might as well just stop following him, youre only gonna get more pissed with the continuations of his transformation.

    • Bruce Smith

      Look here, lil nigga. I'm a journalist. I get paid good fucking money to review these albums & mixtapes. I calls it like I see it, get it? My word is law around here, and if you don't like it, bite me. I'm not giving up my cushy 6 figure job and hot Russian mail order bride because a few pissants like you don't agree with my review. Pfft.

  • Anonymous

    how is hhdx reviewing action bronson and mac miller but skipping that new lloyd banks mixtape

  • J

    Y'all just mad about the voice and shit. It's annoying but it's not a bad tape. And that's all it is. A mixtape. Not an album. Not a hyped up project. Just something he dropped for the hell of it. I'm a big fan, but I do understand where people are coming from.

    • Chris P

      This is one of Mac's best mixtapes. He is a real poet when it comes to writing. The voice doesnt bother me when you listen to the actual words. It'll blow your mind the things he says. Amazing mixtape.

  • Jason Mehta

    You must look past the chop and screw voice of Delusional Thomas and in to the lyrical maturity that Mac Miller has grown into and appreciate that. I would say Lyrically, this is one of the best projects Mac Miller has ever made. The beats are very impressive, all made my by Mac Miller under the name Larry Fisherman. and no beats have samples. This was released on halloween for a reason and goes with the scary theme well.

  • Dead Poe

    Watching Movies showed good growth from Mac, but he is taking it way too far. This mixtape just doesn't sound good, no one wants to listen to rapping in the chipmunks voice. I get that he is trying to do the alternate personality thing, but there are better ways to do it. I'd prefer him to try to be more creative though, because the alternative personality thing is super cliche. Very disappointed in this project, especially after Watching Movies which I thought was very good. 1/5.

    • Bitchplease

      bitch, please. this is complete creativity. 3 alter egos present on this album, and he doesn't give a fuck if people don't like it. its not an album, its an experimental mixtape for him to express his dark side. think a little more next time

  • Anonymous

    the last track is nice as fudge

  • Anonymous

    i will never be able to take this jew seriously

  • JRich

    This would be a really good tape if it sounded like Mac...the beats are all nice and the wordplay is on point through the whole thing. But that voice can be pretty distracting

  • nah, fam

    Mac Miller should market his album (which was great) instead of trying to make playdough out of shit, like these mixtapes.

  • Rain

    This mixtape was to dope, his production and rhymes were very interesting. If you ask me this mixtape is better than MMLP2, which is hot garbage.

    • black and white

      I don't understand why all you suckas are hating on MMLP2. If you know anything about lyricism Em is on a level very few ever reach. You must not understand it because of your density.

    • Rain

      And you must be a dumb ass stan, get off dude genital!

    • mike

      you must be incompetent because MMLP2 is dope af. do you know rap? do you understand lyrics? real recognizes real fagg9t

    • Anonymous

      Nobody asked about the MMLP2, even people who dont like that shit seem to be obsessed with it "This T Bone steak sure does taste better then the MMLP2!!!" FOH

  • Anonymous

    really enjoyed this project. thought that the high-pitched voice was way strange initially, but grew to focus on the wordplay and beats.

  • complects

    I like it.. Check out my mixtape if you get a chance

  • Leslie Rodrigue

    til I saw the paycheck four $6778, I didn't believe that my best friend was like they say truly erning money parttime from there computar.. there mums best friend started doing this for only seventeen months and a short time ago took care of the debts on their mini mansion and got a gorgeous Citron 2CV. these details Not too much rappers in the game being vocal about some of the stuff going on. Always good to have someone like tyler who speaks their mind despite the possibilty of getting backlash beacause of doing so

  • Brayden

    Pretty decent, odd, but decent


    Hes got a good ear for beats but I just don't give a fuck what he raps about