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Ace Hood spends most of "Trials & Tribulations" running down a list of topics he feels listeners want instead of creating compelling music that comes naturally.

Charting Ace Hood’s significance within the Rap game is a tall order, which is quite perplexing given his resolute foray into making music for the streets. Take for instance his lead single, “Bugatti.” It’s relentless and catchy, marking his biggest hit since 2011’s “Hustle Hard.” However, calling it an achievement solely on his part would be an inaccurate claim. One could even go as far as to say he’s the record’s weakest link, with Future’s syrupy hook and Mike WiLL Made It’s vicious backdrop setting the tone for its success. And that’s the thing; no artist of his (supposed) caliber takes as much criticism as they do praise. Ace Hood is his own worst enemy, and his latest album Trials & Tribulations is a prime example of why that is.

When Ace Hood connects, he sounds like a compelling representative from the streets, laying claim to a narrative that highlights a man with a win by any means attitude. Over Arthur McArthur’s rousing production and powerful vocals from Anthony Hamilton on “The Come Up,” Ace rips through the record with skilled precision. His motivational side also shines on the passionate backdrop of “Hope.” Detailing his start from the bottom, he raps, “Small city, young nigga with a mindset / Ain't never trying to be another convict / See I can't lose, and I won't quit / As long as God in my heart then I'm conscious.”

However, those moments are few and far in between, as Ace spends most of his time running down a list of topics he feels listeners want instead of creating music that comes naturally. In that respect, an otherwise blazing cut like “Before The Rollie” or the societal slant behind “Another Statistic” don’t sound organic. On the latter track, Ace Hood admirably pursues the issue of injustice within America, but his execution along with lyrical references to Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till are unconvincing (“Martin Luther King had a dream and my niggas do too / While Emmett Till beat and killed and gouged like a fruit”).

A problem that he’s has dealt with since his debut album, Gutta, Ace Hood’s lack of quality control becomes his biggest hindrance. “We Them Niggas” is as trite as the title suggests, with Ace spending four minutes making gaudy metaphors (“Her ass so retarded it belong on a short yellow bus”). Considering his alignment with Cash Money, a generic guest appearance from Lil Wayne was inevitable, and the lackluster appeal of “We Outchea” fades with Weezy’s unbearable shrill, “Young Mula baby.” Attributing his code of the streets, Ace Hood curiously weaves Auto-Tune into “How I’m Raised,” a decision that should have been scrapped from the first coarse note.

Ace Hood fails to deliver on Trials & Tribulations, and with four albums under his belt that have produced similar results, no rapper has arguably done so much and so little at the same time. Ace Hood has an irrefutable response for that, and it comes on the album’s title track, “Trials & Tribulations,” with the following, “Go ahead and count me out, you can talk behind my back / Don’t give a fuck about what you say, so you think my music wack / That ain’t what my banker said, couple million wired in.” He makes more money than us. Argument settled.



  • Deuce1914

    Ace Hood Album is the Album of the year. The Song "HOPE" is a classic. Everyone with a struggle can relate to it. I am surprised this site rated his album so low and down played his songs.

  • junior

    This album is slept on

  • Dusty Da Miami boy

    Album of the year is a under statement ,This is the best album I've heard in some years. He's lyrical and he can ride any beat with a different flow every song. #HipHop #My opinion

  • Brandon McPhail

    Personally I think it's the Best Album of 2013. So many good tracks off this album. His lyrics are so hard and meaningful. I was able to feel his struggle and pain. The only track I dislike off this album is "we outchea" the collaboration with Lil' Wayne, Weezy's style and lyrics ruined it. Other then that, Great production for sure.

  • nn

    Best album of the year hands down.. only born sinner can fuck with it. Fuck a hater.

  • Jzav

    This album is a great album. Great production, beats SLAP. Ace can FLOW!!! He said he wanted to go another direction with this album. Glad he did, he kept it real, I was able to feel his pain and struggle, although I wonder how much creative control his label allowed him. "Pray for me", every1 in the street should listen. How many artists out there put their heart in their rhymes and its real....?

  • hd

    one of the best albums of the year slept on from NY TO FL TO LA

  • m4l

    ace should go indy. he belongs in Young Money just as much as stalley belongs in MMG. he was probably forced to do songs like we them niggas and bugatti. he's growing but barely.

  • original westside

    yall hatin on my nigga ace hood, this shit bang, any hood nigga can feel what he speakin ! #treysup

  • whhatt

    just another flop from ace hood why do they keep puttin him out they gotta be losing money cuz he really dont sell shit to be fuckin with who he does must be gay lovers with khaled and birdman he gotta delivery thatll catch your ear but cant keep people interested not much lyricism

    • BcM207

      Are you kidding me? "not much lyricism".... Are you sleeping?! WAKE THE FU** UP! You must be deaf. His lyrics go harder then 90% of the mainstream rap scene.

    • TrollHunter

      Just give your opinion about the album, don't talk about sales faggot. If you a real hip hop lover then I don't think your favorite rapper sells as much as Ace Hood so stfu.

    • Anonymous

      Why you hatin'? Yall faggots.

  • druglord

    hard den a muh'fuckah,, just the right amount a hood,, wish there were more crack pushin' bangers doe, he prolly just push like 4 and ahalf zips when he re ups doe dat cool

  • David endez

    People be hating on Ace Hood? C'mon ain't not one out there working as hard and as well as Ace hood beside Lil Tune and Meek Mill. I got to say this is Ace Hod's biggest year!

  • Alfredo Diaz

    This Ace Hood album is STRAIGHT. I give a 4.5/5.0. There is some bangers in this one! Especially track 2,4,5,6,9,11

  • Dre-Rich


  • h

    Terrible review. Give the dude some slack. Edwin Ortiz - get a new job.

    • Anonymous

      I'll agree there. Ace Hood is not a bad rapper at all. He loses points for the lame Lil Wayne collaboration, though. Just garbage.

  • Anonymous

    > RICK ROSS is the Best Lyricist in the game >

  • Xavier

    Man Fck this rating this album got heart! Top 3 albums of the summer!!! HANDS DOWN!!!

  • Michael Cook

    Really is his best album to date.His growth is just slower than most rappers

  • AON_HipHop

    By far his best album to date. This reviewer has no idea what he's saying. I'm not an Ace Hood fan, but this album is truly amazing

  • RawTalent

    Really Edwin???? I have to disagree with you for the Most part! Ace put out an album that was meant to connect with listeners... what you probaly a huge wayne fan huh???? or Jay z, i cant relate to most of the crap they speak of, when an individual is going through life....sometimes they need an sound track... and supposedly this is a good one for my own. Though I am just disturbed by your opinion...and makes me wonder your taste in music, and question your methods of thinking, morals?? Real talk... Have you a pinch of upright spirit, while listening to this album thats all you need and with that youd be blown away that an artist in his situation of his stature.... with those that back him, actually took the time to tap into other artist on Cash Money, nor Young Money, Heck not even Jay-z himself, ever done something like this imo with an album. Certain thats who you bump. #gaurenteed Nas would agree that this album is alot more fair than your review, or an Rakim, Krayzie bone, Krs- One, i could go on.. Music is a Universal language, find that hit of upright spirit in you, and take an additional listen!!!!!! #954 #BrowardCounty @Realla

  • Anonymous

    This album is slightly better than average at best. All of you giving this album a 4 and above should shoot yourselves, because you are saying that this album is a classic. His flow is on point throughout the whole album. Problem is, he uses the same exact flow on 80 percent of the album. His content is the same on most the album, and his production is mediocre. He has not shown growth as a rapper. I like Ace Hood, but this album shouldn't be rated above a 3. His energy is dope. His flow is dope. And this is his 4th album in 5 years, that's amazing. He just has to find where he fits in today's rap game. Hopefully he'll get another chance next year to prove himself, if he doesn't, he's going to have to get dropped. You can say what you want, at the end of the day, it's business. But it's not a bad thing, because with the numbers he's doing, he'd be a good indy rapper.

    • nn

      Tell me what rapper doesn't use the same flow on most tracks.. not drake (apart from when he's singing/crying) not big sean not wale not j cole not kanye not pusha not jay z not wayne not tyga not Kendrick not TI not asap rocky or ferg not 2chains(don't even know why i'm mentioning his name)not any of them!!.. disagree with me if you want,, Almost every rapper uses the same flow almost every time they touch a track..

  • Bland Hood

    Who is honestly going out and buying an ace hood album? You'd get laughed at. I would be afraid to play this in a car because I know people on the sidewalk would laugh in my face

    • Anonymous

      @Where the talent, no one wants it with Ransom. Ransom is just in the wrong era now. he might be too much of a douchbag. but lyrically, he waaaaaaaaay nicer than 95 percent of these rappers. ace hood is a solid young rappper. but for someone with no identity, how could he ever get more than 3/5 for an album. not to bash the kid, he just is not nice to all.

    • Where the talent

      haha co-sign that comment u would be laughed at same for bumping wayne. How this fuck-boy made it to album 4 is insane no one wants to hear ace hood all this promotion every big artist on his songs and still no one buys that shit khaled is a fat retard. Fuckin kills me to see real mc's like Ransom getting no help while khaled ymcmb mmg keep putting out wack ass shit like this they killing hip hop

  • robbie_ae

    This album is pretty good. Starvation mixtape i think was hes best project. that showed what he can do.

  • 1oh5_39

    man i love this homie but he cant seem to make up his mind man. on the one track he is talking up some serious shit and next moment he reverses and says exactly the opposite. this album is not nearly as good as ruthless or gutta

    • CDUBBS

      Prwach. I was saying that same thing. How you gonna have a song like trials and tribulations, then have we them niggas. Contradiction at its finest

  • JRich

    This album isn't nearly as bad as the review makes it sound...Sure there's a handful of filler tracks on there, but most of it is a good mix of bangers and serious subjects imo.

  • wouzi

    very dope album 5 stars

  • Anonymous

    Bugati is a blockbuster smash of a song.

  • Fish

    Fuck what anyone says, this is a good album. I'd say a solid 4/5, but i'mma give it 5/5 to boost the overall rating that its getting from trolls.

    • Anonymous

      damn i wish i was a brain dead herb like you so i could just listen to garbage all day and feel content

  • nothing special

    hes very average doesn't stand out he blends in with the mainstream artist

  • Anonymous

    ace wooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd

  • Daniel

    Ace Hood is by far top 3 most UNDERRATED rappers in the hip hop game. His flow is crazy & metaphors he uses is similar to a sick battle rapper. I really liked the album. I don't know why it didn't sell a lot more. He isn't radio like everyone else and he raps about real stuff. I'll take his album over J. Cole's & Wale's. One thing I believe he needs is better promotion behind his music and album releases because no way people like French Montana & Waka Flocka should ever sell anywhere near as much as him. I'll give it a 4

    • Anonymous

      how is this nigga under rated in any way? he got a song on the radio and a video getting played! he running around with wayne, ross, dj khaled and future. everyone knows who ace hood is we just dont care

  • Anonymous

    album flopped! never gonna be pushin that new bugatti selling 37k first week. god damn them independent niggas is selling 2 or 3 times that without gold singles on the radio with ross and future features

  • Anonymous

    This Album is a solid 4. I have appreciated Homie music since day 1. He sprinkles in the Real quite well, without sounding to whiney about it. There is Talent there, and he is making music to feed his family.

  • Bobyahed2dis

    By far one of the three best albums this year, Ace hood show's us why he's still among one of the big names in his 4th studio release (1st on ymcmb). Since releasing cash flow in 08 ace has been slowly making a name for himself until 11' when he dropped hustle hard, the street joint of that year. Once again he tops himself and the charts by releasing Bugatti, the album is full of other important subject matter such as rollies and emmett till injustices.

  • dswish deeye

    real stuff we takin over

  • Anonymous

    What a fucked up review, good thing HHDX is a troll site no one takes seriously anymore. This album gets more play in my shop than MCHG and it ain't even close. 4/5

  • Mac P

    Ace Hood snap with this album...straight A1 if you don't Like this album it's because you don't recognize real music From the soul/heart nice beats and delivery with out all that bitch This and that and am gone kill you shit threw the album from the Beginning to end like that's all life is about..5 Star...salute homie D.P.M.G da Movement

  • Ursha babu

    Best to date. Should be a household name by now.

  • 1Ryan

    This is a good album, idk what some off you critics listen to

  • Anonymous

    ace is a better mixtape rapper his albums are garbage he trys to hard

  • Hoodd


  • Anonymous

    lol his expression matches his review score

  • Can't cosign

    Meek Mill's album was very weak but you rated it 3. Fuck you DX.

  • Can't cosign

    If it was a Ross album Edwin Ortiz would rate it 4. Seriously kill yourelf DX.

  • M.A.C

    So, i'm the only one that thinks "Before The Rollie" is a funny title huh? Fine.

  • Dustin

    You know, I was hopeful for this album, because he dropped a solid fucking verse on Mayday!'s "Highs & Lows". I thought that maybe this album would end up being like that. I guess not, huh?

  • Devin Allen

    Ace Hood is the voice of the streets and you have to respect his hustle if you truly love Hip-Hop.

  • Anonymous

    I really can appreciate this album, bugatti & before the rollie didn't interest me. The lil wayne verse was unnecessary but Ace does have subject matter. Hope and Mama are really dope. The Come Up i did like a lot. Rider was cool and How I'm raised i liked. My Bible was a strong track and Another Statistic was pretty good. Does the album have some uninteresting songs & features? Yes but it has some great songs too. The album was ok, much better than his last but their is room for improvement. 3 Stars

  • big BOY

    your all bullshit. Chatting shit. Dont respect his movements> at the end of the day that nigga got more money than all us. he that nigga chiling round millionaires like Birdman, lil wayne and shizz else. So why dont you mothrfuckers get on the real talks and shut the fuk up. He could be fake but this nigga got flow n barz n shizz. Starvation 1 will say all ma shiz im talking bout. So respect the movement.

  • JRich

    Damn this dude just shit all over Ace Hood, lmao.

  • John Blaze

    The Only Problem Ace Really Got Is Almost All His Best Songs End Up On His Mixtapes, Once He Understands Less Is More And Focuses On The Albums Not The Mixtapes Its Over. Somebody Should've Been Told Him That Tho....

  • Anonymous

    ROFL this dude has been TRASH!! Fuck Ace Hood and his garbage-ass music.

  • Gucci The Realist

    Nigga say what wanna say but there's only one REAL gangster in hiphop: GUCCI MANE; - he killed a man - he throws bitches out of his car - he sold dope - he beats up so called fans ReaL REcoNize Real!

  • Fuck The Whole Dirty South Movement

    I dont understand why these wack rappers like Ace Hood, 2Chainz, French Montana stay rapping all there albums get negative response from both fans and media then retire!

    • Anonymous

      They all label prostitutes (especially those who're on Def Jam), where the exuaction is all about putting in an actual amount of resources (money, industry connections for beats / features, spins on radio stations, Youtube deals, etc.) to the system and getting out more of it. The actual artist is only a breadcrumb in the whole machine, although they're the ones who has been put in the front of the public. So don't worry, as soon as the label can't get out more from 2 Chainz / Montana / Ace Hood or any other wack dudes, it's back to 9 to 5 for them. Because their non-exsistent talent and disloyal fanbase won't uphold them anymore without constant label propaganda ...

  • Just more trash

    Just more terrible south music that wont end khaled ymcmb n mmg just keep putting out the same generic shit the beats all sound the same with raps bout money jewellery and bitches. Also the gangsta talk and out the 3 labels only artist with any street cred is Meek Mill and he got that terrible screaming shouting bout his money n watch flow. This like ace 4th album? how did that even happen

  • guru

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  • Chris Etrata

    How the fuck is this album 2.5 when this review seems geared towards a 1.5 a best?

  • Edwin Ortiz

    That whole review above me is false. Some hater got paid by Jay Z to trash this album. Contrary, he has a great flow and has religious overtones. Truly one of the best albums I've heard this year.

  • ha

    He's better than French Montana...

  • d-nucks

    this dude got the flow and delivery and decent lyrics...I just think he needs better guidance...although Kahled put him on...I just think its time for Ace Hood to move on if he wants to grow...he seemingly gets stuck putting lil wayne, rick ross...type of shit out all the time....

    • Anonymous

      Actually he has no flow or delivery. All he does is that stupid ass down south trap music cadence and his subject matter consists of money, cars, jewelry, disrespecting women, and drugs. This dude is absolute trash and has not released anything good.

    • Anonymous

      co sign that shit