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"Yeezus" is jarring, uncomfortable, uncompromising and courageous, all the things that initially made Hip Hop great.

Kanye West went magnanimous for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s promotional push. He created the “G.O.O.D. Friday” campaign and delivered free songs to the fawning masses each week leading up to its November 2010 release. There were fantastic tales of a glorious gathering of Hip Hop luminaries crafting the potential classic in an exclusive Hawaiian hideaway floating all over the internet and a 35-minute short film to accompany the second single, “Runaway.” The George Condo cover art was banned from certain retail stores, something West reportedly intended. It was a crafty, stadium-sized media blitz to accompany the album’s stadium-sized sound. For Yeezus, Yeezy ended up minimalistic. Outside of another memorable Saturday Night Live performance then beaming the confrontational “New Slaves” video on the side of buildings around the world in the same weekend and that grainy clip of Ye’, Executive Producer Rick Rubin and Mike Dean recording “I Am A God” posted to KanyeWest.com last week, the buildup was minor in comparison, albeit haphazardly. There’s still no huge radio single. The album apparently doesn’t even include artwork—just a clear jewel case with a piece of red tape on the right side. Intentional or otherwise, it’s a stripped down campaign mirroring the album’s stripped down sound. Yeezus is audacious, ornery and miles outside of what’s expected from Kanye West, and often what’s conventionally accepted in Hip Hop.

Opener “On Sight” is not only the exact opposite of an album highlight, but may also be the crudest track Ye’s yet to release. “Black Timbs all on your couch again / Black dick all in your spouse again / And I know she like chocolate men / She got more niggas off than Cochran,” he kicks over little more than a skeletal cascade of electronic blips and zips. “For my theme song / My leather black jeans on / My ‘By any means’ on / Pardon I’m getting my scream on,” he charges on “Black Skinhead,” a rumbling force that sounds more fitting on a Marilyn Manson release than something synonymous with the makeup of Kanye’s collection. Both teem with passion and aggression, plastering Yeezus with a psuedo 808s & Heartbreak aesthetic—call it 808s & Anger.

It’s likely too soon for the populace to cosign Kanye’s “The only rapper compared to Michael [Jackson]” bar on “I Am A God,” but it was initally too soon when Jay-Z brazenly alluded to being better than the Notorious B.I.G. on The Blueprint’s “Hola Hovito” in 2001 (“And if I ain’t better than Big / I’m the closest one”). In the end, the masses sided with Hov. Some statements are too uncomfortably cocky to digest without time and consideration. But West’s “I feel my confidence + someone’s low self-esteem = my arrogance” quote from his motivational booklet, Thank You And You’re Welcome given away for free during his 2008 Glow In The Dark tour comes to mind when gawking at the super-sized super ego he sports like his Yeezy Red October signature sneaker. Everything about this song bluntly broadcasts a bold, possibly off-putting level of self-importance but from a position common in works like Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist as well 5 Percenter ideology and Scientology. (Yeezy’s neither. Yeezy “just talked to Jesus / He said ‘What up, Yeezus’”). So lines like “I know He the Most High / But I am a close high” would ring pretentious if the track wasn’t so lowkey empowering, falling inline with a strain of enlightenment creeping back into the ethos. Snoop Dogg went Snoop Lion in 2012. People build billion dollar businesses in their bedrooms. Hov just persuaded Samsung to buy a million copies of an album before it dropped, give it away for free, then announced it during the NBA Finals—essentially going platinum before being available. Mankind is making godly leaps at the speed of a right click, even though comments sections World Wide Web wide seem to indicate otherwise. “I Am A God” is awesomely on-point—gratuitous screaming and all.

Solid swaths of social commentary align nearly every Kanye West release. Here the Civil Rights references return only now much more inflammatory, pushing the margins to the brink of breach. Which may explain the album’s brevity. At 40 minutes and six seconds, Yeezus is by far his shortest LP (Graduation follows at 51:12 minutes). Gone are the scenic bridges and angelic choirs littered lushly throughout his previous work. This one’s an exercise in minimalism—right down to the minute. That’s fortunate. Anger overkill rarely equals replay value. Precisely when the rage is about to spill into repellent, quintessential Kanye returns. The album’s second half is sonically similar to most anything found on Graduation through My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

It’s interesting to hear Yeezy deride wealthy private prison owners and their Hampton spouses on “New Slaves” then describe how the club is so packed that he “might ride around on [his] bodyguard back like Prince in the club” five tracks later on “Send It Up” (featuring King Louie). He follows that awesome Dave “Chappelle Show” allusion with “She said ‘Can you get my friends in the club?’ / I said ‘Can you get my Benz in the club?’ / If not / Treat your friends like my Benz / Park they ass outside til the evening end / When I go raw I like to leave it in…Yeezus just rose again.” At the Yeezus release party in Los Angeles, California last week, bold orange tape was wrapped around each of the name brand logos on the liquor bottles as if to say that no corporation gets free promotion from Kanye West. Then he kicks enough name brands to question his commitment to a message of counter-consumerism. But Yeezy’s the best since Tupac at etching his disparities in ALL CAPS, unabashedly reveling in confliction.

What makes West’s sixth solo album compelling despite its gaggle of haunting shrieks and leftist production is that Kanye manages to remain as entertaining as ever. From mic to plug, the album is supremely Tweetable—loaded with enough incredible quips to start a T-shirt line. “When a real nigga hold you down / You’re supposed to drown,” may be the realest relationship lyric yet heard in 2013 (“Bound 2”). And for such a disconnected first spin, Yeezus becomes increasingly addictive with each additional listen, an indicator of high replay value potential. This captivating level of contextual and sonic tension places the project in art-piece territory, representing a jagged installation added to West's almost all classic solo catalog. A slurred hook from Chief Keef perfectly accentuates “Hold My Liquor’s” (featuring Justin Vernon) sublime depiction of a drunken excursion to an ex-girlfriend’s home in search of reconciliation, for example. “I’m In It”—with its made for club fornication commentary, Reggae inspiration and hilarious “I be speaking Swag-Hili” musings quickly embeds itself Indian-style into the eardrum. And if there’s one song that must be heard immediately, it’s “Blood On The Leaves.” Interpolating elements of Nina Simone’s segregation era ballad, “Strange Fruit” with the bombastic horns from C-Murder’s “Down For My Niggas,” Ye’s emotional exhale on a relationship gone wrong and side chicks trying to purposely get pregnant works in every setting: The gym, the car, the club, the crib. Bravo. 

Where does an artist move creatively after nine years of trailblazing trendsetting? Kanye West has been at the forefront of Hip Hop and Pop Culture since his 2004 entrance with A College Dropout. His sound, his style and his wardrobe have continuously been repurposed by scores of ball-ticklers throughout his career. Compound that with a high profile relationship with a reality show princess and a perceived knack for dancing in his self-described douchebaggery, and this album has all the trappings of a polarizing offering. Music is especially turnt up these days, so as he bumrushes impeccably on the aforementioned “New Slaves,” Kanye's decided to “tear shit down,“ removing the glossy trimmings, flexing a sense of addition by subtraction. It's easy to love this album and it's easy to hate it. Landing anywhere in between is difficult. Attempts to label this traditional Hip Hop or otherwise are futile—but society is tagged with enough labels already. Yeezuslike Yeezy, is jarring, uncomfortable, uncompromising and courageous—all the things that initially made Hip Hop great.

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  • CH!NO

    the dopest album of 2013

  • Trentimus

    Revisit this album to remind myself the Kanye that made MBDTF and the college series is gone.

  • AR

    This album was fucking trash.

  • Dumisani

    But people hated Common for releasing Electric Circus. Reviewer is just another Hypocrites dickriding Kanye West

  • Ted Gates Lugano

    Provocative, Brilliant.

  • 94HipHop

    On first lesson I was confused. New sound, not what I expected. Put it down for a while and listened again and again and again. Amazing album. Worth taking the time to digest.

  • James

    The fact that this is getting so many comments, so much Hate or Love response, is kinda testimony to the effect the album has. For mine it is purely great but takes a few listens to get into

  • James

    Amazing, album takes a while to grow on you, but really is flawless and ahead of its time.

  • gdgfdg

    fuck this bitch kanye and the hobbit kim!!!! we want gangsta rap,not kindergarten bitch college pussy!!! eat my dick all you who love kanye!!!!

  • midgar

    kanye has built his career on being different if people understand and let go of the past they would realize that this is just what kanye does .

  • good album

    1 is the most popular ranking... really? Its that bad that it deserves a 1? C'mon. Too many haters out there.

    • Anonymous

      It deserves a 1, but that's not why 1 was the most popular vote. Yeah the reason it got a 1 was because of haters who dislike kanye's stuff without listening to it, that being said, Yeezus isn't original - it is clearly ripping off other artists.

  • Ted

    One word 'Provocative'- Amazing!

  • Doug

    Wtf is wrong with people? 1 is the most popular rating???

  • ShottyReal

    Hot LP str8 fire

  • Mister Poopie Pants

    This album is "hip-hop for hipsters." Everyone hates it, except for a few douches who will use it to accuse you of not being evolved enough to understand it. Where would music reviewers be if they didn't exploit this practice? These pricks all hate the album too, but they certainly won't miss this opportunity to try make you look like an unsophisticated simpleton. If I were Rick Rubin, I would have a colossal rash for having my name associated with this turd or a joint. Hey Kanye and Rick... Have some self respect; admit your failure, admit you're embarrassed, and apologize to the fans who trusted you with their money.

    • j

      OR... The music reviewers actually DID enjoy the project for bringing something new to Kanye's sound and for not sticking to the guidelines that define what a rap album is supposed to sound like? For challening listeners' expectations and introducing more "underground" types of electronic music to a mainstream crowd? Not to mention, the songs actually do sound good, IMO. "New Slaves" is the most interesting-sounding thing to come from a full-fledged pop star in as long as I can remember. Heaven forbid people have a differing opinion. Also, it doesn't take a "douche music reviewer" to make you look like an unsophisticated simpleton when your username is Mister Poopie Pants. Just throwing that out there.

  • Azup

    It took me a minute to get into it. But I really love this album. Alot of people just don't have an open mind and understand the creativity it takes to make an album like this. There's nothing else out there quite like this in mainstream Hip-Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this shit is terrible. I think I like 2 songs and the rest is just garbage. Kanye should just quit while he's on top because he's going down the Lil Wayne route of being a joke now.

  • Havec

    Had to listen to this album 3 times to get it right on how bad it is... I still can't believe critics are hailing this album. This album is a poor attempt to be experimental

  • Anonymous

    Worst album I ever heard. Production is a mess and lyrics are terrible. And to the people claiming it's "satire", even if it is, it still sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, give it more than just 1 listen.

  • Anonymous

    This album is complete shit...you should be ashamed of yourselves giving this a 4.5

  • Wade

    I find hiphopdx writers quite hilarious. Average user rating is a 2.8. This guy gives it a 4.5. I haven't listened to the album for one reason. Kanye West is a piece of garbage. My bad, I meant a piece of garbage with immense fashion sense.

  • Jay

    Everything I hate about today's rap music: techno production, weak lyrics, etc.

  • Anonymous

    It's so groundbreaking to hear about Kanye's p-ness, god complex, wealth, unmatched talent, and white bitches. None of that has ever been done before, especially not over an electronic beat. I literally projectile shat a hole in my pants when I first heard this. Just blew that shit right out.

  • Prime

    What is creative? This album answers that question; its uniquely excellent. Yall need to catch up and quit listening to the same ol stale rap shit and open ya minds to something new.

  • Because The Internet...

    This album is shit. Kanye thinks he is an actual god. He has to mentally ill. I wish I could this 0 stars...

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! How much money did Kanye pay you people to put up this crap review? Everytime something from Yeezus album comes on, my entire community starts scratching their eyes out. This is the most insane garbage ever dropped in hiphop, even worse than all the bullshit those Young Money females are dropping all the time. Kanye should be ashamed of himself. There is so much wrong with this album. I don't even want to talk about the production or the beats anymore, which are all way under par. But the fact that you call, on your MMLP2 review, Eminem's hyper-lyricism detrimental and one of his worst habits and than have the nerve to give this album 5 stars? You just lost every ounce of credibility you ever had. Really, what happenend to hiphop? What happened to rhyming, to lyiricism, to saying something. We're gonna criticize people for having crazy rhyme schemes and the fact that you have to listen to tracks a dozen times to get all the puns and deeper meanings, and than stick a bunch of feathers up Kanye's ass for 40 minutes of egotrippin orgasms that don't make any sense on a deeper level whatsoever? I'm out. This is insane. Hip hop was a movement, a way of life. People are cutting down the core of that movement. I'm so sick of it

    • ddd

      ...Are we just ignoring the fact that the beats/hooks on MMLP2 were as cringeworthy as anything else put out this year?

  • Anon

    fuck this album, kanye can do better.

  • Anonymous

    Heard it 3 times . This is fucking trash.

  • Fauz Noir

    Yeezy is not a God. More like Julius Caesar. A deeply flawed human who can bleed and die... but still a genius at his craft. This album is damn enjoyable once one gets past the ill-advised loud synths at the beginning. So so damn good.

  • alex diaz

    Yeezus is one of the best albums of all time hands down..... aint no one taking yeezus down this year

  • yoyo

    too much trying, too much experimentation, too wannabe creative, too wannabe gamechanger, too confused, no direction... just sad....

  • Scarface the Racist

    Lookin back at all the comments about how this shit will be classic and will be understood better by those when they're grown up... What the fuck are y'all on? Yeezus was just not that good. Good artist experiments, and the experiment was lukewarm as fuck. 2.5 at best, and that's because of a few saving graces like Black Skinhead, New Slaves, Blood on the Leaves, and Bound 2. Rest was wack.

    • Prime

      seriously? you need to add Guilt trip, Hold my liquor, and I'm in it, and most of I'm a god AND when added to the songs you mentioned, thats 7 or 8 songs out of 10 that bump. How is that 2.5?

  • SomeRealShit

    You all need to realize what he's talking about in this album. Actually dissect each line, and there's a message. Clearly. This album shows Kanye's genius and his beats are on point. (On Sight- He announced that he'll be working with Dubstep artist Skrillex and he had Daft Punk working on it.) Each and every song is diverse in it's own way. Everyone that views this website and has listened to this album needs to open their ears and listen to some real spoken shit that Kanye has put out. This isn't that nutass "Turn Up" music. This is genius. Kanye is my favorite rapper. Enough said.

  • andre

    album shows insecuirities and emotions, something hiphop is scared of as a culture

  • Joe

    I gotta say, this album is awful. It was terrible in the mainstream, terrible in underground, and everything. The only song that was ok was New Slaves but even that sucked because there is no sincerity behind it. He's just saying things people want to hear. Honestly, HipHopDX is way off.

  • No Lie

    It's months since the album dropped... after several plays, playing this album back to front and front to back, I have to say this album is pure crap! Theres no genius in it, its just rubbish. Had this been dropped by any other artist... lets be real now..

  • Not that good

    Has absolutely nothing on his past albums, apart from 808&HB and Yeezus, his other albums are undeniably classics, this however, is trash.

  • tai

    Hands down the best album of the 2013, and a album that will have an impact on music for many years to come.

    • Wade

      Yes perhaps your right, but I think it will have the worst possible impact for years to come, ushering a new wave of shit

  • Anonymous

    wack as fucking shit

  • daboo

    Well look back on Yeezus as a classic

  • ersdff

    A daring and ballsy experiment from Ye'

  • lex

    Most wont realize how great this album is until they grow up.

  • Shaun McLean

    "Yeezus" was definitely a huge step in a different direction. It was something I wasn't really expecting from Kanye. What I was expecting was something on the line of "Watch the Throne", if not, I was at least hoping for some "My Beautiful Dark And Twisted Fantasy" Kanye. I was quickly wrong and taken aback by this "Anti-Corportation" and just downright mad Kanye as every song seemed to have so much hate in it (besides bound 2). This album can be seen as one filled with different sounds and samples. We all know Kanye is known for his "different" beats that often contains a lot of soulfness, as in "Drive Slow" or "So Appalled". But the beats that he chose went far left and sometimes I couldn't see why he chose that particular beat to rap on. Even when Kanye chose the title for his album I still thought it would have been something I was used too. Don't get me wrong, he's my favorite artist of all time but out of all the albums he dropped "Yeezus" was probably the worst. But I guess if you wanted his old sound you would have to buy his old material.

    • Anonymous

      i hated it at first bt the more u listen to it the better it gets Kanyes way ahead of any rapper or fan u short minded niggas thoughts is napolian

  • Pegasus Flow

    I know many people will disagree but I really enjoyed this album.


    I think yeezus was so experimental, like 808's & Heartbreaker was. He didn't use a lot of samples, like in his previous albums. But I enjoy the album, it's so different than what the other artists are doing right now.

  • Lawless

    Yeezus was never gonna go down well with a lot of hip-hop heads who miss the old Kanye, but the critics love it because it's different and artistic. At this point there's no point predicting or wanting a Yeezy album to sound like anything you can think of, the nigga's just gonna make some shit you never thought was possible and that's either brilliant, or awful depending on your tastes.

  • Exha

    The general public cannot and will never understand the intelligence be behind intelligence.

  • Dieu

    A Creative at it's standard (get it?)

  • Gary

    Love the new sound from Yeezy

  • jalen

    great production no purpose or meaningful lyrics

  • Nick K

    Pathetic. College Dropout is where its at. The beats were a big let down. no flow.

  • david

    shamelessly lifting nina simone samples and shoving them into formulaic dreck laced with uninspired pussy-obsessive drawl that mocks the civil rights movement while epitomizing the tragic reality that is 21st century hip hop.

  • ANON

    Courageous? More like outrageous that this person is allowed to write hip-hop reviews. On the same level as Kendrick Lamar's album? Really? A poor rendition of what's been going on in the underground for the past several years and he gets hailed as an original? His originality was in his sampling technique, used mask his hideous lyrical craftsmanship. Without this (and also understanding that he blatantly draws influence from far better underground acts) his simple, sophomoric, and child like lyrics expose themselves. Even on song(s) that have some content, Kanye destroys by his inability to maintain a focused flow, without throwing in some sort of moronic delusion of grandeur. Overall disappointing. Disappointed in this rushed album and disappointed that this site chose some clueless Hot-97 head to review it. Sounds like it was written by a Kanye fan boy, that had a wet dreams about the album before it was even released. Kind of embarrassing to have such a hot rating next to an album the people obviously vehemently dislike/understand better.

  • DemonFreak01

    fuck this album

  • Ant

    Folks. What's a rap genius to do after a near perfect album...MBDTF? Make music that is polarizing, counter to, ground breaking and just different, don't get me wrong, different doesn't automatically mean good but this album is all about thinking outside the box. If you listened to it with a Graduation ear or Late Reg ear then you'll miss it it. Remember when Outcast dropped Aquimini and it was a dope album...there best up to that point...five mics in the Source? What did they do.... Come a little left filed with Stankonia. If you hate it it probably mean you were listening wrong

  • Zachary Lobb

    totally agree with this review. kanye's minimalistic and angry aproach to thhis piece made it magnificent and more so every time i listen to it. true art is made with emotion and this is full of both.

  • badr

    damn!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrgtepffWL4

  • Anonymous

    When Kanye first came out he was a total original with a fresh style. But now???.... His music's just embarrassing. On par with the likes of Lil Wayne, Tyga, French Montana, Gucci Mane, Wocka Flocka, and all the rest of those corny cats selling records because of record company promotion and radio play.

  • dee

    this album is not even an hip hop album back to graduation late registration college dropout i can did 80's heartbreak and my beautiful dark fantasy but yeezus is the worst album yet.

  • iSpin

    Very disappointing for Kanye, worst album yet.

  • Steve

    Like everything he puts out - beats are sick ... and rhyming is awful - why does he have to breathe into the mic, Pun weighed 750 pounds when he died and you never heard a break in his flow.

  • Da Legend

    Kanye lyrics didnt impress, his topic are becoming wayne like...and his production was different not a success but not a failure. in my eyes this is kanye worst album yet, but he did something different so hopefully he can make it up with his next effort

  • Torrey

    It's not perfect but I enjoyed it. Better than Magna Carta, Unlike Jay Kanye tried.

  • tre

    its different but good. had to listen to it a few times

  • Quinton V.

    Can't figure out why this album is being hated on so much. Just because Kanye West tries something even darker and less mainstream it seems to be seriously hated on. The whole album is gold (besides maybe "I'm In It". Kanye compares himself to a more traditional slave except instead of being trapped by chains he is trapped by money and racism. Truly a masterpiece that takes multiple listens to truly understand the meaning and how good it is.

  • nik bates

    Well this wasn't really supposed to be a hip-hop record...

  • Fuck Kanye

    He delayed Pusha T's album but we got this garbage right on time. Not even worth one star

  • dubs

    Album looks great in the trash, worth 2 stars for that

  • nick

    It's not for everyone. check out my thoughts http://three6fivereviews.com/post/55543858655/yeezus-kanye-west-review

  • Holdon

    If you think this is good music, you might want to reevaluate. Yeezy needs to go back to the studio and try again.

  • Nasstill@it

    Recycle bin material. Shame on you mr West.

  • Kanye West - Yeezus Christ Superstar

    1. 1977 2. Yeezus Christ Superstar (feat. Teyana Taylor) 3. Mona Lisa (feat. Daft Punk) 4. Outside Looking In (feat. Justin Vernon) 5. Yeezus Walks 6. Head First (feat. Imogen Heap) 7. Blazin' (feat. Common and Lupe Fiasco) 8. One-Two-One 9. Figure Me Out 10. Popular (feat. Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth)

  • WubbyG999

    Terrible, worst album of '13, maybe ever

  • Taiwo yemi

    This is the most unexpected work from Mr west.He could have done better

  • joseph

    this album is horrible. will never play it again

  • alvaro carvajal

    wu-tang albums were uncomfortable, uncompromising and courageous not this crap.that album sounded like someone is starting to smell his own shit a little too much and thinking i can put shitty songs n my idiots fans will love it. you make this album sound like is the second coming of illmatic stop it.

  • RW

    Take me back to Graduation please.

  • Brandon

    I was a kanye fan until i heard Yeezus. I will not drink the cool aid any longer

  • Smithsta

    This album will be to Kanye, what Lil Wayne's Rebirth project was for him...but if this is his new direction then im afraid Time for Mr West to retire and get away from the production table and mic...this new album makes 808's and Heartbreaks look like illmatic...awful waste of 40 minutes of my life...groundbreaking?! No!!!...sounds like a badly done Aphex Twin or Tricky album...but at least those guys know what they're doing with those dark, atmospheric, uncomfortable, electronic sounds and beats...these are rehashed horrible beats passing off as revolutionary...its not revolutionary! At least Jiggas, Wale and J Cole releases show there is still some hope for the Genre by sticking to what they do best and beasting at it!

  • matty ice

    let me just say yeezy. this is ur illmatic. 10 tracks all symbolic of how i have listened to you for ten years of my life. this album plays in my head even wen i dont have it on. not saying this is his best effort... but its right behind ur all time classic late registration which is one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. i also like the idea of having no album cover and track list. first i thought he was being lazy. but once i pushed play and looked at the album it made perfect sense. especially when the blood of the leaves peaks. he made a album for true yeezy fans. i hope part 2 is just like this one and i hope more people hate on u. if thats how i get to hear ur good stuff than so be it.

  • TKofTK

    These comments is too funny! I'm a Kanye fan but,,,, i WILL NOT bump this GARBAGE... More power to you Yeezus.. LOL Wtf is a Yeezus? Because I know this ain't being compared to Jeezus,,, huh? Sorry people these "negative" comments is the truth. If this dude rapped better on these tracks then i would've only been pissed it had 10 tracks but this dude dropped 10 tracks of bad rapping,, i know bound 2 was hot, vintage... but 1/10 from a great artist is sad so therefore all that shit is boo boo. Then he's using that voice-a-lizer thing sounding like a grown ass fool.

    • dubs

      True Kanye fans are honest, they appreciate his artistry. Yeezus just wasn't up to par, and his true fans will tell him that without writing his history or future off, and give him the opportunity to win us back on the next album. Dickriders will tell Kanye Yeezus is a classic, and he won't get the reality check he needs to get back to what made us fans in the first place.

    • matty ice

      well obviously ur not a true kanye fan.

  • RunTheJewels

    Everyone do yourselves a favor a just listen to Killer Mike and El-P's Run the Jewels album. Run the jewels is everything Kayne's album tries to be and just falls way short of achieving. El-P has already mastered and been crushing the type of beats Kayne was trying with Yeezus. Utter garbage and yet it still rates 4.5 from hiphopdx. I get you guys can't find it in yourselves to write an honest review when the situation warrants, heaven forbid a Kayne or Wiz Khalifa type get offended. Has there been a bigger discrepancy in album reviews between user and reviewer scores?

    • TCVB91

      People have differing opinions despite a certain consensus? My favorite album of all time is Madvillainy by Madvillain, and I dug Yeezus. Hip Hop Fans need to stop the semi Fascist attitude to differing opinions on music.

  • Tyler

    You cant tell me that Blood on the Leaves and New Slaves doesn't compare to some of Kanyes best, this album is winning every rap award this year

  • Jeremiah

    I couldnt get into it at all, it was just too different from his old stuff, I completely understand that artists can evolve and change their styles and Im totally fine with that. But he was trying too hard to be radically different but he just went in the totally wrong direction. I felt that it was a horrendous result. Kanye is one of the greatest ever but if he continues to make stuff like this, that status might be in jeopardy.

  • evan

    another masterpiece, all there is to it.

  • Bd Hbts

    I feel he was trying waaaay to hard to be different. Its almost like he is going through a transition phase to come up with a new style/genre and came up waaaayyy short

    • Word

      I agree, I understand what the review is TRYING to say, but this album just falls way short. Like you said hes trying so hard to just be different, instead of leting the beats and lyrics come naturally, that just makes the album come off bad

  • john

    sick album, best of the year. hes batting like four classics in a six album run. straight genius

  • nicaroobaby10

    Not a fan of the disco style and autotune

  • brett willsie

    great album. aggressive and dark.

    • matty ice

      not only that but very symbolic of his life these past ten years. my favorite track is im in it.. it goes through so many changes. theres no other song like it i promise u that. yeezy fans unite

  • Lania

    This album gives more than what average fans expected. They admit that its trash because it is a completely different project from Kanye. But without people changing hip hop, it will always remain the same. The album was not game changing. Just different.

  • mrc

    this album is trash come on

  • richard

    I couldnt even listen to the hole thing... is this hip hop? hes trying too hard

  • Anonymous


  • Niggaaahhhh

    Wack af. Worst kanye album. Lyrics were trash

  • F-Yeezus

    lol. terrible album.

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is brilliant!

  • Alstye

    Kanye is a trailblazer as far as producing is concerned. And I respect him as a producer. Can't argue with that. However this album just sounds like Kanye venting with some experimental beats. Witty lyrics with smart production is what has made his past albums successful. Sadly the production and beats are far from what we all know he is capable of. He spent all that time in Paris in what he called the best studio to put this out?! Not impressed.

  • Jesse

    Y'all arent really listening and understanding the lyrics. It is the second best album this year, behind MCHG, it's just different and people don't know how to deal with things that are different. It's very...un-mainstream? The point is he's doing, and can do, whatever the f*ck he wants because he's Kanye West.

    • LOL

      Second best album of the year? Go listen to Run the Jewels, Czarface, 12 reasons to die and try to tell me this is the second best album of the year.

    • Anonymous

      Why are people trying to find meaning where there is no meaning. Kanye said he keeps it 300 like the fucking Romans he's NOT as smart as people are making him out to be. Lyrically this shit is fucking WEAK

  • g.d.stubbs

    Shuffled playlists and shitty earbuds aside... Has anyone heard any of this record, "Send It Up" or "Blood On The Leaves" for example, at club-level volume, with flashing lights, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, while hoping for casual, anonymous sex? Does this record work *ritually?*

  • illogic

    This album is hypocrisy at it's finest and a truly bad experiment gone wrong.

  • Alex

    Far from College Dropout or Late registration but really better than 808's or MBDTF...More an experiment project than a real album but definitely better than Wayne, Dake or 2 chainz...

  • Kizman

    Not only does this suffer from adolescent subject matter and lyrics, but the sheer idea that this is "genius" in the eyes of many makes me worry for the society as a whole. While reviewers and publications may be on Kanye's dick for releasing something "edgy" and "different," I will sit on the other side and call bullshit. West's attempt to be edgy is filled with corny and childish lyrics along with production that fails to mimic industrial feel of El-P, Deltron, and Dalek records. That's what he was going for, right? As for the mash-up of unnecessary genres through reggae MCs and sped up soul samples, one can only blame Kanye's egotistical bravado that prohibits him from realizing that his artistic merits are completely limited. The whole record sounds like it was produced using a factory bank of *insert name of your favorite DAW here*. There is no innovation, no revelation, and no progress here. If anything, Kanye has taken a step back from his previous release. Some of these tracks belong on 808's & Heartbreak. I know Daft Punk co-produced the first 4 tracks, and while this saddens me, they are the same duo that gave us Human After All. In conclusion, West has shown that his cohesiveness is only a step above from someone like Lil' Wayne and that speaking hot garbage over epic sounding, synth induced beats can make you appear God-like in today's society of listeners suffering from ADD. Kudos to you Mr. West for tricking everyone into believing that you actually have something to say besides how much you fuck, what you drive, what you drink, and how you maybe feel bad about it. Remember, the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum. This sucks.

    • Decatur ATL BOI


    • Smith

      I agree. It feels as though since there is so much garbage out there. People capable of putting out good shit are just putting less effort out because they know they will still make money.

    • Jesse

      Your problem with it is he seems to have "taken a step back," he doesn't write music for YOU he writes for himself if you couldn't tell. What's wrong with doing something different? Who has ever done anything like this before? Nobody. Even though mf's like you are hatin' it don't matter because he's going to continue to be winning no matter wtf you have to say. Hop off his dick and let him try something other than what everyone else is doing. It's called thinking outside the box try it sometime, bitch.

    • g.d.stubbs

      gotta generally agree, especially since you kizman comes with a solid and diverse range of parallel references. but if you take yeezus as a complex object that includes *everything else* about Kanye-as-media it kind of reminds me of orson welles' "war of the worlds." whether they love it or hate it, people actually believe what they are hearing. c'mon people, check the title! "never gonna give you up... never gonna let you down... never gonna turn around and desert you!"

  • hoos30

    PS: This closest thing to Yeezus that I can remember is Prince's abortion of an album, Chaos and Disorder (I'm really dating myself). Total trash from a gifted artist. At least Prince had the excuse of a contractual beef with Warner Bros; what is Kanye's excuse?

  • hoos30

    Ye put out a critic-bait album and the critics fell for it. I've been a fan of his since the beginning, even loved 808s. Yeezus is hot garbage on a stick. Calling "lazy" and "unfinished" would be a compliment that it doesn't deserved. This is a product that truly deserves its paltry sales. Delete.

  • Anonymous

    Shits fire. Niggas stuck in a box. That's why rappers don't give a fuck about the hood wanting the same repetitive shit over and over.

  • Tom


  • Kendall

    If this were put out by anyone else, it would be dismissed as trash. Dead Prez has ONLY made this type of hip hop, as far as content is concerned so, what makes Kanye a trailblazer in regards to the lyrics? I own all of this man's previous works and am a fan. Moreover, I'm a fan of hip hop..... You can pour syrup on shit, but that don't make it pancakes.... even if Kanye is the cook. Buy Wale or J.Cole.

  • wtf

    this album is straight garbage. its so bad i had to delete it to avoid any of the songs from coming on randomly. why do people think so highly of this? ridiculous.

  • kdhazey

    No one listens to music anymore, open up to different albums and just listen. Lyrics are on point and most of these beats are tight too

    • Jesse

      I agree with you. @Cunnin You need to stop hatin', nigga's winning and that's that, whether you like it or not he's going to continue to do so. Just because the lyrics aren't typical of Ye' doesn't mean they suck. He's thinking outside the box.

    • Cunnin

      What? Lyrics on point? Yeezy season approaching Fuck whatever y'all been hearing Fuck what, fuck whatever y'all been wearing A monster about to come alive again Soon as I pull up and park the Benz We get this bitch shaking like Parkinsons. Really? On point?

  • Anonymous

    I like EDM and various other types of music but this shit is trash

  • box

    Shit was trash, I think you critics were paid off to rate this shit high, I ain't mad at y'all get that chipper Jones but fuck y'all ratings lol networth fans know the real we don't give a fuck about what genre the music is from, if it don't sound good to our ears its WACK. Fuck yo knowledge of instruments excuses, it's garbage yell

  • Ryan

    Interesting but not great

  • Anonymous

    horrible album. i came back to rate it a 1/5

  • Cevon

    Experiment has nothing to do with this album being absolute TRASH.

  • Producer

    Kanye has classic albums under his belt so experimenting is something he needed to do. All the best artists have experimented because doing the same stuff over and over gets really boring. If all of Kanye's album sounded like College dropout, then people would be complaining about how all of his music sounds the same.

  • Bill

    This album should not have been released.




    4.5 stars???? HIPHOPDX is DICKRIDIN!!!!!

  • jay

    I love music and the energy artist can bring when they go outside the box. I want to say 95% of the comments here are negative and hating on a great album. LISTEN , not just hear(which most of you do with all of your music) but listen to the lyrics. Kanye isn't seeking to make mainstream music and I thank him for that. If you truly cant find 6 plus songs on this album that are good,you are just hearing sounds and can go back to listening to the over played bulls*it on the radio!

  • ceb81

    So anyone under 21 dosen't feel this albulm, big surprise. Hip hop has evolved from a teenager themes to grown men expressing themselves beyond stereotypes.

    • Anonymous

      hiphop was never specifically for teenagers how old was grandmaster flash when he came out with his album

  • White Nigger

    I only liked the New Slaves song personally

  • Nic

    It seems like Kanye wanted to see how shitty he could make most of the songs and see how many people would ride his dick. Like when Tyler the creator tells jokes that make no sense at all and the fan keeps laughing like a jack ass. Troll album.

  • Drake runs rap

    straight garbage you kanye fans should be ashamed of yourselves

  • j

    this is straight up trash.

  • Dolo4sure

    This review is horrible. This is Kanye's worst album. This is why fans get upset because magazines and now websites like hiphopdx and others are in bed with record labels and popular artists. How can you give this album 4.5? Just because someone has the balls to make an experimental album doesn't mean the album is good? Yes you can compliment Kanye for his effort but musical this album is a huge pile of shit! Fans know it and Hip Hop Dx doesn't have the balls to give an honest review in fear they may alienate themselves from these celebrity rapers. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit review!

  • Nachoman

    Shallow lyrics and messy production, not what is expected of a rapper/producer as good as what Kanye is.

  • Mr. Smith

    lol wtf is this shit

  • Anonymous

    New Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail go get it www. hiphopgood .com

  • Anonymous

    wonder if they mastered this album coz it hurts to listen to it levels are way to high on on media i tried lisnin on

  • Anonymous

    if you change the sound of hiphop you can bring it back with your flow.If you change the flow of hiphop you can bring it with your sound .If you change both like Kanye did you have something else which is not hiphop thats were he fell off.Its brave but hiphop heads want to go back to real hiphop not the other way.Yeezus is alternative music,folk or electro pop

  • Latunza

    People are saying stop being closed minded, this is a classic. Stop kidding yourselves. I listen to everything from 1920's french Jazz to 2013 Portuguese Samba. I've been listening to every hip-hop album that's drop since the genre's inception....Kanye's Cd is terrible. I heard it a couple of times to really try and enjoy it. The thing is, he is a rapper. As an indy rapper and producer myself, there are ways to bend the formula. This is not the way and i don't want to hear excuses. He had a contract to release another album and he just put together shit that was lying around. - PS - About the 10 tracks thing. Yes that's an album. illmatic, Darkside of the Moon, and so many others only have 10 tracks and they make it work.

    • WOW

      " I listen to everything from 1920's french Jazz to 2013 Portuguese Samba. I've been listening to every hip-hop album that's drop since the genre's inception...." god judgement... so youre the only one who knows what art is???? congratulation

  • Dentaldamboy


  • Arjuna

    Love this album! classic. The more I listen the more I like it

  • Cunnin

    Sales dropped off significantly during the second week! Reviewers should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this garbage!

  • JulezC

    Still have to check this album tbh BUT, (as an example) Illmatic from Nas had 10 tracks, saying 10 tracks dont make an album is simply talking crap.

  • Anonymous

    it because where use to hearing same crap over and over something different never sounds good :/ give it a try not just hear it once be like wtf that what you guys said about his last one now all of you like dam that was a good album call actually giving it a try atleast he try something new prob tired of all rappers using jazz beat and same tempo shit with some pop beats what you guys love right

  • oms

    Bound 2 is the only good track. The others I'm not even sure if they're good because I can't get through the first 30 seconds. They're literally painful to listen to. Blood on the leaves is also decent I guess but Kanye should have kept it simple

    • Anonymous


  • JyaBoi

    Trash album. Some of the beats are alright, but lyrically it's dog shit.

  • digglebert

    great beats and dope rap

  • Jay

    You guys know nothing about music and until you put out a better album than Kanye you can keep your rude comments to yourself.

  • MitchSlapped

    Can I rate it with a negative * ?! This album is fecal.

  • MitchSlapped

    My ears hurt. Trash. 2.87 is about 2.0 points too high.

  • dillzy

    loooooool kayne is a joker this album i complete poo

  • Royal

    I'm a big ye fan but honestly this album lives up to expectations it took a couple of listens before I fucked with it, but musically is a crazy ass album. Some of you mkthsrfucksrs are just close minded and not musically diverse.

  • Anonymous

    album straight shit 1/10

  • James

    This is by far the worst album from kayne yet. You can tell he's just trying way too hard to try and be the classic.

  • Anonymous

    this cd will be a classic in a couple years..

  • Jason

    About 5 enjoyable minutes on the entire album and mostly from bound2

  • OTT613

    I like that he pushing the boundaries..but. can't really flow to this shit. It seems to me that he took sounds here and there from all over that sounds really good and put them together in his album.

  • kanye is a clown

    How can anyone vibe off this weak ass shit.. Nigga fussin and braggin about straight bullshit on autotune. And lyrically the shit is garbage. Even this motherfucka done hopped on the molly bandwagon. Hardcore metro sexual music, not for me im str8

  • fuck off justin cunte

    how deaf and retarded are you fuck-boy any other mc apart from kanye were to put this shit out they would be slaughtered its not different its not outside the box its fucking terrible. 2 good tracks 1 great track Blood leaves - dope but ruined with auto-tune shit Send it up - Beat is a banger lyrics not so much Bound 2 - This the shit classic Kanye

  • E-rock

    Kanye is the most overrated 'musician' in the world. Boooo

  • bobj

    what the fuck is this shit...

  • Dentaldamboy

    As a former blood gangmember myself, i can confirm that nobody out here on the westcoast is listening to this album!

  • rhymesayers

    its just bad, the production had WAYY too many 808's

  • rengimsuer

    f*(ck Kanye west



  • Cam

    Just because this album is different doesn't make it good in a cool indie way... tbh it is a very poor showing from Kanye this time round, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    what a disappointment, and a waiste of listening-time (even if it was for only 10 minutes)

  • Anonymous

    throw this sit in the bin WACK AS FUCK

  • Lex

    A great album that most people won't be ready for. "Blood on the Leaves" might be the best Kanye track in years.

  • G-dizzzy

    Review hits the nail on the head. It is the essence of hip-hop to combine different sounds and genres and, by doing so, changing the meaning of hip-hop altogether. Kanye would not be Kanye if he did not do this with each release. In time, Yeezus will be appreciated just like other classic albums such as Pinkerton by Weezer, and the Ramones self-titled album, which were initially disliked.

  • DStewart

    Pushing hip hop onwards - can understand why people love or hate this but for me this gets better every time i listen!

  • Yeezus Christ

    what do yall not get. kanye is a wierd ass ma fucka. hate or love it hes an innovater that has repeatedly changed the hiphop game. for example he recieved alot of criticism with 808 and heart breaks but fuck it shit's still a classic. kanye was brave to make this album. yeah it's wierd as fuck but come on. hold my liquor is fuckin dope. and the other tracks are interesting. maybe not something youll put on in the car and bump too, but never the less extremely abstract. #hatersgonehate

  • ActionMan

    I couldnt even listen to these songs for more than 30 seconds. Travi$ Scott is new breed.. Watch out for him..

  • Ano

    I loved kanye AAALLL the way, his first 3 albums were a peace of gold, Watch The Throne and Cruel Summer proved that he is really talented. but WHAT THE FFFUCK (!) is this ???


    this album was horrible and i would even say disrespectful towards his true fans that have acquired a distinctive pallet for Kanye's music even when its abstract, but this is a true slap in the face; it took Kanye a year to put a 40 mins 10 song album out that was full of randomness and drum loops this was a complete failure in my book. the true question is are you a fan that follows blindly even when you are fed BS or are you a TRUE FAN that calls BS when they see it

    • COdy

      Kanye had to basically learn a whole genre or genres like trap and house in year and make a full length album out of it. Its impressive that Kanye can branch out and hold his own in other genres of music while bringing rap into it. And remember Rick Ruben helped him polish this you think he would let Kanye put this out if he didn't believe it was good. C'mon man gotta show respect for Kanye for completely changing his sound around thats what makes a good artist someone who is always evolving with the times and growing as a artist Kanye does this with every album he drops.

  • freshflav

    Yeezus - really? he considers himself a god? i don't know what displeases me more: a grating and overly distorted production or Kanye's ridiculous lyrics with the volume on the vocoder effect turned up a bit too high. still, there are a couple of tracks on here that i might pretend to like, and vibe out to with my girlfriend.

  • RMAC


    • Anonymous

      I've heard it several times all over NY and NJ being blasted in peoples cars. Your point exactly???

  • konflict

    This album is the worst thing I ever heard I started listening to it in high volume and had to turn it way down cuhz I thought I was gonna habe a seizure the only song I can can even stomach through is bound 2 the last track which I really do like. All others ear bleeders! The j cole album born sinner deserve the #1 spot. Death to Yeezus!

  • suckafreetuck

    I hate that the internet gave everyone a fuckin opinion.

  • PhillyMu

    "Ye on that new shit, Niggas like "How come?, Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums!" Get off that homie, those albums are moments in time, if you wanna be all nostalgic n shit, listen to those albums, it's very simple. TRUE artists push themselves to venture into new territory, not constantly give fans what they EXPECT.

  • ya boi

    Where is old Kanye? I was Graduation, College Dropout, Late Registration Kanye back.

    • Doc

      Cosign. Didn't love 808s, MBDTF, Cruel Summer, or WTT I loved Graduation, Late Registration, and Dropout in that order. That said, Yeezus is better than most of his Post-Graduation material.

  • w h o k n o w s

    fake death grips type shit

  • BigBabyJesus36

    Album was terrible no way around that.

  • The-Influence

    One of the fakest artists in music returns to prove he is more lost than ever. I give credit to him for always trying a new sound, but this album is not quality, and the subject matter just comes across as fraud. Not to mention, who uses autotune anymore???? Kanye, lose the ghost writers, lose the ghost producers, stop trying to be the artist that you're not, and be yourself. Not a fan of Kanye much anymore. Not a fan of this album. But what do I know, I wasn't impressed with Twisted Fantasy either, but you all seemed to wet your pants over it..........

  • Stillmatik

    This album is getting good reviews not just from Hiphop DX, but from almost all "reputable" reviewers, and I don't get it. Are they afraid to write a bad review because they'll be accused of "not getting what the album's about?" Kanye isn't saying anything more provocative than he did on Late Registration or Twisted Fantasy and his lines aren't any better or worse than the zingers other artists come up with. The production, while creative at times, gets boring fast. I've listened to this album less than ten times, half is already skippable and the decent tracks like Hold my Liquor, Black Skinhead, Blood on the Leaves and Bound 2 just aren't up to par compared to Kanye's best. Fuck the music snob critics giving this thing great ratings; just because it sounds different doesn't make it good, if this album was a car it'd be a Gremlin.

  • r u srs?

    not sure why people are up in arms, its kanye doing what saul williams and trent reznor did a hundred times better and acting like he's god's gift for "moving hip-hop in a new direction"

  • Joseph

    Yeezy does it again.

  • Huh?

    What is the point of having 100 co-producers and have 15 ghostwriters if this is the final product?

  • idea86

    YEEZUZ,,THIS IS GARBAGE!!!! WTF Kanye I thought you liked Hip Hop not Pop!!! Be real with your roots and be Hip Hop, Make a "Kanye" album not a "what a 13 year old girl wants to hear" album... FAILED!!!!

  • buggn413bk

    sonically kanye took a shit on wax once again and even suffering thru several listenz, and aside from very few and far btwn somewhat appreciable lyrics, his self-contradiction and bullshit production made this album intollerable maybe if he had an accapella version i could barely stomache his half ok lyrics over different beatz ala the gray album but even looking at this from an artistic standpoint, this album is hottt garbage and a dissappointment he played himself--also i caught how he was tryna cover up him gettn played by his hoodrat by sayin he started hittn it early when humphriez was still in it but thatz still not likely his kid lmfao thatd b an interesting maury lmfao

  • deezus

    open your mind just a lil bit and youll realise this album IS worth four and a half stars. 5*

  • Calqlus

    Wack as ALL hell. Production was all right, but wtf is this? Atrocious overall. Would've never seen the light of day when hip-hop was still alive.

  • Anonymous

    the only reason ,i give a 2 is because of kanye ,we all know he can do better than this shit, otherwise i would just give a 1

  • Anonymous

    i 'm sorry but i just wat to give a 2

  • Anonymous

    the production is great;because of his creativity but its all i can say abot this album.i like a few song of the album but the rest i don't know if is still hip hop or electro pop with kanye voice.so kanye if u wanna make a HIP HOP album,then do it properly like the old kanye.i would not even accept it as gift.i'm sorry this kanye ist definitely a new person with new direction.sometimes i think ,he is obsessively

  • Anonymous

    I've never laughed so hard at a review in my life. It's funny how these writers are sometimes scared to write a scathing review about an "big time artist's" work. Fuck it. If it's garbage it's garbage. What are you afraid of the big bad bogeyman known as Kanye?! Pffft. GTFOHWTBS!!! He's just a man who makes music nothing more. You scared he might shit on you in one of his lyrical tirades?! Or on stage?! What the hell. This is by far one of the most hilarious reviews I've ever read. It tries to hard to point out the masterful and monumentous achieved sonically by the brilliant Kanye West when in reality it's lyrics are sub par, the flow of the album is virtually no existant, and production wise the word ecclactic overrates the musical mish mash Kanye threw together for this album. This album is a 2 and a half at best. Kanye has done better and for all his rantings and self praising ravings he should've done better. This is a hip hop version of a bad acid trip. And nobody wants that in their life. Same with this album. Thank God it was so short.

    • RMAC

      ......" hip hop version of a bad acid trip. And nobody wants that in their life. Same with this album. Thank God it was so short." ......THIS SHOULD BE A TWITTER REVIEW OF "YEEZUS".....THIS WAS DEAD-ON TO ME IN 140 CHAR OR LESS

    • Anonymous

      ya bro,that's true

  • Anonymous

    The production of this album was too "stripped down" kanye is at his best when he produces very complex beats with many layers and sounds-and he just doesnt have the bars like he used to-and he leaned too heavily on that techno sound...but to his credit he had to because he is trying to appeal to a more international (white) audience-still a decent album tho

  • worst one yet


  • worst one yet

    This dude is bogus as hell for this article.. Obviously he's dick rider.

  • damn

    I'm about to play frisbee with this yeezus g

  • Jesus

    Hardcore Metro sexual music. Wack

  • thisthatshitIdontlike

    C'mon man I can't bump this shit in my truck... This shit blew high..

  • quitplayinforealnigga

    I'd rather listen to Nelson Mandela with a vocalizer.....

  • Anonymous


  • yeezus sucks

    has kanye lost his soul ? WTF is this shit?!

  • Hunter

    This Justin Hunte was bribed by Kanye or he is deaf. I can only use this album to whipe my hairy asS.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye has been wack since people started sucking his dick after MBDTF. Watch the Throne was okay at best, Cruel Summer and Yeezus flat out sucks.

  • Kizman

    Someone on YouTube put this album together in one sentence.... "Instrumentals like Death Grips, Lyrics like 2-Chainz" That sums up Yeezus perfectly. Yeezus could have been great if Kanye put more thought into his lyrics but he obviously didn't with a hell of a lot of the shitty lyrics on this album. 'I'd rather be a dick than a swallower'..... o_0 Nigga, really?! Talk about STRUGGLE!

  • Nick

    This is a review of the 2010 classic that is, The DeAndre Way. I will not explain the meaning of the title of this album until the end because it is of great significance that each song is truly explained in order to comprehend the title. First Day of School Similar to Kendrick Lamars Good Kid M.A.A.D City, this album is a narrative of the life of Soulja Boy. In this song, Soulja exemplifies the stresses of students on their first day of school. He glorifies the outfits of these students who want to out best one another to demonstrate the competitive American culture that holds true to this modern age. Soulja Boy also becomes one of the first emcees in this modern day of hip hop to assert advocacy of condoms. In this line Soulja Boy is confiding in students to practice safe sex or do not engage in sexual activities at all: Cleanest Ni**a in the school, class of 08. When Soulja says that his Hat gonna match his shoes, his shirt gonna match his belt he is stating how consumerism is tricking American society into conforming to societal norms. If you have not picked up yet, these articles of clothing are clear representations of the anatomy by which they reside. The hat rests on the brain, his shoes represent his feet, his shirt symbolizes an exterior covering of the heart, and the belt represents the genitalia region. Soulja boy is simply stating that all of his body parts act in uniformity and that with all of his parts acting in uniformity he will resolve to exerting no weaknesses and will obtain success. Clearly one of the deepest songs on the album and a clear tone-setter. Touchdown Soulja Boy begins the track with a very aggressive tone. He says Shotty get out my way a numerous of times in a very monotone voice in order to paint the vulgar depiction of American football. Soulja sublimely recollects the game of football and is able to interconnect this song to the current Concussion Lawsuit that is currently ongoing regarding the Players Association and the NFL. By depicting the animosity of football in such a monotone voice, Soulja is speaking in the perspective of a former NFL player and is exemplifying how over time all of the hits and pain turn them into more or less emotionless robots. The monotone flow continues throughout the track. When Soulja talks about the clubs, his cars and guns he is stating how all of these material rewards these players gain from playing football really mean nothing to him. He has lost his soul to the music industry in a similar fashion as to how a former NFL player loses their soul after playing such a ruthless sport for that long. Hey Cutie (ft. Trey Songz) Conceptually this song clearly caught a lot of people off guard. In this song, Soulja elaborates on his love with Hip Hop. He does it in a very unique manner in comparison to other artists who have attempted to achieve the same purpose. Soulja Boy discusses his love for hip hop in a transitioning conversation similar to how J Cole speaks to his girlfriend in the song Lost Ones. Soulja begins the song with When I get you to the bed, me and you gon' turn up (a clear reference to turning up the Ipod before finally going to bed). Soulja mentions candles, fire and light in the first verse which symbolizes an expression of illumination. Soulja is stating to Hip Hop how he feels remorse for selling out in his previous two albums and wants to change to a style similar to his mixtape days. This is a prevailing conflict throughout the album. In the second verse however, the bars are spoken through a picturesque representation of Hip Hop in the physical form. Hip Hop speaks to Soulja telling him not to worry. Hip Hop is speaking to Soulja stating that she just wants to change yo life, and show you somethings that you have never seen, and take you to places you have never been before. Hip Hop is coherently stating that by Soulja staying true to his music and his soul, fame will be achieved and he will be able to see people and things he has never seen before (notably the Grammys and eventually the Hall of Fame). Speakers Going Hammer Soulja Boy notions at his respect gained in his neighborhood for the political outcry he has against the governments neglection of the ghetto. He talks about waking up early in the morning (symbolizes his determination to publicly protest) and earning respect in the neighborhood. Speakers Going Hammer as a title symbolizes the determination of Soulja. With his voice he will continue to hammer away at the political and social outcrys that still belittle the African American Community. Soulja criticizes politicians Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton when he states Girls wet like they living in a fish tank in a way to criticize their narrow thinking (similar to the narrow inescapable dimensions of fish tanks) Pretty Boy Swag The complex nature of this song really went over a lot of listeners heads. Soulja Boy recounts this verse in the flow of a kid suffering from down syndrome at an attempt to personify the positive aspects of life the underprivileged appreciation in juxtaposition to the spoiled middle class. Soulja demonstrates through his flow that a child suffering from down syndrome views all of the Earths inhabitants as pretty individuals in comparison to the judgmental youth in present day America. This song is a call for action by Soulja to embrace all imperfections and be cognizant of those who have it worse. 30 Thousand 100 Million (ft. Lil B & Arab) In this powerful song, Soulja spits bars over a repetitive hook to attack the lifestyle of the top 1% of America. The title is an actual juxtaposition of the bottom sector of America (earning $30,000 and less) and the upper sector (earning $100 milion and more). The hook is repetitive in order to attack the repetitive lives they live in which there is no thrill in comparison to Souljas lifestyle. Lil B then appears on the track and gives this album one of its most memorable features lyrically. He states how because he is sharp like a dagger' and has "moves like Jagger (a clever simile in itself that has never been used before), he will aspire for fame and dreams of the materialistic fanatasies that fame can formulate (hanging out with Hefner and the Playboy Girls for ex.). Mean Mug (ft. 50 Cent) In this song, Soulja highlights the insecurities of a ghetto adolescent boy that results in his transcendence into a Gangster/Gang Banger. Soulja definitely had a clear interpretation of what Emcees he would feature for each song and he did so here. In choosing 50 Cent, Soulja acts with the notion of choosing a figure who is seen as a gangster as a way of bringing to life the actual narration of a gangster. The hook is so ferocious and vile for the purpose of expressing the attitude ghetto children feel on the streets in which they feel that there is no way out. Soulja says F**k a mean mug as a way to encourage his listeners to stay true to their heart and act against the underlying trend that continues in the inner cities. Blowing Me Kisses In this song Soulja Boy expresses his advocacy for Gay-Marriage. Throughout the song, Soulja contrasts heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The main premise behind this song Soulja attempts to establish is that in both of these relationships, both members love one another in a similar fashion and deserve to express their love. Soulja coherently notions Gay-Marriage when he states : When Im in your city, men I shut the town down, tell the whole world Im hot right now. Fly This song in my opinion, has marked Soulja Boy into the Hip Hop History Books. In this song Soulja takes a stand against the usage of marijuana. The hook and bars are spit in such a careless and pervasive manner that paints the internal atmosphere of an individual who has just achieved a high. Soulja states how he is now going to be an inspiration to the youth when he states You know it, inspiring, the youth. He arranges his thoughts in such a scattered mindset as to isolate the problem and demonstrate that if the youth is smoking weed, they are only damaging their future and can not create concrete thoughts consistently. Grammy (ft. Ester Dean) In a rather emotional conclusion to this album Soulja, brings this narrative back to the present time. He reflects on his previous albums in demonstration that he is aware he messed up. He pledged his soul to the industry instead of his strong and prevailing fanbase. To conclude the album, Soulja powerfully asserts to the Music Industry that if they cannot appreciate his most honest and introspective work yet and reward him with a Grammy, he does not desire to ever win one. Throughout this entire album, Soulja recognizes his failures in standing up to the Industry and finally demonstrates himself as in individualistic artist who does not work for the Industry, but for the people. This powerful conclusion captivates the resounding themes of this album thematically. CONCLUSION In conclusion, Soulja Boys The DeAndre Way is one of the most consistent Hip-Hop Albums to this date. To consider: The DeAndre Way has sold 56,000 copies so far in the US, while Nass Illmatic sold 59,000 copies in the first week. Just a coincidence? ___ (reminder that sales clearly are not everything). The production on this album truly captivates the tone of each individual song. This album has a significant feature to it that will assert itself as a classic with time: relevancy. In the album, Soulja calls for action against the government, social issues such as gay marriage, his relationship with hip hop, a call for action against marijuana usage, a depiction of what causes ghetto children to turn to thugs, the economic disparities of the rich and poor, and introspective storytelling at its finest. The title of the album is clearly a resemblance of his name (DeAndre). The importance in stating the meaning of the title at the end was for you as readers to truly understand the way of DeAndre. In following DeAndres benchmark which he emotionally enshrines in this beautiful thematic adventure, we can only hope as listeners that the world will be a better place!

  • SugefromMalawi

    This is some wack shit to be honest.... Call me rigid but hiphop is going many directions nowadays just not this lame shit right here. He is boldly throwing crap at us and people are happy to digest it and regurgitate praises and shit to this otherwise talented rapper. Its completely lame he should have made a dubstep album instead. Im better off listening to someone scratching their nails on a blackboard

    • buggn413bk

      thanku cuzzo i been sayin that shit he took a shit on wax to see how many fucctardz would eat his shit and love it lmfao plus he know that aint his kid no matter how hard he tried to say he been in it early gtfoh lol

  • earofthebeholder

    What people don't get this album is a entire metaphor. I think the game is so dumbed down they want instant gratification. If Kanye wanted to make a album that people would automatically like he would have...he has done it countless times already. This album had a deep message that most people are gonna miss

  • Alexander Francis DeSimone

    Yeezus > College Dropout and I'm a better artist than Kanye West by a comfortable amount...all of you people that say older albums are better than newer ones don't understand what art is fundamentally...art is a reflection of how sm(art) a person is... a person doesn't get dumber with time therefore their albums will improve universally... Kanye's style has progressed to a degree that the masses can't handle...he's grown out of making a style of music the unintelligent masses can say they associate with...that's what you people represent "talented people are great until they start being themself then we'll literally say anything regardless of how stupid to belittle it because our brain can't carry it" now you predictable people are going to do what? refute what I say but here's the cool part...the more you refute the truth the more powerful I become...it's like a stock...if you bet on college dropout > yeezus and I bet opposite my stock goes up...so please bring me more power

    • ErikThaRed

      "a person doesn't get dumber with time therefore their albums will improve universally" LOL... then explain Snoop Dogg, DMX, Nelly, 50 Cent, Cam'ron, Method Man and Ludacris, This album is "euro trash" hip hop... he made better music when his head wasn't so big.

  • Anonymous

    Only ppl who like this album are suburban kids who dont know nothin about rap music....real talk....

  • towse

    Bought it. liked it. Probably still listen to it in 2 years. Kanye lost his mind years ago but still brings in creativity to his music, which is written by 15 people and produced by 20 people. But its worth buying. Burning whatever you do to get music.

  • ayyo

    Kanye shits on his fans in this album. 10 songs that took less than 15 mins to come up with and to top it off he repeatedly says he's better than you all

  • moreofthesameplease

    kanye please can you make college dropout again for us. im simple minded and just wanna hear the same shit over again. please dont challenge me musically. thats scary.

    • Here we go

      of course there had to be to weirdos talking about "the masses" wtf makes you so sure you got the memo "the masses" missed out on like gtfoh bro

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahah i feel the same as you...the stupid masses...

  • Larry

    kanyes dope always changing

  • Anonymous

    Weak. Period...won't even be hot years from now. WTF Kanye?!


    That vocalizer shit is dead... This cocky bastard got y'all waisting money and hard drive space on sheer f@&cking garbage. Thank You Xbox music for for giving me the feeling of not being cheated by the hype. Just my thoughts, This is skinny jeans music. And I'm not going to listen to this cock muncher's cd over and over to brain wash myself to like it. F THAT SHIT. Damn my ninja fell off. Its not worth the space of a blank cd. LMAO! LMAO! Yeezus, it should be "Gee-zus this shit is trash"!

    • loser

      all i got from this was " I dont understand music. Im simple minded. Spoon feed me more of the same please"

  • MrRhoda

    Justin Hunte must be the worst hip hop editor in the world if he rates this so good....

  • ryan

    After DX's reviews i was expecting a good album........... was you lot off the mark or what?? i like Kanye alot but i can not rate this above a 4/10, its more like Electro Art Rap than hip hop!

  • hiphop

    sick album. needs 2 or 3 more tracks.

  • Yeezus Blessed Us Once Again

    Thank you Yeezus! Hang this album on museum walls worldwide! Masterpiece for the modern world. Yeezus is here. Get with it and evolve or die the fuck off.

  • J

    Come on, Kanye is great, but this album is absolute shit. There are 2 semi-decent tracks, but seriously, what was Kanye thinking?

  • tim

    To be blunt I miss the old kanye .The last too were equally garbage and im a huge kanye fan (broke phi broke) jay-z needs to slap his little brother for dropping some shit like this period .

  • TKofTK

    Chi Town stand up! That Yeezus is boo boo... Its 2 tracks worth listening too that could easily get played out over a couple of plays. Crucify that ish and burn it. Mac Miller and J. Cole album made up for the disappointment. And im not hating... Real Talk

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Kanye is dope but this was no good. 1/2 star

  • kendric

    this was a great body of work by the genius kanye, this is how legends are made.

  • That's What She Said

    This album is garbage. Kanye has really lost his way. He was a brilliant producer and a decent mc but now he is absolute trash. I am very disappointed. In anticipation of the several, "go kill yourself" comments I expect to receive, I offer this reply...No, I will not kill myself. That is all.

  • k

    HipHopDX gave this Album 4.5 out of 5 are y'all out of your Mind? The only Kanye Albums that get those ratings are "The College Dropout", "Late Registration" or "My Twisted Dark Fantasy" Come on Hip HopDX do your Homework for real and pay attention. Yes Kanye is talented and likes to do different things and be creative but this is nowhere close to 5 Stars. The album has a few pretty interesting tracks but lyrically Kanye isn't saying much @ all and some of the songs sound like they could be from Demo's the way they're mixed. Wish Kanye all the best but I think Kim Kardashian has him a bit unfocused. And also the fact that his Mom isn't here. RIP Donda West

  • Nick T

    the problem here is that most of the people on here who dislike this album are the same people who go out their way to hate on everything kanye puts out. Im pretty sure that these people are only upset because kanye is gettin the attention that they feel that their favorite rapper should be getting. It like they want kanye to be a copy and paste version of some shit nas did 15years ago. His style isnt based upon doing deep intelectual shit. he's not going to do alot of deep/concept songs because thats not what he good at. all the hate seems to stem form people from of the northern region who cant accept the fact that kanye has got his foot stuck knee deep in your favorite rappers ass!

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is the best album pop culture's ever seen, 22's the best album in human history

  • Anonymous

    I'm a big Kanye fan, but this album honestly sucked. A couple tracks were decent, but as a whole it was bad. Anyone that says this is better than MBDTF needs to get their ears checked. I can't stop laughing at some of you fucks that say this shit should be "hung on a museum wall", etc. Hahaha. Get the fuck outta here... If there's a museum for largest disappointments in rap, sure. Also, it's obvious the critics from the major newspapers and rap sites were paid off to provide favorable reviews. There is no way in fuck something this off-the-mark could receive widespread critical acclaim unless pay-offs were involved. What a joke. 1*

  • Anonymous

    Masterpiece truly showed the art of hip hop genre..he went back to the college dropout flow on bound 2!!

  • YeezusJustRoseAgain

    feel bad for anyone that doesnt think this album is anything less than a modern masterpiece. there is no room for disagreement. this album should be hung on a museum wall. if you say you don't like it, you are just showing your own ignorance and i pity you. all hail yeezus.

  • Sunspect

    Kanye West shows in this album what art really all is about. The futuristic sound and the minimalistic design clarifies it all. It' s a determined and genius made.

  • se1user

    This album is garbage. Can't even listed to it now. I gave it a shot. On my headphones, in the car, on the stereo, it's just garbage.

  • Garrett

    I didn't really like it at first then the second time listening to it I liked it. And everybody saying that they must be smoking something well... truth is yes and most of the people that actually listen to good music do lol

  • PhillyMu


  • M.U.S.I.C.

    I'm starting to think those who say "listen to something other than hip-hop" only listen to a hand full of different genres and calling themselves "diverse" because if you actually do listen to more than hip-hop you'd know that this shit sucks. This defiantly isn't new. He's defiantly not saying anything new. It's shit I've heard a million times before.

  • Disappointment

    This shit was terrible. Seeing all of the critic reviews that gave this a high rating made me realize how bias critics are.

  • Monty Gomez

    WTF are people smoking. There are actually reviews that say this is an awesome album. This is by far one of the biggest trash albums ever released regardless if musical genre. I am a big Kanye fan and I will give him his time to try and be creative and do things he wants to do. As an artist at times you want to do projects that challenge you and your audience. This is not one of those projects. This was trash from the 1st beat to the last. From the constant pause between each line his is "spitting" which takes away from the flow to the constant WTF is he talking about his lyrics barely make sense. Lets not forget that Kanye realized he had a big pile of trash on his hands and ran to Rick Rubin at the final hour to try to have Rick save this project. Lets not forget that Rick said there was nothing there just bare stripped down beats, no lyrics with the exception of New Slaves and basically a mess that he had to try and salvage. Rick said Kanye came in with seconds left in the final hour and laid down the verses. Everyone involved is pretty much eluding to they knowing this is trash but because Kanye is a superstar and is genius with other projects then this too may actually be part of his genius, Not!! even 808s and Heartbreak had a gem or 2 on there to give it credibility. Don't be fooled this is trash looking for people to cosign it. This may have been just a distraction to keep our minds away from the Kimye baby birth.

    • Monty Gomez

      Listen dick rider "Yeezus" this album is trash and if Kanye was in front of me I would tell him the same thing. Garbage.

    • yeezus

      "I am a big Kanye fan and I will give him his time to try and be creative and do things he wants to do." Obviously not.... listen again

  • D Fizzle

    hip hop dx are idiots, yeezus sucks

  • Dave

    This is like when the source gave garbage ass made men 4 1/2 mics. You muthafuckers are sellouts. Fuck you and this garbage album. Biggest turd ever unleashed on humanity.

  • Bo

    Something diffrent Great Album tho

  • Krome

    Aint nobody scared of change.. the album isnt hip hop.. its trash

  • brandon kidd

    this album offered everything u can ask for and did it in 10 songs...he is a rapper but its rock&roll, techno, house, r&b, dub, and most of all the rap is aggressive. people are scared of change or things they don't understand. this is the best rap album since get rich or die trying because this is the evolution of music. get rich was pure gangsta...this is pure music.

    • prokeezy

      fully agree. let it marinate. i am addicted as well. great album.

    • brandon

      spot on^^^. I didnt like yeezus on first listen. but after letting it marinate and with 10+ listens thru, i havent been more addicted to an album in quite some time

  • BNic

    Extremely dissapointed. does NOT deserve 4.5 I was hoping for more subject matter. This album IS overrated. Simple as that

  • Dj. Hollywood

    Everybody on this site that said Yeezus was a good album must be smoking something. I listened to it about four times and it sounds the same each time like garbage. This will not change the game because hip hop not rapp but hip hop today is garbage so this album fits right in with the rest of the hip hop mess. Real rapp was in the 80's and 90's there was little hip hop. remember rapp was a culture not digital music with BS lyrics talking about cars and money, rapp was about survival in the hood and the struggle of our people over simple but good beats.

  • Isaac

    I love this album. This album doesn't sound like anything else that's out there nor does it sound like anything else he's ever done and that is a great thing. Sonically this is one of the most diverse and eclectic albums I've heard since Aquemini. For those talking about it sound all over the place I guess have never been to a good live show. Acoustically the album plays out like an arrangement you'd hear at Cirque de Sole. Heartache, Racism, Sex, and not selling out take center stage on this album that seems to take place where My Dark Twisted Fantasy leaves off. Another Classic.

    • Cunnin

      You definitely live in a box if you think this doesn't sound like anything else out there! You're just repeating the common defense of this album! European hip-hop artist have been making shit like this for years! Shit's terrible no matter how many times you listen to it!

    • ac381000

      Dude underground has been doing this hit for years now yeezus isn't anything ne or one of a kind

  • ryanmac992

    hated it. come on kanye you should be able to produce a better album then that! and wheres the subject matter. after 2 listens im already bored with the corny ass punchlines and got no good subject matter to fall back on. this dude will never drop anything as good college dropout ever again -_- thats for sure.

  • DylanJ99

    Just horrible kanyes WORST SOOOOOOOOOOO overrated he is just so egotistical and just gross he cant stop bragging in a mean way this is the first time i ever wrote a review and i bet kanye paid hiphop dx to write a good review he could have paid me 1 billion dalloers and i would still give it 2 stars the only thing good is some beats and da realness he was lucky he got 2 stars

  • Anonymous

    4 1/2 stars? That's a review that was bought.

  • Nuff said...

    ALbum sucks....he try so hard to be "different" while a lot of this album sounds really unorganized and outta place. He uses way to many effects on his voice, the production is a over the top mess, oh, and its not hip hop/rap... The only good thing i can say about this album is that he has a lot of good lyrics and messages. But as a cohesive piece of work, this album lacks. I guess if u a fan of eccentric, abstract, alternative music, well, this album will be perfect for you... Im a Kanye fan, so no, im not "hating". Just speaking the real....

  • TheDUke

    This album is fu**ing awesome.

  • Mark

    Everyone who is hating on this album needs to realize its trap music and this album shows how good kanye is at every genre

    • PhillyMu

      I like the album too, but don't mislead people by labeling it "trap" music. You'll scare off people who hate that shit. This sounds nothing like Waka, Gucci, T.I., or Jeezy. It's SOOOO much deeper than that bruh

  • yeezzzuzzz


  • bobby nelson

    5/5 no question. listen to it more than once before you hate.

  • nico

    Not the Kanye I know... rubin recuced it to crap

  • acc_04

    That's just terrible.

  • j bix

    it pains me to see this got a higher rating than watching movies with the sound off and born sinner... fuck this pop star

  • michaeldoubles

    I feel sorry for people who purchased this

  • swag yolo

    its alright mbdtf was way better

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Em was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Worst Fans in HipHop

    1 - Nas fans (refuse to realize he fell off after Stillmatic) 2 - Eminem stans (similar to Nas fans, plus they tend to be racist) 3 - Lil Wayne fans (they worship a nigga who sounds like a roach) 4 - Kanye West fans (this nigga ain't no music genius) 5 - 50 Cent fans (if he never got shot, he would never have fans) 6 - Biggie fans (overrated af) 7 - Jay z fans (they only care about his money) FYI, i support rakim,ugk,outkast,dmx,game and tech n9ne

    • Anonymous

      Rakim(he started the game) dmx(he the realest ever to rap always keeps it hard) outkast(flow was just art work nice) ugk(nigga please) the game(out raped by every feature nigga please) tech 9(fuckin terrible sucks dick nigga please!!!

    • lol

      some "1" mmust not be able to understand big words, complex thoughts, and rhyme schemes no one else can pull off. youll see someday, dudes a boss, you just dont know. oh and LAWL

    • Roll Tide

      XD You said Game hahaha

    • 1

      tech nine lol...thats all you need to say to lose all credibility

    • Lame comment

      Um after Stillmatic Nas had the Lost Tapes, God's Son, Distant Relatives and Life is Good where did he fall of at? Street's Disciple was probably his weakest release since 01. There is no way in hell Nas fans are worse than Kanye and Eminem fans. Em fans think rap begins and ends with him and Kanye fans suck up anything Kanye does as revolutionary and brilliant no matter what garbage he spews out. I've NEVER met a Nas fan who are that delusional. I can kind of forgive Wayne fans because 99% of them are 15 year olds who don't know shit

  • James

    Wow..my ears are bleeding

  • StrokesFan94

    No other rapper manages to provoke so much social thought, so much awe and so much diamond swaggering bravado unto the listener as Kanye 'Yeezus' West himself. This new masterpiece of his is going to change the game once again just like the instant classic MBDTF did years ago which in itself is a monumental archievement since the competition is more fierce than ever. One would think that no one could top the out of there goofyness of cloud rap, the exciting danger of gun-slinging trap-hop or the new wave of female fronted hip-hop but Yeezus proves once again that Kanye is a man without any peers. "You see it's leaders and it's followers But I'd rather be a dick than a swallower" truer words have never been spoken.

  • atd1982

    Phenominal album. He may not be the "most" insightful, the "best" rapper the best lyricist and may not have personally hand crafted every beat but the mix of boundary pushing (in the context of a major release from a worldwide popstar) beats with a perfectly tailored flow for each beat, and scizophrenic /at times inspired lyrics is fucking impressive. 5 out of 5 no question. More of this would not be a bad thing.

  • kanye

    kanyse = sexy BEAST 5/5 album, much better than this current shit (drake,wacklemore, the rest of the last 5years "newcommers")

  • Anonymous

    Overrated artist with a boring album, I miss the 90's when hip hop was real with names like Krs one, Gangstarr, Wu-tang clan, Nas, Biggie, Public Enemy and many more. Nowadays hip hop sucks (with a very few exceptions).

    • Dj Hollywood

      I agree with you, today's hip hop is pure garbage they all need to go back to the 90's and listen to the real RAPP not hip hop and learn to make a good album. Kanye west is garbage, this new album is garbage he made some songs that was ok but not on this album.

    • j bix

      agree with you completely man. dont forget a tribe called quest

  • paantur

    best kanye album surely

  • Anonymous

    he is no genius by far, just an asshole with an ear for good songs that he just straight up steals, or has someone else make and then calls it his own

  • Anonymous

    its decent but once you realize it took like 30 people to help him make each song it makes lines like "leave a pretty girl sad reputation, start a fight club, brad reputation" just seem even worse really? 30 people to write that? about 20 producers on each track and each beat is just about the same (boom, boom, boom, boom, no snare or cymbals....what da fuck??????

  • DigiYall

    I thought the album was wack at first listen, the I invited a few friends over we felt it and listened to it in a major sound system and was taken by the way Kanye is putting these songs together yeah if your used to the same sounding $hit you aint gone like this and Ye never had that much spit anyway so I thought he did a good job.

  • trp

    most of y'all are treating this like a hip-hop album, which it IS NOT, and that's probably why you don't like it. I stopped looking at Kanye as a 'rapper' a long time ago; he's his own entity, without a real genre at this point. and if you take this album as sonic experiment, its freaking great. if you're stuck with your boom-bap obsession, then clearly this shit ain't for you.

    • DigiYall

      I agree for sure people are so used to verse/chorus/Verse stuff with all the same sounding beats in my opinion aint nobody f)cking with Kanye

  • ?!??!?!?!?!

    Writer of this I hope you read this. I hope you know that no one in the hiphop community agrees with your bullshit 4.5/5. Born Sinner was MILES past this. This thing was complete trash. Kanye's career is dead. Horrible album 2/5.

  • dwes

    I understand Kanye always wanted to re-invent himself and keep hiphop relevant, this is going backwards...I give it a 2.5 for effort.

  • Anonymous

    Late Registration 4/5 Yeezus 4.5/5 Okay HHDX whatever

    • toppa shot

      looool. for real. The standards were just much higher when Late Reg came out. Shit is rock bottom now. Straight up.

  • KingKronos

    Hot garbage, his fall continues.

  • tical

    Yeezus christ! this albums garbage!

  • L dog

    Man Kanye has done way better than this. This shit was put out in the market for a quick buck. straight lazy ass production. Sorry ass nigga Kim got his mind all fucked up. His mom wouldn't be proud.

  • Moody22

    The horns on "Blood on the Leaves" are actually taken from the song "R U Ready" by TNGHT. One of TNGHT's members is Hudson Mohawke, who is signed to G.O.O.D. Music. Just wanted to correct that. And for the record, I really liked the album, don't understand what everybody is bitching about.

  • Kizman

    This album is the epitome of being shamelessly enamored with your own ego. His obsession with pussy punchlines is so fucking insipid, and anything that at first appears the least bit clever becomes equal parts lazy/corny upon repeated listens. Lyrically, by far his worst CD, even makes Watch the Throne appear solid (IT WASN'T). The production is, more often than not, cacophonious like the sonic equivalent of a driving gear failing to engage a driven gear(bound 2 was cool, part of i'm in it was nice). VERY disappointing for someone of Ye's talents. And for all you cocksucking fanboys failing to hold Ye accountable for this certified weed plate (that is an insult to other weedplates like Blueprint 2/3 actually) and clinging to your "force myself to like it because it is Kanye' mentality, FUCK OFF. Other artists could make this and practically have their careers ruined because of it. Can you imagine Nas making this bullshit? Unbelievable, yet you lames are having wet dreams because Kanye "did something out of the box, was different, revolutionary, a masterful project, the zenith of the art". WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE YE is not deep enough to make music with a message. Too inauthentic and scatterbrained. His "dead prez" inspiration turned into pussy eating and fucking on the sink pretty quick. With regards to subject matter, this is one of the most mind-numbingly vacuous pieces of shit I have ever heard. Completely devoid of any redeemable subject matter at all. Quite the accomplishment Kanye. CONGRATS!!

    • Anonymous



    This album is the epitome of being shamelessly enamored with your own ego. His obsession with pussy punchlines is so fucking insipid, and anything that at first appears the least bit clever becomes equal parts lazy/corny upon repeated listens. Lyrically, by far his worst CD, even makes Watch the Throne appear solid (IT WASN'T). The production is, more often than not, cacophonious like the sonic equivalent of a driving gear failing to engage a driven gear(bound 2 was cool, part of i'm in it was nice). VERY disappointing for someone of Ye's talents. And for all you cocksucking fanboys failing to hold Ye accountable for this certified weed plate (that is an insult to other weedplates like Blueprint 2/3 actually) and clinging to your "force myself to like it because it is Kanye' mentality, FUCK OFF. Other artists could make this and practically have their careers ruined because of it. Can you imagine Nas making this bullshit? Unbelievable, yet you lames are having wet dreams because Kanye "did something out of the box, was different, revolutionary, a masterful project, the zenith of the art". WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE Someone said that this is Ye's Nastradamus. GTFO insulting Nastradamus like that. I will take Project Windows, Come Get Me, Nastradamus, life we chose, and New World over any song on Yeezus, hands down not even close. Listen to that album compared to this and tell me I am wrong. YE is not deep enough to make music with a message. Too inauthentic and scatterbrained. His "dead prez" inspiration turned into pussy eating and fucking on the sink pretty quick. With regards to subject matter, this is one of the most mind-numbingly vacuous pieces of shit I have ever heard. Completely devoid of any redeemable subject matter at all. Quite the accomplishment Kanye. CONGRATS Bawse!!!!!

  • Nick T

    the problem here is that most of the people on here who dislike this album are the same people who go out their way to hate on everything kanye puts out. Im pretty sure that these people are only upset because kanye is gettin the attention that they feel that their favorite rapper should be getting. It like they want kanye to be a copy and paste version of some shit nas did 15years ago. His style isnt based upon doing deep intelectual shit. he's not going to do alot of deep/concept songs because thats not what he good at. all the hate seems to stem form people from of the northern region who cant accept the fact that kanye has got his foot stuck knee deep in your favorite rappers ass.

  • John

    Honestly, Kendrick fucked it up for all other albums...Yeezus is lame as fuck. I tried to like it, tried to give it a chance...but no go! Born Sinner> Yeezus

  • uaD5

    worst album in this year

  • The Real Truth

    Album is trash

  • jamie

    It takes a few listens, but its not too bad. Not very lyrical either.

  • devin bowes

    I give it a 3 because the quality isn't how we are used to im not complaining but beautiful dark twisted fantasy was a masterpiece of music and now we get an album full of beats low volume lyrics like I can barley hear him in some songs (I am not deaf) and it sounds like robots made the album I think its an amateur album and kanye is way better than this smh.... cant wait to hear next album

  • anonymous

    his lyricsm was ok on some songs, not that good most of the time. the production on the album was good, except it wasnt really rap. this can't be classified as a rap album. i thought bound 2 was cool same with send it up i like hold my liquor and thats about it. blood on the leaves had a good beat, but its just him whining in autotune. im in it is gross, new slaves sucks, black skinhead sucks, guilt trip sucks, im a god sucks, and on sight wasn't good either. i can see why people would enjoy the album, it wasn't purely garbage, however this was not rap, and the lyricism was not that good. this was by far the most over rated album by critics. i've always hated kanye as a person, but i liked college dropout and late registration. after that my tolerance for his music has progressively deteriorated.

  • Milorad

    awful production, awful vocals, autotune doesn't work on most tracks, lame concepts

  • Tanya Morgan

    Seriously a track like New Slaves is not original nor conscious in its lyrics in any way, its just put out there so the album doesn't looke like the piece of shit it really is. How can u believe the guy seriously?. "corporation cant control me". lol 99% of his lyrics are straight promotion of consumerism. Don't tell me that this album is conscious

    • abe

      that is exactly what i thought too. some fool on this site also wrote some article about how ye was the only top 40 rapper who is socially conscious. dude's raps don't reflect consciousness. he is an egomaniac who only wants shock value.

  • mk

    This is Kanyes best album and one of the best albums i ever heard. Masterpiece Classic DELVIVERY BEATS DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE SHIT

  • shitfunny

    Go back and listen to Lost in the world and Who will survive in America off dark twisted fantasy, what did you think he was gonna do next hahaha. He made shit that aint for people looking for an easy listen.

  • shitfunny

    "How much do I not give a Fuck/ let me show you right now for you give it up/...soul sample plays "oh he'll give us what we need/may not be what we want/"... On Sight ,hahahaha, this isnt for our initial overreaction culture, you have to listen, this cd is hilarious

  • Mike

    If the album is wack its wack.....Kanye has too many ass kissers.....Don't get me wrong he is very talented keep it real....Is this a album that you would want to play all the time....Artist don't do that anymore ....smh just 1 or 2 songs..

  • Dirk

    It's unfortunate Kanye would release this album in a time where hip-hop is dying for quality music. I am disappointed and confused by what Kanye is trying to do with this album... it's difficult to listen to and primitive because the content is mainly about fucking bitches and other peoples' women. Although, he also talks about the current state of black people in this country on the track New Slaves, which I found to be refreshing and possibly the best track on the album. He may be trying to make some ironic messages with the rest but it's lost on me. The only saving grace is that he's original with the sound, meaning he's not copying others.

  • yoyo

    album sounds MUCH better than macklemores. thats some nice rapping, not that pussy thrift shit like macklemore does. u guys are sooo mainstream that u cant understand kanyes album, have fun listening to macklemores mainstream garbage. personally its not exactly my taste but its still 4/5, GJ kanye!

  • Pegasus Flow

    I gave it 3/5. Little too much auto tune and the lyrics were a bit lacking but it was ok. I won't say its garbage but it aint like I'm surprised that people are shittin all over it

  • Anonymous

    To Anon 2 I'm pretty sure you are the one with white supremacists thoughts I do not think the kkk has a post for black men , maybe Uncle Rufus, dumb fuck. I was born in this culture and live this culture with all that entails, money, and black ain't a state of mind, godbody, dumb fuck and you can keep your Little Waynes and Kanyes, their ghetto/non-white passes have been revoked.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, okay fucker, you got owned, next time say 'Sun' then you might have a clue. Follwoing is traveling music for you and the rest of y'all wannabes: 'Like this, like that and like that, like this How dark is the world, how strong is a fist? Originals come from the sand and the sword to the concrete, fightin wars in the street The Day of Outrage, history another page You lack the word of this, but now there is a Brother J The Prince of Warriors, leadin masses Stomp a little bit, punks playin asses The damn sissies always stalk for the glory Sissy bomb is comin, but that's another story So many people forgot where they came Disrespect religion, but their living is lame Blackwatch how you livin? (ZOOM!) Flow in the Nile (ZOOM!) Teach the many mortals, the times of a sun dial To the East, teachin Gods to be What it was, what it is, and again shall be What's my mindstate if my state ain't black?".... 'Tick tock tick we go sun to moon Verbalizer speaks it's a quarter to doom Self-destruction is not a key function Never rhyme the leaders cause the people keep frontin When will they realize? The Body needs Head It's more than what's said when a leader lies dead Come into the darkness, past is light Death meaning life as the pharaohs take flight Too much degrees for a silly pale thief You can't define what's direct from the East! Gods protect me, he selects me God makes a path so the world respects mine'

    • Anonymous

      ^LOLZ give it up SON^

    • Anonymous

      BRUAHHHHHHHH get off my dick you fucking redneck, just because you can't fucking read and write I might add, don't blame me, blame the two fags that had you. Once again, go fuck yourself Kanye.

    • Anonymous

      FUCKING FACTS YOU WROTE THESE WORDS STUPID RACIST CUNT ("black males have no balls, are in tow with this 'fag in ' shit and rubbin' clits with white chicks (Kim last I checked was white). Yeah, he is a regular black, angry, militant. Yep. DUMB FUCKS ") Fucking tough guy's like you talking wreckless online are a fucking JOKE P.S Add some fucking punctuation's to your rants you trailer trash CUNT.

    • Anonymous

      Anon 3 FUCK YOU You wanna be black fucks, fuck and Kanye with his skirt wearing ass and the Waynes kissing dudes on the mouths, the point is they do not represent black men and this attempt at effeminating young black men need to come to a stop and I get it you are the one claiming that his album is a fuck you to white racists the point is it is not, and marrying that media whore does not equate to that. DUMB FUCK GO LEARN HOW TO READ.and stop trying to be black, you do not know our plight or history so go fuck yourself. What life? Hood life? been there done that. Jail life? been there done that. Funny, you fuckers would love for people to acacepot this bullshit what your grandparents could not do with lynching or the Reagans with crack, y'all using our own culture and music to do. Guess what ain't gonna happen. So fuck you. Black is not a fad, you fucking faggots. and once again FUCK YOU

    • Anonymous

      Nah you dumb fuck above it is funny that you still ain't get the point dummy that you can't tell the difference between a