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Lip Lock should be classified as a trial and error project that reaches beyond its means.

While it wasn’t an absolute hiatus given Eve’s 2007 attempt at releasing Here I Am, an 11-year gap between albums is nothing to discount considering the ever-changing climate where relevancy arguably plays as big a part as the music itself. Eve was unquestionably a presence in the early aughts, constructing a tenacious yet magnetic identity that came out in her lyrics and performance. With that as a reference point, Lip Lock should be classified as a trial and error project that reaches beyond its means.

Eve’s lyrical bite can still match her bark at times, and that shines through on tracks like “She Bad Bad” and “Zero Below.” Over grime-synth that pops on the latter, she brashly declares, “Isabel Marant, bottoms blood stained / From all these wannabes that thought they was better than me / Got 'em thirsty for it, give this bitch a drink / Iceberg dead ahead, I make Titanic sink.” Eve would be remiss in excluding Ruff Ryder alumni Swizz Beatz from her music revival, who fittingly laces her with a club anthem in “Mama In The Kitchen.” From the catchy Snoop Dogg hook to Eve’s vibrant tone, this record alongside “All Night” prove to be a winning formula for the Philadelphian-native.

When Eve takes a stab at expanding her style, the results become less impressive. She’s referenced her new abode in London as an inspiration to create “otherworldly” sounds, but that doesn’t excuse the excessive use of electro-pop that occurs on “Take Me From You.” Her stale rhymes become ubiquitous as the David Guetta-esque pulse is a beat drop away from candy bracelets and a spastic laser show. The Nacho (no, really) and Missy Elliott-assisted “Wanna Be” also dabbles in erratic strands of melody with each rapper submitting lackluster verses.

With a solid bounce cut that speaks more to her stateside sensibility, it’s hard to take Eve seriously on “Grind Or Die” when she carelessly claims, “My buzz stay strong, your buzz never started / My albums are the shit, your career never farted.” Her sentiment more pragmatic, “Make It Out This Town” is like a female version of B.o.B.’s “Both Of Us;” decent, but ultimately better fit for Cobra Starship’s catalog than Eve’s urban disposition.

Seeing Eve return is a welcoming sight, and while unexpected, the experimental arrangements of her new project can be written off as just that. The heart of the issue with Lip Lock is that Eve hasn’t restored the command she once had, which subsequently allows these new sounds to lead her down a road of uncertainty. Eve’s maturation as a person has been obtained through time; it may take more before her music catches up.

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  • os

    been a eve fan since day 1 still remembering being the first person to buy it and the owner sayin damn shorty calm down we got piles of them don't nobody want that cd while he laughed and she ended up being the hardest female mc period at that time so when she drop liplock I was pumped but it wasn't that same pitbull in a skirt it wasn't even close I don't even know this rapper were is the fire were is the passion were is EVE.

    • BlackNess

      Comments like that really are discouraging to an artist - though understandable. It's been since 2007 that she had worked on a project, and apparently that was shelved by interscope. Growth & change are part of the music and what I would expect from people over years of experiencing different things and refining one's perspective. If she had came out with that same pitbull in a skirt" mentality, after 7 years, moving to London, I for one would be disappointed. I do wish that there was more insight to her current life and perspective though. Though entertaining, this project felt kind of shallow.

  • Drag-On

    Worst album of the year?

  • Deadman Rashaun

    Dope album 4 sho! I REALLY wish radio station would start playing ALL hip hop like they USED 2 instead of just one form of it. We don't just eat dessert & not dinner..We don't just wear boxers & no pants..We don't just put gas in da car but oil. Sorry..but that aint gonna work. Neither is radio playing one form of rap. ONLY IN URBAN MUSIC IS THIS HAPPENING!! Country don't do this,Rock & Roll,nor POP. Just us BLACK FOLK.I guess Da WHITE MAN did dat 2 huh?. SMDH.

    • Robert Thompson

      Music today is all about crossing over and going pop. Which is why you have black music artist collaborating with country music artist and anybody else who will get them noticed. If you are a black music artist and you go pop then your music loses it's originality and soul. Hip hop artist and black music artist will do a song with a elephant if it means that they will get paid. Thank goodness for my boo Sade,she has never compromised who she is as a music artist. She has never been thirsty for attention like the rest of these music artist of today are. My sweetie goes ghost for years and her fans start asking about her. Real talk.

  • beatz

    always have loved and and supported and always will.

  • equalcitizen

    I like this record a lot. She is different than other rappers and it's refreshing to not hear a female mc only rap about being a whore. A lot of the songs on this album sound different from one another and I think that's a good thing. I am glad she is back.

  • marsia

    I was coming up when eve was the leading female MC. Eve gained her notoriety from the guys because she was raw and gritty. A lot of true fans attract to an artist cause of their specific niche that set them apart from the rest. On this album her sound is to scattered. I feel that she definitely experimented with her sound but didn't do it in away the separates herself from the rest of the junk on the radio.The electronic sound is overdone. She can rhyme but she need to find a sound if she wishes to remain relevant other than her past works.

  • TCM

    The album came out better than I expected. Its good considering how long it has been from her last one.

  • james

    This album is different but it definitely isn't a 2.5. I'd give it at least a 3.5/4 considering it only had 12 tracks and 1 was a remix. But overall, she's lyrically killing most of the rappers that are on the radio now. It just sucks the radio doesn't plat her shit like that.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck eve coon ass

  • david

    the album was pretty dry to me she took to longto make a come back.nobody is really checking for her anymore

  • tigerking7979

    Too bad Eve's career got sidetracked by record company issues. And too bad Dr. Dre was being Jimmy Iovine's bitch when it came to releasing albums when aftermath was around. Eve was a really good rapper. It's just been too long to be away from the music for that long and recapture the magic.

  • sfx

    i expected more from eve, since i rly like her and her old records... but 90% of this album sounds too radio friendly and boring (macklemore style), most artists have that problem these days :/ not much of hiphop is left! one track pisses me off, its the one with missy elliott on it. why on hell would u pitch missys voice to some chipmunk sound-a-like? horrible and no sense in doing that..... OMG. 1,5/5 Stars, sorry eve !

  • Nahjee

    I only like one song on the album, and that song was "EVE". The rest of the album was kinda boring and sound outdated

  • Starmani

    Its honestly not a bad album....but it is alittle too trial and error though. 3/5

  • Sebastian Cole

    Great Album... Way overdue! She still has it. Had "Grind Or Die" & "Zero Below" on repeat all day yesterday. Not to say I'd need to skip a track while listening to the album. Only thing I wished for was a Lil' Kim or Gwen Stefani collaboration. 2.5 stars is crazy! I'd give this mutha a 5! Definitely makes up for lost time! For anyone who has missed that "Boss Bitch Presence" in the music go and pick up this antidote cause the product is pure...

  • Sedsa

    You call this shit hiphop. This is one of the worst releases this year. Get your old ass out of hiphop. This chick is 39 or 40?

  • Brad

    I feel that this album showcases Eve's versatility and I think 2.5 stars is a bit harsh tbh

  • Eve Fan 4 Life...

    I LOVE THIS ALBUM. It is well rounded and has a more GLOBAL appeal, which is good for her. Every track has a completely different but unique sound, and I can find something to enjoy about every song. This is an album I can play from beginning to end. My favorite is "Never Gone". I will ALWAYS support E-V-E.

  • dejemen

    She has go great voice and sick flow. Can't understand haters

  • ha.

    Fuck the album. Where's the porno?

  • Anonymous

    not one of you even bought the album stop the hate

  • hiphop is dead

    Lets be honest Eve was always the weakest link from the Ruffryders camp. Her albums are average, nothing special. Now she want to back back. She is 37 years old!!! Please leave hiphop alone. Retire you aint that good!

  • d block y.o

    no one is lookin for this pop shit if you want any sort of support release the pitbull ruff ryder eve get the lox dmx few other street mc's on it cause this shit is a joke

  • tiff.carter.321

    Eve sounds great! Can't believe it's been 11 years. Check out her photoshoot with Lifestyle Mirror! She looks even better than ever! http://www.lifestylemirror.com/latest_cover/