Lil Wayne - I Am Not a Human Being II

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On the contrary, "I Am Not a Human Being II" is very human. Wayne is constantly horny, often drugged up and only takes a few moments for self-reflection.

Lil Wayne never has been nor never claimed to be a rapper’s rapper. As his fame has grown over the years, he’s continuously straddled the line separating Pop and Rap, lacing his fodder with innuendos that he’s from another planet—coupled with oddly perverse punchlines. The production on 2010’s I Am Not a Human Being futhered this claim, with spacey beats that nurtured Wayne slapping around silly bars to the tune of an impending prison sentence waiting for him upon album completion. On the contrary, I Am Not a Human Being II is very human. Wayne is constantly horny, often drugged up (despite some repeated vows of sobriety) and only takes a few moments for self-reflection. There is nothing extraterrestrial about it, though that’s not to say it isn’t fun some of the time.

The first words uttered at the start of IANAHBII’s title track are “I’m in the crib butt naked, bitch,” thereby stressing the shape of things to come throughout the project. Wayne continuously leans on hyper-sexual lines with constant references to his manhood. On “Curtains,” he spits, “She said I didn’t know your dick was a recliner,” only to return on “Back To You” with “My dick is her chair.” Sure that's typical Wayne, but for a project that came so highly anticipated, more metaphorical work could have been placed into it. Tunechi shines the brightest when he diverts from that formula, talking threats on “Beat The Shit” with Gunplay who sort of steals the show with his gruff delivery or the simple Trap Rap found on “Gunwalk” with Gudda Gudda. Bonus cut “My Homies Still” with Big Sean packs more energy than most of the tracks found on the standard release. Even drug talk is refreshing after hearing Wayne talk about getting head from decapitated women, as “Trippy” with Juicy J brings Wayne discussing his drug abuse in almost uncomfortable detail. His finest moment arrives on “God Bless Amerika,” as Weezy questions his fate in the midst of political distrust and gentle jabs at the prison system. It’s the nakedest moment on the album, even lined up against the inlfux of sex talk. There is one moment where the alien returns, but it's on the 5-year-old bonus track “Hot Revolver” which feels even more out of place than the ever popular Nicki Minaj on “Lay It Down.”

Clocking in at almost 20 songs (including all bonus cuts), I Am Not a Human Being II is excessively long, leaving room for missteps that pull the album in multiple directions. It’s uneven, and while a single like “Rich As Fuck” with 2 Chainz and buzz track “Bitches Love Me” with Drake and Future would suggest the album sounds one way, the album cuts speak otherwise. There is a balance begging to be found, one that ultimately led to the success of Tha Carter IV. Having reached a tenth solo studio album is monumental - especially in the fickle world of Hip Hop - so more energy could have definitely been placed into Wayne’s 10th. For the casual Weezy fan (one that hears the music but doesn't listen), I Am Not a Human Being II is perfect mindless fun. However, for those who expected more from this repeatedly delayed effort, Wayne may have to hop in his spaceship and try again.


  • Anonymous

    Wow this really was bad. Dx when u gonna grow balls and give bad albums what they deserve this shit should've got a 1 or 2 for real

  • Anonymous

    Best rapper alive??.. Nah don't think so.

  • Anonymous

    Long live Weezy!.. He talks about swag and money and that's what you east coast faggots need to get up on.

  • Weezy

    the hate is ridiculous, this(the album)wasn't at all lyrical or groundbreakin but its got some tracks, in trippy you can imagine as if you were high(storytelling)in God Bless Amerika you get a different song from the rest, then you got the bangers, i give it a strong 3

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't the fact that most people gave this crap a 1 tell you skinny jean wearing metro homos anything??... Like that maybe this shit is garbage???... Do y'all REALIZE that? Hello!!???

  • Anonymous

    This rating is not low enough. Really deserves 0 stars plus removal of all the homosexual groupies who gave this anything above a 2. This shows how bad drugs are and this Young Money shut is the reason older heads think our generation is wack.

  • badr

    ohhhhhh damnnn

  • Anonymous

    The fact that the average user rating is 2.12 should tell you tight jeans homos about what a fraud Lil Wayne is.

  • Anonymous

    This actually deserves 0 stars. And yes can we actually remove the users who gave this shit 5 stars when you guys know that all they're doing is trolling. They're not serious.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck ALL Hate & ALL Haters Both & ALL Fake Pussy ass Niggas , Man THIS Album One Of the Best Albums of All the Time (HIP-Hop & Whatever) , LIL WAYNE In THIS BITCH Better Than Ever & For F**kin' Forever ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tunechi Over BITCHES

  • Pheko Moroke

    Worst Rapper in The universe

  • Pheko Moroke

    Worst Rapper Alive

  • Anonymous

    absolutely pathetic.. hurry up and retire or die from one of your fake publicity stunt seizures

  • Kizman

    the problem here is that most of the people on here who dislike this album are the same people who go out their way to hate on everything wayne puts out. Im pretty sure that these people are only upset because wayne is gettin the attention that they feel that their favorite rapper should be getting. It like they want wayne to be a copy and paste version of some shit nas did 15years ago. His style isnt based upon doing deep intelectual shit. he's not going to do alot of deep/concept songs because thats not what he good at. all the hate seems to stem form people from of the northern region who cant accept the fact that wayne has got his foot stuck knee deep in your favorite rapper ass.

  • Anonymous

    Can we remove all the reviewers who gave this 5 stars?

  • fawaka

    gay!!!! bad ablum as usual

  • Collin

    Pop rap is a frequently used term here. Pop is Taylor Swift. Pop rap is Flo-Rida.

  • F**


  • wallace

    wayne all the way f**k u hatin niggas!!

  • sam

    I'm really surprised to see that anyone actually enjoyed this. It was as bad as I expected to be. Lets just give up on Wayne. Carter 3 was his last good album. Since then he has put out 4 awful albums in a row. Accept that he will never get back to where he once was. He fell of harder than Jay-Z

  • Marcus Brown

    Definitely a five star album hands down weezy went on do bullshitting. Real Talk!

  • Anonymous

    At this point Wayne will only have a certain crowd who will be into his shit and its not the rap heads anymore. Not the REAL hip hop fans at least. There was a time when Wayne was a dope MC and he could get on that mic and really tear the track up but now the drugs have really gotten to him and he can't make anything good anymore.

  • Anonymous

    This album one of the best ever & what I can say (Lil Wayne over Bitches and he do the fu*k'in most) & like wezzy said (Now kiss my ass if you hating Im getting ass or Im skating)

  • Anonymous

    No way in hell does this get anything close to 5 stars. Weezy is fucking garbage. He has no skills. Get it through your head.

  • Anonymous

    damn this shit horrible but i give it 5 stars cause he made them classix jealous hataz hatin on weezy cauz of his fame

  • Aram

    The problem with Wayne is not his skills. He can rip a track when he's in the mood but since Carter 3, Wayne has really gone downhill. BAD. At this point he's too drugged up to make anything really coherent and he's using the same tired lines over and over again. This shouldn't be a surprise though, because you can only talk about pussy so many different ways, and after a while your dick jokes will just wear on everyone. Overall, this album just doesn't do anything for me. Nothing Wayne has done since Carter 2 really has done anything for me. Considering the hype and radio play that his singles got, he should have done much better but he's just not capable anymore.

  • Weezy

    Young Money for life! Long live Weezy! Fuk ya'll old ass old school rap fagz!

  • Anonymous

    Wayne just needs to go away, period. He's been dripping with serious wack juice since Carter 3.

  • jimmybarlow

    Wayne just needs to take a break for a while and come back after everyone forgets how awful he is.

  • AR

    This is the "swag movement" Damn how did we get this bad?

  • Anonymous

    Worst rap album ever!

  • Anonymous

    Can't really call this hip hop. Its pop rap. Its poorly done pop rap at that.

  • Anonymous

    If Lil Wayne saw this, he'd probably be shocked at how many people think he's wack.

  • Rick The Mullet Man

    Every dumb nigger that bought this deserves to be lynched

  • Anonymous

    Fuck y'all hatin ass old fucks!. Long live Weezy!

  • Anonymous

    This album got all that hype and promotion and the result is wackness. I mean this is so bad that it makes rap look like its all unintelligent ignorant music. This clown needs to just OD already and die.

  • Anonymous

    yep he ain't Human

  • a dude

    im not a lil wayne dick rider nor do i hate wayne, he occasionally has some songs i enjoy, but i have to say this is his worst album. like....its really bad. the song "hello" could be his worst song of his career. not trying to hate, just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck yall hatin azz east coast rap fags hatin on Weezy yall just wish you could get some pussy and money the wey he duz!

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne and Young Money will fall now. Its over for them. The east coast is coming back.

  • Anonymous

    How anyone could like this is just laughable.

  • RV22

    I bangs with this album, every hip hop track is a banger it just gets weird when he tries to mix the rock n roll into it. niggas just don't wanna like wayne anymore, cuz thats the cool thing to see. He's just making music and clowning let the nigga have bars

  • Anonymous

    This clown needs to be put back in jail.

  • yep

    worst album of the next 10 years

  • malikalford

    all of these people saying bad stuff about this album is haters and all probably old and have nohing better to do! you ALL just mad cause he is making money and doing what he wants. but till this day my motto to you haters :"SUCK A DICK, AND LET IT SIT". INMATURE ADULTS OR TEENAGERS. AND IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM DEAL WITH IT!

    • Anonymous

      Dude as a black man you should be embarassed of this ignorant ass clown. He has set the black race back a century with his antics and image. And he continues to make that bullshit ass pop hashtag rap crap which is one of the reasons alot of people say they're tired of rap. Get a clue for once in your life and make a change in your music selection. Listen to some real stuff.

    • Anonymous

      The OP is your typical Wayne stan that doesn't know shit and always bring up his money which is irrelevent when it comes to his skills.

    • BJ

      I seen the nigga in real life, drug up!!! He Bull, don't give me wrong, I have all his albums...... listen to he words, he ain't talking about shit.....

  • Anonymous

    This should have been outlawed, its so wack. This is the type of shit that turns these kids into drug addicts. The music itself is just embarrassing. Like nails to a chalkboard.

  • Nick

    Complete joke of an album. Lil' Wayne is the most overrated rapper.

  • GKMC

    Man im tired of this shit!

  • >_

    When will he OD? WHEN WILL HE OD?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The fall of Young Money.

  • FucThat!

    ^^Both of you guys are fags......

  • Kenneth

    This album is more of what I expected from Wayne on his first "I Am Not a Human Being I" album. He has also improved on his singing skills, which I think is progress. 4/5 @2woke

  • Anonymous

    this album is trash along with Young Money, sorry ass group of artist

  • Anonymous

    Its pretty garbage. And yes there are a lot of trolls on this site just trying to piss people off. And no disrespect to the review because I do understand how shit goes, but he was clearly just trying not to come off as a hater so he went safe and gave it 3 stars. But truth is the truth, this shit is absolute GARBAGE.

  • Pegasus Flow

    This is trash. Anyone who says otherwise is either a troll or a dick rider.

  • killah_casp

    shit is garbage always has been always will be wayne sounds like hes had one dick 2 many.

  • Redman420

    Just to make things clear, this is not rap, its pop rap. Hip-hop/rap ended in my opinion the day that guys like Jay z, and Puff daddy started to top that fake ass thing that the industrie calls the charts, lol! Something they control by the way, so that they can lower the talent bar in musicc, that pretty much anyone with a bullshit image will be POPular to their targeted market, the teenager . Yes i was one to, back when they were trying topuah garbage like vanilla ice. There will never be the glory days anymore, with such greats as De la soul, mob deep, the wu, pharcyde, tribe called quest, and i could go on forever. Wayne is just a product to be sold, he is created not creative, he is pepsi and he is coke, and its sad that the youth eat it up. It is always sad for music when it becomes more important to make mone then it is to expess yourself and make art. Look at what we have today, besides a few great underground rappers that are still trying to keep it going, the rest are just shit, Drake, Wayne, Wiz, Kanye, and the list goes on forever. Like I said, sad times for the youth, when they start to beleave that this garbage is anything but what it really is, used up beats and garbage rhymes, hey you youngins, heres a tip to set you on your way, start by downloading anything produced by such greats as, Premier, Prince paul, Rza, to name a few, feel free to add more so these kids can learn and maybe carry the torch someday, because from what garbage if heard out there for the last 10 years, that torch needs to be relit.

    • ^

      Shut the fuck up with the bullshit lies.

    • Anonymous

      man ur taking this shit way to seriously, there is plenty of concious rap out there but everybody doin the crying about wayne and 2chainz, dont support the artist they like because ya'll like or love having something to hate other than supporting what you call real hip hop. case and point wayne sold almost as many albums in one week that nas sold in a year. ppl like you need wayne, and ross, and nicki. if they was gone you wouldnt know what to do with yourself, you stans might just start to turn on eachother, lol.

  • Anonymous

    What yall expect I mean the album is called i am not a human being lol part 2 Martian edition

  • Mr. Small Dick

    Sorry Wayne but you have officially fallen off.

  • Mkast

    WEAK! Lil Wayne thank you for your time now please.....hang up the mic

  • Dunk

    pretty sure hes been a shit cunt since the carter days even

  • G.A

    i feel its a really really good.

  • wiz

    On a side note Drake never started from the bottom hes always been rich high class candian jew lmao. His dad played drums 4 jerry lee lewis and degrassi he had money

    • Faded

      U sound dumb af jus because he had money doenst mean u can jus come in the game and dominate he could have easily flopped

  • adrian

    Ok the guy has done ten solo records and 7 collaborative records.. After 17 almbums im surprised he has any creativity left at all to come up with any metphores similies or cd content.. After 17 albums i want to know one artist who after 17 albums has not repeated a line or had a bad album..Hes still good at what he does, its geared towards a certain crowd, if you are in that crowd then great if no, download the songs he makes for your crowd.. like the entire carter 2 /dr.carter, mr. carter/ abortion/ and the newest god bless america .. stop Hatin' who comes on a site and wastes their time just to hate.. it would take less time to go on itunes and select a different artist or song.. album was hot idcw any1 says

  • 2Pac

    Wat up my thugz! Wayne is my successor!

  • Kody

    Garbage. Point Blank.

  • Gillie Da Kid

    lil' wayne needs me to ghost write for him to take it back to tha carter days bc this is some serious trash right here.

  • Mitt Romney

    only ignorant liberals like this garbage. IMNHB2 has the making of a classic weed plate album, whack beats, & the type of lyrics I'd expect from 2chainz.



    • Anonymous

      Yeah, tell yourself all of those bullshit lies because nobody believes you. Quit lying and get a life, loser.

  • Tim

    I'm a big Wayne fan,have been since Tha Carter. But for the last five years he's been giving us complete trash. I just hope its a set up and he'll go out in style with Tha Carter V.

  • Anonymous

    1 star. This is so corny its embarrassing.

  • purplesmoke

    check out that boardwalk empire mixtape on datpiff with bankrupt, hopsin, lil wyte, and bizzy bone. fire pack

  • Tony Moya

    Weezy is back! This album definitely deserves higher than 2.10!! Weezy killed multiple tracks. This album got great features and all of them showed up! Like Souljia Boy who came thru w the crazy beats, not so good vocals. Im Voting 5 stars to raise his rating

    • Anonymous

      What track did he kill? He was lazy as hell on this album and wrote nothing but nonsensical metaphors. It was nothing but pure hashtag rap crap.

  • Anonymous

    This rating is way too high. That shit is garbage. Wayne has had good albums in the past. But after Carter 2, everything he's dropped has been ass. He's turned into a corny ass emo rapper with an annoying voice and nonsensical metaphors. But of course what else do we expect from an ignorant clown ass drug addict. This really deserves 0 stars.

  • WeeZy

    goo Weezy! never give a fuck about a hater

  • Jonepiterl2


  • Jonepiterl2

    IT Wasn't a bad album but it far from a masterpiece, Lil Wayne seem to become lazy and uncreative but Lil Wayne is still of the top rappers in da game. All he talks about is DRUGS,MONEY,SEX,AND OTHER THINGS THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE IN SOME OF HE'S METAPHORS.I Am Not a Human Being II was OK 2.5 STARS.

  • Aaron

    Long live Weezy! Fuck y'all haters. Get with the times. Take off those baggy jeans and put on skinny jeans and get with the swag movement! Young Money for life!

  • Kizman



    its for the kids amusement, the kids!(1star)

  • Time for a new editor

    3/5!!!!????? What?!?!?!?! Naw this album deserves a 1/5 and moved from the cd selection of every stor to where they store cigarette ashtrays and pooper scoopers I bet this editor is a 13 year old cuz this shit is odee wack

  • Jux

    Yo this album was wack nd the reason why more wack artist are getting deals and a ridiculous budget to make more trash instead of the artist who got bars and actually talk about something rather then there dick or getting high......when is hiphopdx gonna review papoose album and finally promote one of the best and most lyrical albums out this year

  • Anonymous

    Retire please,Weezy

  • Mike

    Can't believe how fast Lil Wayne has declined. 2 years ago I'd defend him as the greatest rapper alive, after this shit n some of the shit leading up to it I wouldn't even put him in the Top 15. He has become a joke, and should have retired after Tha Carter III.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Eminem is good, but not as good as Wayne. Wayne KILLED him on "No Love" . Also Wayne's songs DO have meaning, and substance and YES ill lines... "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" ^ WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!?!?!?!?!? He has storytelling. He even rewrote Eminem's "Stan" and made it better!!

    • Anonymous

      you're joking, right? Eminem is ten times better then Wayne will ever be. One song is no reason to make bullshit up

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    I don't really listen to Wayne besides the occasional guest feature, but this anti-Wayne movement has to stop. What kind of music you listen has nothing to do with your potentials or whatever and some of you become riled up over this shit. What did he do, fuck your mother or something? Blame the industry agents and yourself for not giving talented individuals the same exposure.

  • Anonymous

    What exactly is Lil Wayne's appeal?? I'd really like to know because as a heterosexual man, I do not know what could possibly be appealing about a skinny jeans wearing, man kissing, cross dressing, drug addict with tattoos all over his face. His punchlines are lame. His voice is annoying. And he looks like such a fag skate boarding... As for the album, heard this shit on Youtube and for the life of me I still cannot see what exactly is good about this. You fucking teenagers are either insane or high off that sizzurp crap to be spending your money on this shit.

    • Sham

      I love how you described queen, yet everyone loves him. Lol album wasn't good at all tho 2/5. I feel like he has definitely fell off but he gets alot more hate than deserved, like he does a lot of charity's and stuff he's not evil, but also not a good rapper anymore.

    • Anonymous

      I'm only pointing out the obvious. This dude is supposed to be the "voice" of this new generation. This is the "artist" that these kids worship. You don't think that our kids worshipping a dude like this is a problem? Call me whatever you wish, but I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable if my son was listening to this guy and going around mimicking him and singing his lyrics. Quite frankly I would find it disturbing. Not to mention that he's a well known drug addict who drinks fucking "sizzurp" as if its the cool thing to do... Lil Wayne is a huge L for the hip hop culture all together. A piss poor role model and even more piss poor representation of the black community and the epitome of why outsiders think rap music is for ignorant people. Yeah I do have a problem with that.

    • Aaron

      As a homosexual man you seem jealous of that nigga..u can't out sell EVERYBODY and be the biggest hop hop start on the planet by the life of me and be's the tenth don't make you successful unless your Marc you know how many gay ppl dressed like you are's obvious your black cause I am too and as culture we criticize over per expression after coming from a cultural depression

  • fuckthisshit

    just commenting again so i can bring this his fucking rating lower, because it's still too high. fucking bag of shit they dare to call music nowadays. fucking hell. retire already from this shit, you, snoop dogg, dr dre, every fucking one who's still stuck in the 90's/2000's new generation taking over!

  • weez

    good thing he signed drake or young money would be off the map

    • Pegasus Flow

      Underground is music, YMCMB is trash

    • Haha!

      Underground is crap! They can't sell crap! YMCMB

    • ryanmac

      and he dosnt even write his own music...both him and drake...their just mainstream puppets used to gain all the attention of the constantly dumbed down 15 year old kids of our country. they make songs like a factory makes a product...essembly line make em as fast as possible with no attention payed to any one song in perticular. dont believe me look it up young one. the industry these days is a dark place

    • ryanmac

      the group that slowly destroyed rap and made it into pop. all u people who ride young moneys dick probably havent ever heard anything different have you? check the underground scenes young one...theres a lot of artists that make lil wayne look like a retarded, no talented drug addict....oh wait that is what he is anyway. and his rock attempts where just terrible. iv never seen soomeone suck so bad with a guitar. atleast when tech n9ne trys some rock he succeeds. this guy just brings any genre of music down

  • Shane

    Rebound from Wayne's trash album by checking out Drake's new signee's album out at DOPE SHIT..real music

  • King Leonidas

    Lil' Wayne is crap, actually to me its a miracle how such an untalented artist has so much success in the music industry, and how good rappers with better flows and lyrics get constantly overlooked. We live in a dumb society. Apparantly DX has not enough balls to give it two or even one star. When did this happen last time? I can remember that the Nicki Bondage bullshit got 3 stars as well. lmao

  • zayy

    this is one of lil waynes best CDs


    miss me with this bullshit

  • housenation

    this project is str8 garbage ,and exclusively marketed and targeted to the DUMBED DOWN SET

  • chuy

    wayne fell off after Tha Carter II, III was decent. used to be a huge fan. sick of hearing about dudes dick and his bitches. not wasting my money on this garbage.

  • ydjuytdytd

    who the fuck has listened to rich as fuck and not thought of how shitty can a rap really get. 2 chains suck and swallows two big dicks.

  • Laf67

    Just.... Terrible.... I'll be honest I bought the album but I'm still waiting for the old Wayne to return and until that happens I might as well just buy every album he puts out in the hope that I can at least hear one song that is reminiscent of the material he used to put out and when that finally happens I will stop listening to this sad remnant of an incredible artist.

  • SoFly

    Wayne has lost his touch, after listening to the entire album and not finding one song I like, I also realized most of the songs sound the same and a ton of reused and boring lyrics/schemes.

  • Anonymous

    The album has a flow, lots of albums miss this important aspect. He definitely misses a few marks, but it is another classic from Wayne. See me walking with a limp, thats my gunwalk.

    • Anonymous

      A classic? Dude you must be high off that cough syrup too. This shit is absolute trash. Lame punchlines, wack beats, wack guest appearances, played out subject matter. What in the hell could be possibly classic about this? You should listen to some real rap.

  • mike

    well wayne definitely has more people who don't like his music lately. This album had a bad selection of beats and some weak punchlines. I think wayne did not realise that with this album he had to prove a lot and am just wondering if there is any need for him to prove anything because i think he is done, he can't keep going like this or else he is going to lose his mind.

  • Will

    The album is better than the Carter 3 and better than a lot of music that has been coming out lately.

    • ....

      Must just be better than the music you've been listening to lately, but if you know where to look you know this is straight trash.

  • deathgrippin watch this video review dead end hip hop these guys have credibility in the hip hop community.

  • SDK


  • psychorealm

    Wayne really need manny fresh and manny fresh really need wayne! The fans want to hear it!

  • Cloughdad

    Flop? Debuting at #2 isn't a flop. 621 people clicked on this article just to give there opinion. Wayne wins.

    • Anonymous

      Your argument has too many holes in it. Debuting at #2 doesn't mean anything since it's now possible to sell 70k and debut at #1. Also, he's about to sell 210k 1st week. This is the same dude whose last album sold 960k, so for INAHB2 to sell 750k less than that is a flop. Also, how is Wayne winning if out of 621 people, most of them are talking about how bad the album is? That's a loss.

  • G


  • Truth Speaker

    This is a horrible album review. They need new writers. I used to have a lot of respect for this website, but they have become so biased with their articles and reviews, I can't even take them seriously anymore. This album is great by the way. If you don't get pussy on a regular basis, you probably won't like it because you can't relate, but if you do, it's a fun album. The old Wayne is gone and is never coming back. A true artist evolves with the times. Wayne definitely raps his best over Mannie Fresh beats, but those days are gone, so get the fuck over it and move on.

    • ryanmac

      i get pussy on a regular basis, drink, party and all that....and this album to me is still just garbage. man theres so much better music to party and fuck to then this! i think we as a hip hop nation should just throw lil wayne out of rap and make him call himself a pop artist cause this sure as helll aint rap worth listening to. there's artists like tragic allies and demigodz who wont see 1/5 his sales but have 1000x the skill and 1000x better songs

    • Anonymous

      i agree this album is a total flop. its incredible to me the people support this rapper it blows my mind. unlike the guy above i like the carter 3 its more of an experiment album he tryed somethin new and i feel it in a way it succeeded some what the first two where good too. but for me it was after carter 3 shit went completely down hill. absolutely nothing is good or innovative on this album.he needs to start writing shit down and reading it to himself

    • Anonymous

      Dude Wayne was never that tight. He had two good albums with Carter and Carter 2 and after that it was just straight GARBAGE that came out from this gremlin and yet he still continued to get support. At this point Wayne is just a lost cause. If that sizzurp doesn't kill this ignorant clown first, then he should just retire all together and ride skateboards for the rest of his useless existence.

    • Anonymous

      Hey man if u like pop-rap more power too yuh. idk about you but i feel lil wayne is ruining hip-hop/rap for me. I like music for lyrical content an production. which this album is failing at both. if you listen too the song there, there basically all the same just with a different beat different word play. this the same old shit with him. i think when he said he was guna retire he really should have hes hurting the rap community

    • Truth Speaker

      Fun as in something you bump at a party as you play beer pong with bitches. Something your no pussy gettin' ass knows anything about. This isn't an album you drive to on a rainy day, it's meant for a party setting. If that's the "most ridiculous thing you've ever heard" then I suggest you get out more.

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot. you said this album is fun thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. who the fuck listens to an album because of that reason i can honestly say you probly wouldnt know good music if it slapped you upside your damn head.

  • Anonymous

    "It's a flop because Wayne is very popular" Debuting at #2 isn't a flop.

  • Anonymous

    fucking garbage this album was so trash even the garbage man wouldn't collect that shit he told me to burn it cus it was that disgusting.

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  • fronter

    I love the idea of making a song called Rich as Fuck while we're in a recession and most of america is broke as shit.

  • poppa large

    music for zombies. a lot of the production is nice though except most of the beats are too slow.

  • sucks

    Cormega The Saga Remix

  • Anonymous

    15 out of 17 song were great

  • KingTD

    this is even bad for Wayne's standards

  • Anonymous

    album is kinda wack. but how is 210,000 a struggling number for the first week?? wiz album came out a while ago only at like 300,000 and so is asap rocky, cheif keef aint even at 200,000.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne been wack. crazy how niggas just now realizing it....

  • NICK.C

    Wayne should just quit

  • OUCH!

    Lil' Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being II opening week sales projections up to 210,000.... wow, struggling numbers but the album deserves those numbers. utter trash

  • D-Lloyd


  • Anonymous

    Sales projections: 190k-210k 1st week Wayne flopped.

    • Anonymous

      It's a flop because Wayne is very popular. This dude was on everyone's songs and his last effort sold 960k 1st week. THIS ALBUM IS A FLOP. You're the crazy one for believing otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck is that flopping?? you crazy

    • Anonymous

      Let's not forget the album has a Metacritic score of 55. It's not just us, even the critics think this album is a piece of dogshit.

  • tahir

    MOST DISCUSSED ALBUMS This Month 563Lil Wayne: I Am Not a Human Being II 89Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience 59Demigodz: KILLmatic 58Swollen Members: Beautiful Death Machine 43Doppelgangaz: Hark 35Cappadonna: Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre 25Durag Dynasty: 360 Waves 25Bilal: A Love Surreal 22ANTHM & Blu (as GODleeBarnes): Handful Of Dust 18Planet Asia & Gensu Dean: Abrasions Wayne is still winning and the album is dope ..i bought the deluxe version and i only hate 2 songs on it ...if you don't like Wayne ,that's understandable but if you say the album is garbage then you hating..nuff said

    • ryanmac

      man how can u say this is better then beautiful death machine or KILLmatic....get the fuck outa here

    • Anonymous

      tahir, get Wayne's dick out your mouth. Most of the comments here are mostly negative and are saying this album is garbage and I agree with them. Not one good song here. Wayne has been garbage since Tha Carter III.

    • Anonymous

      most discussed but most of those comments are about how bad it is. just look at the average rating of 2.12

    • Anonymous

      "if i don't like it, i don't like it, that don't mean that i'm hating"..

  • OUCH!

    man that lean must be some good shit. cant make a rapper write whatever and record it,lol

  • starmani

    Man the album isnt great, but its not terrible either.

  • corey guns

    im gonna go and play this album backwards and call on the devil to kill all u haters

  • corey guns

    i think i merkrd this nigga and i raped that minaj bitch on that lay it down track

  • conner smith

    i'm so sick of all the hate on Lil Wayne stfu half you guys are broke as fuck yeah Wayne doesn't have as much serious songs anymore but he's consistent

    • Anonymous

      "does anyone realize that Weezy even worked with Kendrick Lamar? Kendrick did a whole mixtape dedicated to weezys songs he must be doing something right" or maybe kendrick thought all those songs were trash and thought he could do better over those beats so he recorded his own versions

    • Anonymous

      lol, conner smith getting trapped in a corner, so he brings up kendrick.. haha.. looks like kendrick's doing something right for you to bring him up..

    • JRich

      No one's talkin about C3 dummy, we talkin about this. And this was doo doo. Did you listen to Romance or Wowzers? Those may be the worst songs ever recorded. Ever.

    • conner smith

      lmaoo you must be a damn nerd to sit around all day talking shit abouut artists does anyone realize that Weezy even worked with Kendrick Lamar? Kendrick did a whole mixtape dedicated to weezys songs he must be doing something right

    • Anonymous

      Consistently garbage.

    • Anonymous

      what does being broke have to do with anything? if i was rich i would still hate this garbage

    • Anonymous

      You Broke !!

  • conner smith

    Even if his songs now are mainly beat wise

  • jg

    I'm not a huge Wayne fan but I enjoy his good music. His early mixtape work was great, and the closesy he has come to a great album was C3. All that said he has clearly lost it. He could have taken it to the next level and concentrated on making a hiphop classic, but instead he now focuses and skating and music has taken a backseat. This album is TRASH. I actually deleted it off my itunes because I didn't want this shit around my other music lol every song is about how much he loves getting/eating pussy. Its fucking garbage.

  • 208late

    sounds like y'all don't do anything, but sit your fat asses online all day tryin' to hate on lil wayne...this album is hard as fuck and dont give a fuck what anyone says. Wheezy's new album is fuckin' dope..doper than the dope y'all fake ass haters try and push. Haha, fuck you haters...i'd like to see you say what your sayin' about wayne to his face.

    • ^

      You're a fucking idiot. So we have to be professional musicians to critique music? Yeah, that makes sense. So that means that Roger Ebert and other movie critics are big-time haters because they never wrote a screenplay, you can't say that a meal is awful because you're not a gourmet chef, and making fun of an athlete means that you're hating. Good logic, right? Seriously, fuck outta here. We have a right to an opinion on music. Wayne don't care about his fans, just their money.

    • Anonymous

      i like to see all you critics go in the studio and try to make a record...try it and let people rate it. you wouldnt like if some one called your hard work craft garbage. Wayne make music to cater to his fans. what the fuck a gangsta doing listening to wayne anyway. and i keep seeing someone say all people do is sit around on the web and hate on wayne we hate wayne in real life. We like good music not the fame. money dont make you a good rapper if that's the case Steve jobs or Bill Cosby would of been successful in this game i hate non music mufuckas that be trying to down or support niggas that dont give a fuck about them. Non music mufuckas.

    • Pegasus Flow

      All I read was you have Wayne's dick in your mouth and wanna cry because your man crush is being hated on. FOH with that shit you whining little bitch

    • Anonymous

      LMAO get real nicca. this shit aint hard. this is softer than my pillow

  • anonymous

    So glad i didnt pay for this album. Wayne has progressivly gotten worse since the carter 2..his mixtapes are better than his last 3 or more albums. lyrically he will never compare to 2pac big kendrick eminem nas ect. he was better back in the late 90s early 2000s than he is now. his voice is even annoying now.

  • Demix

    Lil Wayne is shit. Peace.

  • wtf

    holy crap this is shitter than the first one

  • Hot Garbage!

    I'm glad I took this bullshit album and not paid for it! What the fuck is this shit!

  • Johnnie

    I know this has nothing to do with this particular album, but has anyone noticed that DX did not review "The Nacirema Dream" from Papoose that came out yesterday? Ive been waitin on that for like 7 years lol. But let me tell yall, its solid. Like easily a 4/5. Again i know its irrelevant here, but I think its crazy to talk about albums that are already out and re-releases and all that, even a Justin Timberlake album, but nothing on one of the most sought after MC's in the last decade with his album finally dropping.

  • pmfd

    you can tell when some one get raped in jail...they come out bragging about all the pussy they should when you get a shit load of money....his skills have diminished

    • victiria

      Pmfd: how do you know he was raped in jail were you there with him getting fucked??? That's very arrogant statement 2 make!!!

  • Dylann17

    One word. Awful!!

  • WOW

    i give it a half a star but damn Lil Wayne sounds like a little pussy ever since Rebirth. Look at Hot Revolver WTF is this .GAY rap thats what it is

  • Anonymous

    "that were really bumpin LIG" That's fine. I just don't understand why. I've tried to listen to that album a couple times with an open mind, and just can't.

  • Anonymous

    "Number of times he says 'Nigga': 182" Is that all? In Menance to Society, they had 182 N words in just the opening scene.

  • Jay

    If you're watching a comedy expecting to get enlightened ala a documentary the dummy is you! Even KRS 1 made tracks such 9MM, Bridge is Over, Criminal Minded etc. many socially conscience albums did he and Eric B make? This is Wayne. You know, or should know by now what he's going to rap about.

  • Anonymous

    They raped this man in prison

  • Anonymous

    I heard this fella lil Wayne was raped by a gang of men

  • wouzi

    doodoo album. dude faked his sickness to sell records. officer ricky faked his shooting as well.

  • Anonymous

    The album is trash and the reviewer is right. Wayne needs to rethink things through. For so many delays idk why it feels rushed.

  • Conspiracy

    Lil Wayne changes into Eminem. All of Eminem's albums were actually Lil Wayne's with a disguised voice. He sold far more combined than Jay Z and Nas and Biggie

  • Chris Etrata

    Here's a funny thing. XXL Magazine, who obviously gets paid by Lil Wayne to give out terrific reviews, gave a terrible rating for this album.

  • Anonymous

    The Number of references to his dick: 27 Number of references to having sex: 63 Number of times 'Bitch' is said: 102 Number of times he says 'Nigga': 182 Number of references to getting head: 23 Number of references to eating pussy: 26 Number of references to Trukfit: 6 Number of references to shooting people (himself not included): 38 Number of references to marijuana: 39 Number of references to lean/drank: 7 Number of references to pills: 3 Number of references to animals: 14 Number of references to extraterrestrial activity: 5 Number of references to YMCMB artists: 9 Number of references to skating: 5

  • 507

    IANAHB2 goes hard as f*ck, because of these tracks: - IANAHB - Beat the shit - Gunwalk - God Bless America - Bitches love me - Trigger Finger - Trippy - Days and Days - Rich as f*ck What a f*ck is people talkin' about wayne fell off??, I don't get what you sayin', I bet you didn't heard the whole f*ckin album and still rated 1 star, so f*ck you'll!!

    • 507

      I'm always playin' my Illmatic, my Ready to Die, my 36 Chambers, I like Aquemini too, but also I like wayne lyrics because I understand his verses and metaphors, and I'm related to those lyrics, so when you'll understand that music it's a subjective matter, then you'll stop talking BS... and hating as they pay you for it!... and I would never wear skinny jeans madaf*ck*r!

    • Hot Garbage!

      Dude get of the Molly and Lil Wayne bullshit album! You been had, he stold your $

    • ZR

      Dude stop embarassing yourself. Get rid of the skinny jeans and truckfit clothing, dress like a man, and listen to some real rap shit. Pick up a Wu-Tang album, get into some Nas and Common as well. This homosexual hashtag rap crap is whats killing rap and fans of it like you who are ignorant and probably popping pills all day are keeping this shit out there. Seriously, just stop.

  • do ur homework

    rap wont getter better till the people do

  • Anonymous

    dis mixctape is aight still. heck out my channel for south ldn rap!!1:

  • John-Boy

    As a grown ass man there is no way possible that I can listen to another grown ass man tell me about how he eats and fucks pussy over the course of a 17 track mixtape. Sorry, I just can't do it. P.S. Why are people mad at the reviewer? Every hiphop website on planet earth rated this as average or below average.

  • pusha t

    anyone else thinks that lil wayne could have faked being hospitalized? I mean he had an album coming out in a week with little promotion and then conveniently gets all the headlines and people talking about him just before his album is released?

  • Anonymous

    The only person that can get Wayne back on his Mannie Fresh...dudes next album...which should be his last for AWHILE..needs to be produce by mannie...manny needs to produce like 85% of it.

  • WTF

    This has got to be the biggest sack of dog shit released EVER. This is not just a disgrace to music, it's a disgrace to humanity. Can you imagine another intelligent species actually hears this garbage and judges our race based on this album. We're FUCKED.

  • Anonymous

    Best comedic album. Although it's just showing that Wayne is constantly becoming both a worse rapper and more ridiculous lyricist "She swallow so many nuts, you fuck around, find a squirrel in her throat"

  • justme

    this is wat u release a album for ... be forreal there tryna to make us stupid lhhh



  • wu wear

    When exactly was Lil Wayne not terrible? I've yet to hear a dope original song from him.

    • Anonymous

      The only time Wayne was decent was from his early Cash Money days till the 2nd Carter album. After that he started doing this homosexual thing he does now.

    • wu wear

      I liked 2 songs on No Ceilings but those were freestyles over other beats, too.

    • John-Boy

      EXACTLY!!!! The Stans talk about the Dedication and the Carter series but I didn't think he weas great on any of those either. Carter 2 is the album I could stomach and that was only average.

  • Ollie

    anyone want to take bets that lil wayne is the next celebrity death?

  • Anonymous

    Why is this nigga still alive tho, freal?

  • Common Sense Says

    No. women are not ruining hip hop, fickle fans who are too lazy to support music are

  • Anonymous

    Heard 4 songs and its just terrible punchline after terrible punchline after terrible punchline... its literally so bad its funny. I wouldn't usually rate an album without hearing the majority of it, but based off reviews, the quality of Wayne's stuff recently, and how awful the 4 or 5 song I heard were, its safe to say this is 1 star.

  • LA Reid

    Are yu stupid or retarded there's a difference between rap and hiphop..,Wayne is a rapper cause he raps. Kendrick Lamar is an MC cause he does hiphop. Kings of hiphop are jay z nas tupac krs one afrika bambaataa, etc......Kings if rap are Wayne,tyga,2chainz, riff raff, soulja boy, lil b ,future,etc.

    • leeky apollo

      yep there is a bridge between the two. rap is the offspring of hip hop. hip hop is more cultural whereas rap is more of a trend that comes from the culture.

    • ^

      I was with you until you mentioned Drake and Rick Ross. Those niggas are not MCs. Drake is an R&B singer/pop rapper and Rick Ross is a fake rapper with zero lyrical skills.

    • thearkk

      First of all you got it mixed up. Rap and hiphop are two different things, but rap isn't just rappers and hip hop isnt just mc's. Hip hop is a culture composed of 4 elements: Bboying (breakdancing) The DJ, the MC, and Grafitti. Rap is a subsection of hip hop music. If your referring to hip hop music it can not only refer to rap music but also genres like funk. Lil Wayne is what i like to call a rapper who is an imitation of rap music but is really a pop artist. Rap music to me isn't just about the lyrical skills of the MC but also the beat and the subject matter. TO me hip hop was all about being true and expressing emotions and feelings in a elegant yet raunchy manner and i think Lil Wayne is someone who sticks to what he knows. I'm not a fan of wayne but he has a couple of good punch lines here and there like "i don't talk to them cops i dont speak pig latin" etc. HIs beats and his repetitive statements are to me not rap music but rather pop. He is a rapper but not a MC. I think we are coming back to the days where rap music was bout emotions and feelings by MC's like Kendrick, joey, Big KRIT, J cole, the whole TDE camp, most of the GOOD MUSIC camp besides 2 Chainz (yes even Big Sean, he has meaningful records) even Drake, i mean i don't like it when he sings but i do like it when he does MC. 5 AM in the morning was an example of that. Rick Ross is a true MC at times as long as he doesn't do his infamous trap music. Hope this opened ur eyes about hip hop culture

    • Check your facts

      Actually dumbass, hip hop is the culture of rap music. Even if you don't like the shit Wayne puts out (which I don't like either)it's still technically rap. Rap is the music and hip hop is the culture.

  • Brazil

    Different from everything he usually makes. It was good compared to what people were expecting. The intro to the album was beautiful. Nothing phenomenal, but something to remember.

  • Will

    It was good because I was highhh

  • Yes I am a hater

    I havent heard the shit but i know it is trash like everything else he does so 1 star from me

  • ben

    Not even close to as good as the first one!

  • James

    Haven't listened to this and won't even bother. Wayne fell off big time.

  • DAD

    So I just downloaded it....every other words is pussy, nigga, dick, pussy, nigga, and pussy.

  • Anonymous

    Listened to the snippets and this was just awful bullshit. Maybe 2 good songs. Wayne sounded like he was in a drug induced state. How else do you explain his rambling like a moron? At leas On Carter IV he seemed to be having fun with his punchlines and beats. This was definately his cry for help album.

    • Spencer

      I couldn't agree more, I downloaded the whole album expecting it to have a decent amount of good music as I have come to expect from his albums; sadly, I only kept 2 songs.

  • Anonymous

    "Life is Good had decent numbers and had a great message" And what was that, it's ok for an old guy to bore young guys too death?

    • Anonymous

      it will only bore the deaf dumb and blind who has no type of knowledge of self their history or their future. it only shows that some or most of us are victims of propaganda. i didn't really like Life is good but as far as the structure of it it was good no one makes albums any more... big up to kendrick lamar for doing so

    • Anonymous

      The message to Life Is Good is in the title, life is good.

    • Nigga is u crazy?

      That's the problem. I know some young niggas that were really bumpin LIG. But of course stupid ignorant niggas who listen to the typical Chief Keef, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz will be bored because it has substance unlike this pussy, money, weed rap with played out trap beats and wack autotune hooks.

  • jeremiah

    "beat the shit" GOES FUCKING HARD

  • AR

    This is trash. Seriously, what do you guys see in this? Wayne has been wack since Carter 3 came out and he started doing that "A Milli" and "Lollipop" bullshit, then he became a wannabe rock star. Heard the whole album. Wack beats, wacker lyrics, lame ass punchlines, and no kind skill or effort put into this. I pray that Wayne either gets locked up again for a longer time or retires from rap and never returns

    • Nigga is u crazy?

      Carter 3 has sold 4 million copies to this date. I can name way better albums that have sold more than that trash album.

    • Real

      I pray that Lil Wayne get's a 5th teardrop for killing you. Then your prayer for him going to jail may get answered Carter 3 sold more copies than any album you have ever listened to.

  • PourKobe

    all his albums are dope. He may get on that Instagram tip now that he is selling so many IANAHB2

  • T

    Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Daily Bread

  • gates

    yall trippin wayne is evolving with music Name me an artist talking about something on their last album that sold something???? appreciate the music and for those hating on how much we talks about pussy mabye u need sum more then u wud feel him!

    • Anonymous

      wayne is stuck in the same place he was in 2 yrs ago. he cant elevate no higher. money don't describe your skills you make money off ur skills. he's made money so he has skills i guess but i know some broke niggaz who will put this cat back in basic training

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick Aint Plat Yet Tho And God Bless Amerikkka Is Dope

    • Nigga is u crazy?

      A message? What message? The only message this album has is to fuck bitches, sip lean, and other shit. Nigga above me was right. GKMC had substance and actually sold some. Life is Good had decent numbers and had a great message. Shit even MBDTF (last major album before LIG) had some substance and meaning on most of the songs. Not one song on this shit has meaning.

    • Who the fuck is gates?

      Are you being serious? The young kid in the game, Kendrick, just went platinum on an album that actually had content and messages. Even as a new kid, he proved that if you're actually skilled and have content, it will fcking sell. Get your Weezy dickriding ass out of here.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao these comments had me rollin. this shit deserve a half star i cant believe they gave it 3

    • Anonymous

      what kills me is that people support this proud luciferan! people who claim to be christian and jesus christ being their saviour or believe that jesus is God they support this dude. He kissed a man he calls daddy and degrade women, a compulsive drug user, etc. Martin and Malcolm turning in they grave right now We still NIGGERS

  • Javi

    I want weezy back not his tunchi bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Women ruin hip-hop!!

    If ban women from buying shit, his album will lose 80% of sales. Women consistently fuck up all forms of music, not just hip hop. Look at the people who get shine now? Drake? Lil Wayne? Justin Bieber? I mean, you could virtually name any really big artist who's doing big numbers and they have a significant female fanbase. Because women are idiots and only just by what they find attractive, not actual talent. Even soulja boy is still around because of his female fanbase.You'll never see a dude buy a chicks album just because he finds her attractive, but women do this type of shit all the time. Ban woman from music, and you've fixed a good chunk of the issue!

    • Anonymous

      i wouldnt want to ban women from music especially if they are the number one consumers of music. as and artist i will lead them in another direction.

    • John-Boy

      I fully agree. As 2Pac once said, you have to make songs for the bitches because the bitches will buy it and he niggas will also buy it for their bitch to listen too. He put the wheels on the bus years ago.

    • Common Sense Says

      No. women are not ruining hip hop, fickle fans who are to lazy to support music are

    • forreal

      agree with all of yall. shit pisses me off, but there really isn't anything you can do about it. these females just care about what's popular or what they can dance to smh

    • So Icy BOIII

      This man speaks the truth. I don't care how misogynistic it sounds.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^ word

    • Chill, Bruh

      I hate how misogynistic this comment is, but I can't lie, I get fcking heated when I see an artist, who's falling off, being kept afloat by his female fanbase. Female fanservice is rarely talked about, but it's a growing issue in the hip-hop community. I'm not saying banning women is the solution, but there DEFINITELY needs to be some sort of discourse on this subject to draw more attention to this growing issue.

  • WayneFan

    I'm a man, and I swear I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO WAYNE SO BADLY IT HURTS. I can't believe sexy this nigga is. Not trying to sound nasty or nothing. GAY PRIDE YAY.

  • Raespitz

    If you were expecting carter wayne than dont get it those days are long gone. take the cd as is, it aint trash, and its not the best


    this album is..terribl. weezy WTF happened my boy. smh

  • bill

    Its not his best album but its far from being horrible. He got club bangers and still got songs that make u think

  • jrboy225

    Wayne ain't been shit since Tha Cater.

    • leeky apollo

      you want really know hip hop until you become hands on with it experience it, live with it, grow up with it, it becomes apart of your life, yall niggaz probably never made a rap song, drew graffiti, break dance or nothing but wanna talk like yall know this shit...hit the studio and get back at me

    • TF??

      ^ hell no!! rap was at its peak all through the 90's. now we have 4-5 good albums a year, and the rest is complete crap, thanks to dudes like wayne.

    • bill

      U slow as fuck u prolly dont know hip hop u dumbass cause they was saying hip hop was dead when tupac and biggie was rapping u damn idiot

  • jay

    to the person that called every one fags and tight jean wearing you should please remember that wayne is always in tight jeans i didn't even listen to the album yet and i wont he has no lyrical ability at all

    • leeky apollo

      yo go do the history U.T.F.O. Grandmaster Flash and alot of the fore fathers of rap wore skinny jeans they just didnt have their ass hanging out of

  • Poo

    Is the writer aware that the term fodder refers to dung, shit, poop, excrement? He totally just shat on Wayne. But why say, 'lacing his fodder." Just letting us know outright you're not a fan? Way to be unbiased. I dislike Wayne outside of C 1/2 and those early tape- suffix was raw. But, damn

  • chris

    This album is trash!!! its made for kids!! not real hip hop heads! He aint talking bout shit at all! this shit is sorry! every song sounds the same!

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll trippin! This may not be the greatest album of all time but theres some bangers on there. "Days and Days" is fire "Gunwalk" is hard as fuck I wasn't feeling "no worries" until I banged that shit in the wip. "Trigger Finger" IS FUCKING HARD "Beat the Shit" Fire "Rich as fuck" is a banger "God bless Amerika" wizzy goes in and the beat is fire "Lay it down" is a banger

  • Anonymous

    One good song on the entire album ..."Shit Stains". And its only available at Target. Lame.

  • D.

    XXL gave this album an "S' LMAO

  • Anonymous

    You tight jeans wearing faggots giving this anything more than a 2 should just get it over with and come out of the closet already. Y'all don't know shit about rap. Embarassing.

    • leeky apollo

      if a nigga wanna express dumb shit he needs to not broadcast it to the world because people are prone to follow dumb shit. That's like Martin luther king telling us to smoke crack...

    • ^

      You're joking, right?

    • Anonymous

      You dont know shit about rap. If a nigga wanna express dumb shit, let him express dumb shit., I like Wayne & Eminem. Hell his white ass had a few songs that suck far more than Wayne's. Listen to Eminem's FACK, and dare call IANAHB2 bullshit

  • BOY

    Every new rapper copies off Lil Wayne! For Example: -KenDICK LAME-ar -A$$WIPE Rocky -Joey BitchA$$$ etc. Wayne is the father to these niggas. He is a legend! IANAHB 2 exceeds Illmatic, All Eyez on Me, etc. Weezy IS and will ALWAYS be the KIGN of HIP HOP! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

    • Anonymous

      ok im where i dont suppose to be. learn what hip hop is and get back with me Wayne is the king of savages a savage is one who has no knowledge of self in the pursuit of happiness

    • hes right

      hes right wayne does inspire rappers. not to be as shitty as he is rapping bec they realize they can actually kill their own careers doing to much drugs and rappin like a 10 year old. and since he looks like a martian with 100 tattoos on his face lookin like a fuckin roadmap people will just realize hes a clown and move on

    • Anonymous

      BOY, everything you say is BULLSHIT!!

    • jay_dugi

      THA FUCK, ofcourse wayne inspired them new artist, and i know Waynes a Legend, but you've lost your fucking mind & if you think Tune's new music is better than any of the artist above, you must be on some bad kush and toilet water. Fuck Fuck Fuck, i'm so irritated right now. I'm not even gonna go on to the topic of illmatic cause you dumber than a dumbass. I'm one of Wayne's biggest fans and you're just chatting SHIT.

    • the bizz

      this nigga is on the drugs wayne is on lmao

    • trollhunter

      I want some of that shit you on

  • Jay-Z

    This album is a piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    Gudda gudda for president

  • Anonymous

    this album shld ave bin called im a pussy pat 2

  • Anonymous

    Trash. How many times can you think of one way to say you're getting pussy ? apparently 1 million.

  • Anonymous

    This lame is really separating himself from the a Soulja Boy-ish way...

  • Orlando

    You know how i know your gay? Cuz you said swag.

  • Anonymous

    fucking king of this shit. fuck the old, hairless niggas who too tired to party

  • ....

    "Justin Timberlake is still No. 1 on iTunes... Weezy lost! Timberlake's album set for second week at No. 1." Is this even album been released yet?

  • jamel gates

    anyone giving a bad review is trippin i listen to the album loved it not the commercial songs but the rest you want lyrical buy an album from a rapper dat aint from the south, My bad there's none. music is made to enjoy. Loved it

  • lajfsdf

    How did this score the same as Swollen Members - Beautiful Death Machine? These reviews are whack. This album should get 2 stars MAX

  • D

    This review was the first I have read out of a small list that I believe is 100% on point ! It's a ok album to the average listener but he could have put in more and made it way better

  • Anonymous

    Wayne fell the fuck off. this album is another proof. Its been 3-4 straight trash albums (Rebirth, IANAHB, C4, IANAHB2)...and a couple of weak mixtapes (D4 and the one before)??? Wayne's done!!! 2 stars only cuz that track with Drake/Future is kinda good

  • reggie atl

    I listened to this album like 5 times in a row, it grows on you after a while. It's actually got better beats than Kendrick Lamar's good kid maad city: I'd give wayne 7 for lyrics and 9 for beats I'd give Kendrick 8 for lyrics and 3 for those fruity loops beats Therefore wayne just outdid Kendrick without even trying

    • IMhO

      wayne gets 3 for lyrics- i couldnt listen past 45 seconds in each song before i skip are solid..but he gets a 1 for his annoying ass voice- waynes over

    • bob

      You're a idiot. You give wayne 7 for lyrics and kendrick 8? wayne should get 3 for lyrics

    • jay_dugi

      As much of a Wayne Fan as i am, no lie waynes lyrics are actually kinda wack, he's trying to go too comercial insyead of being true to himself. Have to say this tho, Waynes got nothing on Good Kid,M.a.a.d. city

    • Anonymous

      your opinion is invalid because you listened to this trash 5 times fruity loop beats? nah nigga. soulja boy and chief keef have fruit loop beats


      L...M...A...O...!!!! troll harder weezy closet stan

  • Anonymous

    Not listened to a wayne project since he had that one good album.

  • andy

    enough good songs on this album > C4

  • Garbage by the Numbers

    Number of references to his dick: 27 Number of references to having sex: 63 Number of times 'Bitch' is said: 102 Number of times he says 'Nigga': 182 Number of references to getting head: 23 Number of references to eating pussy: 26 Number of references to Trukfit: 6 Number of references to shooting people (himself not included): 38 Number of references to marijuana: 39 Number of references to lean/drank: 7 Number of references to pills: 3 Number of references to animals: 14 Number of references to extraterrestrial activity: 5 Number of references to YMCMB artists: 9 Number of references to skating: 5

    • Garbage by the Numbers

      i didnt take the time out of MY life to count those, someone from complex mag did. i would say those numbers are the the bare minimums, chances are they missed a bunch too

    • jay_dugi

      @that innaprize- Those numbers are prob an estimate or an underestimate, need to bail up wayne tell him you have a perfect name for the album. Found " the dick-sucking bitch meets a pussy eating nigga mixtape" funny as fuck

    • that innaprize

      If these numbers are correct then this album should have been called the dick-sucking bitch meets a pussy eating nigga mixtape

    • BOY

      Bitch ass haters take time of THEIR lifes to count what Weezy says. Weezy spends NO TIME analyzing yalls life hahaha YMCMB!

    • jay_dugi

      LMFAOROTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne tho,even tho this album ain't that good still appreciate Tunechi as an artist

  • So Icy Boi

    I want to bust a hot load into lil wayne's anus. #swag

  • genothegreyt

    this shit garbage

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait until this lil gremlin retires

  • d-nucks

    I meant sex...and instead of "sick".....well come to think of it...SEX CAN MAKE YOU SICK.....LMAO!


    Shit, As we should expect from weezy nowadays

  • d-nucks

    signs of the times....keep people dumbed down and distracted with partying..drugs, alchohol, and sick....Who can think straight with intelligence with this shit going on constantly? And Lil wayne personifies this message. And at this point is leading a charge

  • Anonymous

    so the good folks at HipHopDX think IANAHB 2 is as good as Jesus Piece.....FOH this album makes JP look like a classic


    People that listen to this and actually think it is good, cannot be smart people. Society is getting dumber by the day. When 16 year old high school girls say their favorite artist is Wayne, then you have to realize how lame he is...


    I will never understand how people still think this guy is good. He raps about nothing. The at you....look at as fuck....hahaha. This is sing-a-long rap meant for teenagers.

  • Submission

    This makes Justin Timberlake's music like gold Lil wayne is so overrated its unreal, his content is like satanic, awful

  • Weezy

    Really that's sad how nigga's hate nowadays I mean like he making money off this. He has the best metaphors and lyrics ever. And besides he don't give a fuck about you haters

    • Get Real

      Slurpie slurp, how's that junkie dick taste? Who the fuck cares about how much money he makes, apparently not enough to afford a deceng ghostwriter. Whatever dude makes doesn't make him dope or help you one penny so stop dickriding. Money has never been the milestone by which to define a great lyricist, if anything all this wack soulless money, gold, chains derpaderp swaggot talk has ruined rap.

    • JONJON

      If you think he has the best lyrics and metaphors than you must not listen to much other hip-hop. Or just other goofy ass rapper like 2chains. He actually has some of the most redundant and dumbed down lyrics out there.

    • Anonymous

      Stop sucking dick.

    • fuckyourmom

      Dude fuck your mom asshole

  • Submission

    This is why hip hop is dead, garbage

  • FuckLilWayne'sMom

    fuck lil wayne asshole

  • Jiggaboo

    Lil Waynes album so it sucks anyway

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is trash. He has not spit a hot bar since the carter 2 days. He is falling off. He better switch up his subject matter or something.

  • Lil Lame

    Surprisingly, a Lil Wayne album sucks ass. Even without clicking the article you already know the shit will be lazy and sub-par. This guy has been phoning it in for years, it's quantity over quality for Wayne and I'm surprised everyone isn't just done with this talentless oversaturated hack by now. Oh, and anyone who says Wayne is a "lyrican genius" is a total dimwit, seriously. You've only proved you have a poor taste and know nothing about hip hop and hot bars. I don't necessarily hate Wayne, but honestly there's nothing to like, either. Totally mediocre rapper in all aspects.

  • So Icy Boi!

    PS where iz Eminem at? where iz Jay-Z at. dey will never outsell Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV. fuck deze devil worshiper old ass niggaz ... diz album will prove again Weezy iz da best sellin MC of all time. long live Weezy F. swag

    • firehawk17

      you have to be smoking some new strain of crack dude... lil wayne hasn't out sold jay z what makes you think he could out sell Em or 2pac... wayne isnt even close to even be mentioned with those dudes... you better go check your numbers..wayne music is awful..

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne proves he iz da best rapper alive. Weezy is still a lyrical genius on diz album. da first track IANAHB , grabs you and holds you through da last track. awesome work and I expect even greater music on hiz next album. swag @haterz stop hatin a rich nigga, bitchez. Lil Tunechi is mo talented and looks better den yall. he is a brilliant MC, guitar hero, pro-skater, skilled singer, epic actor, blood nigga and great father. no doubt he iz my role model. long live Weezy aka da King of Hip Hop. swag

  • Anonymous

    Album is trash. A few alright beats, but it's almost like Wayne is just trolling his fans on some "I can do whatever I want and these idiots will buy it." He needs to stop trying these rock and roll singing songs and just get back to the basics. The dude who was shown in The Carter documentary has disappeared, there is no passion in his delivery and rhymes. On The Carter 3 you can tell he was enjoying himself with how animated his flows were, but this is just inexcusable. Glad I didn't pay for it. This is his equivalent to when Eminem made Encore - Horrid.

  • GBtha G

    Why iz america becomin pussyd up???????????? every fuckin conversation bout dick n pussy.

    • d-nucks

      signs of the times....keep people dumbed down and distracted with partying..drugs, alchohol, and sick....Who can think straight with intelligence with this shit going on constantly? And Lil wayne personifies this message.

  • Anonymous

    o he horny! so thats why he fucked the muthafuckin wife of chris bosh???????

  • T

    jay electronica's ill as fuck

  • The 1st Annual HipHopDX Awards

    Here are the nominees for the 1st Annual HipHopDX Awards. Troll of the Year *YESSIR *So Icy Boi *dentaldamboy *YEBO *Eye Control SDG (Stan/Dickrider/Groupie) of the Year *Anonymous "Quote-Man" *Ricky Rozay *dentaldamboy *So Icy Boi *The only Ja Rule fan in the world right now *Milehighkid303 HipHopDX's User of the Year *ETK *donnis mac *Anonymous "Quote-Man" *The only Ja Rule fan in the world *Eye Control More award categories coming soon.

  • Orlando

    This album sucks so much ass!!!!!! Garbage garbage garbage!!!!! I admit I gave up on Lil Wayne a long time ago, but yet I'm like a kid in a candy store waiting every time he drops a new album because I want him to prove me wrong and he doesn't!!! He always reminds me of why i quit listening to him and buying his music . All the guy raps about is his Dick, pussy, hoes, bitches, weed, drugs. None of his songs make any sense. This dude should be banned from making music. This dude has potential to be great but i honestly don't think he'll ever reinvent himself. He should've just over dosed. Best song on the album was a BONUS with big Sean. That's embarrassing. Also i lost count on how many time he mentions his Dick or sucking pussy. Dumb drugged up jackass . I give this album a quarter of a star

  • Shuttaman

    Bunch of internet geek faggots this is a 4/5 but we gon give it a 5/5 to balance it fucking laes

  • thecatalyst93

    Sorry but this is BASURA! Its so hard listening to it, gave me hearing AIDS!Where did his ghostwriters go after Tha Carter III?

  • YEP

    1/5 worst album of the last 10 years

  • erh

    like pop music not as good as Britney. like rap music not as lame as bow wow.

  • AON_HipHop

    Worst album of the year. Easy

  • DAMN

    f u dx this shit is boarderline crap and you know it evry other site has said it your just baised ymcmb dick riders

    • Come On

      @DAMN did you even read the review properly? or are you just slow? they clearly said the album was trash too read the review again and this time slowly.

  • Anonymous

    i dont like this album

  • Anonymous

    Justin Timberlake is still No. 1 on iTunes... Weezy lost! Timberlake's album set for second week at No. 1.

  • andrei

    the piano track is nice, but they really should have used a real piano--the cheap keyboard sounds high-pitched and mildly unbearable. Hello is nice. Rock works great for Wayne - don't care what folks say about Rebirth. Everything else is generic, the lyrics are obnoxious for the most part.

  • Bre'ezy

    Get Weezy back on syrup. The last album he made on it: Carter III. His last good album: Carter III. Same goes with Eminem; Hasn't been able to flow like he used to since he was cooked on drugs.

    • snIPez

      Cough syrup? But "I'm riccccch as fuck" Addicted to cough syrup is all I need to know about this fucking piece of trash. Seriously? Cough syrup? Just because there a NEATO slang word for it doesn't make it any cooler. Fucking pathetic. What's next cutting up Bounce sheets and doing lines? Fuck outta here. Lil Wayne needs to overdose. He is unoriginal. Boring. No talent. Every fucking song is money, hoes, money, hoes, money. Go jump off a cliff fag. Go YouTube the VladTV video where that chick tells it like it is about Lil Wayne. He is a boring nobody. Addicted to drugs. He is a fucking loser. I don't care if peeps do drugs. But I got no time for ones who cant handle their business.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z's worst album > Lil Wayne's discography

  • Women ruin hip-hop!!!!!

    If ban women from buying shit, his album will lose 80% of sales. Women consistently fuck up all forms of music, not just hip hop. Look at the people who get shine now? Drake? Lil Wayne? Justin Bieber? I mean, you could virtually name any really big artist who's doing big numbers and they have a significant female fanbase. Because women are idiots and only just by what they find attractive, not actual talent. Even soulja boy is still around because of his female fanbase.You'll never see a dude buy a chicks album just because he finds her attractive, but women do this type of shit all the time. Ban woman from music, and you've fixed a good chunk of the issue.

    • White

      Im white and hate mainstream music. just the simple fact everybody is a moron. you need to have a PhD degree to understand good music. good luck black people. ;)

    • Anonymous

      you are the definition of stupid. if men actually went out and supported the artists that they like then maybe true lyricists would get some shine. also majority of the album purchasers in america are WHITE. meaning that white people are the determining factors behind whos a superstar and whos not simply cus blacks dont support each other. we tear each other down. there are so many ways to tear down your statement... youre an idiot. live with that

    • Anonymous

      women have a bad music taste thats why there is no female music composer

  • Milehighkid303

    the problem here is that most of the people on here who dislike this album are the same people who go out their way to hate on everything wayne puts out. Im pretty sure that these people are only upset because wayne is gettin the attention that they feel that their favorite rapper should be getting. It like they want wayne to be a copy and paste version of some shit nas did 15years ago. His style isnt based upon doing deep intelectual shit. he's not going to do alot of deep/concept songs because thats not what he good at. all the hate seems to stem form people from of the northern region who cant accept the fact that wayne has got his foot stuck knee deep in your favorite rapper ass

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      There is absolutely no doubt people go out of their way to hate, but that's NOT just the case for Wayne. I've been a Mobb Deep fan for 20 years. You gonna tell me people don't go out their way to hate on the Mobb? Wayne gets his hate because of his overexposure. And what's being exposed is trash music at its worst. I'll admit, I've NEVER like Wayne or any of Cash Money or No Limit. EVER. Part of it could be that I grew up on EPMD, Public Enemy, BDP, Kane, Nas, Wu-Tang etc. Or the other part could be that I was already a grown ass man when that shit (Drop It Like It's Hot) started coming out. It has nothing to do with "Northeners" coming out to hate because I'm from NYC and also came up on Scarface, Outkast, UGK, Geto Boys, etc. The hate is coming from all regions because Wayne's shit is THAT bad. Face it. And I'd like to see Wayne make even the slightest attempt to put his foot knee deep in Ghostface Killah's ass. That's my favorite MC. 12 Reason's to Die coming soon......

  • Anonymous

    What happened to this Lil Wayne Y'all take them shoes off your teeth Stop runnin your mouth No shoes, no feet, I'll run in your mouth I'll come to your house, me and my goons Loadin up bangers, ridin under the moon Throwin up fingers sayin "My side rule" - Hit em up - Carter II


      WORD UP! But you forgot the best part to close of your Wayne lyrics. "If a nigga disagree, it's a must I prove" - GANGSTA!


    How many of y'all was sitting waiting for this day, to come on hear and bash this man album. It didn't matter what it sound like, as soon as some people see Wayne name, they want to hate all the sudden. He still going to go platinum, and if nothing else I'll always support weezy. weezy support the people with his worth ethic, and been doin so since 98'.. Artist know what they put it out, it's all for marketing purposes.. If every album was fire, you never give yourself to improve on the next one. look at game, you can tell he took his time with this one. He had a point to prove. weezy probably recorded all this shit in 2-3 days and called it a album. it's gone take other niggaz to keep coming harder, to get the best out of the established greats.. Look eminem didn't start goin back hard, til weezy started murdering it. These guys all know what there doing. Just let them get there money, it's a entertainment business.

  • Nick T

    Average. Didn't make me any more of a fan or any less. Tha Block Is Hot - 3.5/5 Lights Out - 3/5 500 Degreez - 3/5 Tha Carter - 4.5/5 Tha Carter II - 5/5 Tha Carter III - 4.5/5 Rebirth - 1/5 I Am Not A Human Being - 3/5 Tha Carter IV - 3/5 I Am Not A Human Being 2 - 2.5/5 Dude is 10 albums in. I'm for quality over quantity. He needs another classic to cement his position.

    • Anonymous

      nick t edited is right. Carter 2 is his best and the only thing of Wayne's that you could call a good album.

    • Nick T (edited)

      Sorry, I was wrong. Lil Wayne doesn't have any classics. Tha Block Is Hot - 1/5 (trash) Lights Out - 1/5 (trash) 500 Degreez - 1/5 (trash) Tha Carter - 3/5 (ok) Tha Carter II - 4/5 (good) Tha Carter III - 3/5 (ok) Rebirth - 1/5 (trash) I Am Not A Human Being - 1/5 (trash) Tha Carter IV - 1/5 (trash) I Am Not A Human Being 2 - 1/5 (trash)

  • Jay-Z VS Lil Wayne??

    STop it with the Lil Wayne Jay-Z comparisons. Just stop it. It's like comparing LeBron to Jordan. Just plain ignorant. IANAHM2 is Wayne's 10th album. BP3 was Hov's 11TH. Counting collaboration albums like Watch The Throne and Best Of Both Worlds, Jay-Z has 15 albums, 12 of which are #1's. IANAHM2 will be Wayne's 4th #1. Jay-Z sold 31 million records in the US ALONE, with his Highest selling album (Vol. 2) selling 8 mill worldwide. Wayne has only sold 8 million TOTAL, with highest selling (C3) moving 3 mill. Jay-Z has 4 #1 singles. Wayne has 2. At metacritic, which is a site that averages the ratings of all album reviews from publications like Rolling Stone and XXL, Jay-Z has an overall score of 75/100, one of the highest for a rapper; with his highest rated album (The Blueprint) receiving an 88/100, indicating "universal acclaim". Lil Wayne has a score of 62/100, not bad but not Hov. His highest rated album (Tha Carter III) received an 82/100. The only the Wayne has more of than Jay-Z are mixtapes, tatoos, and fairweather fans that love him now but will be no where to be found 10 years from now. Is Lil Wayne better than Jay-Z right now? Depends on who you ask. Is Lil Wayne better overall? NOT A CHANCE. Its still up for debate weather Jay-Z is the best to ever do it or not, but Wayne is no where near this mans legacy. PERIOD. This album gets a 3/5 from me btw. Average.