Consequence has managed to stay within Hip Hop’s ever changing relevant conversation, despite enduring multiple false starts throughout his career. Though his name is spoken often, powerful ties such as a youthful start with A Tribe Called Quest,  eventually becoming the rogue member of G.O.O.D. Music, and his present stint as part of VH1’s early 2013 reality TV cycle haven’t quite translated into full-blown success. With a platform now greater than ever, Cons aims to capitalize on his moment with Movies On Demand 4.

MOD 4 finds Cons leaning on wit and slick punchlines, building complete songs around this style including the reflective “Better Days Ahead” and the bizarre concept of “Slipped Me Ecstasy.” Years of triumph and struggle have made Cons a veteran of the industry, with the precautionary tale “Be Careful Who You Make Your Heroes” and “How You Gon Be Broke In The Rap Game” serving as mission statements seeking to help upstarts avoid treachery and pitfalls. Throwbacks to a time when he was optimistic and bright-eyed towards the prospect of celebrity, “Dearly Beloved” and “Black Actors” channel former boss Kanye West’s original Soul-sampling blueprint, both certain to inspire sentimentality in listeners missing their all but forgotten chemistry.

With Movies On Demand 4, Consequence displays a strong ear for production and an ability to ride tracks that makes him command attention, hopefully eliminating the notion that stardom is beyond his grasp. His greatest strength is writing from various perspectives, playing the role of a two timer on the Estelle featured “When I Woke Up” and the sappy breakup tale “Won’t Go Away,” radio ready efforts proving his overall versatility. With any luck, Cons’ current visibility and continual critical acclaim will gradually cross paths to overcome his ongoing obstacles to popular recognition.

DX Consensus: “EP-worthy”

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