Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares

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With "Dreams & Nightmares" it's clear that Rick Ross' protege Meek Mill needs more time before he can rightfully call himself the lieutenant of the MMG army.

The title-track to Meek Mill’s album has all the makings of a classic opening. Cinematic piano strokes, beautifully-guided strings and motivating words formulate a comforting message of resiliency. Without warning, the record immediately transitions into a menacing illustration of spiteful arrogance and threats, instigated by Meek’s vociferous delivery. It’s an undeniable performance that likewise piques the listener’s expectations. And yet, what transpires on the rest of Dreams & Nightmares is an inconsistency of lyrical ingenuity and thematic execution that will haunt the Philadelphian rapper on his debut.

In the last two years, Meek Mill has become an amalgam of street testimonials and paper chasing, and when done properly, he shines as big as his boss. That success isn’t evident on tracks like “Young And Gettin’ It” and “Real Niggas Come First,” the former cut highlighting aimless rhymes and an insufferable hook from Kirko Bangz. “Rich & Famous” doesn’t even attempt to explore creativity, with shallow lines about material wealth flooding an otherwise monotonous beat, not to mention failed sports references (“Life’s a bitch but I go deep up in that pussy, Jerry Rice”). Following in the formulaic standard that gave him a boost through the Self Made series, “Believe It” and “In God We Trust” supply just enough satisfaction for a repeat listen but go no further than that.

Getting through the rough patches of the project, there is some reassurance in Meek Mill’s progress. “Tony Story (Pt. 2)” is a step up from its predecessor while “Who You’re Around” candidly reveals personal friendships that have gone awry. Always fiery in delivery, “Traumatized” brings a new level of intensity as Meek delves into his desolate past (“Lord knows, I got a lot of homies in the dirt / Nigga’s spraying metal trying to take you off the earth / Really over nothing, tell me what it’s worth / Trying to take you out the game just to put you on a shirt”). Featuring Infamous’ best rendition of a J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League beat, “Maybach Curtains” is a star-studded affair that handles itself with dignity, though Meek Mill does get overshadowed by his Rap contemporaries.

With Dreams & Nightmares it’s clear that Rick Ross’ protégé needs more time before he can rightfully call himself the lieutenant of the MMG army. Rozay didn’t exactly come out the gate with universal acceptance on his debut Port of Miami either, arguably taking two to three albums before finally establishing himself as a respected artist. If you count his more recent Dreamchasers series and pieces of the two Maybach Music Group compilations, Meek Mill is on the verge of obtaining his stamp of approval. With that said, consider this project a dream that could be forgotten by mid-day.


  • DB100

    Couple good joints but it sounds all the same...WACK

  • bran


  • Anonymous

    Meek Milly !!!!

  • Caspar

    It's alright for swag rap I guess, 2.5-3 / 5

  • Diezel87

    It's not a bad album; Meek needs to get more creative. His album nears the line into monotony and while some songs are hot most are similar themewise; money, hoes and threats. Cassidy has the same problem but they are both sick when it comes to freestyles. Remember its a whole different game Meek!

  • Dazeone

    Not a Ross alblum but he deserve at least a 4 The intro ...Amen , and last joints hot....and. Mjb joint drops jewels

  • MacS

    Is this the song where Meek screams about pills and bricks and hoes? Yawn. Change your style up some Meek.

  • Anonymous

    I haven't heard it in it's entirety but I'm not surprised by what I've heard. He needs a little more depth and versatility. Most of his songs sound alike, I like his music but is it really good music? No, he can use a lot of work. This album sounds like a mix tape.

  • kaceger

    MEEK MILLY ! It ain't perfect but its some super hot shit I love this album

  • Anonymous

    Man this album is niiiceee. Meek is giving us his life story & for once he actually speaks about his boys & the way things went on his come-up. I don't know what you wanted from him. More Pop???? More club anthems??? Its a good start. MMG hate is so strong they must be bigger than i thought

  • Anonymous

    You Niggaz really mad @ d@ young bul success lol & smh & I bet u broke as shyt the album. A classic wile urs still in the trunk or on ya labtop ya gurl prolli banging meek shyt & u mad she prolli got d@ shyt on repeat lol s/o ta Meek gud job youngin ...

  • Anonymous

    ive heard a lot of people trash the album. but if it would have had more commercial songs ppl would have been calling Meek a sell out.

  • Anonymous

    was expecting better only really 3 or 4 stand out tracks

  • Anonymous

    sickest album of the year. ebery song flames

    • narcotik

      your smokin crack this album sucks's fucking can u like it the beats are trash.....meeks got skill but this album blows...take the wax out your ears

  • Dame dash

    I think the album is dope only problem is it came out after that Kendrick Lamar. Other than that I think the album is a good body of work. It's not a classic just a hard ass cd

  • chops

    fuck the haters meek is still one of the best out there right now and for the people saying its trash they got to be fucking kiding me its meek mills anuff said bitchs

  • Anonymous

    This album was dope till i heard the new sean price. Then I realized This album isn't average it's just basic. Basic flow, Basic delevery, Basic production. This is rap music for kids with bad words. This also rap music for folk who can't speak english.

  • Kmethod

    Meek is as real as they come... super dope Album

  • brian banegas

    meek mill sucks

  • Anonymous

    you like this shit peep this

  • mmg

    pretty solid 3 stars to 3,5 maybe

  • Swagkitchen

    I've had this album on repeat since it leaked. Then I bought it and listened to it in even more places. A few disappointments on here (Young n Gettin' It, Lay Up, Amen I don't care for), but for the most part Meek delivered. Listen to Traumatized and tell me Meek Mill has no depth.

  • b

    who said the album was #1 on itunes.....its not even in the top 100 right now smh

  • Anonymous

    Half y'all motherfuckers probly ain't even lived thru the struggle. Mommy and daddy supports your ass.

  • Anonymous

    i dont see how anybody could give this 1 star this is a hardcore street album it almost has that underground feel gotta be haters!!

  • Obama

    This 2Pac's reincarnation, you neggaz wanna crucify him like Jesus Christ. What's wrong with you.

  • Rival X

    2.86? Man come on that's just hating. This album is at least a 3/3.5. The album is pretty dope.

  • Eciti

    Please review DMX album!

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill is better than this I was expecting more from the mixtape legend.

  • Tony

    Man this album is pretty decent. Meek is giving us his life story & for once he actually speaks about his boys & the way things went on his come-up. I don't know what you wanted from him. More Pop? More club anthems? Its a good start. not the best lyrically but he delivers more than expected in terms of content. Can't be compared to Kendrick as they are different artists plus Kendrick produces/co-exec's his own material alot so obviously he can get a better sound out of it. I'm just disappointed he couldn't get more Philly cats on the album to really rep his hood. Also surprised nothing from Stalley or even Maybach O-Omarion.

  • Ogdup

    Im a Meek Mill Fan fa real... but this CD is not messing with Dream Chasers 2 nor Mr. Philadelphia....I think Meek would of had a Classic CD if he would of put Burn, A-1, Racked UP, and Big Dreams on this CD.... I felt like he was trying to fit in with the other mainstream artists with this album...Its missing some stuff

  • ThaMan

    fuck erybody thatz hatin on this meek album, tha whole CD iz fire !, it aint #1 on itunes 4 no reason assholes

  • Lil Drew

    Yo Meek Mill doing his thang yo, Motivational lyrics fa sure.

  • raidful johnson

    "Blood Sweat & Tears"



  • Dominique

    ALBUM of the last 5 years!!!! MEEK is so fucking badas!!!!! lyrics, CHECK! Influential? CHECK! Gangsta? CHECK......!!!!!! EASY 1 mill first week!!!!! BET!

  • Anonymous

    His dreams can be fulfilled if he sounds like this.

  • Anonymous

    A Good debut Album.

  • Tone from da bx

    People are retarded nowadays.Meek album was alright.I mean what do you want? his whole album to sound the same on every song like Kendrick Lamars album? all mellow with good lyrics? it sounds dumb to me.Biggie's first album had a variety of songs,Nas,Jay,Pun etc. they all had street,club,story records,party joints so on and so forth and so does Meek album.

    • Anonymous

      Yo tone im from the Bronx also my G on some real shit,But please do not compare meek mills album to Greats like Biggie,Nas & Pun all whose fisrt albums were 20x better then this screaming banshee ass nigga..his album had like 5 good songs that were good and 3 of them had features...he's all right but come on..Nas,Pun & Biggie....lmfao thats a joke..this nigga shit cant even match up to B.siegals you must be under 30..smh

    • Anonymous

      Nigga get the fuck out the bronx u don't deserve to be here saying stupid shit like that

    • LOL

      LOL @tone getting shit on CoSign everything Anony says This is a fucking DreamChasers 3.....garbage

    • Anonymous

      and plz never compare meek mill to nas, jay, biggie or pun ever again.

    • Anonymous

      what?? kendricks album didnt sound the same on every song did you even listen to it? its meek mill and mmg that sound the same on every beat and song you dumb ass

  • Jae

    I think people are just hatin for no reason.Then you got the older dudes stuck in the past hatin on the new rappers that aren't super lyrical or complex like a Lupe or Kendrick Lamar.I'm a 80's baby and Meek's album was solid to me.It could have been better but it was a solid rap album.He had party tracks,radio songs,street music,story telling and songs for the ladies.He covered all bases.I would give it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars.

  • unknown

    D&M is not bad but not great either. this could have easily been Dreamchasers 3.

  • Mattjeezy

    Honestly i think this is good for a debut album, and its review was on point. STOP THE HATE...its not K.Dot, its not Nas, but its decent. He reminds me of a G-Unit style rapper lol

  • c red

    this review is awful this is a very deep street album and meek mill is the hottest rapper from the streets to drop sense 50 back in the day this album would have hit 300k first week if it wasent for the hurricane hittin in ny because he has a crazy fanbase there and he still has a shot at 200k fans should support this album and stop the hate they hate on rappers like 2 chainz and wayne sayin they are not street enough but when someone does they start hating on him i just dont get fans these days smh

  • Ja'

    Old school bitches should prepare theirself for retirement, let the youngs kings write the new history of Hip Hop.

  • John Cochran

    Me being from Philly im proud as hell of Meek, but this album is mediocre at best. He needs his own identity aside from this whole MMG thing. Sucks that it dropped the same time as Kendrick's album which may well be a classic, makes it look even worse.

  • illa

    "if u aint bout that murda game pussy nigga shut up", he was talkin to all yall hatin hoes that aint bout nothin

  • Anonymous

    hov said it was trash

  • youngsta

    fuck the haters. meek's album is hot as fuck. not better than kendrick's of course but still fire. listen to the music people instead of criticizing him because of his affiliation with old ass ross. actually 4 to 4.5 but i'll give it a five for you haters.

    • @youngsta

      Fuck off, faggot. This shit is weak.

    • sert

      why are we haters?. this album is an example of what is wrong with hiphop. Judging by your name you're 14 years old or something go listen to some real hiphop from the 80' and 90's. Meek is just crap!

  • Lex

    BS Review. album is solid with some very deep personal and story telling tracks.

  • hiphophead9

    sigh, this was a waste of time, lets go back to listenin to kendrick

  • Anonymous

    Dreams and Nightmares, Traumatized, Maybach Curtains, Young Kings and Polo and Shell Tops are decent cuts. Tony Story would have been good, he screws it up by putting his voice behind the music, it sounds too distorted. The rest of the album is practically garbage.

  • Rick Ross

    LOL. Me, Jay-Z and Will Smith are buying 1 000 000 copies of this album. This shit will go platinum. Kendrick Lamar can't face him. ROZAY !!!

  • Duke Nukem

    This Album is fire

  • bra

    this jawn waz fire fuck wat erybody talkin bout, gud job meek ..

  • Jorge

    Is rick ross buying all these albums? he is #1 on itunes, and sounds like crap. 2 chains fans must be

  • Pegasus Flow

    Few bangers but some terrible tracks too (see: Amen ft Drake). 2.5 maybe 3 out of 5

  • VEST




  • g-sus

    Meek has the voice and delivery of your typical mixtape rapper. This album has no replay value. Most of these young cats today just do not know how to make albums. Anyone giving this a perfect rating is out of their mind.

  • Anonymous

    Shit is trash, especially after listening to kendricks album for a week. His mixtape was fire. I hate when dudes make sick miztapes but there albums are garbage. Its like why not save all those songs for your album.

  • Sean

    No wonder Hov told him these tracks on his debut album weren't good enough lol. The other funny thing about this is that he actually told Nas in the studio, that this album would be modern day illmatic LMAO

  • Anonymous

    this is a horrible album. dude has average skills and should quit rapping.

  • Young King

    I personally would give the album 4/5. I do think he more than likely recorded better songs for the project and I definitely think that it could have been sequenced better "real niggas come first" should not have even been on the album let alone ended the album with it. "Maybach Curtains" would have ended it perfect. "Traumatized" is dope but where it is in the tracklist, it doesn't even fit right. I re-sequenced thie album myself.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty awful to be honest. MEEK'S NEXT ALBUM needs to be 12-14 tracks long, and have features from Nas, Jhene Aiko, Rozay, Kanye, Jay-Z, J.Cole, Drake, Kendrick and Nicki Minaj. It will most likely be 18-odd tracks long, and be jam-packed with Rozay (not a bad thing), maybe two of the others, and incessant Wale and Stalley features.

  • yeah

    I had no idea this album came out today. Failed marketing. Prolly just gonna check out a few songs, like the Maybach Curtains.

    • Anonymous

      u living under a rock? meek has way more promo then kendrick did i'm seen ads for his album all over the net

  • Anonymous

    Not a great album ... Can give a couple songs a chance but the structure of the album .. Not good .. If you only want to listen to hood shit

  • iamhiphop

    1/5 This shit was disappointedly trash. Repetitive content, basic rapping skills and yelling on every track to the point where you lose your hearing. Don't buy for the sake of your ears.

  • Nigganati

    I Dont understand why people hate on meek so much, this album was 1 of the best albums that came out this year! He catered to the "streets", "ladies", "Dream Chasers", "Story Listeners" what more could you want form an artist? would u prefer he lied about his life to cater to something you geeks wanna hear about??? Keep doin yo stuff meek! You outdid yourself, really let ya soul shine!

  • Corey

    You can feel his energy on this album! you can feel the realness! 5stars from me

  • Anonymous

    They hit his body he went in shock, no Pikachu lol weak millz

  • beargrylls

    lmao this shit is fucken trash. Never switches up his flow holy shit this is awful. I'd rather listen to kreayshawn.

  • remo2212

    blazin hot enough said!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    PHILLY. Dumb ass neggaz.

  • bleed blue

    this album goes hard guess bubble gum rap is the only thing that get good reviews on this site this is a street album go pick it up and support it 5 stars!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn people are talking about Kendricks album on this dudes album lol thats kind of sad.

  • freshyboi

    glad i didnt pay to hear this

  • Real Shit

    Whoever wrote this review a hater

  • Anonymous

    go fucking cop some more OFFICER ricky albums if you think that shits REAL. meek mill wouldve killed this album if he had creative control over the album like kendrick, but no FAKE ASS officer ricky an the LABEL made this album, meeks just the actor. don't believe me ? do you research and see who executive produced the album and who fucking paid for promotion and studio recording. you fucking people are retarded

  • Bianca

    Rap has seriously gone down the drain, and with such negativity and disrespect that this album doesn't seem like it's going to change any time soon.

  • Dominic

    This is a excellent first album. It is everythng that you expect from a Meek Mill Album. I disagree with the editor rating...if you are expecting and album like Nas or Jay-z you aint going get that with Meek Mills two different styles. Meek Mills is your hood storyteller. "Maybach Music all day everyday"

  • Anonymous

    The Intro is absolutely crazy, but I suspected this to be meh. Meek is still the best rapper on MMG though minus Gunplay.

  • Fossie

    Cold 187-The only solution real gangstashit !!!

  • Fossie

    Yessir didnt realize that YMCB or what else bullshitrecords is called is no longer on top of sales!!!!200k in the first week!!!!!WEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTCCCCCCOOOOAAASSSSTTTTT

  • Anonymous

    I heard snippets of this shit and it was just that, shit. Dude has an annoying fucking voice. I don't care whose producing your tracks. If you sound like you're on helium, I'm out.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Nothing but stans and haters up here, no moderates. Just like American politics. For once can somebody say the honest truth and stop dick riding and hating. First and foremost, good kid maad city is MEDIOCRE AS HELL. WACK BEATS, MEDIOCRE LYRICS. I don't care if its a concept album or not is the execution isn't there shit is weak. Get off that dudes dick.

    • good kid. album

      @Deez my man Notorious must really pissed you off because you posted like 3 times. Kendrick shit was mediocre it is just that you guys are so desperate for good music that you will proclaim anyone the G.O.A.T. How about you tell me where you are from Deez and we can meet at like a Wal-mart or something and I will pound you out for a good 15 minutes, pick you up off the ground, wipe the blood off you and send you on your way.

    • baller23

      GKMC is better than Dreams and Nightmares but that't not saying much because Kendrick's album was just average to me. Meek album sound like the same shit just a different day but with weaker lyrics. Some of the lyrics made me scratch my head because it didn't make sense

    • TruthBeTold

      dude you straight up can't say good kid m.a.a.d. city's mediocre, you just cant. its hard fucking FACT that dude can spit, and LITERALLY EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. go fucking cop some more OFFICER ricky albums if you think that shits REAL. meek mill wouldve killed this album if he had creative control over the album like kendrick, but no FAKE ASS officer ricky an the LABEL made this album, meeks just the actor. don't believe me ? do you research and see who executive produced the album and who fucking paid for promotion and studio recording. you fucking people are retarded.

    • Deez

      You can say you arent feeling it but call it mediocre as hell, when its getting rave reviews everywhere, only furthers the point of your first sentence, haters and stans. Which you are one.

    • Deez

      you are full of contradictions, that is my opinion, yet its wrong, but yours is right? what are you 5?

    • Anonymous

      you say how you feel about kendricks album and its an opinion but when someone doesnt like meeks album they a hater! way to contradict yourself

    • Anonymous

      what do you think people are saying about meeks album? its their honest opinion, it don't mean they are haters!

    • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

      @Deez You are a stan because you are angry because I gave my honest opinion. I don't have anything against Kendrick Lamar but I wasn't feeling his album. Damn, what is wrong with you guys? No one can disagree with you all? Quick to fight about what the best rap album is but probably don't know who is running for president. SMDH

    • escoveli

      I co-sign that wACk city album is boring as fuck people want someone from cali to bring there state back. Its not gonna happen 2pac aint grabbing the mic anymore. #mmg

    • Deez

      all stans and haters? and then you call good kidd maad city mediocre, you just contradicted your own statement. Go back to school

  • MenaceIISocietys

    This album in no way, shape, or form is anything above a 3 and even that's pushing it for me. If you want to listen to a nigga spit practically the same shit throughout the album go ahead and cop it. However, there's nothing really different between this and Dreamchasers II. I prefer listening to music that has a message or concise story telling. Call me a hater but I tried to listen to this album with an opened mind thinking Meek might improve his pen game and develop more complex and conceptual verses. After reading the so called concept of his introduction of the album and then listening to it, there wasn't an actual concept there at all. He went from laid back to screaming as loud as he could with the same shit he's been saying. There were probably about 4 songs that I felt were good tracks, but they even lack replay value. If you want to hear some grimy street shit check out Stu Bangas & Vanderslices Diggaz Wit Attitude. It may lack in a conceptual viewpoint, but ultimately they had lyrical artists throughout the compilation and executed it very well.

  • Quick

    With the exception of maybe 3 songs, i album was good. He talked about real shit and all his verses were strong. I think the hooks could have been better tho



    • Anonymous

      are you a mmg rep or something? how can you say that ? its FUCKING FACT that kendricks albums better than this shit. you have to have no mental capacity at all to listen to this album then listen to kendricks and notice a HUGE difference in LYRICS, EFFORTLESS EXECUTION , and FLOW. fuck you stupid idiots, and fuck MMG. wale an meek should jus pce the fuck outta that fake ass narc squad

    • dentaldamboy

      can't agree more with you but real talk you gotta give it to meek. his album can compete with kendricks for real.

  • LOL

    LOL dis shit sucks!!!! wow who would of thought he would be rapping about the same shit!!!!!! LOL get over it and get over that MEEK is not hip hops savior!! YALL DOWNLOAD HIS MIXTAPES FOR FREE, SAME FANS WONT BUT HIS ALBUM, yall broke ass double standard NIGGAS

  • Huh

    BS Review. album is solid with some very deep personal and story telling tracks. Meek Young and he getting it

  • Fuck Marcy

    A good solid album.

  • Anonymous

    He not reppin philly the right way. But I guess every place has it's average or subpar spitters

  • Rogerbru$h

    Nah this is a good CD you can't compare it the GKMC, due the fact GKMC is inches away form an audio book. Now the problem with this album is Meek needs to found has way as an artist. Some tracks like they should be Ross' album. Which bad because he his more structure in his lyrics then Ross best tracks : 1,2,4,6,10,*7,8,*15. * track previously released so they don't really count

  • bigrod

    this album was on point loved the bass drops in this album and the stories tolb put a visual image in my mind but 1 or 2 songs were ennnhhh not so good but overall beast mode album

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    I actually thought this was a solid debut for a new artist. It could have been better if he stuck to the street narratives instead of all the braggadocio. I believe out of Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. and J. Cole that Meek Mill has the strongest debut. Although there were many songs in the first half of the album that should have been jettisoned the songs in the second half, such as Tony Story, Polo & Shelltops, Who You're Around, Traumatized and Young Kings (1st half), more than made up for the dullness of the other songs. Meek Mill had songs that were sub par yet songs that were breath taking. Kendrick didn't have any of that. Feel like this review is wrong. I was actually surprised by this album. I thought Kendrick Lamar was going to drop the best debut of all these young guys and it turned out to be Meek Mill.

    • ^

      Your name says it all; you're an idiotic hater. GKMC is a better album than Dreams & Nightmares. D&G was wack as hell.

    • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

      @Young You wake up. With a name like "young" you seem just like the generic, redundant rappers that come out now. If you read my comment I said if he would have left all those braggadocio tracks out talking about materialism then he would have had a better album. His story telling on Tony Story was amazing and in my opinion, which is MY OPINION, he had the best debut. I didn't like good kid maad city, the shit was boring, the beats were wack and lyrics average. I don't care if dude has an album about saving the rainforest if the execution isn't there the shit is wack. You aren't getting points in my book for subject matter if the shit is wack. I'm not going to change my mind because you dudes disagree. GTFOH

    • young

      Please change your name to Clueless H.A.T.E.R. Mill's debut wasn't even as good as Krit's disappointment. How many times does MMG have to make the same song before you actually want something new from hiphop dude? Cole and Kendrick kill him lyrically, content, risk taking. This bogus album makes god forgives I don't look good smh wake up bruh

    • Anonymous

      lol Meek didn't have a bigger debut than j. cole. J. Cole and K. Dot's albums are critically acclaimed and I belive J album is gold. So far critics dont like meek's album and im sure meek will struggle to get even silver lol seeing as all of mmg albums struggled in sales

  • Anonymous

    Album is aight, expected better, did he also fuck the sound up a bit

  • AlBoogie138

    Who ever thinks this album is hot, is in serious denial. The album is a disappointing, I expected A LOT better. With Ross' weak album and now this, just proves to me Wale is the best nigga in that crew.

  • Hiva

    album is ok...expected much more...

  • Kali

    3/5 aint bad,those who were expecting some Wu-tang shit listened to wrong album.Good debut nonetheless

  • Omecca

    Hate to say it, but MGK's album is 10x BETTER than Meek's....can't hate.

  • trouble9

    Classic!!! Dreams&Nightmares and Godforgives and i dont!!! Album of the year.....MMG

  • Realtalk

    Album ain't all that bad.. 3.5/5

  • kan boy

    i dont know i gota listen to this album myself, it looks pretty cool but i think hed do a better job if he got beats from WWW.YUCBEATS.COM sheesh

  • Escoveli

    This Review was paid for by this album is at least a 4 no doubt, and im from Florida. What were yall expecting it to sound like 95 Wu tang Shit F all yall haters

  • Anonymous

    i dont agree with this review this is by far the best album of the year 5 stars!!!

  • Anonymous

    What you all have witnessed is the downfall of Meek Millz, in about 5 years I bet you he'll be declaring for bankruptcy! #Real Talk!

  • say word

    Meek mill is one of the realest rappers out! Don't hate on my nigga!

  • Anonymous

    GKMC > dog shit > DC2 > this album

  • melle mal

    5 stars yall niggas lame

  • sdotd23

    Damn this nigga been rapping about the same shit since he signed to mmg..this albums weak..i give it a 2.5 out of 5 but seriously tho how can anyone bother with this trash when just a week ago GKMC leaked. GKMC really fuked up my standards, i am having a hard time listening to anything other than that. Aint nobody topping GKMC till Jay, Em, Kanye or Nas drop there next solo. Even then, we gonna have to wait and find out.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga so whinny like really stop using abutch ass voice everytime u rap

  • Anonymous

    pussy niggaz hating, but this shit will go platinum

  • North Philly

    I actually thought he would make a good album. But...

    • UES

      i was hyped by the videos with meek in the studio for the making of this sh**, but this is what i expected from meek mill. this album is all hype right now. Polos and Shell Tops and In God We Trust are probably his best tracks.

  • Anonymous

    still dont know how DC2 got 3.5mil DL's on datpiff. this album will be lucky to sell over 90k 1st week

  • melboogs

    i cant believe hhdx...i need to know who wrote this review. me personally i have had the album for like a week now...and it gets heavy spins..and i know about music, lyrics, disappointed in this review..i purposely didnt listen to the single because i know how i get..i like somethinga == and its on constant repeat...i never listened to Meek like that..but when i say this album is fire..maybe you have to live in the environment in which i grew up in...son atleast deserves 3//5 to 4 stars on this..Philly stand up

    • UES

      son deserves only 3/5 at the most. this album was not very good my nigga. i listened to it twice and havent been impressed. of course its all opinion. he is not getting good album reviews either. the rating on this site is just. i give it 2/5.

    • Anonymous

      the name is at the top

  • Anonymous

    Why is yall hating?

    • Anonymous

      its not hating everyone has their own opinion and it seems like most people either love it or they hate it, but more people think it sucks

  • truth

    sorry but this album just wasnt cutting it after hearing good kid m.A.A.d city.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    At least Meek made some cash along the way but this album just isn't good. I had a feeling the album was gonna be horrible due to the numerous "pushbacks" and hearing less and less hot shit since he dropped "I'm a boss." Unfortunately Meek hasn't really grown as an artist since that track. 2.5 Stars

  • JPaulo

    It's no a rap classic album but it's a solid one delivered by Meek, i mean he gave us what we as his fans like about him and he shows a little progress from his mixtapes so fine by me. He'll get better with time i hope otherwise he'll be left behind as Big Sean and other rappers are still getting better

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, all this hate surrounds the fact that he is signed to MMG. He was already in a losing situation. And it doesn't help that they let his buzz die out before they dropped his album. This album shoulda been out about 8 months to a year ago.

  • Chris Breezy

    This album is Trash!!

  • Anonymous

    I was really dissapointed, the album is trash, I expected at least one collaboration with Ja Rule. It would be a classic with his verse, now it is just another generic album, I'm sorry for him, because I see the whole effort put in this project, with no help from Ja Rule, he blew his chance off.

  • Anonymous

    10 people gave it a perfect 5? i feel bad that these people have never heard a truly great album if this is what they call perfect

  • KillaSeason

    Fireee!! Real rags to riches album

  • Anonymous

    HHDX, What's the F*ck ? D&N > GFID.

  • Anonymous

    The freaking mixtapes he made had deeper tracks on them ... im struggling to find songs that i like on the album. Amen and Burn are old as fuck as well.

  • Anonymous

    Not a Meek Mills fan but. I would have to say you guys have judged him pretty harsh when compared to a lot of reviews on this site. I've seen guys like Big Sean, Kid Cudi and Drake get no points removed for terrible lyrics, weak hooks and recycled melodies. Add on Kid Cudi's rock album which was one of the worst aberrations of a music genre I have ever heard along with the Monstrosity of mediocrity that was Watch the Throne and Kanye's last album. I just wished you guys delved that deep into those pieces of trash that you rated all above a 4.

    • Shamba Menelek

      Thank You. I think he is getting some hate from the user cause he's down with Rick Ross. and Is getting flack from the Reviewer cause its a street album. Meek doesnt have the best lyric but he has High energy and an Entertaining Flow coupled with some smooth beats. Young and Getting it was awful and I didnt like believe it. The rest of the album is straight. The Intro is dope, Traumatized is dope, Who's Around is relatable, Maybach Curtains was smooth. I enjoyed and related to this more than GKMC.

    • Mylie

      WTT and Kanyes last album are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from mediocrity. i agree with everything else you said.

    • Anonymous

      *applause* Cosign. I only listened to three tracks of this so far, but it's true how people will dickride their favorite artists when they make terrible shit. I'm the type of fan that would do the opposite becaus I expect so much from my favorite artists.

  • rixxle

    people expect too much i like his album watch soon everywhere you go the same tracks on this album will be playing

  • Chris

    Oh yeah, and a verse from Ja Rule would make this better?! Are u kidding me?! Ja Rule is just one of the wackest rappers of all time!!! PERIOD

  • Chris

    Sorry Meek, but this is to wack... Only a few great songs isn't enough!

  • pc24

    The average-ness of this album shocked the hell out of me, especially because DC2 was so hot.

  • deadboy90

    He's got potential as a storyteller, Tony Story showed me that. What i dont understand is why he doesnt work on that more.





  • Booya

    Weak... Listen to Xzibit - Paparazzi -> song is soo true about modern hip hop industry..

    • 5

      Yea, I remember that song. one of the Outlawz got at Xzibit, back in the day, on the song Bomb First off the Makaveli album. "Got a little question for that nigga that made Paparazzi, "if you ain't in this rap game for the motherfucking cash mane, then what is your motherfucking purpose?" -EDI Mean. I think they are cool with Xzibit now though, but they got at him back then because of that song. Xzibit didnt make that song for the future of hiphop, he was dissing rappers that was out back then, in "1996" because they were also on that same shit rappers are on today.. talking about money and shit in their songs. Me personally I don't mind a nigga talking about the money he got, if you came from being broke all your life, and all of a sudden you got money, and you balling like a mafucka, you would flaunt your shit too. Lol

    • HIPHOP


  • 777

    Dope album. Love the haters.

  • Anonymous

    He raps about the same stuff in every tune, about his money, why does anyone care if he just bought a bentley, this nigga makes me laugh he should be broke, to bad kids feed this wack nigga wit there pocket money

  • Anonymous

    Dreamchasers is better than this, this is weak

  • Anonymous

    You cats today are LAME. You act like you can only like ONE rapper and ONE style at a time. Are you also in ONE mood everyday ALL DAY???????????

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are idiots.

    • 5

      I agree with you, rap fans now and days are simple minded as fuck, niggas love to talk shit about certain rappers, if he ain't talking about the gov. or on some save the world, lyrical/conscious Lupe Fiasco type shit, then they call him wack, or when a lyrical rapper decides to make a song for the bitches, or for the charts, they automatically say he sold out or something. Like the great Tupac Shakur once said.... "America needs to sit their political correct ass down, and figure out what the fuck they want, because they bullshitting".

  • Anonymous

    I don't even bother listening his crappy album, with no Ja Rule featuring, it will flop for sure.

  • Anonymous

    he gonna do bout 50,000

  • Anonymous

    coulda been better

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see all the negative comments cos this kid fucking garbage, thought i was missing something, with all the hype i gave it a try but no as i expected........

  • Anonymous

    lieutenant of the MMG army? ...what MMG army?

  • Anonymous

    Forget Tech Nine. Listen to Ja Rule.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Meek Mill, listen to techn9ne!!

  • Rival X

    This album is dope. I mean yeah it's not top five of the year but i think it deserves a 3.5 or 4.

  • jarvis

    Am I the only one tired of rappers saying they ball hard like some basketball player?

  • Seuok720

    Is it me or I am the only person who likes the anticipation of an album. I like to buy the album when it comes out in stores. Fuck all that( I like to listen to the album before I buy it shit) if Meek Mill peaked your interest for you to listen to his leak album then you should buy it period!!!! this is how niggas feed that family yo!!!! No wonder hip-hop sales are down niggas always want shit for free!!!!

    • Seuok720

      Im not just talking bout Meek its hip hop as a whole that is getting messed over by people wanting to here the leak version and just saying fuck it I listen to the album Im not buying but Ill download the album for free and bump it from time to time. Now you see people like Kanye West and Jay-z spending money out there own pocket to ensure that there album watch the throne did get out early thats a damn shame as we call yourselves hip hop heads and cant even support your own culture.

    • Anonymous

      half the songs are him bragging and talking about all his money why the fuck would i buy his album if he rich already



  • dead prez

    Most of the songs on the album sound like shit you could play in the car. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not really a good thing either.

  • Akoji

    Too Dope! U don't expect all the tracks to do it 4 u! Most did it for me though.

  • Decent

    not a classic but its decent

  • Anonymous

    People don't understand, you can't just be lyrical and conscious to be a great rapper, a great rapper is versitile, you got to be able to reach all types of people with your music, you got to be able to reach the hood, the suburbs, and streets, the clubs, EVRYTHING! That's why I think rappers like J. Cole will last long in this game, Cole covers all types of subjects. He can be lyrical, and conscious as fuck, but then he can come with a song like Work Out, or Can't Get Enough, and the shit will still be hot, kind of like what Pac did, thats why Pac is considered by many people as the greatest, because he could rap about so much shit, and could connect with the people. He showed you both sides of a human, the good loving side, and the fuck the world type side. To me, in order the be one of the greatest you got to be able to do that shit.

  • officer ricky

    ey yo what the heck imma boss i paid this site to give this shitty ass album a 5 star rating im a bawsee give me that 5 star while i pop my ass, imma snitch on you hiphopdx send the cops on you cause imma bawse im officer ricky give my boytoy that 5 star rating even this album sucks so bad

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick's album spoiled me ... cause when I played Meek's album I was severely underwhelmed, it sounded like a mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    this whole article is just one author's opinion. Its probably because I'm bias because he's from Philly, but honestly we complain about people not ever living what they rap about but when a rapper comes along and lived what he raps about people still talk shit. Just enjoy the fucking music. if you don't like the album then don't listen to it. Simple as that.

    • jarvis

      Kendrick, KRIT, & Curren$y all rap about the lives that they actually live and their albums were at least twice as good as Meek's.

  • Anonymous

    Port of Miami...#classic...knock it off..damn play the entire muffukka thru...I saw this coming with Meek...his shit began sounding the same...same flow/delivery/topics...can't survive w/no substance...

  • Robbie93

    going by this meek mill might want to think twice before launching his own label...

  • Anonymous

    meeks dope as fuck.. this album isnt. seriously if meek an wale left mmg theyd be HUGE, theyre fuckin amazin rappers, fake ass rick ross is jus holdin them back. this style of rap where everyones a boss and its only about the money is gonna fade real quick.. really tho, no one in rap has money, RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRES, warren buffet, the rockefella's , those mf's have MONEY.. hip hop's about the movement, the knowledge.. as long as these dumb mf's keep rappin bout they selves an how they only do it for the money will never succeed like nas and dr.dre ..

  • 5

    I think this album deserves more than just 3 stars. Coming from Meek Mill, this album is nice as fuck. I think people now and days love to over hype conscious rappers for some reason, it's like all a rapper have to do now is be conscious, super lyrical and storytelling, and people will dickride them and call them great and all that extra bullshit. This nigga Meek Mill ain't never been no conscious/storyteller type of rapper, so I don't know what type of album y'all were expecting to hear out of Meek, but for the type of rapper Meek is, this album is good..

    • jarvis

      You can't reward mediocrity. We all know Meek isn't very lyrical but that doesn't make this a good album. There are Kanye songs where he doesn't really impress lyrically but the song itself is amazing. Meek didn't even seem to push himself

  • LOL

    LOL this shit sucks! all you fans download free ass mixtapes and then when you have to pay you bitch and moan BUT CONGRATS B/C i WOULDNT PAY FOR THIS SHIT EITHEr GREAT YOU FLIP BRICKS, BEEN TO JAIL, GET HEAD, ETC no one fucking cares, biggest flop, and yes i said flop because sales do matter in the industry and this niggas not gonna get a sophomore album because he material is more repetitive than WEAVES ON A BLACK HOE

  • jarivs

    The fact is GKMC is gonna make all albums in the near future sound pretty average. Meek's album was quite mediocre honestly though. I don't know why ppl expected more. This guy says the same things over and over again.

  • Anonymous

    titties and bloody zombies rite here

  • mike

    Only liked like 2 songs I guess meek is the best of a bad situation ain't a lot of good new artist in hip hop anymore

  • millyvanilly

    ayyo meek, you know all the guest features are hotter than anything you actually spit on your own album right? try again. or dont

  • son

    shoulda made it a mixtape and just given this away for free cause aint no one in there right mind paying for this

  • Meek Mooch

    The album lacked a lot of creativity on the lyrical side. Really no concepts that compelled one to continue listening. Even Amen was better as a remix by Christiano Can. This video/artist, , could have helped Mills with some creativity... but I heard they have a collabo coming up. It's not a second listen album.

  • underdog

    man and i thought mmg was gonna save hiphop. weak

  • dfresh

    Were you tryna make the same song 10 times? congrats

  • nixnox

    the album aint that bad, production is on point.

  • Wira

    I'm with u Deeeez Nuts

  • bucks

    dope all the way through

  • anon

    if meek is the lieutinant then wale is definitely the janitor. When ross get's diarhera from all that kfc wale has to clean it up.

  • jnut

    Meek deserves an award for most songs started with the line "Im ridin round my city." How you gonna release a debut on the power of Amen as the single? especially after he showed he was capable of records like Tupac's Back and Im a Boss. I love how DX reems him in the review and then throws up a 3 overall on a album thats a 2 at best. Reviews have no integrity these days, can't even have the balls to follow through on your criticism cause we gotta make sure we don't hurt some poor rappers feelings smh

  • Straight Up

    One of the year's biggest disappointments.

    • twoholla

      To Chicago Rilla, I agree with you that Wale & Stalley have more talent but I'm not too sure that Stalley will actually be able to hold an entire album down without a gazillion cameos. Yes, he has his own unique little flow. I've listened to all of his past releases, including his demos. I can hear the growth in all of his projects but at this point, Stalley is starting to sound like a one-trick in many ways (similiar to Meek). I hope Stalley proves me wrong. Honestly, I thought MMG should've rolled with Pill!

    • Chicago Rilla


  • Vucci

    tbh it's not a bad album, I didn't expect that.

  • Lilworm

    Lifes a bitch but I go deep up in that pussy, Jerry Rice LOL

  • Tumi

    For a first album, its better then average

  • dot

    havent heard it... i blame kendrick lamar...

  • mmg

    trash, wales the only one i can still listen to on mmg

  • firealarm

    BLEH. Maybe it's Kendrick's album but this is just boring to listen to. Only a handful I would ever listen to again. Rick Ross tries to make all his artists make the same sounding music and it doesn't work here.

  • d-nucks

    somebody needs to coach him on using his voice and use different octaves...he don't have to yell on every damn thing

  • d-nucks

    dude is just alright to me...i don't see the hype...his voice is nerve racking though...he raps on LOUD ASS BEATS WITH ALOT OF BASS...then he SCREAMS all over them.....can't take it....especially a whole album of that shit

  • crazy b

    CAN SOMEBODY ANYBODY TELL ME WHY THESE WACK DUDES GET A CHANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this album should have been pushed back atleast some artist know when a album is not ready i.e. JEEZY TM103 IN STORES

  • Anonymous

    mmg is not for meek g.o.o.d music would have crafted a better album mmg just want strip club music


      HAhahahaha Meek on GOOD Music. YAH BECAUSE HES SUCH A PERFECT FIT RIGHT???? yo some people shouldnt give any opinion because it makes them idiots in real life and the internet

    • Anonymous

      agree with 2nd anon. stop making excuses and blaming mmg. homie had alot of opportunity and freedom to express himself.

    • Anonymous

      yeah thats why he got low ratings thats excatly what he wanted you are correct

    • Anonymous

      Meek has made exactly what he wanted to when he made this album, don't act like he's some "deep" artist musician...

  • Anonymous

    hunger for more>>>this

  • Anonymous

    ahhh any beans album over this

  • Anonymous

    stalley get out while you can

  • lyricist

    GARBAGE !!!! rnb hooks,in all songs , dirty mainstream ...

    • Anonymous

      the exact same can be said about underground albums. cosign .... bad music is bad music

    • RDCJ

      Those albums come out how often? Once every 1, 2, 3 years?? We get a hundred of shitty mainstream every year. So yeah I think his use of garbage and mainstream is a credible statement.

    • ....

      "dirty mainstream" Yeah like Stankonia, The Marshall Mathers LP, All Eyez on Me, The Blueprint, Be, The Black Album, The Score, The Slim Shady LP, 2001, The Documentary, The College Dropout, Late Registration, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Aquemini etc. they're all mainstream albums... don't use the excuse "mainstream" for a bad album, a bad album is a bad album.

  • redrum

    one or the worst mcs to come out of Philly

  • ....

    LMAO what's really funny is that Meek Mill actually thought he was dropping a classic when he was recording this. FUCKING IDIOT!

    • twoholla

      Awwww got me crying with laughter from that statmement. Recently Mr. Meek challenged anyone to battle on the mic! So maybe Meek would do better as a battle rapper? I'm not sure about that either? Heavyweight Battle rapper Loaded Lux obliged his offer but Meek has went C-R-I-C-K-E-T-S (silent) on the matter of battling!!!

  • Anonymous

    T.I. knew he couldnt make a album thats why he let him go

  • Mu

    This review is on point. I'm from Philly and was fully prepared to sorry this album cuz I watched him grow from local Philly star to establishing himself as one of hiphop's rising starts. After listening to this album, I don't know if I wanna spend my money on it cuz I simply won't listen to it that much. Meek can rap, but hestill gotta learn how to make good RECORDS

  • smack

    "With that said, consider this project a dream that could be forgotten by mid-day"

  • Anonymous

    i told you guys meeek will sound like william roberts this has no phili soul at all it sounds like a miami album

  • shy

    This review is only right about one thing and thats the party songs. People like me who have been listening to meek since 2007 know.what to expect. This is a solid debut and heartfelt but also gritty. I think you were looking for an overly technical album. Thats not meek, not at all. I think he has the potential one of the greats in this game. Just watch...

  • Anonymous

    Napalm is the best recent album

  • real talk

    2 chainz album is better

  • muh

    The album has a mixtape feel to it ONE FLOW MEEK.