Prodigy - The Bumpy Johnson Album

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Prodigy has created a parallel between his infamous nature and old school gangsterdom with "The Bumpy Johnson Album."

Acclaimed since the mid-'90s as one of Rap's greats for a fearless disposition far superior to his smaller stature, Prodigy's career has been nothing short of turbulent and eventful to date. From incarceration woes to health concerns and beefs with the likes of the previously prevalent Keith Murray, long-standing Hip Hop king Jay-Z and most significantly former Mobb Deep teammate Havoc, his well earned reputation for resilience accompanies each dramatic twist and turn encountered. On the heels of this summer's H.N.I.C. 3 (critically panned as a drastic departure from his grimy street routine), Prodigy has created a parallel between his infamous nature and old school gangsterdom with The Bumpy Johnson Album.

Returning to familiar form, this latest series of songs stands to extend Prodigy's lifeline and renew faith in what was a recently waning talent. Assisted by frequent production collaborators The Alchemist and Sid Roams for the bulk of the project, the veteran's renowned deadpan approach takes front and center for a set that is enjoyable due to both nostalgic value and its novelty. As expressed on "Change," "The One & Only" and "Told Y'all," Prodigy's urgency towards reminders of his musical prowess likely stems from just now becoming established as a fully independent entity for the first time.

Though Prodigy's legacy could be seen as a lyrical crutch for a fair portion of this release with lines such as "I'm not the punchline rapper, my style (is) more smooth" on "Go Off," he manages to challenge himself and listeners almost two decades removed from his era of higher prominence. Current developments include a delivery that is more aggressive than ever on "Recipe For Murder," tackling racism, politics and religion on the bold "Black Devil" and the thought out concept of "Medicine Man," which likens his verses to having healing powers and addictive traits. Nearly charged with overstaying his welcome earlier this year, these moments reflect an artistic growth where few would have predicted Prodigy capable of making anymore impressive strides.

The Bumpy Johnson Album celebrates Prodigy's longevity as he continues mastering perseverance, his knack for surviving rough neighborhoods and other general obstacles detailed on "Stronger." While his typically threatening tone is present throughout much of the material, an increased sense of wisdom is found (possibly resulting from his 2008-2011 jail stint) showing potential for further enlightenment down the line. Aside from being subject to repetitive self-important content regarding his accomplished act, fans should wind up reassured this dynamic emcee is back on the right track holding his own without a partner or popular misplaced features to boost his visibility.




  • Scrambleman

    Personal opinions will never go away.....everyone on here has em, everyone on this forum, once liked P or still does and thats why everyone is writing something.....or you are a dumb dumb donut bum head thats just throwing out zero bullshit that sits in a column and gets pissed on. Anytime an artist has a really dope album, the fans and critics always want the next album to be the same and if its not, bammmmmmmm they get smashed on. P has always been dope. He had been doing the same thing for a minute until TWO specific albums dropped that no one in here mentioned at all.......HNIC II and Product of the 80's collabo with Twins & Unpacino..... Go listen to both those albums and there is a lot more content and subject matter than you think. Sid Roams and Alchemist bring the heat..... The beats dictate the fire with P....... His latest shit has not been a favorite of mine.....but he did not fall off. Sometimes the music doesnt match the voice..... now wipe off the dogshit on your shoes....... Last piece to my long winded comment....everyone needs to slow down on the Bullshit energy...We need respect and understanding and perspective right now while this world keeps getting faster and faster. peace to the gods.....

  • Anonymous

    Hate is confused Admiration.


    P fell the fuck off...this shit worse than MC Brains album

  • Anonymous

    Half of this was on the EP, but the Bumpy Johnson EP was dope, so this is kinda dope, even though everything on the EP was better than the new material.



  • michael

    prodigy is a legend. obviously not what he used to be but that doesnt take away from his legendary carrier.

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy other then the Album Mobb Deep dropped from G-Unit and i heard the HNIC 3 album was different more commercial, Prodigy always stayed himself.

  • M77v

    Prodigy stays losing. Jay-Z killed his career. This album is a let down. Stop your fantasy rhymes about being a gangster in the streets you fuckin midget. You seen to much gangsta movies. Retire your old ass it aint 1999 anymore.

    • retarded chink^

      lol @jay z killed his career shut the fuck up jay z killed his career in 2001 so gtfoh!

    • Anonymous

      He raps like a gangster = people bitch His last album was all love songs & club shit = People still bitch Moral of the story = People are never satiisfied unless they have summin to complain about

  • Anonymous

    make a review of xzibit's napalm

  • dobr

    will be a review of the album Chino XL - Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary???

    • Anonymous

      there will be no chino or xzibit review. DX only promotes bullshit rappers like: lil wayne, drake and some fake gangster rappers like ross, prodigy etc

  • FOH Brigade

    MFers at DX stay giving Prodigy a pass.

  • HNHH

    It hasn't been too long since we've heard from the other Mobb Deep member, Prodigy, who just released an album in July, but he's back again with his second release post-prison. There has been a lot of talk about Prodigy lately, regarding the controversy surrounding his relationship with the other half of Mobb Deep, Havoc. This time around though Prodigy allows the music to do the talking as he addresses a few issues, and then some, on this album. For years Prodigy has defied the test of time and continues to bring his certified New York style along with that real hip-hop sound. Gimmick raps have never been in Prodigys make up, and The Bumpy Johnson Album is no different. The album is comprised of the previously released The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP, as well as six new songs. The LP kicks off with "Change" where P is making a very strong statement to the rap world as he spits about how rappers have tried to duplicate his style, but to no avail. He gives us a strong hook, telling rappers that times have changed and to look within themselves and ask are they going be a leader, or follow what the rest of the rap game is doing. The album continues with "The One and Only", which is produced by the legendary producer, The Alchemist. This is one of the projects stand-out cuts, as the chemistry between the two collaborators on this track is second to none. Prodigy continues to express disdain with rest of the hip-hop world on this one, and how there can only be one "infamous notorious". Prodigy & The Alchemist have proven once again on this album that are a very formidable duo. They go on to have two more joints together on this project, which are entitled "Medicine Man" and "For One Night Only". The Alchemist's smooth, but hard-hitting production seems tailor made for Prodigys classic laid-back flow. This has been apparent since Prodigy's release from jail, whether it was P spitting on Curren$y's "The Type" or Domo Genesis's "Till The Angles Come", that both happened to produced by The Alchemist. One of the best concept songs on this project was a cut entitled "Recipe for Murder". The up-tempo beat was prefect for Prodigy to let loose with some of the hardest lyrics on the album. He lets rappers know why they don't want beef with him, but through different rhyme schemes, using kitchen utensils and cooking styles. The hook repeats the saying, "Recipe for Murder", while being chopped up with different voices, which makes for classic hip-hop. He speaks directly to the these unfit rappers with lyrics like, "Itll only take a teaspoon full of heart to squeeze on the burner/and a cup full of common sense to get a away with murder." The back end of The Bumpy Johnson Album is fit for a few deep, thought-provoking tracks such as "Twilight", "Black Devil", and "Stronger". These records really speak to the heart as he touches on his portrayal of the hood, death, the devil and him being strong enough to withstand all of the trials and tribulations that have gone on in his life. The Bumpy Johnson Album is a well-put together project with a smooth listen from start to finish. Production-wise Prodigy really proves he has a great ear for music choosing silky smooth beats that are cohesive with his relaxed, but tenacious rapping style. He really goes above and beyond to prove to his fans that he still has it on this project, and he didn't disappoint. Fans looking for that classic Mobb Deep sound will be very satisfied with this album.

    • HNHH

      Right "Anonymous" you are one illiterate motherfucker! Your statement makes no sense, your saying "since 2000 he dropped dope shit" are you trying to say that he didn't drop dope shit before then? Or he hasn't dropped dope shit since 2000? Also you said "He just fell of" the word is *off* I'm getting sick of these bloggers who can't write a fucking sentence correctly and think they can critique people!

    • Anonymous

      "For years Prodigy has defied the test of time" Fuck you! Since 2000 he dropped dope shit. He just fell of. Im getting sick of these so called studio gangster with nothing to say.

  • NY-Queens

    Prodigy is phony like rick ross. He used to be dope but is now weak. Always talking about how gangsta he is but everybody in the rapgame beat the shit out of him from 2pac to Saigon. Besides dude is a faggot.

    • NY-Harlem

      You sound like one of those niggas from Queens who is a straight hater. Real shit. I was talking to my shorty and she from Yonkers. I told her Yonkers niggas don't appreciate them LOX(D-Block)niggas like they should. She said the same hating shit like you. Cause they fake blah blah blah BS. If you listen to someone because they real that makes you a lame in my book. And as far as i see none of these niggas is real. But i respect real music. Sure Prodigy talks alot of gangster shit.(he always has) But he always give you some real shit like Black Devils and illumatic. Ny niggas is the biggest fucking haters out. It so many rappers in NY and alot of niggas is actually nice with talent. But nobody respect and support other people's craft.

  • NY-Harlem

    Prodigy probably did fall off. From the Bumpy Johnson Mixtape and HNIC 3 mixtape he didn't in my opinion. Not sure about the Albums for both BJ and HNIC 3 cause i didn't hear them yet. But im starting to realize this rap game is becoming less street and more pop everytime i read an online comment. This shit needs to come back to the street. I like hearing about street struggles. Fuck that nerd shit you niggas like.

  • NY-Harlem

    I didn't hear the HNIC 3 Album(i heard it was wack from reviews)or Bumpy Johnson Album. But i did hear the Bumpy Johnson mixtape and the HNIC3 mix tape and both of those were fire. Nothing but that hardcore street shit. At one point in time both those CDs were all i was listening too. I loved both Hnic 3 mixtape and Bumpy Johnson mixtape. Now to the cornball who said bragging about coke sales and struggles in the hood. Its been done 100,000 times sounding like a faggot. First of all Prodigy came into the game with that style so why should he change for you nerd niggas when he been rhyming like that for 20 years.

    • Ny-Harlem

      First of all I never really hear Prodigy talk about himself being a drug lord. If anything Prodigy raps about guns and being an america's nightmare and shit like that. He raps more about using drugs then selling it. Second i rather a nigga keep his original style from 20 years ago then change up to this bull shit i hear in todays music. Nas my favorite rapper i support everything he did.(except Street Disiciple and that was still ok) And yes i loved Nastrodomus not he commercial songs tho. But Nas gets critized for changing his style up and now he don't give a fuck what cornball online niggas say.

    • Anonymous

      @ NY-Harlem: you are a dumbass. you cant sound the same for 20 years. A good artists does new things and develops himself. So fuck you go listen to the same old prodigy rhymes about coke and shit. prodigy fell of! Prodigy was never a gangster so stop the tough talk. You probably some 13 year old kid thinking that Prodigy is some druglord lol

  • NY-Harlem

    I don't understand the hate from you online trolls. And the ballerina shit happened when nigga was like 10 years old. Really you gon diss a nigga's street cred for something he did when he was 10 years. Exactly online nerd niggas aint out in the streets. The softest niggas at 10 turn out to be real niggas when they grow up more often then not.

  • Chris

    Better than H.N.I.C. 3, but a little bit disappointing... What's wrong with him?! Damn

    • Anonymous

      I love it when people like this guy get butt-hurt after someone disses an artist they like, like they're related to the guy or something.

    • you

      ase shut the fuck up idiot kill yourself imbecile

    • ase

      @ Chris Whats wrong with him??? He is a phony and his carreer is over. Who wants to listen to a 40 year old dude braggin about his coke sales and struggles in the hood. We heard it already 100.000 times. Prodigy is getting boring.

  • Anonymous

    album is weak and prodigy you aint no gangsta you was a ballerina!!!! Stop acting like a gangsta remember when Pac, Keith Murray, Saigon and Tru Life beat the shit out of you!!!!